30: Becoming a CrossBowman
Congrats! You've made it to level 30. Now is where you start to see the potential of a Crossbowman. First, go job advance. Follow these easy steps.

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Head to Henesys and talk to Athena Pierce Bring the letter Athena gives you to the Job Instructor. She can be found in the same map as the Golem Mini Dungeon entrance Once teleported inside, proceed to kill mobs until you collect 30 Black Marbles. Be sure to keep track yourself. There is no indicator like there would be for quests. Complete the "test" and return to Athena Pierce. She'll give you the option of becoming a Hunter or Crossbowman. Obviously choose Crossbowman, otherwise this guide is useless for you -_-

You are now officially a Crossbowman! You'll notice a decent increase in HP and MP, as well as your power, simply from job advancing. Now that you've advanced, let's take a look at the skills. Spoiler:

CrossBowman Guide
Crossbow Mastery Increases the weapon mastery and accuracy of Crossbows Lv. 1: Crossbow Mastery: + 12%, Accuracy: +3 Lv. 10: Crossbow Mastery: + 30%, Accuracy: +30 Lv. 20: Crossbow Mastery: + 50%, Accuracy: +60 Final Attack: Crossbow Grants a chance to deal additional damage after an attack. Must have a crossbow equipped. Required Skill: Crossbow Mastery Lv. 3 Lv. 1: Proc Rate: 2%, Damage: 100% Lv. 10: Proc Rate: 20%, Damage: 125% Lv. 20: Proc Rate: 40%, Damage: 150% Crossbow Booster Doubles the attack speed of your weapon. Must have a crossbow equipped. Required Skill: Crossbow Mastery Lv. 5 Lv. 1: MP Cost: 30, Duration: 10 sec Lv. 10: MP Cost: 21, Duration: 100 sec Lv. 20: MP Cost: 11, Duration: 200 sec Soul Arrow: CrossBow Allows you to use your crossbow without consuming ammo for a fixed period of time. Required Skill: Crossbow Booster Lv. 5 Lv. 1: MP Cost: 15, Duration: 30 sec Lv. 5: MP Cost: 15, Duration: 150 sec Lv. 10: MP Cost: 20, Duration: 300 sec Enhanced Basics Enhances Arrow Blow and Double Shot Lv. 1: Arrow Blow Damage: +10%, Double Shot Damage (per arrow): +6% Lv. 5: Arrow Blow Damage: +50%, Double Shot Damage (per arrow): +30% Lv. 10: Arrow Blow Damage: +100%, Double Shot Damage (per arrow): +60% Power Knock-Back Lv. 1: MP Cost: 8, Damage: 204%, Knock-back Chance: 62%, Max Enemies Hit: 3, Distance: 205 Lv. 10: MP Cost: 8, Damage: 240%, Knock-back Chance: 80%, Max Enemies Hit: 4, Distance: 250 Lv. 20: MP Cost: 15, Damage: 280%, Knock-back Chance: 100%, Max Enemies Hit: 6, Distance: 300 Iron Arrow Lv. 1: MP Cost: 20, Damage: 283%, Max Monsters Hit: 6 Lv. 10: MP Cost: 22, Damage: 310%, Max Monsters Hit: 6 Lv. 20: MP Cost: 26, Damage: 340%, Max Monsters Hit: 6 You've gained quite a few useful skills, some which you'll be using until end game. Soul Arrow is a godsend, making your cost for arrows disappear forever. Enhanced Basics takes your already powerful Arrow Blow and makes it even more powerful. CrossBow Booster drastically increases your attacking speed and can make the difference between killing a boss in 5 minutes, or killing a boss in 2 minutes.

came the ability for bowmen of both paths to shoot arrows regardless of how close Mobs were to them. making it much better for smaller groups.. Crossbowmen got that much better. This is why the skill is maxed early on. it requires much fewer trips to town for arrows/potions due to longer duration with less MP cost. even though Iron Arrow hits more Mobs. If you plan on doing mainly CPQ. 31: CrossBow Mastery +3 (3) Lv. 49-51: Enhanced Basics +3 (9) Lv. Along with Big Bang. 58-63: Final Attack: CrossBow +3 (MAX) Lv. CrossBow Booster +1 (1) Lv. it's literally useless. 43-48: Iron Arrow +3 (MAX) Lv. You might ask yourself. 32: CrossBow Mastery +2 (5). Final Attack: CrossBow +2 (2) Lv. Yes. but only to 3 Mobs. Believe it or not. Power Knock-back was left for last because let's face it.Recommended Skill Build Lv: 30: Iron Arrow +1 (1) Lv.. when out in the world training.. CrossBow Booster +2 (7) Lv.. 57: CrossBow Booster +1 (MAX). 34: CrossBow Booster +1 (5).. 42: CrossBow Mastery +2 (MAX). CrossBow Mastery +1 (6) Lv 38-41: CrossBow Mastery +3 (18) Lv. I was able to literally solo 1. you only need to use the skill twice tops to last the entire round. 70 (Before Job Advancing) Power Knock-Back +2 (MAX). . well why would anyone max Soul Arrow before Mastery? Simple. that little bit of extra time you'd spend rebuffing can be costly of valuable exp. 53-56: CrossBow Booster +3 (19) Lv.. you'll find numerous times it's not worth the extra MP to use it on Mobs of 1-4.3k CP in CPQ by level 35. Why waste valuable SP into a skill early on when it is no longer? Lastly. Iron Arrow +1 (2) Lv. With this build. 64-69: Power Knock-Back +3 (18) Lv. 33: CrossBow Booster +3 (4) Lv. 52: Enhanced Basics +1 (MAX).. 35-36: Soul Arrow: CrossBow +3 (8) Lv. Enhanced Basics was maxed before booster because believe it or not. and does roughly the same damage. Double Shot +1 (2) Now. Soul Arrow: CrossBow +2 (2) Lv. Also. and that's without any funding at all.. because Arrow Blow uses less MP than Iron Arrow. 37: Soul Arrow: CrossBow +2 (MAX).

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