An Emerging Universal Township for Human Unity
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AUROVILLE An Emerging Universal Township for Human Unity


L’Avenir d’Auroville Town Hall Auroville - 605 101 Tamil Nadu India Phone: +91 413 2622170 Fax: +91 413 2622055 E-mail: avenir@auroville.org.in Website: http://www.auroville.org April 2009

Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole. of constant progress. 4. 3. one must be the willing servitor of the Divine Consciousness. Taking advantage of all discoveries from without and from within. 2. Auroville will boldly spring towards future realisations. and a youth that never ages. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY .4 Auroville Charter 1. Auroville belongs to nobody in particular. Auroville will be the place of an unending education. Auroville wants to be the bridge between the past and the future. Auroville will be a site of material and spiritual researches for a living embodiment of an actual Human Unity. But to live in Auroville.

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youth representing 124 nations and all India’s states placed a handful of earth from their homeland in a lotus-shaped urn in a gesture symbolic of human unity.” . above all creeds. human unity and planetary transformation was founded. The purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity. at the foundation ceremony of Auroville on 28th February 1968. .The Mother.5 AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY “Auroville wants to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony. all politics and all nationalities. and a first internationally-endorsed universal township dedicated to peace. founder of Auroville This was the first public message on Auroville sent out to the world in 1965. Three years later.

takes into account the wellbeing of its rural neighbours. incorporating all the major problems facing humanity today and needing to be worked on. Population explo- . Auroville has been engaged in a wide range of activities. Auroville is like a microcosm of the world. The urban development of the city.000 are employed in Auroville. Auroville is not only a challenging meeting point between different cultures and nations from the East and West. At the same time. character and way of functioning.000 volunteers from India and some 40+ other countries. South India. it provides a unique testing ground for the realisation of an actual human unity that respects and upholds diversity. As such. The major activities of Auroville include: • • • • • • • • • • Arts & Culture Ecological Agriculture Educational Research Environmental Regeneration Handicrafts &Small-Scale Industries Health Care Innovative Building Technologies Integrated Urban Planning Renewable Energy Rural Development A unique experiment Universal township Envisaged as a universal township for up to 50. the Auroville township is surrounded by 13 villages with a population of approximately 40. Living harmoniously together in a multi-cultural society and working closely together with the local population in a rural environment poses major challenges. Its residents represent an amazing mix of languages and cultures.000 people from around the world. in many of which it has made impressive achievements.000 people. and come from a wide spectrum of educational and socio-economic backgrounds. bringing together the technology and resources of the industrial North and the agrarian South. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY Integrated rural & urban development Located in an impoverished rural area of Tamil Nadu. but is also a singular experiment in integrated development. as envisioned in Auroville’s Government of India-approved Master Plan. of which around 5.6 Major activities Since its inception. Auroville today has a population of over 2. Living laboratory for the world Thanks to its location.

on many fronts. are not owned by the residents but are held in trust for “humanity as a whole”. residences. and by private well-wishers from all over the world. And the Auroville residents themselves have also made major contributions of their financial resources and energy to the project. Brower: “Auroville stands as one of the most courageous and hope–giving models of what is possible when the human will and spirit unite in common action. such as land. farms. Auroville is a living laboratory where. Mr. P. water scarcity. businesses. air. and has more recently received a further UNESCO endorsement in late 2007 in recognition of its 40th anniversary. the then Indian Minister of Human Resource Development. has been established. have now created a global crisis which threatens the very survival of the human species. Its residents freely join this experiment as voluntary workers. social. economic disparity. 1970 and 1983. which. an autonomous institution. sound and traffic pollution plus loss of cultural values are just a few examples of the problems. economic and spiritual values. Voluntary dedication Auroville’s vision is based on future-oriented ecological.” International support Auroville received the unanimous endorsement of the General Assembly of UNESCO in 1966. Donations have been given by funding agencies in Europe and the United States. who dedicate their work and life to the ideals Auroville stands for. etc. forests. combined. Governmental and non-governmental organizations in India and abroad have funded various programmes. Shiv Shanker. All immovable assets. Under this Act. In the words of the late environmentalist David R. environmental degradation.7 sion. of India and of the whole world. International Advisory Council and Residents Assembly. with a Governing Board. In his presentation of the Act before India’s Parliament. remarked: “Auroville is to be looked upon as a vision which has a great potentiality and this can be of tremendous service to our country and the world at large.” . the Government of India passed the Auroville Foundation Act to safeguard the future development of the Auroville International Township according to its Charter. the Auroville Foundation. replicable models and solutions are being worked out for the benefit of the surrounding area. by Auroville International Centres. Legal status AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY In 1988. In this context. 1968.


Kalabhumi (“Land of Art”) is an artists’ settlement in Auroville’s Cultural Zone. is part of a national network of more than 500 building centres all over India. designs buildings and supervises construction sites using these appropriate. and the inspiring social environment draw artists from all over the world to Auroville. where it is envisioned that all arts and artists can intermingle. the physical beauty of the place. and architects. contractors. costeffective building technologies. Kalabhumi offers studios for sculpture. drawing and music practice. Auroville is also an affiliate member of RES ARTIS. popular music and blends of Indian and western music occur frequently. There are over a dozen different building techniques in use in Auroville that are locally disseminated by resident architects. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . Live performances of western and eastern classical music. engineers. site supervisors. Visual artists and theatre groups also present their work on a regular basis. Arts and culture The diversity of cultures.8 BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF ACTIVITIES Appropriate building technology Auroville has hands-on experience in researching and applying appropriate and cost-effective building technologies. There are more than sixty resident artists in Auroville. initiated by the Housing and Urban Development Corporation of India (HUDCO). The centre provides regular training programmes for masons. and also has an amphitheatre with seating arrangements for about 150 people. a focal point for compressed earth-block and ferrocement technology. Music education is given for a variety of western and eastern instruments. modern dance. living quarters and a gallery. and classes are offered in improvisation. metal work. an adults’ choir performs fairly regularly. etc. Auroville has gained considerable expertise and received national recognition. Indian classical dance. many of whom offer classes to adults and children. It aims at providing studios and spaces for different art forms. At present. The Auroville Building Centre. an international network that promotes residential exchange programmes for artists worldwide to strengthen international ties and understanding of the diverse cultural heritages that invigorate human society. as well as of jazz. both in India and abroad. It also offers consultancy. painting. Also. especially in the field of earth construction and ferrocement technology.


and fuel wood trees have been planted. two kindergartens.500 acres of near barren and visibly dying land into a lush green environment. Educational research There are two crèches. In response to the high illiteracy level in the neighbouring villages. carried out by six specialized organizations. At present. conservation of bio-diversity. water and food samples. watershed management and recycling of wastewater. Regular training programmes and workshops in environmental regeneration are offered to villagers. . and offers training programmes in ecological agriculture to local farmers. Auroville’s educational research. sports and vocational training opportunities. and laboratory facilities for testing soil. an organization established in 1984 as a nodal point for Auroville’s multi-faceted educational and cultural activities.kms.9 Organic agriculture The development of an ecologically sound agriculture. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY Environmental regeneration Auroville has gained national and international acclaim for its environmental regeneration work. This group also organizes residential training programmes for students from all over the world. Education in Auroville is largely administered under the umbrella of the Sri Aurobindo International Institute for Educational Research (SAIIER). based on a child-centered approach. Over three million forest trees. and government officials. Sports and physical education are strongly emphasized for a balanced and healthy growth. Creativity classes that encourage the development of artistic faculties and sense of beauty are an intrinsic part of Auroville’s educational system. Auroville has approximately 400 acres under ecological agriculture comprising 15 farms coordinated by the Auroville Farm Group. ranging from crèche to high school level education that reaches out to thousands of local children. fruit. At present. Comprehensive soil and water conservation measures and reforestation have significantly enhanced the life-support potential of the whole area. alongside cultural activities. is being actively pursued. endeavours to nurture the child’s potential to its highest possible level. Ancillary activities that support ecological agriculture include conservation of food grain diversity and seed distribution. hedging trees and shrubs. which excludes the use of pesticides and detrimental chemicals. two primary schools and one high school in Auroville. propagation of medicinal plants. which includes wasteland reclamation. reach out to over 100 villages in an area of 740 sq. Auroville offers a wide variety of rural education programmes. NGO development workers. processing and marketing of organic food. Auroville’s environmental efforts. thereby transforming more than 2. reforestation.


AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY .10 Handicrafts and small-scale industries Auroville operates over 140 commercial units under more than 20 Trusts. electronics and engineering. seeks to offer managerial support to coordinate all Auroville’s diverse activities in health and healing. postcards. In addition the main centre. The Dental Centre runs two fully equipped dental clinics. The Auroville Health Centre and its 6 rural sub-centres provide primary health care to a total population of approximately 35. At present. together with a prosthesis laboratory and 11 rural sub-centres. Health care The Auroville Township has developed institutes that offer both primary health care and a wide range of natural healing therapies. An umbrella organization. earning sizeable revenue through exports.000 local people in 26 villages The centre also offers a range of preventive health care measures. some Auroville businesses have been successful. They are not individually owned. leather work. printing and graphic design. hand painted silk. jewellery. The Quiet Healing Centre. It also organises conferences and retreats and provides guest facilities. quilts.000 local villagers directly benefit from Auroville’s small-scale industries. windmill manufacture. While the size of the units varies. Though relatively small in terms of employment and investment. and include handicrafts (such as ready-made garments for adults and children. and construction and architectural services. etc. but belong to the Auroville Township. The former clinic offers preventive and child-to-child programmes. food processing. there is also a separate clinic for Auroville residents. Besides generating funds to assist Auroville in maintaining its service sector and infrastructure. some 4-5. which offers over 25 different natural healing therapies. woodwork. Auroville’s businesses are marked by a search for beauty. is Auroville’s primary institution for holistic and natural healing therapies. quality and perfection in their products. they can all be classified as “small-scale industries”. plus training courses for nearly 20 rural dental hygienists. embroidery. crochet. The activities of these industries are remarkably diverse. the units provide increasing employment and training opportunities for the local people. computer hardware and software. candle and incense products. Auroville Health Services. and simple in their means of production. including training and supervising of some 30 rural women as Village Health Workers able to teach basic health care to the villagers. paper lampshades. combined with a sense of social responsibility and a concern for the environment. who educate villagers in dental care and provide minor dental services.). one for the local villagers and the other for Auroville residents. beadwork. pottery.

in the Peace Area. such as the Auroville Centre for Scientific Research. Municipal services for food production. “the soul of Auroville”. forestry. telecommunications and urban planning have also been established. The Green Belt. The city centre. stands the Matrimandir. Residential and Industrial Zone – radiate out from the Matrimandir Gardens area. which has been endorsed by the Government of India. that incorporates sustainable and eco-friendly ways of living while meeting Auroville’s administrative and service needs. soil conservation. The Auroville Master Plan. Every part of the centre is within walking distance for Auroville’s residents. and about 40% within the Green Belt. Auroville has created around 100 sub-settlements with accommodation for its residents. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY Over the years. electricity and water supply. purchase and distribution. There are 13 villages in Auroville’s immediate neighbourhood of 40 km2. Auroville presently manages over 80% of the total acreage within the future city area. 160 kms south of Chennai. The surrounding Green Belt will be a fertile zone for applied research in the sectors of food production. Renewable energy Auroville is one of the largest sites in India for the use and promotion of renewable energy technologies.000 people. sustainable urban settlement that. The results of such innovative methods would be available for application in both rural and urban areas in India and elsewhere in the world. financial transactions. At the centre of the township. will eventually surround the entire city. While much of the land still has to be purchased.11 Integrated urban planning The Auroville Township Perspective Master Plan 2000 – 2025 envisages a universal township of 20 km2 for up to 50. at the same time. which assist sustainable development. yet to be fully developed. integrates the neighbouring rural area. Aurore. and many more in the bioregional area of about 740 km2. farmland and planned nature sanctuaries. an area of forest. waste disposal and recycling. Cultural. is envisaged as a model for small towns. making it possible to establish a zone free of polluting traffic. Auroville envisages a city that will economize on land needs by introducing an optimum mix of densities with appealing urban forms and amenities. The four zones planned for the city – the International. . Auroville organizations. watershed management and other priorities. is dedicated to the creation of an environment-friendly. by successfully installing them in Auroville and other parts of India. located on a low-lying plateau adjacent to the Coromandel Coast of India. offering a non-denominational space to people of all faiths for silent concentration. Auroville Energy Products and Aureka have demonstrated the feasibility of renewable energy systems.



alcoholism. Specialized Auroville organisations offer participatory development programmes that empower people to help themselves. which draw into themselves all the raw materials and energetic people from the rural area.200 photovoltaic (PV) panels are in use for electricity and water supply. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . technologies and supervision. At present. Today. oppression of women and low-caste or “dalit” people were. major problems. vocational training. When Auroville began. a research institution approved by the Government of India and a focal point in this field.000 people living in the surrounding area. Capacity building is now the cornerstone of Auroville’s rural developmental work.12 The major sources of renewable energy utilized in Auroville are solar. Poverty. provide training and employment in crafts. Auroville aims at developing the entire bioregion into a prosperous area. more than 1. Some 30 windmills of various designs are in operation for pumping water. environment and culture of the neighbouring villages. trades. plus commercial and construction undertakings. Rural development Auroville’s development is inextricably linked to the villages in its immediate vicinity and to the larger bioregion. Unlike most cities. health care. Auroville has been active in various areas. 10 specialized Auroville organizations offer integrated rural development programmes that benefit some 40. illiteracy. Establishment of schools for village children and provision of primary health care have also been ongoing initiatives. particularly in education. and still are. Environmental regeneration work. cultural rejuvenation. In this context. and specially designed ferrocement biogas systems process animal and vegetable waste to produce methane gas and organic fertilizers. Auroville has been seeking to reverse the normal trend of urban development. the neighbouring villages were in a highly impoverished state in terms of material. wind and biomass. The Auroville Centre for Scientific Research. environmental regeneration. by rejuvenating the life. offers a number of workshops and seminars on renewable energy and sustainable development to a wide variety of participants. environmental and human resources. women’s empowerment and capacity-building to improve the situation.

a raised-bed vegetable garden. and it has drinking water. the school has become a model for other schools in the area. and no greenery around it – just four unfenced acres of dust and wandering cows with a couple of trees nearby. toilets with baffle reactors for treating the waste. no water. only around 10% pass rates in exams. and since then has been transformed. but gives some idea of the variety. a high drop-out rate. five teachers for over 570 children. . largely thanks to the input of the Auroville team. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY Now its exam pass rates have risen to well over 60%. plastic. no toilets. Today the school grounds not only contain the extra classrooms so badly needed and an Environmental Education Centre.13 AUROVILLE OUTREACHING Over the years since its inception in 1968. but also a tree nursery for indigenous seedlings. Auroville has made major contributions by way of specialist input to projects and institutions elsewhere in India and abroad. Nadukuppam High School Nadukuppam High School is a Government Secondary School which a few years ago had only three rooms in a bad state of repair. In 2003 it was adopted by Auroville”s Pitchandikulam Bio-Resource Centre (PBRC) as part of a development project for the region. a vermicomposting unit. fencing to keep cows & goats out. and many other improvements. Palani Hills tree planting Aurovilians Jean Pouyet and David Nagel worked with the local authorities in the Palani Hills area some years ago to reforest extensive areas of the Hills. Today. The following brief summary is not a comprehensive list of all such work and activities. shade trees. a medicinal plant garden. and a waste recycling set-up where paper. a general wastewater treatment plant using aquatic plants to cleanse waste water prior to nurturing a plant nursery. metal and glass are separately stored for later resale (the school grounds are kept clean and tidy by the children). a water purification plant with solar pump raising water from two underground storage tanks to nurture a freshly planted area of trees near the school buildings. supported by financial help from abroad and additional help from the regional education authority. plus the cooperation and encouragement of the local Panchayat and recruitment of more teachers. It has also become a major source of inspiration for others in the field of education.


was sanctioned under the title “Achieving Urban Economic Goals through Heritage Preservation Measures”. improvement of the entrances and paving of the Grand Bazaar. which divided the area into 4 mini-parks and allowed vehicular traffic to cross the area or park there. no practical progress was made. Heritage Preservation through Asia Urbs The proposal of Asia Urbs Programme (AUP) was originally taken up by Italian-born longtime Aurovilian Luigi Zanzi in 1999. beautiful and enjoyable facility for the many hundreds of people who visit it daily. drew in a number of Aurovilians and Auroville units as contributors. and was successfully concluded in July 2004. This project. better known as INTACH. With this possibility in mind two Aurovilians visited Urbino in Italy. Now the whole perimeter of the park has been fenced with AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . which has transformed it into a more peaceful. the latest of which has been a major 3. The highlights of the programme were restoration of a stretch of Tamil street facades. has a local Chapter in Puducherry headed by longtime Aurovilian Ajit Koujalgi.5 crores (approx US$ 800. which was initiated by the Government of Puducherry’s Tourism Department with INTACH as consultant. the park has had a massive facelift over the past few years under the above mentioned scheme.000) project to renovate and beautify Puducherry’s 10acre Bharathi Park. This time the project took off. in the summer of 2000 to see if Urbino’s local government would be interested in being one of the partners for a heritage protection initiative. and a project for conversion of green waste into vermicompost. Government of India.14 One also finds a spirit of enthusiasm pervading the school. Located facing the Governor’s Palace at the heart of Puducherry’s historically important heritage area. Gone are the tarmac roads crossing through the heart of the park. Puducherry’s Bharathi Park India’s National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage. that was unimaginable before the project took off. which works closely with the various departments of the Government of Puducherry and local citizens to achieve its objectives. its children and staff. The concept behind the AUP was to introduce some of the best urban management practices of Europe into Asia by partnering Asian cities with two European cities and bringing about a learning process through urban initiatives. and the Public Works Department (PWD) as the executing agency. but the issue came up again in 2002 through the directive of the Ministry of Urban Development. Additional heritage restoration work was also carried out in Tranquebar. restoration of some 10 listed buildings in Pondicherry through a ‘matching grant’ scheme. Although they had a good response at the time. the initiation of a solid waste collection scheme in part of the city. has carried out a number of major projects benefitting the region. and proposed to the (then) Government of Pondicherry. a UNESCO World Heritage City. the setting up of a battery charging station for electric tempo taxis. This Chapter.

litter bins. with much of the environmental work being done by an Auroville team overseen and coordinated by Joss Brooks of Auroville’s Pitchandikulam Bio-Resource Centre. most of the 140 trees in the park have been pruned by a professional Auroville tree surgeon and his assistants. gazebos. granite pathways and a granite fountain have been added.100 crores budget for the project. The original area proposed was 58 acres. and Auroville medical staff were touring the area tending to the victims. with the broad aim of creating a model of how Chennai wants to deal with its precious water resources. granite benches. To date the two Toll Gate areas at the north and south ends of the road have been transformed by use of painted cadappa stone slabs depicting the flora & fauna of the area. brighter but more energy-efficient night lighting designed in consultation with French and German engineers has been installed. East Coast Road toll gates Following a visit to Auroville’s Pitchandikulam Bio-Resource Centre by the Chief Executive of the East Coast Road (ECR) Development Corporation. Auroville was deeply involved in caring for the affected people. hanging wind chimes and “singing stones” have been installed by Auroville’s Svaram Musical Instruments.15 cast-iron railings to create a visually larger pedestrian-only area with four entrance gates. with special prominence given to the central Aayi Mandapam monument. with some of the stone items supplied and crafted by the Auroville-based Auryaj unit. a financial manage- . The Tamil Nadu State Government announced a Rs.000 people in 2004. telling them where they could go to see areas of the Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest and some of the birds. Aurovilian Joss Brooks and his team were asked to take up an educational and beautification project intended to increase environmental awareness among users of the ECR. following concerns raised by environmental groups and citizens that an eco-park with relatively small delineation would not be sustainable if the adjoining ecosystem was not also incorporated. but this was expanded to cover the creek’s entire area of 358 acres. and new swathes of more hardy grass have been sown and some minor planting schemes implemented. reptiles and other creatures depicted on the panels. and how such areas can be cleaned up over the next decade. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY Tsunami relief & rehabilitation Within an hour of the first massive 4-metre high tsunami wave smashing into the Tamil Nadu coastline and killing some 7.500 to 2. Everything has been done to an extremely high standard in a tasteful way in collaboration with the PWD. Chennai’s Adyar Creek project A master plan is now unfolding for the restoration of the Adyar Creek area of Tamil Nadu’s state capital Chennai. and a free handout was prepared to give to all users of the ECR who passed through the Toll Gates. A tent settlement with food and water for some 1. Soon after. all with sprinkler irrigation for water economy.000 people was functional within hours of the disaster.

• Livelihood projects: WELLPAPER papier mache items and Tsunamika doll manufacturing projects were established. Auroville established an Auroville Coastal Development Centre (ACDC). a trauma counseling team. • Environment: botanical nurseries were established and tropical dry evergreen forest seedlings and other species planted near coastal villages. which became active in 37 target villages around Auroville (21 inland.16 ment team was established to handle the funds which began to pour in from India and abroad in a transparent way. over a period of several months. Coastal development projects Following the immediate tsunami relief work. while at the same time environmental awareness education programmes were conducted. to contribute something of value to their lives. while at the same time assistance was provided with: Enterprise Development and Microfinance. a sourcing and distribution team to provide victims with their immediate requirements. working as follows: • Community Institution Building: helped youth clubs. wonderful things were achieved. women’s clubs and village planning groups to form and function through a variety of activities. and both the population from the coastal villages and the local Indian authorities were very appreciative. etc. in providing employment opportunities. including the formation of federations and associations as well as facilitating micro-projects. Linkages to banks and government for financial assistance. Truly. Gradually. in organizing self-help programmes. in providing improved drinking water facilities in the villages. and an office team. and a number of practical work teams were assembled – a clean-up team to operate in nine coastal villages. water sanitation. For Auroville it was a very demanding experience for everyone involved. a communication team able to help coordinate the work of various NGOs operating in the area. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . but it was also – on balance – a very positive one. and infrastructure provided in the form of toilets. drainage and roads. and to do a work together with them and the local authorities which – at least on an outer level - could be seen as a small step towards Auroville’s ultimate aim. 16 coastal). • Shelter and infrastructure: shelter-prototypes and community centres were constructed. both using “waste” material. but meanwhile Auroville was also active in rebuilding programmes. A revolving fund for loans to self-help groups. a degree of normality returned to the shattered villages. Training for management skills and certain hand skills. the achievement of an actual human unity in diversity. because the tsunami enabled Auroville to forge closer links with its neighbours.

750 people. Israel. Satprem Maïni. in Africa to Ethiopia. as well as for relief work after the 2004 tsunami. Madagascar. in 1989. Constructive Cultures and Sustainable Development”. Auroville Earth Institute The Auroville Earth Institute (AEI). in the Americas to Costa Rica. To a much larger extent Aureka has also sent Auram Earth Construction equipment all over the world. Government of India. South Africa. the director of the Auroville Earth Institute. mostly Indian nationals. Tanzania. Apart from installations in Tamil Nadu. and in a dozen states of India. Tibet and France. Burkina Faso. seminars and workshops. Saudi Arabia. which was founded with the help of HUDCO. Uganda. but also for over 350 people from 50 other nations. Altogether he has worked in 24 countries. Germany. is researching. and by distribution of manuals and documents. these pumps have also been installed in Karnataka. Iran. England and France. A brief summary of the outreach work of AEI over the years since 1989 is as follows: AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . Gambia. The Phillipines and China. Uzbekistan. Iran. specially in Tibetan Refugee Settlements there. Meanwhile. and organised thematic districtlevel meetings. Mexico and the USA. In Asia this includes to Sri Lanka. Zambia. Eritrea. Chattisgar and Gujarat. etc. since 1989 he has conducted training programmes in Auroville for more than 4. A number of pumps have also been sent abroad to Tanzania and Saudi Arabia. Niger. In this framework. developing. The Auram Earth Construction Equipment was used extensively for reconstruction work after the earthquakes in Gujarat in north India and Bam in Iran. Sri Lanka. promoting and transferring cost- and energy-effective earth-based technologies in India and elsewhere. Also published and disseminated information and created an information database. appropriate technology. and small numbers have been installed for various NGOs in Orissa. and in Europe to Spain. These technologies are disseminated in many countries around the world through training courses.17 • Knowledge Centre: set up workshops and seminars to spread Auroville’s knowledge in renewable energy. Ethiopia. Brazil. Ghana and Cameroon. and is today the representative and resource centre for Asia of the UNESCO Chair “Earthen Architecture. Syria. • NGO Coordination: networked with other NGOs involved in both tsunami relief and general development. South Africa. including Zaire. Aureka Aureka is a metalworking unit well known for its design and construction of the highly successful AV55 wind pump. Kenya. has been invited to many countries around the world to transfer his knowledge in the field of earth construction and in the meantime give information on Auroville to a wide variety of people in those countries. AEI is part of a world network. Sudan. Colombia.


Project granted a gold medal. Training course for HUDCO at Mundra and construction of an earthquake resistant house with trainees. 2001: Orissa: Training course and construction with trainees for HUDCO of a disaster resistant house of 23m2 for rehabilitation in Orissa after the 1999 super cyclone. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . Training course and assistance to Kutch Nav Nirman Abhiyan. 1996 – Istanbul. Several training courses and assistance to the Catholic Relief Services to build 2. This included: Construction of an earthquake resistant house of 23m2 in 62 hours as a demo at Khavda. working with people from very low income groups. Riyadh. 2004: Pondicherry: Construction of a showroom for the NGO Volontariat. 2001 and 2002 - Gujarat: six months assistance for the reconstruction after the 2001 earthquake to various agencies. as a demonstration.18 1990 - Kinshasa. Near Coimbatore: Construction of the Dhyanalingam Temple’s 22mwide 570-ton dome in 9 weeks for ISHA Foundation. Colombo. Sri Lanka: Evaluation study for French Embassy to launch earth construction in Sri Lanka. Zaire: Training course and construction of a rural primary school of 50m² for UNIDO and CRATerre. 1990-91 - South India: Feasibility studies for various Tibetan settlements.698 houses. Turkey: Construction of an earthquake-resistant house of 9m² for UNCHS Habitat and CRATerre-EAG during the City Summit “Habitat II”. 1993 - Kerala: Technical assistance to Edamon social service society and DESWOS for a project of 700 low cost houses. 1991-94 - Pondicherry: Construction of Shakti Vihara School (2200 m² for 700 children) for the NGO Volontariat. Saudi Arabia: Construction of Al Medy Mosque in 7 weeks for Riyadh Development Authority. Eastern Tibet: Evaluation study for ATCA. 1999: New Delhi: Construction of earthquake resistant house of 23m2 in 66 hours during the India International Trade Fair for HUDCO. to help completion of a school.

it has now executed RE projects in a wide variety of Indian states. Israel: Consultation for AnyWay Solution for doing compressed stabilised earth blocks. project coordination for distribution of 8. . Sri Lanka: Consultation for a reconstruction project after the tsunami.19 Himachal Pradesh: Heritage conservation on a 12th century Buddhist temple. Marakanam. 2005: Killianur. 2006: Pudukkuppam. Yalavatti. Bam. Muthur. South Africa: Training course and construction of a demonstration house for AnyWay Solution. Auroville’s Aurore unit under Indian-born Hemant Lamba decided to try and break this pattern by becoming an Energy Service Provider able to promote and network with locally based RE enterprises. and often unreliable for lack of adequate maintenance. and the hiring out of solar-powered lanterns to small trades-people in the Chennai beach area.700 solar home systems. Tamil Nadu: Construction of a community Centre for a women’s self help group.000 solar lanterns in Ladakh for Tata-BP Solar. The projects it has been involved with include the installation of over 1. Anumandhai. Tamil Nadu: Construction of community centres for UNDP in the framework of the reconstruction after the tsunami. Iran: Assessment of damage caused by earthquake to local vaulted structures. Karnataka: Consultation for Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust Karnataka to develop the village. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY Aurore renewable energy systems Renewable Energy (RE) systems in India tend to be expensive. Tamil Nadu: Construction of a disaster-resistant house for a women’s self help group. Tamil Nadu: Construction of Sri Karneshwar Nataraja Temple. Annavalli and Bommaiyapalayam. Addis Ababa. Tel Aviv. 2007: Simunye.025 solar PV pumping stations in 11 states with network partners Sahjeevan and SELCO and suppliers like Tata-BP and BHEL. the distribution of 6. Ethiopia: Training course and technology transfer to the Ethiopian Earth Technology Institute. not widely available. Tamil Nadu: Construction of a school for Intercultural Network for Development and Peace. In collaboration with partners which act as the nodes.

500 ha of land growing certified organic tea. thanks to their putting EM in effluent treatment plants in India. roads. with more consumption than production - in 2005 gave a lecture to a Business India Summit in Hyderabad organised by Tata and the Confederation of Indian Industries. cardamom. lemon grass. especially involving hazardous chemicals (like pesticides and industrial waste) and heavy metals for ground and water contamination in collaboration with companies like Philips India. Auroville’s AuroAnnam unit has been experimenting and working with EM technology since 1999. She is also conducting a programme for 1. Tanneries Group. deficient management of solid wastes. ginger. where she told the industrialists that use of Effective Microorganisms (EM) could help reduce energy consumption through minimization of aeration time in waste water treatment plants. EM technology – work of Margarita Correa and Dr. coffee. and she has a commitment to help with water rehabilitation in the Adyar Eco Park project in Chennai alongside Joss and other members of the Pitchandikulam Bio-Resource Centre (see above). etc. schools. black pepper. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY Last but not least.000 small-scale farmers. Margarita is doing research on environmental rehabilitation. Margarita - in awareness that India has a shortage of 18% on energy. drinking water needs. health centres. The result is that the community now has an assured supply of good drinking water. Lucas Dengel (a) Margarita Correa Margarita Correa is researching fair trade organic and biodynamic farming in the Himalayas around 2. and indiscriminate use of biocidal inputs. Further to the above.000 people covers reforestation. (b) Dr. the latter at less than 30% of the annual cost of running diesel pump sets. leading to a richer cultural life and increased income opportunities. walnut and garlic. Working with Sahjeevan.150 per month just to obtain drinking water. Aurore helped provide technical and management support plus financing to install solar PV street lamps and home lighting kits and pumps. She is also the project leader of an organic malaria control programme working with a target population of 25. toilets. leading to impact on the human environment and health.Lucas Dengel Challenged by the public health issues of deficient wastewater treatment. small farming has become viable again. housing.20 A major project where an innovative approach brought the benefit of RE systems to disadvantaged communities was in rural Gujarat. There. EM technology involves the use of .Reddy are the two industry leaders in reduction of energy needs. while the local farmers could barely eke out a living. rainwater harvesting. The social responsibility programme that she is overseeing for 20. Resulting from that input. orange. today Philips and Dr. people living in scattered communities had to pay up to Rs. and better lighting has resulted in extended working hours.000 people in selected villages of West Bengal and Assam. ITC and others.

made use of it in 2005 in the post-tsunami treatment of fouling debris in some 35 coastal villages (see * below). Eco-Pro has become the biggest reseller of the EM based product Maple EM. . collaborated with governmental and non-governmental agencies in sanitation projects. asked Lucas to rush down to Nagapattinam with her to see what could be done about the awful odours.3 kW machine) and most recently in Chennai (2 x 5 kW machines). Mrs S. in institutions. Ladhakh (3 x 5 kW machines). where a larger system has been installed for the Government. and has implemented EM technology in several sewage and effluent treatment farms. One of AWS’s systems is a 50 kW machine imported from Canada. hygiene management.S. is West Bengal. who already knew about EM technology from previous contact. at the same time improving the self-esteem and livelihood of the local people. and operates as the training centre for EM technology in the country. and then largely eliminated. animal husbandry. Auroville Wind Systems Auroville Wind Systems (AWS) works with wind-powered electric generators.Nair. flies and health risks generated in the aftermath of the tsunami. and of course in hundreds of farms and plantations. which have been successfully used in agriculture. with the result that the odours and flies were rapidly reduced. composting. by using local resources and traditional knowledge as well as newly discovered concepts to an optimal degree. * Three days after the 2004 tsunami. hospitals and hotels. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY Over the past few years AWS has completed projects in Sikkim (a 10 kW machine).21 so-called Effective Microorganisms. AuroAnnam (and since April 2007. Water Management and Rural Development at Aurobrindavan has as its aim the promotion of ecological concepts of land use as well as Rural Development Programmes. Eco-Pro) has promoted EM technology in all these fields. which has been installed on India’s Sagar Island in a wind-diesel hybrid configuration. Tamil Nadu’s State secretary for Rural Development. Palmyra The Palmyra Centre of Ecological Landuse. a total of 27 relief camps and other areas were sprayed with EM liquid. however. solid waste management. Gujarat (a 3. which are offered in two models: a battery charger version for energy storage (like in solar power plants). In doing this work Palmyra sees itself participating in an ever-growing movement to support autonomous development processes worldwide. aquaculture.1 in south India. guided the treatment of landfills. The main project area. and bioremediation of polluted soils and water bodies. and a water pumping version. sewage and effluent treatment. AWS also builds its own 5 kW machines. Following Lucas’ recommendation to use EM.


With strong support from UNESCO’s HELP (Hydrology. and to promote integrated water management with people’s active participation. Har- . Under the most recent 5-year Integrated Wastelands Development Programme (IWDP) funded by the Ministry of Rural Development.2 lakhs. Auroville Water Harvest Auroville Water Harvest (Harvest) is an Auroville unit which was created in 1996 to combat sea water intrusion in the freshwater aquifers that feed the bio-region. plus registering them under the Society Act and opening appropriate bank accounts for them. Another major work carried out has been the rehabilitation and management of water-holding “tanks” (reservoirs) in various parts of south India. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY • Conducting 33 training programmes for 1. and User Groups and SHGs. • Putting on street plays on IWDP in 15 villages. and releasing to each group Rs. • Conducting baseline surveys in 21 villages. the Watershed Association and Committee.5 million trees. activities carried out have included: • Conducting village level introduction meetings in 21 project villages. Life and Policy) Basin Program.956 beneficiaries and organizing 9 exposure visits for 285 beneficiaries of the Watershed Development Team. Forming self-help groups (SHGs) under the IWDP. and carrying out integrated pest management programmes in several villages. the building or renovation of dozens of check-dams for soil and water conservation. In total one lakh seedlings were raised in two years and sold for Rs. • Under Community Mobilization component. • Obtaining or preparing appropriate village and watershed maps. Environment. • Appointing Watershed Secretaries and Volunteers for 9 Watershed Associations and Committees. helping to establish facilities for sports like cricket. arranging free medical camps in several villages.000 as a Revolving Fund. kabbadi and volleyball in more than 20 villages. • Erecting signboards and wall paintings about IWDP activities in watershed areas. building a community hall in Alankuppam village and a village ‘park’ in Kuilapalayam village.10. a commercial nursery has been established by a Self Help Group in Alankuppam Watershed. football. the construction of large numbers of village toilet complexes. New Delhi.22 Actual work in the field has included wasteland development programmes around a number of villages involving the reforestation of thousands of acres of land and the planting of more than 1.


vest is pursuing various researches and analyses, and implementing solutions with the cooperation and inclusion of the local population. Although Harvest works at the watershed level, it should be noted that a catchment or watershed approach implies that water must also be managed alongside co-dependent natural resources, namely soil, forests, air and biota. Hence Harvest works with all users of water for all purposes, whether consumption, irrigation or whatever. In this context Harvest has seen that over the last few decades, due to the changes in agricultural practices, the use of deep borewells for irrigation has rapidly led to the depletion of groundwater resources. Hence one of the main focus areas of intervention is to change these destructive practices. Harvest’s work is not focused on only one aspect, but looks at the interweaving of human activities with water and environment. Hence Harvest has a scientific component, a social component, a health related component, an agricultural component and a physical component. A vast amount of ground and surface water data has been collected and analyzed to provide better understanding of the situation, and is being used in the activities, projects, and remedial efforts in the bioregion. Awareness generation through mass media and interaction is a large part of the work at Water Harvest, consisting of striving for societal behavioural change and evolution. The health-related aspects look mainly at sanitation infrastructure, both at community and household level. Harvest Eco Farms promotes organic farming in the bioregion with local farmers, to influence the utilization of water resources. The tank rehabilitation activities encompass social mobilization work, the rehabilitation of irrigation tanks and village ponds, and engineering support towards designing check dams and other minor dams, artificial recharge structures, and various other activities. Harvest has also participated in and conducts international seminars and conferences furthering the exchange of knowledge in order to pursue the most effective methods for water resource management. Liason and networking is also part of their work, as it enables the work on water to to be more widely understood and supported.


Capability landscaping
Capability is an Auroville unit which over the past 15+ years has undertaken the design and detailed implementation of a wide range of landscaping jobs around India, mostly in cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore.

Sound Consultancy
Auroville’s Sound Wizard unit under Didier & Cecilia is acting as a professional sound consultancy to studios in Mumbai, Chennai and elsewhere. Major contracts completed include:


A.M.Studios, Chennai – for music recording & mixing plus film mixing.

• Clementine, Chennai – conversion of a house into an excellent professional music facility without excessive cost. • Mahati, Chennai – a high-end studio for music recording & mixing. • Ashok Acharya, Puducherry – a multipurpose control room for recording, editing & mixing in the same space. • • • • Four Frames Studio, Chennai. 7th Channel Studios, Chennai. Acoustriks Music Studios, Mumbai. Bombay Brothers Mixed Stage, Mumbai.

Environmental Consultancy
Paul Blanchflower, who coordinates development of Auroville’s 50-acre Botanical Garden and Environmental Education Centre, has been contracted to act as environmental consultant for a new city project near Pune.

Centre for Scientific Research (CSR)
CSR is an Auroville unit specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of a range of high quality ferrocement products. Their outreach work has included: • for more than 15 years, supplying prefabricated ferrocement biogas plants to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. • supplying prefabricated ferrocement products to all southern states of India.

• supplying prefabricated ferrocement Dewat units (wastewater treatment plants) to nine projects along the Tamil Nadu coast. • implementation of total sanitation and effluent treatment for a new residential settlement of 225 houses in Nagapattinam area. CSR have also acted as consultants for implementation of wastewater treatment for: • a tabacco factory and housing colony in Nepal. • a “Knowledge City” (new university) in Pune. • the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. • Hunnar Shaala, Bhuj, Kutch (Gujarat). Additionally, CSR have been organising sustainable technology training sessions/workshops for nearly 20 years.

projects. which aims to establish better communication inside Auroville while also building a bridge between Auroville. It has grown considerably. It records. In 2008 AurovilleTV was also launched successfully. AurovilleRadio and AurovilleTV AurovilleRadio is a community service. The service is run by some half dozen Aurovillans with the help of another 10-15 volunteers. produces and broadcasts programmes on current affairs.000 visits a year to the web sites. its local surroundings and the rest of the world. communicate and archive the various aspects of the collective development efforts in Auroville. It aims to provide information on. CDs and DVDs of recordings and special programmes are also provided on request. interviews with working groups. VIPS. started in 2005. with a live broadcast of the UNESCO event in Paris (followed by a DVD). and now attracts some 300.25 Upasana Upasana Design has successfully implemented and continues to maintain the Tsunamika doll project. and hopes to evolve further. and most recently a cloth bag project. talks) and special magazines besides daily community news and updates. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . providing employment opportunities for hundreds of women from the coastal villages affected by the 2004 tsunami. live events (concerts. discussions.

which have provided opportunities for Auroville to share what is happening in the township with people from around the world.” AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . U. • 1995: Auroville representatives gave a presentation on Auroville’s achievements and challenges in promoting sustainable lifestyles at the international “Sustainable Communities Conference” in Findhorn. • 1992: Auroville representatives mounted an exhibition in the NGO Hall at the Earth Summit in Rio.K. • 1996: The Club of Budapest invited Auroville representatives to speak at a ‘Planetary Forum’ conference in Budapest. • 1993: UNESCO sponsored the internationally attended “Humanity at the Crossroads” conference in Auroville. seminars and other events as representatives of Auroville. Nepal and Mauritius. What follows is a brief summary of some of these opportunities for interchange that have occurred. coinciding with Auroville’s 25th year. the shared treasure of all nations and people (…) dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness toward planetary unity. or to attend conferences. • 1985: UNESCO sponsored. • 1988: With sponsorship from the US-based Earthstewards Network. • 1990: Auroville representatives mounted an exhibition at the Global Forum on Environment and Development in Moscow. Auroville hosted the first Peace Trees Programme bringing together youth from India. • 1984: UNESCO sponsored through the Indian Ministry of Education and Culture a week-long seminar in Auroville on “International Understanding and Human Unity”. there have also been a number of important conferences and seminars within Auroville itself. both within India and abroad. as part of the International Youth Year celebrations. In a similar vein. a seminar in Auroville titled “Youth & Human Unity” attended by 250 young people from more than 50 countries and many Indian States. USA and Russia in the cold war era.26 INTERNATIONAL EVENTS & NETWORKING Auroville’s representation at national and international events A considerable number of Aurovilians representing many different fields of expertise go out to make presentations on Auroville. attended by some 30 young people from around India plus representatives from Africa. during which Auroville was adopted as “Humanity’s first universal city.


on “Cities. in Malmo.27 • 1996: Under contract with the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements. Auroville set up a city networking resource centre in Auroville to link European and Asian cities. was held in Auroville. Lyon. a citizen’s participation programme cum seminar/exhibition. engineering schools and the city’s town planning authorities. • 2001: Presentation on Auroville at the EC-Asia Urbs ‘Cities of tomorrow’ conference in New Delhi. • 2002: Speech given relating to Auroville on ‘City to City Cooperation’ at UN-Habitat conference in Brussels. A visit was also made to Ho Chi Minh City as guest of an environmental engineering NGO. • 2002: Powerpoint presentation on Auroville in symposium devoted to ‘Human Ecology and Capacity Building for Eco-Culture’ at the 5th International ‘ecocity’ conference hosted by the Shenzhen Government . • 1997: ‘Building the Future’. India.N. followed by Paris. • 2002: Funded by the European Commission under its Asia Urbs Programme. France. • 1999: Powerpoint presentation made on Auroville at I. and chaired the workshop session on Water Management. where he presented a paper titled “Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems. World Congress of Cities. the Auroville Building Centre completed a one-month consultancy and training course at the Habitat-2 Conference in Istanbul. on opening of the same exhibition. Sweden. • 2002: Press conference held on Auroville in Treviso on the occasion of inauguration of Asia Urbs exhibition on City Networking. where a slide show presentation on sustainable technologies in Auroville was given for heads of universities. at United Nations Headquarters in New York. the Auroville experience”. Auroville was also the venue for an international conference “City Networking for a Sustainable Future and Human Unity”. followed by press conference and public presentation to around 100 people in Venice.T. Vietnam. • 2001: Executive of Auroville’s Centre for Scientific Research attended Asia Urbs conference sponsored by European Aid in Hanoi. • 2001: Presentation on Auroville in Kobe (Japan) to APN-Asia Pacific Network. • 2001: Presentation on Auroville in Bangkok at the Citynet conference involving representatives of Asian & European cities. an organisation doing scientific work on climate change. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY • 2002: Powerpoint presentation made on Auroville at EC-Asia Urbs conference on ‘Sustainable Development’. Poverty and Environment”. • 1999: Speech made on Auroville at the 52nd United Nations DPI/ NGO Conference “Challenges of a Globalized World: Finding New Directions”.A. Belgium.

approx one per week). also to many schools and town administrative groups (a total of 24 between May and September. also attended by a representative of ‘Auroville’s Future’.28 in China. Turkey. India. • 2003: Presentation on the City Networking project. • 2003: Representative of ‘Auroville’s Future’ visited Cairo and Dubai to attend conference on ‘Planning in a more globalised and competitive world’. and one on radio for a 20-30 minute discussion / interview. organised by HUDCO (Housing & Urban Development Corporation) at the Indian Habitat Centre. an example of cultural diversity’ at UNESCO in Paris. UNIPAZ University for Peace in Sao Paolo. Urban Redevelopment Authority in Singapore. • Speech delivered on Auroville at Information Seminar on European Union in Chennai. On return trip. Spain. A prestigious exhibition “Auroville – An Emerging Universal Township” was part of the overall event. and a Govt. Curitiba and Porto Velho (Amazonia). of India-sponsored conference in Delhi on ‘Dialogue among Civilizations’. who spoke on ‘Auroville: a city of the future’ before going on to attend the UNESCO World Philosophy Congress in Istanbul. • 2003: At invitation of various centres and groups. involving Auroville. on the occasion of City Networking exhibition at JJ College of Architecture. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . Pondicherry. • 2002: Presentation in New Delhi to approx 100 people on the occasion of the World Habitat Day. which was inaugurated by Mr. India. an Aurovilian made presentations at Brasilia University. The visit included two appearances on TV programmes. • 2004: Speech on Auroville at “Resurgent India” seminar organized by SACAR. at the Stakeholders meeting in Brussels (organiser of the European Commission-Asia Aid Division). titled ‘Indian-European Cities: Best Practices in Urban Management’. Director General of UNESCO. • 2003: Four Aurovilians made presentations on Auroville during a 5-day event at UNESCO headquarters in Paris. contact was also made with the Senior Planner of Hong Kong’s Planning Department. • 2002: Presentation made in Mumbai. Koïchiro Matsuura. • 2003: Two Aurovilians were instrumental in mounting an exhibition on Auroville in Bilbao. marking the 35th anniversary of the Auroville township. • 2003: Speech made on ‘Evolution of human consciousness within society: Auroville. attended by some 500 invitees. and with the Acting Head – Conservation. Belo Horizonte.

• 2004: From February. to which Auroville’s Botanical Garden is a signatory. Italy. and a framework was established for future worldwide cooperation in implementing the Global Strategy for Plant Conservation. and at Green Century Institute.29 • 2004 (February): two Aurovilians made a presentation on their experiences in Auroville at an international meeting/conference organised by “Women Against War” in Bari. alongside some 60 others. at ‘Urban Eco-Village’ conference in Los Angeles. • 2005: Paper on Auroville accepted for international conference on “Successful cases of sustainable development in the Tropics” at Xalapa. • 2005: Presentations in USA on Auroville at Arcosanti. • 2004 (June): 2 Aurovilians set up a stall during a 2-day exhibition at Gandhinidal in Pondicherry. based at the National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) in Lucknow. The Garden is also part of the recently established Indian Network of Botanical Gardens. • 2005: Exhibition and presentations/workshops given at UNEP’s World Environment Day event at San Francisco. Seattle. • 2005 (May) Aurovilian invited to speak on building with earth in Auroville at a 300-person (architects and construction professionals) conference on “Eco Habitat” in Trivandrum. Other talks were given in both countries at a variety of university and similar institutions. India. • 2005: Speech delivered on Auroville at conference at University of Washington. which is supported by Botanical Gardens Conservation International. • 2005: Aurovilian invited as guest speaker in 2 international conferences. Mexico. The work of the Gardens was presented. Tamil Nadu. Both made speeches. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . A month later they attended a seminar on “Environmental Ethics” at Mailam Engineering College. the second at University of Xalapa in Mexico. USA. mentioning their work in Auroville. San Francisco. the first at University of Washington. The theme was “Making peace with the Earth”. • 2005 (March) Aurovilian attended National Seminar for 300 people on the “Relevance of common effluent treatment plants for environmental protection” at university in Hyderabad and made a presentation on “Management of waste and effluents using EM technology”. • 2004 (April): Executive of Auroville’s Botanical Garden represented the Garden at the World Congress of Botanical Gardens in Barcelona. USA. a regular exchange programme of four student-residents has been happening for 6 months of workshops/training between Auroville and Arcosanti in USA. Arizona. by invitation of the Pondicherry Pollution Control Committee.

construction professionals and NGOs working for rehabilitation. Final outcome was that Auroville was nominated as a founder member of IFGRA in June 2007. • 2006 (January) Aurovilian attended National Homoeopathic Conference for several hundred people on “Homoeopathy for the modern era” in Hyderabad. Switzerland. and spoke on ‘Earthen architecture for sustainable habitat in Auroville”. • 2006 (May) Invited speaker on “Earthquake resistance with hollow CSEB”. Some 200 people attended his presentation on “Achievements and unexplored scope of Effective Microorganisms technology in India. and to public hygiene”. • 2007 (Oct/Nov) Auroville representative made presentation on Auroville at VIth symposium organized by Swiss Environmental Solutions for Emerging Countries (SESEC) in Lausanne. Theme was International Networking for Promoting Sustainable Development at the Local Level . • 2006 (March) Aurovilian attended Auroville International Meeting and Conference in Cape Town.” AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY • 2007 (April) Auroville representative made presentation on Auroville at meeting of steering committee of the International Federation of Green Regions Association (IFGRA) in Lausanne. set up to approve constitution of IFGRA as proposed by Vth Symposium of Swiss Environmental Solutions for Emerging Countries (SESEC). construction professionals and NGOs working for rehabilitation. and Auroville representative was invited to serve on the Steering Committee in his capacity as Technical Coordinator for ‘Auroville’s Future’ (now L’Avenir d’Auroville). • 2006 (March) Aurovilian attended conference at Pondicherry University on “Eco habitat” for 150 architects and construction professionals. • 2005 (October) Aurovilian invited to speak on “Earthen architecture in Auroville and arches. including from UK and 5-6 S.Asian countries.at international conference in Chennai attended by 200 architects.30 • 2005 (August) Aurovilian invited to speak on “Earthquake resistance with CSEB” at international conference on “Disaster Management” in Chennai attended by some 500 architects. • 2007 (February) Aurovilian attended symposium on “Biological methods of waste treatment and management in South India” organized by United States Educational Foundation in India and by The New College. South Africa alongside approx 150 other people from around the world. Switzerland. attended by 150 people from 5 continents. and made presentation titled “Homeopathy and implications beyond curative medicine”. and made a presentation: “Concepts and technologies of an ecological approach to the treatment of solid. Chennai at Chennai. The meeting was attended by representatives of 10 nations. liquid and human waste. vaults and domes” at conference in Bangalore on “Recent developments in design and construction technologies” attended by 400 people.

Upasana. and she also participated in the “Ethical Fashion Show” at the Carrousel du Louvre.Autumn 2008 Unesco Auroville’s 40th anniversary celebrated at UNESCO in Paris National Geographic (French Edition) Auroville. La ville de toutes les utopies - December 2008 AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY India Jetwings City of Dawn - September 2008 Italy Yoga Journal Utopia realizzata . cite des utopies - February 2008 La Croix Auroville expérimente toujours l’utopie bohème - February 2008 Libération Ballade en Utopie - March 2008 Libération Auroville - March 2008 Psychologies Auroville. l’Aurovilien - August 2008 Le Monde des religions La cité de l’Aurore - September 2009 L’ecologiste Voyage à Auroville . which her Auroville unit.31 • 2008 (October). Nov 2008 . Terror and Human Unity - December 2008 France Ulysses Auroville. Auroville in the Media (2008) Argentina La critica de la Argentina La Anarquia possible - March 2008 Canada The Walrus India.January 2008 Oggi Abbiamo costruito la citta dell’armonia - March 2008 Libertaria Utopia imperfetta January - June edition 2008 Spain La opinion de Murcia El Experimento espiritual de Auroville cumple 40 anos - December 2008 United States WallPaper Motherland - April 2008 Plymouth Sense and Sustainibility - Spring 2008 Departures Golden Rules - September 2008 Washington Post India Tourism forces”Universal Township” to ponder Crowd Control. 40 ans - April 2008 Nouvel Observateur Mai 68 - May 2008 Nouveau consommateur Aquadyn - June 2008 Cyberpresse Nadaka. un labotatoire d’utopies en Inde October 2008 Ouest-France Les 60 ans d’Auroville. Uma made a presentation on Varanasi Weavers. has been closely involved with. at an event at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris attended by some 80 people from around the world. en Inde.

Nov 2008 .United States WallPaper Motherland .Spring 2008 Departures Golden Rules .September 2008 Washington Post India Tourism forces”Universal Township” to ponder Crowd Control.April 2008 Plymouth Sense and Sustainibility .

For example. There follow some examples of this continuing interaction. • Auroville is increasingly receiving expressions of interest from other institutions and universities abroad that recognise the township as a “living learning centre” and would like to host programmes on themes compatible with the ideals of Auroville. Santa Cruz’s anthropology department also began a pilot 5-week programme with a student group in 2004. • Twice annually. it has also benefited those with whom Auroville has maintained contact. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . producing flyers. 14 students put their skills at the service of several Auroville units. as well as sustainable development. recognised by UNESCO. Preparing for a Master of Arts degree in Global Communications. hosted an International Youth Conference in 2005 supportive of these aims. • The American University of Paris ran its first graduate course in Sustainable Development in the winter of 2008-2009. and has from its inception always interacted in a wide variety of positive and constructive ways with individuals and institutions around the world. resource conservation and community building. as a demonstration site for principles and applications. University of Washington. and political theory. While this interaction has been of major help to Auroville itself. by its Charter. • Each winter quarter. in 2005 the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) began a first pilot programme with 2 student groups and a tour with alumni and friends. Auroville has hosted various groups visiting from within India and around the world. Seattle. 1. students come to study linkages involving nature. Auroville. spirit. and is absolutely appropriate for a township that. Groups and learning communities Over the past few years. such as the following for educational programmes.32 Student exchange programmes. US undergraduate students have come for a “semester abroad program” coordinated by Living Routes. which provides experiential training opportunities for younger generation people aged 18 – 30 who want to create significant projects for change. internships and volunteering Auroville has never seen itself as isolated from the world around it. • The Indian Council of Architects has been bringing student groups twice a year for courses in sustainability. The University of California. which is scheduled to continue. • The Breuninger Foundation based in Germany has created a programme. brochures and videos. “belongs to humanity as a whole”.


invites and welcomes the participation of students and volunteers in fields such as architecture. CIRHU actively seeks collaboration with centres. Kalamitra and Kala Khoj AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY Kalamitra is a group that seeks to stimulate cultural life in Auroville by hosting performances of major well-known artists. Typically. as a place for unending education.. Auroville and the rest of the world wishing to deepen their research in the arts. Internships & Studies programme (AVIS) was founded in 2000 in response to requests from both independent students and volunteers as well as institutions in India and abroad interested in undertaking educational programmes in the township. or as university graduates and researchers wanting to make an aspect of life in Auroville a theme of their research. It offers short- and long-term residential programmes for visiting artists. institutes and foundations from around the world who. health care. Auroville. Internships & Studies programme Auroville Volunteering. farming and forestry. I. Kala Khoj is an affiliate member of the international ‘Res Artis’ network. a place that offers the possibility for designing flexible study programmes that combine and synthesise different fields of knowledge with a spiritual foundation. village development. social research. and an integral approach that honours multiple approaches to learning and knowledge. involving artists from India. to gain practical experience in a chosen field. teaching. and is currently designated as the organization to coordinate and develop ‘Res Artis’ programmes in South East Asia. transformational learning. to contribute in specialist fields for a time. design. project writing and administration. CIRHU – being located within the “living laboratory” of Auroville - is a centre specifically dedicated to experiential. demonstrate a commitment to contributing in a positive way to the evolutionary momentum for uplifting human consciousness and providing a life-enhancing future for all. Kala Khoj is a programme offered by Kalamitra to facilitate the development of an international network of art exchange programmes. town planning. Unlike other comparable institutes. people come to offer their skills while gaining work experience.33 2. Auroville Volunteering. which is represented in over 120 countries. . in practice. 3. Centre for International Research in Human Unity The Centre for International Research in Human Unity (CIRHU) is an educational research institution in a unique position to provide an integrated field for experiential study and research.T.

supported by 15 other “Liaison Offices” around the world. A General Assembly of the Auroville International Association is held each year for representatives of the Centres and Auroville.com.ca AVI CANADA-ONTARIO (antenna) Catherine Blackburn 195. The General Assembly enables the Centres to share their work experience and agree upon a unified approach to supporting the Auroville township in the coming year. Qc .34 AUROVILLE INTERNATIONAL CENTRES The Auroville International Association is a registered body comprising 12 Auroville International Centres in Europe. Ontario Canada M6R 1V9 Tel: (+1) 416-604-1428 Email: blackburnca@yahoo.com Claude Daviault claude_daviault@yahoo.com AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . AVI BRAZIL Paulo J. Apartment 6.br AVI CANADA Claude Daviault 2164 Amherst. Inconfidentes 360 ap. and North and South America. Montréal . Toronto . The Auroville International Centres maintain regular contact with each other and Auroville. Canada H2L 3L8 Tel: (+1) 514-526-2600 or (+1) 514-521-8203 Fax: (+1) 514-526-2813 or (+1) 514-521-7253 Email: aurovillecanada@yahoo. Howard Park Avenue.ca (infos) Christian Feuillette editchfeuillette@yahoo. 203 - Funcionários 30140-120 Belo Horizonte MG – BRAZIL Tel: (+55) 31-3221 28 49 mobile: (+55) 31-8804 8063 Email: paulobpereira@uol. These centres provide a conduit of information about Auroville and its activities and projects. Baeta Pereira R.


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as Architecture Co-Convenor for INTACH in Pondicherry. 2006 Auroville Earth Institute again won first prize in the All-India design competition “Multi hazard resistant shelter”. awarded by Gandhigram Rural Institute. Auroville has received the following national and international awards over the past decade: 2008 Ajit Koujalgi. on the occasion of the 12th Annual Convocation Day of India’s Ministry of Textiles-sponsored National Institute for Fashion Technology. a project initiated by himself and fellow Aurovilians Sauro and Lalit. played a major coordinating role in getting an Award of Merit in UNESCO’s Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Culture Heritage Conservation Programme for the restoration work done on Vysial Street. Since AVI Netherlands transaction to a public interest body. your donation under certain conditions. tax deductible. for integrating the full range of (then) known sustainable building concepts into a single innovative design. indicating the destination of your gift. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY 2005 • Upasana Design Studio won an “Award of Excellence” certificate in Delhi for their innovative and highly successful Tsunamika doll project. funded by Bhoomika trust and ICA-USA. Indonesia. • Auroville architect Jana Dreikhausen won a significant award at an International Conference on Ecological Architecture and Environment in the Tropics held in Semarang. USA. Pondicherry.39 USA in Rijswijk. 2006 Margarita Correa received an award for “Social and Environmental Development” within India (including Auroville) and around the world. awarded by Gandhigram Rural Institute. which highlight and reward outstanding renewable energy projects around the . funded by Bhoomika trust and ICA-USA. 2004 AuroRE Projects & Services won a “Green Oscar” in the form of one of the five annual Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy. • Auroville Earth Institute won first prize in the All-India design competition “Hazard Resistant House”. AWARDS In recognition of the exemplary work being carried out by Auroville in several of its fields of activity. in the form of a residential house in Auroville. from Sustainable Community Development and EM dealers and distributors representing 46 countries at a meeting in Kansas City.

2000 Vikas community at Auroville was selected as finalist for the World Habitat Awards 2000. for its “environmentally-conscious dwellings” using renewable energy. in the 14th University Grant Commission’s annual educational video competition. New Delhi. sponsored by Building and Social Housing Foundation. publications. advanced water management techniques and woodless construction methods. held in cooperation with the National Open School. At the same time Raintree Records also won the award for “Technical Excellence in Sound Recording” for their work on the video. for “Excellence in presentation of special display on Build Tech pavilion 1999 – New Delhi”. and practical application in public buildings and human settlements. training programmes. 2000 The UNESCO Chair “Earthen Architecture – Constructive Cultures and Sustainable Development” was created to accelerate the dissemination of knowledge on earthen architecture amongst higher education institutions and universities worldwide. The medal was awarded for a disaster resistant house. 2001 AuroRE received the SESI PV SEC (Applications) award from the Solar Energy Society of India. 2003 Editions Auroville Press International unit won an award for its inspiring “Genius of India” video. 1997 The Auroville Centre for Scientific Research was nominated Best NGO in the Renewable Energy Sector in India by the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA). 1999 The Auroville Building Centre received the Gold Medal from the India Trade Promotion Organisation.40 world. New Delhi. UK. for ‘The Best Programme of the Year’. This particular award was for acting as a catalyst for small-scale solar businesses across India. helping India to unlock its huge potential for solar power usage. 2002 Editions Auroville Press won the award for “Best Programme of the Year” in the 14th University Grant Commission annual educational video competition in New Delhi. based on a slide presentation shown widely around India. built in 66 hours during the India International Trade Fair 99. The Auroville Building Centre has been chosen as one of the partners of the UNESCO Chair for its excellence in the promotion of earthen architecture through research projects. and acclaimed both by India’s then Prime Minister and Home Minister. New Delhi. on the occasion of its “Decade of Service” celebrations. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY .

the shared treasure of all nations and people”. New Delhi. Cairo. Govt. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . from the Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation. 1995 We the Peoples 50 Communities Award in the category of Human Settlements on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations. 1996 Outstanding Performance Award for the Best Building Centre through Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO). of India. where cost-effective earth and ferrocement technologies have been applied in a public building. from the Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation. for the construction of the Auroville Visitors’ Centre. Govt. of India. Egypt. 1995 Outstanding Performance Award for the Best Building Centre through Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO).41 1996 The Club of Budapest adopted the Auroville project to “become humanity’s first universal city. New Delhi. 1992 Hassan Fathi International Award for Architecture for the Poor from the Society for the Revival of Planning and Architectural Heritage.

” • His Holiness the Dalai Lama during his first visit to Auroville in January 1973: “We are deeply impressed by the spiritual aim behind the building of an international city called Auroville. USA. (…) Auroville deserves worldwide recognition as a pioneer of planetary cooperation. The importance of the effort to achieve human unity and international cooperation by the creation of such a city cannot be overemphasized. on 25th March 1969: “It is an exciting project for bringing about harmony among different cultures and for understanding the environmental needs for man’s spiritual growth. harmony.” • David R. is actively developing according to the basic principles of international understanding and human unity. Ervin Laszlo.42 INTERNATIONAL STATEMENTS OF SUPPORT • The General Assembly of UNESCO unanimously passed in 1966. 1968.01. South India. eminent environmentalist. 1970 and 1983 resolutions of support for Auroville. inviting “member states and international non-governmental organisations to participate in the development of Auroville as an international cultural township designed to bring together the values of different cultures and civilisations in a harmonious environment with integrated living standards which correspond to man’s physical and spiritual needs. and understanding. is one of the most hopeful indications of the practical realization of the human potential the entire world community will soon require to ensure a truly sustainable and humane future.” • Snr. in his support letter of 31.98: “The Auroville project situated in Tamil Nadu. Brower. nor can we neglect the immense benefit to be acquired from it.” • Dr.” A further UNESCO Board resolution of support was passed in 2007 • Indira Gandhi. Chairman of the Earth Island Institute. May Auroville truly become a city of light and of peace. (…) I encourage you to assist this unique global community venture in its determination to reverse the tide of environmental destruction. 1970 and 1983. writer and philosopher. (late) Prime Minister of India. in his support letter as reference person for the nomination of Auroville for the Blue Planet Prize 1997: “Auroville stands as one of the most courageous and hope-giving models of what is possible when the human will and spirit unite in a common action. a unique experiment in international and intercultural coexistence. demonstrating how to restore hope and compassion on the only Earth. 1968. which has been supported by the General Conference of UNESCO in 1966. former Director of Research to the United Nations and Special Advisor to the Director-General of UNESCO. in his support letter of 28th February 1996: “Auroville. Federico Mayor.” AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . former Director-General of UNESCO.

let’s make it a success. as an arrow pointed towards the future of evolution.” • P. appointed by the Central Government as Chairman of the first Governing Board of the Auroville Foundation. Never forget it is not only important to those who happen to live here.” • Dr. It is an exciting project for bringing about harmony among different cultures and for understanding the environmental needs for man’s spiritual growth. while introducing the Auroville Foundation Bill in September 1988 in Parliament: “Auroville is to be looked upon as a vision which has a great potentiality. then Minister for Human Resource Development. The aim of Auroville is to discover a new life. The Government is determined to help the process of development of Auroville in such a way that its aims and goals are made more and more realisable. deeper and more complete. It is appropriate that seekers of enlightenment from various lands should found a new city there bearing Sri Aurobindo’s name. but your work far transcends barriers of space and nationality and even of time. Shiv Shanker.V. Certainly you are important. during his visit to Auroville on 23rd August 1986: “I don’t know why we are calling Auroville an experiment.” • P.43 STATEMENTS OF SUPPORT FROM THE GOVERNMENT OF INDIA Indira Gandhi. it is a part of life. former Minister for Human Resource Development. on 25th March 1969: “Pondicherry was Sri Aurobindo’s place of political exile and spiritual unfolding. because it is you Aurovilians who are doing the work and making the experiment. and this can be of tremendous service to our country and the world at large.” AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . (late) Prime Minister of India. and ex-Prime Minister of India. it ought to be a part of life. and to show the world that tomorrow will be better than today. Narasimha Rao. And that is why Auroville is so extremely significant for the future of the human race. Karan Singh. May Auroville truly become a city of light and of peace. in his speech to the residents of Auroville on 28th February 1991: “Auroville was envisaged by the Mother as a concrete manifestation of the new consciousness. His effulgent message radiated to different parts of the world from Pondicherry. it is life. Because what is sought to be done here is nothing less than the transmutation of consciousness. but now that we have gone back and started calling it an experiment.

Union Minister for Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation. regeneration of waste land. It is in this background the growth of Auroville needs to be seen. in his foreword of 25th January 2001 to the Auroville Universal Township Master Plan 2000 – 2025 that was approved by the Government of India in February 2001: “The Auroville Universal Township envisaged by the Mother is one of the unique examples of manifestation of human unity in diversity. Ministry of Urban Development. community participation. Murli Manohar Joshi. rehabilitation of water bodies. functionally it requires to be a self contained township. In this context. Jagmohan. The provision of green belt around the built up portion of the township would be an im- AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . the crisis of today is evolutionary in character and can be resolved only if humanity turns upward towards the next step of evolution and realises universal fraternity.000 in an area of 2000 ha.S. re-use and recycling of water resources. Union Minister of Human Resource Development.44 • D. (…) Auroville is an alternative to the conflicting strategies that aim at mere freedom that hurts the values of equality and equity or at mere equality that tends to fetter freedom of the spirit. but the Town and Country Planning Organisation of the Union Ministry of Urban Development has also extended valuable collaboration and thus enhanced the excellence of this Plan. therefore. afforestation.” • Dr. recharging of ground water. are some of the areas where innovative models and techniques have been developed and adapted in the township. It is gratifying that the Master Plan has not only been designed by the residents of Auroville and approved by the Governing Board. land re-generation. Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole. Meshram. As per its Charter. plantation. rainwater harvesting. The Master Plan of the township has. rightly envisaged development of an economic zone along with residential. appropriate building technologies. The township founded on a barren plateau devoid of any blade of grass in 1968 has become a green area shaded with a variety of trees and plants. in a letter after visiting Auroville in May 2000: “We appreciate the efforts of Auroville towards the innovative approaches adopted in recycling water. equality and fraternity can meet together in a large synthesis. cultural and institutional areas. Auroville stands out as a promise that liberty. Chief Planner. conservation approach. The township designed for an ultimate population of 50. and the ones who are to live in Auroville must be willing servitors of the Divine Consciousness. Town & Country Planning Organisation. New Delhi. use of solar energy and biogas. Although the character and set up of the township may not be the same as that of any other town of similar size. The architectural designs. etc. in his message for the Auroville Universal Township Master Plan 2000 – 2025 that was approved by the Government of India in February 2001: “The significance of Auroville can be understood properly only when we fathom into the very heart of the crisis through which humanity is passing today.” • Dr. As Sri Aurobindo points out. solid waste management. would be a viable functional entity. (…) This Master Plan will serve as a further instrument through which Governmental and Non-Governmental help can be enhanced.

Auroville is an achievement and yet a promise which is still to be fulfilled. -. Your commitment to ecology and your dedication to the cause of harmony between humanity and nature is convincing and deeply satisfying. not as the mind sees it. It is a Dream where human relationships are to be built on the principle of universal fraternity. I learned of Auroville more than one could learn from reading one full volume. and education for value-orientation. For the programme of your educational research is centred on education for human unity. Science and Technology. I complement Town and Country Planning Organisation of this Ministry and Auroville Foundation for drawing up the Auroville Master Plan of international significance. to use the expression of the Taittiriya Upanishad. which encompasses the great story of development of Auroville in a few snapshots. and the Master Plan exercise has rightly recognised its uniqueness. I am sure the Master Plan would channelise the future growth and development of Auroville as per the envisioned Charter. I also learned with great eagerness the achievements that Auroville has registered during the last 30 years. Union Minister of Human Resource Development. and we shall be happy to receive the benefit of your research work.” • Dr. symbolising active involvement of community groups in the Master Plan exercise. housing and various inventions that are directly useful for the regeneration of the land and economic development. by the faculty of vijñana. It is not surprising that UNESCO has adopted four Resolutions in appreciation of the aims and ideals of Auroville and of the educational work that is being promoted here. Murli Manohar Joshi. in his address to the residents of Auroville during his visit on 31st December 2003: “I was (also) very happy to have seen the short beautiful film on Auroville. The first and the greatest achievement is a fact that it is through your labour that this arid land has been transformed into a miraculous green land. Auroville is a different township from the point of view of development management. You have won several awards for varieties of achievements connected with development. all these three objectives are central to the educational policy of the Government of India. For Auroville is a great effort that aims at fulfilling a tremendous dream. This Dream places Truth as the sovereign principle. each vibrant with charm and instructive disclosure. but the Truth that can be seen by a supramental vision. where work is to be conducted in the spirit of service to the Divine Conscious- AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . I am also particularly happy that Sanskrit is being specially encouraged. a Divine Dream. Contributions made by the Residents Assembly and the various other Auroville Working Groups in formulation of the Master Plan are praiseworthy. education for integral development of personality. Its development may provide a good model for emulation in other towns and cities as well.Truth. French and English. and your language laboratory is so designed that it can provide rapid training to students in Sanskrit as also in Tamil. I am sure that the Government will be happy to extend both moral and financial support to the task of educational research in which you are engaged. I am happy that the Government of India has accorded its recognition to your Institute of Educational Research as an Institution of Higher Learning of All India Importance. (…) To my mind.45 portant environmental safeguard. Happily. In those 20 minutes.

The Charter declares that Auroville belongs to nobody in particular but to humanity as a whole. (…) The Charter of Auroville that the Mother has given is an uplifting Charter. and where life is to be lived as a process of constant research whereby highest values can be embodied both in the individual and collective life. we have here an unprecedented opportunity for creating a model where people can unite as citizens of the world. It is an instructive example that self-control can best be attained when it is voluntary and deliberate.’ Finally. of constant progress and a youth that never ages. and that this is being done by everybody voluntarily. in declaring Auroville to be a site of material and spiritual re searches that aim at a living embodiment of an actual human unity. and the fact that you have voluntarily come here to organise a model of human unity puts on your shoulders a great responsibility to work out the problems which have divided the world so far into the East and the West or into smaller divisions of regions and provinces. Your efforts fill me with a great hope. (…) The Mother has given very important guidelines for the organisation of the economic life of Auroville. they can be minimized. I am happy that this directive of the Mother has been implemented. Indeed. and it ensures that Auroville develops as a learning society.46 ness.” . and it is a Charter that fulfils the highest ideals that India has conceived throughout the ages for social harmony and human solidarity. Auroville has been designed to fulfill Sri Aurobindo’s statement: ‘We do not belong to the dawns of the past but to the noons of the future. and integral research that can open the gates of future realisations. in which each nation brings to the totality its own special contributions that can enrich unity and oneness of the entire humanity. This is a great vision. In proposing it to be the bridge between the past and the future and as a repository of knowledge that comes to us from external frontiers of consciousness as also from internal frontiers of consciousness. if the principle of law and liberty is rightly employed. Sri Aurobindo has said that humanity has today decisively turned towards the ideal of human unity. the Charter also provides to Auroville an ideal situation where money cannot remain a sovereign lord. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY Sri Aurobindo has spoken of a world union of free nations. none has the right of inheritance. it is an inspiring Charter. it proposes Auroville as a place of unending education. multidisciplinary. She has perceived a kind of economy in which none here owns any property. and even though there are dangers on the path. a multisided. and all property is to be held collectively as a trust for the common welfare. Auroville has been turned into a field of research.

thus serving as a real life laboratory for the country’s education system. Secretary of State for Education. not only for the future of India. eco-friendly farms which do not destroy Mother Earth. income generating industrial units which do not pollute the air. This involves a change in the aims of education. as facilitators rather than as mere administrators. which point towards an India of the future which is prosperous. S. and many such innovations. Triphathi. Govt. we are here to support Auroville as partners in progress. of India. and which acts as an inspiration for the new generation. a new perception in the role of the teacher. and would like to contribute towards the progress of Auroville to serve as a beacon of hope. which is being now supported by us. in tune with nature. would bring about a change in the educational system in India through the implementation of Sri Aurobindo’s vision of integral education. at a colloquium on “Evolution of Human Consciousness within the Society of Auroville: an Example of Cultural Diversity”. but also for humanity as a whole. to celebrate Auroville’s 35th anniversary: “We envisage that the Sri Aurobindo International Institute for Educational Research. does not sacrifice its collective goals.47 • Mr. (…) Auroville has already brought a transformation in the areas surrounding it by adopting people-friendly technologies.” AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . Towards this aim.K. experiments with evolving new curricula and new methods of teaching and learning. organised by UNESCO in its headquarters in Paris on 11th April 2003.

corporate donors and private well-wishers in India and abroad. However.000 people. the financial challenge of building a sustainable model town for a projected population of 50. International Organizations European Community (EC) ICEF (India – Canadian Environment Facility) United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS-Habitat) UNESCO Foreign Governments & Governmental Organizations BELGIUM Algemene Belgische Ontwikkelingssamenwerking CANADA Canadian High Commission in India AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY DENMARK Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) FRANCE Ministère des Affaires Etrangères GERMANY Bundesministerium für Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit Deutsche Welthunger Hilfe (FAO) Deutsche Gesellshaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit German Agro-Action German Appropriate Technology Exchange(GATE) Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KFW) JAPAN Japanese Embassy in India .000 residents. Auroville has received support from a considerable number of governmental and non-governmental agencies. This selective list comprises funding agencies that have supported specific research and pilot projects and programmes in Auroville and the neighbouring villages. is immense. which at the same time cares for an expanding rural neighbourhood of -- at present -- 40.48 FUNDING AGENCIES Over the past decades. foundations.

.49 NETHERLANDS Royal Netherlands Embassy in India NEW ZEALAND New Zealand High Commission in India SPAIN Government of Navarra Municipality of Pamplona SWITZERLAND SWISSAID UNITED KINGDOM DFID. UK Department for International Development Indian Government and Governmental Organizations Government of India AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY Building Material & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC) Ministry of Education Ministry of Environment Ministry of Human Resource Development Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources Ministry of Rural Development Ministry of Science and Technology Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR) Indian Navy Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) National Wasteland Development Board (NWDB) Tamil Nadu Government Tamil Fund Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA) Tamil Nadu Family Welfare Board Tamil Nadu Social Welfare Board Tamil Nadu State Forest Department TRYSEM Programme Indian Non-Governmental Organisations & Businesses All India Books Aurofood Auroshikha Bombay Natural History Society Credit Himatsingka Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.

Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA. Development Consultants Ltd. New Delhi. Germany) Communities Professional Partnership Programme (CPPP). New Delhi. UK. German Appropriate Technology Exchange (GATE). Human and Institutional Development for Ecological Refrigerants (Hidecor).D. Cambodia.Tata Trust Modi Charitable Trust New Horizon Sugar Mills Sri Aurobindo’s Action Sri Aurobindo Memorial Fund Sri. UK. HGA Ltd. Switzerland. University of Grenoble. Craterre. Holland. Ratan Tata Trust Tata Energy Research Institute COLLABORATING RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS Arrakis. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY Deutsche Gesellshaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ). Phnom Penh. Gamos Ltd. . Calcutta. Germany. Mumbai Human Settlement Management Inst. HUDCO. Dorabji Tata Trust Sri. France.50 Indian Tobacco Company INTACH J.R. Ecole Fédérale Polytechnique de Lausanne. Germany.

USA) GIFFRID (German – Israel Government Collaboration) Overseas Development Administration (ODA. Denmark) Foundation for World Education (FWE. Bangkok. Thailand. International Ferrocement Information Centre (IFIC).51 IT. Madras. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY Collaborating Partners of Pitchandikulam Bio-Resource Centre and Shakti Government of India Ministry of Environment and Forests Andaman and Nicobar Ecological Team Foreign Organizations Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA. Man and Environment (A. UK. The Netherlands) Canada Fund Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA. Denmark) through the Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT. Spanner Consultants.M. IT Power India.E. International Development Research Corporation (IDRC). India) . Denmark.. New Delhi. Swiss Aid. Pondicherry.) through Commonwealth Human Ecology Council (CHEC). Collaborating Partners of Auroville Greenwork Resource Centre and Palmyra Government of Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology Government of India International Development Research Corporation (IDRC) Ministry of Environment and Forests Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources (MNES) National Wasteland Development Board Foreign Organisations Agriculture.


USA) INERP Association Scienfique (France) Stichting De Zaaier (The Netherlands) Threshold Foundation (USA) AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . Germany) Overseas Development Administration (ODA.52 Collaborating Partners of Water Harvest Government of Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu State Council for Science and Technology Collaborating Partners of Auroville Centre for Scientific Research (CSR) and Auroville Building Centre (AV-BC). Germany) Foundation for World Education (FWE. Germany) German Appropriate Technology Exchange (GATE. Denmark) Deutsche Gesellshaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GIT. Ministry of Rural Development Foreign Government Organisations Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA. UK) through Commonwealth Human Ecology Council (CHEC) Foreign NGOs Bremen Overseas Research and Development Association (BORDA. International Organisations United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS-Habitat) European Commission Government of India Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC) Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO) Indian Navy Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources (MNES) National Building Organisation (NBO) Rajiv Gandhi Drinking Water Mission.

advises the Governing Board on any matter relating to the management and development of Auroville. has the overall responsibility for the proper management and development of Auroville. appointed by the Government of India.53 CITY NETWORKING Agreements exist with the following cities: Municipality of Cologne (Germany) Municipality of Venice (Italy) Atelier Parisien d’Urbanisme de Paris (France) Provincia di Treviso (Italy) Municipality of Pamplona (Spain) Government of Navarra (Spain) Municipality of Formia (Italy) City of Campinas (Brazil) THE AUROVILLE FOUNDATION In September 1988. • The International Advisory Council. the Parliament of India passed the Auroville Foundation Act to vest all undertakings related to Auroville in an autonomous body. comprising all the residents of Auroville over the age of 18. organizes the various activities of Auroville and decides upon the terms of its membership. The Residents’ Assembly selects a Working Committee from its own members to liaise and represent itself with the Governing Board and the Secretary to the Foundation. On the basis of this unique Act. AUROVILLE: UNIVERSAL CITY FOR HUMAN UNITY . the Auroville Foundation came into being in February 1991 when the Central Government nominated the members of the first Governing Board. • The Residents’ Assembly. Authorities of the Auroville Foundation • The Governing Board. in order to secure the further development of Auroville in accordance with its original Charter. appointed by the Government of India.

Doudou Diene Dr. Mr. Bulgaria. Marc Luyckx Ghisi Mr.R. Minister of Culture.) Aster Mira Patel Auroville Smt. Mr. Secretary General of the Club of Budapest. M’Bow. Chennai Ms. Government of India. New Delhi Shri. Secretary General of the Club of Rome. Ervin Laszlo.Ajoy Bagchi New Delhi Ms. Julian Lines Former members include: Mr. Ludmilla Zhivkova. K. Sunil Kumar Joint Secretary. Ameeta Mehra The Presence Centre. (Planning & UNESCO) Department of Secondary Education and Higher Education Ministry of Human Resource Development. President of the Manitou Foundation. Mr. and Dr. Tata. Shri S.Governing Board Members of the Auroville Foundation Dr. Mallika Sarabhai Darpana Academy of Performing Arts. Usmanpura. former Director General of UNESCO. Nobel Prize winner. Vishakha N. Joint Secretary & Financial Adviser Department of Secondary Education and Higher Education Ministry of Human Resource Development Government of India Present members of the International Advisory Council Sir Mark Tully Chairman Dr.Desai Mr. Maurice Strong. (Smt. Ahmedabad.Malini Parthasarthy Journalist. late Ms. UK. Snr. Hanna Strong. Indian industrialist. ex-Prime Minister of India. Ray. the late Mr.D. Shri Narasimha Rao. Director General of UNESCO. Federico Mayor.Karan Singh Chairman Shri. Dr. former Secretary General UNCED. Amartya Sen. J. Mrs. Bertrand Schneider. .


but for enriching the existing faculties and bringing forth new ones. Work would not be there as the means of gaining one's livelihood. moral and spiritual superiority will find expression not in the enhancement of the pleasures and powers of life but in the increase of duties and responsibilities.A Dream “There should be somewhere upon earth a place that no nation could claim as its sole property. develop one's capacities and possibilities. could live freely as citizens of the world. will be available equally to all. Education would be given. a place where the needs of the spirit and the care for progress would get precedence over the satisfaction of desires and passions. For in this ideal place money would be no more the sovereign lord.org. Artistic beauty in all forms.in www. literature. it would be the means whereby to express oneself. painting. would be replaced by relations of emulation for doing better. a place where all human beings of goodwill. relations of real brotherhood". it would be a place where the relations among human beings. usually based almost exclusively upon competition and strife. L'Avenir d'Auroville avenir@auroville. a place of peace.org Phone : 91 (413) 2622250 . to surmount his weakness and ignorance. obeying one single authority. Individual merit will have a greater importance than the value due to material wealth and social position. to triumph over his limitations and incapacities. not with a view to passing examinations and getting certificates and posts. the seeking for pleasures and material enjoyments. for collaboration. concord. where all the fighting instincts of man would be used exclusively to conquer the causes of his suffering and misery. In this place titles and positions would be supplanted by opportunities to serve and organize. harmony. while doing at the same time service to the whole group. the opportunity to share in the joys they bring being limited solely by each one's capacities and not by social or financial position.auroville. which on its side would provide for each one's subsistence and for the field of his work. music. In this place. In brief. sculpture. children would be able to grow and develop integrally without losing contact with their soul. The needs of the body will be provided for equally in the case of each and everyone. sincere in their aspiration. that of the supreme Truth. In the general organisation intellectual.