Step 1 Study Notes: With high respiratory rates, faster airflow rates are required, increasing the frictional

forces. This is more marked in obstructive airways disease - such patients therefore generally minimise the work of breathing by using a slow respiratory rate and large tidal volumes. In contrast, patients with restrictive lung disease (poor compliance) reach the unfavourable upper part of the compliance curve soon as the tidal volume increases. The pattern of breathing seen in such patients usually involves small tidal volumes and a fast respiratory rate. Pentazocine = opioid w/ partial agonist activity and weak antagonist activity at mu receptors Provides effective analgesia w/ minimal abuse potential Combined w/ morphine (or other mu selective opioids) --> mu inhibition and withdrawal symtoms occur Mu selective agonists = methadone, codeine, meperidine, fentanyl, levorphaneol, oxymorphone --> no withdrawal when given to morphine patients 560041604 Bumetanide/Metolazone

Auranofin abiraterone acetate—a powerful inhibitor of CYP17, a key enzyme in testosterone biosynthesis
Cinacalcet Buprenorphine Ergonivine Pentostatin Azacitidine Milrinone Fenoldopam Diazoxide Apomorphine Ristocetin Oxybutynin/tolterodine Amifostine Phenazopyradine

HTN leads to actual loss of arterioles (via autoregulatory mech) + hypertrophy (thick walls.Erb palsy is upper trunk injury (c5 c6) . used in hairy cell leukemia) Metyrapone Cyclobenzaprine Droperidol Gallamine Mecamylamine Stromeolysin Pentamidine 41 1488 463 1344 147 890 463 337505 THINGS TO REVIEW: . metabolism = q348) .hernias .HIV CD4 count correlations .Fractured scaphoid --> pain at anatomical snuffbox --> restore circulation to avoid avascular necrosis of proximal part of bone .Sheehans syndroms = pituitary apoplexy (ant pit most sensitive thus give glucocorticoids and thyroid hormone) .Meclizine = H1 antag for motion sickness and vertigo Prochlorperazine (D2 antagonist) = compazine Megestrol acetate Chlorthalidone Cilostazol Chlorpheniramine/Dimenhydratine Ramelteon Cladribine (inhibits ADA. reduced lumens) .bone pathology .benzos (t1/2.PTH above (normal 10-60) 88 pg/mL is enough to cause mobilization of Calcium from bones --> pain .Wilsons dz = mut ATP7B on chr 13 .Dislocated carpal bone is lunate (median nerve) vs fractured hamate (ulnar nerve) .

Vimentin is not specific for rhabdo .mucosa = epith + lamina propria .Anesthetic principles (pp 430) . and metab) .Babesia .osteoporosis 3.No Eo in Giardia or Entamoeba .anastrazole/exemastane .Trabecular thinning with fewer interconnections-.ABX mechanisms .C1 esterase inhibitor .DQ2 HLA for Celiac's Dz .osteoid accumulation around trabeculae-osteomalacia 2.TB drugs (mechanisms.Cholera (alkaline env) and Campylo = comma-shaped and oxidase(+) .Derm conditions and associations .ABX side effects (esp ARV) . sfx.Anterior scalene --> compresses C8-T1 1.Ergonovine .mosaic lamellar bone structure-.submucosa .spongiosa filling medullary canal and no mature trabeculae-.Pericentric = DOES include centromere .subperiosteal resorption with cystic degeneration-.AmphoB --> hypo-K/Mg .hyperparathyroidism 4.muscularis .Paracentric = doesn't include centromere .Shiga toxin in EHEC = no sorbitol fermentation and no glucoronidase . also anti-insulin effects .osteopetrosis . layers) .muscularis mucosa (erosions doesn't penetrate here) ..hGH in pregn stimulates maternal IGF-1 --> incr glucose and amino acids available for fetus .CV pathology (timing.Thymus and T-cell development .Sucralfate .neuro/psych drug side effects .PNH = Marchiafava-Micheli Syndrome .Desmin or myogenin or MyoD1 = rhabdomyosarcoma .TORCHES .Hydralazine and procainamide = acetylated --> DI-SLE .pagets 5.

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