FUN FACT Sharks can’t move backwards – they can only move forward

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Fill the spaces with numbers from 1 to 9 so that every row, column and 3x3 box contains all the numbers from 1 to 9.

8 4 4 2 2 5

9 6 5 1 4

6 2

4 7

3 7

5 8 2 9 1 5 3

7 8
You and YouR Pet
Pet Our dog, Meg Age 2 Breed Border terrier Favourite toy A furry fox – she loves us to chase her for it. Hobby She is a champion footballer (actually, she uses her nose and never passes the ball). She likes to sing, particularly when someone is playing the harmonica or flute. Favourite food Anything meaty. We made a chicken “cake” for her birthday that she ate in 10 seconds flat. Alice Piper, 10, and Ben Piper, 8

Say what you see
Can you find the well-known phrase hidden in this puzzle. It helps if you say out loud what you can see!

9 4 6 7 2 9 8

5 3



For answers see tomorrow’s G2

how to... Make dongle dRoPPingS

YouR ReView
You will need
• A whopping great 100g bar of chocolate (milk or dark) • 3 tablespoonfuls of something sweet and sticky . . . maple syrup, honey, or golden syrup should do the trick • 60g of unsalted butter • 90g of cereal (you can use any type of cereal as long as it’s flaky, lumpy, crispy and a right tummytinkler). • 12 cupcake cases flies made from a raisin and two flaked almond wings. 6 Leave them to cool in the fridge and then grunch away. Lummy! 3 Add the sticky, sweet ingredient (whichever one you chose). 4 Stir in the cereal until it’s all coated in squibbly chocolate. 5 When it’s all jumbled up nicely, pop a great big spoonful of the stuff into a cupcake case and, if you want to, decorate your cakes with The Silver Crown by Robert O’Brien In this breathtaking novel, you will go on a terrifying journey with a young girl called Ellen. The book starts on Ellen’s birthday, when she finds a lifechanging present on the end of her bed. After a short walk, she returns to find her family dead. The reader travels with Ellen, trying to find her only living relative, Aunt Sarah. As you read, you will discover both scary and mysterious happenings. I would recommend this book to anyone who doesn’t mind being a little bit spooked! Janey Harold, 9

14 The Guardian

puzzles by clarity media

G o to to g pr ua in rd t of ou ian th t m .co is o .u pa re k/ ge co g2 pi ki es ds

Ever wanted to make troll food? These may sound like chocolate cornflake cakes but actually they’re a troll’s favourite lip-smacking pud! How do we know? We asked the expert, Steven Butler, who has just published a disgustingly icky new book called The Wrong Pong about a boy called Neville who gets sucked down the loo and ends up living with a troll family and eating rat patties and left-sock stew. We think these might be a bit tastier . . .

what You do

buy the Wrong pong by steve butler for £4.79 (rrp £5.99) with free uK p&p. call 0330 333 6846 or visit guardianbookshop.co.uk and look out for the Wrong pong: Holiday Hullabaloo by steven butler (puffin), which is out on 4 august.

we need you
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1 Get a grown-up to help you melt the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of hot water. 2 Add the butter and stir until it melts into the chocolate.

illustrations © Chris Fisher

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