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Take Assessment - DsmbISP Final Exam - CCNA Discovery: Working at a Small-to-Medium Business or ISP (Version 4.

1) 1 Which storage media type is most commonly selected if cost effectiveness, large capacity, and transportability are the key factors being considered during implementation of a backup scheme? digital tape solid-state storage optical media discs storage area networks network-attached storage 2 For the assignment of permissions to files and folders, what does the "principle of least privilege" imply? No user has more privileges than any other user. Permissions to files are given based on seniority. Users only have access to resources that are necessary for their jobs. Users should be given no access to computer resources until they ask. 3

Refer to the exhibit. Which type of link is supported by this interface module? LAN WAN WLAN VLAN 4 When customers use credit cards to make purchases at a small business, a modem is heard dialing a telephone number to transfer the transaction data to the central office. What type of WAN serial connection is in use? leased line packet switched circuit switched point-to-point 5 A building has experienced a power outage. When the power returns, none of the devices on one floor can access the Internet. The network administrator checks the switch in the IDF that these devices are connected to and notes that the SYST LED on the front of the switch is amber. What is a possible cause of this problem? The switch is functioning properly. The switch has failed POST. The switch configuration file was not saved to NVRAM. The connection between the switch and the server did not autonegotiate speed and duplex properly. 6 A user reports being unable to access the Internet. The help desk technician employs a bottom-up approach to troubleshooting. The technician first has the user check the patch cable connection from the PC to the wall, and then has the user verify that the NIC has a green link light. What will the technician have the user do next? Enter an IP address into the WWW browser address bar to see if DNS is at fault. Use traceroute to identify the device along the path to the ISP that may be at fault. Verify the IP address, subnet, and gateway settings using ipconfig on the PC.

9 What routing protocol would be appropriate to use for exchanging routes between ISPs? RIPv2 BGP OSPF EIGRP 10 What does the command RA(dhcp-config)# dns-server 10. Reconfigure the second static route with the next hop address 172. After checking with vendor support.16.1. It flags attempts to begin a DoS attack on the network.64. 7 A client complains to an ISP that the hosted web server seems slow and frequently cannot be reached.222 accomplish? allows RA to act as a DNS relay agent allows RA to be configured as a DNS server identifies the default gateway address that is used to reach the DNS servers enables DHCP clients to use the specified IP addresses as DNS servers 11 How does an SNMP trap aid network monitoring and management? It reports to the management station by responding to polls.64. PC2 can communicate with PC1 but not with PC3. With which layer of the OSI model is this problem associated? Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 4 Layer 7 8 Refer to the exhibit.3. What should be done to remedy the problem? Reconfigure the first static route with the exit interface S0/0/0. it is verified that the NIC is causing framing errors and the firmware needs to be upgraded.17. The technician suspects the special high performance server NIC might be the source of the problem. Static routes have been configured on all routers in the network.16.10.221 10. Reconfigure the first static route with the next hop address 172.10.168. It sends an alert message to the management station when a threshold is reached.3. Reconfigure the second static route with the exit interface S0/0/1.1.Connect to the user home router to check firewall settings for blocked TCP ports. 12 Which type of address is 192. It collects information for the management station by using polling devices.111/28? host address network address broadcast address multicast address 13 Which question provides troubleshooting information about a problem at Layer 1 or Layer 2 of the OSI model? Can the server be reached through Telnet? .

What could have caused this? The technician entered the command delete flash: before reloading the router. 16 A network technician wants to restore a backup copy of the saved configuration file on a router from a TFTP server. Based on the output of the show running-config command on router RTB. The technician entered the command erase startup-config before reloading the router. What must the technician know before initiating the transfer? the IP address of the TFTP server and the name of the configuration file on the server the operating system of the TFTP server and the IP address of the connected router interface the IP address of the TFTP server and the name of the configuration file in NVRAM of the router the name of the configuration file on the router and the IP address of the interface that is connected to the TFTP server 19 The command copy tftp running-config has been entered on the router. The technician failed to enter the command copy running-config startup-config before reloading the router. 17 At which layer of the OSI model is the Ethernet family of technologies defined? Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Layer 4 Layer 5 Layer 6 Layer 7 18 A network technician wants to load a configuration file from a TFTP server to a router. but the connection is failing. A user who is connected to RTA is trying to telnet to RTB.Is there a firewall that is configured on the PC? Is there a link light on the network card? What addresses are configured in the TCP/IP settings? 14 What is the purpose of a DMZ? It analyzes traffic for intrusion attempts and sends reports to management stations. After restoring the file from the TFTP server. A session limit has not been configured for Telnet. What will this command do? copy the configuration in RAM to a server . The technician entered the command boot system rom before reloading the router. 15 Refer to the exhibit. No password has been configured on the VTY lines. It creates an encrypted and authenticated tunnel for remote hosts to access the internal network. The login command has not been issued on the console line. It provides secure connectivity for clients that connect to the internal network through a wireless LAN. why is the Telnet session failing? Telnet has not been configured on the console line. the technician reloads the router and finds that it still has the old configuration file instead of the restored file. It allows external hosts to access specific company servers while maintaining the security restrictions for the internal network.

Starting with PC A and ending with PC B.straight-through. Link B .crossover. 21 Which statement best describes HDLC encapsulation? It is a bit-oriented data link layer protocol.serial. Link A . R1 and R2 are connected over a WAN.) DNS WINS HTTP DHCP SMTP 24 How many host addresses may be assigned on each subnetwork when using the 130. Link B . Link A .straight-through. what cable types would be used to connect all the devices? Link A . Link D .serial.0 network address with a subnet mask of 255.) patch vertical backbone horizontal crossover 23 Which two services are required to enable a computer to receive dynamic IP addresses and access the Internet using domain names? (Choose two. Link B . Link D .248.serial.0? 30 256 2046 2048 4094 4096 . Link C . PC A is connected to the fa0/0 port on R1 and PC B is connected to the fa0/5 port on SW1.serial. Link D . Link C . Link D .0.copy the configuration file from a server to RAM copy the configuration file in NVRAM to RAM copy the configuration file in NVRAM to a server copy the configuration file from a server to NVRAM 20 Refer to the exhibit.crossover.straight-through.straight-through. Link B . It is a packet-switched data link layer protocol. 22 Which two terms are used to refer to cable connections that run between network distribution facilities? (Choose two. It is a packet-switched network layer protocol. Link C .crossover. Link A .straight-through.straight-through.255. Link C.68.crossover.crossover.straight-through. It is a circuit-switched network layer protocol.

The technician is tracing the path to a host computer on the network and the network has the IP address 127.168. It connects an IDF to the MDF.0. but neither router is receiving routing updates. 29 A network is spread across two buildings that are separated by a distance of 500 feet (152 meters).1. Configure the routing protocol on R1 for network 192. which two factors determine the path that will be included in the routing table? (Choose two.2. What is the technician trying to accomplish? The technician is checking the IP address on the network card.168.0. R1 and R2 are configured with the commands that are displayed. 27 When a router learns two paths to the same destination network. on the network.0.) route metric the MAC address of the neighboring router the source IP address in data packets the IP address of the next hop router administrative distance 28 Refer to the exhibit.0. what is the purpose of horizontal cabling? It connects an IDF to an IDF.0.0.3. The technician is pinging a host computer that has the IP address 127.0.0. An electrical transformer is installed near the cable route. Configure the routing protocol on R2 for network 192. What two things can be done to solve the problem? (Choose two.168. It connects wall jacks to user workstations .1. Configure the routing protocol on R2 for network 10.0.1 at the command prompt on a computer.4.0.0. It connects wall jacks to an IDF. The technician is testing the integrity of the TCP/IP stack on the local machine. All interfaces are properly configured.0. Configure the routing protocol on R2 for network 192.25 Which protocol allows secure in-band management so that a network administrator can monitor and configure network devices without fear of any passwords being compromised? SSH HTTP SNMP Telnet 26 A network technician types the command ping 127.0.) Configure the routing protocol on R1 for network 10. Which type of cable should be used in this network? STP UTP coaxial fiber-optic 30 In a structured cable system.0. Configure the routing protocol on R1 for network 192.

Which WAN connection will allow this access? Frame Relay Cable DSL dialup 33 Which transport layer protocol will allow segments to be exchanged between two hosts with low overhead and no mechanism for retransmission? IP FTP TCP UDP SMTP 34 Which statement is true about FTP implementations? The protocol interpreter (PI) function engages once the data transfer process (DTP) function is complete. FTP requires two connections. Both the PI and the DTP close automatically when the transfer is complete. 35 Refer to the exhibit.31 What is the purpose of the routing process? to encapsulate data that is used to communicate across a network to select the paths that are used to direct traffic to destination networks to convert a URL name into an IP address to provide secure Internet file transfer to forward traffic on the basis of MAC addresses 32 An organization has 50 traveling salespersons who must be able to connect to the company network from client sites and hotels. The DTP function is responsible for the login sequence. Which command would an administrator use to configure the router name? Router# ip hostname Boise Router# hostname Boise Router(config-line)# name Boise Router(config)# hostname Boise Router> ip hostname Boise 36 Which type of WAN connection uses packet-switched connections? T1 E1 ISDN Frame Relay 37 Which cable type is used to interconnect the FastEthernet interfaces of two routers? straight-through . one for control and one for data.

Upon questioning the customer.219.13 255.133.252 HQ(config-if)# no shutdown 41 A network engineer is asked to specify the type of cable for a new network installation.255. A network technician is configuring the WAN interface on the HQ router. and blocks the packet from entering the inside network.13/30 and router HQ is a DTE device? HQ(config-if)# ip address 255.crossover console rollover 38 A customer reports connectivity problems to an ISP technician.248 HQ(config-if)# clock rate 64000 HQ(config-if)# no shutdown HQ(config-if)# ip address 198.13 255.255.133. What should the technician suspect is the problem? misconfigured firewall bad port on switch or hub misconfigured IP addressing on the customer's workstation wrong DNS server configured on the customer's workstation wrong default gateway configured on the customer's workstation 39 A network technician is using a network management station to gather data about the performance of devices and links within the ISP. It will be positioned away from electrically noisy areas to avoid EMI. Which cable should the engineer choose? STP UTP coaxial fiber optic 42 A hacker attempts to reach confidential information that is stored on a server inside the corporate network. the technician discovers that all network applications are functioning except for FTP.13 255. A network security solution inspects the entire packet.255. Which set of commands correctly configures the WAN interface if the IP address that is assigned to the WAN link is 198. The engineer plans horizontal cable runs of less than 90 feet (27.252 HQ(config-if)# clock rate 64000 HQ(config-if)# no shutdown HQ(config-if)# ip address 198.248 HQ(config-if)# no shutdown HQ(config-if)# ip address 198. Which security measure protected the network? an IDS an IPS a host-based firewall .219.133.255. Which application layer protocol makes this possible? SNMP FTP DHCP SMTP 40 Refer to the exhibit.4 meters) using cable that is not expensive and is easy to implement. determines that it is a threat.

Anti-X software 43 Which statement is true about the reverse lookup DNS zone? It is most commonly experienced when users are surfing the Internet. They alert network administrators to various type of denial of service attacks as they occur. It is the backup for the forward lookup zone. They enable encryption and authentication of confidential data communications. and Trojans from infecting host computers and servers. It dynamically updates the resource records. 45 What can cause a problem at the data link layer? a faulty network cable a firewall that is blocking all HTTP traffic incorrectly configured device drivers incorrectly configured subnet masks . They prevent viruses. 44 How do port filtering and access lists help provide network security? They prevent specified types of traffic from reaching specified network destinations. worms. It resolves an IP address to a fully qualified domain name.