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The Adventure of Jumping Mouse
Mr. Twenty Twenty / ThunderCreek August 2008 Connellsville, PA / Austin, TX
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Praise for Jumping Mouse! Mr. Twenty Twenty has created one of the most important books of the decade. Anything that takes an unashamed, deep look at the thing that scares us most, ourselves, and wraps it in an entertaining story originally derived from American Indian folklore, can only be good news for everyone. Justyn McDonald. - Australia Jumping Mouse has been a god-send! Along the lines of all the greats (Erickson, Bandler, Jung) Twenty has presented the world with a book that moves its readers into inspiration, faith, and action! This story, is one that needs to be shared with future generations. The wisdom held in this book comes from timeless understanding and I am sure it will serve as a vehicle of hope for all who read it! Armando Fierro As I entered the realm of Jumping Mouse, the depiction of the Mouse People, the Raccoon, the Frog, The Old Mouse, the Buffalo, and the Gray Wolf all became clear to me as people I know or the stages of my own development and enlightenment. When reading (and re-reading) this tale of wisdom, I find inspiration and instruction for my continued journey to the lofty state of Eagle. Everyone can and should embrace the beauty of this insightful fable. Jumping Mouse inspires you to soar without denigrating those around you who may simply choose to remain everyday and ordinary. Well done, Mr. Twenty Twenty. Very well done. Buz McGuire Viral Happiness Expansion Initiative


Praise for Jumping Mouse! I read Jumping Mouse and he was such an inspiration! The whole tale had so many lessons that really had an impact on me. I got so caught up in Jumping Mouse’s tale, that I couldn’t wait for the end and read all in a single reading. After which, I went ahead and followed a dream..and published a print book. The book is generic to where I am, and sales will be limited for now. But there is an opportunity for expansion, and you need to get your toes wet sometime, right? I want go from Jumping Mouse to Eagle several times in MY lifetime and Jumping Mouse is a really good role model. Every time I take that next, big, scary step, I’ll think about Jumping mouse. Most good luck and wishes Twenty Twenty! Love and prosperity to you and Carol, Barb H.

Are you like me? Leaping from one point in your life to another not knowing why and even sometimes how. I didn't have a real goal or objective. What I did have was confusion. Then along came Mr. Twenty Twenty's story about Jumping Mouse. The first time I read it I thought, "what a cute story." Then BAM, it hit me! I got it and I got what was the missing link in my personal life. I am married to a wonderful woman who is part native American and I am a direct descendant of Daniel Boone. I forgot that portion of my heritage that believes in and uses legends to explain life. I won't forget again. Thanks Mr. Twenty Twenty for getting me back on course. This is a must read for all! Bob Kleppin


Praise for Jumping Mouse! Jumping Mouse recounts an ancient Native American story with insight, wit, joy and love. Much more than a literary creation that teaches, instructs or shares wisdom, Jumping Mouse is a journey to be experienced. The story of Jumping Mouse moved me to tears, laughter, gasps of shock and surprise and profound joy. Most of all, the experience of Jumping Mouse filled me with Divine Love and connected me with myself on a very deep level. As I journeyed along with Little Mouse as he became Jumping Mouse and journeyed onward to rebirth, I was right there in the Medicine Lake, trotting across the dangerous plains with Buffalo and climbing the steep peaks with Gray Wolf. I was transported and I experienced the transformation of Jumping Mouse directly. Such is the Power of this little book called Jumping Mouse. Get it. Read it. Feel it. Be it. You will be transformed. Amy Flynn


Praise for Jumping Mouse! "As soon as I began to read Jumping Mouse, I just knew it was going to have a profound impact upon my life.” It's now been less than 12 hours since I finished the book, and I am beginning to realize the impact... distraction. All of the collecting and the doing and the busy-ness of the mice people... Man, you nailed it, that was me, in a continuous state of distraction! Yet what I am feeling this morning is clarity - clarity of purpose - with the intention of completely, and permanently, freeing myself from distraction. Now, I don't know if you'll find the same piece of gem that I found, but I can guarantee you will find the piece that is right for you, the one that YOU need to read and to hear and to KNOW, right now. Twenty's Jumping Mouse, a very easy to read Native American tale of timeless wisdom, is just that, filled with many gems, more than enough for everyone! Enjoy!!! Todd Silva


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Choose today to live a life that would make your great grandchildren dance – then do it! Mr. Twenty Twenty


The Adventure of Jumping Mouse

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Table of Contents
Foreward: Introduction: Chapter 1: The Mice People Chapter 2: The Raccoon and The River Chapter 3: Frog Chapter 4: The Return of Jumping Mouse Chapter 5 Jumping Mouse Enters The Prairie Chapter 6 Buffalo Chapter 7 Grey Wolf and The Sacred Mountains Chapter 8 The Peace of Medicine Lake Chapter 9 Eagle Vision and The Awakening Chapter 10 Eagle Vision Part I – Insights Chapter 11 Eagle Vision Part II - The 4 Keys to Eagle Vision Chapter 12 Jumping Mouse and His Spirit Helpers Chapter 13 Getting Unstuck Chapter 14 Conclusion - Life as an Eagle 14 15 21 31 37 41 47 53 59 63 67 75 85 109 133


If you have ever felt an inner calling... If you somehow know there is something more... If you long for a world beyond the world of the hype, distraction and meaningless pursuit of getting more... Then Jumping Mouse is definitely for you!


An inspired note to the reader: Even though you could read jumping mouse all alone, late at night, by yourself, by candlelight, out under the stars... Try this tiny little idea on, snuggle up with it, notice how soft it feels, and how comfortable it fits you. Jumping Mouse is an ancient fable. It is a fable that is designed to be read out loud, read out loud to someone that you love. You could read it to a child, you could read it to an elder, you could read it to a friend. You could simply read it, out loud, by yourself, to the divine within an around you. Read it out loud, and the ancient fable of Jumping Mouse, will transform you deeply, from the moment you start reading it. It's likely, that from the first few words, you will start seeing bits and pieces of you in all of the characters, as well as identify deeply with Mouse himself. As you grow on your journey with Jumping Mouse, I request that you take notes on the blank pages. They are there by design. Take a few moments, and record your insights, shifts, and ah ha moments as you experience them. At anytime, feel free too to email me and share your stories and experiences at Blessings and balance to you, Mr. Twenty Twenty Email:



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Jumping Mouse is an ancient Native American story handed down through at least seven generations of wisdom keepers. These wisdom keepers are elders known generally as Zero Chiefs, Story Tellers, Singers and Medicine Men. Sharing the Journey of Jumping Mouse leads to increasing peace, power and prosperity in life. Reading it opens your mind and heart to a deeper experience of life and opens an inner door to profound transformation. Jumping Mouse is a fable that is different, a fable that is special, because it designed to be an experience that awakens and releases the visionary within you, while helping you discover who you really are. While you are reading the fable of Jumping Mouse, you will meet many interesting characters. You may recognize YOU in the various characters at different stages of your inner growth and personal discovery. You may also recognize your mentors, teachers, friends and family too. The fable of Jumping Mouse help you notice how you keep yourself busy and distracted from opportunities of growth and development. If you are distracted, you won't be tempted to developing, because you won't notice what is missing from your life. Once you have experienced the journey of Jumping Mouse, every day you will experience a deeper understanding of who you really are, and what you are capable of experiencing and doing in your lifetime. The Story of Jumping mouse contains the keys to living a life of both success and significance because we need to both success and significance to live happy, fulfilled lives.


Chapter 1 The Mice People

Once there was a Little Mouse. He was a busy, Little Mouse – searching everywhere; touching his whiskers to the grass and looking. He was a busy mouse, as all mice are; busy doing busy mice things, but once in a while, he would begin to notice an odd sound. Little Mouse would lift his head, and he would squint; squint so hard to see...his whiskers wiggling in the air, listening to that odd, invisible sound. And he would wonder what it was. So one day, Little Mouse came up to another busy mouse, and he asked him, "Do you you hear the sound, the odd invisible sound roaring in your ears, my brother mouse?" "No, no!" answered busy mouse, not even lifting his busy mouse nose from the ground. "I hear nothing – I am busy right now! Talk to me later." Later, he asked another mouse, an Elder Mouse the same question. And he was looked at by the Elder Mouse strangely. "Are you foolish in your head? What sound? There is no sound"



And with that, Elder Mouse slipped away, and went into a hole, in a fallen cottonwood tree. Little Mouse shrugged his whiskers, and he busied himself again. He was determined to forget the whole matter, but there was that roaring sound again – it was faint. Very, very faint. But it was always there.



Insights and Inspirations for Chapter 1
Take a few moments today, and everyday to ask, “What is the sound I hear, the calling I try to ignore, what is spirit calling me and only me to do, and to become?” In your life you will meet busy mice who have learned how to ignore the call of their spirit. How have you responded in the past to busy mice who do not hear the call of the river like you do? How do you imagine your self responding differently in the future? Little Mouse asked an elder about the noise he always heard, and the elder mouse told him there was no such sound and then disappeared down the hole in an old cottonwood tree. The cottonwood tree represents history and tradition. Often it is by letting go of your histories and traditions that you begin to hear your calling louder and clearer. Take a few moments this weekend and notice what in your personal history and personal traditions you might just be ready to release and let go of.



Chapter 2 The Raccoon and The River

Then one day, there came the fateful day. Little Mouse decided to investigate the sound, the sound that was always with him. He went just a tiny little bit. Then he went just a tiny bit more. One tiny little mouse step at a time Little Mouse left behind all the other busy mice. He was scared, but he kept going, just a little bit farther, and then he stopped to listen just a little bit more. Little Mouse was listening hard – intently – when suddenly he heard a voice. "Hello, little brother," the voice said. And Little Mouse almost jumped right out of his skin! His back arched and his tail was stiff and straight as an arrow! He felt the need to run! "Hello," said the voice. "I am your Brother, Brother Raccoon. What are you doing here all by yourself, my little brother?" Little Mouse felt awkward. He was just a tiny bit embarrassed. "My brother, this might sound a little odd, but I hear an odd sound, a roaring noise... and I... I have to investigate it." "You hear a roaring noise... in your ears?" replied Brother Raccoon, as he sat down beside him. "What you hear, my dear little brother, is the river."



"The river? But what is the river?" "Walk with me and I will show you the river," said Raccoon. Oh my goodness... Little Mouse felt odd. He felt so terribly afraid, yet he was comforted by Raccoon. He felt and knew deep inside he must find out all about the river. He must find out about that roaring noise he always heard.



“Then I can return to my work”, he thought. “After I have found out what this river is, I can return to my work. It may even help me with all the busy mouse things that I must do all the time. And then there are my brother mice. Yeah, they said it was nothing at all! I will show them! I will bring Raccoon back with me, and Raccoon and I, together, we will show them.” "Alright, Raccoon, my brother, lead me to the river. I will walk with you." So Little Mouse was nervous. He walked with Raccoon, as his heart pounded in his chest. Brother Raccoon was taking him in strange ways, and Little Mouse smelled the scent of many, many different things that had gone by this way. Even though he was comforted by Raccoon, Little Mouse was so frightened and he almost turned back several times. Then, they came to the river. "Oh my gosh, the river is huge!" In some places the river was deep and clear. And yet, the river was murky in others. Little Mouse was unable to see across it, because it was so big! And the river roared. With his whole body, Little Mouse could hear and feel the thunder of the river. And Little Mouse looked at the river, and he saw huge and tiny pieces of the world carried along on the surface. "Ohh! It is powerful!" Little Mouse said. "It is a great thing," said the raccoon. "Let me introduce you to a friend." Nearby, on the river there was a smoother place. And on the smoother place, there was a little lily pad, bright and green. And sitting upon the lily pad was a frog. Almost as green as the lily pad that he was on. The frog had a white belly that also stood out clearly.



"Hello, little brother," said the frog, "welcome to the river." Raccoon began to walk away and said, "I must leave you now, little brother. But my dear friend frog will care for you now." And raccoon left to do what raccoons do. And as he walked along the river and he washed his food within.



Insights and Inspirations for Chapter 2
Want to learn a secret? Everyone on “the journey of Jumping Mouse” feels the fear. Some people turn back, others, like our friend Little Mouse continue onward because they feel something deeper. When you feel something so deep inside you can not stop and must face the fear take action. Take tiny little mouse steps. Only once you have begun to take action, to step away from your busy world of distraction, you will meet Raccoon. When Raccoon shows up in your life, he is a brother. One who perhaps has a bit more experience and knows the way to spirit, and washes his food in spirit. Who in your life today can you honor as Raccoon? Can you call them up, write them a letter, give them a copy of this book as a gift?



Chapter 3 Frog

So Little Mouse began to inch along, looking around, and as he got closer to the river, he looked in and he saw a reflection – he saw a reflection of a very frightened mouse. Little Mouse asked the reflection, "Who are you?" And Frog answered him, "It's okay; relax. I have been given the gift to live both above and within the water. Little Mouse, would you like to have some medicine?" "Me? Have medicine? Why, yes, yes; I would love to have medicine!" some

Frog said, "Here's what you must do. Crouch as low as you can, then jump as high as you are able. Then you will have your medicine." Little Mouse crouched really low, and he jumped as high as he could, and in his eyes then saw the sacred mountains. Little Mouse could hardly believe what he saw! The sacred mountains! And he fell back into the water. He landed in the river. Little Mouse was frightened, and he scrambled; he made his way back to the bank. He was wet, he was frightened, and he was angry. "You have tricked me!" Little Mouse screamed at Frog. "Wait! Just a moment," said Frog. "Are you okay? Do not allow the fear or the anger to blind you. Remember! What did you see? What did you see?" 31


Little Mouse tried to collect his words, and finally, he said, "I... I saw the sacred mountains!" "Yes," said Frog, "and now you have your medicine and you have a new name. Your new name is Jumping Mouse." "Thank you, thank you," said Jumping Mouse. "I must return to my people. I must tell them of this thing." "Go tell them," said Frog. "And to return to your people, it's very easy to find them. Turn your back to the river, and go opposite of the sound and you will find your brother mice."



Insights and Inspirations for Chapter 3
Often in life, we must crouch low, before we can jump high, just like Jumping Mouse. When you have a struggle or challenge, remember that this might just be a great time to remember that the challenge will help you, but you must release, let go, and jump high and take the time to notice the sacred mountains. The Sacred Mountains are inspiring. What insights and inspirations have you seen given birth to through hardships? Frog and Jumping Mouse shared a very special moment when Jumping Mouse was “losing it”. Sharing this lesson can help you remember it when you need it. Who can you share this with today? Frog lives both above and within the waters. He lives in both the spirit and in the world. Notice he lives in a place where the waters are still, and the reflection is not rippled. Traditionally a name change happened when you changed significantly. This was true with many cultures around the world, including the Hebrews, Native Americans, and some Aboriginal Tribes. If spirit was to give you a new name what would it be? Remember: The world of the mice people and the river seem to be in opposite directions. Frog told mouse to turn his back to the sound of the river and walk away, then he would return to the mice people. In time Jumping mouse would learn, instead of being opposites, that they are in fact quite near each other, both different parts of the same world.



Chapter 4 The Return of Jumping Mouse
So Jumping Mouse returned to the land, to the world of the mice people. In the land of the mice people, Jumping Mouse experienced frustration and found disappointment. No one there would listen to him. No other mice would listen to Jumping Mouse, because the other mice were afraid! Since Jumping Mouse was wet from the river, and he had no way of explaining his experience that they could understand, many of the mice began to avoid him. They believed he had been spat out; that some animal went to eat him and didn't even find him good enough for food. And so, for a time, Jumping Mouse again, attempted to live with his people. He tried to stay busy, and he tried to forget the vision that he had of the sacred mountains. So Jumping Mouse was different; he wasn't perceived the way that the other mice were. And even though day in and day out, he went among his mouse activities, he realized one day that he had to leave.



Insights and Inspirations for Chapter 4
Jumping Mouse wanted to share what he experienced with his people, and they just could not understand. Sometimes it's just a good idea to keep your mouth shut, otherwise you might waste the energy you need for your vision on trying to convince others about something they just aren't ready to understand or experience. Allow yourself to be carried by your experience of the sacred, and of your vision of the Sacred Mountains. I tried to deny my visions for years. I had life changing visions show up in my life when I was taken hostage back in 1989. I tried to fit in, I tried to keep busy, it was only by honoring who I was becoming and my vision that finally I was able to experience peace. You can read more about my personal story by visiting



Chapter 5 Jumping Mouse Enters The Prairie
And so Jumping Mouse went to the edge of the world of the mouse people. And he looked far out, far out onto the prairie. Way up in the air were the spots that hovered, the spots they all were so afraid of. However, Jumping Mouse was determined to find his way to the sacred mountains. He had to experience the truth of this vision once and for all. Jumping Mouse gathered up all of his courage, and he ran as fast as he could out into the prairie. He ran and he ran until he came to a huge brush of sage. At the brush of sage, he sat there and he tried to catch his breath, relaxing and resting. And it was then, that Jumping Mouse saw there a very, very old mouse. Jumping Mouse was impressed – he was amazed! For here he was, with such an Old Mouse, in such a beautiful place, safe from the spots high up in the sky. And there were so many things to notice here. Jumping Mouse said to Old Mouse, "Truly, you are amazing! For you live in this wonderful place, and the spots high up in the sky – they can't get you here." "Yes," said Old Mouse, "and one can look at all of the beings that live on the prairie from here. You can see the buffalo, the antelope, and the coyote. One can look at them all from here, and one can know their names." "That is marvelous!" Jumping Mouse said to him. "Can you see the river and the Sacred Mountains" "Yes and no. I know there is a great river, but I'm afraid that the sacred mountains are, I am sorry my friend, the Sacred Mountains a just a myth. Forget about them. Stay here with me. Everything that you want is here; this is a very good place to be."


42 could he say such a thing? said Jumping Mouse to himself. Once you've seen the sacred mountains; once you've been to the river – how can you forget? "Oh, thank you very much for sharing with me, Old Mouse...but I must seek the Sacred Mountains." "Oh, you are foolish to leave here! There is danger! Remember the spots – the danger high up in the sky. The spots, they are Eagles. They will catch you and you will be no more!"



Insights and Inspirations from Chapter 5
Old Mouse apparently saw the river, but he didn't take the time to jump and see the sacred mountains. Old mouse was not satisfied with the ways of the busy mice, and yet he never took the chances to fully explore the world of vision that was calling to him. What can you to today to not become like Old Mouse, one who knows the names, but who hasn't had the experiences? Old mouse tried to keep Jumping Mouse with him, by reminding him to fear the Eagles, the Spots high up in the sky. What Eagles – Tiny Spots are you afraid of? Are you willing to continue on the journey ahead in spite of the fear? Sage is the traditional healing plant of many tribes that “holds and nurtures”. There is a time on your journey where you need held and nurtured from the outside. This is a time where many people take courses, read books, learn from elders. Take the time to be held and nurtured from the outside. Read, explore, learn.



Chapter 6 Buffalo
It was hard for Jumping Mouse to leave such a wise Old Mouse. However, he gathered all of his determination. He was convicted to go to the sacred mountains. And so he ran – he ran hard again. Now, he was out on the prairie and it was tough; but he ran and he ran as best he could. And finally, he came across a stand of choke cherries. Ahh. It was cool here. And there was food, there was water! And he could eat the seeds. And oh my gosh, the grass! He could gather the grass, he could make nests; there were places to explore; there were so many busy things to do here. Jumping Mouse was looking around; he was investigating. He was exploring his new place. And he heard a great breathing. There was a heavy, heavy breathing. And there it was – he saw – the great Buffalo. Buffalo was so huge, that Jumping Mouse couldn't see all of him. Buffalo was so huge, that Jumping Mouse could have even crawled inside one of his ears. Surely, this being must be holy. "Hello, little brother, thank you for visiting me. However, you cannot stay here – I am sick and I am dying. I have been told that the only thing that can save me is the eye of a mouse." "Ohh!" Jumping Mouse...Oh, my gosh! One of my eyes? Buffalo continued, "Alas! But there is no such thing as a mouse." Okay, Jumping Mouse took that as his cue, and began to move away and thought, “Okay, that's just fine...”



But deep inside, he had this feeling. Jumping mouse could give up one of his eyes and save such a magnificent creature. And without one of my eyes, Buffalo would surely die. So Jumping Mouse went back to Buffalo, and he said to him, "Buffalo, I am Jumping Mouse...and you – you...are very great." And instantly – plop! One of Jumping Mouse's eyes plopped out of his head, rolled over, and – whoop! Buffalo stood, regaining his health entirely. "Thank you, my little brother. I know of your quest to see the Sacred Mountains, and I can help you get across the Prairie. What I need you to do is to run under the safety of my belly. The only thing the Eagles will see from far up in the sky is me. So run, run as fast as you can." So Jumping Mouse and Buffalo ran across the prairie. Jumping Mouse was scared! Oh, Jumping Mouse was so scared, running under the huge, huge Buffalo...seeing his hooves come down all around him, shaking up the entire world. Until finally, they came to a place where Buffalo stopped. "My little brother, this is where I must leave you, because Buffalo are creatures of the prairie, and your journey continues up into the mountains." "Thank you...thank you for helping me, Buffalo." "Now you know, your fear that you felt was for nothing, Jumping Mouse. I would not have trampled you. At all times, I knew exactly where you were."



Inspirations and Insights from Chapter 6
Buffalo represents Wisdom and Power that is earned through hardships and through life experiences. If you focus too much on your hardships and life experiences you can become depressed, cold, harsh, removed from the flow of life. The eye of the mouse represents Innocence and Trust. Jumping mouse was willing to give up one of his eyes, so that Buffalo could live. Wisdom and Power, gained from hardship and experience, only lives and benefits others when it is balanced and activated with the Innocence and Trust represented by the mice people. Jumping mouse was rewarded greatly, because the Wisdom and Power of the Buffalo, and this enabled him to cross the Prairie safely. The Prairie is symbolic of the challenges of life. On the prairie you can not hide. There are times when you must not hide from your challenges, and must continue to take action and move on. Take the time to learn from elders, for your Innocence and Trust will awaken and inspire them. Remember too that real wisdom comes from experience, and seek those who are experienced, and who honor your experience and growth in the process.



Chapter 7 Grey Wolf and The Sacred Mountains
So Jumping Mouse began to investigate. He began to look around and to explore his new surroundings. There is so much here; so much more here than any place else he had ever been! Suddenly, he came upon a Grey Wolf who was sitting around, doing absolutely nothing. "Hey, hello, brother Wolf, it is I, Jumping Mouse." Grey Wolf says, "Wolf? Wolf! Yes, that's what I am, Wolf." And he continued to sit there, doing nothing. "Brother Wolf, I am Jumping Mouse..." "Mouse? Yes, Mouse, yes, I know...Mouse..." And Grey Wolf sat there and stared. He would just sit there, doing absolutely nothing. Jumping Mouse thought this was very peculiar and went around this day exploring more, seeing the wolf just sit there. And it occurred to him, Oh! I know what will cure the wolf. What will cure the wolf is one of my eyes! Jumping Mouse went over, "Wolf! Wolf! I know what will cure you!" Instantly, he felt a plunk! Out came Jumping Mouse's other eye.



Suddenly, Grey Wolf rolled over, and said, "I am Grey Wolf. I know of your quest and I can help you get far into the sacred mountains. I can help you journey deep inside, and I can take you to the sacred lake." And as Grey Wolf told him this, he cried a tear. Jumping Mouse couldn't see his tears, because Jumping Mouse was now blind. "I am the guide into the sacred mountains. I will take you to the Medicine Lake. Everything – everything in the world is reflected there. All of the beings of the prairies and the skies." "Please take me there," said Jumping Mouse. And Grey Wolf guided him. He guided him through the trees; he guided him around the rocks and the pines, into the depths, of Medicine Lake.



Insights and Inspirations from Chapter 7
Grey Wolf is a guide. He is a guide who doesn't remember or even realize he is a guide. He is one of those wise souls, who just seems to know exactly what to say, and say it in a way that makes a difference. Jumping Mouse had to approach Grey Wolf with Innocence and Trust. He gave up his remaining eye, trusting, that it would help Grey Wolf. Grey Wolf is the color of Grey, which represents many different ideals. Grey is the color of the hair of the elders. Those who have lived for quite some time and who have experienced life, faced it's challenges, and discovered deep blessings. Grey is the color that is the perfect blend of black and white. Grey Wolf doesn't preach, he doesn't think, he sees. He tells Jumping Mouse of what can be seen at Medicine Lake. It's not how brilliant your ideas are that matter, it's how much beauty, truth, and possibility that you can see. Medicine Lake is a place of stillness, where everything is reflected according to Grey Wolf. Enlightenment and Inner Peace seem the same as Medicine Lake. Take the time to become still, and enjoy the reflections that you find within you and your Medicine Lake.



Chapter 8 The Peace of Medicine Lake
So Little Mouse drank of the lake, and Grey Wolf stayed with him and told him of all that was there. Some time had gone by, and Jumping mouse felt at peace. "Grey Wolf, I know that you are the guide to bring people – to bring others – to the sacred Medicine Lake. You must return to the base of the Sacred Mountains." Grey Wolf, understanding what would happen, thanked Jumping Mouse, saw him with eyes of compassion and love, and he left, returning to the base of the Sacred Mountains to help those who were coming. So Jumping Mouse sat there, still, and at peace. Deep inside he felt a stirring, and he knew what would happen. From high up in the sky, he could feel the shadows of Eagle, as Eagle flew over him. He heard the loud cry and he braced himself for what was coming. And as Eagle hit, Jumping Mouse, our friend, went to sleep.



Insights and Inspirations from Chapter 8
Death. Sometimes letting go feels like death. Yet we all have to let go, give away, and allow flow to happen. It's the only way we can serve others. Jumping Mouse had to let go of Grey Wolf, his guide and his protector. Deep inside, while experiencing the peace of Medicine Lake he had to let go, and let God. Take the time today to notice your fears of death, big deaths, little deaths, and let go, surrender to the peace of Medicine Lake.



Chapter 9 Eagle Vision and The Awakening
Suddenly, he woke up. The surprise of being alive was overwhelming. But now, for some reason he could not yet comprehend, he could see. Everything was blurry, but the colors that he could see were amazing! And as he blinked, then things began to become even more clear. Still, a blurry shape came up toward him. "Hello, my brother. Do you want some medicine?" "Medicine? Medicine for me? Why, yes!" "Then crouch as low as you can. Then jump as high as you are able." He did as he was told – he crouched as low as he could, and he jumped as high as he was able. Suddenly, the wind – the wind caught him and carried him higher, even higher – high up into the sky. "Do not be afraid; just hang on to the wind and trust." He closed his eyes, and he hung; he felt the wind as it carried him higher and higher. He blinked his eyes again, and suddenly, they were clear! The higher, higher, and higher he floated, the clearer his vision became. Far below, he again saw his old friend on the lily pad. Down on Medicine Lake, it was Frog.

"You have a new name, my brother. You are Eagle."



Insights and Inspirations from Chapter 9
Eagle. You have been reborn. You see the world with entirely new eyes. You blink, life becomes clearer. Yet you still need a guide, a friend, a friendly reminder. “Crouch as low as you can, and jump as high as you are able, hang onto the winds and trust.” It's your job to spread your wings, it's your job to crouch and jump, it's your job to trust. It is your job, your opportunity, to Awaken and Soar! The invisible winds will take care of the rest. Being carried by the winds isn't hard work. Mostly it's about noticing very minute and invisible shifts, and adjusting your wings, your life accordingly.



Chapter 10 The Eagle's Vision Part I - Insights
Eagle Vision shows up in your life when the visionary that you are becoming is so radically different than the person you have historically been. Once you have become Eagle, you can't even say that you are a mouse, much less the adventurer Jumping Mouse anymore. Your life, your ways of perceiving will have changed that much. In the process of your personal transformation and awakening, you go from being the busy yet curious Little Mouse to being the one who takes risks, Jumping Mouse. If you choose to continue to explore, to go into the prairies and mountains in life, you evolve from being Jumping Mouse to Eagle – the one who's been totally transformed – The One who is now a Visionary. The Soaring Eagle perceives the Universe in a way entirely different than the masses who live in the land of the mice people. Mice have lives full of distraction; mice have lives full of collection; mice have lives of touching and being touched by everything. An eagle has an entirely different experience of life and the world around him. A tiny tale of my transformation. There was a time when I worked a normal job, had typical distractions, dreams and goals and that was good. During my normal job, I began learning to to change lives, by working on the Internet, I began exploring what it would take to promote and lead courses and trainings that would transform the lives of others. And then at some point, a radical transformation occurred. I didn't have a job, and I had no desire of ever having one again. I didn't think like the mice; I had started soaring like the Eagle.



I had chosen to become one who inspires, to become one who has long range vision, Eagle Vision. “I can chose today, to become one who lives by faith, who floats on the invisible winds, supported by the divine.” In your own life, becoming Eagle may mean something different for you than it did for me. But that shift in you will become so remarkable that many will not be able to even recognize who you have become. There comes a time in your transformation, when what normal people are interested in is no longer of primary interest to you. You will live from a place of passion, creativity, love, and purpose that may amaze even you. “I am here to see and invite transformation.” And so, once you have become Eagle, you have been reborn. The Eagle in the older Native American traditions is of the East – the place of new births; the place of new beginnings. The new births and the new beginnings associated with Eagle are totally life transforming. This is the area of thankfulness; the area of gratitude; the area of springtime; the time of planting seeds. Eagle Vision Moments – Time for Rebirth The Camp Hill Prison Riots of 1989 signaled the end of my career in law enforcement. I was a newly married corrections officer who was taken hostage while on the job. I would in no way recognize my former life in just 5 short years. That was the beginning of my inner transformation, and when I was first introduced to the complete story of Jumping Mouse.



The Miracle of Medicine lake.
While enjoying the divine out at medicine lake, the blind Jumping Mouse felt the shadow of the eagle before he felt him strike, and then he went to sleep. And when he awoke, he was reminded of a very important action to take, by his friend Frog. He tells him to look, to crouch low, and to jump as high as he is able. As our hero looks, crouches low, and jumps as high as he is able, he new Eagle Vision becomes clear, he realizes now that he is Eagle. He has transformed; his old helper, the frog, has come back again.

The Innocence and Trust of Frog.
Frog reminds us to stop, to remember Innocence and Trust. Look! Notice what's happened to you. For this is an essential part of the journey. Innocence and Trust were both necessary for our hero, as he was transforming from being Little Mouse to Jumping Mouse, from Jumping Mouse to Eagle. The Eagle is one who is totally transformed and inspirational to many. The Eagle that represents the new births; the new beginnings. In Native American culture, you look up to see the East. The East is at the top of the Indian compass.

Keeping Balance – Opening to Flow.
The East is at the top, and the West is at the bottom of The Sacred Zero – The Medicine Wheel. You look up and you feel inspired. If you look at people who are inspired, they slap their forehead, they look up, they always have the light bulb in the cartoons up in the air;



You have one of those Divinely Inspired - "A-ha!" moments. Eureka! It's always up in the air. The inspirations, the new beginnings, are always up in the air. People will tell you when you live as Eagle, "I don't know how you live by such faith, such inspiration." That's good. You don't know how I do it. That's alright. Inspiration is like that. When inspiration shows up, when the new birth shows up, living the life of the inspired one, your life is radically different, because no longer when you're the Eagle can you consult the elder mouse. Elder mice, those who “know everything” hide from The Inspiration, they hide from the experience and knowing of Eagle. No longer when you're the Eagle can you consult the other mice. They aren't there! When you're the Eagle, you cannot consult the buffalo, for he's down, close to the earth. When you're the Eagle, the new birth, the new vision, is coming through you. Your vision is coming directly from the divine. Your Divine Inspiration will inspire some – those who are on the journey to becoming Eagles. That same Divine Inspiration will upset and scare others. That's okay. Divine Inspiration will carry you far, just like the invisible winds carry the Eagle.



Chapter 11 Eagle Vision Part II The Four Keys to Eagle Vision
Imagine living life as an eagle. Go ahead, take a moment, we'll be here when you get back. Life as an eagle is very different than life as a mouse. There are several key areas that you get to experience and explore. I first learned of these keys, hidden in the fable of Jumping Mouse, from my Grandmother when I was a little boy, and they have guided my life, and helped me to soar ever since.



Eagle Key #1: Letting go.
For the Eagle to fly high, he has let go. Whenever you live the life of the visionary; the life of the inspired; you must let go. You must let go of what you know of; you must let go of the mouse memories. You must allow divine inspiration to move through you, holding onto nothing. This is the life of the Eagle. Look at the talons of Eagle. Eagle does not hold on to anything as he flies high in the sky.



Eagle Key #2: Eagle is supported by the invisible.
Eagle is supported by the unseen. When you see Eagle flying, he is supported by the invisible and unseen wind currents. You usually do not see Eagle flapping hard. He may flap hard once in a while, but he mostly is coasting on the wind currents. Eagle is supported by the the unseen, the invisible, the wind currents. When you live as the visionary, you are supported by the invisible. People say, "Oh, what you envision has never been done!" It doesn't matter that it hasn't been done. This is the divine vision in you showing up. Like Eagle, you are supported and provided by the invisible. Feel the wind, enjoy the invisible and trust.



Eagle Key #3: Eagle makes constant tiny adjustments .
As Eagle brings the divine vision into reality, he's constantly making tiny adjustments. He's making constant, tiny adjustments while he is feeling the wind current. He makes tiny adjustments as his divine vision becomes more and more clear to him. These tiny adjustments are what he does to remain afloat in the air, to stay in the divine flow and expression of life.



Eagle Key #4: Eagle returns to earth.
Eagle returns to earth for food, for nourishment. The vision that you have – you get to bring it to the earth. Your divine vision benefits all of the people. When the Divine Vision you have is brought to earth, it is like the Eagle landing. Eagle has to land once in a while. He gets to sit on a tree, rest on his nest, or to come down for food. The Eagle comes down to earth. As he comes down to earth, we get to remember this – the vision is of benefit for everyone. Jumping Mouse became Eagle when Eagle came down to earth. The baby eagle that Jumping Mouse became was benefited when the big eagles came home. This is the way of the Eagle.



Chapter 12 Jumping Mouse and His Spirit Helpers
In the journey of Jumping Mouse, you have met an amazing set of characters, These are your Spirit Helpers. The Spirit Helpers help Jumping Mouse to continuously move forward. Now, as Jumping Mouse takes risks and decides to move forward, he takes risks; he takes actions; he decides to move forward – he meets a series of helpers.

The first helper that he meets is the one that is most like him. And that is Brother Raccoon.
Raccoon is most like Jumping Mouse because compared to some of the other spirit helpers in the story, he is relatively similar in size and he's similar in shape. They both live close to the earth, touching things and investigating. Once they meet, and Little Mouse reveals his frustration and his quest for answers, Raccoon reveals that he can help Little Mouse. Raccoon knows first hand of what Little Mouse longs for, and tells him, “I will take you to the river." Raccoon represents one who washes what he finds in daily life, including his food, in the river.



The River is the Principles of Spirit, the Spirit That Moves within all things. Raccoon does not live in the river. Raccoon routinely returns to the river. And he also travels close to the world of the mouse people. Now this is what I want you to notice from the story – this is what's really cool. Mice touch and examine many things, they are busy like so many people, but the mice do not know of the River. Raccoon touches things, too, and he washes them in the river. Of the many things that show up in your life – the inspirations, the memories, the ideas which you can bring to the world living as a visionary – one of the things that I want you to notice is this: Whatever shows up, you can wash it in the river. The story of Jumping Mouse has never been applied to the world in this way. When we bring it to you this way, it's because we've had the story of Jumping Mouse here in our teachings for a number of years. And when we bring it to you, it's being brought to you after we've dipped it in the river, many times. Dipping it in the river involves taking time out from trying to make it happen, and taking the time to live by the principles of spirit and to invite Spirit to help make it happen. The river is part of the divine spirit, the divine inspiration, the creativity. It is the principles that give you brief glimpses and experiences in the divine. There are many ways to take what you are thinking about, doing and exploring to the river. What I often do is I take little breaks – I'll take a hike in the woods and just surround myself with nature.



I'll take my time and smoke my sacred pipe or enjoy a fine cigar. Relaxing, being thankful, enjoying the flavor of the tobacco while pondering. Not thinking – not trying to figure out, but simply pondering, simply allowing what needs to show up to show up. Allowing the River to cleanse and clear my mind. This is the nature of the raccoon, and the raccoon takes what he has found, his thoughts, his ideas, his problems and his opportunities, and he washes them in the river. Once he washes them in the river, they are clean. “Just who is Raccoon in your life?” Raccoon can be someone on the outside, Raccoon can be on the inside of you. If you decide to explore and experience more of Raccoon in your life, you'll discover you don't have to figure everything out. You can relax, you can rest in spirit and allow inspiration to come to you. . Take the time to sit in silence, and experience the Principles of Spirit. Carol and I also notice whenever we travel our minds and lives become cleaned within the river. We take a break from doing more, and just allow the gifts of spirit to show up in our lives. It doesn't matter if we are driving, or flying or riding on our motorcycle, we notice during these times of silence, that the most awesome and incredible insights show up, because we've taken the time to get out of our mouse people routines. “Take the time to exit your mouse people routines, take the time to feel and touch the river.” Sometimes you have to leave the Mouse people world. And go to the world of the raccoon who slows down and enjoys the river itself. 89


The next helper that shows up is Frog.
Frog is green, he's the color of innocence and trust of the South in the Sacred teachings of The Zero Chiefs. This is the energy of Transformation. The South is where we explore innocence, trust and personal transformation. Now when we look at Frog, Frog lives on the lily pad. Frog lives on the green out in the water. Frog doesn't, live in the water entirely, or out of the water entirely; he lives both in and out of the water . He doesn't leave the water for any length of time. He simply is where he is. Now, Frog, in the story, asks very quick questions; actually one kind of very quick question; and he also gives a very quick answer. Frog, because of his innocent and trusting nature, living close to the water, living in the water is able to help Little Mouse pause and notice his points of transformation, and remember his experience. “Frog helps Jumping Mouse to take action, and remember the fleeting miracle of directly seeing the Sacred Mountains.” Frog asks Little Mouse, "Do you want medicine?" "Oh, yes! Yes, I do!" "Well, crouch very low and jump very high." Frog reveals the nature of transformation.



In your life, there will be many times where you have to get very low to get very high. It could be a crisis, like what happened when I was a hostage in the Camp Hill Prison Riots. That was an opportunity for me to crouch very, very low to discover who and what I really am and what I am capable of. It was a crises, a crouching very low, that helped me surrender, let go, experience compassion, and now I'm here to give and help others. That's crouching low. Once you crouch low, you can jump very high. And when you jump very high, you see a glimpse of the sacred mountains. This is what Little Mouse did. He crouched low, he jumped high, he saw the Sacred Mountains, his whole world was changed and then he suddenly splashed into river. “He had a direct experience of the divine that was way beyond everything he had ever experienced before.” He was totally outside of his element. And it scared him. And because he was scared, he got angry! Frog is the person not only helps us engage transformation, he also helps us to stop, to notice, to remember the fleeting miracles that show up when we are transforming. Frog says, "Hold up, stop, wait, notice – remember, what did you see?" Frog stops and notices. And he also gives Little Mouse a reminder, he gives him new name. Frog gives him the name of Jumping Mouse because of what he has done, what he has experienced. Now, here's one of the things that we've noticed again in the course of conducting and leading our trainings, “People don't often notice in themselves the changes – the transformations as they are happening.” Transformations first happen in perception, and later your behavior changes. 93


When your perceptions change, sometimes you notice it, sometimes you don't. But the people around you do notice it. Now this is the thing which is really cool. Frog is innocent and trusting. He doesn't go, "Oh, you've changed, that's bad." Frog just notices. "Hey, stop, notice you've changed!" This is what's going on. Frog doesn't have a vested interest in Mouse staying the same or changing. Frog is simply the observer who lives above and below the waters of the river. He's not scared to share what he's noticed. He doesn't have any vested interests, he doesn't force you to change. He simply helps you take tiny actions, and he helps you notice and remember what happened. Frog is innocent and trusting so he can observe clearly. And he gives simple names to acknowledge the changes that have happened. So the second helper – again, it can be someone on the outside, it can be a part of you on the inside. It's this ability to see with innocence and trust. To live close to the water, the principles of spirit. He lives both above and below.



The third helper that shows up is Buffalo.
Now, Buffalo has another fascinating story. When Jumping Mouse meets Buffalo way out in the prairie, Buffalo is dying. In the Medicine Wheel tradition, Buffalo is of the North and he represents wisdom. Buffalo has tons of experience; tons of wisdom. He is huge; he is massive. But in the story, he has totally lost his innocence, while gaining wisdom, knowledge and experience. “Jumping Mouse provides Buffalo with the gift of an eye, the ability to experience Innocence and trust again.” “Wisdom without Innocence and Trust feels cold, and removes joy from life.” Buffalo knows what will heal him, but doesn't even believe that it exists. "The thing that will heal me is the eye of a mouse, but there is no such thing as a mouse." “He is big, he is wise and holy. I must give him an eye." Jumping Mouse shares with Buffalo the Innocence and Trust from his experiences with Frog.



Since now with they eye of the mouse, Buffalo has balance, Wisdom balanced by Innocence and Trust, Buffalo can now help Jumping Mouse on his journey. “As an elder, you can only be of service if you have a balance of Wisdom, Innocence and Trust.” The helper Buffalo is the one who is extremely experienced. Buffalo has experienced much of life. Buffalo is one of the creatures of the prairie. The creatures of the prairie have no place to hide when a wintery storm or challenge shows up. Not hiding from the storm, and facing it head on as Buffalo does leads to true wisdom. “How many Winters are YOU?” You can hear Native Americans ask, – How many winters are you? When this question is asked, it is really two questions in one. First, how do you face into your difficulties, the storms in your life? Is this person one, who like the Buffalo, has faced into the storm and developed real, authentic wisdom? Second, the question is about how physically old you are. Odds are that someone who is in their early twenties does not have the wisdom of an older elder. This kind of question can help you to remember to be humble, and open, so you can learn the wisdom of those who have been around physically much longer and who have had many more opportunities to face into the storms and challenges of life. Back to our story. “Buffalo can only help the Jumping Mouse when he returns to a balance, when he is given innocence.” He is given that break, by Jumping Mouse. I meet many people in our practice here. And I meet people who know it all. They've got all the credentials, they've trained with all the people, and their lives suck. 99


Their lives suck because, like the dying Buffalo, they live out on the prairie – distant from everything and everyone else but other buffalo that know it all. I find there are know-it-all groups on the Internet – people that know it all – but they're all miserable. And when they come in for a private or group training, we help them to get the eye of the mouse. The eye of the mouse is that eye of Innocence and Trust, that allows you to connect and be touched by everything. The buffalo needs this Innocent and Trusting touch to stay in balance. The buffalo is the one who has a tendency to think too much, and who needs the feeling side of the mouse. Buffalo – he has the wisdom, he has the experience, and he needs to be able to allow that experience and that information to transform his life and the lives of others around him. Not to keep things the same as the traditional old mice did, but to allow that wisdom to grow and evolve through the contact of innocence. The wisdom of the buffalo helps Jumping Mouse - Jumping Mouse runs under Buffalo's belly, across the prairie to the mountain. The wisdom and the experience of the buffalo help Jumping Mouse. Even though while Jumping Mouse is scared to run under the belly of the buffalo as they run across the prairie, he still runs; he still takes action. There's a giving and a receiving there. The giving and the receiving allow the mouse and the buffalo both to fulfill their purpose. The mouse is innocent and trusting, and the buffalo is wise and experienced. And this dynamic, as you grow personally, will transform your life, your finances, all your relationships.



Whenever we have this Wise and Powerful helper show up in our lives, we need to remember to keep it in balance. The cold of the North, of the buffalo, can distance us from other people, because we think we know. We need to remain open to being touched, and discovering more connections all throughout our lives. “The innocence and the trust of the mouse allows what we know to touch the lives of others. And to touch us. So that we are all transformed.”



The fourth and the final helper of Jumping Mouse is Grey Wolf.
Grey Wolf is neither white or black. Grey Wolf, whenever Mouse meets him, cannot even remember who he is or what he does. Grey Wolf lives entirely in the moment. Grey Wolf is just there. Now, Mouse meets Grey Wolf, and Grey Wolf is just sort of walking around, and Jumping Mouse goes, "You're wolf!" And he goes, "Wolf? Wolf! Yes, that's who I am. Yes." And he quickly forgets. Grey Wolf has experienced much. Grey, the color of the elders. And he gets forgetful. And he just needs that little curiosity – that little inspiration of the mouse. As Grey Wolf and Mouse get to meet, and the mouse gives his curiosity, his willingness to get hooked to Grey Wolf, Grey Wolf remembers – "Yes, I can help you. I can help you get up into the mountains. Grey Wolf remembers because Grey Wolf is participating. One of the keys as you grow is that you get to remember your wisdom by serving. One way of serving, is teaching. It's been said that you can learn a lot by teaching – I remember the first time I started teaching martial arts. I was amazed at how much I could learn by teaching. My first instructor let me start teaching when I was a greenbelt. He said one of the things that you're gonna learn from green to black belt is how much you can learn by teaching. And it's true!



Grey Wolf forgets, and in the process of helping someone's – in the process of giving this help to someone else, he remembers the way to Medicine Lake, up in the sacred mountains. And he only remembers because Little Mouse has given his innocence and his trust to him. Jumping Mouse is committed to Grey Wolf. As you grow on your journey; as you become an expert, as you become the raccoon who washes all that he does in the water; as you become the buffalo who knows the ways; who needs the innocence and trust to help running across the you become Grey begin to notice that you can forget things, and you will remember them only when you are helping other people. “Grey Wolf remembers his true wisdom, only when he's helping other people.” As I teach this story to you, I remember more and more of it. I remember the lessons that I've learned from it as I share it with you. Sharing and giving, transforms you and the people you are giving to. The lesson of the Grey Wolf is to be a giver. The lesson of the Grey Wolf is to provide service to other people. Grey Wolf is neither good nor bad, but he is very seasoned. He's been around for quite sometime. And in the process of giving, he can help Jumping Mouse go to Medicine Lake far up in the mountains.



Chapter 13 Getting Unstuck
Our hero starts with the cultural identity of Little Mouse – Little Mouse who does typical little mouse things. It is Little Mouse who explores, and whatever he touches, he holds; he looks at; he brings home to the nest. Little Mouse doesn't go far; Little Mouse cannot see far because mice live close to the ground. And living close to the ground, he is mostly content touching and gathering whatever catches his eye. He touches things with his whiskers; he touches things with his emotions. So Little Mouse does the things that mice do, but he keeps hearing the rush of the river. What Little Mouse keeps hearing is the rush of the river in the distance. And since no mouse has ever seen the river, the sound is a distraction. Even though Little Mouse tries to keep busy, doing what mice people do, he keeps hearing the river. The feelings that lead to spirit of creativity; the spirit of love and interconnectedness; the spirit of transformation represented by the water in the river. And so what does Little Mouse do? He first tries to ignore it. He hears it; he's curious about it; but he tries to ignore it and continues to do mouse things. This is what people do: When they're given inner inspiration, inspiration that feels good. But we choose the known, the memories that keep us busy, stuck and distracted. Your memories are what will keep you doing the same things, again and again and again. I can not tell you if doing the same thing again and again is a good thing or a bad thing.



But I will guarantee it will be the same thing, and will bring you the same results. So Little Mouse continues to do the same thing – ignoring the sound of the river in his ears. Until one day, he decides to ask. Now what does he do? He asks two different kinds of mice. First he asks another busy mouse. "Do you hear that?" The other busy mouse says, "I don't hear that; I don't hear nothing. Go back and do the things that mice do.” The busy mice surround you, they are your co-workers; your relatives; your family; your friends. And they're busy distracting themselves, too, from living a life of Eagle Vision. You get to choose: The Eagle Vision Life or The Distracted Life? People all around you are living the life of getting by and complaining that they're just getting by. It's as if most people would rather complain about how busy they are, and how they are just getting by instead of doing something about it.



The Eagle Vision Secret Formula
So when you feel inspired, you are hearing the river. If you travel just a short distance with your inspiration, you will meet the Raccoon, who will help you take the next steps. Remember, Only YOU can open up to your inspirations! Ask you self a few questions. Is this possible? Is this possible for me? What else is possible for me? Little Mouse asks the other mice, and the other mice say, "No, no, no! Stay busy. Stay busy doing mouse things." And so that's what Jumping Mouse does, and the story gets back to being busy with mouse things. So what happens next? Little Mouse hears that call of the river again. Hears the river in his ears. The spark of inspiration shows up. He feels something. He hears something. And so he goes to the elder mouse. And he asks the elder mouse, "What is this sound that I hear?" The elder mouse tells him, "You do not hear a sound. There is no such thing as that sound." The Elder Mouse takes a little bit of a harsher stance because the elder mice are stuck in the status quo, the established traditions and they look to those traditions to see what is possible. There are also those who are established firmly in the traditions. I remember, when I became an entrepreneur, a trainer and Internet author, the “elder mice” around me thought I was crazy. "What do you mean, work for yourself? There's no security, how will you ever retire?" 113


"Well, if I love what I do, if I am inspired, I don't have to retire.” “If you love what you are doing, keep doing it! Don't stop!” Those firmly rooted in tradition watched me build my Internet business because the Internet is new, the Internet is different, the Internet for many back then was scary! What I want you to do is this. I want you to notice this in your life as well – there are “elder mice” in your life. They're not good, they're not bad. They maintain the traditions. And if you approach them with this inspiration that you have, they just might not be supportive. They may be threatened, they may be confused, they may think you are crazy for wanting to take a risk. They will do what the Elder Mouse did in the story, they will hide in a hollowed out tree, and invite you to do the same. Remember, you get to live from inspiration, or you get to live from shared memories, traditions. Elder mice hide within their traditions. And that's not good, it's not bad; it just preserves the tradition. This is one of the areas where we get to explore. So first, we started out to give a very quick recap. Little Mouse. Little Mouse and his habits. Support where he's at. Because that's what he's been doing, that's what he'll probably continue to do. Now, the other busy mice, they support Little Mouse staying where he is at. They support Little Mouse where he is because he's doing things similar to what they're doing, and if you're not breaking any rules, if you aren't making any waves, everything is good.



The masses like it the way it is. No matter how much they complain, they like it the way it is, because complaining is easy, taking risks can be challenging. Next, Little mouse, goes to the elder mouse, who continues to support where he is because where he is well within that of the mice people. And those are the first three in the first phase of the story. So as you remember from our fable, Little Mouse leaves and he travels a short distance out onto the prairie The prairie is the unknown openness. The prairie is wide and open. This is not where mice live! Mice live in the grasses. Mice live where there's brush. Jumping Mouse goes out into the open prairie and that's where he meets Old Mouse. He meets Old Mouse who tells him, "Oh, I know the names of every creature on the prairie.” Old mouse has seen a lot, he has gone beyond the mass consciousness of the mice people, but he hasn't fully transformed into his vision. “And yes, I have seen the river”. Because of his experience he was unable to just keep busy anymore, but he hasn't yet transformed. “But there's no such thing as the sacred mountains." Old Mouse wants to keep Jumping Mouse just a little bit out from the village. Old Mouse wants to keep Jumping Mouse there with him so he can learn HIS knowledge. “Old Mouse wants company!” Old Mouse – he'd left; he got to the river. We don't know if he jumped and saw the sacred mountains. We do know that he couldn't live with the masses the mice people anymore. 117


All we know is that Old Mouse moved just a slight bit away from the world of the mice people. And Old Mouse knew the names, he had had learning, he had some wisdom, but nothing substantial. He didn't live the dream. He only had so much of it. He had a taste. He knew the name. He confused the menu for the meal. So...when it comes to the other mice in our life, they're not good; they're not bad; they just support us staying where we are. And that's okay. They are living their lives, enjoying the status quo. Action Steps: Here are a few action items you can take at this time. First of all, you can establish the habit of establishing new and exciting habits. Now, why would you want do that? Because everyday, new opportunities show up. Everyday, new inspirations can show up for you. Now, one of the things that we have noticed is that if you take the time to establish just new, tiny little changes in the habits that you have, develop new habits every day; perhaps just reading a few pages from a good book; perhaps eating just a tiny bit less... one of the things you're gonna notice is this leads us to the next little opening, which is learning how to notice more. “Make a habit of making little shifts and noticing more.” Now, if you start to notice that you eat until you feel stuffed, notice what happens if you eat a little less. Notice how much better you feel. Notice how much better you feel the day after. One of the things that we get to do is to change our habits slowly and gently. Little Mouse doesn't carry tons of stuff – Little Mouse doesn't carry tons of weight. Little Mouse is just Little Mouse.



Little Mouse takes tiny little steps. Now the Japanese call this Kai Zen – the art of changing with tiny little steps. Take tiny little steps. It's one thing to start an exercise routine that takes 60 minutes 3 times a week, drive to the local YMCA, consult with your fitness trainer, sign all the forms, do the credit card payment, do all that stuff...that's so much work; most people never get started or they never keep at it. “The Simple Little Mouse Step Solution” One of my clients called me on the phone one day, and what I shared with him was very simple. This is what I told him: What I want you to do is to exercise just 3 minutes a day, 3 times a week. During minute No. 1, I want you to do 12 squats. And I told him how to do the squats. During Minute No. 2, I want you to do 12 push-ups. And I told him how to do push-ups. During Minute No. 3, I want you to do 25 crunches. And I told him how to do crunches. That's all I want you to do. Just starting very, very simple – do it 3 times a week. So my Light Speed client now has a 3-minute exercise program done 3 times a week. That was easy to get started with. That was easy for him to continue doing. The small mouse steps, combined with keeping it simple, made the biggest difference in his life, because he established a new personal habit of exercising for 3 minutes 3 times a week.



What new mouse routines can you start today that just takes 3 minutes? Notice the mice who are holding you back! Who are the other mice in your life? Write down their names, and remember they aren't bad, they aren't trying to hold you back, they are just “normal mice” doing normal busy mice things, keeping the status quo. By the way, that just might be their job in life, think about it. We all are not ready to change and become Eagles. Now there's a couple of ways we can approach working with other mice. This is the practical stuff that you get to do. What I want you to do is to notice that your income is probably the average income of the 3 people that are closest to you. If you take the 3 people that are closest to you and you look at your income, you're probably gonna notice that your incomes are all pretty much the same. So you can change who you hang with. Changing the mice you hang with might not be a bad idea. When I helped families with addicts, one of the things that I brought up is how, who you associate with has an effect on your potential. The addict has to change who they are hanging with. Plain and simple. The people that you hang with will either support your limiting habits, or challenge you to grow and change. Change who the other mice are in your life. What if you can't change who you associate with in life? The other way that you can approach other mice is to change the role that they have in your life. I have friends that aren't Internet Marketers. Most of my friends are. But I have friends who are not Internet Marketers.



They've never sold a thing on eBay. They've never sold a thing online, period. And that's alright. Now, what's really, really cool – I change the role that they have in my life. In other words, I don't ask them for business advice nor do I listen to them. I ask them not to talk to me about the Internet or the fact that they don't like it because they don't understand it. And so what I do is I have changed the role that they have in my life. One of the things that we get to do is we get to notice the role that the other mice – our friends, our family members – have in our life. Now, what's really nice, if you take the time and you notice something, if you allow someone to take on the role of having to be your adviser or superior, it can be very stressful for you and for them. This could be a friend, this could be a family member. One of the things I've noticed over the past 7 years of providing trainings, is that when my clients stop allowing people who have no business running their lives from running their lives, everyone involved begins to lighten up, have less stress and feel better. Think about it. I was working with a network marketer one day, and he said, "You know, my up line tells me I gotta change who I hang with." And I said, "Well, you have a few options mate.” One, either you change who you're hanging with, or you change your relationship to them. Changing your relationship to them actually will take a tremendous amount of pressure off of them and you. The key to changing the relationship is that you must make the commitment to change inside of you.



If you're gonna change your relationship with someone, you don't approach them and say, "Well, you know, Bob, I'm no longer going to take advice from you...whatever comes to my business ain't your personal affairs." Because if you do that, it's like being a single man, calling up a girl that you haven't talked to in 6 years and telling her, "You know what? We've broken up!" Yeah, no kidding. You haven't talked to her. You broke up; you don't have to call and tell her if you haven't been communicating with her. Now, if you have friends that you've been taking advice from, and you want to stop, you must simply ignore their advice! And you can eventually tell them that, but they're gonna notice, anyway. So here's what you do – you change what you do on the inside. That will change what happens on the outside. Notice we started with Little Mouse? Little Mouse develops new habits. Little Mouse develops new habits by exploring his world, and discovering new perspectives. When we come studying the busy world of mice, we first have to notice Little Mouse. That's you. You change what's going on in you; you change the habit of listening to your friends who are well-intended but don't know any better; and all of a sudden, the power of other mice begins to fade from your life. So we've covered Little Mouse changing his habits, you changing your perspectives. We've covered other mice which are the people around you – your friends and your family members. Some of them, you might wanna get rid of. Some of them, you may wanna change the way you relate to them. And next, we move on to the elder mice. The elder mice are those firmly rooted in tradition. Again, with the elder mice, you may end up going head to head against them. And that's fine. When I started my online training business, I had a local person saying, "You gotta join 127


some networking clubs." And I asked why, and they said, "Well, because it'll benefit you in this way and that way and this way." So I thought, "Well, it doesn't seem to fit my business," but I joined a professional networking organization any way. And once I joined, I learned a valuable set of skills that I took with me when I left, because I don't do business locally. I do business globally. And so I took my networking skills and applied them globally. Remember, you can still learn from the Elder Mice, as an emerging Eagle you just might apply what they give to you a little bit differently though. Traditions and established methods are fine, just don't let them limit you. And finally, the last kind of mouse that we're going to deal with in the story of Jumping Mouse, is the old wise mouse who lives a short way away from the land of the mice people. Old Wise Mouse. Old Wise Mouse knows the names of the creatures on the prairie; knows the names of everyone. In other words, he has learned a lot. But has experienced very little. As you start on your journey, on following your inspiration, you're going to be making new friends. You are going to have new elders show up in your life. Some of them may be of the Old Mouse variety. And when you meet Old Mouse, you may be able to learn something from him. But I want you to keep in mind that Old Mouse will eventually limit you to just knowing about, instead of directly experiencing and personally transforming. It's one thing to know about Internet Marketing; it's one thing to know about Multi-level Marketing. It's one thing to learn about Direct Marketing. It's another thing to experience it. It's one thing to learn about women; it's another thing to be with one. This is one of the things that we get to explore. Don't settle for the world of Old Mouse. He hasn't gone very far.



Old Mouse. He's gone just a tiny distance from the busy world of the mouse people. Now, here is the key with this. In your life, once you start establishing the new habits and ways of perceiving as Jumping Mouse does, as you have, your friends, family and advisors start to take on other roles in your life. As you continue to move forward and notice there are certain parts of tradition, that you must put to rest and no longer let run your life. You will notice that you will meet the old mice who prevent you from growing further, and who will get you stuck. “The journey of Jumping Mouse has no ending.” Keep in mind you will lose your unique vision of the sacred mountains if you grow just a little bit, stay in the Old Mouse world because of fear. It's a good place to visit on your journey, you can learn some good knowledge there, but you must move onward at some time. A real life example for you to apply to your life. I had a client quit his job to invest in real estate. He quit his job, but he never made a total commitment. “Make sure you are always taking at least tiny little mouse steps toward your vision.” "You have learned all about it, so now DO IT!" You have to dive in and do it! Learn about it and do it. Take action, make mistakes, do a course correction or two, take action. This is one of the keys right here. You just don't sit there learning about life from an elder. You go out and you live it. You read the story of Jumping Mouse. Then take action! You can work with me in a training program, but make sure you go out and do it, take action, live the life you envision. It doesn't do us either much good if you just learn about life, you need to live it. If you go and take action, we both get to grow; we both get to bring new potentials into reality. 131


Chapter 14 Conclusion – Life as an Eagle
One night, while sitting close to a small campfire with a wise, old, Indian elder, I heard the following words, words that would forever change my life. “Grandson, Your journey, like the journey of Jumping Mouse has no end. Your journey, like the journey of Jumping Mouse, will have cycles. Remember to share this fable often with others, and your journey will become the adventure of a lifetime” The elder was right. Many times in life I have been challenged. Many times I have been tempted to take the easy route, to distract myself, to give up, to choose the path that most mice have taken. It has been through repeatedly sharing this story with my grandchildren, my friends, and my clients, that I have been able to remember the lessons, explore them at even deeper levels, and apply them to my daily life. I request that you share this story with a friend. I request that you take the time to read it with them, to them, for both them, and for you. The sharing of an experience as special as this one will transform your life, and their life too, and you never know how many people will be blessed, transformed and awakened by that tiny little act of love. Blessings and balance, Mr. Twenty Twenty ThunderCreek.


Ready for more! Coming soon! Marbles and Miracles! Adventures in Sacred Space! Come explore the final frontier, and discover an easy to use, ancient method of expanding your Peace, Power and Prosperity!


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