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CTO / VP / Director: Telecom rollout and Operations

A result oriented professional with over 10 years of strong technical, managerial and commercial experience in telecom project implementation and operationsGSM/UMTS/HSDPA/WIMAX/LTE/VoIP/FTTx/MPLS . Presently working with Netcom Africa Ltd. as Director-Network Operations, West Africa. Hands on experience of GSM/HSDPA, VSAT and IP network implementation and operations. Certified trainer of GSM,CDMA,GPRS,EDGE,3G,3.5G (HSDPA/HSUPA),4G, WiFi,WiMAX,LTE,VoIP,SIP, IP,MPLS and VSAT etc. Adept in end to end network audit, Network Operations Center, IT/IMS and Customer Support operations.

Business Plan, Regulatory Management Greenfield Rollouts Master Plan & CAPEX /OPEX/Evaluation Vendor Management RFQ and Tender Preparation Network Dimensioning, Planning & Optimization Telecom Trainings

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 Strong multi continental and multi vendor network experience.

Management Trainings Recruitments Business Developments Expert in Managed Services Operations and Service Delivery

Proven success in more than 12 network launch 2G & 3G with complete end to end nominal planning, implementation, frame supply agreements, site acquisition, implementation and operations. Exceptional team management, organizational and analytical skills coupled with demonstrated relationship management and communication abilities. Certified trainer of Motorola, Etisalat Acedemy and Wirexhibit Canda for GSM, IP, VSAT, 3G(UMTS-TDD & FDD) and LTE-TD&FD.

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Executive Summary :

In depth knowledge, expertise and exposure of Chief Technical Officer, Director- Operations, Project Manager, Director -Network Operations Center, Director- Strategic Planning and Management, Director-Telecom Trainings for GSM, IP,ISP, VSAT, 3G & LTE companies (Operator/Vendor). LTE/WIMAX green field and overlay system design, IP/MPLS network design and optimization, Multi carrier UMTS network planning & optimization. Certified trainer for UMTS & LTE technologies. UMTS RF Network Optimization. HSDPA/ EUL/

New Technologies

HSPA+ Optimization. Expert in Airspan Macromaxe LTE and Wimax MPLS, VoIP, Triple play planning for Fibre To The Home (FTTX).

WiMAX (UMTS-TDD) in US. member of Quest Forum advisory committee. Airspan. Measurement Champion for TL900 Measurement. Lagos. Fiji 5/2008 – 9/2008 – – – – CTO-Chief Technical Officer (Hub) – – Mandated by company shareholders & executive management to. Value added services. Siemens. New technologies development. IP wireless. Managed services expert. Excellent optimization of satellite and wireless resources to save international satellite and IP bandwidth. Competitor benchmarking. . Vendor management. Fraud & Risk. Alarm and Performance management for multi vendor operations.Network Operations Center – – – – – – – – – 100% automations of Fault. MW. multiple resellers in Western Africa. KPI based management of 5 C & Ku band VSAT hub and 3 Landing stations (Fibre POPs. iDirect and Gilat etc. Motorola. Nokia. Site acquisitions and Civil infrastructure. Configuration. London Running UMTS-TDD. Mergers and Acquisitions. Management trainings. Managed 24/7 network operations to control upstream providers. CISCO. b) deliver an engineering organization capable of deploying and managing the network. Huawei. Ericsson. Recruitments.Lagos Global VoIP/SIP services VSAT Marine services from KVH Digicel Pacific Ltd.requirements and measurements. Netcom Africa Ltd. IT. Wimax network in Lagos. VSAT. End to end operation of Internet Service through wireless. Training and Development. Worked with iDirect and Gilat on several new software features. KPI based operations. Developed several in-house tools and training material to minimize CAPEX and OPEX. Marketing & Sales. Product developments. UK and Nigeria. Directly reporting to regional CTO/CEO Pacific. Negotiations. Procurements.rollouts and swap outs. Service level agreements. Running MPLS network with TCL. Supply chain management and warehousing. TL900. Frame supply agreement. Policies and Procedure (ISO9001:2008. Revenue assurance. a) deploy & deliver a GSM network in Pacific. Banking & Investors management.Area of Expertise : Communications and networking. Projects. SOX compliances). VSAT and IP operations. Nigeria Running FTTx/GPON network in VI and Ikoyi. for GSM. Nigeria 10/2008 – till date Vendors Professional Experience : Director. Alvarion. Business (commercial and technical) planning. Fibre and MW.

10/2007 – 5/2008 – – – – – – – – – – – – – Directly reporting to CTO and managing all network project and operations issues. Manage the department budget for equipment. Preparing BEC notes for project related major changes.g. In charge of NOC for O&M management. SDP. Location Based Services. Key player in drafting. S. RBT. OTA. Head-RF Planning & Optimization Millicom group (Tigo.DRC. Responsible for design. Kiribati. . NEC. Fiji. Recruiting and hiring staff for technical operations team. – – – – – Head-Project & Operations – Waridtel. Responsible for global frame agreement negotiations with Huawei. negotiating managed services contract. Roamware. USSD. Handling all operational and project management issues. Tracking site by site rollout progress. Redknee. Drafting and evaluating RFP for phase-2. Intec. Cook islands. IT and Commercials. Sun etc. Liaising with Huawei and subcontractors on daily basis to update the project plan. Recognized as best CTO in Digicel Pacific – First call in 2 days time in Fiji.DRC) 05/2006 – 09/2007 – – – Responsible for setting up. planning and optimisation of all VAS platforms for prepaid and post paid service (e. French Polynesia etc. Key player for all vendors negotiations and business planning. Negotiating with vendors for various tools and test equipments. signed Global frame agreement with Huawei for roll outs of these islands. PNG.: Solomon. SMS. Roambroker. Drafting policies. Content. Congo.– – – – Involved in commercial launch and operations of Tonga and Vanuatu. Involved in planning of several pacific island ex.A. GPRS/EDGE. Handset based applications. Involved in operational activities of Samoa. Voice Mail. Veraz. IN. installation. Execute prompt provisioning of network capacity for all the VAS network element. Call Completion Application. East Timore. Owner of managed services contract. Single point of contact for Facilities. services and human resources. maintaining and scaling infrastructure and services for VAS for Tigo. Finance. Roaming VAS etc. action item register etc. procedure and control documents. Tonga and Vanvatu. Best NOC 24/7/365 for all pacific countries. FAF.. core network completed in 15 days. Key player in negotiations of Huawei. LinkIP. MMSC.) and to deliver the required availability level of all services. Call Me Back. Responsible for KPI and Quality control.

DRC network and also take ownership of all VAS Quality/Optimization Projects. Carrying out technical surveys for Planning. Responsible for the preparation and the issuance of detailed work orders and data transcripts towards the timely and effective implementation of VAS platforms and services. coverage and quality aspects as well as budgetary implications. Implementing new products and price-plans on the IN platform in coordination with Marketing. Responsible for the formulation of the CAPEX budgets and the management of Technical VAS department OPEX budget. CRBT. Responsible for driving the VAS Quality standards (including trialing. inputs and outputs from many internal company departments. Regular presentation of the status. Budgeting for infrastructure and tools required for VAS operators. plan and operational issues to the management Ensuring that VAS planning and configurations is in accordance with company strategy by considering capacity. Responsible for the Implementation and the Management of all VAS related project and Strategy in the tigo. statistical and Grade of Service and performance) as dictated by the company for the financial year. Preparing and developing internal VAS Trainings. Overseeing Project management to ensure that products are launched within specified timelines. Developing technical roadmap for Tigo’s VAS for the short term and long term in coordination with VAS-Marketing.– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – features and protocol. MMS and OTA etc. Liaison with suppliers and Vendors on Design and Implementation issues specific to the organization. (Note Technical VAS department will . to ensure that the VAS infrastructure and operations are carried out appropriately. Solely responsible for resolving VIP complaints from key corporate and tigo. Facilitating projects to evaluate the benefits of new functionality and VAS Planning and configuration techniques.DRC senior management. GPRS/EDGE. Coordinating the efforts. Ensuring that all escalated subscriber complaints are addressed promptly. Implementing and improving self-service facilities on the VAS platforms. Driving new product induction in Tigo by Interfacing with tigo’s Global Product Development/Operations related to VAS in line with the business strategic objectives. Participating in cross functional meetings with key stakeholders involved in the deployment of new and quality VAS. Projects include new database features. Working with the Marketing team to develop new products on existing infrastructure and inducing new infrastructure and services to drive VAS revenues. Meeting with vendors on new market releases and technology upgrade path to ensure quick deployment of new and innovative products/services. upgrade and reconfiguration of the cellular network as well as evaluate all aspect to run the VAS and marketing sales promos in order to determine their suitability from a capacity point of view.

Develop excellent tools for end to end performance management. responsibility matrix. During the Millicom conference in Paris (March. Compiling. – – – – – – – – – – . R&S(SPA). Sagem etc. Launch various performance management project like BENIC. Responsible for REMEDY software NOC fault and alarm management contract negotiation. TERTO and TIWASE etc. work breakdown structure and acceptance test procedure etc for 546 sites. Core Planning. Drafted techno commercial Contract. Organized daily. Responsible for Wimax planning. Making recommendations on the procurement of VAS equipment and draw up the respective bill of quantities and tenders. Liaising with VAS marketing department and other department both in the region and in central function in order to ensure that VAS quality related problems are resolved. Review for approval. Ensure timely and accurate inputs to the VAS marketing W/O process and Global VAS team planning master plan. work practice and specifications.2007). Written more than 50 policies and procedures related to GSM network. Actively involved with NMC. Delivering to the Business strategic guidelines for the Design and Implementation of the GSM Network in Congo-DRC. Determining work priorities. WCFY. procedures.DRC GPRS/EDGE data network.– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – perform the overall CAPEX budget co-ordination and allocation along with VAS marketing). Assisting project management with the implementation of contractual obligations and clauses in the supply agreements. weekly and monthly meetings with all departments and vendors. ACTIX (Smartlight). MSC. VAS implementation plans made for the network by VAS marketing. Specialist in creating database for goggle earth for RF planning & Optimisation. implementing and overseeing the necessary installations and acceptance policies. First UMTS compatible core network in the country. Aniritsu. New end to end Huawei Network with Softswitch. MGW and EDGE network. Millicom decided to form VAS Center of Excellence and they selected me as Head of VAS and RF. Investigating and evaluating available VAS technologies and recommend cost effective and efficient equipment specification for use in the network. Ensuring the Radio Network Planning and routines are on schedule and completed. SLA. 15 direct staff and monitor performance to exceed targets. Nemo (DT). Responsible for drafting and conducting end to end audit of tigo. content providers and suppliers/vendors. Delegation of expenditure within signing limits and constraints of allocated budget. IN and VAS etc. Sourced and negotiated technical and commercial deal to get industry standard tools with TEMS (TI&TP). Responsible for the analysis of statistical performance data from the VAS network in order to maintain optimum VAS network quality. implementation and training.

– – – – – – – – – – – – Take responsibility for Company Operational. Health and Safety. Preparation of reports as required by the CTO / CEO. Measure the effectiveness of the Radio Network Planning Organisation against set criteria and recommend and implement changes to staffing and organisation to optimise performance. Sr.5 G and 3G network traffic. suppliers and Vendors on Design and Implementation issues specific to the Millicom. UMTS-Network design and site survey experience for overlaying WCDMA cellular network onto Vmobile’s existing dual band GSM 900 and 1800 network. procedures and controls documents. All control documents for SOX compliance. Doing UMTS UTRAN-planning with ASSET3g. Creating optimal WCDMA coverage and performance at planning phase to minimize future costs. Provide development and training requirements for all Radio Network Planning staff and ensure corporate requirements are met. Forecasting the ROI of UMTS cell sites. Checking GSM sites to find out if UMTS collocation is possible (from a radio planning point of view).and AcquisitionDepartment. Forecasting and planning to accommodate growth in both 2. U-net(Huawei) Prepared guidelines for UMTS Technology including Network Architecture and WCDMA. Modeling interaction and handover (multiband operation) between 2G and 3G network. Doing site surveys together with Transmission-. Prepared on policies.O. installation of OPTIMA. Developing KPIs for delivering services over both EDGE and 3G. Eng – Network Quality Zain (Vmobile). Preparing workshops and giving learning sessions to the engineers to make them – – – – – – – – – – – – – . Security and Fire Standards. Management of the quality of the existing radio network Management of the capacity of the existing radio network Management of the planning of expansions of the existing radio network Management of the implementation of expansions and upgrades on the existing radio network Radio network Audit. Doing Scrambling code-planning.DRC. Liaison with O.s. Construction.L. Planning handover and pilot power adjustment. Nigeria 05/2004 – 05/2006 UMTS: – – WCDMA Planning Tool : Asset3g(Aircom). Doing test drives and analyzing them using RanOpt and Actix Analyser.

Defining TEMS drive test routes and analyzing the files. Strategic Planning. Integration support-providing support to O&M and 3rd party BSS node integration as needed System Validation/Development-responsible for managing and validating new . indoor systems). Doing the network design for a Test lab (Network architecture.– – – – – – – – – – – familiar with new features and parameters. Doing checks. Assigned activity of UMTS Trial Project : (Ericsson : 16 sites (Lagos). Node dimensioning. Working in coordination with the Core department. Doing the data fill and network reconfiguration on the UTRAN side. if collocation with existing GSM sites is possible and finding ideal positions for antennas. capacity planning and channel dimensioning Pilot Pollution Analysis Scrambling Code planning and verification Neighbour List planning and Soft Handover Analysis Network-wide RAN parameter planning and optimisation Interaction with vendor’s radio design and optimization managers and directors Fine-tuning of network engineering and network performance management processes and methodologies. Technical Evaluation-responsible for technical evaluation of BSS Vendor /3rd party coverage (e. Case study to correlation of PM counter statistics and alarms with drive test results to capture end-to-end network performance. Huawei :16 sites (PHC). 16 Ericsson 2G) sites for Huawei. – – – – – – – – – – BSS Technology Development: – – – – Research -responsible for researching leading edge technology to maintain competitive edge and accelerate VMobile ‘s time to market . Backbone requirements and Network management). System interfaces. Iu and Iub interfaces) Capacity analysis. Doing the network design and engineering work (HW and SW) for the Operation and Maintenance center. amplifiers. Nigeria. antennas.VMOBILE UMTS Trial Project: Cluster Optimization: Ensuring the design and quality of service targets for the cluster and recommendations.g. Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis (Using drive test data and trace data taken from the Uu. rapid deployment sites) and capacity solutions (e. Completed survey for co-siting 16 sites for Ericsson(WCDMA BTS-RBS3202) and 32 (16 Motorola 2G.Interfacing with core engineering and new product development in ensuring same. Template for RNC/NodeB Performance Management statistics reports.g. documentation and dissemination of best-practice methodologies. 16 sites(LAGOS) ) : Currently awaiting trial single carrier (5Mhz) UMTS FDD spectrum from NCC.

studying new features and their impact on VMobile network Interference investigation-Coordinating investigation of external interference on the VMobile Network . BSS and 3rd party vendors in implementing first market application trials. dimensioning and integration. Developing and Ensuring awareness of RF Exposure policies Special studies and investigations-Responsible for special network quality related investigations and implementing the framework required to carry them out e. ensuring Planning tool database integrity.Report on same to NCC and VMobile. Provide regulatory support and technical input regarding issues that relate to strategic spectrum planning and frequency spectrum license applications.g IOS. Field trial management-responsible for interfacing with other VNL divisions.Liaising with vendors on incorporating VMobile requirements into system design and development Test Lab management. technical resourcing for regional RF Planning .CEO office System Planning & Configurations: – National BSS Planning-responsible for national coverage planning. New node planning.EDGE Special coverage and capacity solutions. Evaluate site share requests for possible interference System TOOLS & Supports: – – – Tools vendor management-responsible for managing tool vendor support relationships and contracts Systems Support – Provide database and systems support for existing planning . Spectrum Management-Develop and compile spectrum plans to support network growth and new technologies . End to End System Planning-responsible for coordinating BSS plan Implementation with BSS PM. Providing technical resource for field trials.responsible for setting up and maintaining a laboratory for system evaluation under test conditions. coordinating regional planning . hotspot analysis and other capacity studies as needed. Liaising with regions in feature/service implementation /rollout. Interfacing with BSS vendors regarding new radio related features. developing best planning methods and procedures. LAC Planning. New Service Planning-responsible for planning new services and supporting regional implementation of same ex GPRS.performance reporting and trialing tools Tools Development and Support-responsible for developing in house tools and supporting them GIS Support-providing GIS analysis and support to systems planning and performance as well as external functions such as marketing.Technical resourcing for corporate – – – – – . switch and transmission planning teams Capacity Engineering-responsible for traffic forecasting.– – – – – hardware/software entering the VMobile network .

Link analysis using K12 & K15 protocol analyzer. transmission and BSS) KPI definition and management.A . COP. Managing network performance issues and liaising with relevant parties in ensuring responsibilities.and BSC-parameters like neighbours. Interfacing with vendors and supporting regional deployment of special solutions (micros. interfacing with vendors to ensure network quality Regional Optimisation Support-responsible for providing technical support to regional optimisation activities. reporting weekly on NQ Performance management. Abis. power control.– – – sales/VMD in securing corporate accounts. Planning and optimising BTS. MHT and ARPU increase. using tools like Asset. Optima. Gn. Air Interface Recommendations and GPRS Gb. swap outs and redeployment Network Quality Management : – – – – – – – Vendor system support management-responsible for managing vendor system performance support contracts. UMTS-Network design and site survey experience. TCP. ROI. Planning new GSM-Base stations with Asset to improve the coverage. Actix. GSM/GPRS/EDGE: – – – – – – – Responsible for all Radio planning and Optimization issues countrywide Thorough knowledge of GSM A. Expertise in GPRS PCU and SGSN Database building. Reporting on same Transport Planning-Ater.NMC. inventory management. competitive advantage. Preparing guidelines for UMTS Technology including Network Architecture and WCDMA. Gr and Gi interfaces.responsible for network (core. in building) CRM Coordination and Reporting-liasing with Sales . RNO. Liaising with systems planning on node and route load balancing Undertaking special investigations to ensure e2e network dimensioning and optimal uses of resources deployed to provide best KPI.Gb interface and inter MSC routing and dimensioning BSS Equipment Management-responsible for new site BSS equipment allocation. Analyzing measurement-results and BSC counters and optimising them in the office. Tasked with researching vendor performance measurement counters. Olyphant. Establishment and maintenance of framework to monitor and report on Quality impact of all JO/WO executed network wide Resource Management : Managing and Reporting on network efficiency/utilisation. . Customer care and regions on CRM issues. Defining and developing performance reports and interfacing with NMC/ 3rd party vendors to display same information where applicable Network Trialing-responsible for coordinating regional in house trialing and third party network benchmarking Parameter Management-responsible for defining radio parameters. Coordinating national weekly top and worst performer lists. managing the parameter change process and maintaining parameter databases Inter Divisional QOS Management-responsible for coordinating network wide QOS initiatives.

optimising and accepting new GSM/GPRS repeaters. Doing test drives with special measurement equipment and fully equipped test car. AWCC.0. Developed a level of confidence in VNL regional staff to take initiative to handle this installation in house. Capex-Traffic model. Gn. EDGE trailing & dimensioning. Doing Quality-acceptances on new Base Stations. Motorola Mars. Capacity Enhancement Techniques. BSS dimensioning. Test lab for Motorola BSS. FHI. Transmission. Ericsson & Huawie. ARFCN. to improve the quality. Motorola OMC-R (Performance Management & Traffic Analysis). -orientation and the kind of antennas). GPRS traffic modeling. commissioning and rigging (Expert in Climbing tower upto 100 Mtr) of Motorola BTS. Congestion relief & load sharing optimization Frequency plan with fractional load and discrete TCH group. involved in Ericsson Edge & Huawei 3G trial projects. Afghanistan 05/2003 – 04/2004 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Sr. channel configuration. Training. BSS Experience: Hands on experience of Installation. parameter planning in the BSC. We saved millions of naira over the installation of PCU and done in house installation. Core Network Planning. GPRS network design. RSL... Ordering and managing temporary Base Stations for big events and concerts. Installing. Gb. BCC. Eng. Actix. It is worth to quote that we saved million naira to start BSC & XCDR installation in house over a year. Vendor coordination. MTL planning etc. Tools: Tems Cell Planner. Doing the data fill. XCDR. Keeping databases up to date. Coordination with regulatory authorities.– – – – – – – – – LAC. Involved in AT process of Spacefone (ip access BSS nano BTS). Talking to customers and clearing their problems (customer care). Radio planning-. Analysing the network-quality on a BTS and BSC level and writing reports. Network expansion planning. Ericsson RBS. SFH. Starting an optimisation task and manage the work with the Operation-. Turnkey Special Project for VIP Coverage. Various self designed Traffic analysis MACRO and matrix to optimize the network. Doing the planning for better performance (changing antenna-down tilt. Capacity –Coverage Solution. GPRS performance evaluator. Mapinfo 7.RF Planning & Optimization Responsible for all Radio planning and Optimization issues countrywide . BSIC planning. Gi interface dimensioning. Business Objects. GPRS. Siemens BTS. MAIO..and Construction department. BSS dimensioning & swap out plan for Motorola. Management Presentation. Netplan.IBS & Micro Cell Planning. Doing quality-measurements and optimisation for GPRS/EDGE-calls. Taken initiative to developed high class VNL team for installation of PCU and succeeded. Developed new concept for OML & Gb link. Airnet BTS and PCU etc. BSC. Analysing traffic-reports and planning the future HW-configuration to guarantee high network performance (Upgrades).

Parameters. Integration and Optimization... neighbors. . Network Performance Engineering. Optimization and expansion planning for Airtel and MTNL. Planning and testing of new Parameter sets for existing and planned Sites to improve the network quality (frequency planning with Wizard and Asset. Doing Acceptance Tests together with the customer. Delhi. BSIC. Turn key solutions for PHS network of UTSI. Drive test. Changing hardware configuration (antennas.CW drive test. Programming timing & power control parameters and thresholds. model tuning. swap planning. Spectrum analyzer and Bird Power meter etc. cell splitting and indoor solution. Planning of capacity upgrades. LAC. RF site survey and selection.) using Metrica. Ordering material and telecom equipment. Agilent) to find better configurations and new site-locations. India with Tell abs. Keeping DB up to date. Doing test drives (TEMS Investigation. Finding the problems of bad performing sites (Hardware. India In building Planning for MTNL. India 04/2003 – 05/2003 – – – Sr.Planning & Projects – ISO-9001 Processes & Documentations. Actix. Berkley CW. ISO-9001 Processes & Documentation. Tools: TEMS. Writing reports and presenting them.Planning & Projects – – – – – – – – – – – Managing the Installation and Commissioning Teams. Eng.– – Nominal Cell Plan. India 04/2003 – 05/2003 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Sr. Setting site variable parameters like neighbor lists.. Eng. Checking link balance and setting system capacity. azimuth or tilts). Writing punch lists and installation checklists.…). Responsible for all implementation issues. EIRP and link budget verification through spectrum analyzer and power meter Frequency planning. Preparing papers for the customers. Mumbai Turnkey solutions for PGCIL. Convergelabs. ORG Telecoms. Wizard. addition of capacity cells. Software. auditing network parameters and neighbor lists Evaluating system quality and setting up network monitoring systems Analysis of BSS and NSS counters Tracing non-alarming hardware faults and identifying sources of interference Changing parameters to improve network performance Predicting future capacity levels and provision equipment Retuning for reduced frequency spectrum Checking daily and weekly statistical reports. Worked as a trainer for UTSI & ORG.

Motorola Certified Trainer of BSS. IP. India. Optimization of GSM network. Gujarat circle. Turnkey RF planning for Idea cellular Ltd. India 11/2001 – 01/2002 – – – – – – – – – – – Eng.. TEMS diagnosis using MS. Commissioning. New Delhi.cells (M cells). Validation(AT). GLN070.AP. India. Eng. BSS-11. Prebid CDMA Planning for LG. MTNL and Idea) using Motorola. Integration. India GSM training for Jr. acceptance testing of BTS station to end client Lucent technologies and BSNL. Syso4.0 for Idea Cellular Ltd. Planning Installation and Commissioning of SDH equipment at all stations of MTNL Delhi.Planning & Projects – – – Commissioned Motorola Horizon Macro cell BTS in Bharti Surat. Turnkey Project on GSM : Project In charge (Admin & Tech) –Maharashtra Zone for handling ITI-BSNL project.Planning & Projects . Training lectures for BSNL staffs. technical presentation and price negotiation with telecomm vendors. Certified for CPO2. Technical documentation and Tower and earthing work.GSM 1800 band. DG. Motorola. Site Survey. SDE and JTOs at Vastrapur Telephone exchange. CW and TSS of GSM network. commissioning. Syso2 and Commissioning of BTS and BSC network. DGM.12. Optimization. Installing and commissioning GSM900 BTS equipment Installing and commissioning of Power Supply Unit Installation of antennas and Feeder cable and testing for VSWR and Return-loss measurements Installation of Micro . Nokia. Wizard and NetAct 4.Gujarat. Installation and Commissioning of 15/23 GHz Microwave link: Technical training to newcomers/freshers. optimization. Turnkey Project on GSM: Project In charge (Technical) – Gujarat ITIBSNL GSM Project: Few lectures on GSM and Lightning to GM. HuTch. Complete In-Building (DMRC-Metro rail) coverage planning. Tower.India 06/2002 – 11/2002 – – – Trainer – – – – – Technical advisor of BSNL-Motorola project and deployed newly trained engineers in five states of India. drive testing.Mid and Senior level employees.. India 01/2002 – 05/2002 Sr. Karnataka . BTS equipment. Nuteck. RF Planning of GSM network using Asset. CDMA02. LOS and RF planning survey. Implementation for JWG (Airtel.– – – – Drive Test. Power Plant). InfiniteSoftComm. Gujarat. Tender preparation. Neto1. Maharastra and Delhi. Responsibilities: Installation (Shelter. Ericsson and Lucent Equipments.

Developed new concept and mechanism of tri-pit earthing using coductiver plus. Installation of ESE. TOM/SAM. India Part Time Lecturer Physics to B. 38 GHz access link. CW Test and Model Tuning at ASSET/NetAct Planner & Indoors Planning.0+(RF) (Nokia). Business Object. LOS survey. India D. Installation followed by commissioning (CIT & CMA-2000) of Lucent’s BCF. Technical notification for the tenders. Class B. Class C and Telecomm line protective devices. Power audit to BSC/MSC/BTS stations. Technical Supervisor to various installation sites. First Class 1998 . India GSM RF and MW Tools Education Training & Teaching Experience . (Physics-Microwave Electronics). Installing Ericsson’s RBS2202 and PIU at BTS sites. Agilent's Wizard.– – – – – – – – Technical Supervisor to various BTS installation sites. “ Studies on Interaction Potentials” M.4+ & 4. OPTIMA . & COMARCO frequency scanner. surge protection and earthing to microwave stations. WinFiol. Done installation of 15. 1991 .2001 University of Allahabad Allahabad. BTS sites in Gurgaon for MTNL. Quality Inspector at various BTS site. Presentation techniques and installation details of company products. Agilent Drive Test tool.1999 Ewing Christian Degree College Allahabad. India Part Time Lecturer Microprocessor programming to B. INdia 07/2001 – 10/2001 SENIOR EXECUTIVE (R & D) – – – – – – – – Research and development activity for Lightning. Neptune Drive Test. Technical survey for RF planning support input parameters of BTS sites for Ericsson. Working experience of the tools like NetAct Planner Ver. India Intermediate. Commissioning.Sc. RNO. Ranopt.Sc. An interior layout of Power Interface Unit for BTS electrical sites.TEMS and Agilent (E7475) & ACTIX Optimisation Tool (for Drive Test).23. Siae. alignment. Site master analysis and BSC Simulator tool of Ericsson. First Class High School. Link budget calculation for access link (T Path & Wizard). Hariss. First Class B.1999 CMP Degree College Allahabad. Commissioning of access links.1990 UP Board Allahabad.Sc. (Physics & Maths).1999 KA Degree College Allahabad. 3. First Class 1988 . Siemens-Saral.Sc.Phil. MapInfo Professionals. Ericsson’s TCP. ACME. Experienced on : Ericsson. Expansion of existing BTS sites followed by commissioning and integration. II Students 1998 . Power audit for Essar Cellular installations. Done Troubleshooting – General trouble shooting. I & II Students (Evening Classes) 1998 .

Sc. II & III Students 1999 . I. I Sem Date of birth : 01-01-1974 Nationality : Indian Marital Status : married (Dr. Shanti Tripathi) . India Director Computer programming & Computer assembling 2001 Center for Biotechnology Allahabad.2001 Wisdom Computers Allahabad. India Few Lectures Physics to M.Personal Details Part Time Lecturer Physics to B.Sc.