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About US Abroad: Summit’s up with Chris

Sponsored by Pixels2Canvas
University Governor Chris Green has hit the heights this month – on the three
peaks challenge and in the About US Abroad competition. Chris is Finance Director
of Northumbria Water and climbed to the top of the three peaks - Ben Nevis,
Scafell and Snowdon - in 24 hours last month. Northumbria Water’s ‘Summits Up’
team raised over £11,750 for the Northumbria Calvert Trust charity at Kielder. The
Ben Nevis
July 2008
charity is dedicated to providing outdoor adventure for the disabled. Find out more
about Calvert’s operation at Kielder by following the justgiving weblink: http://
Chris has won a 24”x18” print of his favourite picture from Pixels2Canvas.
Pixels2Canvas use the latest technology to print your favourite photo on quality
Steve Cram installed as Chancellor
cotton canvas, stretched and sealed around a handmade frame ready to hang.
To find out more about Pixels2Canvas’ services log on to
“Steve is a wonderful asset to this institution
and I, and the Board of Governors, very much
look forward to working with him to help take
the University forward.”
Last chance to win a place in the 2009 Bob Davies, Chairman of the Board of
Staff Calendar
“I can’t think of a better person to take on the
We have another two winners for this month’s calendar competition. Kate
Simpson (ELL) who submitted this fantastic shot of Alnwick Castle in role of Chancellor. Every bit of Steve’s DNA is
Northumberland, and James Fawcett (SLS) who captured this rare shot of a North East, but he has a global perspective.
heron on the banks of the Wear. The University is in very safe hands.”
Their photos will appear in Lord Sebastian Coe
the 2009 University Staff
Calendar – will yours? We “Steve is well aware of what we have achieved
only have two places left – so far and what we aim to achieve in the
and the only criteria is that future. I know he will be a great ambassador
you must be a member of in helping to promote what we do regionally,
staff at the University, and
nationally, and internationally.”
you must send us a picture
of the North East. Professor Peter Fidler, Vice-Chancellor and
To enter the calendar Chief Executive
competition send your “Steve will do a wonderful job for the
photos to me (prints or
University. He will not only be a great
email jpegs) at: figurehead, he is someone who is genuinely
by Friday July 18. passionate about education and its potential.”
Tony Blair

About now…
From next month About US will switch to a bi-monthly magazine. The main reason for this is mainly environmental – though
About US is 100 per cent recycled, that’s still an awful lot of paper to recycle every month, and a lot of you are concerned
about the impact of that. The second reason is that Ablog US, which was initially meant to be just an online version of About
US, is now more in keeping with what staff want in 2008, in contrast to what we set out to achieve when we launched the
magazine in 2004. The online magazine now features staff, student and city-wide stories as well as competitions and events –
and as you access it 4,000+ times month, I guess it’s quite popular!
But don’t worry, we certainly haven’t forgotten about those of you who don’t have access to the online magazine. About US
will now run to at least six pages every issue covering all our latest news. We also have a raft of More About US issues coming
along which will focus on what’s happening in this momentous period in the University’s history.
But, if you’re scratching around for something to read in your coffee break, from September we will begin publishing a student
magazine which will be available in cafes across the Campus. Grab one when the students aren’t looking, they won’t mind!
Please send your feedback to me either by email ( or drop me a line at About US, the Press Office,
3rd Floor, Edinburgh Building, City Campus.
Tony Kerr

Deadline for the next edition of About US is midday on Friday July 18, 2008. Please note that copy space is limited and inclusion in a
particular edition can not be guaranteed. To submit an article contact Tony Kerr, the Press Office, Edinburgh Building, City Campus, ext.
For all the latest University news go to:
2099, fax 2687 or email: About US is printed on 100 per cent recycled paper.
Communication Reps launch Mike separates Iain is simply the best HNSS researchers aim to kick
The Communications Reps have met for the first time – and the
new group is aiming to revolutionise how we communicate with
the mint from Facilities’ Iain Garfield has been named the Chartered Management
Institute’s North East Chartered Manager of the Year. Iain’s
athlete’s career into high gear
staff and students at the University.
The group meets every month to discuss new communication
the cushty award was made in recognition of his exceptional leadership and
management capabilities.
initiatives and how best to move forward with current plans. The Iain submitted a portfolio of work for online assessment, obtaining
idea is to decentralise communication, getting as many staff as appraisals from colleagues and a panel interview. His performance
possible involved with events and informed about new initiatives was measured against six nationally recognised skills, including
through their local Rep. the ability to meet customer needs, lead people and manage
The Reps are: Vicki Allman (Facilities) Sam Brown (Sports), information.
Helyn Burton (Facilities), Ashleigh Clements (Employability),
Julie Connelly (Student Support), Sophie Darwin (BLP),
Val Ely (Knowledge House), Kay Grieves (ITs), Dean Hale (ITs),
Steven Herron (C&T), Megan Janes (WP), Beverley Morgan (SLS),
A University dialect expert has discovered who in the north is
Elewechi Okike (BLP), Graeme Price (BLP), Neil Purvis (HNSS),
‘champion’ or ‘mint’. Dr Mike Pearce, from ADMC’s English
Fiona Ratton (Academic Services), Deanna Rogerson (Gateway),
Department, has created a perceptual dialect map of North East
Laura Simpson (ADMC), Amanda Watson (Planning).
England – with the help of over 1,600 volunteers across the region,
The Communication Reps will meet again on July 16. If you are from Berwick in the north to Darlington in the south.
interested in becoming a Rep for your School/Service contact:
Mike set out to find out what people from different parts of the
region think and feel about their local accents and dialects, and HNSS’s Paul Bradley puts Andrew through his paces
where they draw their own personal ‘dialect boundaries’. Now he
has created a virtual map where you can click on different areas
in the North East, and find out more about individual people’s Manager of the Year Iain Garfield with his team L-R: Phil Beardmore, Helyn Burton, Andrew Burton is already a world champion – but researchers at
Carolyn has some welcome new experiences of words, phrases and pronunciations from their area. Martin Shaw, Paul Harris, Shayne Swan
HNSS are using the latest research to kick him into an even higher
You can view Mike’s Dialect Map – and discover more views from gear.
arrivals the region - at: Sport scientist Paul Bradley is working with Andrew who, as well
Congratulations to Carolyn Jess-Cooke who has won a major writing Liz is back in the saddle for holding the title of WUMA world welterweight champion kickboxer,
is also studying a degree in Sport and Exercise Development at the
award. She is preparing to publish her first poetry collection, and
recently gave birth to her first son, Phoenix.
Global company call in AMAP National Championships University.
Paul’s research has mostly concentrated on football, and to get
Carolyn is a Senior Lecturer in Media, Film and Cultural Studies and This month sees C&T’s Liz Gandy saddle up to take part in a
kickboxer Andrew to the peak of his physical condition Paul had to
recently won the Northern Promise Award for Poetry, awarded each national competition – only nine months after taking up horse riding
take a different approach to his research.
year by New Writing North to poets of promise. This year the award again.
was judged by Alice Quinn, poetry editor of the New Yorker, and Paul says: “Essentially I look at what fitness attributes are important
Liz, Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering, is a finalist for the
executive director of the Poetry Society of America. The award was to make him a successful athlete and you focus on that. Even
Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) National Championships
a cash prize of £3,500 to be used in developing her work. though he is a world champion his training needed tweaking.
to be held at Hartpury College, Gloucestershire on July 12-13. Liz,
We’ve increased the power and speed of his kicks and punches
Carolyn says: “The award was presented at the Hexham Book who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, is representing Washington Riding
significantly through the inclusion of functional strength and power
Festival in May, a couple of weeks after the birth of my son, Phoenix for the Disabled Group in the Championship Dressage class and a
sessions. We also implemented recovery sessions into his schedule
– so it was a pretty big month for me!” Freestyle Dressage to Music Test.
to reduce ‘burn out’ and injuries.
Carolyn has received awards from the Society of Authors, the Arts She says: “I’ve only been riding again for about nine months after
“His maximal aerobic fitness has improved and is now higher than
Council of England, the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, the Tyrone a break of 15 years. It has been a tough year getting fit enough to
that of a professional boxer. So now he goes into his fights with
Guthrie prize for poetry, the Cardiff International Poetry Competition, do it again. When I started I couldn’t even get my legs around the
confidence that he is in the right condition to do the job.”
and a commendation in the New Writing Ventures competition. saddle but my fitness has improved a lot since then. It has also
helped at work as I can now walk around the campus between Sunderland-born Andrew came to the University via a Foundation
To top it all off Carolyn has just received a publishing contract from
classes and meetings much more easily than I could a year ago.” Degree, and this month will graduate from Sport and Exercise
prestigious Welsh publisher Seren for her debut poetry collection,
Development studies. He plans to go into further study and teach
Inroads, due out in 2010.

L-R: Davinia Ward (3M), Andrew Flower (NEPA), New parking application system
Sajid Abdullah (AMAP), Fraser Shearer (3M) This summer will see the introduction of a new, web-based car
parking application system that will provide a more efficient
customer focussed service.
Global technology company 3M called in experts from the School
of C&T’s innovative automotive centre to help improve a system All current and new parking scheme members will be required to re-
that ensures worker safety across the world. Experts from AMAP apply for their Annual salary mandate and Pay and Display permits
(Institute for Automotive Manufacturing and Advanced Practice) this August and then also each year thereafter.
have used the latest cutting edge laser scanning technology to help The Car Parking Scheme application will be located within the
3M at Newton Aycliffe improve their manufacturing processes to “My Sunderland” area of the University website, with customers
create respirators for worker safety. requiring a University log-in code and password to access the
The University’s Sajid Abdullah, Lead Consultant with Digital application. Staff who do not have University log-in codes should
Factory, demonstrated the laser scanner, which provides a 2D and see their line manager for assistance with the process.
3D dimensional analysis. For 2008/09, Staff Annual salary mandate charges will increase
Fraser Shearer, 3M Senior Manufacturing Technologist, said: from £15 to £17 per month, the Staff/Student Pay and Display
“Traditional inspection methods take a long time and are very costly. tariff will remain at 20p per hour (up to a maximum of £1 per day).
Using the latest digital technologies available from the NEPA Digital Visitor parking will remain at £1 per hour.
Factory we achieved 3D measurements in two days without any Further information about the new parking application system and
factory down-time. Without NEPA’s invaluable help, it would have other travel initiatives will be available at
Liz Gandy and Tully prepare for glory
taken a consultancy two weeks worth of work at a high cost.” facilities/carparking during July.