Are You Wasting Money on Your Outdoor Banners in Chicago, IL?

Outdoor banners are a popular choice for many small businesses in Chicago, IL. They look professional, are inexpensive and can be displayed in a number of ways. So how could they be a waste of money? Imagine that you hear about a new store that is coming to your area. The reviews have been great and you are excited about it. You make plans to be there the day it opens. The day of the grand opening has arrived and you leave home early so you can be one of the first customers. However, as you walk up to the store you notice something. The vinyl banner that they have hanging over their door is hung by rope that looks like it is about to pull out of the wall. The banner wasn't placed on the rope properly and it is all bunched up and has one corner hanging down. It makes everything look sloppy and you wonder why more care wasn't taken. If they lack this much professionalism on opening day, what will happen over time? You decide that maybe this store isn't as great as you thought it would be. You turn around and head for home. Despite all the hype, the store left you with the impression of being sloppy and cheap.

How do you hang outdoor banners?
Hanging an outdoor banner is not as difficult as it may seem. There are different applications depending on where you are going to be hanging the sign and, if you plan to hang it directly on the building, what the building is constructed with. If you plan to hang the banner between two poles you can attach it with a rope. We recommend that you weave the rope in and out of the grommets on the banner. Just before the last grommet tie a double knot, so it is larger the the hole. Now complete pulling the rope through. Pull the rope taut and repeat the knot at the opposite end. This will keep the vinyl banner from folding up on itself or getting an "accordion" look to it. It is easy to hang a color banner on most buildings. you just need to know what material it is made from and use the right hardware. If you have a wooden building, you would use wood screws and washers. For a steel building, you would use metal screws and washers. The biggest difference is in buildings made with masonry products. That would include brick, block, concrete, stucco and similar products. The hanging of the banner is no more difficult, but the hardware is a little more specialized. In the masonry world there is a

screw called a Tapcon® that is used in brick, cement, block and all similar materials. The Tapcon® screw can be used with the grommet holes to hang the vinyl banner. If you plan to hang you banner higher we recommend a stronger fastener. The Redhead® concrete bolt would be our choice for strength and safety. For a very heavy duty hold you can choose the Lag Shield Anchor. This consists of a cylindrical sleeve (the shield) that is placed in a hole that you pre drill. The lag bolt is then put into the shield. As the lag bolt is tightened down the shield expands, gripping into the masonry. The lag bolt can be easily removed and replaced as needed. The shield will remain in the masonry. A small amount of planning and a little bit of hardware can make the difference in the image you create for your Chicago, IL business with your outdoor banners. You can have a professional look that makes people take notice and want to stop in your store, or you can have a sloppy appearance that makes people decide that you don't take enough pride in your store for them to choose you. A sloppy appearance makes your signs a waste of money. The choice is yours. Visit Our Outdoor Banners Page For More Information

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