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Cantools Component Wizard

Cantools Component Wizard for Delphi 4 Version 1 - Freeware without source Delphi Wizards by Marco Cant

Delphi RichEdit
Delphi RichEdit Replacement Native VCL - No Dlls or ActiveX!

Download (14Kb), unzip the file cntwcomp.bpl and install it in Delphi (with the command Component | Install Package. My component wizard extends the one included in Delphi, although its simple effect is mainly replaced by Delphi class completion technology, it can still be useful. You start it by calling the wizard menu item, under Help. The following form is similar to Delphi own Component Wizard:

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ProtoNode Low Cost

BACnet BTL Certified Gateway Modbus, BACnet, EtherNet/IP

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Rich Text Editor Control

WinForms Word Processing and Export DOC, PDF, HTML, OOo, RTF.


In the following form (use the tab to move here) you can enter a number of properties, indicating a name, data type, default value, read and write style, and visibility:[22/7/2011 05:59:01]

Modbus Master for Delphi

Modbus RTU ASCII TCP Protocol Object Pascal Industrial St th C# Memory Leak Detector
Memory Leak & Analysis Software. Download Now!

SDL Delphi Components

HiTech components: 3Dplots, math, statistics, FFT, regression, meters

Continue clicking on Next creating new properties until you are done. At this point you can view a summary in the following page, where you might edit the default names:[22/7/2011 05:59:01]

The final page shows a preview of the generated source code.

If something is wrong you can still go back to the property definitions (the second page) and modify them. When you are done you can accept the result and the wizard will ask you a directory, create the file, and open it in the Delphi editor:[22/7/2011 05:59:01]

Enjoy it... The source code of these components is fully described in the book Delphi Developer's Handbook. In case of errors please let me know, but always remember you are using this software at your own risk (so the saying goes). For reporting errors, questions and suggestions you can use my newsgroup.
Write Components? The Delphi Developer's Handbook is a precious source of information on Delphi Components Writing, and one of the most advanced.

Copyright Marco Cant, Wintech Italia Srl 1995-2010, All rights reserved[22/7/2011 05:59:01]