PanIIT Global Conference 2012

Excel - - Transform - - Sustain

Attention IITians Reserve the Dates 7th to 9th December 2012

The Next Pan IIT Alumni Conclave comes to Kolkata . . . .

What is PanIIT Alumni India?

PanIIT Alumni India (PIAI) is an organisation which has representatives from among the alumni of all existing IIT's and oversees the initiatives, activities and projects taken up in India as a consequence of deliberations during the Global IIT Alumni Conferences held in alternate years in India and USA. PanIIT-India is also closely connected with the Alumni Associations of all IIT's in India and the IIT Alumni fraternity world over to suitably take up such activities.

PanIIT Alumni Vision & Mission

PIAI’s vision is to help IITs and IIT Alumni achieve their full potential and be counted among the best in the world. PIAI’s mission is to: o Provide networking opportunities for members of the IIT system o Contribute proactively to nation building o Enhance the IIT brand o Engage with the IIT governance and vision o Provide a forum for advocacy

Why Global Alumni Conferences?

Global alumni conferences are held on an annual basis with an aim to inspire more IITians to join the movement and at the same time provide networking, bonding opportunities to relive those cherished moments with batch mates, juniors and seniors. Also, directors of alma mater tend to join the event making it as one of important interfaces for Alumni inputs to the current functioning of the IITs. Every alternate year, the conference is held outside India, typically US, to reach out to alumni staying abroad.

Where Global Alumni Conferences?

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Global Conference 2003 at San Jose, USA Global Conference 2004 at New Delhi, India - Empower India Global conference 2005 at Maryland, USA - Technology without Borders Global conference 2006 at Mumbai, India - Inspire, Involve, Transform India Global conference 2007 at Santa Clara, California, USA - Transforming the world through Technology Global Conference 2008 at Chennai, India – Inspire, Innovate, Transform Global Conference 2009 at Chicago, USA - Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Global Economy Global Conference 2010 at Noida, India - Sustainable Transformation: Our New India Global Conference 2011 at New York, USA - IIT Alumni Make a Better World (proposed for Oct. 2011)

AND NOW . . .

Global Conference 2012 at Kolkata, India - Excel, Transform, Sustain
• • • • Meet with batch-mates and hostel-mates Hear what's going on at your Alma Mater Broaden your Business Network – One on One Meeting where possible Listen to Star Speakers in areas of Leading Edge Technologies and other interesting subjects Transform your entrepreneurial ideas into success Enjoy best in class entertainment Enjoy Kolkata in December with the Festival spirit in the air… Plan a family vacation

Why should you attend....?

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Know and Play a vital Role in Nation Building by involving in various Pan IIT Alumni Programs

What are the various Pan IIT Alumni Programs?

• IITians for ITI’s - 'IITians for ITIs' is initiated by a group of IIT alumni to drive sustainable excellence in the technical/vocational training in India by creating institutions similar to the IITs but focused on vocational education and highly skilled workers, thereby creating excellence model for 5000 ITIs across India to emulate. • IUCEE - The world needs good engineering talent to find solutions to global challenges facing humanity such as energy, environment, health and socioeconomic well-being. However, rapid expansion of engineering educational institutions in India in recent years has created serious problems of maintaining quality engineering education and research to sustain and fuel economic growth in India itself. IUCEE was conceptualized by over 150 leaders of engineering education and businesses from US and India in 2007. US and other countries will benefit from the higher quality talent available globally from improved capacity of Indian engineering research and education. • Reach For India - Committed to execute and scale self-sustainable business models that enhance the incomes of under-privileged. Managed by Full time IITians and non IITians, currently initiatives include Rural Skills gurukuls, Rural BPOs and Rural agro-processing hubs with 7 Gurukuls with a training capacity of 3000 per annum. • I Create India - I Create’s mission is economic empowerment of the disadvantaged and underprivileged members of society through entrepreneurship training. Through its grassroots level training it has helped create, during the last ten years, over 1,000 entrepreneurs all over India. These cover a wide range from unemployed youth to destitute and deserted women, from the urban poor to tribal and abused and helpless women, who have become entrepreneurs and job creators and live with dignity.

What are the various Pan IIT Alumni Programs?

SEED - 'Stimulating Education & Enhancing Development' has a 3-pronged approach to stimulate economic development - Basic literacy using partner NGOs, Basic Education for parents in subjects like on Finance, Healthcare and Opportunity college for skill training of young adults, all supported by e-learning. Avanti Fellows - Avanti’s mission is to ensure that bright and motivated highschool students from poor homes have access to a top quality undergraduate education and the means to leverage this education to its greatest potential. Classle Knowledge - Classle Knowledge is a Social Enterprise with a mission to increase the quality and employability of students and youth through Technology and Social Learning. Through its innovative platform and unique operating model, Classle is removing access barriers to quality education resources as well as support; especially in post-secondary education.


Remember the Next Pan IIT Alumni Conclave at Kolkata in December 2012

Theme – Excel, Transform, Sustain AWAIT THE GALA EVENTFUL CEREMONY
For more details contact: Sandipan Chakravortty Email:; Ph: +91-33-2288 2800; Fax: +91-33-2288 2713

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