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Stranger: 18+ bad girls only beyond this point (26/m/us) You: oh, so 17 years doesnt go? Stranger: Maybe we can just funny stuff. I've got my eye on you. You: oh.. thats a shame Stranger: Meh... Stranger: Sex is cheap You: not really You: transport, dinner, transport again You: then you still need a room You: oh, and gifts ofcourse :3 Stranger: Oh...I meant online You: yea Stranger: Easy to get I mean so no reason for it to be a shame Stranger: that I'm not providing You: hmm Stranger: It's too bad too, because I'm pretty sure most of the "girls" over 18 on here are gay men. You: and why do you think under 18 arnt? Stranger: If you wanted to get in my pants and you were willing to lie, you woul d say you were 18 You: intresting logics, where did you get those from? Stranger: My brain. Stranger: Sometimes it just fires off good ideas. You: then i think, needs recalibration Stranger: Probably You: so, in general, what do you do with these older then 18 girls? Stranger: Oh...fulfill their wild fantasies. You: can you give any examples? Stranger: Usually in the form of a role-play involving a spanking or other "corr ective action" You: what do they act like? Stranger: Or sometimes I tell them about what I've done with other lovers I've h ad IRL. You: oooh, can you tell me some? Stranger: Well, most recently I went up to my cabin on the lake with a fine youn g woman...then I tied her up overlooking the lake and made her orgasm for me ove r and was pretty hot. Stranger: So...things like that. It's surprising how little women actually pursu e their fantasies. You: soo, what are they most about? i readed somewhere most of them "wanted" to be raped.. Stranger: That is right but wrong. Women do want to feel compelled, they love po wer and some of them push it to the point of rape, but the truth is that society tells them not to be sexual (women that sleep around are sluts right) so they w ant a man that can make them feel safe and yet dangerous, almost as if it's bein g done against their will so it's ok. You: soo, would you do that with me if i was older? Stranger: Sure...I'm a big fan of sexual liberation. I actually carry sex toys i n my wallet just as a talking point sometimes with single women I meet. You: oh, isnt that wrong if you get caught? Stranger: Huh? Stranger: What wrong? Carrying a sex toy? You: yea Stranger: No You: i would be dead ashemed of myself having one in the first place Stranger: Seriously? You: yea Stranger: That's really unfortunate. You: well, what kinds of toys do you carry then?

Stranger: In my wallet...just a little pair of nipple clips...very innocent. Act ually I don't own that many, I usually just buy them to give away, You: doesnt that cost alot of money? Stranger: Well...I guess...I mean a sex toy costs $50-100 for a good one and a d ate costs about the same, more if you have wine. You: wow.. thats alot of money for something to give away.. Stranger: Well, it's not like I'm perpetually giving them away. Just once in a w hile. Stranger: What about must masturbate from time to time You: nooo Stranger: Wow. Stranger: Are you like in the deep south? You: more like far north.. Stranger: Well, you should reconsider your position. Many women I know feel that their best purchase ever was their favorite vibrator. I know women that cannot orgasm without one. You: ewww You: thats not something i want to be knowing right now.. Stranger: Sorry Stranger: Sounded like you were curious. You: i guess... but that was to much information Stranger: Why? You: cause im not doing anything at all at the moment, and i tottaly have no nee d for it either Stranger: Are you sure you are 17? You: yes You: wait no You: im more like.. 20 Stranger: Lol... Stranger: Well, if it makes you feel better, most women I know didn't buy/reciev e their first vibrators until after college so you're not deviant or anything. You: oh that makes sence Stranger: But they all wish they had baught them earlier. You: and i still dont need one Stranger: So do you have any form of outlet for that energy? You: i got a huge plushie wolf... You: hes really soft.. Stranger: and... You: oh.. i tend to just rub him against me.. Stranger: Rub him between your legs you mean You: also.. yes.. Stranger: That's masturbation. You: i know You: but im not touching myself Stranger: Don't be ashamed. Stranger: Be excited about your sexuality. It's an important part of who you are . Most women in the third world would be married and sexually active by their te ens. You: well, i guess thats part of the world/socity you live in.. Stranger: No...just that I've visited. You are very normal. I hope you don't thi nk I'm saying otherwise. You: well, depends how you describe normal Stranger: What makes you say that? You: seeing socity these days makes you think that having sex on your 16th is no rmal Stranger: Not at all. Never feel pressured to do something you don't want to. Bu t also never feel pressured out of doing something you do want to do. You: fair enough Stranger: So what do you want? You: well

You: i think im gay.. You: but i dont know how to bring it out to the world Stranger: And you're a girl? You: yes Stranger: Yeah...that's tough. You: but i think, as soon my parrents find out.. they will disown me. You: seeing my mom and dad walking by gays and lesbians, really hating them.. Stranger: do you talk about it with anyone You: not really Stranger: Heavy stuff. What makes you think you are gay? Stranger: Give me a specific example You: ive never seen a guy that makes me feel like other girls does Stranger: Is there a particular girl? You: well You: not really Stranger: Are you sure? You: yea.. and the few im thinking about all have boyfriends Stranger: Well, you are in a difficult situation, it sounds like your from a sma ll town. You: yea.. not really listed on any great maps Stranger: Lol. Stranger: I hope I don't sound like a know-it-all. I too grew up in a small town You: nah its alright Stranger: You should ask me some questions. This is your big chance to talk to s omeone who can never out you. You: i dont really have any questions Stranger: Really? Not even where the good lesbian porn is. I am disappoint. :P You: duud, i know where i can find that You: so, are you still 26.. and male? Stranger: No, I'm a lesbian trapped in a male body. Stranger: :P You: okay, that works You: dont you have anything i can see you? Stranger: I do, do you? You: not really You: i do have a youtube movie with me dancing tho.. but thats a fairly old one Stranger: You're a dancer then? You: in spare time i wiggle around abit Stranger: Awww, cute. Stranger: Wiggle around sounds funny. Stranger: Well, let me find a pic to send you. Stranger: You: oh, that looks like fun Stranger: Yep Stranger: Dancing on the water You: haha Stranger: You remind me a bit of me actually. I'm not gay obviously, but small t own life didn't agree with me either. You: ooh, what happend? Stranger: I wasn't into football or beer. You: ooh Stranger: Or homophobia Stranger: Or guns You: to bad we didnt life togheter then Stranger: No...I would have tried to seduce you. You: i dont see anything wrong with that You: all these macho guys piss me off anyway Stranger: go girl. What's your name? You: Lela Stranger: Peter

You: hmm, that doesnt sound amerikan Stranger:'s one of the most common american names You: really? o.O You: oh well Stranger: So when do I get to see you cutie. You: uhm.. i dont think anytime soon You: i dont think at all to be honest Stranger: :( Well, it's up to you. You: yea.. unless you feel like turning gay.. Stranger: ? You: well, im not a girl really You: you seemed like a nice guy tho Stranger: Lol...I don't know any guys with furry wolves You: well, i do own one.. You: i also own a small deer Stranger: odd You: well You: megh You: thats funny you said furry, you dont happen to be one? Stranger: ? You: are you a furry? Stranger: ...? I don't think so You: okay.. yea, if you dont think so, you probbly arnt.. You: anyhow, i bet youll find the girls of your dreams sooner or later Stranger: probably You: you do realize youve been talking to a bi-male? Stranger: I guessed You: about where? Stranger: when you said Technical error: internal error. And well never know how he figured out how i was bi... FUUUUUUUUUU

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