/Stem Cell Regeneration & Longevity Recommendations -By -- J. Louis and D. McDunnah

A proven health recommendation that can be used by anyone and highly recommend to be used by every one.
Part 1 We begin with your water source: Research studies have shown that healthy, life giving water should be alive, slightly alkaline and have a chemical make up that is very specific to a healthy source of water, such as a spring water found in nature. In studying Viktor Schauberger's work and many other experts in waterology, we have learned that by following the principals of nature, such as vortexing or spinning the water or adding BioCeramics, we can now mimic spring water. Through the use of BioCeramics we can alter the chemical structure of dead/toxic water to mimic spring water in every way, including the life giving benefits. By making water alive, it is once again able to give life to those that consume it. Best of all, you can now take responsibility for the water you use, at the source. We have home, office, mobile “living water” systems, agricultural and commercial applications. Tell us what you need and we build the system for you and save you thousands. To learn a little more on what you can do with water, please review - Genesis Vortexed Water at www.GenesisVortexedWater.com, and www.BeyondWater.org. The first site is a product we produced in 2009. Our "Living Water" was the official water for the LiveH2O event in Long Beach, California with Len Horowitz and Dr. Masaru Emoto (Messages From Water) in June of 2009. Mr. Louis has personally known the Emoto family for many years and worked closely with Masaru's son Hiro. He brought the Emoto family to Utah for the first time in 2007 at the UVSC in Orem and was widely received. We were also blessed to be the official water for the 2012 Quantum Leap event in March of 2009 at the Convention Center in Burbank, California. So we do know a little about what we are doing when it comes to structured, "living water" systems and advanced water technologies. Again, drinking water and the source you use, being the MOST essential and important element for life, especially your own and that of your loved ones, that is where we start. From personal first-hand experience, we have found that once we can get our clients onto a properly made and structured, "living water", they easily start to drink more and achieve the results they are looking for in a shorter period. But, when they continue drinking distilled or reverse osmosis/dead water, the results are rarely to ever seen, they then tend to not drink the amount of water they need and hence, not getting results they are looking for. We have

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massage therapists and individuals looking for optimum health and proper and effective lymphatic drainage. who is a master Iridologist and actually studied directly under Bernard Jensen for many years. Arizona 85118 . Unfortunately.520. electromagnetic. We highly recommend investing in a Vita-Mix blender for all your eating and juicing needs.BioPhotonLight. Queen Valley. helping them to function at their optimum levels and do their job. This is very simple to use technology that achieves amazing and life saving results. The BioPhoton 4. it also moves the lymphatic fluids through and out of the body once the frequencies do their job. Louis has been building these units since 1998 and currently has units all over the world achieving great success. R. etc.com. Part 2 Concerns Bio-available (full assimilation/digestion) nutrition in the body: Raw is best. with a vascular surgeon. structured.E. The BioPhoton 4.562 N Queen Court. cancer clinics. "living waster". so digestion/assimilation can be optimum and enhanced immune functions can be achieved. most.F. both of which have a great many benefits and can be validated online through many sites using that kind of therapy to treat a wide range of health challenges. One of the biggest proponents of the BioPhoton 4. The BioPhoton 4.because they were just so convinced and sold on the technology -.0 actually moves the lymphatic fluids and opens up blockages in the lymphatic system. UV and Infrared light spectrums. ONLY “kill off” and do not physically move the toxic and deadly hosts out of the system and can cause a toxic overload and even death in some extreme cases. Mr. if not all frequency technologies out there. but you can also slightly heat/cook food to certain temperatures that keep the active and beneficial enzymes alive. Enzymes are extremely important for cell functions and we can help guide you there as well. Including. frequencies. or may not be dealing with. at a 1 hertz pulsed rate to physically move the lymphatic system and get the toxic/dead bugs. Part 3 Concerns the lymphatic system and keeping it in optimum functionality and performance: For this we recommend the BioPhoton 4. You must be sure to drink plenty of RF Technologies . Every house should have a Vita-Mix regardless of health challenges or out of balance health situations one may. while using electromagnetics. Ronald Logan. out properly and safely.personally turned around some of the most serious cases/diseases with just using good.4111 . devices. radio-waves and produces.0 lymphatic stimulation technology at: www.we tell them to make sure that they have Live Blood Cell analysis capabilities to be sure that they are hitting the correct frequencies after each and every treatment. We also have a very effective enzyme line that can greatly improve digestion and assimilation of what you consume. We even have a unit at the John's Hopkins research Institute. chiropractors.I. at safe and effective levels. As the BioPhoton utilizes frequencies. etc. while it re-polarizing the cells to their proper north and south fields. sound. When we have individuals that want to get a frequency device -. We have this capability. making the host very ill from the dead pathogens within. Suite 10.0 works on a "universal RIFE" sweeping of frequency harmonics.216.0 is Dr. ozone.0 utilizes light. At best. pathogens.

CelluStem. So please do not be fooled by the expensive stem cell therapies out there. not results or performance. every day. but none quite as effective or as easy to use as the BioPhoton 4. Regardless of what you may hear from others about it.A.0 unit to achieve maximum results without any harsh. but she received far better results after all was said and done with the Stem Enhance. MSc. "Cracking The Stem Cell Code". They also add phosphorous to the plasma tubes.. not necessarily work better. "living water" when using the BioPhoton 4.0 unit is and without shocking you like the rest. which as you may know is very toxic. I would also recommend getting a book from Amazon. All this and only taking 4-6 per day. by the cofounder of this product. I will try to keep this section short and simply say. but you will pay the high price and results are not always guaranteed. it works when taken correctly. Samuel West.wow. again toxic and again for looks. I highly recommend taking at least 8-10 a day. There are now many other forms of this type of plasma technology available. first-hand. I have worked with and researched with many individuals that are very advanced in healing technologies and not of the mainstream.. She had serious macular degeneration and other health issues and was actually starting to see once again before she went and started on the stem cell therapy injections. We use NO mercury in our plasma gas tubes. But if you will simply trust and take this all natural product CORRECTLY. America's leading Adult Stem Cell scientist. My father recently suffered a serious stroke last year (3cm bleed in his head) and to-date shows no signs of any stroke or scar tissue in the C. "The Golden Seven Plus One".. His amazing and proven knowledge of cellular functions was suppressed for years and he was eventually murdered for his amazing discoveries. Get the book called.520. Christian Drapeau. other than speach and on his own again at 67 years old/young.. This is again from personal experience and seeing just what this unique and very amazing product can do. But the more you can take initially the better and faster the results. I can connect with them as well and personally know some of the best. Suite 10.4111 .562 N Queen Court. RF Technologies . while others do use mercury. She is in her 80's.T. you WILL get results and be extremely pleased. as most of them never took it correctly or long enough to truly see for themselves.com called. but you will have to work up to that dosage over time and I can help guide you on how to get there. I had a client recently that insisted on going the expensive way and did. In other words. one for medical journals. scans and he is almost back to normal. Part 4 Concerns Adult Stem Cells and repairing the physical body at the cellular level from within. get on this product. Go to: www.good. we get far better results with out all the hype or cost. Optimum dosage would be 15 a day for a few months until you reach your optimum health levels once more. She never saw results with the expensive stem cell therapy. They use it to light up the tubes better for aesthetic reasons. Part 5 Concerns self healing modalities and how to apply them in your every day life to achieve optimum health in all that you do. Arizona 85118 . then you can go down to a maintenance dose of 4-6 per day.Cellology. Queen Valley. by C.biz and/or www. Again. as he could only afford that much.to look better. detoxification side effects. this section will be short..com to learn more. Adult Stem Cell product.216.

. or International Academy of Lymphology's President. Arizona 85118 . very easily and at home or anywhere with only your hands.A.L. If you have any questions feel free to contact me any time and I can put you directly in touch with Karl. then they go to natural means and they don't fully work and then they DO the lymphatic techniques taught in the book and courses. breath and mind. heart. See flyer below: RF Technologies . To learn more and to get the book go to: http://www.520.562 N Queen Court. is now the current I. This knowledge has been used with great success for many years.216.His son. When one finds themselves using the chemical/doctor methods and they don't work. Queen Valley.org/speedhealer/. Karl West. as far as the doctors said at the time. they have over and over again healed themselves miraculously.ial.4111 . Suite 10. This book and work of true self-healing knowledge is by far the best out there to teach one how to heal themselves and others for free.