Name of the college: International School of Enterpreneurs Courses Offered: 1.

Two year MBA*: o Minimum Criteria:  Graduation degree of 3 years of more  Recommendation Letter from industry - 2  Experience managing a team of 5 people or more  Essays:  Autobiography  Future Vision  Business Plan  Why do you want this particular course - max 10 points(300 words) o Selection Process:  Reviews of applications/essays  Case studies - 2  Group Discussion  Face to face interview with a panel of faculty+industry experts o Fees structure:  20 lakhs to college: In three installments with 6 months interval  Proof of full/some portion of seed capital for the business plan given by the individual will be good to have.  30% equity in the business proposal submitted by the student. o Course Structure:  First one week: Candidates will be individually scrutinized based on the following parameters by a team of 6 faculties:  Personality style  Core Strengths and weaknesses  Experience  Education  Interests  Command over language  Social interactions  General Awareness  Business plan given by the individual  Second week: The team will come up with a personal development plan which best suits the needs of an individual.

1st year First 3 months:  Major stress on management theories of different subjects with 9 hour classes on any given day.  Students to review/revise their business proposal and obtain loan approval from any bank with the help of course faculty.  3 hour discussion of individual everyday with a faculty of a specific subject area discussing the business plan presented by the individual to shape up and guide the student for the requisite research he needs to do for the project. Next 3 months:  Little stress on theory with 5 hour theory classes everyday  Students to arrange at least one seminar from an established entrepreneur . These will be disclosed to the individual at the end of second phase i. first six months  Cosmetic Improvements: Presentation/Approach to solve a problem.  The plan will consist of three phased approach to develop an individual on all aspects of enterprenurship:  Critical Improvements: The basic things which are missing in an individual¶s character which have to be there in order for him to take on the next step.e. If the plan is not feasible at all student will have to submit a new proposal to the judges(team of 6 faculty) and obtain its approval. . Also. etc.  Attending conferences/seminars from various industries. at this stage a few of the business proposals may be removed by the judges and students will be free to form a team of 2-3 people if need be to persue a specific business idea provided they come with actual terms of contract and fulfill all the formalities of partnership.e. This will be the first phase of individual¶s improvement plan and will be discussed with the individual in this week  Important Improvements: The important things which needs to be improved in the second phase and this part will be discussed with the individual at the end of first phase i. student is supposed to review/revise the business plan. In case of any problem with the feasibility of the project.

e. 5 lakhs per month o Office expenses: approx 10 lakhs per month o Management Staff: Approx 20 lakhs per month o Library/network/furniture: Outsourced. 20 lakhs per month  Books/laptop: 120*2L = 2. 2.Next 6 months:  Students will have to do some live consulting with industry partners which are established companies like Bayne/Meckinsey. college will assist in arranging the required space.e. o Marketing/Advertising: 20 lakhs per month o Miscellaneous expenses like transportation: approx 10 lakhs per month o Total Cost: 3 crore initial.e. etc. monthly expense of 20 lakhs.e.e.4 crores per year i. 3.5 lakhs * 20 = 50 lakhs per month o Licencing: approx 60 lakhs a year i. 3 crores for the institute which means 25lakhs per month  .35 crore monthly expenses.4 crores per year i. 120 students in an year.  College fees: 120 * 30L = 36 crores a year i.  Student will have to arrange for the required logistics/technologies in the office space provided by the institute or in case of a field project. 20 lakhs per month  30% Equity in business plans: 10 sucessful projects every year generating 1 crore revenue per annum in the long run: 10 crores per annum i.e. 3 crores per month  Hostel fees: 120 * 2L = 2. Revenue: o 60 students in one batch with batches starting every six months i. Investment for the business**: o Real Estate security Deposit: Approx 3 crore initial deposit o Real estate space: A leased complex of 1crore a month o Faculty: Team of 20 best of breed professors having strong experience/skills ± 2.  Next 6 months:  Students will have to submit the progress report every fortnight on their new venture 2.

leaving job is a must to join this course **Initial focus will be on outsourcing so as to reduce initial investment and make it a monthly expense. .*Industry sponsored candidates not allowed. once the institute is established then slowly and slowly all these things can be setup.

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