Ayushman Sen

(3D Animator)


Ayushman Sen :I aspire to become a 3D Animator. We all remember that “awe” moment in our lives when we watch our first cartoon. It was amazing to watch something which I drew on paper come to life; and it has inspired me ever since. It is a pleasant feeling being able to control a 3D model, and make it do crazy stuff!! I love it. Hobbies:

“Creativity has no bounds, all you need to do is think outside the box”

I like singing, reading mystery novels, listening to music, playing scrabble, watching movies, writing short stories, concept development, Doodling, etc.

Ayushman Sen
Mob: +91 99855 53564; email: ayushman9sen@gmail.com

(3D Animator)

Career Goal
To be one of the best 3D animators in the industry

Education Qualities & Skills

Pursuing final year of 4-year “Bachelor of Multimedia (BMM) 2007-2011” International Academy of Computer Graphics (IACG), JNTU, Hyderabad Intermediate from Little Flower Junior College Uppal, Hyderabad Matriculation from St Martin’s High School (ICSE), Balanagar, Hyderabad Good communication skills, written & verbal Skilled in drawing and fast sketching Punctual, reliable, patient and responsible at work Play an active role in finding new, efficient ways to increase work efficiency in myself, as well as the team.

Software skills:
1] 3D Applications Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3DS Max 3D Animation (Maya) Basics in Modeling, texturing, rigging and lighting(Maya) Adobe After Effects Fair knowledge of Keying – Green screen and Blue screen Understanding of color space, color theory and color correction Knowledge of Rotoscopy, wire removal Knowledge of 2D tracking Can do multiple-pass compositing 9] Toon Boom Studio 10] MS Word, 11] PowerPoint 12] CorelDraw 13] Sony Sound Forge 14] Adobe Page Maker 15] Adobe Illustrator

2] 2D Applications 3] Adobe Photoshop 4] Adobe Premiere Pro 5] Adobe Dreamweaver 6] Incomedia Website X 7] Adobe Flash 8] Toon Boom Story Board Pro


Volunteered at Linden US University Fair for 4 years. Role included supervision of the registration Visualized and designed logos for 2 companies, SolRea Renewable Pvt Ltd and Bonocera Biotek Ltd Participated in Eco Walk when in school which involved a walk around the community with placards to create awareness about sustainable environment Won every award for singing in school Wrote an article titled World Peace in The Hindu as part of Newspaper in Education initiative Helped design website of UNITI Foundation; it involved loading the software and designing the site. The software is Incomedia’s WebsiteX Volunteered to help in designing the Durgabai Deshmukh Colony (Hyderabad) newsletter Rachana; work involved editing pictures, planning layout using Adobe Page Maker

Hobbies & interests:

Reading Fast Sketching Music Writing short stories Playing computer and console games Singing

Link for Online Showreel:


3D Character Animation Demo Reel

Online Portfolio

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