Local Directgov Data

Really Useful Data Day Local DirectGov 1 July 2011

Presentation tips!
• Pretend you’re pitching to invejkjkjkkj • No more than five minutes • Lots of images! • * signifies “required slides”

*The problem we want to solve
• Getting more people to use existing Local
Directgov data

• Improving the quality of data • To help to get the right information to the
right people at the right time in the right place

Hint: Some potential types of problems
a. poor access to information b. poor access to services c. expensive, complicated processes (efficiency gain to be had) d. not transparent to citizens, poor accountability e. existing approaches just not working (e.g. difficult, wicked issues) f. some successful approaches are not scalable or sustainable g. little or no citizen engagement (opportunities for crowd-sourcing or citizen engagement)

*Data status
• Service links for each council are held in
publicly available database

• Spreadsheet showing redirect links and related
links and how to tailor these is also available

• Service links are provided by web officers -

quality is variable - some links are out of date or broken or incomplete

• Web resources in some councils are stretched

Hint: Some data issues
• use the data prompts
from the Open Data Cookbook

*What’s the solution?
the offering

• Relate services to keywords by initially spidering sites
and mapping to service list to improve findability

• Providing open access to web service and improve • Making better use of related or neighbouring links
and better categorisation charity sector

• Wider source of data including wider public and • Concentrate on top services rather than cover all?

*Tech Spec
• Provide a RESTful API to complement
existing SOAP service eg map it

• Look at alternative open geographical data • Look at open source spidering options • Develop further widgets and other
lightweight solutions for accessing the data for target public sector groups

Hint: presenting your solution
• Include some screen shots of similar apps
or web services

• Can you QUICKLY mock it up? • Pictures really worth 1000 words! • Don’t forget the cultural issues!

• Need to empower the web teams • Improve broken link reporting - current
reliance on http codes isn't working sharing results

• Tie in with GDS - partnership working • Building web page template for top services • Provide more useful statistics

*Why our solution is really useful!
• Increase traffic and improving channel shift • Opportunity for other organisations to
improve their own offerings customer

• Improved access to information for the • Driving improvements for council websites • Achievable at relatively low cost

*Team stuff
• Local Directgov team and service providers • GDS • Council web teams • ESD • Voluntary sector