FoolishPeople create theatre, collaborative events, live art, music & film. We curate and engineer immersive experiences that have the power to raise a numinous experience within the spectator. In 2010, FoolishPeople founded the Weaponized imprint to extend our immersive art into the realm of publishing. Over a number of years, we have developed a unique practice, Theatre of Manifestation. We combine mythology, shamanism, drama therapy, strategic forecasting and open source collaboration in the creation of this work. Each piece takes form by merging text, performance, sound, art, light and the building itself to create a unique, dreamlike world that living characters inhabit. Our audience must choose their own journey without guidance, a technique that challenges their habitual way of watching art and entertainment in a conventional manner. Static consumption is not possible, active engagement and participation is vital and absolutely necessary. Each audience member will have their own personal experience inside the piece and will absorb different installations and parts of the narrative in a non-linear fashion. Fragments, which the witness will use to construct their own reality. This structure allows for an intimate interaction with our art that can be a powerful, compelling and a liberating experience, though sometimes uncomfortable, as the content may challenge and stir powerful emotions within the spectator. These accumulate in our ultimate aim to initiate an expansion in consciousness within the individual, for positive change. John Harrigan founded FoolishPeople in 1989, taking its name from the Fool major arcana of the tarot. The Fool encourages us to walk our own path, not the path of the 'herd', to become a free spirit, free from societal constraints, who is able to let go of outmoded beliefs and ideals. We have produced our work across a large variety of sites including conventional theatres, galleries and site specific venues. We have worked in prestigious cultural venues such as the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Arcola Theatre and the Horse Hospital in London, historical buildings like the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham, internationally to America and Amsterdam and worked for clients such as the BBC. Our core collective features five artists from England, America and the Czech Republic, which grows when we undertake new collaborations with worldwide artists in the development of our open source projects. If you would like to discuss a commission, collaboration or receive information on FoolishPeople workshops please email: art@foolishpeople.org



Expectations.All the actors do a great job of being engaging.org FoolishPeople... creating unsettling sights..All the performers deserve a five star rating. It's a great juggling act. Artistic Director of the ICA on 'Dead Language' "The Singularity is nervous. to affect a total experience whose immersive power is deeply unsettling and relentlessly alive. suffering. and The Abattoir Pages brings the voices and spirits contained within those walls out to play." Lyn Gardner.
" ★★★★ Andy Marchant.. Cirxus is a place of the unknown and should remain so for those of you yet to enter this demented playground." Andrew Haydon. worthy of the big top." Ekow Eshun. This is not simply a performance. so that at times one loses all sense of where the performance begins and the truth ends.. vividly compelling theatre.” Howard Loxton..Architecture and art combine in unexpected ways... a distorted group of characters embodying the spirit of there being "nothing funny about clowns at midnight". pain. so I am loath to give anything else away.. Remotegoat on 'Cirxus' "The stark and industrial setting for this piece of promenade theatre is instantly eerie and unnerving.REVIEWS "The detail and beauty of this work is spellbinding. Playwright on 'The Singularity' FoolishPeople.. The experience is simultaneously funny and disconcerting. the more open you are to the enchantment within it. TimeOut on 'Cirxus' "Dead Language imagines a future in which the work of art stars like Banksy is so popular that fans trade in the DNA of the artists themselves. Notes from the Underground on 'The Abattoir Pages' "Burton-esque." Gabriella Apicella. creating clone gangs of Emins and Warhols that roam the city. walking around the space. In part.. Remotegoat on 'A Red Threatening Sky' "Anyone who has lived at all will find moments that will be personally painful but this is a fascinating experience and it is performed with such reality by the actors that it is totally absorbing. convulsive... FoolishPeople engineer an exhilarating collision between Artaud and Cronenberg.Harrigan completely smashes down the fourth wall as the audience.. but it also a smart and spirited examination of the way that the value of art shifts with time and context." Chris Goode.. John Harrigan deserves a lot of credit for the organisation of this brilliant cobweb of a performance. Well directed. Dead Language is an investigation of the limits of intellectual property rights. This is a young company to watch. Poe-esque. it is an experience not to be missed. possibly from behind the sofa. become entangled in the piece.....Its memory will stay with you long after it has ended. humorous.com . and the very basest natures of life is a privilege. What's On Stage on 'Cirxus' "An interesting addition to a growing genre. sympathetic or downright scary. Each person coming to this piece will leave having experienced it differently.." ★★★★ Rachel Sheridan.” ★★★★★ Gabriella Apicella. The British Theatre Guide on 'A Red Threatening Sky' "This was one of many performances I have seen so far this year and a thoroughly enthralling performance it was. and only then may their many mysteries be revealed to you this Halloween.Writer and director. Munch-esque. lead you through a dreamlike promenade performance set in an atomically overshadowed 1950s circus.” ★★★★★ Heather Lenzan.Much of the excitement of this piece comes from its mystery. this is unbeatable. desires and preconceptions should be released as you walk through the doorway.. For curiosity value. To be given the opportunity to exist even for a short time in these powerful rooms stained with emotion. The Guardian on 'The Abattoir Pages' "A visit may uncover more than you expect or even wish as you wander through the chambers of this most fascinating space. the more deeply you will be immersed. RemoteGoat on 'A Red Threatening Sky' "The Abattoir Pages has a lot going for it. and it's undoubtedly a memorable night out.It feels creepy and pagan.

The Fluid Flesh of the Soul: Cycle I . London Dark Nights of the Soul: Cycle III. The Old Abattoir.Home of the Soul Cycle IV . London In association with Guerrilla Zoo Cirxus. Weird Weekend Festival. USA Desecration.Emergence of the Soul: Cycle II . Baldock Hall FoolishPeople. Devon 2004 Escape from RS1. Portland. London & Someday Lounge. Hertfordshire RESIDENCIES 2005. London 2005 Dr Bleach.Congealed of the Soul: Cycle III . Unconvention festival. London of the Soul: Cycle VI . London 1994 Revelations: Fear the mind.org FoolishPeople. Institute of Contemporary Arts. Hertfordshire 1991 Enochian Language of Angels. Vertigo Gallery.0. London In association with Secret Cinema – One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest A Red Threatening Sky. The Barn Theatre. Guerrilla Zoo.0. Creative Swing.2006 Dark Nights Dark Nights Dark Nights Dark Nights Dark Nights Dark Nights The Horse Hospital. London Ghost Redux. The Old Abattoir. 491 Gallery. NDSM-werf. London Weaponised Art 1. Galleries of Justice. London Terra Incognita. London 2006 Weaponised Art 2.0. London 2009 The Abattoir Pages.PAST PRODUCTIONS & PERFORMANCES 2010 The Basement.com . Arcola Theatre. Corsica Arts Centre. The Luminaire. London 2008 Terra:Extremitas.Carousel of the Soul Cycle V . University of Hertfordshire 2002 The Singularity Camden People's Theatre. Nottingham In association with the Theatre of Ophidia Weaponised Art 3. Lazy Gramophone. Amsterdam 2007 Dead Language. Guerrilla Zoo. Corsica Arts Centre.The Wrym Shroud TOURS 2004 Ruined Steel Camden People's Theatre. Princess Louise Hospital.Ward 12. Trestle Arts Base.

Secret Cinema presents One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest BBC Talking Movies From Russia With Love AWARDS The Times Top 5 Events for Dead Language The LondonPaper Top Event for Dead Language Dead Language featured as part of The London Lates Season of cultural events at major galleries and museums. Treadwells. FoolishPeople.SELECTED LECTURES & WORKSHOPS 2010 The Providence Experiments Theatre of Manifestation Workshop 2009 FoolishPeople Workshop in Performance and Myth Central School of Speech & Drama.com . London PUBLICATIONS 2010 Cirxus by John Harrigan ISBN: 978-1-907810-00-8 Dead Language by John Harrigan ISBN: 978-1-907819-04-6 The Sparky Show by Xanadu Xero ISBN: 978-1-907810-02-2 Forum by Richard Webb ISBN: 978-1-907810-06-0 2008 Terra:Extremitas. USA FoolishPeople Workshop in Performance and Myth British Broadcasting Corporation. London 2007 'Dead Language' Workshop & Lecture by John Harrigan Institute of Contemporary Arts.org FoolishPeople. Magi of Trygonia awarded to John Harrigan by the Dionysian Underground for Dark Nights Of The Soul Anthology of plays.com. Portland. Covent Garden.Ward 12 Special Edition of the Weaponized Podcast @ Alterati. Oregon. London Workshop Facilitator and Guest Speaker esoZone. Hertfordshire 2006-2008 John Harrigan Part-time Lecturer in Theatre Studies and Myth University of Hertfordshire 2006 Workshops in Myth & Magick.A FoolishPeople Guide to the End of the Earth Anthology of Comic Art and Prose 2004 Ruined Steel: The Fleshlist Graphic Novel MUSIC Abattoir Pages Original Score CD A Red Threatening Sky Original Score CD DOCUMENTARY FOOTAGE 
Listen to or download the Basement .

Were they part of a mythic MKULTRA test. Emerson Williams. Or was it a psychoactive side effect and symptom caused by long term treatment with a cocktail of powerful antipsychotic medications?
Listen to or download the Basement . London www.Ward 12 Special Edition of the Weaponized Podcast @ Alterati. his subsequent experimentation with drugs and his work as a night orderly at an asylum provided Kesey with the inspiration to write 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'. Emerson Williams
 Doctor Tollhaus – Tereza Kamenicka 
Elijah – John Harrigan 
Ellie – Laura Gallacher
 Lucinda C – Lucy Harrigan
 Mary – Josephine Arden 
MK12 Orderlies – Michael Christofis. Participants who entered Ward 12 at Secret Cinema were encouraged to take an active role in learning the truth of their own insanity.

 Ward 12 explored the background and history of author Ken Kesey's participation in CIA MKULTRA Mind Control experiments conducted at Stanford University on the use of psychoactive drugs such as LSD and how this in turn influenced the themes of institutionalization and mind control explored in the book and film.com. they found themselves in a world inhabited by archetypes and characters who may or may not be figments of the imagination. Ken Kesey became one of the main proponents of sixties drug culture. YouTube documentary footage: Secret Cinema presents One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest BBC Talking Movies From Russia With Love Written by John Harrigan and Xanadu Xero
 Directed by John Harrigan 
Produced by Lucy Harrigan MKUltra video art by P.secretcinema. the London Film Museum and Space Engineering. These first steps led to the important role he played in the sixties counter culture movement. Harry Ross. the hippie movement and an enthusiastic supporter of its aims to instigate an alternative world view
. View the Ward 12 Flickr photo set.org FoolishPeople.The Basement – Ward 12 November 2011 Princess Louise Hospital.com . written by John Harrigan

 Archie – David Monard
 Doctor Armstrong – P. FoolishPeople. Eleanor Young & Alexa Mathews
 Nurse Always – Xanadu Xero 
Nurse Cestoni – Laura Wolfe
 Nurse Phillips – Cathy Conneff 
Tessa – Kirsty Hudson With special thanks to Secret Cinema. Fabien Riggall. 
 Ken Kesey's reported voluntary participation in the MKULTRA program 1959. or had they joined a family of patients who had fallen through the cracks of the system seeking escape via the basement beneath the Oregon State Hospital? Unexpectedly.org 
'The Basement – Ward 12' was a sell-out production created in partnership with Secret Cinema for the November 2010 presentation of Milos Forman's 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'.

Emma Tompkins. London. Pearl. art installation and investigative interaction to create Club Aethereus. Marie-Louise Jones.org FoolishPeople.A Red Threatening Sky 11 February . A Red Threatening Sky examined the nature of love. Teddy boy philosopher Roy Boutling watches the prize for the club's owner. Anna Radeva. You are invited to enter and investigate the mystery of love's final destination. Clerkenwell. Finn & Gage Harrigan FoolishPeople. union and lust.20 February 2010 The Old Abattoir. combining performance. John St. The ornithologist Miss Moreau waits for her lover. It contains the revised ending of the Valentine's show at Club Aetherus. Ruth Middleton. The Dance Floor. in a unique experience honouring the earliest traditions and rituals of courtship. Petra Hjortsberg. passion. He has been contracted to find a missing person. The Hotel room. Abbie Yaxley. Brooke Dibble. Big Bean Productions & Space Engineering Featuring art by: Emily Dezurick-Badran. The birds song has become distressed. Maria McColgan. Harry wakes with no memory of how he arrived inside the club. A place where crime. Reiko Mori
 & Fumi Sakamaki Production Team
: Hannah Druckes. The Aviary. John Harrigan. Lucy Harrigan. Caiti Grove. Leslie Borg. Opening hour approaches under a red threatening sky. Ioanna Pantazopoulou. EC1V 4LS An immersive sell-out Valentine's event which took place in a vast subterranean labyrinth of an old disused abattoir. Tereza Kamenicka
. jealousy. Takayuki Hara. a strange and surreal underworld of Gnostic Noir. Charlotte Gray. Her hands and feet are bound and a hood hides her face. Maryam Hashemi. Kara Rae Garland.com . Jamie Elkin. Sinead Geary & Anna Cocciadiferro. Daisy Leverington. Tania Batzoglou. Sara Gianfrate. Emerson Williams Costume design by Hannah Druckes Assistant Producer: James Bland Photography by Yiannis Katsaris Lighting design by Big Bean Productions
: Lewis Willding & Charlie Strangeways 
Lighting Assistants: Rhys Thomas & Jennifer Watson
 Sponsored by:
 Dark Mills Festival. Tom G Adriani. The Valentinian. directing them in a horrifying act. Johan Stjernholm
. Jules Newman. Performers: Eleanor Appleton. Helen Stay. John Middleton. a man whose face she has never seen. Xanadu Xero. Jamie Richards. an unrelenting force which pervades all our lives from the moment we are born until the day we die. 187-211 St. Sebastian Qyain. The showgirls receive a letter from Sebastian Qyain. Anne Bengard. Kim Burnett. Written and directed by John Harrigan Produced by Lucy Harrigan Choreography by Johan Stjernholm Poster Design & Music by P. Laura Gallacher. Samm Hain. the sacred and profane all cast one shadow. Ruth Middleton. Joyce Kidd

Emerson Williams Graphic Designer: P. Cirxus is an old English circus lost in the shadows of the smoke stacks of Calder Hall. Join her as she begins a bizarre and wondrous search for Loudon through the irradiated secrets of Cirxus.Kylie McLean Seamstress . Emerson Williams OhMy . Chisenhale Dance Space. Immerse yourself in the world of Cirxus. hallucinogenic sideshows on the other side of time.Daisy Leverington Koca . the North of England.Claire Tregellas Violet . People Show & C-12 Dance Theatre FoolishPeople.Hannah Purdy Mr. Presented by FoolishPeople Written and Directed by John Harrigan Cast Afanc . Emerson Williams Set Designer: Paron Mead Set Design Assistants: Blondie Von Bengard.com . haunted by circus animals and navigate her way through the maze of strange.P. Charly Blackburn.Carrie Whitton Tattipani .Tereza Kamenicka Athalia Faa .Stephen McLeod Nelly Messenger . where she must face the macabre atomic menagerie.Seascale. the mythic site of the Home Sweet Home.Peter McMillan Lacertillia .13th June 2009 STUDIO K. Fleur Huyghues Despointes & Juliette Jeanclaude Props Mistress: Kylie McLean Lighting Designer: Marec Joyce Costume Designers: Johanna Elf.CIRXUS 25th May . Arcola Theatre 1957. The Courtyard. Jessica Doyle. Viven of Holloway. Syban V. shamanism. where theatric arcana and Atomic fallout irradiate the sawdust arenas of our inner worlds.Lucy Allin Blue Lady .Amy Ewbank Jaculina Tar . explore its sideshows and meet extraordinary characters from the past and future.Tania Batzoglou Produced by Lucy Allin Assistant director: Victoria Karlsson Sound designers: Victoria Karlsson.Louise Lee Venie Clancie . FoolishPeople will use mythology. music and dance to bring the darkness of an atomic circus to life. Slin . the final show of the season. Antoine Bertin & P. The performance will allow audience members to step into the world of an old English circus lost in the 1950s.Victoria Karlsson Irina . Athalia the ballerina waits in the ring for Loudon the Clown to return with directions to the Black Pool.org FoolishPeople. Katie & Caroline Collinge Project Manager: James Elphick Education and Development Officer: Claire Tregellas Make-up: Charlotte Tofield & Maria Kalou Marketing: Marie Kearney 'Atomic Tea Dance' choreographed by Stephen McLeod Production Staff: Gianluca Summa & Jan Kamenicka Cirxus was sponsored by: The London Film Museum. the world's first commercial nuclear power station.

com You can also contact us at art@foolishpeople.com Lucy Harrigan.org FoolishPeople.com Photography © Yiannis Katsaris Poster graphics © P.org w: johnharrigan. Emerson Williams.org P.org For more information.org or FoolishPeople. Emerson Williams Desecration poster © Christopher Eales Dark Nights of the Soul poster © Sam Shearon FP Portfolio design by Lucy Harrigan FoolishPeople.CONTACT John Harrigan.Producer e: lucena@foolishpeople.Product Development Manager e: choronzon333@foolishpeople. news and photo galleries please visit: FoolishPeople.Artistic Director e: asmadai@foolishpeople.org w: veilofthorns.com .

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