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abandon sentence examples

O abandoned vehicle please complete an online form.

O abandoned on private land - what do i do?
O abandoned as babies.
O abandoned due to bad weather, or in 1817.
O paul seems to have altogether abandoned his old name of saul.
O abandoned before completion.
O abandoned when the conservatives lost control of the county council in 1993.
O abandoned in favor of the claim to a diverse society.
O abandoned any pretense that it was serious about the reform of our public services.
O next, according to notes discovered by frances darwin, his father temporarily
abandoned his work in order to visit ascot.
O abandon what he sees as old ideas, such as using tanks to seize territory.
O abandoned mine for themselves.
abash sentence examples
O he was a little abashed by her regal composure.
O naturally, i was rather abashed at the prospect of meeting a couple who have taken
such an interest in me and the college.
abate sentence examples
O abate the nuisance by reprisals on small german towns.
O march 21st, 2006 the bbc greed never abates!
O abate with time, is yet a question.
O for the last race, the rain never abated, the wind moved round to the north, and the
temperature dropped.
O abated by the time that the young explorer left home.
O abated within hours of restarting the drug.
O abated somewhat by august.
O abated for a while.
O abated by the time that the young explorer left home.
O abate pace was just as fast, the two seasoned athletes abating nothing of their fire.
O abaten where this is the case, departments should consider abating any future
payments due to the recipient of the overpayment.
O abately the competition was extremely tough and we see no signs of this abating in
the year to come.
O abatis or abattis ab'attis
O a barricade of felled trees, with branches pointed toward the enemy: now often
reinforced with barbed wire
abattoir sentence examples
O farmers should contact ib or their local national farmers union for details of
designated abattoirs in their area.
O we are now using the last remaining medium-sized abattoir in worcestershire.
O abattoir worker.
O john, west midlands currently working in a pig abattoir.
O to this end, the nearest appropriate approved abattoir is to be used.
O there are also a municipal abattoir, two privately owned cattle markets, a corn
exchange and a " hide and skin market.
O abattoir waste into animal feed soon.
O eleanor scott said: over the past 20 years the number of red meat abattoirs in
scotland has reduced from 79 to only 44.
O we will provide targeted help for small and medium sized abattoirs.
O given that there are only two licensed abattoirs operating in the country, disposal
options are extremely limited.
O abattoir owner jeremy newman said: " they were wild!
abbatial sentence examples
O abbatial crosiers are for darley and beauchief abbeys.
abbacy sentence examples
O although henry held the abbacy for a relatively short time, he had made quite an
O this was probably built during robert of pipewell ' s abbacy in the late twelfth
O roger's long and successful abbacy brought continuity and stability to an uncertain
and difficult period.
abbey sentence examples
O these related to the administration of the abbey's estates and culminated in the loss
of the abbey's grange at micklethwaite.
O to the left, a ruined abbey, its empty arches framing sky; to the right, a lonely
monument on a hill.
O the ' white gate ' belonged to vale royal abbey, once the largest cistercian abbey in
O abbey precinct.
O abbey's holdings and expanding rievaulx's circle of benefactors.
O in saxon times, king offa founded an abbey at bath, where king edgar was crowned
in 973.
O the benedictine abbeys which line the route are all worth a look.
O abbey granges.
O abbot richard contour surrendered the abbey in july 1539.
O heraldry, abbey strand within little more than a decade the monastery had been
elevated to an augustinian abbey.
O abbey ruins stands the partly norman parish church of st mary.
O he then hired england's foremost architect, james wyatt, to build a medieval abbey
abbot sentence examples
O a proud day for her to have a son a mitred abbot; it makes you glad to think they
let her in.
O the first fine ( for 100 marks ) was made by the abbot of bury st edmunds between
30 and 31 january.
O it is believed that king john established beaulieu as an act of penance after he
dreamt that he was being flogged by cistercian abbots.
O and then began the lord abbot to sing the mass of the holy innocents.
O abbot's lodgings " , " who would be in the kitchen?
O abbot of the monastery at bedford.
O the fourteenth abbot of montecassino in italy, abbot for eleven years.
O here an abbey was established and a prior called richard was appointed abbot.
O that undoubtedly reflected his background as a benedictine abbot, for he regarded
the rule of st benedict as the rule of his life.
O abbot's house, complete with some fascinating vaulted stonework.
O he was elected abbot in 1963, the head of a community of 150 monks.
O the last abbot of glastonbury, richard whiting, caused these relics to be spirited
away, refusing to give them up.
abbreviation sentence examples
O abbreviation of a longer phrase, meaning " the digits must remain single " .
O best advice is to use consistently and to always expand the abbreviation
somewhere in the main body of the text.
O abbreviation in parentheses.
O some parameters offer a selection from a menu to which you give an unambiguous
abbreviation to select an option.
O the three-letter abbreviation for a table is separated from rest of the abbreviation
for the attribute name with a period.
O abbreviations of the titles of medical periodicals should conform to those used in
index medicus.
O avoid abbreviations, even if you are sure everyone understands them.
O abbreviation in brackets.
O using the system of latin abbreviations, the first quotation from a text is referenced
fully with an endnote.
O authors ' initials should precede their names; journal title abbreviations should
conform to the style of the american physical society.
O in the absence of a common name, use the full name or a defined abbreviation, in
preference to a trade name.
O the most common abbreviation for the area name is normally used.
O in the list of hundreds where the same name was used for the rd the three letter
abbreviation is repeated.
O drug names using abbreviations for drug names is very bad practice.
O the name sudoku is the japanese abbreviation of a longer phrase, meaning " the
digits must remain single " .
O authors ' initials should precede their names; journal title abbreviations should
conform to the style of the american physical society.
O appendix b lists and explains the abbreviations used in this report.
O guidance on each of these items appears below, followed by a short note of copyright
requirements and an appendix dealing with recommended abbreviations.
O the first is simply to provide an extensive list of all terms that may be used,
indicating three- letter abbreviations for each.
O the value must be one of the strings in the table, or a unique abbreviation of one of
the strings.
abdicate sentence examples
O abdicate the responsibility to deal with these acts in the correct manner.
O but our people have opted for democracy as a way of life from which we will not
O abdicate in favor of his son.
O abdicate from responsibility by doing nothing is to sin.
O abdicated the throne on 10 december 1936 for his love for wallis simpson.
O spectrum biographies - edward viii - tells about the only british monarch who
voluntarily abdicated the throne.
O abdicated to marry, in his own words, " the woman i love " .
O abdicated for the second time, on june 22.
O abdicate control in favor of a defined group esthetic?
O courts must never abdicate their duty to protect citizens from the abuse of power
by governments, a senior judge said last night.
O he agreed to abdicate and retire to medina 291 hasan abdicates in favor of
mu'awiya, 21 iii.
abduction sentence examples
O in some cases refusing to allow unsupervised contact may be the only solution to
prevent abduction.
O however could alien abduction simply be a symptom of a deluded mind?
O abduction lore, no switching off of witnesses, no mind rays.
O effect of duration of passive stretch on hip abduction range of motion.
O abductions of iraqi soldiers, police and civilians have been a feature of sectarian
insurgent violence in the past couple of years.
O abduction by aliens in ufos.
O police investigating the attempted abduction of a woman in riddings on sunday
have issued a cd fit of the suspect.
O a man is being questioned by police about the attempted abduction of a 15-year-
old girl in henley in arden.
O abduction narratives were erected, adding new elements from time to time.
O clinical findings - loss of active shoulder abduction, the patient compensating by
upwards shrugging of the shoulder.
O Cne such as a kldnapper who abducLs
O naLomv muscle LhaL draws a bodv parL such as a flnaer arm or Loe awav from Lhe mldllne
of Lhe bodv or of an exLremlLv
aberrant sentence examples
O aberrant methylation of genes in solid tumors makes it an attractive target for novel
anti-cancer therapies.
O what gives these moments such great impact is that they are not aberrant to sy.
O some defects are similar to those seen in oi but others have been point mutations
causing aberrant splicing of one or more exons.
O aberrant transcripts needs further investigation.
O lectures will include examples of signaling molecules that mediate growth and
differentiation of cells and describe how these become aberrant in disease.
O aberrant behavior.
O aberrant gene expression is a major cause for disease, including various forms of
O aberrant growth, metabolism, and morphology.
O aberrant inflammatory response is the dominant pathological process in the human
abet sentence examples
O abet a suicide.
O abet actually paying them?
O abetted by governments for whom it is also a convenient scapegoat.
O guitar wunderkind bryan sutton also whipped up a froth with his hot picking ably
abetted by a roster of great talents.
O abetted by governments for whom it is also a convenient scapegoat.
O abetting terrorism.
O abetting quot illegal in the us ' time will stretch.
O the main fear inducers seem to be the r.c. bishops many of whom are actively
abetting the " potato famine " lie.
O abetting in the murder of pat finucane, a belfast solicitor killed on 12 february 1989.
O abet, counsel or procure dishonesty.
O abetted by a vociferous right-wing press, conservatives have been waging a savage '
culture war ' on austria's intelligentsia for decades.
O abetted by a vociferous right-wing press, conservatives have been waging a savage '
culture war ' on austria's intelligentsia for decades.
O abetting quot illegal in the us ' time will stretch.
O you are certainly not abetting the person breaking into your system.
abeyance sentence examples
O she petitioned the king to terminate the abeyance in her favor.
O abeyance at present.
O abeyance during the period of pupillage or nonage.
O my most recent article on security abeyance has been recently published in the
british journal of management.
O abeyance until the procedures set out below have been completed.
O abeyance for the time being, council agreed.
O abeyance for 1500 years.
abhor sentence examples
O abhors a vacuum.
O abhor most, apostasy.
O i particularly abhor the kind of sloppiness that comes over even perfectly literate
people when confronted with a email message.
O abhor bullying.
O abhor violence, people who seek peace.
O thou having taken upon thee to deliver man: didst not abhor the virgin's womb.
O abhor this kind of dissing other people.
O we should all abhor the illegal importing of fish, as they pose a great risk of disease
to our existing fish stocks.
O if you abhor nazism, and if you abhor racism, then you will be making a difference.
O i absolutely abhor raw market forces being applied to crofting.
abhorrent sentence examples
O we believe most people would find this material abhorrent.
O abhorrent crime which kills 2 women a week.
O such discrimination, whether we focus on it or not, is morally abhorrent.
O we are even willing to defend 'to the death ' the right of others to express views we
find abhorrent.
O it is clear that the suffering associated with the cloning process makes the procedure
morally abhorrent.
O abhorrent trade in people smuggling alive.
O so i find it totally abhorrent and incomprehensible when i hear about the dreadful
cruelty and neglect inflicted on some animals.
O all that i had built seemed abhorrent to me know.
O abhorrent practice.
O everyone on here familiar with my posts knows that i find those shows equally
abject sentence examples
O abject misery.
O art thou not abject from comfort of all creatures?
O abject poverty in 1961 at the age of 57 years.
O but how pertinent to see the lows of our biggest stars reach such truly abject lows.
O abject apology given by tim holt, the head of the gss, was hardly necessary.
O on the one hand, one can describe the humanities as almost abject in the
contemporary socio-political context.
O abject surrender.
O indeed, she had never accustomed herself to be very abject before him, and they
had never been confidential allies.
O abject terror.
O abject humiliation followed.
abjure sentence examples
O abjured the realm.
aboriginal sentence examples
O aboriginal tribes now live mainly in the central mountains.
O aboriginal inhabitants the islands may have had left no trace of their existence.
O aboriginal tourism in canada benefits the aborigines.
O aboriginal paintings.
O aboriginal culture.
O aboriginal populations subdued by them.
aborigine sentence examples
O an australian aborigine who worked on a ranch could be seen talking to a tree.
O aborigine words for ' country ' are the same as the word for ' line ' .
O it is their aim to ensure that aboriginal tourism in canada benefits the aborigines.
O he finally became superintendent of sydney botanic garden, replacing his brother
who was killed by aborigines in 1835.
O unfortunately she did not know very much about the indigenous aborigines.
O four members each shall be elected from among the lowland and highland
aborigines in the free area.
O aborigines in australia.
O some of the native aborigines of australia still live a similar existence to their
ablaze sentence examples
O ablaze with color.
O the new single ' all ablaze ' is genius.
O ablaze with the yellow flowers of oilseed rape.
O the halifax crash landed in a field and was now well ablaze, acting as a beacon to
every german in the area.
O ablaze with light this year!
ablution sentence examples
O the prophet went with him for the prayer without performing a new ablution.
O ablution before prayers.
O a: it is not a condition for the validity of dry ablution [ tayammum ] that it should
be done on the ground.
O ablution block lit by a wavering candle.
O it depicts the hindu raja of jammu performing ritual ablutions prior to worship.
O without law we can make no ablution from our sins; but without spirit there is no
O godlas says astronauts could force water between their two hands and then moisten
the body during a minor ablution.
O ablution facilities.
O he moved toward the bathroom to begin his morning ablutions.
O if one needed to do ablution once, i did it twice.
O ablution room and the laboratory and shifting room.
O rosalie mclain [ 18 jun ] : do inca gods have ablutions?
O ablution water trees become green.
O ablution department.
abound sentence examples
O where sin abounded, grace did much more abounded, grace did much more
abound, to reign in the renewed heart ( rom.
O abounds on the internet, can be perceived as complex and contradictive.
O abounds as kids help the algorhythm... 3-d dinosaur adventure.. .
O abounds everywhere, but the quality of much of their work is immensely shoddy.
O abound about when the canal du center will close.
O abounds regarding their eventual applications, from computing to cars to sports
O abounds in trout and contains a few char.
O abounds with trout and pike of considerable size.
O its name is probably derived from hazel brushwood, which formerly abounded on
the hills and glens around it.
O abounding in love.
O abounds with sharks.
abrade sentence examples
O abrade the skin by using a scrub brush.
O however, do not abrade the skin by using a scrub brush.
O abraded sherds of pottery were found to have adhered to the slag.
O abraded to remove surface scratches.
O nubuck aniline dyed leather which has been lightly abraded on the grain surface to
create a velvety finish or nap.
O abrade the surface using a dry sandpaper, rubbing in the direction of the grain.
O abrade easily, dry, unmounted specimens are of little use.
O abraded medieval pottery were retrived from the edge of the topsoil.
O these are generally broken and heavily abraded as may be expected in a river
transporting coarse gravel.
O abraded area should be much larger than the damaged surface to " feather " the
O the pottery collection consists of quite small pieces, and all were very abraded.
O abraded mortar throughout the body of the building.
abrasion sentence examples
O shop wisely, making sure your purchase is strong enough to resist abrasions.
O any pain is likely to be the result of corneal abrasion arising from removal attempts.
O abrasion resistant, and can be given a high polish or made non-slip.
O bacteria enter through skin abrasions or via eyes, nose or mouth.
O if someone suffers a corneal abrasion through an accident, does padding the eye
with an eye patch help it heal?
O he also had a minor abrasion on the back of his neck.
O abrasion resistance, even under high contact stresses.
O dog gnawing is low overall, with no particular correlation with the presence of
surface abrasion.
O one is the mode in the print driver that " prevents paper abrasion " .
O mechanical abrasion of color does not influence the security of the toys.
O abrasion damage to surface of the cornea, eg by a foreign body in the eye.
O an npl rotating wheel abrasion test summary this measurement note describes the
development of a rotating wheel abrasion test system.
abrasive sentence examples
O in the true sense of the word, a glaze is a pure polish that does not contain any
abrasives or cleaning agents.
O first try the easy methods then progress to the gentle abrasive powder bleach, or
mild cream abrasive you use to develop the sheen.
O abrasive cleaners or scour pads.
O polish is mildly abrasive and can help to remove stains and water spots.
O an inclined channel feeds the silica abrasive to the surface of the test wheel about 2
cm in front of the test-piece.
O avoid using abrasive sponges or scouring creams: you could permanently damage
your new units.
O we do not use harsh abrasives to remove marks, but above all we are reliable and
O abrasive polish.
O contrary to other pump types, a highly abrasive or corrosive nature of chemicals
does not affect pump life.
abreaction sentence examples
O top of page consider the abreaction of guilt, or moral abreaction.
O resentment is generated by the abreaction of guilt, and bitterness by the
abreaction of pride.
O top of page example b my second intense abreaction occurred some fifteen months
O abreaction ' to these sequences.
O i give the name ' abreaction ' to these sequences.
O abreaction of guilt the switch from jealousy to guilt involves love leading to hate.
O this emotional attachment to the therapist signifies that the client is experiencing the
abreaction of guilt.
O the contents of social abreaction are the new ideas of the age.
O so i also call it ' moral abreaction '. the abreaction '. the abreactional process
starts from an insight into the cause of a psychological problem.
O a better way of using drug abreaction is to sandwich it between the use of standard
O abreaction of pride, the initial stage of sorrow allows the person to release the
anxiety attached to their social identity.
O for example, an insight into a psychological problem causes the abreaction of guilt.
[ ] .
O top of page consider the abreaction of guilt, or moral abreaction.
O abreaction forces the person to come to terms with immature thoughts and desires.
O first, i give a summary of the abreaction of guilt so that i can compare it to the
abreaction of narcissism.
O this effect means that abreaction starts forcing his problems into his everyday
awareness and drives him to seek ways of resolving them.
O abreaction increases in tandem.
abreast sentence examples
O abreast on narrow roads refusing to move into a single file.
O we also keep the organization abreast of external events which are relevant to the
development of our practice areas.
O throughout the course of the claim, the solicitor handling the matter will need to be
kept fully abreast about all issues surrounding care.
O keeping abreast of these changes has put us in a good position to meet the needs of
the changing public health agenda.
O abreast of current trends in special education.
O abreast with the latest legal developments.
O by and by i closed up abreast of his tail.
O the better business team are working to help you to stay abreast of what's going
O abreast of the latest developments in the uk small business world.
O abreast with any changes which the gauls might think fit to make in their liturgy.
O being on the same floor as donor recruitment also ensures that the agents are
always abreast of marketing activity.
abridge sentence examples
O he wrote because he liked to write; he did not abridge, because he cared not to
O abridged in a case such as this?
O abridged reprint of union jack issue 243 drink!
O abridged for children.
O the chalet books, slightly abridged, are being reissued in the armada series.
O abridged from an essay by jan stuart.
O abridge provided that " congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech
or of the press.
O abridged version of the mail sent to him.
O ten minutes was allowed for each speaker, so even this briefing was much abridged.
O abridged from an article in peace news, 7 november 1936.
O abridged edition of john ruskin's modern painters.
O the modern library edition is, of course, a greatly abridged version of the six-
volume original.
abridgment sentence examples
O the doctrine that we now label fair use, began in the english cases as the doctrine of
fair abridgment.
abrogate sentence examples
O abrogate a treaty is an open question.
O abrogate what the bible contains.. .
O he will not abrogate the work of christ on the cross.
O these verses are all abrogated by other verses which call for war.
O abrogated verses are many or few, what we do care for is the concept itself.
O these verses are all abrogated by other verses which call for war.
O statutory intervention has now abrogated the need for this mandatory warning in all
the above cases.
O abrogatetly, the russians are rejecting any such amendment, raising the prospect of
the us unilaterally abrogating or withdrawing from the treaty.
O abrogate that responsibility.
O he reveals truth to his prophets, but also abrogates it, changes the message, or
makes them forget it.
O abrogated one.
abrupt sentence examples
O nothing from the original tapes was omitted; one or two quick fades were done to
make cuts less abrupt.
O abrupt halt on the eastern bank of the river annan.
O jennifer stops brian from making a rather abrupt exit to check the stock.
O weaknesses the change between sessions 1-5 to sessions 6-10 can seem rather
O abrupt in onset and was associated with a feeling of ' crashing ' .
O abrupt with fever followed by vomiting, abdominal pain and profuse diarrhea.
O abrupt discontinuation of therapy.
O the head should be massive, a short muzzle with a somewhat abrupt stop and fairly
prominent brow.
O i am sorry to sound so abrupt in this e mail, but clearly something is seriously amiss
at the chartwell gift shop.
O abrupt with people who interfere.
O abrupt onset of a localized neurological deficit.
abscissa sentence examples
O abscissa limits are now adjustable, so there is a new parameter called axlim which
replaces ordlim and applies to both axes.
O parameters: abslab = literal ( read ) label for the plot abscissa, may include pgplot
escape sequences.
O abscissa value for each item in the list of graph lines.
abscission sentence examples
O abscission layer and so hang brown on to tree for some time.
O a number of methods are used to delay petal abscission artificially, including the
use of chemicals.
O other bioassays have used the effects of ethene on root hair formation or leaf
absolution sentence examples
O absolution from the pope, clement viii and mayenne submitted to the king in
october 1595.
O wracked with grief and remorse julian traveled to rome seeking absolution.
O this form of the sacrament is known as general absolution.
O having received absolution we must say, or do, the penance given to us.
O it is called the sacrament of forgiveness, since by the priest's sacramental
absolution god grants the penitent ' pardon and peace.
O he was granted absolution in 1230, but excommunicated again in 1239 and
declared a heretic at the first council of lyon and deposed.
O meantime mr bonham carter, wisest of men, has returned, thank heaven, and i've
got full absolution from him.
O once the person has expressed sorrow, the priest gives absolution.
O as for priestly absolution, if even-handed justice were meted out to all, the vagrant
act would suffice to deal with it.
O did none of theta bow down before holy fathers and saintly confessors to obtain
absolutism sentence examples
O in rejecting absolutism, proudhon never waffled on the question of freedom.
O feudal absolutism had long gone before even the english civil war.
O william graham sumner is a 19th century anthropologist who expressed relativist
ideas and j l mackie is a contemporary philosopher who opposed absolutism.
O louis started the move down the road to royal absolutism.
O relativist mathematics, the criticism goes, by relinquishing absolutism amounts to '
anything goes ' .
O that surely is the opposite of moral absolutism, namely the ultimate relativism.
O how do we resist such ludicrous absolutism, even from such extremely brilliant
O this may have been driven by simple political absolutism, in which nothing but the
whole goal would suffice.
O the balkan people do not seem to be very susceptible to the ideological temptations
of the lackeys of russian absolutism.
O exploiting the latter, it creates the regime of bureaucratic absolutism.
absorption sentence examples
O the presence of food may enhance or inhibit the absorption of a drug.
O in addition, according to one recent study, tea may reduce the intestinal absorption
of glucose.
O absorption into the bloodstream.
O absorption spectroscopy to inorganic chemistry.
O the formulation includes vitamin d to promote calcium absorption in the gut.
O absorption of calcium.
O buccal and topical delivery of drugs for systemic absorption.
O absorption coefficient maps can be calculated based on an adequate model of the
O x-ray absorption column plotted against galaxy axial ratio from malizia et al.
O absorption of nutrients or interferes with the cells ' ability to use them.
O the percutaneous absorption of hydroquinone ( hq ) through rat and human skin in-
O absorption spectra of pure samples of some of these pigments are shown in the
graph on the left.
O it was not possible to define a clear response curve of pd excretion to purine
absorption from that data set.
O absorption of a single photon could produce two or even three excited electrons.
O the sources exhibit a very wide range of spectral hardness, with interstellar
absorption identified as a major influence.
abstain sentence examples
O abstaining joint tenant to serve a counter-notice.
O abstain on any particular resolution.
O abstained because the resolution appeared to put forward new definitions, and was
not really a new agenda.
O abstains totally, then further brain damage will be caused.
O abstain when it comes to abortion issues?
O abstain in the vote on the government's final budget today.
O abstain from akusala, only one type of virati arises at a time.
O abstained on the substantive vote.
O members were also instructed to completely abstain from all drugs.
O abstain in national elections.
O abstained from voting at the march 11th meeting.
O abstain on the issue!
O most labor mps, including the whole front bench, then abstained on the substantive
abstemious sentence examples
O abstemious personal habits, he was endlessly generous to his students.
abstention sentence examples
O bds will cast all votes, both for and against, including any positive abstentions.
O in principle, do you support the introduction of a system of positive abstention?
O abstention rate was 3 times higher among women over 25 than among the younger
O the degree of public confidence the present settlement commands can be measured
by the 51 % abstention rate at the last holyrood elections.
O abstention in this elections.
O abstention from meat by itself.
O manifest has noted that approximately a dozen companies have failed to record
abstentions in their proxy poll disclosures.
O an enormous amount of hard work will be needed from responsible commentators
and politicians in the coming days to explain away the mass abstention.
O abstention vote of 19 % .
O abstention from food for a period, which can range from 12 hours to 90 days or
abstinence sentence examples
O spiritual ascetics preach a complete abstinence from the world.
O for some that will be a life of sexual abstinence.
O abstinence syndrome.
O six weeks of smoking abstinence was confirmed by expired carbon monoxide.
O abstinence until marriage.
O abstinence from alcohol are also to be found in the bible.
O yet for hundreds of years couples have practiced abstinence, for example, without a
sex education program.
O a spider suddenly rushes from her hole: she has been rendered warlike, doubtless,
by prolonged abstinence.
O abstinence rates to the study by lando.
O abstinence from smoking.
O it has been urged to rethink the methods used by its teenage pregnancy unit, which
hands out condoms rather than advocating abstinence.
abstract sentence examples
O other submitted abstracts will be presented in the poster session.
O the final list of accepted abstracts will be emailed when available.
O abstract pathname.
O theory in a complex world: agent-based simulations of geographic systems an
extended abstract by catherine dibble.
O contrary to any previous indication, students can submit their poster abstracts on
any relevant topic.
O abstracts of doctoral theses ( supported by ademe ).
O abstracts from the journal.
O the gdn would like to thank the journal of geography for allowing us to reproduce
abstracts from the journal.
O paper formats and style latex and ms word are available for extended abstracts and
O abstract nouns ) choose five words relating to recent conversational themes.
O current content freely available from this site includes interactive case studies,
documents and reports, and journal article abstracts.
O abstract of the article.
O you can download the abstracts of the papers as a 208 kb pdf file.
O abstract expressionism - new york painting movement of the 1940's with its artistic
roots based upon abstract expressionism - new york painting movement of the
1940's with its artistic roots based upon abstract art.
O abstract of a paper or presentation you would like to give.
O some conferences invite abstracts for seminars and workshops as well as for
posters and concurrent sessions.
abstraction sentence examples
O one area contributing to this theme is to examine how designers abstract the
worksystem and how they represent this abstraction in their designs.
O life can be made much easier by providing higher-level abstractions on top.
O abstraction licensing projects for a number of large multinational clients.
O it is not known how much of an effect groundwater abstraction has on biodiversity.
O abstractions from rivers, although not causing an overall loss of water from the
system, can create deprived reaches.
O abstraction for spray irrigation during periods of water shortage.
O style in makonde art varies from the detailed naturalistic to geometric abstraction.
O abstraction license on 19 october.
O a lambda abstraction denotes a function, to apply a lambda abstraction to an
argument we use what is called beta-reduction.
O this high-level abstraction is implemented with the help of the stack.
O abstraction layer around them at all.
O surface water abstraction currently accounts for up to 50 % of the water put into
O or is the ' moment ' a purely mathematical abstraction, that is, a zero of time?
O abstraction licenses are subject to periodic review and may be varied or revoked at
any time to improve the supply to problem areas.
O a significant fraction of the oxy radical also reacts via hydrogen atom abstraction
from the added reagent.
O do not imagine attention to be a mere abstraction.
O abstraction mechanism allows us to define type systems that generalize those of
the lambda cube.
O each subtle collection class offers a unique data structure abstraction.
O the flourishing discipline of artificial life is based on the most remarkably pure
abstraction imaginable.
abstruse sentence examples
O abstruse in parts.
O abstruse point very neatly.
O the subject is too abstruse to enlarge further upon here.
O the machinations over the budget and over agriculture seem abstruse.
O abstruse problems in logic.
O avoid, at one extreme, explaining very elementary things and, at the other, not
explaining very abstruse things.
O abstruse calculations from what may well be imperfect data.
O attendance at the march lecture surprised our lecturer, clive rouse, who considered
the subject rather abstruse.
O abstruse subjects.
O appeal no 8. it seems a fairly abstruse argument presented by the players.
O abstruse terms can be illustrated most simply by diagrams.
O his ability to render the often abstruse philosophical arguments of shankara into
comprehensible and readable english is without parallel in my experience.
O abstruse argument presented by the players.
O until last week, that point may have seemed a little abstruse.
absurd sentence examples
O bbc news | uk | a patently absurd invention?
O absurd to pretend that the water here is in any sense private.
O absurd notion from?
O we need a review of the process, which seems absurd.
O to have a city like london with no coherent system of government was manifestly
O absurd to imagine every single individual responsible in some way for the holocaust,
all making the right choices.
O absurd accusation, that the nobles were conspiring with the enemy without, had
made an impression on the " people.
O any attempt to reject its basic historicity even in matters of detail must now appear
O i say that such a claim is palpably absurd.
O absurd to argue that general anxiety abruptly ceased in the ensuing weeks.
O absurd assertion that " no maths is involved " .
O amazon's promise that the volume ' usually ships within 24 hours ' is rendered
O i began to feel that all of this were faintly absurd.
O absurd to suggest that a house could build itself.
O absurd anomalies in the current system.
O on the whole i agree with the lib dem principles but even they have policies that i
find frankly absurd.
O absurd to deny the right to communicate.
O absurd conclusions.
O it would, therefore, be utterly absurd for all the 25 national groupings to attempt to
create their own states.
absurdity sentence examples
O absurdity of a situation.
O he used absurdity to expose absurdity in the world.
O but while mr blair has spoken of its ' manifest absurdity ' ( the hague, january 1998
O it is a patent absurdity that our politics are based on the assumption that all
catholics want a united ireland.
O absurditylows you to see life's absurdities through his eyes and laugh with him.
O absurditywho has the power to make you believe absurdities has the power to
make you commit injustices.
O absurdity of life without god was also powerful.
O their plight highlights the absurdity of the rules of closed borders all over europe.
O thus, once again we encounter the sheer absurdity and nonsense advanced by pro-
O absurdity of a war in which we all risk to get lost.
O i'd like to claim i realized the absurdity of this myself.
O but there is an inherent absurdity when you try to take a compliant approach.
O absurdity of this whole thing.
O the final scene in the bbc production should illustrate the absurdity of the charge.
O in general, there is no good reason for thinking that reports of mystical experience
must imply logical absurdity.
O absurdity of the world.
O then i scratched a bit deeper to reveal the absurdity of the 9/11 commission, they
really expect us to believe that stuff?
O any attempt to imagine them will lead to apparent absurdity.
abundant sentence examples
O abundant with wildlife, white sand beaches, culture and history.
O how can we be sure that oil will become less abundant?
O abundant birdlife, which is attracted by the riverine forest.
O worms and small fish are also consumed when locally abundant.
O abundant in goodness and truth.
O abundant with wild flowers making it a haven for wild life.
O abundant wildlife in a very valuable hardwood forest.
O as long as land remained relatively abundant, and there was still forest to be
cleared, this did not create a problem.
O abundant in spring and early summer and may even be absent or only in spore
form when roots are dormant.
O abundant harvests.
O particularly abundant in kenya during the period november to april.
O abundant in suitable sheltered habitats reducing in frequency as the degree of
exposure increases.
O abundant mercy for him.
O unfortunately, car exhaust fumes have given the formerly abundant ferns a hard
O abundant in the least industrialized regions of the world, dwindling remnants
remain in more industrialized areas.
O abundant blessings ( ezekiel 34 ).
O however, privet in flower is seldom sufficiently abundant for this to occur.
O abundant in summer especially along the edges of hedgerows.
O abundant mineral in the body.
O yew is especially abundant on the scree immediately below the scar.
abut sentence examples
O abut against the centreplate casing, a rebate is only needed at one end.
O abuts nave, the latter's roof rising to more than half way up the second stage.
O abuts on the public road leading from watton to holme hale west.
O abut what would happen to her if i did something has stopped me.
O many of the employment areas in the boro directly abut residential areas.
O abutted against each spigot edge.
O abutting the highway.
O abutting on the street.
O in about 1742 a sugar house was built immediately abutting the college on the north
O abuts the rear of the main house with a further brick path to the side of the
farmhouse kitchen.
O abut on all sides.
O note that as the board does not abut against the centreplate casing, a rebate is only
needed at one end.
O abutting on the river.
O abuts the north wall of the chancel, overlapping the east end of the aisle.
O it also abuts onto the crystal palace conservation area.
O abutting on one long wall.
O abuts the tower.
O abuts south wall of nave on east side of the tower.
O abuts a hard surface, any overgrowing turf is cut back once every two years.
O abuts north tower wall.
abutment sentence examples
O the structural design of road bridges employed widespread use of reinforced earth
bridge abutments.
O the steel bridge is already waiting on site and concrete abutments have been built
for it.
O abutment on the far side.
O abutment walls.
O abutments of the old bridge are still visible on each side.
O contract three: railroad terrace looking north along falcon street to the old bridge
abutment at railroad terrace.
O at the lock itself the embankments merged into stone built abutments which
connected up with the bridge.
O a popular tavern was pulled down at the location of the northern abutment.
O abutment tooth.
O high street sandstone detailing for the blue brick abutments of the bridge carrying
the line above the high street.
O however, there are various ways to form abutments.
O whilst 250mm may seem excessive for a top edge abutment or apron flashing it
may not be.
O whilst 250mm may seem excessive for a top edge abutment or apron flashing it
may not be.
O going down toward the river you will see the abutments of the old railroad bridge,
one of many on the branch.
O another wooden pier, five sided, acts as a respond against the eastern abutment.
O the bridge had a modern wooden decking linking the original stone abutments.
O the southern abutment was flanked by two retaining walls which held small
triangular embankments against its sides, thus strengthening it laterally.
O depending upon the location of the roll at the side abutment will determine the
actual side lap cover distance.
O having crossed the deep valley the monumental east abutment is aligned on a tight
90 degree turn.
O the pipes are carried on a 100 year old multi-span bridge, consisting of an elaborate
steel superstructure on masonry abutments and piers.
abysmal sentence examples
O abysmal ignorance.
O our level is mixed; two people are good are the rest of us are truly abysmal.
O abysmal failures, 10,000 spanish troops being utterly routed by a much inferior
force of french defenders.
O rating: 5 stars method & red ( 16 june 2004 / fox ) absolutely abysmal.
O abysmal record of 30 years of neo-liberalism.
O the rest were pretty abysmal, in no way playing to the form they usually exhibit for
their clubs.
O abysmal lack of extra's.
O the weather forecast was so abysmal that i was all for abandoning the visit to a
local pit.
O abysmal second half performance, leeds didn't come out of today's games too
O the uk track record on the environment during our european presidency is frankly
O abysmal weather, 120.00 was raised toward their funds, which is much
O according to dr. mclaren: " the conditions at this zoo are simply abysmal.
abyss sentence examples
O abyss of darkness will come the moaning of men who gnawed their tongues in
O by contrast, an unlikely spark can also cross the abyss unexpectedly.
O victorian thinkers called it the ' great chasm ' or the ' fathomless abyss ' .
O every moment they per- ceived some friend floating around them for a while -- then
sinking into the dread abyss to rise no more.
O abyss of despair.
O peering over the parapet of the bridge, one saw a deep murky abyss, from which
sounds of swiftly flowing water rose.
O first he seemed plunged into a bottomless abyss of grief.
O and how is earth's ocean abyss similar to a desert island?
O abyss of hell 's kitchen literally comes the return of the culinary art's diminutive
demon, devil chef!
O we are faced with the yawning psychological abyss of patricide.
O the egyptian records tell that atum " was alone in the primeval watery abyss " ( 35
O abyss of evil that knows no bottom.
O as one teacher put it, 'the mind creates the abyss; the heart crosses it. ' from who
O he stared down at the dark abyss between gaia's legs.
O abyss of space and there is nothing significant about humans.
O they confront terrifying abysses - physical, emotional, spiritual - and continually
change roles, change themselves, change the worlds about them.
O yet even from the highest peak he'll fall into the deepest abyss from where there's
no escape.
O abyss of death, i come to realize that i am being sustained by them to live on.
O it took in excess of two full loads of readymixed concrete to fill the abyss.
O thursday should not be an occasion for congratulating ourselves on how far we have
come from the moral abyss of national socialism.
accede sentence examples
O accede without delay and undertake the full and effective implementation of the
O accede thereto.
O acceded to pressure and put a small report on external costs on its web site.
O several days later, under the pressure of insistent demands, he finally acceded to
liberate the pictures.
O accedee will also be 162 new faces from the acceding states.
O accede too readily to such a course in the future.
O despite the fact that kazakhstan had not yet acceded to the ottawa convention, it
fully supported the humanitarian orientation of that instrument.
O accede is the position on 1 may 2004 of goods from an acceding country?
O the senior command did not accede to these requests.
O accede immediately to the convention.
accentuate sentence examples
O accentuate the natural curves and muscles.
O accentuate what 's good about it!
O the slight reverb and the occasionally whammy on the chord really accentuate what
is a very simple and effective melody.
O accentuated by the fact that it is suffolk's biggest catholic church.
O accentuated a division of society into classes.
O accentuated when they occur in the high density range.
O accentuated by the fact that it is suffolk's biggest catholic church.
O the privatization policies had merely accentuated the power of the market principle
over the principle of redistribution.
O accentuate the rhythms over the lyrical and melodic content.
O accentuated by the way that the chancel has been cleared of clutter - how good
that looks!
O accentuated by the way that the chancel has been cleared of clutter - how good
that looks!
O this is strongly accentuated by the palpable differences between the us and nva
O accentuate differences among the three states.
O accentuated by the lack of a clerestory.
O accentuated by the lack of a clerestory.
O accentuated rather than alleviated this.
O accentuate the feeling of drag on your legs.
O to a nearby third party, who has no choice in the matter, this staccato and often
accentuated dialog can drive you mad!
O accentuate the flat oblong shape of the top of the man's head.
O december's parliamentary elections only accentuated this process, much to the
anger of bush's regime.
acceptation sentence examples
O acceptation of the term.
O the grace of god hath two common noted acceptations in the scripture.
O i am very far from surprised that " you have not committed yourself to full
acceptation " of the evolution of man.
acceptor sentence examples
O if any buried hydrogen bond donors do not have an acceptor, they are listed.
O oxygen is only involved at the very last stage of respiration as the final electron
acceptor, but without the whole respiratory chain stops.
O acceptor atom, lifetime or leave unsorted.
O the transposon used contains splice acceptors in both orientations to disrupt the
expression of genes in which it lands.
O apply the algebra of finite automata to design systems and to solve simple problems
on creating acceptors for particular languages.
O methylene blue is an example of an artificial hydrogen acceptor, or redox indicator.
O acceptor mask.
O all you need to remember is: a lewis acid is an electron pair acceptor.
O some microorganisms however obtain their atp by anaerobic respiration using a
chemiosmotic mechanism where oxygen is not the ultimate electron acceptor.
O acceptor v region also lessens the probability of falling foul of errors in the sequence
data base.
O a base is the opposite of an acid; it is a proton acceptor.
O yz, the primary electron acceptor of the oec, sits to the left, approximately 3.4
angstroms away from the chloride.
O acceptor v region also lessens the probability of falling foul of errors in the sequence
data base.
O methylene blue is an example of an artificial hydrogen acceptor, or redox indicator.
O for other acceptors, add element to the bonded directive ( e.g.
O acceptor framework regions.
O like water and the amide bond in peptides, the imidazole ring can act as both a
hydrogen bond acceptor and donor.
O in addition, the rc i provided electrons to soluble electron acceptors ( ferredoxin )
for use in organic synthesis.
access sentence examples
O however i have been unable to access the basic setup screen to configure the
gateway to access the internet.
O time taken to gain access in extreme cases can run into hours.
O accessed on december due to their heavy exercise on.
O drag the icon to the desktop for easy access.
O access point provides a cell within which users will be able to connect to the
O both the workshop & showroom now have wheelchair access.
O the schedule of delivery allows access to all modules through a range of pathways
over any three-year period.
O this in part is due to the lack of direct access from ward pcs to the hospital
accessible sentence examples
O accessible at low tide.
O in order to make the service accessible to all, we offer the service free of charge.
O accessible toilet for wheelchair users?
O most of our reserves are easily accessible by bicycle, with many close to the
national cycle network.
O accessible via a ramp.
O we also remain accessible for our members, being within easy reach of most london
mainline railroad stations.
O accessible for wheelchairs, please contact room bookings on 020 7920 8613 for
further details.
O accessible by wheelchair.
O accessible websites in a range of categories.
O they also provide a medium which is readily accessible to most students in their
own rooms.
O at this level, creating illusions becomes more accessible.
O accessible by bicycle, with many close to the national cycle network.
O accessible format.
O we intend to set up a publicly accessible register of all land.
O accessible by lift.
O accessible introduction to the writer and her intellectual milieu.
O accessible by stairs.
accession sentence examples
O accessioned objects are, whether in the museum or out for any reason?
O evening: dinner at the guildhall, hosted by the lord mayor to celebrate the
accession of the ten new eu member states.
O and how can these policies change to make turkish accession easier?
O accession negotiations to join the european union.
O both the protein accession number and the protein overview match are clickable
and return the detailed matches view for the protein.
O accession of a protestant monarch did not mean that latin texts were wholly
O we are committed to that end and are pleased that the adapted treaty will permit
accession by new states parties.
O this should also facilitate these countries eventual accession to the eu.
O accession treaties, which each member state will then consider.
O accession of 10 new member states to the european union.
O thus, i personally would like to take this opportunity to welcome this concurrent
accession of the roc and the prc.
O digital library recent accessions include digital archives from excavation and
fieldwork: guide to good practice 2nd edition october 2000.. .
O accession referendums.
O most economists expected the actual accession to have little impact on growth in
central and eastern europe.
O the two sides are ready to make continued efforts to bring about universal
accession to and effective compliance with the comprehensive test ban treaty.
O accession countries.
O the benefit of the directive will be greater following the accession of 10 new
member states in may 2004.
O libya's recent accession to the cwc may undermine any efficacy the one-time arab
league policy opposing that treaty had retained.
accessory sentence examples
O accessory tray with two roomy holders comes as standard on the x3i.
O accessoryd ingram on line sales of furnishing accessories in their toile de jouy and
country living collections.
O accessorydresses delivered outside the uk, as well as bridal accessories, must be
returned at the sender's expense.
O accessory the widest range of r/c toys & ipod accessories in the uk.
O accessory retailers and bookshops including: halfords, motor world and wh smith.
O accessory: brasilis imports ltd is a uk-based company specializing in importing and
supplying jewelry and handcrafted accessories from brazil throughout the uk.
O accessory, to get the most out of the system, you will have to spend some extra
cash on optional accessories.
O accessorypods are fashion accessories which means that they need to look good.
O accessory pack.
O accessoryhtaking collection of handcrafted stationery, and co-ordinating
accessories, to capture and express the individuality of your special day.
O accessory can scavenge defeated monsters for food, collect bones for weapons and
armor, and even use pieces for decorative accessories.
O accessoryin are cds, more clothes and a hundred weight of hair accessories!
O accessorys and gadgets - gc nintendo gamecube gamecube games console
O accessorytylish individual and stylish accessories can be difficult to source but an
oxford boutique has some original answers.
accidence sentence examples
O it's divided into 2 parts: part one is called accidence and looks at words themselves
and how we form and shape them.
acclaim sentence examples
O with her graceful melodies and evocative lyrics, vienna has garnered critical acclaim
and a rapidly growing legion of fans throughout the world.
O acclaim at festivals and other events throughout the country.
O the critical acclaim for forster has dipped during the last decade.
O acclaim sundance s new series dependent upon the.
O his 2003 film touching the void earned worldwide acclaim for its gripping true
account of two climbers ' perilous journey in the peruvian andes.
O it also signaled the point at which the band was at its best and feeding off the
massive audience acclaim.
O acclaim from critics across the globe.
O moby won global acclaim last year for his album play.
O the three parts of the story were collected in late 1993 to widespread acclaim.
O acclaim dodge spirit car also gets decades away from paper on his.
O acclaim from the audiences.
acclimate sentence examples
O acclimatepecies are very hardy with almost all individuals easily acclimating to
home tanks.
acclivity sentence examples
O ashbourn grove, a neat well-built mansion, picturesquely seated on a gentle
acclivity, one mile n.e. from ashbourn, is now unoccupied.
O the side is still the name of the long and steep acclivity which connected the lower
with the upper town of newcastle.
O it is delightfully situated on a bold acclivity, one mile e. from the church.
accolade sentence examples
O i will then identify the ways we can identify whether or not a school deserves the
accolade of being a good school.
O the cardiology team at ealing hospital has been awarded the prestigious accolade of
cardiology team of the year 2004 by hospital doctor magazine.
O and the win follows her success at venice and la, whose critics also bestowed best
actress accolades upon her.
O the new york awards are the media industry's highest accolade.
O accolade in the industry.
O accolades from critics and audiences alike.
O accolades for business success.
O ricky gervais has broken his award-winning streak, failing to scoop a top accolade
for his radio show.
O the company walked off with the coveted accolades at the sc magazine awards
2006 europe.
O it was merely a sporting accolade, albeit one which was very well known.
O accolades bestowed upon a 50s rock compilation.
O for them the ultimate accolade was the award of a triumph for victory over an
O despite having won this industry accolade, i have absolutely no intention of resting
on my laurels.
O only the most dedicated growers will garner the highest accolades this year!
O that dubious accolade goes to the nearby city of durham.
O these 10 songs find u2 hungry for honest expression and sonic experimentation,
producing / engineering accolades going to brian eno and daniel lanois.
O mrs emma rees won the accolade last july, followed by mrs janet flynn in
accomplice sentence examples
O i'll prefer anything over becoming an accomplice to the crime of deportations!
O notes rebekah's scheming continued again with isaac an unwitting accomplice.
O accomplice murder those women and i could do nothing.
O he decided to make a citizen's arrest but she struggled free with the help of two
women accomplices.
O they have also apparently managed to identify a number of the man's accomplices
by tapping his mobile telephone.
O accomplice in the murder of the four airmen by approving wagner's relative orders.
O accomplice of liars and forgers.
O no, they find a very willing accomplice in us.
O no, they find a very willing accomplice in us.
O one of those involved was described as about 5ft 8in tall and of thin build. his
accomplices were both smaller.
O accomplice in a crime; i left it an honest man, who had purged his father's memory.
O accomplice of the crimes.
accomplishment sentence examples
O dr. jim elliott head of life sciences teaching unit said, " it is a pleasure to celebrate
the substantial accomplishments of these students.
O still, his dark materials is a remarkable accomplishment.
O accomplishment today.
O they are critical to mission accomplishment regardless of the assigned mission.
O accomplishments in the field of culture.
O accomplishment of the mission.
O the nearer a person approaches the lord, a greater power will be manifested by the
adversary to prevent the accomplishment of his purposes.
O there is no question that the program has had some notable accomplishments.
O the first and most important factor is past performance accomplishments.
O accomplishment of simple tasks within the cockpit.
O our team has truly achieved an impressive accomplishment in delta's history and
the launch industry.
O still, despite his scholarly accomplishments, machen was hardly the sort of figure
to attract front page coverage in the metropolitan dailies.
O in 1986 he was awarded the dsc degree by bath university for his research
O accomplishment of the goal and work backward.
O interesting more for its historic value than the film's rudimentary artistic
O accomplishment of objectives, ongoing service and clear communications.
O for a customs official who was self-taught and only took up painting full-time in
retirement, this was an extraordinary accomplishment.
O accomplishment of that object.
O the album is an impressive accomplishment for a group of musicians who might
have never met, much less played together.
O accomplishment of any purpose of the order, is to be criminal in the code of
jesuitic despotism.
accord sentence examples
O the federation council, the upper house of the russian parliament, is expected to
ratify the accord in the near future.
O it has the whim of suddenly changing channels of its own accord.
O queens ' uses the bliss classification scheme and subjects are ordered alphabetically
according to class mark.
O ihrc believes that the participation of the opposition in mainstream governance is
essential to the consolidation of the evolving peace accord.
O according to gender, socio-economic factors, or desire for further treatment.
O accords with the fundamental objectives of emu.
O however, the evidence suggests that the administration of complaints does not
always accord with established procedures.
O since then the 18 october is celebrated as the day of spiritual accord in kazakhstan.
O there are about 44 phonemes in english and some are pronounced differently
according to their position in a word, e.g. .
O according to rumor, are already taking place for a take over.
O he advises them to be " of the same mind, having the same love, being in full
accord and of one mind.
O modes of masculinity varied considerably according to the social milieu into which
one was born.
O according to demand.
O the proportion of iconographic questions will vary enormously according to the
nature of the museums's holdings.
O according to schedule.
accordance sentence examples
O accordance with paragraph ' f ' of schedule 2 of the aim rules.
O any data raised within this website is treated in strict accordance with the data
protection laws of the united kingdom.
O accordance with clause 17.
O he is reconstructed for the other life in exact accordance with the seven principles
or souls with which he was constructed in this life.
O accordance with library regulations, the due date will be reduced.
O accordance with the provisions of the act.
O accordance with english law, however.
O accordance with the principles of the act.
accordion sentence examples
O accompanied only by an accordion, it was a perfect accompaniment to the dancing
of love, life and death.
O starting to play the accordion, or church organ?
O then the trio of david rolland on the diatonic accordion played music in the cajun
style of louisiana.
O accordion playing.
O for good measure, dennis brought his piano accordion with him.
O ominously these include accordion, too many banjos and the singing saw.
O great f. ... toy accordion 17.99 us$35.08 e27.88 7 key accordion.
O accordion player?
O from my distance it looked like a dickens ' era young girl playing a button
O it is not neccessary to have an accordion or a guitar.
O the band members are: jim leighton - midi accordion, piano.
O accordion band today.
O for the first few weeks of learning music he dabbled with playing mouth organ,
bagpipes and concertina, before learning button accordion.
O many missionaries used music, playing a small accordion to draw a group together.
O accordion music gets its own release.
accost sentence examples
O accosted passers-by with jokes and, mostly without request, received money.
O accosted by a rather angry man whilst having a drink in a los angeles bar.
O the writer immediately accosted the seamen about the state of the ship.
O accosted by a rather angry man whilst having a drink in a los angeles bar.
O accosted in the street while returning from baths; afterward vvs were given lictors.
O accost the stranger did so.
O accosted by a middle-aged woman in the bible belt.
O one farmer recently witnessed a sparrowhawk take a fieldfare and was then
accosted on the ground by a buzzard which then stole the prey.
O accosted by a middle-aged woman in the bible belt.
O accosts the woman in the black mask who turns out to be paula's cousin.
O accosted by silly airport survey people.
O i was once accosted and grilled by the ( constantly patrolling ) security guards just
for taking pictures!
O accosted by silly airport survey people.
O accosted by an unidentified person asking who she was and claiming to be security.
O people even accosted williams in the street to protest.
O accosted by an unidentified person asking who she was and claiming to be security.
O accosted by a policeman.
accrete sentence examples
O accrete gas without expansion on the scale of its roche radius.
O accretes from the envelope through this shock.
O accrete bound gas that comes within a specified radius of them.
O many are surrounded by disks from which they still accrete mass.
O accretes onto the white dwarf 's surface is mainly hydrogen which forms an
envelope around the star.
O accreted matter in orbit around a star.
O during this period the pamir and west nuristan blocks of northeast afghanistan were
also accreted onto eurasia.
O accreteoding systems the new dunes protect the existing foredunes, and in
accreting systems the new dunes reduce sand supplies to the foredunes.
O accretegoes back longer than anyone can remember, accreting gradually, with flare-
ups following latent periods.
O accrete matter, in its lifetime.
O in the absence of rotation, the core slowly accretes gas that falls on to it from the
envelope which is still collapsing isothermally.
O accreted material or excreted material.
O accreted vertically whilst retreat has been ongoing.
O accrete x-rays, accreting black holes in their nuclei can be identified which would be
very difficult to find in any other way.
accretion sentence examples
O this may have either inhibited sedimentation or promoted accretion in upper harbor
O accretion onto a black hole occurs.
O little net accretion was observed for tidal water levels in excess of 5m at the lower
bank site.
O accretion disks which are heated by friction.
O it has been suggested that where there is low sediment supply mangrove accretion
may not be able to keep pace with projected sea-level rises.
O accretion of unaccountable power in the private and public sector alike.
O the phenomenon of " coastal squeeze " of saltmarsh may be causing some net
vertical accretion of mudflat surfaces.
O accretion disk.
accrual sentence examples
O accrual of additional contractual holiday entitlement during parental leave is a
matter for agreement between the parties concerned ( or their representatives ).
O scheduling information accruals no further accruals of the coastal survey - wales
database are expected.
O archival information accruals: no further accruals are expected.
O accrual accountancy will always be necessary with or without douglas's a + b
O czech airlines reserves the right to make partial or full disqualification of some
discount tariffs from mileage accrual.
O accrual of benefits can exist beyond 5 april 2006.
O accruals based accounts.
O all future accruals to the jowett papers should be assigned here.
O accrual accounting for the future?
O from 2007, new entrants will have a better pension accrual rate to help offset their
normal pension age of 65.
O accrual of right on payment: action to recover debt 65.
O there will be no further accruals to the series.
O accruals basis from 1997/98.
O for defined benefit accrual from april 2005 the ceiling is to reduce to 2.5 % each
O such contributions will be regarded as " relevant benefit accrual " which would
invalidate enhanced protection.
O accrual rate to help offset their normal pension age of 65.
O any increase was likely to have been accounted for by interest accruals.
O recruitment accrual target: 600 accrual count: as of: july 2006 recruitment is now
open at derriford hospital in plymouth.
O scheduling information accruals no further accruals of the coastal survey - wales
database are expected.
O accrual accounts pack.
accrue sentence examples
O accrue holiday entitlement or holiday pay during maternity leave?
O accrues daily, the bill is for a projected amount.
O accrue when the bcf fails to honor its active senior players, how much more might
emerge if it did.
O accrue during any period of suspension.
O accrue from the date of exercise of the option.
O often, only marginal benefits accrued, depending very much upon the source of inlet
O accrued on the debt as a matter of course.
O accrued at a market rate would be over 20,000.
O accrued as a result of these influential projects.
O accrued prior to the date of termination.
O accrued in respect of any such additional prohibited use of the service.
O accrueas been paying full council tax, but since april 2004 he has been accruing
arrears on his account due to non-payment.
O accrue the assumption for cgt purposes is that none of the gain accruing on the
later disposal is relieved under s223.
O accruedividends or interest due or accruing due on the said sums or any of them up
to the time of transfer or payment.
O accrue mileage at a supplement for the air portion of your united vacations package.
O i am, however, still paying off debts accrued during the marriage.
O one reason for this is that the gains of export and production have largely accrued
to traders and middleman, but not to growers.
O accruese note that during this time fines are accruing on a daily basis.
accursed sentence examples
O accursed tree, of his burial in the grave of joseph.
O i was once accursed from god but jesus became accursed for me.
O accursed things?
O accursed cell is calculated.
O accursed place devoid of god's presence, birkenau is a thorny path where millions of
victims are buried in a common grave.
O accursed satan; where then are you going?
O accursed creature.
accusation sentence examples
O accusation of opportunism, but it will allow the conservatives to claim they have
taken a consistent position.
O speaking to our reporter aboard his new luxury yacht moored in the azores, mr
galloway again refuted these accusations.
O new election spending limits plus a small expansion of present state funding would
cleanse british politics from the unfounded accusations of sleaze.
O in 1615 there were only ten instances of witchcraft accusations traced across the
country, including jonet and katherine.
O accusations of witchcraft in wales.
O thom's manager, ian brown, denies these accusations.
O there is only one way to make the league know how my hundreds of thousands of
readers feel about their baseless accusations.
O ritual murder accusations: the story of simon of trent, italy, 1475 39.
O accusations of plagiarism.
O she's also hoping to deflect accusations of profligacy.
O these also protect an honest person from false accusation.
O accusations of favoritism.
O origins of the modern world we reject utterly accusations of " euro centrism " .
O he must be careful not to overreact to unsubstantiated accusations.
O accusations of sleaze.
accusative sentence examples
O does the verb govern the accusative or the dative?
O it cannot be demanded that the objective accusative of religious experiences occupy
the spatial dimensions, since being spatial entails having sensory qualities.
O accusative case is called a direct object.
O accusative objects, the final " my " in verses 1517 is con- stant.
O accusative form of the pronoun " du " .
O accusative endings were the first attempts to dissociate jesus from elymas by
effectively getting rid of the " of "
accusatory sentence examples
O accusatory finger, let's look at the natural history of two chemical elements: carbon
and oxygen.
O they had a slightly accusatory note that allison could never quite put her finger on.
O accusatory tones.
O accusatory note in her voice.
O accusatory way, i'm just curious.
accustom sentence examples
O abstract ideas are difficult to convey on television, or at least to an audience
accustomed to fast-paced action.
O accustomed to act.
O one becomes so accustomed to all the dead being men that the sight of a dead
woman is quite shocking.
O readers accustomed to the gaudiness and inane phraseology of many modern
O accustomed to speak in such terms.
O once accustomed to a helmet, riding without it does make the rider feel vulnerable -
- for the first half mile.
O and to anyone accustomed to the imaginative handling of documents, the internal
evidence bears out the claim.
O accustomed to hear from the morality of duty.
O the average british soldier would soon be quite accustomed to meeting up with
people from all over the world.
O brooks sings: ' eyes accustomed to the light / accustomed to seeing which way the
water flows.
O accustomed to see.
O also well accustomed inn called the angel situated in the market place.
O men accustomed for many months to obey suddenly found themselves in
ace sentence examples
O ace of spades.
O flying ace amy johnson died flying ace amy johnson - who made history with her
solo flight to australia in 1930 - died.
O the brazilian ace took two pole positions, two race wins and two fastest laps.
O ace inhibitors.
O seen from different angles a child-molesting pixel cube software father who serves as
facesdouble acesdouble aces and.
O ace of trumps.
O there is no physical reason why any of us should not more consistently serve aces or
hit perfect returns.
O but once he knows what he's doing, he's bloody aces!
O nevertheless, despite the warning, in this event, the ace interface function passes
the value to the ace binary.
O the aussie ace said: " i've never played ferrer but i know he is a great competitor
and really fit.
O ace of diamonds to look at dummy is not really appropriate here.
O could only benefit is the largest dollar double aces.
O ace inhibition is seen in diabetics who are not at high risk for adverse cardiovascular
O the booklets described the aircraft of fighter aces flying various types of aircraft.
O ace strategist we were off four seven-day fall.
O itinerary our voyage voyage ace strategist we were off four seven-day fall.
O ace reporter in the us.
O carp ace colin davidson explains his favorite liquid flavorings and there's some real
classics to get your teeth into.
acme sentence examples
O acme of excellence.
O the albian transgressions reached an acme within zone 6a.
O acme studios was founded by a group of fine art graduates from reading university
in 1972.
O futures has been organized by design initiative in association with ' v ' and
merseyside acme.
O acme of skill.
O the emperor hadrian represents the acme of that process of interaction.
O acme thread at mating interface quick and easy mating.
O acme of perfection in the very fast mosquito.
O acme of the military art.
O acme of civilization, as far as i am concerned
acne sentence examples
O the acne support group aims to offer help and advice to anyone concerned or
affected by acne or rosacea.
O there is no evidence that fatty foods, sweets, or chocolate either cause or aggravate
O however, i have seen photos of people who had severe cystic acne who healed very
well by taking roaccutane.
O acne vulgaris they had ever seen.
O antibiotics have an effect on the bacteria propionibacterium acne, the bacteria
linked, in part, with the inflammation of acne.
O certain types of coc are used to treat severe acne.
O in more severe ' inflammatory acne ' , cysts develop beneath the skin's surface.
O acne fulminans is a systemic acne fulminans is a systemic acne disease with far
reaching side effects.
O picture caption: a massive 50 per cent of women fall victim to adult acne.
O a website about free acne information the first step to curing acne is knowing what
type of acne you have.
O certain types of coc are used to treat severe acne.
O acne rosacea.
O adult, teenage and baby acne problems are surrounded by myths.
O excessive sweating or being in a humid climate can cause acne to flare up.
O sunlight is thought to help improve moderate acne in about 60 % of cases.
O body acne can range from the relatively harmless forms of acne mechanica to the
rare, yet debilitating forms of acne fulminans.
O q: which of your products are suitable for mild acne prone skin?
O acne scar removal cream?
acolyte sentence examples
O what pivotal role will be performed by neo's adoring acolyte?
O to their horror they met two young acolytes coming the other way.
O except that uncle sam and his devoted acolyte tony blair are behaving somewhat
less rationally than the kaiser.
O tho andrzejewski seemed to be one of the party's most faithful acolytes, his
disappointment seems to have grown around 1953.
aconite sentence examples
O in the new year the bare twigs make a bright tracery above clumps of snowdrops
and yellow winter aconites.
O in the new year the bare twigs make a bright tracery above clumps of snowdrops
and yellow winter aconites.
O you could also try homeopathic remedy aconite for both of you.
O you could also try homeopathic remedy aconite for both of you.
acorn sentence examples
O measurement of the size of each species ' acorns suggests that a plant's seed size
may control the geographic range of the plant.
O fun fact the jay buries acorns in the ground, stored away for a future meal.
O a tiny acorn of an idea grew rapidly into a massive oak.
O acorn barnacle species so providing a good means of identification.
O acorns in the grounds.
O they had also heard that deceased had been eating acorns.
O top of page click here for the first story " radar from little acorns "
O the acorn emulator page... at my homepage, for loads of free acorn emulator
page... at my homepage, for loads of free acorn software.
O you need to help scrat to collect acorns first off to survive the winter.
O in the words of the old english proverb, from small acorns great oaks do grow.
O acorn related announcements mailing list, feel free to subscribe
O delightful wooded site with falling acorns to ensure we stayed awake!
O some years there are many more acorns than others.
O acorn emulation latest news details of all previous updates, can be viewed online -
recommended reading.
O if we plant an acorn in the ground, an oak tree will grow.
O from local acorns... can local sustainability projects really make much of a
O acorn arcade launched the writing career of alisdair bailey, who would subsequently
go on to join the computer shopper labs team.
O acorns produced in oak woodland was used to feed pigs.
O i've added links to 2 of my other acorn orientated pages, take a look, they're well
worth a visit!
O acorn nuts used to hold the camshaft covers in place.
acoustics sentence examples
O acoustics of the cathedral.
O the ceiling stepped down toward the screen to improve acoustics.
O basics of acoustics - brief overview of the basic principles of underwater acoustics.
O acoustics laboratory of finland - helsinki university acoustics laboratory of finland -
helsinki university acoustics lab.
O his main interests in the field of acoustics lie in acoustic software development,
computational aeroacoustics and duct acoustics.
O acoustics of the hall impaired things.
O he is based at the northamptonshire office and is working primarily in the areas of
sound insulation testing and architectural acoustics.
O frs research in fisheries acoustics there are a variety of research efforts to improve
methods in fisheries acoustics.
O acoustics of wind instruments like flutes or organ pipes.
O as well as being such a splendid setting the priory also has superb sound acoustics.
O has concert hall acoustics affected the music people have composed?
O acoustics of this venue are considered among the best in the country for a building
of this period.
O however, 3rd projects on musical instrument acoustics are very popular.
O room acoustics the acoustics of a room are defined by its internal finishes.
O room acoustics the acoustics of a room are defined by its internal finishes.
O the interior is famed for excellent acoustics ( i tried a loud cough!
O studies have shown that improvements in classroom acoustics can directly benefit
children's educational progress.
acquaint sentence examples
O acquaint yourselves with the lord: hold fast christ; hear his voice only.
O acquainted with grief.
O acquainted when both were employed as weavers in the same factory in jubilee
O like you, i am not intimately acquainted with truth.
O acquaint the reader with these shifts of perspectives.
O acquainted with the applicant 's academic and professional abilities.
O players personally acquainted with monsters who wish to vouch for their ability to
cast spells are requested to keep quiet.
O it is a matter of fact that cannot be denied by anyone acquainted with the subject.
O acquainted with greek classical literature.
O and so i kept it; otherwise, halford, you could never have become so thoroughly
acquainted with its contents.
O acquaint the student with the capabilities for multimedia support on the www.
O acquainted with this rich cultural tradition.
O anthony blanche is clearly well acquainted with smartest set.
O acquaint participants with their options for creating a business process architecture
and provide a blueprint for conducting a business process audit.
O acquainted with the circumstance applauded the noble brother-in-law.
O in the ensuing chapter the reader will become more fully acquainted with my fresh
O he like a wise man acquainted his brethern with the matter, and so i was denied.
O acquainted with either ancient history, or ancient traditions.
O these arduous periods should become fewer as you become more closely
acquainted with your subject.
acquiesce sentence examples
O victims would not acquiesce in any sham process aimed at facilitating an amnesty
for the terrorists who have escaped justice.
O acquiesce in any decision on which it is not fully informed.
O acquiesced when the governments of colombia, mexico, and central america invited
the united states to send observers.
O when asked to centralize the love story in the script, bukowski readily acquiesced
and then hated the results.
O acquiesced in the removal of the children.
O acquiesceever case, we should beware of meekly acquiescing to our suffering.
O acquiesce simply because he was a sick man.
O acquiesce in that sorry state of affairs?
O it was decided that the father had consented, and subsequently acquiesced, to the
child remaining in england.
O acquiesced in excessive transfers of authority.
O acquiesce all but three states were readmitted under these conditions, mississippi,
texas, and virginia finally acquiescing in 1870.
O acquiesce in the precedent they will soon set?
O acquiesce in a funding arrangement which excludes a majority of teacher education
institutions from support for research.
acquisition sentence examples
O acquisition of knowledge is only the beginning.
O the commission has been asked to report to the secretary of state on the proposed
acquisitions by 10 march 2003.
O the oft has referred the anticipated acquisition by anglo american plc of johnston
group plc to the competition commission.
O can the data acquisition system capture around 30 frames per second?
O acquisition of vocabulary, differentiated labels and concepts relevant to the ie tasks
as well as problem solving in general.
O furthermore, the group announced the acquisition of five stores, two of which are in
O the short descriptions of work programs shown here only reflect the drilling
component and not, for instance, seismic data acquisition.
O freehold with vacant possession. *choices acquisitions are not auctioneers, we
provide information/advice services.
O acquisition of specific competences takes place in the work setting under the
supervision of an expert practitioner, underpinned by a learning agreement.
O acquisitions completed in 2000 will be earnings enhancing in 2001.
O due to recent acquisitions, the organization has seen steady growth over the last
few years.
O program was designed based on findings from language acquisition research.
O acquisition of land at the end of its economic life.
O freehold with vacant possession. *choices acquisitions are not auctioneers, we
provide information/advice services.
O abstract abstract what should be the role of ai in computer supported vocabulary
acquisitive sentence examples
O acquisitive overtures wound up with.
O another luxury deal handled by cavendish was the sale of jewelry chain mappin &
webb to the highly acquisitive icelandic investor baugur.
O i do slightly wonder whether maintaining this sort of list externally actually
encourages you to become more acquisitive.
O acquisitive crime goes toward the purchase of heroin or crack.
O he appears to have been very acquisitive in his ability to obtain prebends holding
many during his life.
O acquisitive growth.
O from here however, the company became increasingly acquisitive and ambitious.
O acquisitive society where personal greed is accorded social respect.
O what are the links between drug use and crime, particularly acquisitive crime?
O acquisitive group recently forked out 21 million for luxury jeweler mappin &
O acquisitive clients.
acquit sentence examples
O acquitted defendant will not be required to pay toward his defense.
O acquitted on all counts; the prosecution then appealed to the general assembly.
O acquitted by the jury on 25 april, 2002.
O he was honorably acquitted of blame by a court martial.
O acquitted of manslaughter on the direction of the judge.
O acquitted by the jury on 25 april, 2002.
O the verdict following the 11 week old bailey trial, on 6 may 1994, the jury acquitted
malcolm kennedy of murder.
O acquitted on charges of plotting to overthrow the sudanese government on august
22nd 1998.
O he was formally acquitted of the charge by the trial judge mrs justice heather
O acquitted of the murder.
O urgent detention of acquitted persons section 134: power of court to detain
acquitted persons 259.
O the two officers concerned were found guilty of cruelty to animals, although they
were subsequently acquitted by the appeal court three years later.
O acquitted of blame by a court martial.
O but in late 2002 a us court acquitted elcomsoft and said the firm had done nothing
O she is eventually acquitted at her trial, thanks to evidence from an old woman who
had been paid to give her an alibi.
acquittal sentence examples
O if the court finds that sections 78 and 79 are satisfied, it must make an order
quashing the acquittal and directing a retrial.
O acquittal at the preliminary examination.
O the subsequent acquittals highlight the grievous miscarriages of justice.
O acquittal rate in the magistrates & crown court.
O in the year ending march 1998, 11 % of completed cases in the crown court resulted
in non-jury acquittal or bind over.
O acquittal on all counts.
O acquittal in the criminal court.
O acquittal of the defendant.
O acquittal for any offense.
O first case was to secure the acquittal of 4 liverpool officers at crown court trial.
O other documents were also handed in, including copies of official reports of previous
acquittals of writers accused of conspiracy.
O acquittal tuesday was in talking he the united kingdom.
O the last of these he won with a full jury acquittal.
O acquittal in the aforementioned trial.
O acquittal of three white former police officers accused of beating a mixed-race man.
O annual target: judge directed acquittals in the crown court which are attributable to
failures in the review process.
O if the court sets aside the order it may also reinstate the original acquittal.
O acquittal of the criminal charges the forfeiture is based upon does not prevent
retrying the same facts.
acquittance sentence examples
O the latter then denied that he received the money or agreed to give an acquittance.
acreage sentence examples
O acreage sown to grain, and expand overall grain production capacity.
O hood provided a backdrop to the vast acreage of coniferous forest in the pacific
north west of the usa.
O acreage payment system, especially if combined with some kind of insurance
scheme, would adequately protect farmers ' medium- to long-term interests.
O the usda predicts biotech soybean acreage will increase to 54 million, 3.3 million
more than last year.
O acreage of biotech crops worldwide points to the growing acceptance of gm seeds.
O acreage under crops in the year 2000 was 11 % lower than in 1990.
O in the united states, planted biotech acreage increased 10 percent in 2004.
O investors in raw acreage can be classified as either speculators or developers, as
can purchasers of small lots.
O the usda predicts biotech soybean acreage will increase to 54 million, 3.3 million
more than last year.
O acreage of land.
O a growing acreage of grain maize is now being harvested.
O total acreage under crops in the year 2000 was 11 % lower than in 1990.
O in 2004, farmers in the state of andhra pradesh grew bt cotton on 10 % of the cotton
O there are already plans to increase the acreage given over to garlic.
O a large acreage of barley is grown for malting used by the brewing industry.
O in fact, i'm actually considering putting our entire rape acreage down to the variety
for the coming season.
O october 16 th 1816 post mill and house with a small acreage to be let.
O ati and northern now hold the largest area of exploration acreage of any uk
companies operating in italy.
acrid sentence examples
O acrid stench of the remedy hangs in the air; the night skies are lit with it; the
animals burning.
O i only ever sweat badly under one arm ( weird ) and the smell has definitely changed
to a very acrid smell.
O acrid smell of burnt eagle feathers hung in the air.
O the guardian nature notes the sweet, slightly acrid scent of privet pervades the
streets from garden hedges.
O acrid fumes of burning had rapidly filled the air.
O acrid smoke.
O acrid milky juice ( bailey 1949 ).
O acrid taste.
acrimony sentence examples
O the act would promote mediation, which is designed to reduce acrimony between
the parties.
O the ensuing controversy, conducted with considerable acrimony in the best
traditions of the oxford history school, did not greatly help his career.
O acrimony between the parties.
O the latter was an issue that caused acrimony between royalists and puritans.
O when was there last such acrimony between judges and the home office, and how
can it be resolved?
O the board felt that these provisions could have the effect of increasing acrimony
between the parties.
O these solicitors are committed to the idea of divorce or separation with as little
acrimony as possible.
O is it possible to avoid such acrimony when you get divorced?
O and you were saved out of it and you became the object of their bitter acrimony.
O the less acrimony there is between parents the better children can cope with the
breakdown of their parents ' relationship.
acrobat sentence examples
O his whole manner was suggestive of the blas nonchalance of a sultan about to be
entertained by the court acrobat.
O they are in pdf format which requires adobe acrobat.
O no aerial acrobats, instead it bored down to the depths of the pool and made
several runs up and down stream.
O acrobat pdf format by clicking here.
O acrobat reader down load the adobe acrobat reader down load the adobe acrobat
reader to enable you to read pdf files.
O acrobat installed to read the manual.
O the evening is a great time to stroll around tiananmen square or take in a show of
chinese acrobats or opera.
O acrobat.pdf format.
O it reminds me of when you see circus acrobats building a human pyramid all
balanced on the central person.
O find out about progress on the scheme, in our updates featured below you will need
adobe acrobat to view these updates.
O acrobat pdf files which is a standard read-only file.
O use this link to download acrobat reader for free.
O it reminds me of when you see circus acrobats building a human pyramid all
balanced on the central person.
O acrobat reader to view some of these items.
O you will need abode acrobat to view these files.
O you must have adobe acrobat installed to read the manual.
O acrobat pdf version model policy of domestic abuse 29 june 2006 the link below
goes to a microsoft word version of the document.
O if you need a copy of acrobat reader to read this file download it ( for free ) from
the acrobat download page.
O new south wales government - ministry for the arts book here for the landscape of
childhood season including acrobat.
acronym sentence examples
O they also invented another acronym ( ved ) ( extraterrestrial manned vehicle ) and
the typist obliged.
O olaf known by the french acronym olaf, the european anti-fraud office is responsible
for combating fraud against the eu budget.
O it is also a recursive acronym which stands for " allegro low level game routines " .
O acronym msgid /acronym is short, because then you can find the changes quickly.
O it is also possible to browse a listing of forestry acronyms.
O acronyms in conference announcements unless they are explained in the text.
O acronyms associated with peer assisted learning.
O it is littered with basic presentational errors such as missing or incorrect bibliographic
details, spelling errors and at least five unexplained acronyms.
O acronym msgid /acronym is short, because then you can find the changes quickly.
O three letter acronym man during the study of kempo you will notice the use of
many three letter acronyms.
O it wouldn't surprise me to find out that your company has never explained these
acronyms or their meaning to you.
O click here for help with the meaning of common acronyms.
O acronym standing for " file transfer protocol.
O acronyms not expanded in the text are listed in the glossary.
O olaf known by the french acronym olaf, the european anti-fraud office is responsible
for combating fraud against the eu budget.
O acronym tag still planned to be dropped in xhtml 2.0?
O remember the acronym for yet: you're entitled too!
actinic sentence examples
O actinic keratoses if they are present can indicate a higher risk for non- melanoma
skin malignancies.
O actinic keratosis is present, most patients have 10- 20 others which may be less
O actinic catalog is the ideal solution for your web shop.
O actinic trap.
O actinic link for sage line 50 actinic link for sage line 50 actinic link is included with
actinic business and actinic developer.
O actinic tubes; the paddock a 125 mv light.
actuary sentence examples
O the main change will be over the role of the appointed actuary, who plays the
central role in determining bonuses.
O actuary at gmac the driver's seat with your current broker tend to know.
O draw up a schedule of contributions, certified by the scheme actuary.
O are you a part-qualified life actuary or a pensions student looking to transfer to life?
O actuary magazine.
O annexed to this report will be a separate report from the with-profits actuary.
O consult actuaries on cpd matters on behalf of the professional body.
O actuaryefined benefit obligation is calculated annually by independent actuaries
using the projected unit credit method.
O the investigating actuary pool actuaries are appointed to 'a pool ' of investigating
O actuaryeer review guidance for pensions actuaries is now almost in place.
O actuaryay that they have consulted on detailed proposals for the future role of
actuaries in life insurers.
O l.3 i don't know who the nominated senior actuary is in my firm.
O the same day equitable's appointed actuary wrote to the prudential division setting
out the company's solvency position.
O the report by consulting actuary b&w deloitte is expected to be published on
O actuaryad they have employed actuaries to calculate the net present value of the
income streams they buy with the properties.
O actuary a life part qualified actuary a life part qualified actuary with profit testing
experience for a 3 month contract needed.
O you are a a nearly qualified actuary to fully qualified actuary at... click job title for
more details.. .
O in rare cases the scheme actuary may have had the power to set contributions.
O mr farr, watson wyatt, is an experienced senior actuary for some of the largest
pension schemes in the uk.
O mr farr, watson wyatt, is an experienced senior actuary for some of the largest
pension schemes in the uk.
actuate sentence examples
O actuate the valves of one department.
O actuate attribute on the arc.
O connect the ohmmeter across the contacts of the switch and actuate the switch's
arm several times while checking the meter reading.
O actuate micro-engineered devices.
O actuates a mechanism which prevents the points from being changed under the
O actuate men to do good.
acuity sentence examples
O if this cannot be achieved, examine the eye again in case there is another cause for
decreased acuity such as early lens opacity.
O visual acuity measures the eye's ability to resolve spatial detail.
O acuity measurement is often not properly understood and not properly calculated.
O candidates need to be aware that there is more to vision than distance acuity.
O acuity in the better eye of 3/60.
O acuity of a human eye.
O of the eyes with poor outcome ( best corrected acuity 6/60 at 2 months ) half were
due to pre-existing eye diseases.
O results patients ' mean age = 78 years, mean binocular distance logmar acuity =
0.5, mean binocular contrast sensitivity = 1.15.
O acuity vision chart that is commonly seen in the doctor's surgery.
O the re-evaluation will consist of a repeat attempt to measure visual acuity.
O surgery led to an increase in against the rule astigmatism, which was the major
cause of uncorrected visual acuity less than 6/18.
O acuity outcome of cataract surgery in india.
O to this end luminaries should have full horizontal cut off using a white light source to
improve visual acuity.
O at 6 months post-op, 8 eyes had a best corrected visual acuity of 6/6 with complete
resolution of symptoms.
O the snellen visual acuity test is commonly used to measure an individual's visual
acuity test is commonly used to measure an individual's visual acuity.
O glare from direct, reflected, or scattered sunlight causes discomfort and reduces
visual acuity.
O there is a significant difference between post-operative visual acuity in these
O acuity assessment in amblyopia.
acumen sentence examples
O had he possessed the financial acumen to go with his engineering brilliance, he
would have made a fortune.
O my only question mark would be over his tactical acumen in the premier league.
O acumen endurance business as much but.
O capable lawyers with business acumen are valuable to any firm.
O for the next three years, wilson demonstrated immense political acumen.
O the commercial acumen of everyone working for the company has improved in the
last few months.
O acumen endurance business as much but.
O it was with the recording of cover versions that miller showed his greatest marketing
O this is a hybrid role combining business acumen with technological experience.
O your financial acumen could be put to the test.
O acumen ability to make sound business decisions.
O yesterday i checked on my story acumen because i thought it was nearing its oot
O acumen displayed by our chairman.
O remember that you are writing to best display your knowledge, understanding, and
critical acumen.
O acumen deal with uk, european and usa based opportunities.
O their sales acumen alone isnt enough to make a business successful.
O the pride festival treated as a business requires business acumen and is subject to
business risks.
O the ctc lacks the skills or the political acumen to campaign.
O the husband had shown remarkable business acumen throughout his career
acupuncture sentence examples
O by tattooing, acupuncture, or piercing if improper procedures are used.
O acupuncture for headache - what next?
O our complimentary therapies include auricular acupuncture, sleepy teas, massage,
relaxation classes.
O acupuncture meridians with the vision centers to change our point of view about
problems in our lives.
O the vega test: the vega machine originated from electro acupuncture and is based
on bio-energetic medicine.
O the authors believe that practicing acupuncture from a firm base in conventional
medicine is likely to give the greatest benefit to patients.
O acupuncture for chronic pain is unsupported by any evidence of quality.
O for the comparison of traditional with sham acupuncture, relative cortisol values
were used.
O acupuncture analgesia are exciting subjects for research.
O my project is a free ear acupuncture drop-in clinic in london for people living with
hepatitis c, a chronic liver disease.
O based on a vote counting exercise, five trials concluded that acupuncture was
effective and eight did not.
O german researchers treated almost 900 patients with either standard drugs,
traditional chinese acupuncture or " fake " acupuncture.
O acupuncture treatment at all.
O the smallest tip is 3.5 mm in diameter and is used mainly for laser acupuncture and
irradiation of trigger points.
adage sentence examples
O adage that history repeats itself, first as tragedy, and then as farce.
O remember the old adage, a picture's worth a thousand words?
O the professional performer in any field should always go by the age-old adage: " the
show must go on.
O adage states that a family that prays together stays together.
O anyone who uses the above opening adage with reckless abandon has obviously not
noticed the amount of racing games on psp, for instance.
O adage in mind, a heavenly atmosphere is created at the wedding venue.
O adage that 'you can push people just so far ' .
O goes to prove the old adage: " you get what you pay for " .
O prepare - you've probably heard the old adage " to fail to prepare is to prepare to
fail " .
O adage 'the camera never lies ' is true?
O there is an oil industry adage that exploration for hydrocarbons always loses money,
while production of hydrocarbons always makes money.
O adage in indian.
O i quoted the old adage - let the buyer beware!
O as the famous adage goes the show must go on, and it did.
O you know the old adage ' a picture is worth a thousand words ' .
O physical mechanisms there is a common adage in science that the more you study a
phenomenon, the more confusing it becomes.
adamant sentence examples
O adamant about this need for someone to be at fault than anyone i have ever taught.
O adamant that the company is now looking for a period of stability.
O adamant on this point.
O adamant opposition to union recognition in the nhu.
O he was equally adamant that time was of the very essence.
O tony blair remains adamant that we will not change the way we live.
O adamant that the club 's stance regarding hoddle has not changed.
O the doctors had been absolutely adamant that she wasn't going to get better.
O jill had also seemed pretty adamant he wasn't in love with her.
O adamant that man can never be truly happy or free in a capitalistic society.
O q. you were quite adamant earlier on that you hadn't touched her.
O people talk about being bullish or bearish and become very adamant about the
direction they believe their interests will travel.
O adamant that little work had gone on on the protection level and i accept that
evidence from him.
O why am i so adamant in my condemnation of the monopoly?
O adamant that people should know what they are consuming.
O nonetheless, taylor is still adamant he is the man to put things right.
O adamant that growers.. .
adamantine sentence examples
O a diamond crystal has a brilliantly shiny adamantine luster - the word adamantine
luster - the word adamantine comes from the ancient greek word for diamond.
addendum sentence examples
O addendum to cto report the cto presented addendum to cto report the cto
presented addendum to his report, a copy of which had been previously circulated
to each member.
O copies of the new addendum are now available to purchase, at a cost of gbp 50.
O addendum source: fabio picasso type: e 63.
O this study has resulted in a 58 page addendum to his book.
O addendumntries may appear as addenda at the end of a volume.
O addendumr, some of the other addenda sit more awkwardly.
O addendumstern addenda panel is the one nearest the town side.
O see addendum to the rics post graduate diploma in property investment prospectus.
O this second addendum is appended below in plain text.
O addendum form for third level colleges in the republic of ireland to subscribe to
additional products.
O addendum developed the strategy of inserting personal messages into secret
addenda - which were nevertheless sometimes intercepted.
O i would provide an addendum mentioning both sleep deprivation and frostbite.
O work on the first addendum has reached the final iso balloting stage.
O addendum report.
O note - at the time of writing this addendum, i have not visited metalink to read up
the details of any bugs reported.
O archive for august 24th, 2005 simplicity is hard work a quick addendum to the
earlier post about business investment in blogging.
O addendum sheet is made.
O councilor hussey proposed an addendum to his proposal that its contents receive
clearance from dard.
O vat to be levied in all cases to cover the administration costs in preparing an
addendum or deed of variation to the tenancy agreement.
addle sentence examples
O addle egg as well as you love an idle head, you would eat chickens i ' th ' shell.
O addled brain.
O i should have known better, but by this time hunger and weariness had so addled
my brain that i took his advice.
O addled mind can imagine and then some.
O her mind was, in any case, too addled to play bridge with them any more.
O addled eggs, pellets, carcasses, and scavenged prey will be used in these analyzes.
O addled memories from hideous hallucinations.
O addled head.
O inexplicably more unfocused and drug addled than the car crash of distortion
previously displayed.
adduct sentence examples
O adduct formation, see: meijers et al.
O adducts in the liver.
O adduct studies.
O adducts in the lungs from any exposed group.
adept sentence examples
O adept in the art of disguise, will make your life a living nightmare.
O adept at problem solving with excellent communication skills.
O for the technically adept this would be automatically disregarded.
O yeltsin has proved adept at controlling the first two.
O adept player, letting loose some superb rock guitar whilst gavin griffiths provides
powerful drumming throughout.
O adept at comedy and appeared in episodes of steptoe and son and up pompeii.
O if you are technologically adept, the bbc provide a free tool that may be installed on
a website to aid access.
O they have also become adept at playing the game.
O adept dle takes advantage of such technologies in support of its basic assumption
concerning the conceptual organization of science learning materials.
O adept at the quiet art of one-to-one dialog.
O jonathan schofield is a striker from bury st edmunds who is equally adept on the left
hand side.
O the ecology movement seems particularly adept in its innovative approach to
O adept soloist.
O bowie, belinda carlisle and melanie c. because they're all decent human beings and
socially adept.
O the pilots were getting more adept i think, or thought better of making a report.
O adept communicators.
O introduction children are remarkably adept at learning new verbal information.
O adept swimmers.
adieu sentence examples
O it's not just le petit carlton which is saying adieu to cannes.
O without further adieu, we present to you our overall winners for the best of e3 2006.
O the bgs welcomed its new president, dr. jeremy playfer, into post and bid adieu to
prof bob stout.
O bid early adieus boring quot i reaching out to.
O how cold, how composed were their last adieus!
O graham henry's departure henry's sad adieu eddie butler: graham henry was billed
as the savior of welsh rugby.
O bid early adieus boring quot i reaching out to.
ad infinitum sentence examples
O that might seem a little odd here as we appear to repeat the same commands ad
infinitum because the number of colors is fixed.
O that might seem a little odd here as we appear to repeat the same commands ad
infinitum because the number of colors is fixed.
O fourthly, be appropriately apologetic and repeat the above process ad infinitum.
O given such sums, key figures within the football industry could be forgiven for
thinking that the years of plenty would continue ad infinitum.
O they'd love people to do this ad infinitum.
O ceramics 1988 upped the stakes and stopped any sense of forming a pattern to be
followed ad infinitum.
adjoin sentence examples
O adjoins the main farmhouse.
O adjoined what had been a stable or garage.
O adjoins neighboring fields with views toward gloucester and the river severn.
O a waiting room for friends of patients immediately adjoins.
O adjoin at the back.
O adjoins ref 1721 and together they can accommodate up to 8 people.
O our playing field was across court street, where the houses of coronation crescent
now adjoin madeley by-pass.
O adjoins the kitchen along the rear of the house.
O rose cottage sleeps two plus cot rose cottage also adjoins the main farmhouse.
O adjoins the owner 's home, which is located on a quiet country lane.
O show vehicular access to a highway if the site does not adjoin a highway.
O adjoins the cottages with storage available for bicycles.
O there are literally hundreds of thousands of places around britain where farmland
directly adjoins such establishments.
adjourn sentence examples
O adjournment there being no further business the presbytery adjournment there
being no further business the presbytery adjourned at 8.42 p.m.
O adjourned sine die.
O adjourned at 8.30 p.m. for tea.
O the hearing was accordingly adjourned and rescheduled to take place on 14 march
2005 and the parties were informed forthwith.
O adjourned to allow the landlord to give evidence.
O adjourned pending the outcome of the appeal.
O adjourned for lunch.
O adjourned inquest took place at the canning inn, fenton on the victims that had
been recovered.
O adjourned at 1.30 pm.
O high words arose, and they immediately adjourned to an inn where the challenge
was settled.
O adjourned to enable members of the public to put forward their views on the
O adjourned for a tea break at 10.45 pm and recommenced at 11.00 pm.
O adjourn the hearing to allow the matter to be sorted out.
O adjourned generally the respondent's application for a pension attachment order.
O adjourn to consider its decision.
O adjourned for five minutes to consult with a member of the public.
O adjourn the meeting.
adjudge sentence examples
O however umpire howell rightly adjudges that it was going down leg side.
O adjudged offside.
O adjudged to have handled in the box & a penalty was awarded.
O adjudged lbw for 25 and david kumar came to the crease.
O from the corner which followed, robinson was harshly adjudged to have handled in
the box & a penalty was awarded.
O adjudged that the ball never crossed the line.
O adjudged the winner.
O adjudged bankrupt.
O the empty plinth was then adjudged a work of art worthy of exhibition, while the
head was rejected.
O sums adjudged to be paid by a conviction fixing sum adjudged to be paid by a
conviction with regard to means of offender 53.
O adjudged guilty by a court martial of ill treating his crew and fined six month's pay.
O these workshops are compulsory for all students who are not adjudged sufficiently
expert to be granted an exemption.
O he was hauled down as he turned his man but the referee adjudged that the
infringement had taken place outside the box.
O adjudged incapable of of ever serving again in the royal navy.
O adjudged slightly forward and the chance was gone.
O adjudged a success, attracting interest from other areas of england.
O adjudged worthy to receive the bacon.
O stokes reply started badly when chris finch was hit on the thigh and dubiously
adjudged lbw in the second over.
adjudicate sentence examples
O adjudicate a dispute over a conclusive certificate?
O adjudicate on child maintenance disputes.
O the adjudicator can't change the contract; he only adjudicates quarrels about the
O adjudicate upon their legal problem.
O adjudicate in commercial disputes of this nature.
O adjudicated the malapropism poetry competition in honor of richard sheridan on the
250th anniversary of his birth.
O adjudicated on an appeal under these conditions.
O adjudicated bankrupt when he had a wife and two adult children.
O election and recall suits shall be finally adjudicated in the court of second instance
and be no more de novo trial.
O adjudicated solely in the applicable court in the united kingdom.
O adjudicateons will be considered by an adjudicating panel constituted for the
purpose by the academic board.
O adjudicateeldon relished the task of adjudicating on a more arcane matter.
O adjudicate such complaints.
O adjudicate on student complaints by september 2003.
O it also adjudicates in disputes concerning the management of their financial affairs.
O adjudicates in the most challenging cases which come before the courts.
O adjudicateice cox, explained the statutory framework in some detail and set out a
framework for tribunals adjudicating claims under this jurisdiction.
O adjudicating on alcohol cases, the asa will, of course, be primarily applying the rules
adjunct sentence examples
O we envisage that specialist migraine patients will become a useful adjunct to the
primary health care team.
O the cleft sentence is one way that english can emphasize an adverbial adjunct.
O adjunct professor of line from an of no-fault haven't.
O dr. percy is also adjunct professor of theology at hartford seminary, connecticut.
O adjunct in treatment of the infection.
O they thus provide a useful adjunct to cdna libraries in giving access to a large
number of genes independent of developmental stage.
O a useful adjunct for healthy living in towns where pollution is a problem.
O adjunct curator of new media arts at the whitney museum of american art, new
O from the beginning, the flight proved a valuable adjunct to the civilian mountain and
maritime rescue services.
O these were no mere adjunct to the british possessions in north america.
O adjunct faculty and by easy access to top quality research libraries in oxford.
O amounts involved are often relatively modest, but can form a useful adjunct to
other funding streams.
O there's no question that that's a valuable adjunct, a valuable facet of today's
O adjunct instructor of jazz at rhode island college in providence, ri.
O sexual selection - selection driven by the competition for mates, considered an
adjunct to natural selection.
O why should this necessary adjunct to a drink license be cut off?
O adjunct therapy in patients not controlled by inhaled steroids.
O we know that mental models have to have various adjuncts to their representations
of situations in the world.
adjure sentence examples
O what is your beloved more than another beloved, that you thus adjure us?
adjutant sentence examples
O i am in command of " d " coy. again, having been acting adjutant for only a few
O his naval adjutant had himself seen how mercilessly the reds fought in the baltic
states in 1919.
O adjutant general.
O from april 1904 to april 1907, he was ordnance officer and in 1911 was appointed
adjutant to the special reserve.
O hitler's army adjutant, major gerhard engel, returned with a vivid description of the
mountain terrain.
O adjutant's wife has come from newcastle and knows the william that betty s. was
O adjutant of the 6th battalion in cyprus.
O i have to know a bit about it in case i became an adjutant.
O in the same year he was appointed a personal adjutant to the kaiser.
O between 1919 and 1929 he served as a company commander, battalion adjutant
and instructor at military schools.
O adjutant of the regiment, was perhaps the first of all by a horse's length.
O in the same year he was appointed a personal adjutant to the kaiser.
O at the end of january 1940, the fhrer had sent his chief military adjutant on a
flying tour of the western front.
O generalmajor graf nugent and his brigade adjutant accompanied this column.
O adjutant of the 83rd infantry brigade.
admiral sentence examples
O in 1811, william became admiral of the fleet.
O red admirals remain on the wing at several sites around the island.
O admiral butterflies can be seen feeding on the flowers of bramble.
O he had been trained for the navy, and became a vise admiral in 1903 before having
to resign to take the throne.
O admiral in charge was lord william her ( ?
O admiral of the first fleet to reach india from europe, da gama sailed from portugal
on july 8 1497.
O john hume had seen a red admiral in his garden in newby, scarborough on 2
O opinion among the directors seems equally divided, except for a retired admiral who
is undecided.
O admiral nurses are clinical nurse specialists working in the field of dementia care.
O this critical engagement in the napoleonic wars made the admiral a national hero.
O still the odd butterfly around; a red admiral with a chunk of wing missing; probably
from a near miss with a bird.
O admiral west: you can see how poor i look.
O not since howard of effingham in 1588 had one british admiral commanded the
entire fleet in wartime and borne such responsibility.
O promoted to rear admiral of the red in 1856 he continued with his scientific work.
O admiral difficulty setting.
O there were butterflies, too, including the red admiral
admissible sentence examples
O admissible on the question of costs.
O admissible as evidence in a court of law.
O by a decision of 29 june 2004, the court declared the application admissible.
O admissible evidence adduced by the parties through their advocates.
O blanket arrangements for all students or for specific groups of students may not be
legally admissible.
O admissible before the courts as evidence but the model law does not provide the
mandatory regime to that extent.
O however, only the facts of the first complaint were declared admissible by the
O admissible in civil proceedings with the coming into effect of the civil evidence act
O admissible offer to settle so far as we know.
O the testimony of a slave is not admissible in court of law!
O the lack of a defense challenge does not mean that the evidence becomes
automatically admissible.
O admissible in court of law!
O admissible interpretation ' is a pleonasm.
O computer output is only admissible in evidence where special conditions are
O there was concern that some evidence, which would have assisted a defendant,
could not have been made admissible under the existing rules.
O admissible in evidence where special conditions are satisfied.
O admissible argument of the operation inverse, which may sometimes return ' fail ' .
O lr 578 the evidence of an expert who analyzes voices and produces an opinion on the
identity of that voice is also admissible.
admix sentence examples
O admixed configurations.
O admixed antigens and would initiate a stronger antibody response.
admonish sentence examples
O admonishing the people around you.
O admonished not to have a mind which is narrow or myopic.
O he also admonished them to never let suffering become an idol.
O admonish children of men for this reason.
O admonished not to have a mind which is narrow or myopic.
O admonish a selfish man while the alien's leader watches his progress.
O mommy puts sammy down while gently admonishing her to be more careful,
sammy totally ignores mommy's warning.
O admonishing players, the referee should speak with dignity, politeness and in a firm
O admonished then put out.
O admonishing each one of you with tears.
O thus the number seven is stamped upon physiology, and he is thus admonished, as
man, to rest one day in seven.
O admonish others: " why do you torment yourself with such speculations?
O look for an incident early in every game, and make a big deal about it, by publicly
admonishing the perpetrator.
admonition sentence examples
O this is allah your lord; him therefore serve ye: will ye not receive admonition?
O in verse 11 in particular he has five final admonitions.
O why has not an angel been sent down to him to give admonition with him?
O indeed, it provokes words of gentle admonition, such ' hey!
O truly the tongue is all tongue, and has no ears to take an admonition or instruction.
O behind the stern admonitions stood a sad tragic figure.
O we should heed this admonition as bearing directly on our own responsibility.
O but if he be negligent, and careless in teaching them, let him be deposed from his
office, after the third admonition.
O the pope has followed this frequent admonition of christ to his disciples.
O instead, i finished with a last admonition: " take no chances with the lives of men.
O the heart of god for his saints is always displayed before the needed admonitions
and corrections are given.
admonitory sentence examples
O admonitory letter to the archbishop of canterbury.
ado sentence examples
O ado about nothing?
O any person who hath anything ado with him, come; for he is now seeking
employment to be given him.
O let me, without further ado, present to you, with notes, the match.
O i actually sold a few days ado at 17.5p, but that was my personal circumstances
where i required the money.
O what makes much ado about nothing a timeless piece of literature?
O in fact, not much ado is made of his sin in the qur'an.
O i actually sold a few days ado at 17.5p, but that was my personal circumstances
where i required the money.
O i actually sold a few days ado at 17.5p, but that was my personal circumstances
where i required the money.
O fred pulled himself together and ran outside to get her inside and not cause too
much ado.
O joyce's sardonic persona is easily a match for harvey's own; with little ado, they are
soon married.
adobe sentence examples
O they are in pdf format and so the person looking has to have adobe or similar
O adobe acrobat format by clicking here.
O if you have problems reading the file you may need to download adobe acrobat
O adobe photoshop or paintshop pro with the right plugin, which is freely available.
O the web page provides the full report, available as a pdf file, requiring acrobat adobe
O adobe.pdf file in a new window.
O adobe pdf format or contact us for more details.
O adobe acrobat reader to enable you to read pdf files.
O adobe masonry during construction.
Adonis sentence examples
O the chalk grassland supports an outstanding butterfly fauna including the nationally
scarce Adonis blue and chalkhill blue butterflies.
O the chalk grassland supports an outstanding butterfly fauna including the nationally
scarce Adonis blue and chalkhill blue butterflies.
adrift sentence examples
O adrift of sixth place after the sixth draw of glenn hoddle's 11 games in charge.
O adrift with twenty games to go - you boys have pulled off a minor miracle.
O adrift at the bottom with only five games to go but then a change of form lifted us
one place.
O the initial indication is that is should not be too far adrift from the stance we are
taking in the uk.
O adrift in second place was lucky on his first outing in a number of months.
O adrift at sea, you and the other 5 people in your lifeboat run aground on a desert
O in third place, the exeter colleges guild produced some reasonable ringing although
the leading was a little adrift; they made 18 faults.
O adrift in a sea of warm light of shifting colors.
O adrift at the foot of the division.
O the second most popular choice, dental update, was well adrift on 18 % .
O adrift in an illusion that seems real.
O which did make me think the measurement was slightly adrift, given the track
O for starters, there were only three options, leaving those who identify as pansexual
or asexual or something else somewhat adrift.
O we are often adrift in an illusion that seems real.
adroit sentence examples
O whenever i visited roosevelt on official business, i found a man adroit, voluble,
assured, and smiling.
O adroit tongue.
O r seemed to be more distant but no less attentive, and perhaps under his veil of
discretion is even more technically adroit.
O proverbs aims to show a person how to become adroit at the greatest skill of all, the
skill of living.
O adroit handling.
O i thought that was amusing, but not particularly adroit.
O adroit manipulation of the reversible signs.
O this proved so adroit at dodging her fork that it seemed to be both intelligent and
O adroit management of the nuclear environment was therefore not the real issue.
O many were also very adroit in terms of choosing a school.
O adroit way.
adulterant sentence examples
O in a legalized framework, drugs would not contain adulterants and impurities, and
dosage would be accurately quantified.
O the seed is a common adulterant of mustard seed ( brassica ) either by chance or
for profit.
adulterer sentence examples
O that's why sharia has harsh laws and punishments like stoning adulterers and
whipping drinkers and gamblers.
O den is a serial adulterer, cheat and crook who leaves a trail of social chaos and
heartbreak in his wake.
O they don't behead people, or amputate hands, or stone adulterers just for the fun
of it.
O god will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral.
O he will also punish all liars, the lustful, adulterers, idolaters, and blasphemers, (
revelation 21:8 ).
O one illustration would be the stoning of the married adulterer.
adultery sentence examples
O people no longer commit adultery; they fool around or have a fling.
O adultery as a specific ground of dissolution do open up some possibilities but are
not unproblematic.
O and he saith unto them, whosoever shall put away his wife, and marry another,
committeth adultery against her.
O adultery case, that person is called the co- respondent.
O or did he connive with his wife's adultery to further his own career?
O adultery with another woman.
O and he saith unto them, whosoever shall put away his wife, and marry another,
committeth adultery against her.
O he is the faithful husband who will not give up on his wife for all her vile adultery.
O adultery story?
O he doesn't choose ' fornication ' , he chooses the word ' adultery ' .
O adultery with 5 men: they also were executed.
O the seventh commandment is thou shalt not admit adultery.
O perhaps a mother committed adultery that resulted in a child.
O inevitably there will be some readers who think someone at a distance is just the
story of a suburban husband's adultery.
O proving adultery is no longer necessary for a court to grant a divorce.
O at the very least, spiritual adultery is encouraged by the " season.
O it means illicit sexual sin of every kind, including adultery.
O after ann and her brother had been beheaded for alleged adultery the castle was
appropriated by the crown.
O i am going to cite adultery which she is begrudgingly agreeing to.
O you are right when you say that you cannot petition based upon your own adultery.
adumbrate sentence examples
O adumbrated the principle that that which no one owns, no one will care for.
O well, it was aristotle who first adumbrated the principle that that which no one
owns, no one will care for.
O adumbratemology which i am adumbrating here involves the rejection of all "
absolute " invariance.
advection sentence examples
O advection of a passive tracer, explain why we generally take a time scale to be.
O chaotic advection has been used in the analysis of mixing.
O advection scheme.
O a contour advection run started on the 10th shows a very similar feature.
O advection of heated air around a room.
O thus in regions where there is strong horizontal advection our 1-d model can not
hope to reproduce the patterns in biological activity.
O advection fog occurs when warm air flows over a cool surface ( for example, over a
cool ocean current ).
O here the spherical glyphs represent particle advection of heated air around a room.
O advection of water vapor and the cold polar tropopause bias in eulerian gcms.
O ascent occurs ahead of a surface warm anomaly warm advection ( laplacian of the
thermal advection ).
O advection speed.
O another important practice in analyzing nonlinear water waves is to study the water
particle advection in the history of a simulation.
O as an example of advection let us consider 1d advection of a constant gradient of
some scalar.
O the vertical advection is performed by considering control volumes, which are
remapped on to the original or levels.
O advection processes involved are under investigation.
O the process, positive vorticity advection, is usually abbreviated to pva.
O the process by which this cold, dry air moves horizontally into an area is known as
cold air advection.
O advection problems with small diffusion.
O tracer advection is a longstanding and notoriously difficult problem with numerical
models, and a severe limitation on their validity.
O update buoyancy after heat advection and freshwater inflow, if used.
Advent sentence examples
O Advent of modernity.
O far from prophesying the Advent of the quran, isaiah is simply referring to the
assyrian takeover of ephraim.
O the drug management is becoming increasingly complex with the recent Advent of
new medication.
O Advent calender, french carol and other french resources.
O Advent of the euro was undoubtedly a major factor driving the increase in bond
market activity.
O the day that heralded the Advent of the holy spirit.
O and how can we limit the day of the lord entirely to the second Advent and the
O the season is marked by lighting Advent candles set in an Advent wreath at the
front of the church.
O Advent of devolution.
O the next big advance in understanding suicide outside the context of it being a sin
awaits the Advent of psychoanalysis.
O Advent calendar.
O Advent of fascism, which arose in italy in the 1890's.
O if it lasts for another 10,000 years, it might even witness the Advent of open
government in devon.
O Advent candle a tall candle is marked into 24 sections.
O Advent of the internet, there now exists another, more powerful, medium with
which to search for jobs.
O this is the color of penitence and fasting as well as the color of royalty to welcome
the Advent of the king.
O Advent laptops.
adventitious sentence examples
O adventitious presence had also not yet been developed.
O adventitious contamination in non-gm supplies to a minimum.
O adventitious buds which grow in the spring.
O adventitious root a root that grows in a place where you would not expect roots to
O adventitious aid, climbed to 28,100 feet.
O adventitious contamination cannot be totally avoided.
adventuresome sentence examples
O adventuresome entrepreneurs and conquerors.
adventurous sentence examples
O no audition required guildford sinfonia is an orchestra for musically adventurous
O shall we get up early and go and do something adventurous.
O adventurous travelers out there who want to get well off the beaten track.
O if you're feeling adventurous you could try some of the profiles specific to your
printer you will find lower down the list.
O adventurous in that area.
O since its launch in march 2000, it has been a significant force in supporting creatively
adventurous and pioneering musical activity.
O now we've got to get a bit more adventurous.
O adventurous traveler can be found in the north of thailand.
O the british have become much more adventurous where eating out is concerned.
O local authorities, not noted for being either wantonly extravagant or wildly
adventurous, have become irvine's most enthusiastic partners.
O adventurous eaters may also like to try fish jam, a turkish specialty.
O the british are not just getting more adventurous with their holiday destinations;
we are also buying property further afield.
O you made her a thoroughly modern woman, sexually adventurous, uninhibited, a
O adventurous streak, this trip is a great adventure.
O i haven't read any of your books yet but i wish to in the future, they look very
O day cruises that the world's largest steamboat truly adventurous delta.
O adventurous spirit of the cra organizers we are taking the classic marathon to new
ground for 2006.
O what from a distance had seemed adventurous looked more like foolhardiness from
close to.
O his married life was equally adventurous - or rather, he appears to have behaved
like an adventurer to his wife.
O adventurous skiers are being attracted to the nascent ski areas here.
adversary sentence examples
O adversary's overall military capability.
O these capabilities will deny an adversary the information advantage, preventing him
from effectively employing his forces.
O what was the purpose of the brazen intruder, and to what end had he tampered with
the trappings of such a formidable adversary?
O adversary c2 capabilities.
O verses 25 and 26, he says: ' agree with thine adversary quickly, whiles thou art in
the way ' .
O adversarylity to combat or deter adversaries using cyberspace tools is predicated on
their being as reliant on information technologies as we are.
O potential adversaries in space would be faced with the dilemma of shooting first or
risking the loss of critical satellites.
O adversary's ability to c2.
O it is not easy for me to pass penal judgment upon a defeated adversary in a major
military campaign.
O he was looking for, in his words, " a worthy adversary " .
O adversary propaganda and to overcome censorship.
O in a fine and famous blasphemy he says, " oh, that mine adversary had written a
O adversary overcome most adversaries simply by having enough coins.
O adversary task we cannot do without the co-operation of our former adversaries.
O the most straightforward is to physically destroy an adversary 's computers or
critical network nodes.
O both groups considered the latter hostile and a dangerous adversary, but important
differences of opinion obviously existed.
O adversary information capabilities information systems.
adverse sentence examples
O adverse reactions have been noted in 40 % of these patients.
O again this also has potentially adverse implications for repayment rates.
O but regulation has to tread a fine line between protecting the public interest and
stifling the industry by being too risk adverse.
O adverse effect on humans from eating such chickens seems somewhat remote.
O a thorough environmental impact assessment, supplemented by further studies and
liaison with key stakeholders, predicts no significantly adverse effects.
O adverse impact of noise.
O mrs a sought to control the children, with seriously adverse consequences for the
O adverse consequences, either from acute or chronic exposure.
O the impact on areas contiguous to the border was particularly adverse.
O adverse publicity hits their profits.
O some of these developments have been very encouraging, but some have had a very
adverse effect on all of us.
O adverse events adverse event analysis from such a small sample cannot be
O an overview of adverse credit lending before deciding whether or not adverse
credit lending is.. .
adversity sentence examples
O typical of the great minds of our times, he has had to overcome tremendous
adversity to make his mark in our world.
O adversity into opportunity.
O it was a fantastic show of human spirit in extreme adversity.
O childhood adversity, monoamine oxidase a genotype, and risk for conduct disorder.
O adversity in a sensible way.
O adversity of war.
O adversitys the adversities of life, from relatively minor things to the worst thing you
can imagine.
O adversityu feel stronger we can face any of life's adversities with renewed courage
and that makes our life easier.
O his experience of surviving adversity across the remote world second to none.
O but there have also been periods of decline and economic adversity.
O to what extent do mental health problems and stress physiology correlate with
significant life adversity?
O adversity in a world that is not fair.
advert sentence examples
O advert on the noticeboard.
O advert in a newspaper.
O you can place your classified property advert for free.
O see the detailed guidance provided by the office of fair trading for further details
about exempted adverts.
O to complete the entry, you have to click on a banner advert.
O advert on the noticeboard.
O advert in a newspaper.
O you can place your classified property advert for free.
O see the detailed guidance provided by the office of fair trading for further details
about exempted adverts.
O to complete the entry, you have to click on a banner advert.
O adverts on the telly.
O adverts in magazines for american fishing with " trophy trout " .
O nomos advertising campaign these 2 images are full-page adverts employed to
publicize the nomos brand within the uk.
O this system operates much in the same way as hotmail ( but without the annoying
adverts and popups ).
O i had been doing a lot of tv adverts, which people seemed to like.
O adverts on the telly.
O adverts in magazines for american fishing with " trophy trout " .
O nomos advertising campaign these 2 images are full-page adverts employed to
publicize the nomos brand within the uk.
advertorial sentence examples
O the academy is working in partnership with emap to place advertorials in top biking
magazines such as bike, performance bike, what bike?
O advertorial promotional package, worth up to 2,000!
O it's also emerged that six apart is allowing advertorial into the liverjournal system.
O advertorials in top biking magazines including bike, performance bike, what bike?
O the process of making good tv advertorials is very similar to the approach for
creating advertorials for magazines.
O advertorial page provided all the necessary details enabling the customer to make a
positive decision without delay.
O advertorials in publications read by disabled cardholders.
aegis sentence examples
O aegis of religious groups.
O he wears the aegis, as does she ( see athene ). bk iii:102-147 bk iii:148-200 bk
ix:1-62 the son of cronos.
O aegis of local government.
O aegis of the nate ite committee.
O aegis of the universities.
O aegis of the two bodies.
O aegis of the project.
aerator sentence examples
O to save water, our standard range of taps includes either a 6 liter aerator or 1.7 liter
spray insert.
O static tubular aerator a system in which air is blown into vertical tubes submerged
in a liquid, promoting mixing and oxygen transfer.
O aerator head incorporates air into the liquids and sauces you blend, making them
light and fluffy.
O with this machine the cutting cylinder could be removed and replaced with a lawn
sweeper or a lawn aerator attachment.
O simply push hollow tine aerator into the ground with your foot on the cross bar.
O static tubular aerator a system in which air is blown into vertical tubes submerged
in a liquid, promoting mixing and oxygen transfer.
O simply push hollow tine aerator into the ground with your foot on the cross bar.
O simply push hollow tine aerator into the ground with your foot on the cross bar.
O to save water, our standard range of taps includes either a 6 liter aerator or 1.7 liter
spray insert.
O deep tine aerators, which are becoming increasingly popular, are designed to
penetrate this deeper layer of compaction.
O in such circumstances, reactors with a large surface area and surface aerators are
more appropriate, and lagoon systems are preferred.
O its patented design reduces energy requirements by 50 % compared to current
O you make a pond aerator with bits lying around the garage.
O aerate the lawn with a hand fork or special turf aerator.
aerial sentence examples
O i believe the transmitting aerial was fitted under the rear turret with a receiving
aerial on each rear fin.
O aerials on the roof with the magnetic loop center of the picture.
O whether that takes into account the need for set-top aerials to be replaced by an
outdoor rig or system is not clear.
O aerial photography down to the street level for much of the uk.
O tele2's customers are connected by radio in effect, through a small roof mounted
aerial, to a local transmitter.
O section contents: transmitter aerials crystals tips and tricks how safe is rc flight?
O digital tv through an aerial to receive digital tv through an aerial to receive digital
tv through an aerial you need a digital set-top box.
O aerial in the loft.
O he turned the access point's transmitting and receiving aerials through 90 degrees.
O that's with the standard readers directional aerials would do better.
O aerial bombardment by over 1000 bombers, many of which flew from england.
O how do i know if i can get dtt and do i need to upgrade my existing aerial?
O putting up and replacing tv aerials unless in a communal area.
O indoor aerials for analog and digital uhf and { vhf } tv programs and for fm radio
station signals.
O aerial photograph of around a hundred years later, in 1969, here.
O at least three more perched on television aerials all at the same time.
O aerial reconnaissance by the italian air force revealed oil slicks in both attack areas.
O radio aerials derek writes re radio aerials saying " i have a partial answer for your
news page last week.
O aerial socket is fitted in all kitchens.
O aerial ropeway rather than railroad conveyed the ore to the tipping chute.
aerobatics sentence examples
O replica planes perform exciting aerobatics whilst troops work on the ground.
O aerobatics with ease.
O flying characteristics: a gentle flyer, very stable, basic aerobatics only due to the
small engine.
O aerobatics team, the red arrows.
O i look forward to the next ten years of glider aerobatics with cautious optimism.
O in the hands of a show pilot this model will fly smooth pattern style aerobatics with
ease & astonish spectators with freestyle routines.
O the beach is safe for swimming and also popular for windsurfing and kite surfing,
with spectacular aerobatics for the spectator.
O doing formation aerobatics with two different aircraft types must be pretty difficult.
O you can't fly this wing, much less doing any aerobatics.
O in them, lionel enthused about the amazing aerobatics he'd seen by a display team.
O it is aviation's only magazine devoted totally to recreational and competition
O include some aerobatics in the flight and you are enjoying the most exciting of all
adventure days. more about the planes here.
O they proceeded to do a number of flypasts and more sedate aerobatics with the
chipmunk doing a solo routine.
O tim weber in his extra 300 got up next and put on a great show of precision
aerobatics including some wonderful inverted flat spins.
O he first started recreational flying in 1986, and began learning competition
aerobatics in 1994 in alan cassidy's pitts s2a.
O powered by an incredibly powerful 10 liter supercharged engine, this aircraft can
perform spectacular unlimited aerobatics that will amaze the airshow audience.
O the chance to experience aerobatics in an open cockpit.
O therefore precise indoor aerobatics & 3d flying are a reality.
aerodrome sentence examples
O chapter 8 sets out the minimum requirements to be met in the provision of rescue
and fire fighting services at united kingdom licensed aerodromes.
O after a short briefing you set off for the disused aerodrome to complete the off-road
handling skills section of the schedule.
O aerodrome operators survey a questionnaire, similar in format to the pilot survey,
was posted to 301 aerodrome operators in england.
O there was also an raf aerodrome outside the town.
O the main controls are: only business aircraft can use the aerodrome.
O every licensed aerodrome will be required to complete a classification study within
12 months, which will be used to develop the index.
O aerodrome operations.
O assessments for small general aviation aerodromes and for large military
installations have been undertaken.
O note: government aerodromes are usually military establishments and the caa does
not currently manage aerodromes.
O it has been a civil aerodrome as well as an raf station.
O aerodrome development.
O this was the location of a q site decoy aerodrome for methwold.
O then flying at 50 feet he attacked an aerodrome where approximately 19 machines
were either landing or attempting to take off.
O the transformation of the former aerodrome into hatfield business park is well
O aerodrome manager to use a particular runway would provide local residents with
predictable periods of relief from aircraft noise.
O minnie banister: um, ah, how are you going to build this aerodrome?
O you could find yourself working at a busy military aerodrome, either in the uk or
O it also has responsibility for military air traffic zones, aerodrome traffic zones and
altimeter setting regions.
O do not expect specific reference to the smaller aerodromes ( which may be covered
by a local plan ).
O aerodrome buildings.
aerodynamics sentence examples
O we settled for improving last years car by converting to 16 " wheels with covers,
improving the aerodynamics & fixing the gears.
O key research topics include flow control, unsteady aerodynamics, flight mechanics
and the aerodynamics of novel configurations.
O aerodynamics package was designed to help maximize the sport riding experience.
O he is responsible for technical advice on high speed aerodynamics and propulsion
to mod.
O the panoramic windscreen and rear window underline the car's fluid aerodynamics.
O aerodynamics of the cars.
O bicycle science and design, including aerodynamics and rolling resistance.
O in the uk and europe, computational aerodynamics now plays an important
industrial role and it has significantly influenced the design of modern aircraft.
O aerodynamics work involved in f1 car development.
O a model of the vehicle aerodynamics is also currently under development at york,
ultimately leading to simulation of the entire vehicle.
O ideally candidates will have studied aerodynamics, flight mechanics or flight control
during their first degree.
O a saloon model with improved aerodynamics was also added to the volvo 300
O the theme includes a dedicated course on race car aerodynamics.
O the number 15 car from churcher's college has some nice aerodynamics.
O the rotor system, which is fully folding, benefits from some of the most advanced
helicopter aerodynamics in the world.
O previous experience of aircraft performance analysis and/or aerodynamics would be
aeronautics sentence examples
O subjects include aeronautics, astronautics, military vehicle and weapon technology,
and electronic and information warfare.
O the feedback was primarily into military, not civil aeronautics -- most significantly,
from britain's point of view, into the spitfire.
O aeronautics engineer leonard cramp suggests this was caused by a powerful
gravitational field produced by the craft.
O core businesses cover aeronautics, electronics, energy, information and services,
space, systems integration and telecommunications.
O aeronautics industry is one of the uk's leading manufacturing sectors and has
achieved continual technological advance and productivity improvement.
O aeronautics research experimental craft, was an annapolis classmate of mine.
O aeronautics technologies grew and went through their stages, and this has given
me insight into my own.
O aeronautics gallery.
O aeronautics sector.
aerospace sentence examples
O he reported that the lancashire strategic initiative will now include aerospace.
O our skills and experience deliver improvements in design processes to organizations
both large and small across automotive, aerospace and aec markets.
O aerospace firm eads has been forced to step down following crisis talks between the
main shareholders at the company.
O rolls-royce operates in four global markets - civil aerospace, defense aerospace,
marine and energy.
O alcoa serves the aerospace, automotive, packaging, building and construction,
commercial transportation and industrial markets.
O rolls-royce operates in four global markets - civil aerospace, defense aerospace,
marine and energy.
O aerospace industry is needy.
O also included some coverage of the world aerospace industry.
O this makes aerospace the uk's most competitive manufacturing sector.
O his experience and knowledge of the global aerospace and defense markets will be
a major benefit to companies looking to expand their horizons.
O aerospace engineering or history tell you the job market is tight?
O marshall aerospace is committed to providing world class aerospace solutions
through world class service.
O we have made a lot of progress with some of the components companies moving
over to supplying aerospace for example from motor manufacture.
O hatfield grew round the de havilland aerospace factory later british aerospace.
O aerospace engineer, began taking bookings for package holidays to the moon.
O the caparo t1 has been developed using aerospace and racing technology.
O the restructuring of the european aerospace and defense industry is a major step
which will help to improve competition in the global market.
O aerospace alloys.
O in the exciting arena of international aerospace and defense, bae systems is a
leading player with a wealth of opportunities for graduates.
aesthetic sentence examples
O aesthetic investigation of cutting edge technologies might have created an entirely
different esthetic for the vehicle.
O aestheticriginal releases came exclusively on 12 vinyl, packaged in a highly
distinctive, minimalist esthetic.
O aesthetice promotes indian values, arts and esthetic sensibilities.
O aestheticrely esthetic motives provide no inspiration for action.
O aestheticder design esthetic is still present in their home page for the mo'wax label
( mo'wax artists appeared on header.
O aesthetic, there is a developing esthetic of what a proper boat should look like.
O aesthetic specific ways does the bourgeois esthetic in gift books counter canonical
O aesthetice and have an esthetic appreciation of john's looks, personal style and
O aestheticranteed funding by license fee at the bbc meant that selection of ' product
' was done for primarily esthetic reasons.
O aestheticencumbered by the demands of the mass market, modern architects were
free to express their machine esthetic in state-financed housing projects.
O aestheticriginal releases came exclusively on 12 vinyl, packaged in a highly
distinctive, minimalist esthetic.
O aestheticcept of esthetic appeal just can't be based on numbers.
O aesthetic to rummy, the game of mah jong is easier to play than at first appears
and is highly esthetic to boot.
O aesthetic should animation directors - fundamentally guided by a visual esthetic -
ever need to contemplate the use of sound in their films?
affable sentence examples
O affable chap, he showed us his on site recording studio and played us a few of his
new songs.
O i always found him a very affable, approachable fella.
O affable guy at the opening.
O they are so open, and so affable, really.
O affable manner that instantly puts an interviewer at ease, almost like talking with
an old friend.
O there was certainly nothing i felt was in the least inflammatory - all was in a quite
affable tone!
O affable fellow with.
O page always looks on the bright side of life and audiences quickly relate to his
genuinely affable nature with some serious cheekiness thrown in.
O affable character, who listened to what you said and never lost his cool.
O a further low point was seeing the reliable and normally affable herbie williams sent
off after exchanging punches with a lincoln player.
O affable man with a dry sense of humor who was in no sense old-fashioned in his
O he was always affable, with a good cockney humor; everyone liked him.
affair sentence examples
O during the 1970s he administered the business affairs of the ice-skater john currie.
O the daily lives of our citizens in britain are not about foreign affairs really?
O affairs spokesman, called on clarke to ' break ranks ' from the policies of his
O the second featured an office in acton where i had worked, a secret love affair.
O the company directors may sometimes appoint managers or attorneys of the
company, granting them certain powers to manage the affairs of the company.
O a good way to keep up to date with current affairs in the science world.
O affairs ku decision you should.
O our italian tax services... to service to handle their italian tax affairs.
O this week i'm loving diesel's behave bag a weekend away should be a relaxed affair,
and your luggage should reflect this.
O with sovereignty came the norm against interference in the internal affairs of other
O affairs jensen g coverage for workers.
O constitutional position there should be a cabinet minister with a consumer affairs
O affair settled by a scrappy first half goal from fitz.
O saturday 27th may 2006 over the next few days, putting your financial affairs on a
new footing could be pressing.
O affairs ministers meet in finland next week.
O this provides needed competition to interexchange carrier offerings which were
expensive and cumbersome operator-to-operator affairs in many cases.
O radha's unhappiness results in an instant connection with christopher and they begin
a passionate affair that will change everyone's life forever.
O and nothing can be more pleasant than the present arrangement of ecclesiastical
affairs in barchester.
O affairs editor michael pollitt finds about plans for the crisp malting group.
O radha's unhappiness results in an instant connection with christopher and they begin
a passionate affair that will change everyone's life forever.
affectation sentence examples
O affectation of indifference i began to chop idly at the ground in front of me with my
O he also has a good many violent affectations, wherein lies much of the appeal of
the classic freak show.
O it has sunk into an empty parade; it is a mere affectation of humility, an apology
and excuse for something better.
O affectation of many words in prayer.
O benedict wisely plays his part in a stolid, straightforward manner; titmuss goes for
sweet sadness but produces only girlish affectation.
O you must know, " said teddy, with a great affectation of being particular, " mr.
O perhaps it was the soft light - but the advanced age seemed more an affectation
than a true tyranny of the years.
O we all agree that they're decent songwriters, but some of their vocal affectations to
me are really annoying.
O juan, it's not his name, yet to keep calling him the unconscious argentinean would be
a silly affectation.
O don't indicate - it is an unnecessary affectation.
O perhaps any search for common ground between the greeks and ourselves is
similarly a romantic affectation.
afferent sentence examples
O afferent fibers, intrinsic neurones or descending fibers.
O afferent pupillary defect to either eye.
O afferent pathways.
O afferent nerves ).
O afferent loop and the residual stomach.
O afferent inputs in the regulation of dendritic peptide release '
affiance sentence examples
O affianced wife of another man.
affidavit sentence examples
O she swore an affidavit in support setting out her case.
O where personal service has been affected, it should be verified by affidavit.
O a copy of the sworn affidavit was obtained at the federal high court.
O affidavit allegesthe instead of majestic's zoning district which.
O affidavit in reply from her client and she was not able to take instructions.
O affidavit of publication will need to be filed with the county clerk's office as proof.
O childs offered to sign an affidavit saying he had made up his evidence.
O loans in excess of us$1000 at the individual group member level must be
accompanied by a sworn affidavit of securities pledged.
O the father's account is set out in his second affidavit of august 2005.
O affidavit evidence.
O affidavit of claim from the high court of justice of nigeria.
O do i need to submit an affidavit in support?
O additionally, the parties may consent to evidence being given by affidavit.
O the master will then make an order for the sterling equivalent of the judgment
expressed in foreign currency as verified by such affidavit.
O affidavit of means " .
O on 7 october mr x filed an affidavit in support of his application.
O that is clearly set out in the coroner's first affidavit.
O affidavit of facts sworn to at the federal high court of nigeria.
O i need to prepare an affidavit which includes a number of attachments.
O if you are under this age you will need to obtain an affidavit made by your father
giving consent.
affiliate sentence examples
O plus as you recruit other affiliates you get commission on their sales too!
O sprint nextel's $ 6.5 billion purchase of iden affiliate nextel partners has met
approval and will now go ahead.
O affiliate program offer you to join without buying the product?
O a trustful two tier affiliate program will pay you 15-45 % in residual commissions.
O membership is open to all clubs affiliated to the south of england aa.
O northern ireland is loosely affiliated to cobrig and efforts are being made to
strengthen links.
O once you sign up to become an affiliate you can track your commissions on our
website to see how you are doing!
O all changes and cancelations must be processed by auto europe and not through our
overseas affiliates.
O affiliate marketing is the process of using third parties to sell your products.
O day 2 - how the goal will be achieved day 3 - the 5 pillars affiliate system -
O election website launched by unions trade unions affiliated to the labor party have
opened a website in anticipation of a general election in may.
O three candidates will be contesting the seat, only one of whom is politically
affinity sentence examples
O turk feels an affinity with the dour playwright's style.
O affinity for opioid receptors and slow dissociation from them.
O a reliable assay is needed to be able to measure binding affinity.
O affinity chromatography.
O this is the reverse of the electron affinity of the chlorine.
O affinityowing fibers are selectively matched by inherent chemical affinities.
O affinityis a table of proton affinities for various gaseous components.
O possesses strong affinity with gold, silver, platinum, and precious stones.
O affinity for the fourth oxygen to bind is approximately 300 times that for the first.
O in fact, as roberto unger has demonstrated, there is no elective affinity between
capitalism and democracy.
O affinity maturation: a retrospective view c. berek, m. apel.
O the lack of processor affinity also causes less damage with a shared l2 cache.
O you should also be able to demonstrate an affinity with the outdoors and camping.
O it meshed well with russia's traditional primary focus on relations with the united
states and was reinforced by apparent ideological affinity.
O affinity tag protein purification methods.
O there is a reduction in cardiac output and an increase in hemoglobin oxygen affinity.
O the teacher... some people have a natural affinity with children.
O affinity fc receptors expressed on mast cells and basophils.
O the close affinity of the author's thought to that of philo point in the same direction.
O affinity antibody production.
affirm sentence examples
O affirm the centrality of the saving work of christ.
O affirmed with certainty from the pages of the new testament.
O affirming what we already knew.
O elder sister quot is loudly affirmed quot the marriage suffers no cultural.
O affirm that all men shall be saved at the last.
O affirm inerrancy are quite clearly orthodox on other matters of doctrine.
O affirmed when you are in a relaxed state, either when you awaken or just before
going to sleep.
O peter's confidence in christ was unclouded, and this, we may boldly affirm, was
pleasing to the heart of jesus.
O affirmed that the people 's response must and will be to build the movement against
globalization bigger and stronger.
O affirm the primacy of the love of god.
O you see people who know you well and who benefit from your gifts will repeatedly
affirm you in them.
O affirm that human beings have a conscience.
O affirming catholicism, st mary-le-bow, cheapside, london ec2v 6au.
O please note, mailing list members have to positively affirm they want to have their
details displayed in this way.
O affirmed that the state had a legitimate interest in promoting childbirth over
O affirmed the full deity of christ and the full deity and personhood of the holy spirit.
O it means to publicly affirm your belief and trust in god.
O affirms the inherent goodness of the world and its people as creations of g-d.
O the reformers similarly affirmed the truthfulness of the bible.
affirmation sentence examples
O affirmation of allegiance to the crown and a pledge of loyalty to the united
O there are also a number of background echoed affirmations, which pan from left to
right in your headphones.
O in 1695 a bill was passed in parliament allowing the solemn affirmation of a quaker,
instead of an oath.
O affirmation cards, very attractively designed to help you find your inner strength.
O affirmation of faith.
O every time one catches your eye repeat the affirmation out aloud.
O use positive affirmations to attract the things you want test.
O affirmations of national identity trod a narrow path.
O ninth, there is the insight that the creator seeks affirmation, not confirmation, of
the appropriateness of a course of action.
O mccann says " ... the central theological affirmation of the psalter is this: the lord
O affirmation of the existence of god.
O it stated: " these results represent a solid affirmation of the status quo.
O but i get annoyed by blogs whose comments boxes are nothing but mutual
O affirmation of truth in a pluralist world, in a world where we have to acknowledge
O do graduates who experience disaffirmation, in their initial career period, seek ways
to gain affirmation, in their initial career period, seek ways to gain affirmation in
second or subsequent jobs?
O wonderful, simple and powerful affirmations for children with humorous pictures of
stars throughout.
O affirmation of the strategic importance of srt's mission for the church of scotland
which this post represents.
O the parties are sometimes required to take an oath or make an affirmation.
affix sentence examples
O affix the visa sticker.
O only qualified members of the society are entitled to use the affix which is a
registered trade mark.
O affixed by means of a clear plastic film known as contra vision.
O the derivational affixes stand for the first degree of the scale, the inflectional affixes
stand for the second degree.
O in witness whereof the church commissioners have caused their common seal to be
hereunto affixed.
O affixed in the presence of two directors.
O affixing of the seal is to be attested by the signature of one member of the society
board and the secretary.
O affixed by means of a clear plastic film known as contra vision.
O affixed two red wax seals in the form of a german eagle on the covers.
O the infinitive often functions as a verbal noun, and as such can be the complement of
another verb. infix see affix.
O given its proximity to the base, a derivational affix represents the best index.
O affixed thereto their seals.
O affixed the stamps to contribution cards weekly.
O moreover, the significance for serra of having the work permanently affixed was
known to all concerned.
O the serial number is stamped on the label affixed inside the body.
O spots at this time were made from small circular pieces of black plaster which were
firmly affixed to the cloth.
O affixed the notice should then sign and date the copy and print their name and
grade below the signature.
O travel light, if possible, and always verify that baggage identification is correct,
legible and properly affixed to each bag.
O affixed a sign that reads... " in emergency do not use " wicked.
O affixed so that the earth does not sway with its dwellers.
afflict sentence examples
O afflicted mankind flew out.
O afflicted by this disease are past the menopause.
O afflicted so many in his family.
O tips from others who have been similarly afflicted would be welcome.
O afflicted with leprosy.
O afflicted by this disease are past the menopause.
O afflict humanity.
O guy's hospital also admitted the mentally afflicted into its ' lunatic ward ' .
O afflicted with the disease.
O afflicting millions of people worldwide.
O on occasion, a child who is severely afflicted may need to special or unusual
O afflicted with the devastating disorder.
O afflict the soul, to atone for the sins of the past year.
O elinor, too, was deeply afflicted; but still she could struggle, she could exert herself.
O afflicted with the illness, need not be overwhelming.
O afflicted nations in the asian region should indeed benefit from such measures.
O i believed, therefore i said, " i am greatly afflicted.
O a company would not be afflicted with the same sense of anxiety as an individual
would be liable to be afflicted with the same sense of anxiety as an individual would
be liable to be afflicted with.
O afflicted person seems to have pretty good justification for being that way.
O of his rulers, mercury is seriously afflicted in the 4th.
affluent sentence examples
O here was a fine opportunity to ensure that the less affluent should benefit
increasingly from its wealth.
O affluent suburb in south west london where robin dunstan lived with his parents.
O there is no need for anyone to be involuntarily in such a state in a moderately
affluent western society.
O affluent enough to buy your way out you escape.
O as society becomes more affluent in cash terms, time becomes more precious.
O affluent in western countries.
O affluent neighborhoods - 3 times more people than average earn over 40,000 per
O ashford bc is a relatively affluent district with a strong economy.
O they will be closely tied to existing bbc programs and will target affluent 40 to 55
O affluent lifestyle of the 21st century.
O some tho, as you can see from the picture are more fortunate and have a reasonably
affluent standard of living.
O currently, consumers do not feel as affluent as they did in 2004, but neither are
they trading down.
O affluent society.
O london's club life also went through a renaissance too, catering for increasingly
affluent young people.
O traditionally rumney has been considered more affluent than neighboring
O the pattern of the suburbs was more complex, with quite marked differentials
between the most affluent and the least affluent suburban wards.
O but what if the newly affluent in asia do aspire to just as many car and plane trips?
O some of it still looked very primitve whilst other parts contained large houses and
looked very affluent.
O affluent peers if they regularly read outside school hours.
afford sentence examples
O affords better protection to sellers for use in private sales by individual members of
the nba.
O afford that then don't worry - all contributions help and are most welcome.
O afford to ignore 790 million people?
O young families who can no longer afford to buy homes on the open market more
urgently need housing association accommodation.
O afford the luxury ( ?
O afforded when revision talk is mediated by a less singular, authorized and directive
form of document.
O afford to buy their own meals?
O the present system places a cost on universities which they can ill afford.
O afford the interest repayments?
O afford to pay a ton of money for a fancy program with stuff i don't need.
O you ca n't afford to have too many people getting a free ride.
O afforded the opportunity to inspect the account at any time.
O afford to miss.
O buy big get the largest memory card that you can comfortably afford.
O many climbers and walkers owe their lives to the shelter afforded by mba
maintained bothies.
O afford to lose out in the skills stakes.
O my household income is over 0,000 a year and i could barely afford a 1950s rambler
with a 0,000 downpayment.
O affords wonderful views across the peaceful cornish countryside.
O afford to fully repay their loan.
afforest sentence examples
O afforested areas also leads to loss of food plants and invertebrates.
O yet although the curve of burned lands parallels the curve of afforested lands,
afforested lands, afforestation is only a minor part of the problem.
O afforested open-cast spoil in south wales, by h.c. dawkins with r.l. hockin and j.d.
O afforested dune systems
affray sentence examples
O the two nuneaton men arrested following the football match on suspicion of causing
affray were released on police bail pending further enquiries.
O a desperate affray took place, in which several of the officers were wounded, some
most seriously.
O an affray charge usually means that all parties, injured or not, to the disturbance
are charged with causing the affray charge usually means that all parties, injured or
not, to the disturbance are charged with causing the affray.
O brown & hedges ran into street affray - had to take cover in a canal.
O cohen faced a similar dilemma when his father, peter, died tragically following an
affray in the nightclub he ran in northampton.
O smith's ' and went to prison along with us for an alleged affray, was of a different
O the mere carrying of a concealed weapon would not by itself constitute affray.
O there were a growing number of bloody affrays between the local poachers and the
gamekeepers, who were usually from england or scotland.
O mr. short, who is harris's partner, and a police officer, had a shooting affray.
O he received a three and a half year jail term for violent affray.
O offenses included affray, possession of drugs and theft.
O jonathan woodgate was found not guilty of gbh but convicted of making an affray
and given 100 hours of community service.
affright sentence examples
O affrighted inhabitants fled across the river to the eastern quarter, and on one
occasion to the hills beyond.
O ophelia: " oh my lord, my lord, i have been so affrighted!
affront sentence examples
O not that i would put an affront upon the learning of any of those honorable
employments, much less upon their persons.
O but our sin is above all a personal affront to god.
O in both cases, i was almost affronted to find that i remembered almost none of the
detail of their complex plots.
O you have an ego identification with your ideas and you take personal affront to
those who differ with your thoughts on any subject.
O he has allowed any member to raise a concern regarding the contents of any
particular message without causing a direct affront to the individual.
O this appears to me faint sketch of a system of salvation which does not affront our
reason and humanity.
O he has allowed any member to raise a concern regarding the contents of any
particular message without causing a direct affront to the individual.
O but for a very considerable minority, it was the greatest imaginable affront.
O not only have you caused me to waste valuable time by not filling it in, i also feel
personally affronted.
O but it is also true that even the mildest depiction constitutes an affront of sorts to
most unionists.
O paul b posted: thu nov 17, 2005 9:30 am post subject: a gross affront... who the
devil are you?
O a simple analogy may help to explain why right-thinking capitalists are so affronted
by this phenomenon.
O beyond that point it starts to become an affront to liberty.
O the emperor threatened that if such affront were repeated, he would strike coins
with words respecting mohammad grievous to his followers.
aflame sentence examples
O i could not take my gaze off that beautiful face, which was all aflame with the ardor
of love.
afloat sentence examples
O there is an excellent guide ' living afloat ' written by the residential boat owners
association, which costs 7.50.
O just above the lock is the boatyard of j d boat services which is also a viking afloat
hire base.
O getting afloat some points to consider when buying a boat.
O action note public static int round( float afloat ) the int value of the float value
O keeping afloat the big issue in all of this discussion is sustainability.
O life afloat our dream come true: a blog of the building of narrowboat hadar, and life
aboard misty lady while waiting.
O luxury afloat: blithe spirit is a beautiful 58 ' semi traditional narrowboat for self
drive river and canal holidays.
O ladies afloat was launched seven years ago by pat berry and was initially a group of
20 women.
O safety afloat will shortly be providing risk assessment services to the travel
industry particularly in the field of excursions and holidays.
afore sentence examples
O afore ye go!
O he was a frequent visitor to peckham while attending rehearsals of his first major
play afore night come at the royal shakespeare.
aftermath sentence examples
O he witnessed the aftermath of the bomb explosion at platform level on the central
line bank station.
O many empirical studies have been conducted to investigate the emotional aftermath
of abortion, and there is not space here to detail them all.
O aftermath grazing.
O now in the war's aftermath they had masses of redundant aircraft with a seemingly
endless supply of spares.
O aftermath of the tsunami.
O aftermath by nr 's the tall metallic.
O during this year you will suffer the aftermath of acquired wrong habits.
O in the past few days, a number of rappers have posted mp3s responding to the
tragedy and its political aftermath.
O aftermath of the earthquake in iran last december.
O in october 2002, they visited afghanistan for two intense weeks where they
investigated the aftermath of war in the twenty-first century.
O major test of hips, knees and ankles but worth every painful aftermath.
O aftermath of the bombings sums it up.
O features flame and fortuyn – andy armitage examines the aftermath of the
assassination of the dutch politician pim fortuyn.
O aftermath of the terrorist atrocities in america?
O it explores the aftermath of a virtual apocalypse caused by a disease hitler sends
against london after realizing he has lost the war.
O aftermath of the tsunami disaster showed how many people are profoundly
concerned for the plight of their fellow human beings.
O she then realizes that she is watching the aftermath of the catastrophe that just
killed her.
agape sentence examples
O when the shells are thus exposed and slightly agape, the stabbing method of
opening the shell is more successful.
O most everyone else on the planet will probably just stare, mouth agape, at what
they are seeing.
O agape love in action is to love the world.
O now, for some space the revelers stood agape, unable to understand all that had
been done in such haste.
O when the shells are thus exposed and slightly agape, the stabbing method of
opening the shell is more successful.
O most everyone else on the planet will probably just stare, mouth agape, at what
they are seeing.
O agape love in action is to love the world.
O now, for some space the revelers stood agape, unable to understand all that had
been done in such haste.
O agape meals in the early church that coincides with our current practices wrt
O agape meals in the early church that coincides with our current practices wrt
O agape tile has been handling mactan's us sales for nearly a year.
O agape tile has been handling mactan's us sales for nearly a year.
O agape standard can be applied would need another article.
O agape standard can be applied would need another article.
agate sentence examples
O he uses agate for the fool, diamond for strength, and carnelian for justice.
O crystals: soft blue crystals, such as blue lace agate, blue beryl or azurite.
O agate stone and left a replica roman ring from the roman villa at crofton.
O susan used an engraving from an 18th century geological book, showing different
varieties of moss agate, against a mottled background.
O when cut and polished agates are among the most beautiful of semi-precious
O agate ware: in the 1680's john dwight of fulham had used different clays mixed
together to imitate agate ware: in the 1680's john dwight of fulham had used
different clays mixed together to imitate agate.
O crystals: soft blue crystals, such as blue lace agate, blue beryl or azurite.
O many agates are naturally colored, others are stained for decorative effect.
O several agate types, including vein agate types, including vein agate are found.
O tree agate used to gain insight into problems and see them for what they really are.
O it was, as i was told, of red agate, in the form of a man with the right hand broken
O agate forms on the one example.
O the names for chalcedony and agate are somewhat interchangeable, although the
term agate is usually used to describe the banded varieties of chalcedony.
agenda sentence examples
O consistently strong performance in meeting national service priorities and
improvement targets and carrying forward the government's modernizing agenda
for social services.
O agenda for project meetings.
O it is all about tying us even more tightly to the neo-liberal agenda.
O agenda item 5: draft dptac annual report 2004 28.
O what's more, we were among the first wave of foundation trusts and are at the
forefront of the modernisation agenda.
O nothing is decided in advance; there are no hidden agendas.
O in any event, we are rigorously pursuing the agenda of economic reform within
europe with our european partners.
O they are still failing to come to terms with today's political agenda, never mind
thinking ahead to tomorrow's.
O the role of vcos in the public service reform agenda is about more than delivery.
O peace and security, as well as aid issues, increasingly dominate the geopolitical
O the company led by its managing director, roger johnson, has a highly ambitious
agenda of growth over the next decade.
O significant improvements in bus services throughout the country are plugged in
directly to the social inclusion agenda.
O worse, the big corporations really set the agenda.
O the recommendations will feed into the broader policy agenda being developed by
the eu and its member states.
O in their planning, the sustainability agenda is way down the list of priorities.
O a new volume from mcadam, tilly and tarrow promises to push this agenda further.
O it sets out a challenging agenda for departments in terms of identifying their major
impacts, planning improvements, and monitoring and reporting performance.
O the old, traditionally protestant, industries are in decline or are increasingly being
challenged through the equality agenda.
O there are also a number of other initiatives dcms should consider to encourage public
library services to actively embrace the social inclusion agenda.
O it is a job that would put her at the heart of the regeneration agenda, providing a
good opportunity for networking.
agglomerate sentence examples
O this corresponds to the deformation of large agglomerates as they pass through the
die land.
O agglomerate impact fracture.
O agglomerated industries in the uk are predominantly low-tech.
O agglomerated population, centralized the means of production, and has
concentrated property in a few hands.
agglutinate sentence examples
O agglutinate red blood cells.
O agglutinated foraminiferal assemblages: evidence from a stratified fjord.
aggravate sentence examples
O aggravate existing asthma in some people.
O a deliberate breach of the health and safety legislation with a view to profit seriously
aggravates the offense.
O aggravated trespass.
O aggravated by lack of response to the inland revenue for a client whose tax affairs
were under inquiry.
O aggravated by lack of response to the inland revenue for a client whose tax affairs
were under inquiry.
O clause 40 is modeled on the existing law on racially aggravated offenses.
O aggravated already existing uneven economic development.
O aggravated burglary, the words will normally mean " carrying " .
O aggravated by traffic pollution.
O aggravated by traffic pollution.
O he was jailed for four months for " religiously aggravated common assault " .
O aggravated assault was introduced.
O aggravated by the fact that the newspaper failed to contact lampard's
representatives for a reply.
O aggravated by the fact that the newspaper failed to contact lampard's
representatives for a reply.
O this was very important to us because of sue's bad back which is greatly
aggravated by bumpy roads.
O aggravated offenses on second reading.
O aggravated by stress.
aggregate sentence examples
O aggregate the statistics across the whole class.
O tarmac aggregate operate on a 5 hectare site dedicated to the import of marine
dredged aggregate.
O there are limits to the quantities of certain materials allowed within recycled
aggregates for capping.
O aggregates extraction.
O in appendix a, the distinction is made between ' spatially detailed ' and ' spatially
aggregate ' forms of transport model.
O the site at bridgend includes ewenny quarry which provide an " in house " supply of
limestone aggregates.
O aggregated data.
O this is seen as a possible future way of recycling waste glass and at the same time
reducing the demand for quarried aggregates.
O made from clay, ceramics or refractory concrete consisting of pumice or kiln burnt
aggregate bonded with high alumina cement.
O aggregates levy ' , sept 2003.
O the change in color was accompanied by a buildup of defective protein aggregates
inside the cells.
O aggregated single score for each submission will be used to provide a rank order of
all submissions returned to the panel.
O of course weber was right in terms of operating policy - the ecb does not target a
monetary aggregate.
O aggregate burthen of 1639 tons.
O the company is also aware that contractors disposing of construction waste require
virgin aggregate.
aggression sentence examples
O the whole purpose of pakistan's decision to acquire nuclear capability has been to
deter aggression by a more powerful state.
O aggression against another state.
O aggression between dogs living in the same household is usually about social
O aggression toward other cats.
O the ' siege mentality ' provoked by imperialist aggression was a powerful factor
giving rise to wrong policies.
O irish government regrets bombing of iraq the government of ireland has joined the
international opposition to the anglo-us aggression against iraq.
O aggression of one kind or another on both sides.
O these eight lines reflect the ambiance of a mighty war machine geared up to resist
the aggression of a hostile power, i.e. germany.
O aggression toward other dogs was referred in 24 % of cases.
O hitler invaded poland in an act of unprovoked aggression.
O figures 2 and 3 suggest that the referral rate of fear aggression toward other dogs
has steadily increased over the years.
O tony blair is arrogantly trying to justify this aggression by appealing to the defense
of " civilized values " .
O the pent-up aggression of these cycles is defused by the setting in motion of the
scapegoat mechanism.
O private armed guards were drafted in to provide security, after the latvian police
repeatedly failed to halt the aggression of the homophobic mob.
O the earlier dominant position of the serbs led to a view of the war as serbian
aggression and a tendency to overlook serbian losses.
aggressor sentence examples
O britain must in the ultimate resort have independently controlled nuclear power to
deter an aggressor.
O the chances for peace are usually bettered by letting a potential aggressor know in
advance where his aggression could lead him.
O aggressor nation.
O side by side with the red army many thousands of workers, collective farmers,
intellectuals are rising to fight the enemy aggressor.
O aggressor's attack is distance close down.
O aggressor in war.
O but russia itself will never become an aggressor, which is ensured by its legislation
and the concept of national security.
O rose petal extract soothes the skin, to help protect against the harmful effects of
external aggressors.
O aggressor state.
O in both these scenes, female solidarity defeats the male aggressor.
O i'm confident that together we will continue to rapidly improve our ability to combat
any would-be cyber aggressors.
O aggressor force.
O side by side with the red army many thousands of workers, collective farmers,
intellectuals are rising to fight the enemy aggressor.
O the agents of the kremlin begin to speak once more about the alliance of the
democracies against the fascist aggressors.
O aggressor planes attacked the wider densely populated area of this town.
O concealing the real underlying motive and concentrating the public's attention on the
formal side were allowing the aggressor to achieve two goals.
aggrieve sentence examples
O aggrieved when a company did not pay him monies which he believed were due to
O any person aggrieved by the sci may apply to the high court for a judicial review of
the decision to adopt the sci.
O aggrieved by a refusal of consent has the right of appeal.
O the landlord thought the tenant should fork out for this; the understandably
aggrieved tenant did not.
O aggrieved by a refusal of consent has the right of appeal.
O aggrieved party would have to take a civil action against you.
O aggrieved by a decision of the court of summary jurisdiction he or she may appeal
to the disciplinary court.
O i feel particularly aggrieved about the result of the selection process.
O aggrieved by decisions will have a new statutory right of appeal.
O aggrieved citizens may not only complain to the ombudsman.
O aggrieved by the order of a magistrates ' court on such an appeal has a right of
appeal to the crown court.
O i can't say i blame mike for still feeling a little aggrieved.
O aggrieved by the order of a magistrates ' court on such an appeal has a right of
appeal to the crown court.
O aggrieved employe can make a claim against the company in the civil court.
O then i might not feel so aggrieved about my council tax increase.
O aggrieved by the acts or decisions of public or quasi-public bodies.
O aggrieved member for comment.
O nevertheless, even at 2 v 0, united could feel very aggrieved at half time.
aghast sentence examples
O aghast at the idea, but tanya and rosie press the suggestion, with their song
dancing queen.
O does this not leave the intelligent person aghast at the pool of sheer stupidity that is
amassed in labs?
O but i was so aghast at the cost that i thought ' there has to be a better way ' .
O aghast to see a picture of a shopping trolley, not a trolley-bus.
O he was staring aghast at the sudden appearance of kemp, followed by the
extraordinary sight of clothing tossing empty in the air.
O aghast with horror.
O aghast at the revelation that a quota meant a specified quantity and that it applied
to them.
O rather aghast at what we found, i stomped off with the others down the streamway.
O aghast to hear that the picket was to take ball ammunition.
O ignorant of the world, we stood aghast at the charge of eighteen pence for each.
O aghast at the thought of solar arc directions.
O whitney, still aghast at the transformation in her man, spoke up: ' you leave my
ryan alone.
O aghast to discover that the battery in my camera was too low.
O with eyes aflame, he'd watched aghast, and stayed there quite a time.
O i was absolutely aghast to hear how much my correspondence was being flaunted
before the public gaze.
O aghast to learn they had committed plagiarism, since they had both included the
textbook in their bibliography at the end.
O i saw mackay look aghast at this point: he'd just heard a song shorter than most of
his own.
O there are probably seasoned entrepreneurs out there aghast at our lack of business
O leon, listening aghast to a gleeful recital of his friend's probable fate, was ashen
agile sentence examples
O agile on british back roads.
O working on a higher abstraction level makes the process more agile at the same
O agile climbers, using their long tails to balance.
O however, being the child of parents who spent their working lives in foreign postings,
i became socially very agile.
O agile to get across the goalmouth at a moments notice.
O with the engine placed at the bike's exact center of gravity, it was surprisingly agile
for its size.
O agile than normal humans, and knows some variety of martial arts.
O agile handling of the cadenza in the allegro, too.
O also i felt mentally more agile than they are about my kind of thing.
O young players from the outset should be coached to be problem solvers and thus
more mentally agile for success in the sport.
O agile methodologies for your own teams.
O harte: 5 - ruel fox made him look as agile as a dump truck - lost out to him every
O although he was very big he was incredibly agile and elegant, thus his nickname.
O agile manufacturing, also featuring brian maskell, is provided.
O after 3 weeks she was better than she had been for 2 years and extremely agile for
a dog of 16.
O agile testing and testability have been featured in application development trends
and the rational edge.
O the design is wingless, with aerodynamic tail control giving a fast, highly agile
agitate sentence examples
O agitate the minds of the local people who may be compelled to contrast their own
lives with ours.
O agitate on behalf of breast cancer awareness.
O agitated voice the moderator said: " young man, sit down.
O the waters of the nyanza, violently agitated, were foaming like the billows of a sea.
O agitated when we stopped at the coffin stone.
O agitated to get indians their voting rights.
O agitated for political reform in 1832.
O agitateceltic dominating the domestic game the bigger clubs were once again
agitating for change.
O agitated state.
O the sample is sprayed into the oven through the opening in the top, and can be
gently agitated throughout.
O agitated constantly to ensure a smooth flow of grain into the stones.
O agitateof the same countries that were agitating for war against yugoslav president
milosevic suddenly find war with iraq intolerable.
O i seem to remember he would occasionally get a bit agitated.
O however, from 1933 the minority ' sudeten ' german population increasingly
agitated for incorporation into hitler's reich.
O agitated water.
O as we approached the scene of the crime i could see that my friend under all his
habitual coolness was in truth deeply agitated.
O agitated grey-headed man appeared from the room of the ward leaders.
O this sparked furious protests, with both camps becoming extremely agitated to say
the least.
O the farmer was amazed and slightly agitated to see tom stood under the porch
clutching the ' bladder of brandy ' .