The Legend.

Kitzbühel autumn.
Pleasure for palate, spirit and body. English

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The golden season of autumn is the ideal time for lifestyle gourmets to enjoy the legendary city of Kitzbühel. This season, sandwiched between summer and winter, is probably the most laid back time of year in this charming Alpine town.

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Kitzbühel autumn. Pleasure for palate, spirit and body.
In the autumn, called the golden season, the heart of Kitzbuehel beats quietly and slowly. Finally it is time for rest and relaxation. People soak up power from the nature, enjoy the clean air. They feel refreshed and vivid. Energy flows back and whets the appetite for traditional culinary. Palate, spirit and body are in harmony in Kitzbühel - the most legendary city of sports in the Alps.

Kitzbühel autumn : : 5

A feast for gourmets. From September to November 2011.
KItzbühEl wIll Also sErvE A wIdE rAngE oF lIvEly Autumn EvEnts In AddItIon to culInAry sPEcIAlItIEs From thE AwArd-wInnIng rEstAurAnts And trAdItIonAl tyrolEAn Inns.

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Date Thurs. 01.09. | 8.00 p.m. Thurs. 01.09. | 8.00 p.m. Fri. 02.09. | 8.30 p.m. Sat. 03.09. | 12.00 a.m. Sun. 04.09. | 10.00 a.m. Sun. 04.09. | 10.00 a.m. Sun. 04.09. | 12.00 a.m. Thurs. 08.09. | 6.00 p.m. Thurs. 08.09. – Sun. 11.09. Fri. 09. – Sat. 10.09. Fri. 09.09 | 8.30 p.m. Sat. 10.09. Sun. 18.09. Sat. 17.09. Sun. 02.10. | 10.00 a.m. Sun. 02.10. | 10.00 a.m. Sun. 02.10. | 12.00 a.m. Thurs. 13.10. | 6.00 p.m. Sat. 15.10. | 9.45 a.m. Sat. 15.10. Sun. 30.10.

Top-Highlights “Everything in Red” culinary evening with music at the Landgasthof Jodlbühel Kitz Sommernacht, with ‚Die Jungen Zillertaler‘, programme of events for children, picture exhibition | open air concert | concerto al centro Brassband concert in the Vorderstadt Kitz Kulinarisch Festival culinary festival in Kitzbühel town centre Early morning drink in the Golf- and Ski-Hotel Rasmushof French fish market at the Hinterstadt Live-music in the Alpenhaus on the Kitzbüheler Horn Dumpling Evening at the Landhasthof Jodlbühel 2nd Int. Sports car meeting in Kitzbühel on Friday and Saturday Kitzbühel wine festival in the courtyard of the District Authority Brassband concert in the Vorderstadt Autumn festival in Jochberg Octoberfest at Hochkitzbühel Winetasting “David - Goliath” at the Hallerwirt Harvest festival in Jochberg, march in and festival service Early morning drink in the Golf- and Ski-Hotel Rasmushof Chocolate presentation in the Alpenhaus on the Kitzbüheler Horn Dumplings Evening at the Landhasthof Jodlbühel Pilgrimage to Jochbergwald Goose Martini tournament with live-music at the Golf- and Ski-Hotel Rasmushof Pilgrimage service to St. Wolfgang

Detailed information about the events listed can be obtained from any of the Kitzbühel Tourismus offices or on our website

Events : : 7

Culinary Kitz Festival 2011. 3rd September, Kitzbühel city centre.
thErE Is no doubt About It - guEsts comE to KItzbühEl And Its nEIghbourIng holIdAy vIllAgEs oF rEIth, AurAch And JochbErg to EnJoy lIvEly hosPItAly combInEd wIth An unrIvAllEd nAturAl sPEctAclE And toP gAstronomy.

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„A walk through grandma‘s kitchen“

In addition to the personal level of service offered by selected inns and award-winning restaurants in Kitzbühel, the culinary Kitz Festival 2011 also offers a range of autumn delicacies. local Kitzbühel-based suppliers will offer a wide range of dairy products, cereals, herbs, juices, fruit and vegetables. we also take great care of our youngest guests in the picturesque inner city area on 3rd september.

while parents savour the various sumptuous treats on offer, children visiting the culinary Kitz Festival are also spoilt with pizza bakes, cocktail workshops and a colourful programme of activities.

Festival highlights

: : Small market with regional produce : : Colourful culinary kids’ programme : : Musical entertainment : : Tours of the inn culture of the past : : Winetasting “The Legend”, Scheiblhofer : : Watertasting with Grander water

Kitz Culinary.

Tip: Take advantage of the Culinary Kitz packages offered by selected hotel partners and enjoy unforgettable days of à la carte lifestyle treats, sporting activities in the tranquillity of nature and a dose of romance and special flair.

Culinary Kitz Festival : : 9

Grand Spa Resort A-Rosa Kitzbühel
‚why wAndEr Into thE dIstAncE? good thIngs ArE so closE At hAnd!‘ wElcomE to ‚culInAry ExcEllEncE In rEd-whItErEd‘ In our ExcEllEnt gourmEt rEstAurAnt ‚hEImAtlIEbE‘. situated on the sunny side of Kitzbühel, in the most grand terrain thrones the grand sPA resort A-rosA Kitzbühel, a romantic, modern 5-star luxury refuge built in the style of a tyrolean castle. This is where the world lies at your feet! surrounded by the splendid natural surroundings and golfclub Kitzbühel, which is steeped in tradition, you get to enjoy excellent service, top-class gastronomy and indulgent highlights. grand spa resort Arosa offers it all: from luxurious spas, to all-round enjoyment. The charismatic blend of loving tradition and glamorous cosmopolitanism makes Kitzbühel so attractive (to our guests).

Three diverse restaurants create the setting for great taste. unforgettable cuisine highlights can be experienced in the gourmet restaurant hEImAtlIEbE. „why wander into the distance? good things are so close at hand.“

10 : :

you can also recognise this culinary implementation with head chef and shooting star among the best chefs in Austria - Andreas senn. his cooking is based on pure regionality by using ingredients solely produced in Austria. his dishes are characterised by hand-crafted perfection and puristic straightforwardness.

From our menu.
: : ‚Surf & Turf at home‘ - Crayfish salad with Vulcano cured ham, lemon verbena and cauliflower : : ‚Fisherman‘s pride‘ - Breadcrumbed salmon served with Marchfeld soya beans, chanterelles and green almonds : : ‚Altausseer organic sturgeon‘ - Sturgeon with buck wheat, calf‘s head and red radishes : : ‚Pizza‘ - Crispy tart with ox marrow, leeks, breadOpening hours: Gourmet restaurant Heimatliebe: Thursday to Monday 7:00 to 9:30 p.m.

crumbed organic egg yolk and Salzburg caviare : : ‚Tauernlamm‘ - 3 x Lamb with Pannonian saffron, white onion and stewed tomatoes : : ‚Milky Way‘ - Dessert made using Kitzbühel mountain farm milk with wild strawberries and elderflower
6-course menu EUR 120,- | Wine accompaniment EUR 74,-

GRAND SPA RESORT A-ROSA KITZBÜHEL Ried Kaps 7 · A-6370 Kitzbühel T +43 (0) 5356 65660 - 980 · F +43 (0) 5356 65660 - 819 ·
Restaurants in Kitzbühel : : 11

Gasthof Eggerwirt Dishes from Tyrolean home cooking.
thE FAmIly mAnAgEd gAsthoF EggErwIrt, locAtEd In thE hEArt oF KItzbühEl, Is thE only guEst-housE whIch, In Its mAgnItudE And structurE, hAs bEEn A FEAturE oF KItzbühEl‘s hIstory For morE thAn 300 yEArs.

we nurture the concept of tyrolean hospitality recipes from old cook books and produce from the region are what form the basis of our cuisine. In times past there was a real ‚cook up‘ on feast days and at weddings, the so-called „Kuchlfesttagen“, when all food and wine which was procurable was brought to the table.

These days there is an awareness of tradition and of quality, in using produce from the region - „Knowing where things come from“ - that‘s the maxim! Enjoy tasty treats such as baked liver dumplings, ‚daumnidei‘ with cabbage or stuffed beef roulade in our cosy Florianistube or in our winter garden!

12 : :

Culinary – musical autumnal evening on Friday, 30.09.2011 with the best of entertainment from tyrol musicians.

From Grandma‘s cook pot.
: : Tyrol barley soup : : Baked liver dumplings : : ‚Daumnidei‘ with cabbage : : Stewed stuffed beef roulade : : Apple strudel : : Jam-filled dumplings served with a vanilla sauce

Opening hours: Friday 16th September until Sunday 2nd October. Opened until Sunday 23rd October.

Gasthof Eggerwirt · Anton Hechenberger Untere Gänsbachgasse 12 · 6370 Kitzbühel T +43 (0) 5356 62455 · F +43 (0) 5356 62437 22 ·
Restaurants in Kitzbühel : : 13

Berggasthof Hagstein Tradition and conviviality.

locAtEd rIght on thE KItzbühElEr horn, oPPosItE thE hAhnEnKAmm And AbovE town, thIs Is thE PlAcE For trAdItIon And stylE.

Those fleeing the city and nature lovers meet here to treat themselves to regional fare made by using our own produce, or to some light meals. At the wooden tables there is plenty of room for cosy get-togethers and for bigger affairs too; private celebrations and company parties will also be unforgettable.

It is an 8 minute drive to the guest-house, which can also be accessed on foot via numerous hiking trails. For instance you can take the hornbahn cable cars to the intermediate station, then enjoy a leisurely 40 minute walk to the hagsteinhof.

14 : :

Culinary autumn.

From September
: : Porcini and chanterelle mushrooms : : Local lamb specialities : : All sorts of pumpkin dishes : : Duck and goose : : Specialities using local game

From our menu.
: : Roast porcini mushrooms and fresh herbs served with roast potatoes
Opening hours: Until 6th November.

: : Mushroom goulash served with bread dumplings : : Venison schnitzel filled with chestnut purée served in a creamy juniper sauce with ‚Schupfnudeln‘ potato dumplings and red cabbage : : Roast organic Tyrol young beef served with a porcini and chanterelle sauce : : Fresh trout, char and salmon trout from our large spring water pool : : Our popular ‚Hagsteinpfannen‘ can be reserved in advance : : Baked plums served with a home-made gooseberry parfait : : Fresh cranberries served with a home-made forest honey ice-cream

Berggasthof Hagstein Hagsteinweg 95 · 6370 Kitzbühel T +43 (0) 5356 65216 · F +43 (0) 5356 65216 ·
Restaurants in Kitzbühel : : 15

Casinorestaurant hinterstadt 24
A thrIllIng EvEnIng In cAsIno KItzbühEl stArts For thE most PArt wIth culInAry dElIghts In thE cAsIno rEstAurAnt hIntErstAdt24. thIs AwArd-wInnIng Inn combInEs tyrolEAn hosPItAlIty In old cross vAults wIth A stylIsh lIFEstylE.

The team of chefs who work with award-winning chef walter hiedl treat guests to fresh, unconventional Austrian meals which have mediterranean accents. tasty treats in keeping with the seasons can be found on the menu, such as caramelised pear pancakes or roast sheatfish fillet served on a parsley root purée with Pata negra ham. 80 % of the produce used comes from the area around Kitzbühel.

16 : :

guests can bring this exceptional evening to a close in the well stocked, originally maintained wine cellar which dates back to the 15th century. to bring the evening to a perfect end, an exuberant atmosphere and thrills await you at the casino Kitzbühel. Place your bets!

From our menu.
Opening hours: 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. except Sundays and holidays from 3 p.m.

: : Caramelised Aurach ewes milk cheese served with a tomato compote : : Sorrel foam soup served with beef tartar croutons : : Jochberg loin of venison and ragout served with pretzel soufflé and porcini mushrooms : : Variety of cranberries from the forests of Kitzbühel

Hinterstadt 24 · 6370 Kitzbühel T +43 (0) 5356 62300 - 15500 · F +43 (0) 5356 62300 - 15510 ·
Restaurants in Kitzbühel : : 17

Sporthotel Reisch Kaiserstub`n
lEgEndAry mEAls ArE A PArt oF A lEgEndAry holIdAy.

For almost 100 years it has been our desire to offer our guests a holiday which is more than pleasurable - a holiday which you remember for a long time to come – quite simply because it was so legendary. Admittedly our unique location in the middle of Kitzbühel has a part to play in this. ultimately not many people can say that they have the streif run finish and the city gates of Kitzbühel almost on their doorstep.

our legendary status is even in our name. It was Franz reisch, ski pioneer and co-founder of Kitzbühel as a sports town, who founded our hotel. And our indoor activities on offer are equally legendary - the culinary highlights in restaurant Kaiserstuben, the luxurious programme on offer in the wellness and spa area, along with the cosy suites and rooms. we look forward to welcoming you!

18 : :

From our menu.
: : Carpaccio of venison and foie gras served with black walnuts and an autumnal salad bouquet : : Creamy pumpkin and nutmeg soup served with grissini : : Tender roast venison steak on a forest mushroom sauce served with bread slices and glazed Brussels sprouts : : Plum tart served with cinnamon ice-cream

Opening hours Restaurant: Opened until 2nd Oktober 2011.

Sporthotel Reisch Franz-Reisch-Straße 3 · 6370 Kitzbühel T +43 (0) 5356 63366 · F +43 (0) 5356 63291 ·
Restaurants in Kitzbühel : : 19

Relais & Châteaux Hotel Tennerhof
thE smAllEst And most romAntIc 5-stAr hotEl In KItzbühEl. A mAnor housE PrIvAtEly ownEd by luIgI von PAsquAlI-cAmPostEllAto, wIth multI AwArd-wInnIng cuIsInE.

The property is located on a gently sloping hillside, in the midst of a quiet garden with flowers and lovely fruit trees. The view on Kitzbühel and the panorama view to the surrounding mountainscape are exceptionally beautiful. All 39 rooms have been furnished in a manner which is individual and timeless, no room is like another. The furniture and the antiques are family-owned and the character, charm and cosiness of the

mansion today has been acquired over the course of the centuries. In the tennerhof a great deal of emphasis is placed on privacy, which guests will find in all areas thanks to the charming, yet discreet service provided by our staff. since 2007 the mansion has been a member of the renowned hotel association ‚relais & châteaux‘ and is thus one of the most beautiful hotels and restaurants in the world.

20 : :

From our menu.
: : Jellied knuckle of fawn served on a porcini-potato salad with a cranberry vinaigrette and cress : : Porcini foam soup served with liver dumplings and crepinette wrapped fawn fillet : : Roast fawn in a bacon bisque with roast onions, porcini polenta, creamed celery and a rosemary jus

Opening hours: Monday, Wendnesday to Sunday open from 7 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. Closed Tuesday. Weakly Specials from Monday 5th September to Sunday 18th September.

Relais & Châteaux Hotel Tennerhof Griesenauweg 26 · 6370 Kitzbühel T +43 (0) 5356 63181 · F +43 (0) 5356 63181 70 ·
Restaurants in Kitzbühel : : 21

Hotel Tiefenbrunner A tradition of culinary delights.
wIth us hosPItAlIty Is thE ordEr oF thE dAy. two à lA cArtE rEstAurAnts And our stAFF ArE thErE to IndulgE you.

In the earlier days fine horses refreshed themselves in the ‚rosshimmel‘, these days gourmets indulge themselves here with heavenly delights in this atmospheric realm. locals also meet in the ‚goldene gams‘, and in summer and autumn you can enjoy the view on/of Kitzbühel town center.

whether it is a table for regular guests, a coffee with the best apple strudel in Kitzbühel, a nice get-together over a glass of wine, a lovely evening meal for two, or a boisterous party with relatives, friends or colleagues – we have something to suit everyone. our speciality dumplings are a special highlight in autumn – a culinary journey through Austria.

22 : :

From our menu.
: : Potato-venison dumpling served with cabbage in a white wine dressing : : ‚Graukas‘ cheese dumplings served on creamed spinach : : Roast bacon dumplings served with brown butter : : Chilled semolina dumplings rolled in sweetened breadcrumbs served with cherries in red wine : : Home-made apricot dumplings served with cinnamon-infused sour cream

Opening hours: Until Sunday 2nd October from 12 a.m. to 11 p.m. Until Wednesday 1st November from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Hotel Tiefenbrunner GmbH Vorderstadt 3 · 6370 Kitzbühel T +43 (0) 5356 66680 · F +43 (0) 5356 66680 80 ·
Restaurants in Kitzbühel : : 23

For lovErs oF good Food And PlEAsurE thE hAglEItnEr FAmIly hAs bEEn mAnAgIng thE s‘PFAndl rEstAurAnt At thE gAtEs oF KItzbühEl In trAnquIl rEIth sIncE 1985.

In the lovely rustic ambience s’Pfandl seats more than 120, with those at the alcove table by the open fire being the most sought after. on warm summer evenings guests also like to sit in the secluded garden. For 26 years the Pfandl has epitomised genuine pleasure, authentic regional specialities and tasty creative treats.

culinary delights are offered which are made using seasonal produce. The speciality dishes are s‘Pfandl speciality skewers, a surprise menu which has 4 courses and also fish dishes.

24 : :

From our menu.
: : Creamy pumpkin and orange soup with ewes milk cheese topping : : Braised quail‘s breast served on a truffled potato risotto : : Saddle of suckling pig served with Champagne soaked cabbage and roast serviette dumplings : : Chestnut terrine in a sponge base August to September : : All sorts of porcini Mid October to mid November : : Goose weeks

Restaurant opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 5 p.m., hot meals: 5 to 10 p.m. Closed Mondays, company holidays vary.

Thomas Hagleitner Kitzbühelerstrasse 69 · 6370 Reith bei Kitzbühel T +43 (0) 5356 62271 · F +43 (0) 5356 62271 85 ·
Restaurants in Kitzbühel : : 25

Tischlerwirt Autumn = Connoisseur time.
culInAry ImPrEssIons From thE ForEsts– mEAdows, rIvEr And sEA.

Known for its excellent fish dishes as well as traditional dishes prepared in a light and contemporary manner, gasthof ‚tischlerwirt‘ in reith, which is over one hundred years old, and has been a permanent adress among Kitzbuehel`s gourmet set. The rustic exclusive atmosphere, the superb selection of wines with the best from home and abroad along with attentive, friendly service is what makes every visit an experience.

26 : :

The restaurant seats up to 70 people making it ideal for parties and celebrations of all kinds. we also provide cookery courses with themes in keeping with the season, from 6 people.

From our menu.
: : Hot dumpling venison carpaccio in a cranberry-nut dressing : : Crispy pike-perch fillet served on creamed cabbage and violet mustard sauce : : Two kinds of Angus beef with a potato-horseradish mash and chanterelle strudel : : Sweet curd dumplings served with stewed quince and Tonka bean ice-cream

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday from 6 to 10 p.m., Friday to Sunday also from midday to 1.45 p.m. and 6 to 10 p.m., closed Tuesdays. Closed for holidays: June, around 10th November, around 1st December

Restaurant zum Tischlerwirt · Brandner Reinhard Kitzbüheler Strasse 46 · 6370 Reith, Austria T +43 (0) 5356 65416 · F +43 (0) 5356 65416 - 4 ·
Restaurants in Kitzbühel : : 27

Gasthof Hallerwirt Innviertler Specialities.
As PArt oF thE culInAry Autumn In KItzbühEl wE sErvE sPEcIAlItIEs From InnvIErtEl!

‚de hitz is net z’grimmi, net z’groaß is dein Frost, ünsa traubn hoaßt hopfn, ünsan wein nennt má most. und zun bier und zun most schmeckt á kräftige Kost, und dö wachst olli Jahr, mit da noth hat’s koan gfahr!‘ - Innviertler dialect poet Franz stelzhamer states in his poem what we can offer you in terms of cuisine. zwickl beer from the raschhofer brewery, lasecco, a natural pear cider from the Fellnerhof, both in Altheim. you‘ll not want for food either.

delicious sour cream soup will be served in a bread bowl. roast, straw-fed pork served with a herb stock and potatoes. or our famous Innviertler bacon and chive dumplings made to grandma Elfi‘s recipe – a culinary world heritage. And how about a dessert to finish (‚Apfelschmarndl‘ or ‚hasenöhrl‘), you‘ve not heard of those before, have you? we could also mention ‚Polsterzipf ‘; we serve the ‚hasenöhrl‘ with a cranberry foam.

28 : :

Jürgen stelzhammer of the hallerwirt turns to his own homeland‘s kitchen cupboards for the culinary Autumn event. The small team of chefs with Thomas Felzmann stay true to the motto ‚made in Austria‘, and on this occasion too with a little nod to ‚upper Austria‘! be indulged in our listed farm, with its cosy snugs and on the terrace beside Aurach church. we look forward to welcoming you!

From our menu.
Opening hours: Wednesday 19th October until Sunday 30th October.

: : Sour cream soup in a bread bowl : : Innviertler bacon and chive dumplings served on sauerkraut : : Roast, straw-fed pork served with a herb stock and potatoes : : ‚Apfelschmarndl‘

Gasthof Hallerwirt · Fam. Stelzhammer Oberaurach 4 · 6371 Aurach T +43 (0) 5356 64502 · F +43 (0) 5356 64502 – 4 ·
Restaurants in Kitzbühel : : 29

Gasthof Alte Wacht Venison days in the Alte Wacht.
thE AltE wAcht Is wEll Known For Its FAmIly AtmosPhErE And tyrol hosPItAlIty. wE PlAcE A grEAt dEAl oF EmPhAsIs on thE hIghEst quAlIty And on locAl ProducE.

on sunny autumnal days our peaceful roof terrace invites you to linger for a while, and if the weather doesn‘t play ball you‘ll feel right at home in our cosy snugs. From 2nd to 12th september 2011 we offer you speciality dishes made with local game and exquisite Austrian wines as accompaniments. hot meals served right through from 11.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m. we look forward to welcoming you!

30 : :

“Game” Indulgent days.
take some time for yourself and enjoy the wonderful lush green Alpine pastures in the Kitzbühel Alps while on a walk to the Kuhkaser, then relax afterwards in our wellness area.

: : 2 nights in a cosy double room : : luxurious champagne breakfast : : 2x 3 course game menu : : with wines to complement the flavours : : 1 half-hour massage

EUR 172,- per Person

From our menu.
Opening hours: Open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. We look forward to your visit.

: : A variety of game starters : : Wild boar cutlet in a porcini sauce served with dumplings, Spatzl noodles and Brussels sprouts : : Peppered wild hare fillet served in a chanterelle sauce with green Spatzl noodles and red cabbage : : Venison saddle-eye fillet served in a creamy porcini sauce with potato croquettes, Spatzl noodles and red cabbage : : Peppered saddle of venison fillet in a creamy porcini sauce served with dumplings, croquettes and red cabbage : : Semolina pancake served with strawberry purée

Gasthof Alte Wacht
Gasthof „Alte Wacht“ · Fam. Zwertetschka Paß-Thurn-Str.14 · 6373 Jochberg T +43 (0) 5355 52 22 · F +43 (0) 05355 52 22 - 9 ·
Restaurants in Kitzbühel : : 31

The very best of nature.
locAl ProducE And Food ProducEd In thE hEAlthy nAturAl lAndscAPEs oF KItzbühEl ArE vEry ImPortAnt to us. our KItzbühEl culInAry PArtnErs would bE hAPPy to shArE thEIr toP tIPs wIth you. bElow Is A lIst oF locAl rEgIonAl suPPlIErs. hAPPy shoPPIng!

32 : :

6370 Kitzbühel Haas Johann · Hof Vordererb T +43 (0) 5356 66353 Diary products Hechenberger Peter · Hof Unterbrunn T +43 (0) 5356 62692 Schnapps Huber Metzgerei T +43 (0) 5356 62480 Mühlbacher Josef · Hof Lackenbauer T +43 (0) 5356 63416 Goat products, meat on request, bacon, sausages, eggs, honey, raspberries, etc.

6371 Aurach Aufschnaiter Alois · Hof Unterfeldbauer T +43 (0) 5356 71501 Sheep’s cheese, soft and sliced cheeses Erber Christian · Hof Niedernberg T +43 (0) 5356 75811 Schnapps, bread, cheese, yoghurt Vötter Peter · Hof Obernberg T +43 (0) 5356 75825 Veal

6370 Reith bei Kitzbühel Aufschnaiter Jakob · Hof Kleinlehen T +43 (0) 5356 73663 Meat and bacon Köck Georg · Hof Rummelsberg T +43 (0) 5356 72941 Schnapps, meat on request Koidl Peter · Hof Zimmerau T +43 (0) 5356 65419 Cheese

6373 Jochberg Bachler Klaus und Christl T +43 (0) 5355 5178 Honey Foidl Evi · Scheringhof T +43 (0) 5355 5013 Eggs, butter on request Krimbacher Metzgerei T +43 (0) 5355 5223 Meat and sausages

Did you know? In Kitzbühel you find the highest density of award-winning restaurants in the Tyrol.

The very best of nature : : 33

A to Z of herbs.

In Cooperation with Susanne Grauss

our Food should bE A rEmEdy, our rEmEdIEs should bE Food.
Arzt und Universalgelehrter, Paracelsus (1493 - 1541)

Arnica Key for sprains, bruises, contusions, skin rashes, insect stings, broken bones; anti-inflammatory, grows in elevated sites Blackberry High tannin content, fights inflammation, stomach ache, coughs, diarrhoea, winter tea; green under a covering of snow Camomile Tea used for pain in the stomach and abdomen, calming, cure-all for infants, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, calms the nervous system, alleviates bowel movement Dill Aids stomach colic, spasmodic pain, allays coughs, promotes circulation, promotes digestion Evergreen Enchanter‘s nightshade, also used as love herb, these days is still used in homoeopathy, also a herb for women‘s problems; used for tooth ache, diarrhoea, blood-purifying

Fennel Known as a digestive aid, helps fight flatulence in babies, alleviates cramps, good for respiratory tract Gentian (yellow) Takes 10-15 years to blossom, grows until 60 years old, roots weigh around 10 kilos. Aids stomach catarrh, flatulence, stimulates bile function, effective against intestinal parasites, stimulates red and white blood cells, strengthens the entire body Hyssop Effective for stomach and intestinal complaints, asthma, eye complaints, problems encountered during old age, promotes digestion Lavender Has a calming effect on cardiac activity, sleeplessness, nervous exhaustion, drives out vermin, very important in cosmetics, as an essential oil, superb wound healing and disinfectant, used on open wounds, burns – does not burn Marjoram Herb used in potato dishes, for colds, diarrhoea, flatulence, intestinal colic, illnesses of the digestive organs, promotes digestion

34 : :

Onion Effective for coughs, colds, promotes biliary and renal functions, lack of appetite, headaches, lowers blood sugar levels, lack of appetite, headaches; externally: for insect bites, ulcers Oregano Herb used in potato dishes, for colds, diarrhoea, flatulence, intestinal colic, illnesses of the digestive organs, promotes digestion, respiratory tract – expectorant, anti-depressant and mood-enhancing Rosemary Spice plant – game, potatoes; flatulence, lack of appetite, nervous exhaustion, choleretic and diuretic, increases blood pressure, accelerates heart rate, rosemary wine for infertility. Do not use during pregnancy. St. John‘s Wort Discernible by tearing off a leaf, holding it against the light, and there is a perforated appearance; used internally – mood booster, anti-depressant, for inflammation, migraine; use externally – as oil, good skin care product, sunburn, scar formation, wound healing, burns, frostbite – do not go into the sun after applying.

Violet Holy flower in ancient times, pectoral tea, effective against lung inflammation, whooping cough, eye diseases, stomach and intestinal inflammation Wild thyme (mountain thyme) For coughs, flatulence, diarrhoea, lack of appetite, headaches, sleeplessness; externally – for inflamed wounds, gargle, essential oil in tooth paste and mouthwash Yarrow A herb for women‘s problems, effective against metabolic disorders, sore throats and indigestion, cleanses the blood, can be used externally to cleanse the skin, and for inflammation in the oral cavities.

A-Z of herbs : : 35

Culture & tradition.
thE rEgIon’s lAndscAPE IncludEs brEAthtAKIng FEAturEs such As thE rollIng hIlls In thE broAd vAllEy bAsIn - whErE thE KItzbühEl AchE rIvEr Flows - And thE FAmous „wIldEr KAIsEr“ mountAIn rAngE. howEvEr KItzbühEl’s bEAuty ExtEnds FAr bEyond sPEctAculAr PEAKs.

The region offers many opportunities - just keep your eyes open. discover the many interesting places! From generation to generation are the special customs and culture passed. Even today, for example are Processions held, celebrated holidays or dishes prepared in the traditional way. centuries pass, the landscape and the village image change over time.

Alpine agriculture is also a vital part of the region’s picture-postcard beauty. The significant contribution made by tyrolean farmers is manifested in almost every vista: it would be hard to imagine Kitzbühel without its quaint farmhouses, fencedin pastures, and hay barns, which play an important role in the life of the locals.

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Energy filled-areas.
In Cooperation with Harald Kunstowny, Geomantie & Qi-Mag Feng Shui, Kitzbühel.

thE KItzbühEl ArEA ItsElF cAn bE rEgArdEd As A PlAcE Full oF mystIcAl PowErs. In thE FollowIng wE PrEsEnt Four sPEcIAl PlAcEs whIch cAn bE AccEssEd on Foot or by bIKE. wE InvItE you to InvEstIgAtE thEm, to stAy For A whIlE And gEt A FEEl For thE quAlIty oF thE ArEA.

The routes are compiled in such a way that a hiker can arrive at their destination and not be exhausted, but have energy for contemplation en route and when they reach their destination. The routes have been planned in such a way that the variety of the natural surroundings can be experienced, something which always has a healing effect on body and soul and which is astonishing.

These are places where for the most part we can sense that there is a different energetic structure at play than we would otherwise find in our daily working lives. It is a network of energy in which we can feel safe and relax, yet which should also leave us feeling refreshed and alive. step by step you are invited to investigate and sense these special places, to experience this special effect.

Culture and tradition : : 37

The Kreuzweg Trail
Kitzbühel centre - Einsiedeleikapelle coming from the town centre you head via the hahnenkamm road and the bergwerksweg to Kitzbühel‘s outskirts. on the so-called ‚dritter schattberg‘ the Kreuzweg trail begins and this takes you to steinbruch. The Kreuzweg trail finishes at the hermitage chapel which was established in 1735 by Kitzbühel milliner Franz stitz, and ever since has been frequented as a place of pilgrimage. The path takes the same route back into the valley. Those who have enough energy for a longer walk can hike further to the seidlalm (opportunity to stopoff for refreshments), where there is an idyllic mountain lake.

PLEASE NOTE: Please follow the red-white-red markings. At station 4 the path continues right, and after station 8 heads left before the forest road.

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Pfarrau Parking - Schloss Münichau runs to the north bank of the black sea route parallel to schwarzsee round, pulls then east to control a mountain, the one on a forest trail in some serpentine achieved. The flat ridge of control and leads you down the mountain road for vogelsberg pond and from there gieringer the pond in the summer for bathing (waldbad invites gieringer pond - dogs are allowed here!). After a brief rise to the hamlet, along a stretch giering münichau down to and back from there the starting point at schwarzsee.

Did you know? The Schwarzsee is the warmest moor lake in the Alps. The moor water has got strong healing effects.

The Kreuzweg Trail and Bichlach : : 39

Sintersbacher Wasserfall
Schradler car park – Wildalm A particularly impressive hike heads to a natural monument, the sintersbacher waterfalls in Jochberg. with a drop of some 165m these are among the most impressive of their kind in the Alpine area, especially during the snow-melt period from April to June.

The starting point is the free car park schradler in Jochberg. via the old triebweg path we get to s. w after approximately an hour, where an impressive play of water is on offer for us during the snowmelt period.

After this natural monument we climb up to wildalm, where we get to re-energise for the return journey. refreshed, the hiking trail takes us to burgstallalm, hanslern, oberhausenweg, Parzen and along the Jochberger Ache back to the starting point.

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Full Moon Hike
Kitzbühel – Bichln car park The hiking path proceeds via a side road to a slope which faces a south-westerly direction. starting in the district of bichln, to the south of the golf course at Kaps castle. Follow the road uphill to a bridge, which heads right across a stream. After this bridge it‘s then uphill again to a forest. After this a hair-pin bend the route heads left out of the forest and for the rest of the route a dreamy view opens up to the moonlit mountains. After a few hundred metres, the brightly lit sonnbergstub`n up on the hillside will already be in your line of sight.

Excerpt from the book ‚Komm mit mir‘ by Hansi Hinterseer, Gerda Melchior and Volker Schütz.

Sintersbacher Wasserfall and Full Moon Hike : : 41

Hiking Paradise Kitzbühel.

wIthout A doubt, hIKIng Is thE toP summEr ActIvIty In KItzbühEl. thIs lEgEndAry town Is A truE hIKIng PArAdIsE thAnKs to Its soPhIstIcAtEd hIKIng systEm.

: : more than 1,000 km of top-notch and well-maintained hiking trails : : guided walks from Monday to Friday : : colorful mountain and the steep rock formations of Wilder Kaiser mountain : : inside tipp: Alpine flower garden at the Kitzbüheler Horn

: : 20.-21.08. : : 25.08. 3S hike Hahnenkamm-Pengelstein Hansi Hinterseer fan hike

: : 02.08.-27.09. everey Tuesday, Soko Kitz film tour

Did you know? The Geißstein in Jochberg (2.366 Meters) is the highest grazing mountain in the Alps.

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Kitz Running. A life in movement.
KItzbühEl Is thE runnIng mEccA oF thE AlPs. dIscovEr thE EndlEss oPPortunItIEs For runnIng And wAlKIng In And Around KItzbühEl.

: : 23 trails covering 170 kilometres : : 11 different starting points : : Trail-Running-Ways : : Mountain Running Trails : : Hahnenkamm : : Kitzbüheler Horn

: : 28.08. 33. Int. Kitzbüheler Horn Race

You will find more information on running in our “Kitz Running” booklet.

Hiking and Running : : 45

Cycling in Kitzbühel.
KItzbühEl Is thE PlAcE to bE For cyclIsts. cyclIng oPPortunItIEs ArE multI-FAcEtEd, dIvErsE And suItAblE For All AgEs And PErFormAncE lEvEls.

: : 14 brand-new courses covering : : all difficulty levels : : a total of 1,200 kilometres for road racers : : 800 kilometres of mountain bike tours : : steepest cycling road with a steep of 22,3 % : : biggest E-Bike region around the world

: : 04.07. : : 04.07. : : 30.07. : : 15.08. Krone Kitzhorn Challenge – all-comers mountain bike race 63. Austria Cycling Tour – Cable-car-use for free 31. Int. Kitzbüheler Horn Race 23. Int. MTB Race up to the Hahnenkamm for cyclists on the Kitzbühel Horn

: : May-September Permanent time measurement facilities

Did you know? The Kitzbüheler Horn ist the steepest cycling mountain in Austria with 22,3%. You will find more information in our “Kitz Roadbike” booklet.

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Golf centre of the Alps.
“wElcomE to KItzbühEl! wElcomE to thE world oF golF!”. tEEIng oFF At thE cEntEr oF A wInnIng cEntrIFugAl ForcE; woods And Irons wIth An InstInct For thE rIght trAJEctory; PuttIng to PErFEctIon – KItzbühEl Is thE stuFF oF golFErs’ drEAms.

: : 4 golf courses located in Kitzbühel : : as well 30 other courses all located within 100 kilometres : : GC Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee-Reith : : GC Eichenheim : : GLC Rasmushof : : GC Kitzbühel

: : 24.06.-01.07.2012
10th Golffestival Kitzbühel

You will find more information in our “Golf centre of the Alps” booklet.

Cycling and Golfing : : 47

Kitzbühel in winter.
wIntEr In KItzbühEl mEAns ExtrAordInAry ExPErIEncEs thAnKs to A wIdE sElEctIon oF sPorts And ActIvItIEs. sKIIng, snowboArdIng, cross-country sKIIng, wIntEr hIKIng, IcE sKAtIng And mAny morE ExcItIng outdoor ActIvItIEs In sPEctAculAr nAturAl surroundIngs All but guArAntEE long-lAstIng mEmorIEs.

: : 170 km (105 miles) of slopes : : 53 cablecars and ski lifts : : 60 perfect prepared ski runs : : 33 km ( 21 miles) of ski routes

Cross-country skier live longer
: : 100 km best prepared slopes : : Sportloipe-Track at Golfclup Kitzbühel-Schwarzsee-Reith (floodlight and maintained with artificial snow) : : High-altitude trail on Kitzbüheler Horn : : High-altitude trail at Pass-Thurn, Breitmoos

You will find more information about winter in Kitzbühel in our „Skiing in Kitzbühel. Since 1892.“ booklet.

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Winter hiking
: : 220 km best prepared hiking ways : : guided walks from Monday to Friday, free of charge : : sunset hike : : moonwalk hike

Top-Events winter 2011/12
: : 25.11-23.12. : : 26.11.-17.12. : : 01.01. : : 12.-15.01. : : 20.-22.01. : : 25.02. Advent in the mountains, Christkindlmarkt in the inner city Heavenly Advent in the Golf & Ski-Hotel Rasmushof New Year`s Firework and ski show 10. Valartis Bank Snow Polo World Cup 72. Hahnenkamm-Race Streif Vertical Up

Kitzbühel in winter : : 49

Munich 125 km
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Salzburg 80 km Vienna 380 km St. Johann in Tirol

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Reith Kirchberg

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Innsbruck 95 km Zurich 370 km Milan 480 km


Motorway Federal Highway Railway Road number Pass


Lienz 88 km

The fastest way to Kitzbühel.
Location Ideal transport links, with excursions to Innsbruck, Salzburg and Munich possible Altitude 800 to 2,000 metres above sea level Arrival From the direction of Innsbruck: Inntal motorway A12 to Wörgl, 30 km along national highway to Kitzbühel From Germany: Inntal motorway A12 to the Kufstein Süd exit, 26 km along the Eiberg national highway to Kitzbühel Munich 125 km, Innsbruck 95 km, Salzburg 80 km Kitzbühel International Train Station

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