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Question 1. Allergy is an exaggerated immune response that is manifested by what reaction?

Correct answer:



Which of the categories of hypersensitivities involves a T-cell response?

Correct answer:

Type IV


Which category of hypersensitivities is IgE-mediated? Correct answer: Type I


What type of allergens are the most allergenic? Correct answer: Proteins


What sets the stage for the reactions that occur upon repeated exposure to the same allergen in a type I hypersensitivity reaction?

Correct answer: 6.

Binding of IgE to mast cells and basophils

Mast cells have important roles in the development of allergies. This is due to all but which of the following reasons.

Correct answer:

Their ability to produce IgE


What is the most abundant and fastest acting cytokine released by mast cells? Correct answer: Histamine


What differs between atopy and anaphylaxis?

Correct answer:

The concentrations of the chemical mediators released


What is injected into patients undergoing allergic desensitization?

Correct answer: 10.

Pure allergen to which the patient is allergic

A person with type A blood has what type of ABO antibodies in their plasma?

Correct answer:



Why are people with type O blood known as universal donors?

Correct answer:

Because neither A nor B antigens are present on their red blood cells


The maternal antibodies that cross the placenta and lead to the development of erythroblastosis fetalis are of what class?

Correct answer:

Ig G


In what manner does a type III hypersensitivity reaction differ from a type II hypersensitivity reaction? Correct The antigens involved in a type III reaction are not bound to a cell's surface, while those involved in a answer: type II reaction are bound to the surface


All but which of the following statements characterizes an Arthus reaction?

Correct answer:

It is a systemic reaction


The lack of which immunoglobulin class is the most prevalent, occurring in about one person in 600? Ig Correct answer: A


Which of the following is not an autoimmune disease?

Correct answer:

Serum sickness


A positive tuberculin skin test is an example of what type of hypersensitivity reaction?

Correct answer:

Type IV


What cells initially recognize grafted foreign tissue and begin the process of rejection?

Correct answer: 19.

Cytotoxic T cells

When a person consents to be an organ donor upon his/her death, what is the most likely procedure that will be performed with the donated organs? Correct answer: Allograft


Which of the listed immunodeficiencies is typically more devastating?

Correct answer: 21.

T cell defects

Although not yet a reality, scientists hope to use what procedure to treat both X-linked and ADA types of SCID? Correct answer: Gene therapy


Which is incorrect about human ABO antigens? Correct answer: Only red blood cells carry the A and B antigen.


Which theory on the origin of autoimmune diseases explains psoriasis?

Correct answer:

Molecular Mimicry


Alergy injections to promote desensitization to a specific allergan may be beneficial against all of the following except: Correct answer: Foods


The primary types of cells that operate in surveillance and destruction of tumor cells are cytotoxic T cells, NK cells, and what other cell type? Correct answer: Macrophages