Omaha Public Library REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL Strategic Planning and Visioning Consulting Services

Date Due: Friday, October 1, 2010, 10:00 am (CDT)

Introduction Omaha Public Library (the “Library”) requests proposals from consultants who have both library expertise and strategic planning expertise in the facilitation and development of a Library Strategic Vision and Plan. Background The Omaha Public Library is the largest public library system in Nebraska, serving the 498.732 residents of the City of Omaha and Douglas County. The Omaha Public Library is comprised of a main library located in downtown Omaha and 11 branch libraries. The Library continues to see growing use of its facilities, collections, and services. In 2009, 2.2 million visits were made to the Omaha Public Library, and over 3.1 million items were circulated. The Library is currently staffed with 165 FTE positions. The Library is a City Department. The Library is governed by a Library Board made up of 9 members, serving voluntarily, each appointed by the mayor. The Library receives contractual funding from Douglas County to provide services to residents living in Douglas County, outside of the city limits. There is a separate Omaha Public Library Foundation, which raises private funding for the Library. A Friends Group manages quarterly book sales. The 2010 Library Budget is $12.9 million. Approximately 5% of the total 2010 budget is from private giving. The Library completed a Facilities Master Plan in August 2010, which provided a detailed analysis of the current library facilities, their use and demographics, and a proposal for facility needs for the future. This document will be made available to the selected consultant. The information from the Facilities Master Plan will be folded into the Strategic Vision and Plan. The last Strategic Plan was completed in 2007, and provided goals through the end of 2010. The Library Board wishes to contract with a consultant to facilitate and guide the Library in the development of an exciting, engaging, and forwardthinking Vision and Strategy that provides both short-term (3-5 years) goals and objectives, as well as a long term (20+ years) compelling vision. Scope of Services • Collaborate and communicate with the Library Board Strategic Planning Committee.

ideas. psychographics. Meet with individuals as necessary to obtain detailed information on and insight into workflow. for ongoing strategic planning goal achievement evaluation. priorities. Provide self-assessment methodology. Incorporate data and results from the 2010 Facility Master Plan. economy and technology. Opportunity. and ideas. environmental. taking into account community needs and the opportunities they offer. • An analysis of projected trends which identifies strengths. including appropriate tools. Weakness. customers. community organizations that either supplement or complement library services. and other issues. including a new Vision and Mission Statement. and other key stakeholders to collect input.• • • • • • • • • • • • Facilitate information gathering methods with Library Board. Threats (SWOT) analysis. Develop a Vision and Strategy document that outlines short and long term goals. etc. long-range vision. objectives. Review and assess current Library services and programs. Deliverables The Consultant will produce an Executive Summary report and a compelling Vision and Strategy Document from which the organization can envision its future and develop the necessary procedures and operations to achieve that future. but not limited to. This should be viewed as a management tool designed to produce decisions and actions that shape and guide what the organization is. Work in partnership with the Library Board. an analysis of financial implications of the strategic plan implementation. Societal and Technological (PEST). Analyze organizational ability to implement strategic plan options including. trends in technology. or other analysis of the Library. Lead Strength. what it does and why it does it with a focus on the future. opportunities and threats. Work in partnership with the Library Board and library management staff to develop a plan for marketing the final product both internally and externally. Create mechanisms to allow ongoing input and feedback from stakeholders. and reactions. staff and community members (as appropriate) to build a trends and issues agenda and facilitate a working session to set priorities within a broad. weaknesses. staff. The product will incorporate the following components/characteristics at a minimum: • An environmental scan to include demographics. Political. library management. Omaha Public Library Page 2 7/26/2011 . Assist in identifying gaps where the current library operation is insufficient to meet the identified service priorities.

Section 2 – Respondent Expertise Brief overview of the respondent’s experience in working with libraries and other not for profit organizations. Integration of Facilities Master Plan priorities. their value. A timeline reflecting the prioritized improvements. Tentative Schedule (Subject to negotiation and change as necessary) Issue RFP Proposals due Consultant Questioning as necessary Consultant Selected and Notified Work Performed Final Report Submitted September 10. Section 3 – Statement of Philosophy and Vision for Public Library Services Brief statement of respondent’s general thoughts on 21 st Century Public Libraries. Section 4 .15. and their future. 2010 October 1. 2010 October 2010 – February 2011 February 28. The Strategic Planning Document that paints an exciting vision of Omaha Public Library for the short-term as well as the next 10-20 years.• • • • • Recommended service delivery. 2010 October 1 . At a minimum. including a brief restatement of the project scope.) Executive Summary of Strategic Planning Document. and with strategic planning projects and/or related work. The timeline will identify short-term projects (one to three years) and longer term projects (three to seven years. identification of any particularly challenging aspects.Proposed Work Plan Detailed description of the planned approach taken by the respondent. 2010 October 20. staffing models and other organizational capacity factors consistent with organizational goals & values to achieve maximum customer service and mission fulfillment. include • the methodology to be used • a draft project time line with key milestones • stakeholders proposed to be engaged Omaha Public Library Page 3 7/26/2011 . 2011 PROPOSAL FORMAT AND CONTENTS Section 1 .Executive Summary Summary of the proposal.

and consultant reputation. Telephone inquiries will not be addressed. jbrick@omahalibrary.References A List of three (3) previous clients for whom the respondent has provided similar services. Library Office Manager. Section 7 . quality of response to RFP. including names. including a brief description of the firm and its qualifications. All questions and replies will be made available to all respondents who have been identified. roles and resumes of principal in charge and project team Clarification Questions may be submitted until September 20th to Judy Brick at the email address above. appropriateness to Omaha public Library. Firms not selected will be notified by letter. Section 6 – Consultant Staffing Plan An overview of all firm and project team members. including but not limited to: price. Selection and Notification In evaluating proposals. references. Evaluation. • • • Omaha Public Library Page 4 7/26/2011 . The selection committee may consider any factors it deems necessary. one respondent will be selected by the Strategic Planning Committee of the Library Board for negotiation of an agreement. GENERAL CONDITIONS Intention to Respond The Respondent is asked to indicate the intent to respond to this RFP as early as possible by sending an email message to Judy Brick. Please include the phrase “Strategic Planning RFP” in the subject line.plans for obtaining stakeholder buy-in methods for implementing and marketing of the final product. Reasoning as to why proposed methods or activities have been proposed. experience. price will not be the sole factor. and a point of contact for questions concerning the proposal. Upon completion of the evaluation process. quality of service. Section 5 – Budget A comprehensive and detailed budget listing all costs and fees that will be incurred as part of the respondent’s work.

Delivery Proposal must be submitted in a sealed envelope. 15th Street Omaha NE 68102 gwasdin@omahalibrary. Rights to Developed Materials The contract awarded will provide that any material designed specifically to meet the Library’s needs or any modifications to existing materials will become the property of the Library over which it shall have exclusive property Omaha Public Library Page 5 7/26/2011 . CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS Form of Contract Mutually negotiated agreement. 10:00 am (CDT) Number of Copies 6 hard copies of the proposal are required. 2010. along with an electronic copy. Respondents bear sole risk and responsibility for costs incurred in the preparation and mailing of the proposal. commercial automobile liability insurance and State of Nebraska Workers’ Compensation coverage. SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS Submittal Date Proposals must be received on or before Friday. Promotional material alone will not suffice. Economy of Preparation Proposals should be prepared simply and economically and should provide a straightforward and concise statement of the proposal. Director Omaha Public Library 215 S.Reservation of Rights This RFP does not commit the Library to award a contract or pay any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a proposal. Addenda Any revisions to this RFP or additional relevant information will be provided to all vendors receiving the original RFP. bearing the firm’s name and return address. The Library reserves the right to ask for clarification of the proposal if the need arises. October 1. and addressed to: Gary Wasdin. Insurance Consultant shall provide the Library Certificates of Insurance verifying adequate commercial general liability insurance. The Library reserves the right to cancel the project at any time prior to the execution of the contract by both parties.

org Omaha Public Library Page 6 7/26/2011 . 2007-2010 • Facilities Master Plan Overview. 2010 General information about the Library is available through the Library’s web site at http://omahalibrary.ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Attachments to this Request for Proposal include: • Annual Report. 2009 • Omaha Public Library Strategic Plan. Specific questions regarding this Request for Proposal should be directed to Judy Brick.

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