Learning to drive an automatic car no longer is a hard job as long as you catch the special learning skills we taught

here. It is much easier than learning to d rive a manual transmission car, you can drive any automatic cars easily just in a day after you catch these simple skills. If you ever see some of the latest co ol concept cars in Tokyo auto show lately, you will feel driving a car is someth ing fun and enjoy. Let s check out these few easy learning steps. Learning to drive an automatic car Let s begin the learning with the automatic transmission knowledge. It is totally different with learning to drive manual cars, it is no 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for you to remember, all you need to keep in mind is as simple as P, R, D, 1, 2 where some sp ecial car is having P, R, D, 1, 2, 3. Other than that, there is no clutch pedal to operate and you will not feel as ha rd as driving manual transmission cars go up hill. Therefore, an automatic car i s only come with Break pedal, Accelerator. Break pedal is on your left and accel erator is on your right. DO NOT USE BOTH LEGS TO DRIVE A CAR! You can only use y our right leg to control the accelerator and break. Learning to drive an automat ic car is already something easy, so do not mess it up by using both legs. Check out the table below: P Park. This locks the transmission. Use this when stationary. Some cars require d stepping on the brake pedal then only you can push it to R, N, or D. R N Reverse. Obviously, to make the car go backward. Neutral. No gear is selected but this position will make the car go forward or backward in any unbalance road.

D Drive. Automatic gear to use for driving forward, you do not have to change an ything, just drive drive, and drive with this D. 1 First Gear. Use only when you are going up hill with very slanting way. Note t hat some car put L instead of 1 . 2 Second Gear. Use when you want to over take some cars, it s a lower gear. apply to certain car. It is a small button near to your gear knob it will turn down a gear. Use only when you want to over take s you want a little bit more power. Learning to drive a car will start from the basic.

Overdrive Only , press it to on ome cars or when be easier if you

Step by step to drive an automatic car Step 1 Learn to start the car Automatic car sometimes require a little more technology, some cars are not able to get started when brake pedal is no step on. Read more if your car engine won t start. Step 2 Getting car move forward Now push the gear to D as explain above, and slowly release the brake pedal, the c ar will move forward slowly. Press the accelerator according to the speed you wa nt. Step 3 Going up hill Learning to drive an automatic car is having some similar challenge with manual transmission car while stop at hill and about to go up hill. Put on the handbrak e or e-brake when your car stops at any hill. Press the accelerator slowly until you feel your car is about to move forward, then release the handbrake slowly. (See this related information: Teach me how to drive a manual car)

Always remember to put your leg at brake pedal and put the handbrake on to ensure everything goes safe. The latest Honda Civic is using 5 speed automatic transmissions where you will see P . Anyway. N is for neutral or fr ee gear. Just by releasing your brakes slowly. When in position . we reached a dead end. For this. if and when it s necessary. to control the car. R is still Reverse . well is for Parking . So step one is put the gear in N. This prevent the car from darting or shooting or launching forward suddenly. one should understand the automatic gear system. D3. but Drive . next the vehicle is ready to start or ignite Having managed to start the car. the engine cannot start or ignite .Step 4 Going down hill Automatic gear sometimes is stupid. R. Things to take note for automatic car ¦Put your gear to N neutral when your car stops at traffic lights or at a give way s ign. you have to release the brakes slowly and control it. Some readers have asked how does one make a 3 Point turn in an automatic car? At c ertain times. the vehicle should move safely and gradually backwards. like the manual model. For me. what about D? D isn t for d onkey. 2. when going down hill you will have to choose 2 or 1 depending how slanting the way it is. First and foremost. Now release the brakes slowly. ¦Only put your car into P Parking when you successfully park in a parking lot. You need not be confused over them. D. you can be fined RM300. To do this. 1. press a knob with your left thumb and move it to N position. All you have to remember is D means drive. ¦Always remember different automatic car having different type of gear panel. But remember. it has been quite a tiresome thing to teach you how to rev erse an automatic car in this short article. So. gears to be dealt with. O. Alternatively you can use OD overdrive. D2. Viola! That s how the Reverse is accomplished. You do not have to accelerate at all. . Important that you understand this before we proceed any further. attempts will be made the best he c an to impart this knowledge to you. =================== The author does not drive an auto car. it will be left to be explained in another article late r. Unlike manual cars (my own driving tutor used to advise me) a driver should alwa ys step on the foot brake. Well. Blog in some other time! Bye bye! ============= To make a U turn on a main road is extremely dangerous. Some automatic cars have D1. Understand that it has. Not t o forget pull the e-brake or handbrake. Unless the car is in N or P. automatic car doesn t mean you do not use the e-brake. D3 and D4. We have no other alternative but to do a 3 point turn maneuver. put the gear into R (Reverse) and with your right foot safely on the brakes. be patient. About how to move forward . P.K? Are we ready? Here goes then. It also contravenes Sectio n 119 (2) of the Road Transport Act 1987.

turn your steering completely to t he left as fast as you can. if you are fast enough.In Malaysia . This would indicate to motorists behind you that you re coming into the main thoroughfa re. signal right. put your indicator to the right. s tep on the brakes and then turn your steering to the right completely. Stepping or applying the brakes. Assuming you are on a rather busy road. taking the least possible ti me you can in performing the 3 Point Turn. ========================= . and you have no space to do the 3 point turn man euver. Stop the car at the edge of the road. careeni ng it down the left side of the road. observing the rear as well a s the right hand side mirror. slow the car down. Cars and other vehicles would be coming behind you any moment. we drive on the left hand side of t he road. reverse the car backwards to the edge of the road. that is to the Right. engage th e car in D or drive and move the car forward. Then place the car in R or Reverse and inch your car backwards slowly. as in Singapore and Australia. At the same time. As such. Having stopped at the right hand side of the road. If you should reach a dead end. In actual fact. then you have no alternative but to do the reverse. in attempting to make a 3 Point Turn . Therefore you have to be Fast . turn the steering completely to the right. you are performing a left to right 3 Point Turn. engage the auto gear in R or Re verse quickly.