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### setuplist.txt first line must be a comment +Basics ohms.txt Ohm's Law resistors.txt Resistors cap.txt Capacitor induct.

txt Inductor >lrc.txt LRC Circuit voltdivide.txt Voltage Divider pot.txt Potentiometer potdivide.txt Potentiometer Divider thevenin.txt Thevenin's Theorem norton.txt Norton's Theorem +A/C Circuits capac.txt Capacitor inductac.txt Inductor capmultcaps.txt Caps of Various Capacitances capmultfreq.txt Caps w/ Various Frequencies indmultind.txt Inductors of Various Inductances indmultfreq.txt Inductors w/ Various Frequencies impedance.txt Impedances of Same Magnitude res-series.txt Series Resonance res-par.txt Parallel Resonance +Passive Filters filt-hipass.txt High-Pass Filter (RC) filt-lopass.txt Low-Pass Filter (RC) filt-hipass-l.txt High-Pass Filter (RL) filt-lopass-l.txt Low-Pass Filter (RL) bandpass.txt Band-pass Filter notch.txt Notch Filter twint.txt Twin-T Filter crossover.txt Crossover butter10lo.txt Butterworth Low-Pass (10 pole) besselbutter.txt Bessel vs Butterworth ringing.txt Band-pass with Ringing +Other Passive Circuits +Series/Parallel indseries.txt Inductors in Series indpar.txt Inductors in Parallel capseries.txt Caps in Series cappar.txt Caps in Parallel +Transformers transformer.txt Transformer transformerdc.txt Transformer w/ DC transformerup.txt Step-Up Transformer transformerdown.txt Step-Down Transformer longdist.txt Long-Distance Power Transmission +Relays relay.txt Relay relayand.txt Relay AND relayor.txt Relay OR relayxor.txt Relay XOR relaymux.txt Relay Mux relayff.txt Relay Flip-Flop relaytff.txt Relay Toggle Flip-Flop relayctr.txt Relay Counter

3way.txt 3-Way Light Switches 4way.txt 3- and 4-Way Light Switches diff.txt Differentiator wheatstone.txt Wheatstone Bridge lrc-critical.txt Critically Damped LRC currentsrcelm.txt Current Source inductkick.txt Inductive Kickback inductkick-snub.txt Blocking Inductive Kickback powerfactor1.txt Power Factor powerfactor2.txt Power Factor Correction grid.txt Resistor Grid grid2.txt Resistor Grid 2 cube.txt Resistor Cube +Coupled LC's coupled1.txt LC Modes (2) coupled2.txt Weak Coupling coupled3.txt LC Modes (3) ladder.txt LC Ladder phaseseq.txt Phase-Sequence Network lissa.txt Lissajous Figures +Diodes diodevar.txt Diode diodecurve.txt Diode I/V Curve rectify.txt Half-Wave Rectifier fullrect.txt Full-Wave Rectifier fullrectf.txt Full-Wave Rectifier w/ Filter diodelimit.txt Diode Limiter +Zener Diodes zeneriv.txt I/V Curve zenerref.txt Voltage Reference zenerreffollow.txt Voltage Reference w/ Follower dcrestoration.txt DC Restoration inductkick-block.txt Blocking Inductive Kickback spikegen.txt Spike Generator +Voltage Multipliers voltdouble.txt Voltage Doubler voltdouble2.txt Voltage Doubler 2 volttriple.txt Voltage Tripler voltquad.txt Voltage Quadrupler amdetect.txt AM Detector diodeclip.txt Waveform Clipper sinediode.txt Triangle-to-Sine Converter ringmod.txt Ring Modulator +Op-Amps opamp.txt Op-Amp opampfeedback.txt Op-Amp Feedback +Amplifiers amp-invert.txt Inverting Amplifier amp-noninvert.txt Noninverting Amplifier amp-follower.txt Follower amp-diff.txt Differential Amplifier amp-sum.txt Summing Amplifier logconvert.txt Log Amplifier classd.txt Class-D Amplifier

+Oscillators relaxosc.txt Relaxation Oscillator phaseshiftosc.txt Phase-Shift Oscillator triangle.txt Triangle Wave Generator sine.txt Sine Wave Generator sawtooth.txt Sawtooth Wave Generator vco.txt Voltage-Controlled Oscillator rossler.txt Rossler Circuit amp-rect.txt Half-Wave Rectifier (inverting) amp-fullrect.txt Full-Wave Rectifier peak-detect.txt Peak Detector amp-integ.txt Integrator amp-dfdx.txt Differentiator amp-schmitt.txt Schmitt Trigger nic-r.txt Negative Impedance Converter gyrator.txt Gyrator capmult.txt Capacitance Multiplier howland.txt Howland Current Source itov.txt I-to-V Converter opamp-regulator.txt Voltage Regulator opint.txt 741 Internals opint-invert-amp.txt 741 (inverting amplifier) opint-slew.txt 741 Slew Rate opint-current.txt 741 Current Limits +Transistors npn.txt NPN Transistor pnp.txt PNP Transistor transswitch.txt Switch follower.txt Emitter Follower +Multivibrators multivib-a.txt Astable Multivib multivib-bi.txt Bistable Multivib (Flip-Flop) multivib-mono.txt Monostable Multivib (One-Shot) ceamp.txt Common-Emitter Amplifier phasesplit.txt Unity-Gain Phase Splitter schmitt.txt Schmitt Trigger currentsrc.txt Current Source currentsrcramp.txt Current Source Ramp mirror.txt Current Mirror darlington.txt Darlington Pair +Differential Amplifiers trans-diffamp.txt Differential Input trans-diffamp-common.txt Common-Mode Input trans-diffamp-cursrc.txt Common-Mode w/Current Source +Push-Pull Follower pushpullxover.txt Simple, with distortion pushpull.txt Improved +Oscillators colpitts.txt Colpitts Oscillator hartley.txt Hartley Oscillator eclosc.txt Emitter-Coupled LC Oscillator +MOSFETs

nmosfet.txt n-MOSFET pmosfet.txt p-MOSFET mosswitch.txt Switch mosfollower.txt Source Follower moscurrentsrc.txt Current Source moscurrentramp.txt Current Ramp mosmirror.txt Current Mirror mosfetamp.txt Common-Source Amplifier cmosinverter.txt CMOS Inverter cmosinvertercap.txt CMOS Inverter (w/capacitance) cmosinverterslow.txt CMOS Inverter (slow transition) cmostransgate.txt CMOS Transmission Gate mux.txt CMOS Multiplexer samplenhold.txt Sample-and-Hold delayrc.txt Delayed Buffer leadingedge.txt Leading-Edge Detector switchfilter.txt Switchable Filter voltinvert.txt Voltage Inverter invertamp.txt Inverter Amplifier inv-osc.txt Inverter Oscillator +555 Timer Chip 555square.txt Square Wave Generator 555int.txt Internals 555saw.txt Sawtooth Oscillator 555lowduty.txt Low-duty-cycle Oscillator 555monostable.txt Monostable Multivibrator 555pulsemod.txt Pulse Width Modulator 555sequencer.txt Pulse Sequencer 555schmitt.txt Schmitt Trigger (inverting) 555missing.txt Missing Pulse Detector +Active Filters filt-vcvs-lopass.txt VCVS Low-Pass Filter filt-vcvs-hipass.txt VCVS High-Pass Filter switchedcap.txt Switched-Capacitor Filter allpass1.txt Allpass allpass2.txt Allpass w/ Square +Logic Families +RTL rtlinverter.txt RTL Inverter rtlnor.txt RTL NOR rtlnand.txt RTL NAND +DTL dtlinverter.txt DTL Inverter dtlnand.txt DTL NAND dtlnor.txt DTL NOR +TTL ttlinverter.txt TTL Inverter ttlnand.txt TTL NAND ttlnor.txt TTL NOR +NMOS nmosinverter.txt NMOS Inverter nmosinverter2.txt NMOS Inverter 2 nmosnand.txt NMOS NAND -

+CMOS cmosinverter.txt CMOS Inverter cmosnand.txt CMOS NAND cmosnor.txt CMOS NOR cmosxor.txt CMOS XOR cmosff.txt CMOS Flip-Flop cmosmsff.txt CMOS Master-Slave Flip-Flop +ECL eclnor.txt ECL NOR/OR +Ternary 3-cgand.txt CGAND 3-cgor.txt CGOR 3-invert.txt Complement (F210) 3-f211.txt F211 3-f220.txt F220 3-f221.txt F221 +Combinational Logic xor.txt Exclusive OR halfadd.txt Half Adder fulladd.txt Full Adder decoder.txt 1-of-4 Decoder mux3state.txt 2-to-1 Mux majority.txt Majority Logic digcompare.txt 2-Bit Comparator 7segdecoder.txt 7-Segment LED Decoder +Sequential Logic +Flip-Flops nandff.txt SR Flip-Flop clockedsrff.txt Clocked SR Flip-Flop masterslaveff.txt Master-Slave Flip-Flop edgedff.txt Edge-Triggered D Flip-Flop jkff.txt JK Flip-Flop +Counters counter.txt 4-Bit Ripple Counter counter8.txt 8-Bit Ripple Counter synccounter.txt Synchronous Counter deccounter.txt Decimal Counter graycode.txt Gray Code Counter johnsonctr.txt Johnson Counter divideby2.txt Divide-by-2 divideby3.txt Divide-by-3 ledflasher.txt LED Flasher traffic.txt Traffic Light dram.txt Dynamic RAM +Analog/Digital flashadc.txt Flash ADC deltasigma.txt Delta-Sigma ADC hfadc.txt Half-Flash (Subranging) ADC dac.txt Binary-Weighted DAC r2rladder.txt R-2R Ladder DAC swtreedac.txt Switch-Tree DAC digsine.txt Digital Sine Wave

+Phase-Locked Loops xorphasedet.txt XOR Phase Detector pll.txt Type I PLL phasecomp.txt Phase Comparator (Type II) phasecompint.txt Phase Comparator Internals pll2.txt Type II PLL pll2a.txt Type II PLL (fast) freqdouble.txt Frequency Doubler +Transmission Lines tl.txt Simple TL tlstand.txt Standing Wave tlterm.txt Termination tlmismatch.txt Mismatched lines (Pulse) tlmis1.txt Mismatched lines (Standing Wave) tlmatch1.txt Impedance Matching (L-Section) tlmatch2.txt Impedance Matching (Shunt Stub) tlfreq.txt Stub Frequency Response tllopass.txt Low-Pass Filter tllight.txt Light Switch +Misc Devices +JFETs jfetcurrentsrc.txt JFET Current Source jfetfollower.txt JFET Follower jfetfollower-nooff.txt JFET Follower w/zero offset jfetamp.txt Common-Source Amplifier volume.txt Volume Control +Tunnel Diodes tdiode.txt I/V Curve tdosc.txt LC Oscillator tdrelax.txt Relaxation Oscillator +Memristors mr.txt Memristor mr-sine.txt Sine Wave mr-square.txt Square Wave mr-triangle.txt Triangle Wave mr-sine2.txt Hard-Switching 1 mr-sine3.txt Hard-Switching 2 mr-crossbar.txt Crossbar Memory +Triodes triode.txt Triode triodeamp.txt Amplifier +Silicon-Controlled Rectifiers scr.txt SCR scractrig.txt AC Trigger +Current Conveyor cc2.txt CCII+ cc2n.txt CCIIccinductor.txt Inductor Simulator cc2imp.txt CCII+ Implementation cc2impn.txt CCII- Implementation cciamp.txt Current Amplifier ccvccs.txt VCCS

ccdiff.txt Current Differentiator ccint.txt Current Integrator ccitov.txt Current-Controlled Voltage Source +Spark Gap spark-sawtooth.txt Sawtooth Generator tesla.txt Tesla Coil spark-marx.txt Marx Generator blank.txt Blank Circuit