District Office • 105 East 116th Street • New York, NY 10029 • (212) 828-9800 • Fax (212) 722-6378 City Hall Office • 250 Broadway, Room 1882 • New York, NY 10007 • 212-788-6960 • Fax 212-442-1564 Email: July, 2011 Dear Friends, My name is Preston Tan and this summer, I am working as the liaison for Chinese constituents at the office of New York City Council Member Melissa MarkViverito, who represents District 8 in Manhattan. District 8, which includes East Harlem and parts of Mott Haven and Manhattan Valley, has a growing population of Chinese residents. Council Member Mark-Viverito recognizes the increasing need for a Chinese-speaking representative to serve this particular community and her office is actively seeking ways to address this concern. As the Chinese liaison, I hope to connect the Chinese community with this office to provide any assistance as needed. Our district and legislative offices have many available resources and services that are beneficial to the Chinese community. Due to the language barrier, most of our resources are underutilized by this population. However, our office has already taken initiative by translating several event flyers in Chinese. In the near future, you will see more flyers in Chinese and we hope that you will take part in our local events and meetings. In continuing our outreach to the Chinese community, I will be holding office hours for the Chinese constituents of District 8 every Tuesday from 10am-1pm until the end of August. Our district office is located at: 105 East 116th Street, between Lexington and Park Ave. This is an opportunity for you to reach out to your local elected official about your concerns and to help us create a better community of understanding. By working together, we can represent the voices that are often left unheard. Please feel free to contact me at (212) 828-9800. I look forward to meeting with you personally to discuss any questions, problems, or concerns you might have. I hope to see you soon! Sincerely, Preston Tan

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Melissa Mark-Viverito的消息 的消息... 的消息
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• 250 Broadway, Room 1882 • New York, NY 10007 • 212-788-6960 •

2011年7月 年 月 親愛的朋友們: 我是譚先生,今年夏天,我在紐約市曼哈頓第八社區議員 Melissa Mark-Viverito辦公室作聯絡員。 隨著第八社區的中國人越來越多,市議員Melissa Mark-Viverito意識到很有必要找一個能說中文的代 表來為這個特殊的社區服務。她辦公室正在積極地尋找辦法能解決這個問題。作為一個社區聯絡 員,我希望能通過辦公室聯絡到社區的居民並為他們的需要提供任何的幫助。

我們區和立法機構已有很多可以受益於居民的服務。由於語言障礙,大多數中國社區居民並沒有能 充分利用這些資源。然而,我們已經主動用漢語翻譯傳單。在不遠的將來,你會看到越來越多的中 文傳單,我們希望你能參加我們本地的會議和活動。

我們繼續在擴大為中國居民提供的服務范圍,從現在開到8月底,我每周星期二上午10:00 – 1:00 街之間. 將在辦公室為第8社區的居民服務,我們社區的辦公室位於:105 East 116th Street, Lexington 和 Park

借助這個機會,您可以就您所關心的問題求助社區的選舉辦公室,這也將為我們創造一個更好的社 區理解。通過合作,我們可以代表哪些聽不到聲音居民的心聲。

請撥打(212)828-9800,隨時與我聯系。 我希望您能就您的任何問題、困難以及您所關心的問題與 我進行討論。希望很快見到你! 謹此,

真傳 真傳 真傳 真傳

• 105 East 116th Street • New York, NY 10029 • (212) 828-9800 •

(212) 722-6378 212-442-1564

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