You annihilate the debt by paying up and then instituting the universal currency that Jefferson defined as he not

Lord Calvert correctly weighed the Earth; how much is our intellectual property, Uniformity, worth? In excess of $14 trillion.

This is to notify you that you, The House, have been sued. It is Herbert et al Versus Obama et al, case # 11-CV-1869 in US District Court Duluth, Minnesota. It is the test of Marbury V Madison and A Summary View as Thomas Jefferson not Lord Calvert correctly weighed the Earth solving the problem proposed by Newton in Principia and proving his A Summary View. If you want to pay off the entire debt read the suit as the IMF was never legal as FDR filed the UN Treaty about four months too late. Also to be natural born your father not your mother must be natural born so you never needed to see Obama's pieces of paper to know he's not natural born. What, not one lone American woman is able and capable? I, Susan, successfully shattered the glass ceiling in a house of glass Congress built as Philadelphia is the house Jefferson built. Want to know when and how life begins in the womb? What the universal mean for sapience or the weight of the godspark is? Want to know what the universal mean for physical space is? Or how and why magnetic North moves? If the Vikings landed in MN in 1362? The class and I gifted this intellectual property and much more to The People making them solvent while DC, you, is insolvent. We could have sold it but we didn't as some amateurs told me that they own us as they own the patents on the human genome so I told them that a professional evil genius would think larger thus I, a professional American, would teach 'em how to do it by patenting life itself inside of SCOTUS via the process known as a directly entered case of authority and original jurisdiction and I did. I? I am a spy in the house of brotherly love. You? You're supposed to be the same as Congress itself is modeled after the Iroquois longhouse and is the result of the greatest compromise of all. Who renegotiates the contract when that constitutes a negotiation of your safety? Who enters binding arbitration when you're already bound by the original terms? Who settles when no other settlement can be had and when it would rise to become a crime against humanity? Who violates natural law when nature enforces it own self by its own self in spite of what unjust men do or do not do? Not I and not the class.

You can't repay a loan that was never any good and is predatory as like Calvert your model is bad. You will never, ever be of the ability and capacity to pay it in full thereby resuscitating an imperfect America, imperfect as we never yet lived out the EP&DP clauses or the rest of US law as written and as intended so what you are acting to do now is manifestly futile; in court we call you "frivolous" as you are your case and so that's what the case known as The US Debt Reduction Plan then is, frivolous. Included here is the Notice that I snail mailed to all 100 Senators. You'll have to look the case up as I posted the entire complaint on SCRIBD ( so the public has access to it as the class is 300 million strong and then 6 billion strong. The Royal Astronomers erroneously awarded Calvert credit as Jefferson entered his math to the congressional record and the Congressional Astrologers at work then did not know what sapience looks like on a sheet of paper. They failed to recognize the constellation named The Susan Constant; we're Constitutional Astronomers so we did recognize wisdom when we encountered it even from 200 years away and without an actual spyglass. Suit 11-cv-1869 is your opportunity to make good on the actual debt incurred at the Revolution as paid Officers owe we, The unpaid People. ………………………………………… NOTICE OF SUIT, PAGE 1 HERBERT ET AL V OBAMA JR. ET AL 11-CV-1869 US DISTRICT COURT, DULUTH, MN I sued SCOTUS and won so that SCOTUS (the employees not the building) violated Marbury as their math is horrible, then I sued again for the violation of our rights leveling them with the good math so that the US officially defaulted and then I foreclosed on the US (DC); see Petitions 07-9804, 08-6622 and 096777. If you press an airtight case against the US and manage to directly enter it? You can depend upon default; the Court will acquiesce, the clerks will tamper with the docket or the US will fail to respond, or, all 3 will occur as US

law being actualized is alien to the US. Why? Besides incompetence America hasn’t been born yet and won’t be until a lone American tackles the Chief Justice and he yells “Monkey’s uncle!” as that lone citizen must be Homo Americanus, a creature more evolved than Homo Sapien. Nobody ever took on the Chief Justice before and exceeded him as he’s British due to writs while you’re American due to your one vote being equivalent to an Executive Order. The only writ then is the one you write up, sign and attach to the last page of your petition and brief, “Judicial Review Is The Myth Of Fingerprints”. Instead of voiding a good contract upon appeal using a lie you enter the truth thus upholding the original contract upon direct appeal. I filed what is a writ of habeas corpus against: America! You might recognize it as mandamus as in “I don’t believe BVG so I hereby demand that you produce the body, plural, as I have some questions for the Voters, singular”: So the other disciples told him, ‘We have seen the vote!’ But he, Thomas Jefferson, said to them, ‘Unless I see the ballots in his hand and put my finger through the holes where the hanging chads were, and place my hand into his side pocket, I will not believe BVG is an actual fact and law based case of constitutional authority and original jurisdiction. The secret is the Court – you, the Voters – already acquiesced as BVG the opinion is a tie while BVG the argument is a lie known as propaganda. Then I informed Earth by entering a court that is technically outside of the US as I asked the world court in DC to receive notice of foreclosure (I foreclosed on Earth after the US) but not file or publish it as I was going back to DC to finish the job the American Founders began as you want to keep the jurisdiction of Earth in America as America is THE constitutional authority: A Summary View On The Rights Of American America The Declaration, The Federalist Papers, The Constitution (1787), Marbury V Madison and A Summary View On The Rights Of British America is all they wrote, vote upon and lived out as reality; all the Founders promised me is the “blessings of liberty” if I fulfilled the contract, the blessings of liberty being a metaphysical concept so large and so expansive that it was up to me to define it. So I did. Experience hath shewn me that Benjamin Franklin is correct, we can guarantee The People the right to pursue happiness but we can’t guarantee that they’ll catch it. In my case it is a photo finish; I opine: Which came first the chicken or the egg? Both at the same time as the egg is inside the chicken.

The egg belongs to us! The yoke is on me: I’M the egg. I’m A People so I’m the joke and I’m the punch line, simultaneously. PAGE 2 The answer to NOT defaulting is Herbert et all v Obama et al, 11-cv-1869, a class action civil rights suit as YOU’RE the problem. You tried to install money in place of currency and institutions in place of constitutions aka people. You know how Lincoln said, “this government of The People, by The People and for The People shall not perish from this Earth”? Well, then you shot him so it did perish…or did we? I say “here I am” as Thomas Jefferson not Lord Calvert correctly weighed the Earth and FDR cannot and may not cede the US Treasury, The People, to the IMF in an act meant to create the IMF as w/o the UN then the IMF is not legal; the UN cannot exist w/o the IMF thus the UN is totally dependent upon us – we’re inextricably linked – and so the IMF was never any good but we are. Go look it up as I know Kurt Godell’s Imcompleteness Theorem and a paradox when I encounter it: FDR did not file the UN Treaty until about 4 months after the IMF was created so here I am as filing is what counts as that’s the first opportunity The People had to object; essentially FDR robbed us of any opportunity at all and who among us was alive in 1871 when The Constitution was changed against our will? That is, the paper is not sapient and does not have opposable thumbs. You are and you do. YOU changed The Constitution to match your delusional self. Your clue is: Jefferson objected to the Missouri Compromise in 1820. Yes, as now you are realizing your insanity on a geophysical map. You’re taking your unbalanced self and writing it down so now your insanity has physical boundaries…who smells a case of constitutional authority and original jurisdicti revisit some divorce actions such as those in which the judge objects. Ever hear of speaking now or forever holding your (the) peace? We call it a justice of the peace on the way in and a Justice of the Supreme Court on the way out for reasoning: Jefferson objected in 1820, I objected in 1973 and Rehnquist objected in 2000: Per Curiam is anonymous, all for one and not pressing but Rehnquist signed it, we have dissent and your vote was ‘decided’ for you as if we did not win the Revolution. Faced with glaring contradictions you can claim Rehnquist’s a nut – you can insert that idea – but as he outsmarted you in

Brown V Topeka I’m going to insert “crafty and clever thus I must meet him at the bar and then exceed him: “BVG is a tie as its 5 as 1 versus 4 as 1 or 1 alone versus me as its about absolutes versus wholes. Anyway you count it BVG is 1 versus 1!” BVG is a fictional case but if reality then there’s no cause of action as organized law school did not exist in 1776 and the oath of office reads “I will” not “my lawyer will”. If you need a lawyer can you preserve, protect and defend The Constitution? Do you have a single atom of ability and capability? No! The only vote not counted was my own; now it’s being counted. Hello, this is Liberty calling: Jefferson left us an elegant currency as Calvert’s numbers are good but his model is bad. Calvert strayed from Newton’s parameters like you strayed from Jefferson’s, without any evidence or proof! The thing Calvert used to discern the weight of Earth via measuring a mountain is not good evidence. 1871? Evidence and proof that a crime has been committed, that’s all. As Calvert and Jefferson both went public in 1774 then the Royal Astronomers lose: WE CALL IT THE PROOF OF LIFE CASES AS AMERICA IS THE GIVEN!!! I don’t owe planet Earth as they owe me. My math is fantastic. Money is not reality, as its an arbitrary amount based upon what is transient and popular. US law does not provide for the popular vote, remember? To answer or resolve BVG you had to resolve Uniformity and we did; I have the universal mean for sapience – life, as the animate rises from the animate – the correct weight of Earth, how and why magnetic North moves and class member Ray M. has the universal mean for physical space to then access multidimensional space. We have Jefferson’s work entered to the congressional record and we have Ed Leedeskin’s work and his Coral Castle still standing in FL. As I’m an actual American I sued the Chief Justice thus its Herbert v You, Including Bush ‘N Gore. I knew we finally managed to keep time crossing the ocean using a small watch not a large clock so I knew to look inside myself until I made it back to the bar, The Creator, as first one back to the bar wins! It’s a case of universal timing: We’re here to test the quality of Thomas Jefferson’s intellectual property just as you go belly up as your foundation rests upon A Summary View and Marbury not the IMF/UN. $14 trillion? Small potatoes to the class!

All you can do is confess as we know your intent so it’s your motive that we want as that’s your currency. The burden is on you: Herbert et al v Obama et al, 11-cv-1869, Duluth, MN; a copy is at: US law is a magic square and a Mobius strip; it’s a strange loop. You find yourself staring into a mirror that is actually a door. As I knew this door wasn’t locked I went through it w/o hesitation. I’m the Herbert in the Herbert et al. I’m certified and qualified in the best constitutional sense of the words!