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S Ūniversal Spirit Ūniversal Self US
An Eternal Brain Cell in the Infinite Mind of God Eternally Self-Aware of Itself Being Aware. This is Who We Are, Forever Shall Be, You and Me - For Eternity.

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So many religions. So many books. So many gurus. So little time. AMSWAY is Simple - Two Beliefs Plenty of Time

1. The Omnipresence of God
God is Present Everywhere At All Times Absent Nowhere at Anytime


2. Our Awareness of Being Aware – Eternally.
We are the soul we say we have. Only our Human Body and our Human Self-Identity Dies

The Real Us, The Soul we are, Never Dies


If You Accept These Two Beliefs, and are ready to take Full Responsibility for what they mean, Then Come on in - Let Us Communicate.


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AMSWAY INDEX – Updated 01-18-10 Introduction to AM and AMSWAY How I Came To Be Called AM If He Loved Me Why Did He Leave Me? How I began my Spiritual Search The Two Propositions that AMSWAY accepts Seven Beliefs of AMSWAY The Most Important Commandment Omnipresence of God Simplified The Name of God Angels of God Change – The Engine of Life The Garden of Eden – Give To Receive The Word Made Flesh A Viewing Point God’s Body The Three Thousand Eyes of Universal Self The Face of God Only One Person in the Room


I Am No More the Face After Your Body Dies - Then What? Where Do I Begin My Spiritual Journey The Christ Cannot Be Born In You The Four Steps to Your Atonement Why We Are On Earth Growing Through the Eggshell of Our Consciousness Be - Do - Have Commitment God Desires the Conviction of Your Heart The Secret of Alchemy – Changing Lead into gold Each Religion is A WAY Lucifer (The Light Bringer) – Updated 12-15-09 Thinking and the Thought Train – Updated 12-15-09 Just One More Time Letting Go The Dance of Relationship Eating and Drinking the Body of God The Gutter of Life One Choice in Life – Two Options Obstacles Can Be your “Best” Friends Fear is a Friend We Call an Enemy

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the Graven Image The Difficulty Explaining Truth Single Thoughts to Think About Health / Diet in Harmony with Omnipresence AM’s First Forty-Day Fasting Journal 132 133 135 138 141 143 144 149 164 178 180 186 188 189 190 192 195 200 203 222 6 . Living the Process of Eternal Life Taking The Universe as Your Lover Affirmations of Inspiration Appreciation = Happiness Appreciation and the Fulfillment of your Life Journey Non-Appreciation + Greed = Bitterness Death is Part of Life Bad Things Do Not Happen to Good People Miracles Destiny Eternity .Every Hero Has a Choice Action-Waiting.IT IS Truth is Both Absolute and Relative at the Same Time The Idolatry of the Special Day The Idolatry of the Holy Place The Idolatry of the Symbol.The Present Moment Truth IS .

Gifts To AMSWAY Definitions Copyright and Disclaimer 277 279 7 .A Letter on Fasting to a Seeker 253 259 262 Resistance From Your Loved Ones During your Fast The Natural Human Diet "THE COMPARATIVE ANATOMY OF EATING" BY MILTON R. MILLS. M.D.

thinking the same things in the same way .it is time for us to move onward into more spiritual harmony with the Universe and all that we perceive. God is to be found in all circumstances and all situations. A period of great skepticism. "What do I have to do to get you to do what you know you should do? 8 . Some believe that to destroy 75% of the world is what God wants if this is what it will take to usher in a Godly inspired peace and harmony. However. once we learn what there is for us to learn in any experience . Most of the painful lessons that have moved us to change our wrongful ways of thinking and living have not been new lessons.would be worse than the pain of changing. shake us by the shoulders and with a firm and strong voice say to us. I was told that spirit-humans needed a few more years to get to a time where the pain and suffering of continuing in their daily habits. That time is upon us. of perceiving and acting in habitual ways. A time of great uncertainties. For years we were being gently instructed by the Universal Spirit reminding us of what we should do and think differently. The lessons have been given to us many times. corruption. then the Universal Spirit will. stomp on our head. A time when there would seem to be no way out of the situation spirit-humans have gotten themselves in .by their unspiritual actions. Nuclear catastrophe is just around the corner and we do not know what we can do about it. within my present Earth lifetime. get to a point where fear of world calamity would prepare spirit-humans for a new way of seeing our relationship with God and the Universe. If we do not change our ways of thinking and perceiving after the many gentle reminders. where the pain of doing the same things in the same way. We just are so tired of the pain and suffering of continuing in our old ways that we finally do what we knew for many years that we really should be doing. The Universal Spirit told me that time would be one of great fears.Introduction To AM And AMSWAY MP3 – Track 1 Many years ago the Universal Spirit told me the world would someday. violence and fear has arrived. if necessary.by their unspiritual thinking .

you do not plant lemon seeds. the eternal ever-present moment. Being is necessary to Becoming. and talks the talk of the age in which it finds expression. Armageddon. Living the truth takes dedication. 9 . The Truth is simple. At the core of the great myths lie the great truths – or they could not be great myths. If you want a cherry tree. Truth is simple. Living the truth means being willing to die for truth. God will be revealed. You must Be what you wish to Be. The NOW. Regardless of how small the step. You must do what you wish to do. You must Be what you wish to become. your ticket to Armageddon. called Armageddon. you must BE what you wish to be. The difficulty living truth is in the mental and emotional baggage we bring to our application of truth. just that you MUST BE WILLING to die for it. Living the truth does not mean that you MUST die for truth. I am here to remind you of the Truth you already know.you shall reap. I am here to remind you of how important it is to live the Truth you already know. To do what you wish to do. AMSWAY is a myth for our place. your golden calf. it is time. wears the clothes. Every age has a myth for its time and place. is the only time you have to put into practice the spiritual growth you claim to desire. We are running out of time because of the many excuses we use to put off what we know we should do. Each is a way to help us perceive our relationship with the Universe. The Universal Spirit stories and myths are expressions of great Truths. Even with all of our abilities to control the events around us . a whirlwind of pain and suffering as intense as in any movie we have ever produced. You must plant what you wish to receive. A myth that uses the symbols. as a species. moving closer and closer to what has been. How far we go in living the movie of Armageddon is up to us. AMSWAY is a myth for our time. what you sow . Do you want a gentle "revelation" or a painful "revelation" of the Truth of the Universal Spirit? Our thoughts and actions will pre-destine our future either in heaven or hell – right here on Earth. each little step of doing what we know we should be doing moves us closer to our conscious atonement or at-one-ment with the Universal Spirit. Truly it is said.we are. The only time we have to do anything is NOW. The word Armageddon is actually from the Greek meaning "to reveal" or a "revelation". We are running out of excuses.Well. Whatever reason or excuse you use to avoid living the truth becomes your Lucifer. for many years.

Before the big Educator of the Universe stomps on your head and with a mighty voice says "What do I have to do to get your attention!!!" BE THE TRUTH YOU ALREADY KNOW 10 .

I still have two social security cards with the same social security number. "Arthur Mosley". My first wife had died when I was 21 Earth years old and I decided I did not want to act anymore. I began to notice something fascinating. I wanted to be as real as possible and acting was not a way I saw as helping me to be real. When someone would speak to me using the name Arthur Mosley. parts of me would respond and some other 11 . After all. People in the acting profession seldom use their birth name so the IRS allowed us to have two names associated with one social security number. When I was an actor in the 1970’s. Small world isn't it? I was shocked that it took me a minute to realize that he was speaking to me. "The actor can be so taken in by the character he or she is performing that he or she starts believing he or she is the character being performed". There is an old acting expression. I was born into this Earth phase of my spiritual journey with the name of Jerry Goodenough. I turned around and it was someone from my home town in the Midwest whom I had not seen for at least ten years. I was Al Minetti. I decided I should start using the name of Arthur Mosley again. I used the name of Al Minetti as my stage name. At eleven months of age. This was because our pay checks usually were made out in the name we were using professionally and not the name we were given at birth. One says Arthur Mosley and the other one says Al Minetti. After a few years of using the name of Al Minetti. I was adopted and given the name of Arthur Mosley. As I began to use the name Arthur Mosley again.HOW I CAME TO BE CALLED AM MP3 – Track 2 In 1949. I had almost forgotten the name my adopted mother gave me was Arthur Mosley. Wasn't I? I had almost stopped thinking of myself as Arthur Mosley. I thought of myself as Al Minetti and had even built a history to go along with the name. I actually took a couple of additional steps before I realized the person was speaking to me. One day I was walking down the street in front of the Grand Central Terminal in New York City and all of a sudden I heard someone behind me say. Italians were the rage in the movies and I had built a history that gave me an Italian background and childhood.

The name they called me would influence the way they saw me and identified with me. would not respond. I began to realize that even the name we use as a self-reference will have an influence on our personality and self-image. A suave and sexy Italian stud. Each name even had different ways of acting with other people and used different words in conversations. Every time I had signed my initials on anything since I was one Earth year in age had the same initials. One day I was signing a contract and signing AM. first person.parts would not respond. Al Minetti was an Italian lover. It would influence how the rest of the world would even treat me. you signed your name in a couple of places but you signed your initials in ten. I asked God what name I should use going into the future? What name would be the best for my spiritual growth? After a couple of weeks. I then looked up the definition of the word "am" in the dictionary. All of a sudden I realized that the initials. I would be conditioning my experience of life by the very name I called myself and the name others called me. whether I was using the name and 12 . The fascinating part was that sometimes. other parts of me would respond and different parts of me. AM. In the contracts. I had been using these initials for many years regardless of whether I referred to myself as Arthur Mosley or Al Minetti. AM all through the contract. twenty and even more places. AM. "I am". Sort of a synthesis of both identities. The dictionary said that "am was an English verb: Present tense. singular form of the verb "be". I began to feel fear. parts of both the self-identity of Arthur Mosley and the self-Identity of Al Minetti would BOTH respond. AM. Sort of the King Arthur type. I had my answer. AND I did not even have to change my initials. Very interesting how different parts of me would respond to each name and sometimes the same parts would respond to both names. that normally responded to the name Arthur Mosley. When someone would use the name Al Minetti. AM. Arthur Mosley was more intellectual and refined. What better to call myself but AM? One of the least limiting names I could have and one of the least limiting names to influence my self-identity. I was managing singers at the time and writing my own contracts. were the same for both Arthur Mosley and Al Minetti. Fear that the name I would choose to use in the world would impact my personality and world-view even in ways I probably would not be aware.

13 . some found it difficult to call me AM because of the emotional and mental baggage they brought to identifying me with the name AM. just call me AM and let us be on our way. After all. Was I calling myself GOD? No. Using the name AM definitely helped to integrate the Arthur and the Al of me. It seemed so right. It is safer this way. I had asked God what I should call myself and the name was right in front of me. Therefore. the I AM is what they called God.self identity of either Arthur Mosley OR Al Minetti. I was calling myself AM. They wanted to call me Arthur. We want to compartmentalize our self-identity and the identity we have of others. We tend to want an identity that we can quantify and put into compartments. They are only labels that give me an idea of when other spirit-humans are referring or speaking to me. A known identity is not a threat. Safety and security in compartments. Am I Jerry. Everything in compartments and nobody is out of line. However. when I would go to speak with religious and spiritual groups. Al or even George . Arthur or Al? Am I some of them but not all of them? Am I all three or none of them? I am all of them and infinitely more than all of them could ever be.it was then easier for them to compartmentalize me in their minds and label me with an identity they could live with.

Within the following year after my father died. Someday I would see him again. how could God need him more than I needed him? How could God take him away from me when I needed him so much? Some said it was a mystery. No one could tell me the answer to one important question. When I was four earth-years old I woke up and discovered my father had died during the night. It had been a year since my father died and I really needed some excitement. I was told that if I was a good boy and did not do bad things such as lie to my mother. In other words. why did he leave me? The answer to this question was the only answer that had any meaning to me. On Christmas Eve. If he loved me. Santa Claus would bring me nice presents. I remember standing in my back yard. The answers to. Some told me that God needed him. “If he loved me. why did he leave me? What was this thing called life that I seemed to be living?” I had to know and would pay any price to find out. I woke up and discovered it was after midnight. To a four year old child. looking up at the universe and vowing to seek until I found the answers that no one could answer. Some told me that he went to Heaven.If He Loved Me. I wondered if Santa Claus had been at my house yet and left me any presents. they could not answer the only question that meant anything to a four year old child whose beloved father was gone and would not be coming back. Lo 14 . why did he leave me? I needed an answer. Little did I know the prices that I would have to pay along my journey of understanding. Well. it was Christmas in Missouri. this had no meaning whatsoever. Why Did He Leave Me? MP3 – Track 3 How I began my Spiritual Search. If he loved me. I very quietly peeked into the living room where the Christmas tree was.

They only thought they knew or hoped they knew. Everybody could not be right. really loved me. Wow. In other words. And not just once. I realized then that even the most important person in the world to me could lie to me thinking it was done through love for me and would bring me happiness. Everybody eventually died. How could she lie to me? These two experiences taught me three very important lessons. My mother had lied to me. then everybody was wrong. To a four-year old child – there were so many stories but none of them. but all year. in a way that the four-year-old could understand between the tears of the pain of separation.and behold. the last thing I needed was the most important person left in the world to me to lie to me. therefore they would not have a chance to let me know about it and at least have a chance to say goodbye. this did not mean that they would not leave me.Even if someone really. not even one of them. my mother and my aunt were Santa Claus. but there were a lot of different opinions of what death was or where we went after we died. Two . I needed truth in my life. How could I even begin to comprehend dying? There were so many stories. They might not even know that they are going to leave. Truth was the only thing I had left to hang onto. why did he leave me”. answered the only question that mattered. every time she told me about Santa Claus. I lost my father. “If he loved me. All of a sudden I had a realization. no one knew. 15 . even if it was meant in a loving way. If everybody was right.The most important person in the world to me either could not tell me why my father left me if he loved me. I saw my mother and my aunt placing presents under the Christmas tree. that I would see him some day after I die and go up in the sky? I was just beginning to live. Now that my father was dead. or really did not know what death was about. One . The only person I had left in the world that I felt I could unquestionably trust had lied to me. There were so many different opinions. They might not have any choice in the decision to leave. How could I relate to a heaven after we die? How could I relate to reincarnation? How could I relate that even though he could not tell me personally.

what to me were tragic experiences after that. Most religious get-togethers were visited by desperate spirithumans feeling comfort socializing with other desperate spirit-humans. Salvation was another story and not one of them could show me salvation unless I died for proof. Desperate for some kind of answer that would comfort their fear of there being nothing after death. security and salvation were the leaders of the religions or different schools of thought. thinking that lying to me would make me happy. at least they had peace and security. I had lost my father and my pregnant wife. but what we say. or a rabbi. Believe. I finally accepted that I could never be like everybody else in the world. I woke up at the age of 21 and found my wife had died during the night. I had already started walking my journey alone. of different faiths. Who could I trust to lead me in the way I should go? I had many other. Well. I could never be satisfied with what most of the world called happiness. They really did have to work for a living. pleasure or fulfillment of earthly desires. Oh sure. or a guru. the only ones who really had the peace. I needed to find answers that no one in the world seemed to have. they would all have a family re-union in a place called heaven and live happily forever after. or a mullah. believe. At the ripe old age of 5. They wanted to believe that after they died. I looked around and it appeared to me that. They did not think of 16 . forever and ever. They would stop having conversations with me if I brought up the subject of death in a way that it required staring death in the face. Years later. I traveled and studied religion after religion. This was evident whenever I had conversations with them. not what you see. of different religions who said "they had found the way". a scientist or a politician knew the way to peace. security and salvation. They were supported by the body of believers in whatever faith they were preaching. but I will skip ahead to my 21st year of earth-life. I studied school of thought after school of thought. or a preacher. all by the ripe old age of 21. there were a lot of different people. other than mental comfort through having hope and faith that a religious story was true. They wanted to have faith that a book.Even the most important person in the world might lie to me and call it love.Three . But to me most of these people were hugging their faith because they did not really want to think about life and death.

For example. They say. no one is doing what Jesus said they could do .themselves as being desperate any longer for they had “found THE WAY” to salvation and eternal life.if they really believed. Even Jesus Christ is written to have said "all these things that I do. if you do not forever change your way of thinking and way of living. If there really was a healer like we think of when we think of a true spiritual healer. Most leave the faith-healing gatherings and go home with the same illness or deformity they had before they went to the faith-healing gathering. raise the dead or calm the raging sea? It is written that one spiritual person actually calmed the angry sea and calmed a storm. and bathe or drink the supposedly healing waters found in the Religious shrine there. through their intimacy with the Great Spirit. can effect a healing with another spirit-human. we have the way. Other than so-called healings by the faith-healers of different spiritual faiths. if there is any healing at all. If they are not ready for the healing. within a short time. most of which can be explained by the power of the belief of the one who experienced the healing. Just believe and be saved". Where are the true believers that can do what Jesus did and prevent the suffering caused by Hurricane Katrina by holding back the wind and sea from drowning little children and frail old persons? What about the suffering of the parent that just saw his or her child killed by a bomb sent by a believer of a different religion? In which God should they have believed? It seemed 17 . you will regain the weight and probably be heavier than before the diet. Most of the ones who were getting anything out of their faith were the ones who believed so much in their faith that they experienced a healing through the power of their belief . "See. they will be as sick as before the healing. you can do also". Where are the true-believers that can walk on water? Where are the truebelievers that can heal the sick. leave in their wheelchairs. They will not change their thoughts and their way of living that contributed to the disease that was healed. in France. this only occurs when the person experiencing the healing is ready for the healing. Of course the VERY limited few that have some kind of healing are advertised by the religions that sponsor the healing gathering. Just like dieting. on their crutches or slumped over in sadness because whatever the healing they needed .healer. most of the believers who go to Lourdes. However.not through the power of any faith. I believe some spirit-humans.wasn't delivered. there would be millions of provable testimonies from people that were healed.

I was looking for someone like this to show me the way. There is an entire universe out there that needs our spiritual assistance. why did he leave me”. However. listen to harps and dine on holy grapes. If they were Jewish. If they were Christian. looking healthy and dressed in fine linens or bathed in holy light. God has other things for us to do rather than sit in Heaven. we do live after our body is dead. They see whatever they can relate to in order for God to communicate what God wants to communicate to them at the time of their out-of-body experience. Disappointed either in the people not practicing what they preached or disappointed in the concepts as a whole the more I delved into the religion. they saw Jesus or someone from the Christian Bible. He had done whatever he was here to do and learned whatever he could learn during his time in the body I called my earthly father. they saw Muhammad or someone from their Islamic studies. whatever spirits they see and communicate with is strongly influenced by what they believed. his spiritual journey was continued somewhere else. Yes. The glimpses of heaven. I was doing other things. “If he loved me. I have since found my answer to. If they were Muslim. God will use whatever works to get God's message to the mind of the person needing the message. before the out-of-body experience. My body is over 60 and I now find myself playing the role of father to an 11-year-old spirit-boy. I was disappointed. If they are Scientologist. spiritual beings or even galaxies have a spiritual purpose in our eternal education to become better glorifiers of the reality and desire of God. they saw Ezekiel or someone from the Torah. What I learned through living both with him and without him brought me closer to the reality of what we call God. I was once out of my body and found myself flying through the galaxies and the cosmos enjoying the beautiful sights.the God of the one who delivered the bomb was a stronger God – the correct God to protect us. It is interesting that whenever people have out-of-body experiences at the door of death. Yes. we can see loved ones or spiritual entities at times. but all of them were lacking the fullness of spirit and truth I needed. He had no choice. they probably see L. I have been out of my body more than once. I learned from all of them. I was not near death when I had my out-of-body experiences. For most of my earlier years. We also may be out of our body and see no one. or fervently hoped. Every time I thought I found an established religious way to look at living and eternal life. God became my father to lead 18 . Ron Hubbard. They might see their dead loved ones.

That other spirit-person you help might just be me. 36 hours after she died.me and teach me and my earthly mother gave me the security I needed when God the Father gave me some pretty heavy experiences to integrate and learn from. she felt no pain. I learned from his life with me and have learned from his separation from me. you might just inspire me to write another missive that will be just what someone needs in their spiritual journey throughout eternity. To communicate what I have learned and what has helped me in my journey on this planet.goodbye….. 19 . I am eternally grateful that I had that great soul playing the role of my earthly-father for the four years I had him.a most holy gift. she loved me….then we have given each other a priceless gift . I was right. there was more after the death of our physical body. The spirit called AM. I would like to see and speak with the father I once had. she came to me in my bedroom and with a clear voice told me that she was wonderful. I was blessed with my earthly mother for 50 more years after my earthly father died. The Great Spirit has instructed me to use AMSWAY as a vehicle to communicate my way of viewing our relationship with the Infinite Intelligence we call God. Please share with me your thoughts on my writings throughout AMSWAY. Who knows. If we each learn just one thing from each other that helps us in our individual spiritual adventure . but even if it never happens.. Let us share our spiritual journey as much as we can.

too week. Only God can be God. we are too small. manifestations or materializations of God within God. if God is Omnipresent. However. One of the hardest propositions for us to accept wherever it leads us is the Omnipresence of God. For AMSWAY’s purposes. If we are God. Once we agree on these two propositions. If we accept that God is Omnipresent. You cannot have an Omnipresent God and the same God be absent from any place. Mary. Not as the body we see in the mirror nor the human self-identity that we have given a name like John. then how could there have been any of the holocausts that have been recorded time and time again in history? If we are God. regardless of how attached we are to the thought or the concept. For example. absent nowhere at any time. We spirit-humans are eternally aware of being aware. Proposition number one. AMSWAY is based on these two propositions. You cannot have it both ways. Proposition 1. we must agree on two basic propositions in order for us to have any discussion of spirituality. at any time. I believe any discussion or thoughts on spiritual concepts must be grounded in and harmonize with these two propositions. We cannot be God. but as the witness of what we see in the mirror. or Sue. Proposition 2.Track 5 A proposition is an idea or a concept which is offered for discussion. then any thought or concept which cannot harmonize with these two propositions must be invalid. then it is logical that there is nothing but God and expressions. present everywhere in the universe at all times. then what are we? God? We draw away from what seems like such an absurd possibility. then what else are we but God? 20 .The Two Propositions of AMSWAY MP3 . Where does this leave our sense of individual self? If there is nothing but God. then why did so many of us Gods allow themselves to be marched into the gas chambers of Hitler’s “Final Solution”? We cannot be God. two fragile. God is Omnipresent.

Since you are a cell of the Omnipresent Body of God. we feel the pain. We do not have a soul – we are the soul that has a body. but you not the whole body that we call God. how about Proposition number 2? We are eternally aware of being aware. Do we agree on these two propositions of AMSWAY? Then let us share this most incredible journey we find ourselves on. How can this be when what we think we are dies and returns to the dust of the Earth? Is there a spirit that lives on and someday we will “arise from our earthly grave” and spiritually be aware that we are no longer “dead”? The problem here is we think we are what we see in the mirror. The body of God is the same. What is eternally aware is our awareness of being aware of being aware. but as the witness looking out at the world through the body. I run into a sharp object and it definitely feels painful. while you were falling to the floor. Your awareness of the painful toe does not hurt. We feel the toe through the body and it is a painful feeling to your body but the part of us that is the witness of the painful toe does not feel the pain. Each cell is you but no one cell is the entire “YOU”. then what other logical conclusion can exist? Now. once we accept the proposition that God is Omnipresent. our human self-identity. we do seem to experience the pain. We hurt our toe and we think this proves that at least part of us is the toe we just hurt. you are God. you who were witnessing your body falling to the floor were not drunk.You have many cells which compose your body. Not as our human persona. Each of the cells of God’s body is God but no one cell is the entire “GOD”. does this mean that we are what feels the pain? If your toe hurts. We think we are what we think we are. Even though this might seem difficult to accept. After all. If we share just one thing with each other that helps the other in his or her spiritual journey. However. 21 . the part of your awareness that knows the toe hurts does not hurt. you were very aware that you were falling – BUT you could not do anything to stop the fall. What we call our spirit or our soul is really us. then we have shared a most divine gift – a most precious gift. If you have ever been drunk and fallen to the floor. The body of God has many cells. don’t we? Well. However. Only your body was drunk and you were witnessing the falling and the lack of control of the falling through a drunk body and mind.

22 .I look forward to hearing from you and sharing together.

God thinks through all who think. God hears through all who hear. I BELIEVE in an Infinite. All our thoughts and actions must harmonize with these seven beliefs. God is Self-aware through all creation. An Intelligence that is everywhere and all places. 23 . God sees through all who see. God feels through all who feel. and is also waiting for me when I get to the place I am going. 1. God is present wherever I am.Seven Beliefs of AMSWAY MP3 – Track 6 AMSWAY is very simple. Omnipresent God. God loves through all who love. All other writings of AMSWAY are thoughts on understanding and living these seven beliefs in our daily life. AMSWAY has only Seven Beliefs. God smells through all who smell.

All of creation exists for the part each has to play in the symphony of the universe. I must treat all of creation as I want all of creation to treat me. I have no right to expect from the universe what I am not willing to plant first. 4. I BELIEVE I am here to learn how to be a better contributor to the rest of creation. This is a continuation of my awareness of being aware. I BELIEVE if I want a cherry tree.2. This is not a continuation of my human-body-identity awareness. I BELIEVE in the continuation of my awareness of existing in the universe after my body dies. 24 . 3. I BELIEVE I am here for the contribution I can make to the rest of creation. My spiritual education comes from my experiences and my thoughts about my experiences. I must give to the universe exactly what I wish to receive from the universe. I must plant cherry seeds. 5.

Everyday experience becomes divine experience.OF ANYTHING AT ALL. Every act I make will be an act of worship. God does not punish . I learn to watch where I place my feet. 25 .If I stub my toe. Every breath I take Every step I make Every thought I think Every drink I drink IS INCREDIBLE 7.God educates. THE GREATEST COMMANDMENT Love God With All My Heart Truly appreciate my awareness of being aware and my love of God will be my very being. Whenever I appreciate these two great incredibles. The second great incredible is MY AWARENESS -. The first great incredible is THE EXISTENCE -.OF ANYTHING AT ALL. 6. I BELIEVE my appreciation of two great incredibles is the key to paradise.

26 . All the missives in this book are just commentary. examples and other thoughts that harmonize with these seven pillars of AMSWAY.The seven beliefs I just stated are the foundation of AMSWAY and my way of looking at our relationship to and with the Universe.

You will not steal from others. prejudice. Your entire being will vibrate with love for God. the most important and actually the only commandment necessary for spiritual growth is Love Thy God With All Your Heart.The Most Important Commandment MP3 – Track 7 Of all the commandments in all the world's religions that ever existed. we are deeply mistaken. We do not need Ten Commandments. It is a love generated through appreciation. Truly appreciate your awareness of being aware and there is no room in your heart for hatred. jealously or greed. If you truly appreciate how incredible is your very existence. then tears of thankfulness and happiness should be rolling down your cheeks as you are reading these words. You will Love God with all your heart. You will not have sex with another person's husband or wife. In fact. God is the source and the sustainer of your entire existence. how incredible is your awareness of being aware. You may miss someone or something you have lost. To be thankful because it is 27 . We do not need two commandments. we do not even need one commandment. Each step you take and each act you make will be an act of praiseful worship. The most important commandment is not even any good if we try to do it because we are commanded to do it. This love of God with all our heart will only be with all our heart and therefore worthy of God when it is a love given freely. However. bigotry. You may wish for more. truly appreciate the incredible miracle of your awareness of being aware and your heart will be filled with thankfulness. given wholly without reservations or expectations. If we think we can love God with all our heart because it is commanded of us. You will not intentionally hurt others. You may try to get more of worldly things or worldly relationships.

Without this awareness of being aware . 28 . Truly appreciate your awareness of being aware and you will automatically Love Your God With All Your Heart. Once your appreciation moves you from the depths of your being to glorify God in each and every act you do you will know the true meaning of worship. True thankfulness is a natural automatic response to our true appreciation of the gift of life. No commandment will be necessary. It is either in our heart or it is not in our heart.a commandment is not to be truly thankful. All we need is true appreciation of how incredible is our very awareness of being aware. Worship is not an act. Your Love and Appreciation will move you from the depths of your very being to glorify God in each and every act you do. I only say there is one commandment because most spirit-humans seem to need a commandment. You will love God with all your heart and being.nothing else would matter. However. You would not even know that you were not aware. You will not be able to help it. Thankfulness and appreciation either bubble up from our innermost core of being or it is not true thankfulness. It the attitude of appreciation in each and every act we do. God cannot really command thankfulness and appreciation.

Omnipresence means present everywhere .held in the Mind of THE ALL. We live and move within THE ALL that is GOD. at any time. GOD is in ALL places. Living MIND. It is no more and no less than what it is – Omnipresence. The Universe is MENTAL . both seen and unseen. There is only GOD and MATERIALIZATIONS of GOD within THE ALL that is GOD.absent nowhere. THE ALL or GOD. at ALL times. connective. it is also true that all is in GOD. of GOD.Omnipresence Of God Simplified MP3 – Track 8 Omnipresence is Omnipresence. is Mind. GOD is Infinite. There is no place that GOD is absent. 29 . intelligent force that both PERMEATES and IS the entire universe. GOD is the moving. While GOD is in all. There is only GOD and MANIFESTATIONS of GOD within THE ALL that is GOD. GOD is THE ALL that is IN ALL AND IS ALL. Every sentence that follows is just saying the same thing using slightly different words. There is only GOD and cells or aspects of GOD within THE ALL that is GOD.

GOD LIVES through ALL who live IN TRUTH.GOD SEES through ALL who have eyes to see. GOD HEARS through ALL who have ears to hear. What you do to the least of ALL . GOD IS AWARE through ALL who are AWARE GOD FEELS through ALL who feel. GOD TASTES through ALL who have organs of taste.you do unto GOD. GOD HAS EMOTION through ALL who have emotion. Be careful why you do what you do. GOD IS ALL THERE EVER WAS ALL THERE IS AND ALL THERE EVER WILL BE. 30 . GOD SMELLS through all who have organs of smell.

Hadad. Adi Purusha. Abba. Ra. he or she will be tempted to turn around and give you some attention – hopefully positive attention and not burn you alive just by looking at you. Shen of Shen. Beelzebub or any of thousands of Gods and Spirits to give them an edge over other spirit-humans. Mazda. Nirankar. AUM. El. Mother. both manifested and un-manifested? What name do we use to make sure God hears us and is pleased with the name we use when calling on God to hear us in the time of our need or the time of our worship? Some names spirit-humans have given to the Omnipresent Intelligence are God. This is why the name of God was so important and also why misusing the name of God was so unlucky for the one using the name of God in a negative way. Bhagwan. Allah. the source and the sustainer of all that is both seen and unseen. It is like the God or the spirit can ignore you but if you call his or her name. King. Islam alone has one hundred names of God. Ba’al. Looking for an edge. Adonai. Ishvara. Use the wrong name and the curse could back-fire and hit you instead. Ancient spirit-people and even some modern spirit-people believe that if you know the name of God or the name of a spirit. Father. Great Spirit. Father-Mother-God. Parameshvara. Shangdi. Satnam.THE NAME OF GOD MP3 – Track 9 What do we call God. Satan. A curse using the name of God meant that you were calling on God to fulfill the curse. Odin. Yahweh. El-Shaddai. Zeus. an advantage over other spirit-humans seems just the spirit- 31 . I AM THAT I AM. I AM. Spirit-humans would call on God. Elohim. Immanuel. Creator. You can learn the first ninety-nine names while you are alive on Earth and the one hundredth name of God you will learn after the death of your body. Ra. Lord. Omnipresent One. Holy One. Universal Spirit. Ek Onkar. The more pleasing the name you use and the more respectful the way you used it could make the difference between the God or the spirit smiling at you or killing you right on the spot. Waheguru. There are countless other names spirithumans have used since spirit-humans started thinking about a God. Jesus. Jehovah. this gives you some power and control over God or the spirit.

all she has to do is come to the word God and the word God is like a brick wall to her. that God purposefully did not tell him. It is like a river of thought is smoothly. If she passes the word God. We know that it is easy to ignore someone if they do not use our name but it is almost impossible to ignore them if they call our name. someone is referring to me”. I have a dear Chinese friend who loves my writings. Since we are cells of God’s body. Instead God told Moses that he was “I AM THAT I AM”. So it is natural for spirit-humans to believe that God would respond the same way. She finds it almost impossible to get past the word God. “Hey. Even to think the word God might bring harm and misfortune to you and your family because it would lead your mind into illusion and selfdeception. and different religions. She was taught that the concept of God. In other words. Christians and the Moslems for his name. were made to control the people. Moses was not going to get the name of that God in order to have any influence or control of him. The small letters of Universal Spirit are u s “us’. All the while. Our antennae go up and we become more alert to what follows the sound of our name.human thing to do. the preachers of the religion would be smiling all the way to the bank. the word is still stuck in her awareness and is impacting the rest of her reading. I thought Universal Self was a good one because the initials of Universal Self are US. and this is the term we use when 32 . then God is the big “US” of which the little “us” are part. She was raised in China and was taught from birth that God does not exist. Some have even named God the “Big Lie in the Sky After You Die”. However. Out of respect to her and the hundreds of millions of spirit-humans who were raised in similar circumstances I decided I would think of a different name to use whenever I was referring to the Omnipresent Source of all that exists – both manifested and un-manifested. She was taught that the word God was like a disease. God and religion were invented to make the purveyors of the religions rich and basically subjugate or suppress the masses and keep them from reaching their full potential. I started calling God Great Spirit. happily streaming along and all of a sudden it comes to a dam and cannot flow further. regardless of how inspiring and informative the words that follow it. It is like our brain jumps to attention and says to us. No way. Universal Spirit and Universal Self. Some believe that when Moses asked the God of the Jews.

These labels and symbols came to be considered the names of these powers and intelligences. The awareness of being aware and the referencing of "I" is the same whichever one of "us" is thinking "I". Never did I really use any other label to refer to Omnipresence when I spoke to it. Look at all the different images of God that have been the cause of many wars and misunderstandings. Vishnu or Shiva or the supreme Cosmic Spirit called Brahman. and we are always including ourself in the "us". a place or a thing. Some religions have outlawed images but even they have what they call "sacred" objects or sacred "imageless" 33 . Another word for this is idolatry. Universal Self and Universal Spirit is the BIG “US” that we are a part. a person. I always used the word GOD. the word and name God referenced none other than the Omnipresent source and sustainer of all creation. When I think "I". whenever we are speaking of ourselves and other self-aware cells of God's Universal Body in the same sentence. it is the same as when you think "I". Even she liked it. The ancient Egyptians believed in one God. To me. Idolatry is worship of an image. I even named this book you are reading “The Book of US”. or even Osiris if they wanted a good seat in the afterlife. If I would have been raised Muslim. points to or suggests. one and the same. What misled the ancient Egyptians is that they started believing that the different aspects and symbols of God had powers and intelligence of their own. or worship of a created image of a reality which can never be the reality that it only represents.we include ourselves in referencing a group of spirit-people. We say we are referring to “us”. Ancient Egyptians would have used the name Ra. The symbol or image is not and never can be that which it only refers to. Universal Self seemed perfect. However. All us. They gave the different aspects of God different labels and symbols but all these labels and symbols were just references to different aspects of the Omnipresent God. I was raised Christian and whenever I called on the Universal Spirit to help me. Then they started worshiping these aspects and symbols of God as gods in their own right. separate from Omnipresent God. I would most likely use the word Allah whenever I needed God to save me from something life-threatening. Spirit-Humans from what we call India would usually use the name Brahma.

If you cut your hair. Ah. This is the part of God I call the Self-Awareness of Omnipresence. Actually. If God is Omnipresent. Then we have the part of Omnipresence. then there is neither place nor space where God is absent. Your hair has absolutely no self-awareness that it is being cut. As much as my Chinese spirit-human friend finds the word God a stumbling block to her spiritual growth. societal and family conditioning.including what we think we are. that we speak to in our prayers or call out to when we are in trouble. You are calling on the Intelligent force that is the source and the sustainer of all that we are aware and not aware. Anything else does not feel right to me. I like Essence of All. I use God or the Great Spirit more than anything else. In my writings.paintings which remind them of the Omnipresent One or remind them of different aspects of the Omnipresent One.. the wonders and frustrations of cultural. seems more appropriate. Regardless of what you call God when you call on God to help you. the Omnipresence of God. Each strand of hair is composed of cells that are part of your body but are not part of your self-awareness. the rock is not aware of where it is going or of where it has come from. but then it seems to be getting too complicated and hung up on words. Let us go a little deeper into God and the Self-awareness of God that we are speaking to when we use the word God to get God’s attention. I find that NOT using the word God when I am calling on God to help me is almost impossible. but it does not seem like a name…. and see if we can come up with another name that. A rock traveling through space is part of the body of God but is not part of the Self-Awareness of God. Your hair is not part of your self-awareness. I could say Essence of All. We have first and foremost. or God. It is not even aware that it 34 . I could say Whole Spirit or Wholly Spirit. the meaning in your heart is what counts. All that we see are manifestations of God within God . If a rock is traveling through the air towards our head. at least in English. you would not feel anything other than the pulling of the strands of your hair by the hands and the scissor blades being used to cut your hair.smile.

without some kind of “eye” to see through. Allah. However. God cannot “see” the rock. Then add the S like it sounds when we say the letter "s" by itself. Then US together will sound like YOUSE. but God will not be aware of being the rock.000 different aspects of what is in front of it at the same time. US. or through the eyes of anyone who happens to see the rock traveling through the air. It sees over 30. or any of the names we call God is the tendency to feel we are speaking to some reality. When we ask "What use is that 35 .000 images are seen as one image.AND God is seeing it all as ONE image . hears through all who have hears to hear and feels through all who have the ability to feel. all 30. do not say the name US like we do when we say the word us. These aspects are slightly overlapping each other. When the 30.000 images are sent to the part of the dragon fly's brain that is responsible for interpreting what the fly is seeing. Say the letter U like it sounds when you say it alone.000 facets in its compound eye. God close to us. Therefore. We hope God is hearing us and is listening to us and decides to do something to help us.at the SAME moment. God sees through all who have eyes to see. God sees what all who have eyes to see are seeing at the same time. Like there is God and there is us. Since God is Omnipresent. God will be aware of the rock through our eyes. The problem with calling God by the name God. The One Self behind all selfs. We are praying TO God.is not aware. It feels like there is us and there is God. A dragon fly has over 30. God sees all that is seen by all that have eyes to see . as in Universal. In the same way. However. However. God's self-awareness is the totality of self-awareness through all who have self-awareness. some awareness OUTSIDE of ourselves. through the eyes of the one who threw it. Jehoshaphat. "Youse". closer than we can imagine but still only close to us and not us. Use the long vowel pronunciation of the letter U. The initials are U S or US. Each of us has self-awareness and the totality of self-awareness of all who have self-awareness is the selfawareness of God. If God is Omnipresent. I feel like we should give Gods' Self-Awareness the name of "Universal Self". the Universal Selfawareness. just use the initials of the name Universal Self. there is one self-awareness.

but you are not the Mother-Father God. move in and is the source of our very being. both visible and not visible. There is a Universal Intelligence. You are always included in the reference. call it YOUSE for Universal spirit or Universal Self. Universal Spirit. Just remember you are an eternal self-aware brain cell of the body of God you are not the WHOLE body of God. call it Omnipresence. We are the US of the Universal Self. YOUSE. We are US. You are one with the Mother-Father God.at each and every moment in the eternality of Infinite Beingness. at least not visible to us. we can never take either God or ourselves out of any consideration of who God is and who we are. We are wholly a part of the Universal Self and we are part of the Universal Self-Awareness of God. When you speak of Omnipresence or the ALL that is both manifested and unmanifested. It is impossible to use the word us without including our self in the statement. We are brain cells of the Infinite Body of this Omnipresent Intelligence. When you speak to or refer to the Universal Self-Awareness of God. Remember. live in. Since God is Omnipresent. the sound of the word "use" is the same sound of God's name when we spell it "US" meaning Universal Self. You and God are together on this one. Like the dragon fly with its 30. We are part of the self-awareness of this Omnipresent Intelligence. The Self-Awareness of God is the big US of the little us. you are always included in the name. that we are part of. Whenever we refer to "us". and a Universal Self-Awareness. God has millions of trillions of visual facets and self-aware selfs which are always part of the Self-awareness of Omnipresence . we are part of us and we cannot take our self out of us when we use the word us.000 compound eye facets that sees one picture wherever it integrates and “sees” the whole picture. if God is Omnipresent. This way. then you are forever included in the Omnipresent reality you call God. The profundity of Youse is in the simplicity . You cannot separate yourself in fact.it is simply "US". What name should we use to make sure God hears us and is pleased with the name we use when calling on God to hear us in the time of our need or the time of our worship? 36 . therefore do not separate yourself in words.object".

You cannot limit God and still be referring to God. But do not get hung up in or attached to whatever name you choose. Any name that is not limited in any way. Call the source of your reality and the source of your self-awareness whatever feels right to you. you are committing idolatry. body and soulful intent to communicate with this Omnipresence. the power it only symbolizes and references. God is all images and yet NO image. Any name that does not conjur up images of a bearded man who pees behind a tree somewhere in a corn field in a galaxy far. If you do. Call the Universal SelfAwareness whatever you want but be careful that you do not limit it with whatever name you use. Be careful that whatever you call God does not conjure up ANY image of God in your mind.Call this Omnipresent Intelligence ANY name that to you expresses your total mind. far away. God is beyond and bigger than any image yet contains all images. Don’t dance with idolatry. The moment you have any image of God. THERE IS NOTHING BUT GOD. God help you – you will need it REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU CALL GOD. THE SELF AWARENESS OF GOD IS US FINISHED EDITING HERE 06-07-10 37 . or symbol. this Universal Self. You are conjuring up an image that might be part of Omnipresence but can never BE Omnipresence. Just make sure that what you call God is referencing the Universal Self-Awareness of which you are wholly a part. Any name is just a label of reference. Don’t give any label of reference.

Some angels are created for specific tasks while others are created for eternity. They can communicate to us in dreams or even can appear to us in our waking hours. How it is delivered to us is determined by what will work in each situation. The messenger angels act as conveyors of God’s desires to us. We can just call them spirits with a mission from God. Angels are aspects of God.” The moment you say you have learned your lessons and will apply the lessons in future encounters. Lucifer has to come and test you to check out the sincerity of your intentions. Foxes could not fly. The message is what is important. We will either see them or perhaps just hear them. Before you are allowed more knowledge of the essence of Omnipresent God. Only creatures with wings could fly. I am ready. “I have learned my lesson. There are different classes of angels. Most drawings of angels have wings because when spirit-humans first started thinking about angels. Snakes could not fly. you 38 .ANGELS OF GOD Angels of God is another name for God’s messengers and emissaries. Alligators would not fly. I will not slip into the errors of my past. The next time I am confronted by whoever and whatever. Two examples of different angels for different purposes are some angels are messengers and some are protectors. One protector angel we have all heard of is Lucifer. bats. Some protector angels are guards protecting the Throne of God. the Inner Santorum . I will do better the next time. some insects and some squirrels flew and what made them different from other creatures that could not fly is they had wings. this is the improved way I will deal with it. However birds. Lucifer is the head protector angel. they could not imagine anything that could be flying or hovering above them that did not have wings. Are the intentions of your heart pure enough for the next level of understanding? Are you truly ready for the next classroom or grade in your spiritual education? Have you ever said. Therefore angels HAD to have wings.the Holy of Holies from dangerous influences getting in and screwing up the harmony of the Universe.

Angels. “You really mean it? You really have had a change of heart and really will do things differently now? Here is a test. Let’s see how you will handle it” How well you do what you said you were going to do will determine whether you are promoted to the next grade or have to redo the same grade for a while until you show your sincerity by passing more tests. The angels of communication are the ones who tell you in a quiet voice what you should be doing. When you least expect it. 39 .have made a date with Lucifer. actually seem to think thoughts for you and attempt to take you off your stated course. the messenger and emissary aspect of God. They test the sincerity of your heartfelt pronouncements that you have learned your lesson and will do the right thing the next time you have the opportunity. saying. you will turn a corner and Lucifer will be right in your face. The protector angels are the ones who in loud and also quiet voices tell you things.

In the Universe there is never just one way. to you being a young adult in your twenties. Believe it or not. to you being a grandparent in your forties or fifties to you starting to see the old-age wrinkles and the lack of elasticity in your neck skin tissue. You have the power to transform negative change into positive. to your eventually old age and eventually the death of the very body you have been using. more pain. You cannot stop the motion and change in your life. The changing nature of energy gives us Life. but you cannot do it by resisting the change. and YOU are the one who chooses which path you will take. Our Universe and everything in it is continually changing. you must choose the positive path and command that this changing energy transforms into millions of blessings 40 . forever be a young adult. To transform the negative into positive. we often label it as bad. If energy stopped being in motion. to you being a teenager. and suffering by resisting the change. and therefore they too must always be in motion and continue to change. Your human form had to change or you would forever be a baby. no matter what has occurred. pain. It causes Life to grow and causes us to grow. And yet when there is a big change of energy which affects our lives. Resisting the change is focusing on the negative and it is choosing the negative path. You are never trapped with no way out. Energy can only exist if it is in motion and changing. The two paths are the positive and the negative. you would not exist? From you being born as a baby. and nor would you want to. even your death gives you a fresh start to learn and do whatever the Universal Spirit desires of you. because our Universe is made of energy. our entire Universe and all Life would vanish. and misery. which brings with it even more negativity. forever be whatever you think you are right at this moment. There are two paths available to you in every circumstance and moment in your life. If their human forms had not changed and grown older. forever be a teenager. you would not have been born.Change Is the Engine of Life Did you know that if your life was not continuously changing the forms it is expressing. Our lives are also energy. and cause ourselves sorrow. But you always have a choice. The same goes for your ancestors.

Command the changing energy to bring unlimited good and positivity. The sun that is worshipped by so many on the beaches of the world will grow larger and larger until it engulfs the Earth. Remember. oh where. you could not be here enjoying the faces of your children. no one really died. They just went on their way onto another chapter in their eternal journey through the changes of the Universe. many years before you were born.that pour down on you and everyone involved. You think there is any such thing as what we want to worship as stability? Stability is change that is happening so gradually that is appears that there is no change at all. 41 . the deaths of those we love in the present are a necessary part of the change needed to continue to bring blessings into the world. sooner or later. how long do you think it would be that there would be no more room for anyone else to be born? We would have ran out of room many. Since you are eternally aware of being aware. will cease to exist. No amount of suntan lotion will protect you from that occasion. without the death of someone thousands of years ago. Without change. Just like your child or puppy that was ever so small. Changes. in another 5 billion years or so. and everyone you ever met. enjoy the comfort of the illusion of stability and smile in the face of change. is also eternally aware of being aware. it must be done. without change. all things are possible. The Illusion of Stability has its good aspects but stability is still an illusion of no-change. If no one ever died. Oh where. we have nothing. And then the day will come in the not too distant future. all will change from what they are into what they will be. Learn from their death and they will smile as they go on their way. In the same vein. did that little baby go? Even the Earth. With change. The changes of what we see as stability are ever so minute that we are not aware of the change until it has already happened. whether you loved them or not. Know and believe in your heart that as you command it. Since. when you will look back and see all the blessings that were brought into this world through you and change.

Rev your engines sweet spirits. Steer carefully and enjoy the ride.Change is the engine of life. 42 .

I want you to enjoy the fruit of your labors. Every time you say "CANCEL. scraped skin and insect bites.) What about the emotional trees in your life you do not want? What about the seeds of negative emotion that we seem to habitually plant. There is pain. say one word two times. you reap. There are also many delicious hot cherry pies to enjoy as the fruits of our dedicated labors. If we want a good orchard of cherry trees. Many times we will get into bed tired. As much as I am using cherries for my example of truth. We have to get down on our knees in the dirt. with aches and pains all over our body. nurture beautiful thoughts and reap beautiful emotions as it does to get the cherry orchard. We have to get muddy. Seed-thoughts planted over the years. We have to pull weeds. you must plant cherry seeds. frustration and work. Thoughts nurtured and watered over the years. CANCEL".The Garden Of Eden If you want a cherry tree. (I just thought of something. Your subconscious mind is like the fertile soil into which you would plant the cherry seed. It takes the same kind of dedicated effort to plant beautiful thoughts. Why? Simple truth. Anytime you notice your mind hung up in a negative pattern of thinking. These are some of the reasons most of us prefer to buy our cherries instead of growing our own. you will notice a gap between your sentences of negative 43 . STOP WATERING THEM !!! Stop nourishing the negative seed-thoughts you don't like. Our emotional reactions are the fruit of thousands and thousands of thoughts. I hope you like cherries. You can't get a cherry tree by planting a lemon seed. If not. What you sow. use your favorite fruit in place of cherries. As soon as your notice yourself thinking negatively. Each thought is planted into the totality of your consciousness. we have to be willing to get our hands dirty. Your emotions are like the trees that grow from the seeds you planted. You can look forward to relaxing in the shade of your cherry trees and eating some fresh cherries by just reaching over your head and picking them. CANCEL". We have to have patience to get through the frustration when some seeds don't grow. Each thought you think is like a cherry seed. Simple. say "CANCEL.

in addition to refusing to water and nourish the trees of negative emotion you don't want in your life anymore will work. In the beginning this gap will be very tiny. We must truly desire the Truth that sets us free. The choice is yours to make.thought. Your emotions are expressions of your thoughts. lemons or a garden of weeds? Remember. You cannot have an emotion without the seed-thought to begin it.like it or not. and the effort required to plant the seed-thoughts you desire. The gaps between negative seed-thoughts will get bigger and bigger. CANCEL". and you will be able to notice some growth. then you will most certainly reap what you do not wish to experience . the negative trees will wither and die. look at the cherry tree every week or two. It is like watching a cherry tree grow. The key to success is sincere desire for the beautiful trees and the patience to grow the orchard. but if you are persistent. just change the seed-thoughts you are planting. To change your emotional experience of life. HAVE PATIENCE. However. they will eventually die. Will that seed-thought be a positive one or will it be a negative one? 44 . There will be a moment of silence before your mind returns to repeating the negative seed-thoughts. It takes a few seasons to grow trees that bear fruit. The thoughts. They will struggle to live. You can think only one thought at a time. The negative seed-thoughts will keep trying to pick up where you interrupted them. You will be rewarded along the way with glimpses of how your Truth-Tree is growing. Keep saying "CANCEL. We have let our mind and thoughts run our mental and emotional show for so long that it takes a lot of time and effort to assert our mastership. you will not be aware of how it is growing each and every day. Keep forcefeeding the positive seed-thoughts you desire. Be open to it. You may find it difficult to even notice. It is the same with the growth of the emotional trees we want to experience. if you do not consciously plant what you wish to reap. use effort and force-feed the righteous positive seed-thoughts you desire to grow into beautiful emotiontrees in your life. When you stop feeding the trees of negative emotion in your life. Your use of the words "CANCEL. it is there. However . If you stand and watch it 24 hours a day. Even the thoughts that are subconscious will eventually show themselves to our consciousness. In this moment of silence. both subconscious and conscious will feed our emotional experience. What seed-thoughts will you now choose to plant? In five years. CANCEL". will you be reaping cherries. Look for it.

If you want righteous emotions. If you want emotions of divine ecstasy. you may reap a garden of weeds that will choke your appreciation of the miracle of your experience of life.peaceful thoughts. By simply not taking the effort to plant the seeds you want and nurturing them to maturity. simply plant seed-thoughts of wonderment at the miracle of your awareness of being aware . plant seed-thoughts of peace . GUARANTEED 45 . PLANT AND NURTURE THESE POSITIVE SEED-THOUGHTS AND YOU WILL REAP THE GARDEN OF EDEN.experiencing the incredible beauty of the universe. If you want emotions of peace.Truth is simple. plant joyful appreciation thoughts. plant righteous thoughts. If you want emotions of joyful appreciation.

The essence of God is in the center of each atom of a grain of salt. We are a soul (spirit) that has a mind and a physical body. We are all cells of God's body but no one of us is the whole body of God. each drop of water is qualitatively the ocean. The difference is that we have cells that compose our body and God has a body of which we are cells. the trees. from the human being to the bird. from the tree to the rays of light that nourish the tree. Therefore. So we are all God. The first emanation of God is vibration.The Word Made Flesh God is first. are different manifestations of God. all are spirit and materialization of spirit. intelligent force that is everywhere in the universe. This means what is spoken is manifested God. At certain degrees of vibration what we call physical reality appears. The soil of the Earth. visible as flesh. God speaks. All things manifesting through the Word come third. God is Omnipresence. harmonious. that which we call the Holy Spirit. the birds.' comes from the Latin word "spiritus". The Word comes second. All matter is part of the larger entity that we call God. The essence of God is spoken through the Word. The word "spirit. the ocean is nothing without the drops of water. The word "holy" we get from the seventh to twelfth century Old English word "Hal" which means "whole". we are the microcosm. God is a soul (spirit) that has a spiritual mind and a physical body (manifested spirit). which means "breath". are all cells of God's body. Every cell of our body is "us" but no one cell is our whole body. So we can better understand "the Holy Spirit" by saying "the Whole Spirit". and the bees. Our body is the crystallized spirit of God. The essence of God IS the center of the atom. All things in the universe. 46 . The physical manifestation that we call our body is of the essence of God. How can the drops of water know themselves to be the ocean? However. God is the macrocosm. Yet God is still the essence of the microcosm. God's soul is the moving. If the essence of the atom is God. All creation has God as the essence of its being. then God is the essence of all that exists in the universe. We are like the drops of water in the ocean.

we evolve (grow) to be a bigger and bigger wire. the more we know our self. Humans are brain cells in God's "mind". the more complete can God's self manifest through us and as us. able to handle larger and larger amounts of current. This intimate understanding allows higher expressions of God's Self. If God continually gave people more energy or awareness than they could handle. and even when we breathe. wine. The more we are in tune with the essence of God. it expresses a conscious intimate relationship with the source of our being while we are human. and as us. We can start out as a wire able to handle small amounts of energy. God is the intelligence we call the "brain of the body''. Get in tune with the Brain (God) and know that YOU are the "Word Made Flesh". through us. Cells serve different functions in our own body as do the cells of God's "body". It is like God is an electrical current and we are the wires that carry that current to its destination. We hold the "key" to our personal evolution. we must strive to consciously be the "Word Made Flesh". This would be more energy than the 110 volt wire could handle. vegetables. If the wire burns up. the "Holy Spirit". then the wire is no longer any good to carry any current. Our use to God is determined by the amount of energy or awareness we can handle at any one period in our life. 47 . We are helped or hindered in our potential by both our desires and our fears. Since we can separate ourselves from God only in our own consciousness. water. Whatever we choose to call this understanding. then God would not have any more people to carry out God's plan for creation. within his personal limitations. to a better understanding of the "Father in Heaven". Know that God is the essence of all reality and that we are all cells of God's body. In this capacity we are either good conductors or good resistors of the energy of God.We are communing (sharing) with God whenever we eat or drink any of the cells that compose God's body: such as bread. God wouldn't use a wire that could handle only 110 volts of electricity to carry 220 volts. We are the receivers and transmitters of the essence of God. The more we are in tune with the essence of God. As we learn from the mistakes we make. We are all manifestations of the "Universal Self". Each human can evolve. It would overload and burn up. in us. the "Whole Spirit" or the "Whole Breath". In more ways than one we live on and in accordance with the "Word" of God.

We are viewing points in the Infinite Mind of God. We are points of awareness in the Infinite Mind of God. each reference point. then each point of reference. nothing of God can ever be taken away or disappear. It is not the body-identity that is Eternal. We are reference points in the Infinite Mind of God.A Viewing Point We are points of reference in the Infinite Mind of God. 48 . We are points of view in the Infinite Mind of God. each point of view and each viewing point within the Infinite Mind of God is Eternal. Since God is Omnipresent. It is our spiritual awareness of being aware as a viewing point and a point of view in the Infinite Mind of God that is eternal. Since God is Omnipresent and Eternal. each point of awareness.

Each thing expresses a different aspect of God. Our brain can only attempt to persuade the cells and the organs of our body to do its' will. God is the brain of the body trying to persuade the cells of the God's body to do the will of God the brain. When the cells and the organs start doing things that are not good for the body and are not really listening to the instructions of our brain. then the brain might try to kill the cells that are not listening. If we resist God too much and too long. We are cells of God's body. The Mother-Father-God is the Brain. The Son is the flesh of the body of the Mother-Father-God-Brain.God's Body God is the Infinite Intelligence that permeates the entire universe. but no one of us is the Whole God. Each cell is us. We have cells that make up our body. The Mother-Father-God-Brain is the same. Our brain continually attempts to send energy through our body to influence our cells and organs to do what our brain is instructing them to do. All the physical things in the universe are different expressions of God's eternal essence. but no one cell is the whole us. It cannot force them. God might use our death and the way in which we died for the growth of countless other spirit- 49 . God will use our fears and hang-ups to do things that in the end we may not like but that will still contribute to the unfolding of the will of God. The Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit is the energy that goes from the Mother-Father-God-Brain to the different cells and organs of its body in an attempt to persuade the cells and the organs to do the will of the Mother-Father-God-Brain. Each one of us is God. It is interesting that the body that tries to persuade through the body also made the body. The energy that goes through the body is the same energy that made the body and is the same energy that IS the body. either God use our resistance to do other things God needs to be done or will use our physical death for the glory of God. Kill them for the health of the entire body.

However. the will of God will find expression through us and as us. If we are in so much emotional pain that we continue to lash out at other people. God will still get the best use out of them that God can get. We even learn valuable spiritual lessons through the way we die. before that time. or depart this Earthly world.humans still alive. We are cells of the Infinite Body of God. god will eventually use us to bring lessons to other spirit-humans that require the stimulation of some pain to move them in the direction that God desires. One way or the other. These spirit-humans that God uses to painfully stimulate other spirit-humans will eventually be educated in the error of their ways. 50 .

the Universal Self. The numbers I am now going to use are for explanation purposes. with the point of the wedge coming directly towards me. One person was in front making the point of the “V” and the rest of the spirit-people spread out behind him or her in the shape of a “V”.500 people. It actually was watching me through all the eyes I saw in front of me. Dragonflies can thus see in all directions at the same time. God sees through billions of facets or different eyeballs at the same time and somehow all these billions of images are integrated in the “mind” of God so that at each moment. Together. In the same way. I remembered the compound eye of the dragonfly. After the vision. I became aware of a dark cloud above the 1. My point here is we do not understand how the 30. God “sees” the whole picture comprised of what all the eyes are seeing each and every moment. The brain forms an image from these independent picture elements. I realized that this awareness cloud was aware of seeing me through all 3. if God seeing through my eyes. 51 . I had a vision the other day which showed me how this happens.500 people coming towards me and was aware of all three thousand of the eyes looking at me at the same time. However. Some estimate that each dragonfly eye has 30. I intellectualized this but I could not visualize how this was possible.000 eyes at the exact same time. it seems logical that they basically “see” one integrated picture of what each of the facets are seeing.000 elements known as facets or ommatidia.The Three Thousand Eyes of the Universal Self For years now I have been telling spirit-people that God sees through all who eyes to see. I found myself looking at 1. Each has many eyes or facets which make up the dragonfly eyes. I mean. The spirit-people were coming towards me in a “V” formation. these thousands of facets or ommatidia produce a mosaic of "pictures" but how this visual mosaic is integrated in the insect brain is still not known. Sort of a letter V shaped wedge. how can God be seeing through your eyes at the same time? How can God see through the billions of eyes on planet earth each moment of each day? Well. Each ommatidium stimulates one nerve and thus provides the brain with one picture element. I did not really count the eyes but there were hundreds and hundreds of them.000 images are integrated in the brain of the dragonfly. I realized the cloud was the intelligence and the awareness of God.

I believe the more we understand ourselves and the universe around us. We are the eyes of the Universal Self. God sees like the dragonfly but the reality of how and what God sees is beyond our human mind to fully grasp. However. I see us as personifications of God. 52 .Remember that trying to explain God with human terms is only helpful when we realize that no word or group of words can ever fully describe God. We can say God is like this. God sees through all who have eyes to see – at each and every moment. or God is like that. since God is Omnipresent. We are the microcosm of which God is the macrocosm. the more we will understand God.

No one can see the entire “face” of God. there are still parts of the “face” of God you could not see. you are seeing the smiling “Face” of God. then we are seeing part of the “face” of God. Most of what is your body is under your skin. When we accept the Omnipresence of God. can never stand outside of infinity and look at it. your face is the part of your body from which your eyes are looking out at the world. Of course.The Face of God What is a face? What is your face? Your face is the outer surface of your body. no one can ever see the whole “face” of God. the next time someone smiles at you. since we can never encompass infinity. then when we look and see the outer surface of anything that has eyes that God can see through. More exactly. Even if you could stand outside of infinity. Remember. 53 . What we see as the outer surface is your skin and what we see as your “face” is just a VERY small part of the wholeness of “you”.

black and white. 54 . the Universal Self. There are many faces.The Universal Self.ONLY ONE PERSON IN THE ROOM You want to know the real meaning of the Universal Self? Imagine you are in a room. the One Reality. in reality. There is. Chinese and different ethnic mixtures. There is no "other" in the room. both male and female. American Indian. the "One Person". but just one person . There are 15 other spirit-people. only one person in the room.

55 . I see THROUGH the face I see in the mirror I AM THE WITNESS of what I see in the mirror Are you what you see in the mirror? Are you what you see when you look at your finger. The witness cannot witness the witness.I AM NO MORE THE FACE I see in the mirror. foot or belly-button? Are you the eyes you see? Are you what disintegrates and become compost for new life forms after your physical body stops regenerating new cells? The see-er cannot see the see-er. Nor the bones beneath them. Than the muscles beneath it. The observer cannot observe the observer.

Who is "Do-ing" the "See-ing"? Are you the See-er or the Seen? You are the Witness . You would only be seeing your body.The Eternal Witness. 56 . You would only be seeing the outer surface of your body. You would not be seeing “you”.You cannot step out of your body and see yourself.

It just ceases. Either there is something . Can you imagine complete nothingness. the absence of awareness? Of course not. The light of your consciousness goes out. and what philosophy do you accept and follow to make sure you have the best possible experience after your body dies? Regardless of what you believe.OR there is nothing. The moment after our physical body dies only one of two things can happen. Do you live as if there is nothing? Do you live as if there is something? How do you know what to do when you do not even know if there is anything after your body dies? How do you know how to live your life? Which possibility do you gamble will be 57 . Complete nothingness. The first possibility is Nothing. You may not know where but you are definitely somewhere. If you could. You are not worried. what religion. there are only two possibilities. Something happens. You do not even know your awareness of awareness ceases to exist. What happens is you are aware of being aware without the physical body you see in the mirror. You are not scared. what imam. You are not even there. what priest. You will still be aware that you are aware somewhere. Your awareness of being aware ceases to exist. You are no longer you because you are not existing anywhere forever more. The second possibility is Something. you would still be aware. Seem too simple? Stick with me for a few minutes. Nothing happens. what rabbi.After Your Body Dies – Then What? What is going to happen after your body dies to this earthly experience? What book do you read and believe? What preacher.

it will work when the future becomes now. if you want a cherry tree. The past exists only as a memory in the NOW. I look around me and notice what is "Truth" regardless of what ANY human thinks or believes. it will be too late to change it. If you plant only one seed. You do not plant apple seeds. Ask any farmer and he or she will tell you the secret. what we call the now. all there ever has been and all there ever will be.true? Remember. The eternal NOW constantly passing. If it works now. The eternal now is the only place you can do anything If it does not work now. Who do you ask for the big secret of what do to make whatever it is as good as possible for you? Who do you believe? Simple. There is only NOW. One thing I notice is if you want to get cherry trees. If there is something. The future is just a thought in the NOW. it cannot work when the future becomes now. you will NEVER get a lemon tree. Anything you do can be done only in the now. but always NOW. The Now I was just speaking about is not longer the Now. you have to plant cherry seeds. but NOW is still Now. then what can we do while we are alive in order to make it as good of an experience as possible? This moment. you may not get a cherry tree. It doesn’t matter what you believe. If you plant lemon seeds. Until the future becomes now. when you get there or when you are no longer aware. is all there is. Whatever is going to work in the future has to work now. This seems very logical. it is still the future. You 58 . If you plant lemon seeds. The one seed may die. It may never grow regardless of what you do for it and to it. you will always get lemon trees. you plant cherry seeds. You cannot do anything in the future.

you will find yourself surrounded by weeds. We will continue to reap what we sow. You must plant the action-seeds that will grow into the tree of life you wish to be experiencing. Do you want to be a doctor. get scratched. What happens if you do not plant anything? Simple. fight off the bugs. you want to be a lawyer. Keep planting. educational aspect of the universe. Keep nurturing the seeds. you will not have any apples or cherries to eat. You must get dirty. Whatever you wish to experience at some distant time in the future. Sooner or later you will get the cherry tree. This educational process is as eternal as we are. and nurture them. you must plant the seed thoughts and the seed actions in the present. then you will get apple trees – never cherry trees. you will definitely reap the fruit of the seeds you planted. As long as you have a long enough life left. Unless you can figure out something to do with the weeds. keep nurturing the seeds and the little plants that begin to grow and eventually you will get many cherry trees – unless you planted apple seeds. and keep nurturing the seeds.need to plant many seeds. Whatever we were planting before we experienced the death of our physical body will carry over past the death experience. or steps you must take to become anything you want to be or do. 59 . It is simple. water them. it is a win-win situation regardless of whether there is anything after your body dies for you or nothing after your body dies. What vanity for us to think we can escape the harmonizing. As long as you keep planting the seeds of the fruit you want to reap. Some will not grow. Some will grow. or you want to be a surfer? There are seeds.

Even if there is nothing for you after your body dies. you shall reap is no longer the law? Of course not. this seems like a winning situation to me. does this mean the law of what you sow. I broke the lamp. But I mean well. don't you? You will give me another chance. the law is the law. I am sorry. I mean well. I will try harder to do the right thing. I want the compassion from God that the child wants from his or her mother and father. I want to keep it simple. if you are still aware of being aware after your body dies. then you will be reaping the fruit of your planting while you are still alive as a human in this physical world. I ask only from God the acceptance of who I am. and you live long enough. If there is something for you after your body dies. I want only one thing. This also seems like a winning situation to me. If the child breaks a lamp. No matter how many times I screw up in living. I know I will be grounded for a while. mommy and daddy.Why is it a win-win situation? If there is nothing after your body dies. won't you?" The 60 . the child says to the parent. then it is logical that what you were planting before your body dies will have some influence on what you are experiencing after your body dies. no long shopping lists allowed. and the help to be all that I can be. "Okay. What do you want to reap after your body dies? What do you want to be experiencing after your body dies? You want angels? You want harp music? You want 70 virgins? What do you want after you experience the physical death of your body? Keep it simple. don't you? You do wish for me to fulfill my greatest potential. How can it be any other way? Just because your body dies. then if you are planting what you want to reap. No matter what I do or fail to do. You love me don't you? You unconditionally accept me.

to which I can identify. 61 . year to year and breath by breath. Once I see the fear. I definitely can see the fear in the cow’s eyes. I must give to others what I wish to receive from others. These are definitely feelings to which I can identify. I must live this compassion not only to my child. you do unto God. If I am going toward a cow to kill it for dinner and look into the cow’s eyes as I am approaching it. feels pleasure. The reality of an Omnipresent God means that when you look into the eyes of any creature. You just need a little more educational experience and then you will do just fine". cows. birds. What you do to the least of all creatures. I may not know how a cow perceives. but I am definitely aware that the cow feels pain. week to week. I am not showing the compassion I want from God. I can look into the eye of a cow and I sense an awareness of being aware to which I can relate. God is looking back at you. I have no right to expect from God what I am not willing to give first. I must give it to humans. You want compassion from God? You must give God the compassion first. All creatures that would feel any compassion I extended to them. I must plant it first. day to day. month to month. any and all creatures that would feel the result of my compassion. and feels excited anticipation. I can handle anything God puts on my plate as long as this is the compassion I get from God. hour to hour. I must sow it minute to minute. feels fear. In order to get this compassion. lions.loving Mother-Father-God says "Of course my child. then if I still kill the cow. I have no right to expect from God what I am not willing to plant first into the soil of creation. What must I do to get this from God? It is simple. This is the kind of compassion I desire from God. bees. but to all creatures of the Earth who feel.

Remember. but I definitely would not understand and accept their reasoning. This is why my 11 year old son has been a vegan since he was born into this Earthly experience. is the LAW. A God capable of compassion educates. This is why I have been a vegan for over 10 years. If someone believe they needed to kill me and eat me in order to survive.This is why I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years. When we experience it happening to us. the least of the creatures that feel pain. the core of what was in our heart will be what returns to us to educate us. We may plant the seed. My compassion for animals that results in my being a vegan and not killing them and eating them is the compassion I want to reap after my body dies. A God of compassion does not punish. I could understand and accept this. Of course I would defend myself and kill them is necessary to survive. very careful why you do what you do. I would still kill them if necessary. then what you do to the least of creation. if you believe in the Omnipresence of God. the experience may be wearing different clothes but the essence. A God of compassion accepts us as we are and understands that we will finally see the eternal light of righteousness through lessons that will sometimes burn like the kitchen stove flame burns the 62 . but until we eat the fruit. because the law of what you sow. if someone wanted to kill me for lust or habit. It should work. We will only truly know what we did by having it done unto us. However. pleasure. Be sure that the reasons you do what you do are reasons you could understand and accept if it was being done unto you. we really do not know what we planted. I would not think much of them. fear and excited anticipation – YOU DO UNTO GOD. you reap. Be very. A God of compassion shows us the error of our ways in the only way we will understand and the only way we will truly know what we planted.

However. However. when you start reaping the fruit of your seed-actions. This educational process is as eternal as we are. A God of compassion knows we might only learn what we did to the animals by experiencing similar situations where we are the one who is scared. you really do not know the experience. In order to truly know what we did to someone. even if you believe that there is nothing after your body dies. I cannot show you – at least not yet. I know there is more after your body dies. whatever you wish to be experiencing after your body dies. Until you have experienced both sides of the experience. What vanity for us to think we can escape the harmonizing. Ummm. We will continue to reap what we plant. To summarize. educational aspect of the universe. Do we really think that what we were planting before we physically die does not matter any longer to us? That all the years of planting will not continue to grow something? Whatever we were planting before we experienced the death of our physical body will carry over past the death experience. then please remember me with a nice big fat juicy piece of fruit pie. frightened and painfully put to death for a reason that we cannot understand. A God of compassion knows that sometimes in order to know the lack of compassion you showed TO others. I can hardly wait. and. you must be born into a situation that you experience the lack of compassion FROM others. you had better start planting the seeds now. Plant early and plant a lot of seeds so that your tree of compassion or whatever you desire has a chance to grow big and strong. we must eventually have it done unto us. 63 .child who will not learn the truth of heat until actually touching and feeling the flame.

64 .forever and ever. How long will it take for you to accept that you cannot expect better treatment from others if you do not give it to them first? Gamble on a win-win process.You Cannot Lose. Plant the action-seeds you want to reap in ten years Dead or Alive . God has as much time as you need for the educational experiences that will bring you to expressing your greatest potential for God. life after life? You know what you don’t like.God and you are together for eternity . Do you really want to experience the same lessons over and over.

Then do the next thing in front of you to do. there is only now (to the one contemplating the here and there and the now and then). Actually. It might be to sleep. to get a drink. You cannot do anything at any time other than now or at any place other than here. not long ago. There is no then. there is only here. I just did not remember where I had last placed them. What you do now is more important than all you have ever done. to read a book. Perhaps it will mean picking up the paperclip that has been laying in front of you for two weeks already. to get some food.Where Do I Begin My Spiritual Journey What Is My Next Step? Two of the Most Important Considerations Here and Now Two of the most important considerations to accept as you begin the next step in your spiritual journey is the Here and the Now. Accepting these two considerations shows you right where you have to look for your next in your spiritual journey. Therefore you need to look right in front of you to see what the next step is for you to do. You have been meaning to pick it up but just never got around to it. Pick it up. They 65 . right now. to think about whatever thoughts pass through your mind without getting attached to any one thought or one thought chain. Right where you are. Perhaps it is to put away a piece of paper that was under the paperclip. put it away and it will never distract your thoughts again. only ask what can I do now. it is continuing to distract your thoughts over and over and over begging to be put away. Instead of asking what is wrong or what did I do wrong. I did not lose them. However. You cannot change one part or parcel of what you have done but you can choose more wisely now and do what you know or think should be done here and now. There is no there. I lost my wallet and my house keys. to call someone. There is only here and now. One time.

I had been meaning to put the paper clip away for at least a couple of weeks but kept putting it off.the eternal journey of spirituality. I said to God.always. I have looked everywhere they could possibly be. I thought I might as well put it away. there will always be another thing in front of you that you can do. Let God show you the steps here and now. These are two of the most important considerations in your spiritual journey: The here and the now. The paper clip seemed so minor a thing. “Now what?” I looked and under where the paper clip had been was a piece of paper that I had been meaning to file. Choose wisely because your choice will determine the next choice when the next step is in the here and now. I do not know where else to look. It did not take up much room at all. Just keep doing what is front of you to do and you will be on your way up the mountaintop of truth and righteousness . Then I said. you will always see the next step in the here and the now – even if it is just moving a simple paperclip. The here and the now is the only place and the only time you can do ANYTHING. I went over. One day. After I gave up and said a little prayer. 66 . I looked behind me in my home office and saw a paperclip on a desk. picked it up and put it in the paper clip dispenser. I definitely did not think my wallet and keys were under the paperclip. Now Walk the Path – Here and Now. God puts in your heart the dreams for your future. There is always something in front of you that you can do . Your spiritual journey begins with the next step in the here and the now. And if your eyes are open. It might take weeks or months for you to realize the importance of something as simple as putting a paperclip away.were somewhere in my house but even though I looked and looked for two weeks. Do What Is In Front Of You To Do – In The Here and In The Now The Here and the Now. I could not find them. The importance of any step might not be known until weeks later after you take the step. I gave up trying to find them using whatever powers I thought I had to help me find them. Simple. I picked up the piece of paper and guess what? BOTH my keys and my wallet had been under the paper clip and the paper for the two weeks it had just taken me to put the paper clip and the piece of paper where they should go. I said I guess I should practice what I preach. ANYWHERE. I give up. You may not think it is important. You can never do anything at any other place or any other time. Once you do what is in front of you to do.

The Christ has been with you. Another way to see it is First comes the Lake. When you are first conscious of the Holy Spirit in you. metaphors or approximations. Second is the first emanation of God . Now that that is said. similes. What is the Christ? Simple. The little pond is completely one with the lake and is totally all that the stream is. we are attempting to describe an Omnipresent. What you call the “birth” is the moment that you first become aware of the Holy Spirit working through you. it is like that. Infinity is always one step ahead of any attempt to communicate it in words. nothing more and nothing less. pictures. Second comes the little stream of water leading away from the Lake.which is the Christ Third comes crystallized emanation – you.THE CHRIST CANNOT BE BORN IN YOU The Christ cannot be born in you. 67 . in you and working through you since time began and will continue to be with you. We can only say. Remember. here a few attempts: First is Omnipresence of God. The Christ is another name for the Holy Spirit. We can never say exactly what it is because no word can express or encompass infinity. in you and working through you for all eternity. you might think it was just born in you. images. Omniscient and Omnipotent reality using finite symbols called words. me and everything that is manifested Omnnipresence. Third is the little pond that is both the creation of and fed by the little stream that is leading away from the Lake. the Christ is the intelligent energy radiating from the Source or God that both permeates and is expressing as the universe.it is like this. the first emanation of Omnipresent God. symbols.

We cannot even complain about God without God helping us move our lips. we cannot exist with this Intelligent Energy. or to resist the Intelligent Energy and try to do things our way. then how could God or the Christ ever be somewhere else but in the most innermost core of your total existence? The word Holy Spirit actually means Whole Breath. The light which we bring into the world is God. which is accepted by Jews. and then allow it to take over your mind and body. You could not exist without this truth. expressing through creation and us. means Breath.A third way to see it is First is an electrical power station . We are the light bulbs. Then they somehow try to separate us from the breath of God. Once we accept the truth of the Omnipresence of God. then all you have to do is understand that the Universal Intelligence that we call God is ALWAYS expressing through you and as you. from the Latin Spiritus. 68 . the emanation of God. regardless of whether we are open or resist. Third comes the light bulb radiating the energy traveling through the electrical wire that comes from the source of the energy. Second comes the electricity or energy directed through electrical wires. Holy means Whole and Spirit. Our only choice in living is to either be open to the Christ. Christians and Moslems. that it is somewhere else and you have to allow a seed to be planted and allow it to grow and sort of take over your mind and body. manifesting as the Holy Spirit or the Christ. If we accept the Omnipresence of God. we cannot live at all without the breath of God. It is even written in one of the major religious books in the world that God made man in the image and likeness of God and then “Breathed” the breath of life into him. Or they are implying that the Christ is outside of your body and you have to open a door and let it in.God. According to this story of the “birth” of man. The spirit-humans who say you have to allow the Christ to be born in you are implying that the Christ is not always in you. However.

The problem with all symbols and all myths is the tendency of spirit-humans to begin to give to the symbol or the myth the power and the reality that the symbol or the myth only hints at. that he must leave them in order for the Holy Spirit to be with them. You and I. the spirit-humans could not get closer to knowing the essence of God that was already in them attempting to work through them. It is written that the spirit-human called Jesus told his followers that he must go. We are the Sons and the Daughters of God. and the Energy connecting and holding it all together. A spiritual way-shower is one who shows us the way to truly be as we already are – The Sons and Daughters of God. He did not want to leave but he understood that the spirit-humans at the time gave him the power that was God’s and they claimed he was the reality that even Jesus said was not his or him. and cannot be born into us. They made a God out of Jesus. Until his physical form left the earth. and kept looking outside of themselves for salvation instead of within themselves where Jesus said God was to be found. The Holy Spirit or the Christ does not have to be. it is always in us attempting to express the will of Omnipresent God through us – as us. The Father.The Christ is just a symbol to be used for the understanding and communication of how the Universe works through us. Jesus was a Way-Shower of the reality of Omnipresent God. We just have to get out of the way and do our best to ride the wave of the will of God – By and For the Glory of God. The Son and the Holy Spirit God. 69 .

even what you think is life itself – your physical body. he led his son onto a mountain. hair. One – The sacrifice of whatever you hold most dear in this Earthly life you are experiencing. daughter. son. Be it mother. I am sure his eyes were flowing with tears at that moment. Two – The cleansing of any impurities of your body and mind. an angel of God stopped him and told him that he was not to 70 . The first step is the sacrifice of whatever you hold most dear in this life other than your relationship with the Omnipresent Spirit you call God. or SelfConsciousness Unity with Omnipresence. sister. the Omnipresence of God. Not going back to the unclean things. dog. father. This is the most visceral sacrifice you can imagine.. Four – Your Atonement – your existential experience of your oneness with the Universal Self. brother. Right as he was going to kill his son. Three – The eating and drinking of only pure thoughts and pure foods. One example is the story of Abraham being told by God that he must kill his most beloved son in order to prove he did not love his son more than he loved God. tied him to a sacrificial alter and raised his hand with a dagger in it to kill his son. This does not mean that you HAVE to sacrifice what is most dear to you.THE FOUR STEPS TO YOUR ATONEMENT The Union of God and You. Visceral meaning as close as the blood of your body coursing through your veins. This just means that you must be willing to sacrifice what is most dear to you. cat. With a heavy heart. There are four steps to your enlightenment of your at-one-ment.

“God.” We also have to be willing to sacrifice even our earthly life for the Glory of God. Another example is the story of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane when Jesus was struggling with the desire of god that he willingly give up his earthly life and die on the cross. He is written to have had the power to change water into wine. you have made a date with Lucifer. Even when he was arrested. Lucifer will say. When you least expect it. then it is your will. sexual and food related. to truly see and hear the voice and will of god. However. For you. This does not mean that we HAVE to sacrifice our life – We just have to be willing to do it. However. Lucifer will definitely come and pay you a visit. not my will. Be careful however.” “I will do whatever you desire and I will do it wherever you desire I do it. “Oh Yeah? What about this? What about that? Are you truly willing to sacrifice it for the glory of God?” ‘Let’s see what we shall see. God’s purity tester.’ This is one time that the second step might help us in achieving the first step. your vehicle of perception. He is written to have said.harm his son. Jesus is written to have had the power to heal the sick and the maimed. tortured and be killed by being nailed on a cross. take this cup from me. This is because most of our attachments to what we call the physical are mental. he showed what true commitment to the will of God means. The second step is the cleansing of any impurities of your body and mind. the spirit. if it is your will. desire it or want it. He had all this power and yet God was asking him to willingly submit to being arrested. he had the power to put the ear back on of the arresting soldiers when one of the followers of Jesus raised his sword and cut it off. because once we say we are willing to sacrifice all we hold dear to us for the Glory of God. 71 . your body. He is written to have the power to calm the “angry” sea. but your will that will be done. He is written to have had the power to raise the dead. God just wanted to know that he truly loved God more than his son. needs to be a clean vehicle of spiritual communication. This was really asking a lot of him. He showed that he did not put any of the powers and gifts God had given him in front of his love of God. if you are willing.

You are. The fourth step is your actual Atonement. Once you have cleansed.Your self-realization of your Oneness with the Universal Self. Satori. the Christ Consciousness. However. the time will come when you will cross the threshold of what seems to divide the finite from the Infinite.as you. You will all of a sudden find yourself experiencing what some religions have called Atonement. then you must not going back to the unclean things. have purified your vehicle of perception. You will not even be aware that the next moment will be your At-One-Ment experience. who is 72 . ever was and ever will be. different spirithumans. once you have sacrificed. You must continually feed your mind and your body with thoughts and foods that will glorify the Divine Omnipresent reality of God. The third step is the eating and drinking of only pure thoughts and pure foods. fasted. or any of many other names for the same experience . Samadhi. Prayer to let go of the old dirty mental habits that are clouding your clear perception of spiritual communications of the Universal Spirit. your mind and your body of unclean thoughts and substances. aware that you are truly the ONE BEING. Fasting to cleanse the years and years of bad foods you have eaten from your body. your at-one-ment experience is your realization of the non-dualistic nature of Omnipresence. The time frame for achieving your Atonement is as different for different spirit-humans as there are. your actual experience of your Oneness with the Universal Self and the Omnipresence of God. Enlightenment. Whatever you wish to call it. You must be motivated by the all-consuming hunger and thirst for Knowledge of the Will of God and the awareness of how to express God’s Will at each and every moment of your existence.This is accomplished through prayer and fasting. It is a state of awareness in which you become aware of your oneness with the Universal Self as though you just woke up from sleeping and you awakened into being the consciousness of God looking through you . prayed and walked the path of spiritual purity for a while. at that moment of your at-one-ment.

Sort of like you have your arms stretched straight out from each side of you. words. by the BEING who is living through all that are BEING lived through. We are like electrical wires and God is the electrical current flowing though us. I remember that the moment I said to myself. you are aware of BEING the one. Another way to understand your relationship with God is to think of you as Being the Middle. who is being lived through. If you are “thinking” about Oneness. I must check this out more”. to explaining the NONDUALISTIC DUALITY of the Eternal Nature of our BEINGNESS. traveling through the center of your body and the center of you. that the experience went away like it had never been real. Words are by-products of consciousness. All words. It is like the Energy of God. AT THE SAME MOMENT. without any thought that they are even being released. dropped. BEING you. to cross the threshold of the doorway of the Infinite to experience your Oneness with God. We are intelligent electrical wires that can influence the direction of the electricity as it leaves us. If you are totally confused with the above two paragraphs. But when I was living it. they are not consciousness. by their very nature of being by-products and tools of consciousness. the Interface. “This is incredible. You are either one in consciousness with the Universal Self or you are not. AS you. That is about the closest I can come. and leaving your body through your outstretched left arm and hand.EXISTING THROUGH you. It will be as if words never existed in the first place. then let me remind you that words can never fully express the nature of God. The difference is we do not need the fireman because we are an intelligent hose that can influence the direction the water is going when it leaves us. is coming into your body through your outstretched right arm and hand. when I was living this atonement experience. then you are not experiencing the Oneness. and released at the doorway. However. God the Source and Manifested God the Flesh. between God Infinite and God Finite. Once. the Source. They will lead you to the doorway of the Infinite. thoughts and ideas must be left. We are like a fire hose directing water from the fire hydrant to whatever place God desires the water to go. right now. it was more real than anything around me seems to be real as I 73 . cannot enter with you.

The UNION of God and You.write these words. As soon as I thought about it. I live the experience. It has always been the same. After living it. I have a memory of an experience so incredible that it still almost takes my breath away to think about it. You Are the Interface of God Infinite and God Finite The Universal Self – the Oneness of US. 74 . I was the experience. When I lived it. the experience would disappear. The Atonement is the Realization of the Universal Self as Your Self.

In order to truly know what we have done to another. We can only truly know what we have done to another by having it done unto us. Hitting in the nose and getting hit in the back of the head are just different ways the intention of the heart is passed from one to another. Remember . 75 . We learn to be better contributors by our experiences and the lessons we derive from our experiences. we are missing the awareness of the other side of our action to another. The core of the lesson we are receiving is just wearing different clothes than what the clothes worn by the action we did to someone else. Using the nose is just an example. God has tried to teach us in gentler ways but we either did not listen or just continued to put off applying the lesson. heavier or more painful in order to get our attention. God then has to make our lesson stronger. When we do not like the way our education is being offered to us – we call it punishment.are eternal truths that we take with us when we depart this Earthly dimension – because the Omnipresent essence of God is the same everywhere and every time. Perhaps we will get hit in the back of the head for the same reason that we hit someone in the nose. We will not really know what the other spirit-human felt when we hit them in the nose. God does not punish – God educates. we must experience what the other felt when we did what we did to him or her. We are here to learn to be better contributors to the totality of creation. unless we get hit in the nose for a similar reason we will not really know what we did. Spiritual truths that are true here and now . When we think we can learn by just observing and not having it done unto us. The truths that are true here and now will still be truth when the future becomes here and now – regardless of where we find our self aware of being aware. If we hit someone in the nose.Why We Are On Earth We are here for our contribution to the totality of creation.it is always here and it is always now – wherever we are and whenever it is – it is always here and it is always now.always true here and now .

It is continually radiating impulses from the center of it’s being. The bee collects more pollen than is necessary to fertilize the flowers to insure that some get fertilized. the mothers of society. As there is a program for each cell. This is to insure that some will survive. the sustainers of society. Put 220 volts through the wire and it will very quickly burn out. the sages of society. As an analogy. there is a collective program for the whole body and there is a collective for the whole of spirit-humanity. Many spirit-people are born to be the builders of society.Every single part of the universe. the catalysts of society. the record-keepers of society. All parts exist for the benefit of the universe. It must find expression. It is the same with people. we cannot get any more use of the wire for carrying electrical current. and so on for every contribution that is needed for a society. it is really only there to help us do what the universe desires of us. In some species. At each moment the programming is trying to persuade us to 76 . Once the wire is burned out. the healers of society. The universe gives birth to many times more entities than will ever survive.express. some electrical wires can handle 110 volts of current. the mother lays 1. the painters of society. Some architects can design doorways. regardless of how large or how small exists for its' contribution to the evolution of the universe. the clean-uppers of society. We may be able to use the wire for a rope. There is a genetic programming in every cell that continually tries to express it’s programming. Some architects can design skyscrapers. but never for current again. the universe does not exist for the benefit of the parts that make it up. When we think something in the universe exists for our benefit. An expression or manifestation of itself in the physical realm of existence. The grandness of the contribution is determined by what the spirit-person can handle in consciousness.000 eggs to every 5 that survive. the questioners of society. Look at all the sperm that go after one egg. God would not burn up everybody by giving them more than they could handle or God would run out of people to work through. even if the expression will be a perverted expression. This programming of potential impulse is responsible for a lot of our dreams and aspirations. Many people are born with similar potentials to insure that at least one of them fulfills his or her programming of potential. Our genetic program continually attempts to do its' only function .

The Universe is not here for us – we are here for the Universe. The way we our Earthly body dies and how it affects our friends. they definitely will never come true. Sex feels good. What impulse are you feeling? What impulse have you denied because you say you could never do such a thing? What recurring dream. If they come true. not for us to party with a sex-partner or for our selfmasturbation but to make sure that spirit-humans will put up with each other long enough for more spirit-babies to be born to continue the spirit-human aspect of Omnipresence. Everything in the Universe is here for the use and purpose of the Universe. 77 . The way we experience the death of our Earthly body is also a lesson for our growth in ability to be a better contributor to creation and the unfolding of the desire of the Universal Spirit. we are here for our contribution to the matrix of what is and what God desires to manifest. either while asleep or awake have you pushed aside? Perhaps the day-dream is showing you what you could do. Even our bodily death is a contribution to the desire of God.fulfill its' inherent potential. If you never try. Again. Two examples of how even what we enjoy is not here for our enjoyment but feels good for the benefit of Omnipresence are: Food tastes good not for our gluttony but to make sure we eat it so we do not die of starvation. the spirit-person who brought some pain in order to stimulate another spirit-human's growth will have to eventually be educated as to the error of their ways even though God used them for the best good God could get out of them at the time. What would it hurt to give it a change and advance confidently in the direction of your dreams. great. However. family and even enemies also contributes to their growth in ability to contribute to creation. Some spirit-humans are in so much pain that the best God can get out of them is to use them to bring an education to another spirit-person who needs a little jump-start in their spiritual growth. We are also here to learn to be better contributors to the matrix of what is and what God desires to manifest.

which feels good.infinite self-awareness. And to Learn to BE Better and Better Conduits Of the Glory of God. We Are Here To BE Conduits for the Self-Awareness of God. There is a DNA to the infinite as there is a DNA to our mortal form.eternally evolving and eternally being that which is eternally being. The DNA of the infinite is eternal and will always be expressing the core purpose . We are here By and For the Glory of God. 78 . We are Eternal Points of Reference and Eternal Reference Points in the Infinite Mind of God. to gain wisdom through trial and error. We are Eternal Points of view and Eternal Viewing Points in the infinite Mind of God. We are that existentialistic self-awareness . We are here to learn.Then food tastes good to the spirit-baby so the spirit-babies live long enough to have sex. To BE Conduits for the Eternal Expression of the Desire of God. We are here to become more and more aware of our oneness with Omnipresence.the knowing of itself . to produce more spirit-babies for the purposes of Omnipresence. to become greater and greater conductors of the Universal Intelligence and Energy of Omnipresence.

it's life support system . it will die because it did not gain the strength to survive by the effort expended breaking through the eggshell. roosters. corn to eat . It feels very comfortable within the confines of it's world.it will surely die. unless it does eventually break through the life support system that is the eggshell . If you told it that once it breaks through the comfort of it's eggshell of awareness it would enjoy a greater world.Growing Through the Eggshell of Our Consciousness The simplicity of truth is its profundity. If you help it break through. The profundity of truth is its simplicity. 79 . It must break through the shell. However. destroy it and walk through the confines of the eggshell to experience more of what life has to offer the little chicken. the barnyard.it's eggshell consciousness.it would call you crazy. Our eternal spiritual growth reminds me of a chicken in the eggshell before it hatches into the new world of the barnyard. other chickens. Very Simple Applying this simplicity in our minute to minute living is where the struggle comes into play.

You must desire spiritual growth enough that you are literally "willing to die for it". a spirit in a world of infinite educational value to you in your spiritual journey requires your willingness to let who you THINK you are die. but the physical vehicle you are using for this part of your eternal journey through the cosmos. and are willing to grow through a continuing rebirth of evolving self-awareness . to be the best of what you really are. As long as you willingly struggle with whatever you encounter in your spiritual growth . What you see in the mirror is not the true "you". All I ask of you is that you are willing to completely immerse yourself in the spiritual-struggle.It is the same with our spiritual growth. ensures your growth as sure as the struggle 80 .each day you live brings you one day closer to experiencing the death of your body. beliefs and thought patterns. a spirit in a material world. Unless you are willing to struggle and grow through your present self-identity. to walk the path. I am not saying you HAVE to die for spiritual growth.you are a spirit who has a body. a spirit that God works through. You are SPIRIT in a MENTALMATERIAL world. You must love GOD. You must not make your "human identity" your "false idol or your golden calf". You do not have a spirit . Since most of your experience on this earthly plane of existence has been through the sense organs of the human body.then you will grow. I am saying you must not hold what you call your "human life" as more important than your spiritual growth. Regardless of how young you are. are willing to challenge your cherished ideas.you will not achieve the spiritual potential available to you during this lifetime your are presently experiencing. The willingness to do the struggle. more than what you call your "human life and your human relationships". For you to grow spiritually to the highest degree possible to you in this lifetime on earth. This belief and attachment to the human-identity gets in the way of spiritual self-knowledge. you are not the body (human) you think is you. However. THE ALL IN ALL THAT IS ALL. Regardless of how healthy you are . Do not get attached to this illusion and believe that what you see is what you are. The matrix of identity that you have built since you were born into this Earth phase of your spiritual evolution is not you. an illusion of "humanidentity" has become your sense of self-identity. Your relationship with the body that you think is you is very real.

Let us share the spiritual journey as much as we can. As long as you want spiritual growth as much as the thirsty person in the desert wants water . If we each learn just one thing from each other that helps us in our individual spiritual adventure . Look at your spirit-struggle as a grand adventure.eternal awareness and direct experience of God.a most holy gift.but our destination is the same for all of us .then let's go. The only adventure for you that will never die. Your struggle. It is the grandest adventure in the infinite cosmos.of the chicken to break through the eggshell of it's consciousness ensures it the strength to continue to grow in the new world it will find itself. 81 .then we have given each other a priceless gift . your growth-path will be unique to you . Only your self-illusion of human-identity will die.

Many are born to BE architects. We each have our unique leaning toward manifesting our individual contribution to the eternal manifestation of the Holy Spirit’s own desire for us. The way to BE-come what you wish to BE-come is to BE that which you wish to BE-come. Some can design doorways. Three simple steps to create what you want. but this is not what it is all about. Then you will find that what you HAVE is what you are DO-ing and what you are BE-ing. put this locked box containing our dreams into a safe place until a better time to open it and live the dreams in the box. a blood cell. You might get all these things and even more.DO . their abilities and desires.HAVE BE what you wish to Do. It tells the cell what its life purpose is to be – whether it is to be a nose cell. Do what you wish to HAVE. Whether you design doorways. However. In the center of your consciousness. Therefore you must first BE something in order to DO something. the universal manifestation of God’s desire. Both types of architects are needed but each must find their own individual expression of their dream of potential within the limitations of their own dream. this does necessarily mean these three steps will get you the house you want. It does not mean they will get you the lover you want. Some can design the tallest skyscrapers. a seed trying to bear fruit into the “real” world. and so on and so on. usually in our teenage years. in the center of your heart there is a DNA dream trying to express itself in the material world. You cannot have something unless you are doing something to have something. What we call our physical body is like a “computer printout” of this DNA. This DNA blueprint of potential has a strong influence on the possibilities of your contribution to the unfolding of God’s DNA. It does not mean that you will get any of the trappings of life that the TV commercials say will make your life a paradise on Earth. we decided to put our dreams into a locked box. We feel this DNA of potential through the urges and the dreams we usually have been afraid to go after.BE . At a young age. It is BE-ing and DO-ing what you are here to BE and DO. doing and having what God has planted in your heart. It is about being. a hair cell. in order to HAVE something. a brain cell. We said we 82 . small houses or skyscrapers depends on what you bring to the expression of the dream – both mentally and emotionally. Within each cell of our body is a blueprint called our DNA.

cared for and kept in a safe place. their potential contribution to the universal process that would fulfill their greatest desires and dreams. you must BE what you wish to BE – right HERE and right NOW. after we got the job we need in order to give us the time to go after what we really want in life.would open the box later in life. after our children grow up. they liked the retirement party after 20. as their soon-to-end Earth-life experience is making all too clear – they will NEVER really live. but they NEVER really did what THEY really. you are actually DO-ing what you wish to DO. Remember. in tiny. 83 . 30 and 40 years on a job. after we finished school. they might call themselves a lawyer but it is by BE-ing a lawyer over many years that they finally BEcome the lawyer they dreamed of BE-coming. BE as much as you can BE what you wish to BE each and every moment of your life and your little steps at BE-ing will BE-come bigger steps at BEing. what you wish to HAVE is really to BE DO-ing what you wish to BE and DO. However. Most are on their death bed thinking of what they never opened their locked dream-box and lived what they always said they would do in their life. No matter how long this locked box of our potential manifestation in this Earth dimension of our spiritual journey has been locked. BE –DO-HAVE You cannot do what you are not already BE-ing. Sure they had fun times. Each time you BE. after we got married. after we put our years into the job we really did not like doing in order to retire with a pension when we would have more time to devote to our locked-up dream. they love their children and grandchildren. the only way to open the locked-box of our innermost dreams and desires is expressed in the following ways. really wanted to do. You must BE that which you wish to do. tiny steps. They are sad they will never see the box open and experience the manifestation of their potential destiny. since the NOW is the only time you can do or have anything. The expression. Now. When first graduating. we still feel the urges. Before we find ourselves on our own death-bed. of this DO-ing might seem very minor or very small but you are DO-ing what you wish to DO. and while we still seem to have some time left of this Earthly part of our eternal spiritual journey. Do and Do and do and eventually you will have what you wish to have. Like a lawyer graduating from Law School.

BE. shoot. Be-come. BE. BE-tter and BE-tter. Dribble. The word BE-come has the word BE as its foundation. the child played at BE-ing a baseball player. but the principle is still the same. shoot. Impossible. a baseball player. education and practice do you actually BE-come a dentist? When the medical review board says so? They won’t say you are a dentist until you already possess the knowledge and skills of a dentist. BE-come. dribble. A child wants to BE-come a great baseball player. Even the word “BE-tter” has the action BE as its foundation. He or he swings at the ball as a child.BE. Personally. You cannot have patience without BE-ing patient. At what point of your study. How did this happen to a child who was not a baseball player? Simple. Try it. BE. then you can say you swam to the edge of the pool. Keep slowly attempting to move your body closer to the edge of the pool and when you get there. The only way to BE-come a basketball player is to BE a basketball player. Shoot. 84 . in the child’s very limited ability. Be-come. You were a dentist the day you woke up to ask for their approval of your dental ability. BE-tter. getting BE-tter and BE-tter at swinging at the ball and hitting the ball. Then you will get BE-tter. Dribble. All they did is put a stamp of approval of what you already were – of what you were already BE-ing. you are not drowning. Only by BE-ing and BE-ing and BE-ing a baseball player did the child get BE-tter and BE-tter and BE-tter. Only by BE-ing did the child DO and finally HAVE the recognition of BE-ing a great baseball player. The only difference in treading water and swimming across the pool is in treading water. you are staying ni the same place. Try to have patience without BE-ing patient. Eventually the child BE-comes a respected baseball player. You don’t BE-come a dentist on the day they say you are a dentist. Actually the child was at each moment that he or she played at BEing a baseball player. However. dribble. The only way to BE-come a dentist is to BE a dentist. shoot. Shoot. The only way to have patience is to BE patient. dribble. In the BEing you BE-come. BE. BE. The only way to BE-come a good swimmer is to BE a swimmer. dribble. therefore you are really swimming. BE-come. shoot. I will probably wait until you get out of dental school and get the dental review board’s seal of approval before I let you work on my teeth.

If you do not listen to it when it is trying to help you. Attract what you want in life by thinking it. BE and DO. You cannot BE-come a nicer person without BE-ing a nice person. “Is my child seeing in front of him or her the parent that I would want to see if I was the child and not the parent? If the answer is yes. you will be amazed at the ways the child will encourage you to BE BE-tter and BE-tter. What your thoughts BE will determine what your thoughts BE-come. then you BE-ing the parent you wish you had. However. Focus on BE-ing grateful and you will find you have more things for which to BE grateful. What your thoughts are BE-ing will BE what your actions BE-come. “I do not want to BE overweight anymore” is focusing on BE-ing overweight. Focus on BE-ing slimmer and you will be led to do the things that will make you slimmer. Whatever you focus on you will get more of.You want to BE a good parent? BE the parent you wish you had. What you repeat more than other thoughts will tell it what you really want it to think more about. one little step at a time. then it will let you and even help you get fatter and fatter. look into your child’s eyes and ask yourself. Your thoughts create your future. See yourself in the mirror BE-ing 2 ounces slimmer and your mind will attempt to help you get another 2 ounces slimmer. it will ony happen if you BE-lieve. BE-lieve and then expect it to happen. You want to be a nicer person? BE a nice person and you will BE-come a nicer person. What your thoughts BE-come will determine what your actions BE-come. When you are BE-ing the parent. You must plant the seeds you want to grow. It only wants to do what you want it to do. The child will be happy to help you BE-come a BE-tter parent. Everything has a frequency and frequencies harmonize and resonate Desire. 85 . If your child sees you really trying to BE a BE-tter parent.

and taking more actions of “Not Believing”. smell it. BE-lieve. BE THAT which you wish to receive. taste it. Most misunderstand the meaning of what they want. you have mastered your life. BE – DO. The ONLY thing that can ever get in the way of manifesting what is in your locked box of DNA desire. Energy flows where attention goes BE grateful to the point that tears of gratefulness stream down your cheeks and you will GET more understanding of what you have to BE grateful . truly want. and the law of BE-ing must oBEy you. words. from “Not BE-lieving” to BE-lieving. speaking more words of “Not BE-lieving”. You want your home to BE a certain way? Then go through Your home and write out all the things that irritate you. What are the innermost desires of your BE-ing? What is in your locked box of desire? This moment Is the Necessary Instant of Self-Awakening — to BE As "you" Are. and actions in BE-lieving. To master BE-lieving. hear it. Like vibrations attract each other.HAVE . of what you TRULY want. Most of their wants are planted and conditioned by the media and advertisers. BE-lieve that you are and then Receive more of what you are. a field of energy. can BE the most difficult one. very often the first step. words.just three simple steps to create what you want. However. is having more thoughts of “Not Believing’'. Then make a list of how you would 86 . all you have to do is tip the balance of your thoughts.Feel it. Everything is energy. and actions. see it.you will HAVE more gratitude and you will BE more happy with life and living. than you are of BElieving. When you master BE-lieving. And yet it is the greatest step you will ever take. Unlike vibration repel each other. Base the majority of your thoughts.

when you pass a little trash can. Stop immediately BE-ing and DO-ing that which you do not want your home to BE. make the irritations what you want them to BE. spiritual success – focus on the tiniest steps of BE-ing these dreams and desires regardless of what is happening in your life. In the smallest steps imaginable. What else can I say? BE – DO. financial. STOP IMMEDIATELY AND BE AND DO WHAT YOU WANT YOUR HOME TO BE. the smallest steps of DO-ing what you want to do is still DO-ing what you want to do. Change your actions immediately and BE that which you wish to see manifest in your home. It is no longer there. By picking up the piece of paper that is on the floor as you go up the stairs is part of the BE-ing that will make your home what you want it to BE. Remember. relational. throw it in and you look behind you where the piece of paper was. visualizing BE-ing and DO-ing. Then make the time to. As you start to walk over the tiny piece of paper on the floor. Form the habits you want to have by BE-ing and Doing. one step at a time. pick the piece of paper up and on the way to your bed. the largest habits form. your mind BE-lieves you are DO-ing it and will find ways to manifest it in your actions and outward experience.like them to BE. You home is on the way to BE-ing that which you wish it to BE. physical. Simple isn’t it? Intellectual.HAVE SIMPLE 87 . Consistent persistence in BE-ing that which you wish to BE is the only way to Do what you want to Do and the only way to HAVE what you want to HAVE.. If you are BE-ing and DO-ing it in your mind. in the smallest of steps that you most definitely CAN DO toward manifesting the LARGE RESULT of what you want to BE and DO. The temptation is to overlook the piece of paper.

You thought about it and decided that you wanted to commit to whatever course of action or course of thinking you felt was worth the commitment. Do it. Do not look back. Focus on moving forward.COMMITTMENT This missive is very simple. Enough said? 88 . Commitment means moving through a door of change through which you do not intend to return.

89 . he-she is held accountable when he-she does not fulfill the tasks of which he-she is capable. you really have not prayed. If you do believe there is a god that hears your prayers. Similarly. You must live your life as an on-going prayer. Innermost feelings and emotions are not substitutes for living the prayer which comes from your lips. then do it – Pray as if you really believe it by living your prayer. Your actions are what count.God Desires the Conviction of Your Heart Since every spirit-human is free to satisfy his-her desires and to choose hisher endeavors. every SpiritHuman must live his-her prayers. It is your responsibility to turn good intentions into good deeds. then do not pray. Spirit-Human’s performances of what he-she knows he-she should do must be perfect in order that he-she be worthy of reward. What you truly believe will be reflected in your actions. If you don’t believe there is a God who hears your prayers. If you do not live your prayer.

One was the material meaning of changing common metals into gold. The transmutation was referring to the alchemy of the mind. No God. Truly comprehend the “Two Incredibles” and you will know and have the keys to transmutation of the ancient alchemists. comes from the ancient chemists and sorcerers. Alchemy. The first incredible is the “existence” of ANYTHING at all. the essence of everything we call “physical matter” is an manifestation of a spiritual reality. when we apply the secret of alchemy to our mind. It makes more sense that there is NOTHING at ALL. No space. The spiritual meaning was of achieving ultimate wisdom leading to immortality. In the seventeenth century the name of the practice called alchemy was changed to chemistry. never was anything and never will be anything. It makes more sense that there is nothing. One way I explain the key to transmutation is with what I call the ‘Two Incredibles”. not what we call a material process. not of what we call ordinary matter. It meant two things. The word derives from an old French and from the Arabic meaning “the art of transformation”. or the transmutation. The second incredible is that you have had a chance to experience ANYTHING at ALL. The existence of ANYTHING at all ANYWHERE in the perceived universe is truly BEYOND what the word Incredible can even express. alchemy was a spiritual discipline and the material aspects were metaphors for spiritual realities and transformations. Remember. the changing of one thing into a more special thing. Time and space alone are even beyond the ability of the word incredible to express. The alchemical process is a spiritual process.THE SECRET OF ALCHEMY Changing Lead Into Gold Alchemy means to change a base metal into a precious metal. 90 . what we call material changes also. What sprit-humans do not realize is first and foremost. However. no matter. It means to change something plain and ordinary into something beautiful and incredible. No time.

You would NOT EVEN KNOW you DID NOT KNOW. I had a realization that taught me the secret to alchemy. nothing at all would matter to you as you would not even exist to have anything matter. How could I go on living with both my wife and the pregnancy being taken away from me in the twinkling of an eye. My wife became pregnant. All of a sudden. However. the key to paradise right here and right now. after two years of living in hell. Truly appreciate your Awareness of Being Aware and you will know the secret of the Alchemists. yes. We were so happy. For two years I lived in hell. She had died in her sleep of an overdose of drugs. he and his wife were in a car accident. Over 40 years ago I married. I was cheated. There will just be incredible upon incredible perceived through an incredible mind that is incredibly capable of the Awareness of Being Aware. On the way home. I woke up and read about a young man on his way home from his wedding. I looked at someone who had has 30 years of married life and a child or two and I said. I woke up and found her dead in the bed next to me.If you were not aware of existing. of being aware of being aware. but how could I smile? I was devastated. I was let down by everything I had considered God to be. The second most incredible Miracle in the Universe is the simple fact that you are Aware of Being Aware. Then one day. I cursed every thought and concept of a God. I was truly blessed. If I compared my life experience to the married couple of 30 years with the children and the wonderful grandchildren. you would not know of anything. ordinary and mundane. He survived. I had two whole months more 91 . if there was even a God to curse. There will be nothing that is common. She had a smile on her dead face. His wife was killed in the accident. “Why them and not me?” I was robbed. I was cheated. if I compared my life experience to the young man who lost his wife on his wedding day. One day after we were married two months. and nothing.

you would know of nothing. 92 . what was the worst part of being paralyzed for ten years”? The simplicity of his answer really surprised me. “The worse part of it was when I felt an itch and I could not scratch it. In fact. I had to just lie in the bed and suffer through waiting until the itch went away”. I will experience the emotions of blessings or curses. the only thing he had the power to move was his eyeballs and his eyelids. And I could not even tell anyone that I had an itch and beg them to scratch it. Ugh. Excuse me while I quickly scratch them. I realized that what happens in life is neither good nor bad. Every time I tell this story. what a horrible thought. What I chose to compare my situation in life with.than he did of the beauty of marriage. You would not even know that you did not know. Can you imagine going for ten years having to live through every itch in every place on your body imaginable? Wow. I start to get one or more itches. even now as I am writing this. A friend of mine was paralyzed when he was 12 years old when he was bicycling and a car hit him. It is what it is. of heaven of hell. After 10 years of therapy. This means he did not have the use of either of his hands. He was a quadriplegic for over 10 years. Whatever the situation is. what a terrible thought. I would choose what to call my “experience” based on what I choose to compare my “experience”. What pleasure it just was to scratch them. One night we were having something to eat at a restaurant and I said to him. he finally was able to walk again using crutches and leg braces. He said to me. “Johnny. If you truly appreciate how incredible just the awareness of being aware is. arms or legs. I even had a few days of the joy of expecting to have a baby and to be a father. He wobbled and jerked side to side when he was walking but he was walking. we are the ones who choose what we compare it to. Good and bad are points of view of “what is”. Based on these thought of comparison. would determine whether I viewed my situation in life as a blessing or a curse. I just had five places on my body that were itching. then how can you curse life? Without the awareness of being aware. Whew.

They say the sky is a pretty green. A little poem I say to myself every day helps me to keep this sense of appreciation in my mind is: They say the sky is a pretty blue. And what is green.Truly appreciate how incredible it is that you have the ability to scratch your itches and you will be well on your way to understanding the secrets of alchemy and being able to turn the key to the transmutation of all that you experience into a divine experience. here it is in a nutshell. Have you ever heard of Helen Keller? She was deaf and blind by the time before she was two years old. Every time you say it. you turn the key a little further in the lock opening your own transmutation or process of spiritual transformation. I just had to scratch a few more times. 93 . But what is blue. She actually graduated from Radcliff with a BA degree and wrote ten books. To a child who has never seen? To sum it up. Say it out loud as you read it.

OF ANYTHING AT ALL. The second great incredible is MY AWARENESS -.OF ANYTHING AT ALL. Whenever I appreciate these two great incredibles. The first great incredible is THE EXISTENCE -. Everyday experience becomes divine experience. Every breath I take Every step I make Every thought I think Every drink I drink IS INCREDIBLE 94 .I BELIEVE my appreciation of two great incredible is the key to paradise.



There are universal laws and truths that are explained in different ways by different religions. When a person finds A WAY of viewing his or her relationship to and with THE UNIVERSE that works for him or her, then he or she usually insists that his or her religion is "THE WAY". In truth, his or her religion is only A WAY OF VIEWING his or her relationship to and with THE UNIVERSE that works for him or her. THE ALL IN ALL THAT IS ALL, what most religions call GOD, is like a pot of gold at the top of a mountain. Human beings are like mountain climbers trying to reach the top of the mountain. A person can start climbing the mountain from the north side. He or she can start climbing from the south side. He or she can try to reach the top of the mountain from the east side or the west side. Any direction we start to climb the mountain will eventually lead to the top. Some roads to the top of the mountain are more slippery than other roads. A few of the paths may be dead-ends. If we keep an open mind, we can even learn from the dead-ends. Some people may start out on the north side of the mountain and make it all the way to the top. Others may start out on the north side and have to finish the climb on the west side. This does not prove that either the north side or the west side was a BETTER WAY. The road or path by which the individual finally made it to the pot of gold on the top of the mountain was THE WAY THAT BEST SUITED HIM OR HER! Each religion is trying to get the same pot of gold at the top of the same mountain. The KEY to reaching the top of the mountain is SINCERE DESIRE SINCERELY desiring and intending to reach the top of the mountain. Every religion will help us find GOD if we really, really, really try to find GOD. A

person's climbing abilities will determine the path that is BEST FOR HIM OR HER. For example, if a person has only one arm or leg, or is blind, this would limit his or her choice of paths. This means that the best religion for each person will be determined by what HE OR SHE can relate to and/or bring to his or her experience of the religion. A religion is A WAY to help a human being grow spiritually. PHYSICAL PROTEIN is necessary for PHYSICAL GROWTH. Likewise, SPIRITUAL PROTEIN is necessary for SPIRITUAL GROWTH. Each religion is A DIFFERENT WAY to get this SPIRITUAL PROTEIN. Some people can get PHYSICAL PROTEIN by drinking milk. Others cannot drink milk. They get sick every time they drink it. This does not take away from the value of milk as A WAY to get PHYSICAL PROTEIN. This just means that milk can be A GOOD WAY, but NOT the ONLY WAY, and for some people - milk can be A BAD WAY to try to get the PHYSICAL PROTEIN that is necessary for human survival and PHYSICAL GROWTH. It is the same with different religions. One religion will help some people get closer to GOD. The same religion may make other people mentally sick. Each religion is A DIFFERENT WAY to get the SPIRITUAL PROTEIN that is necessary for SPIRITUAL GROWTH. Each person has to use the religion that WORKS FOR HIM OR HER. This will be determined by the thoughts that he or she brings to the religion.


EACH RELIGION IS: (1) A WAY to help humanity understand the spiritual laws of the UNIVERSE; (2) A WAY to help us work with these spiritual laws that will help us in our life on Earth; (3) A WAY to help us work with these spiritual laws that will help us when we leave our life on Earth;

(4) A WAY to help us communicate these spiritual laws and how to live our life in harmony with these spiritual laws to others in the family of spirit-humanity. Each religion attempts this communication using different words, symbols and rituals.




Latin for Light Bringer - Bringer of Light The Spiritual Grand Tester It is written, many, many years ago, that there existed a group of angels that had one purpose in existence. Their purpose in life was to protect the holy of holies, the throne of the most high, the Garden of Eden, from impurities entering. In these writings, when Adam and Eve were kicked out of the Garden of Eden, an angel was stationed at the gate to make sure they could not get back in and eat of the tree of eternal life and mess things up since they had already eaten of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. These angels still exist. They are not separate from God. They are aspects of God, parts of God's infinite body, which still do their one job – a most important job. This job is to make sure that we do not get more spiritual knowledge than we can handle. People think the world is screwed up today. However, it would be many, many times more screwed up if it was not for these spiritual testers. The Head Tester has been called many names and had many images. Some call it the Devil, Satan, Beelzebub, Belial, Father of Lies, Old Serpent, Adversary, Power of Darkness, Tempter, Wicked One and the one I like the best of all – Lucifer. Lucifer is Latin for the Light Bringer or the Light Bearer. Lucifer brings light into our spiritual journey when we need testing and spiritual lessons. Lucifer cannot do anything to us in which we do not agree to participate. We have to dance with the devil or the devil has no power over us. Lucifer cannot kill us. Lucifer can only scare us to death – by getting us to believe he CAN kill us. One simple way to think of the Head Tester is the following:


Lucifer is like the product quality tester who waits at the end of an assembly line in a factory. If the final product is a toaster, this product quality tester's job is to make sure that the toaster does what it is being sent out into the world to do. This tester makes sure that the toast does not pop out and hit the ceiling. This tester makes sure that when the customer plugs it into an electrical socket that it does not electrocute the customer. This tester is there to make sure that the product can handle the job it is being sent out into the world to do. If the product fails the test, it is either worked on and given another chance or just taken apart and the parts used to make other products. Lucifer is God's Head Spiritual Quality Tester. The moment we say, I have learned my lesson, this is the way I am going to be from now on, we have made a date with Lucifer. We can be on guard as much as we want. However, when we least expect it, we will turn a corner in our journey and Lucifer will be there waiting for us saying, “Are you sure? Try this and let's see how ready you are. Let us see how sincere you are? Right now as I write this, Lucifer is planting thoughts in my mind to get me to do something that I said I would not do again. Immediately upon hearing the thought, I have to say, "Get away from me Lucifer". The thoughts keep coming and I keep responding with "get away from me Lucifer". While I am responding this way, I also keep doing what I am doing, writing these thoughts, moving along as if the "thoughts" of Lucifer are a waste of time to even consider. As long as I keep saying "get away from me Lucifer" and inwardly let go of any attachment to what the thoughts are suggesting I do the thoughts diminish for now and I keep continuing on doing whatever I am doing that is in line with unfolding and uplifting spiritual thoughts and actions. It is only when we keep entertaining the "thoughts of Lucifer" that the thoughts get stronger and more seductive. Before you know it, we are doing just what we said we would not be doing. We do what we said we would not do while all along the way have thoughts popping into our thought stream

There can be no “evil force” within the Omnipresence of God. This is not true. we will know it and probably know the moment we agreed to dance with Lucifer. you will be amazed at how incredibly smart and slick some of the thoughts of Lucifer's are in getting us to think that it is our thoughts that we are hearing. then there is nothing but God. We think all the thoughts we hear in our mind are our thoughts. Lucifer's dances can be very hormone producing and emotional. In human school. If you are very watchful of your thoughts. There can be no power contrary to God if all is God. If we pass the test.but we continue anyway once the thoughts seem to take on a life of their own. If we fail the test. There 100 . In Spiritual life. We have some of our thoughts. We think the most. the Universal Spirit we call God. the lessons come when we fail the spiritual tests. The Holy Spirit doesn't say much but the thoughts come from the deepest core of our awareness. Everything that exists within the Omnipresence of God has a part to play or it would not be within the Omnipresence that is God. If we pass the test. The hormones we feel when we are in a passionate embrace with a lover are almost chemically identical to Methadone. some other thoughts are Lucifer's and some other thoughts are the Holy Spirit. was and therefore ever will be.reminding us that we should not be doing this . we will be granted more knowledge and the chance to have more intimacy with the Holy of Holies. a derivative to Heroin. Lucifer thinks second to us. Spirit-humans tend to call this tester Satan or the Devil either because they do not like the lessons they keep getting dancing with Lucifer or because of some feeling they do like when they dance with Lucifer. If we believe in an Omnipresent God. God cannot be having a spiritual war with God if God is Omnipresence . We will be given more responsibility in unfolding the infinite plan of God. God cannot be against God. the lessons come before the test. We seem to just go along for the ride. The hormone adrenaline is almost chemically identical to amphetamine or "speed" These two hormones are what some call the "spice of life". There can be only aspects of God. Manifestations of God within God.all there is. we may not even be aware that we had a test.

these hormones can seduce even the most sincere seeker of the "Kingdom Of Heaven". The devil does not make you do it. You just choose to dance with the devil.are some spirit-humans who are addicted to what in the drug addict world is called a speed-bomb. A downer and an upper. This is just another form of a speed bomb. a downer. God's best product quality tester. 101 . Don't blame the poor Devil for just doing his/her job. This can be a lethal combination of heroin. The fight produces the "upper" and the passionate embrace after the fight produces the "heroin". Regardless of how sincere we are in "doing the right thing". and amphetamine or "speed". These hormones are part of the tools that Lucifer uses to do his/her job. Some spirit-humans say some of the best sex is after a fight. Lucifer. A job that Lucifer does so well.

Thinking and the Thought Train

We think we think in words. However, Words are just codifications or symbols of thoughts already thought somewhere between our subconscious and our conscious mind. If you would hook yourself up to a lie detector machine, you would soon notice that the lie detector has a response to your thoughts a fraction of a second before you actually are having the thoughts in your stream of wordthought. This means you actually "thought" the thought before you were conscious of "thinking" the thought. This is how Lucifer, or God's spiritual tester, can influence our behavior. By skillfully planting just the right thought at the right moment, Lucifer can start a stream of thought that will just keep stimulating more and more of the same thoughts. These thoughts then lead to emotional responses that then feed more thoughts of the same nature. Watch your thoughts very closely whenever you are tempted to do what you know you should not be doing. Keep watching and you will become aware of little thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere which incredibly are just the right thoughts at just the right moment to have a good chance at moving you along the path of no return in the direction you do not spiritually want to go. Anytime you dance with these Luciferian thoughts all the way to the end of the music, to the point you said you would not go again, at that moment, listen for another thought. This will be the thought of the Holy Spirit reminding you that you should not have done what you just did. It also reminds you that you KNEW that you should not have been doing what you did while you were doing it. The thoughts of the Holy Spirit are very quiet and matter-of-fact. It states the truth and then shuts up. All you can do is acknowledge the truth and say to yourself, "Yes, I did it again. I will do better next temptation." At this point all you can do is forgive yourself for dancing with Lucifer and make another commitment to do the right thing the next time Lucifer comes calling with a test. The thoughts of Lucifer can come VERY quietly all the way to actually SCREAMING in an attempt to get you to fail the spiritual test. However, at different points during the test, you will be VERY aware that you are


starting to dance with Lucifer. At these points of awareness, you will know you can consciously say "NO" to Lucifer, or be very aware that you are choosing to dance more and more with Lucifer during the test. You can almost hear Lucifer laughing at you for your weakness in the face of Lucifer's cleverness. However, the more sincere your desire and commitment is to walk the spiritual right-path, the less Lucifer will be able to influence you to dance at all. We cannot have an emotion without a thought or a stream of thoughts leading up to and stimulating the emotion. It is never the "Devil that made you do it". It is always your choice to continue to entertain the thoughts that influence your emotions. Then your emotions stimulate more of the same thought that stimulated your emotions. The circle of thought, emotion, thought, and emotion just keeps turning faster and faster, the web of Lucifer's dance keeps getting tighter and tighter. We are the observer of our thoughts. It is like we are sitting in a rocking chair watching the stream of thought or the thought train parade in front of us. We choose which thought we will entertain. We choose which thought train we will get on and ride. Each train of thought is like a railroad train of many railroad cars. Between each car of the railroad train there is a space. Between each thought in OUR train of thought is a space. We will have numerous moments of awareness of the fact that we are on a train of thought we spiritually do not want to be on. At these moments of awareness, we will be aware of the gaps in our train of thought. At these moments, we need to force-feed between the gaps the spiritual thoughts we know to be true. Keep force-feeding these spiritual thoughts between the cars of your Lucifer thought train and you will influence your thought-train to start going in the direction you know it should spiritually be going. You must be diligent, watchful and sincere. When you do ride a thoughttrain to a station you did not want to go, always forgive yourself and recommit to do better next time. Be assured that there WILL be a next time. You must forgive yourself when you fail the test or the negative thoughttrain of guilt will be another way Lucifer wins. Keep striving and you will go further spiritually than you ever imagined and you will become aware of things you did not know even existed.


Just remember that you are not your thoughts - you have thoughts. Which thoughts you choose to dance with is the choice you have. It IS your choice. The devil does not make you do it. You just choose to dance with the devil.


Just One More Time
Just One More Day Just One More Piece Just One More, One More, One More

Which of us has not said, many times in our lives, “Just One More.” “I can handle it. I will do what I should do – after just one more of what I know I should not do?” We all have. The seduction is in the idea that we will do different tomorrow. Remember, tomorrow never comes. When what we called tomorrow does seem to come – It Will Be Now – not Tomorrow. And it will feel exactly like the day before when we said we would do what we should do – Tomorrow. Lucifer loves to plant the thoughts in your mind of “Just one more time, just one more piece, just one more day”. Lucifer knows that it is easy for us to rationalize that it is okay to put off what you should be doing – just one more time. We are very sincere when we say “Just one more time.” However, when the moment is here for you to follow through on your promise, the moment is the same as the last moment when you made the promise. It is never a different moment. It is never a different feeling in a different moment. It is the same decision, the same choice, and it feels like the same moment as the one when we said “I will do it tomorrow”. The only time we have to do anything is life is the present moment. We cannot do anything tomorrow, next week, next year – or next lifetime. It is always Now. Now is all there is. Now is all there ever has been. Now is all there ever will be. We exist, move and have our beingness in the moment – in the Now. Not every thought you think in your mind is YOUR thought. Lucifer plants words and sentences in our mind so carefully, so beautifully, that we are the one thinking the thoughts. You are not your thoughts. You are the one WATCHING your thoughts. You are the one watching your train of thought. You are the one who decides which car on which thought train to


hop on and ride. This is the value of silent meditation. You become aware of having thought and not BEING your thoughts. You are like a little consciousness sitting on a chair in the back of your mind watching everything that passes in front of your eyes, watching every thought that passes through in the front part of your mind and hearing everything that goes in your ears, You do not have to become attached to any of the visual, audio or mental thoughts passing in front of you. What we call thought seems to be both words and pictures. We do not actually think in words. We think in sort of picture emotions that we then put words to in order to store the thoughts in the library of our mind. Words are our codifier of experience. Words are how we store the experiences in the filing cabinet of our mind. Each word is like a brush-stroke on the canvas of our understanding. Until we ‘SEE’ what each word represents or symbolizes, we do not understand. The more words we know, the more detailed and colorful is our “picture” of understanding. Perhaps we will see the beautiful girl or boy in our mind. Then we will have thoughts about the picture which will lead to more pictures, which will lead to more thoughts, and on and on. Perhaps we will see the alcoholic drink and then mentally taste the alcohol. Perhaps we will see the marijuana cigarette, and then actually feel ourselves inhaling the smoke. Perhaps we will see the video game and then actually feel ourselves playing the game. We cannot have an emotion without the thought, the picture first. We cannot even know what someone is talking about until we “see” what they are talking about. Lucifer gets in step with the train of thoughts we are thinking and gently adds a word here and there, adds a picture here and there. Lucifer adds just enough to gently move us in the direction that will keep us out of the Inner Sanctuary of Omnipresence. Just enough gentle nudging so that we will think it is our own thoughts and our own desire to do whatever we are referrencing when we say, “Just one more time”. The Omnipresence of God means that there is no part of your being from which God is absent. In truth, there is only God, but to understand the different aspects of God, we need to put labels on them. . The word Lucifer comes from the Latin Lux and Ferre meaning “Light-Bringer or LightBearer”. Lucifer is just a label for an aspect of Omnipresent God. Lucifer is

then there is the tendency to blame it on Lucifer – blame it on the Devil – when it was our choice to do the dance. Lucifer can do nothing to you that you do not actively participate in. next week. This is Lucifer’s job. Next time I will treat this situation differently. one more smoke. and then feels he or she screwed up. one more toke. tomorrow. just one more stroke. Lucifer has to come to check out the sincerity of your heart-felt intentions. one more day. just one more day”. One more time. Anytime you say. When one dances with Lucifer. no. it takes two to tango. Lucifer is an ancient angel of the highest rank whose sole purpose is to protect the inner sanctum of the Omnipresent Intelligence from impurities entering. Lucifer will come more than once . one more drink. “NO”. of anything you know you really should do differently. the Universal Infinite Power of God. The next time you say. even months from now. “Just one more time. You have to dance with Lucifer for Lucifer to have any influence in your choices. Lucifer’s job is to make sure that we do not get our hands on more of the Omnipotence. one more orgasm – NO !!! Be the master – not the 107 . just one more toke. You have to agree with Lucifer and agree to “Just one more time”. Lucifer is aware of each and every thought you think.until you pass the test more than once. Remember. all the Universal Power of God is available for us to use. Next time I will do what I know I should have done this time”. Lucifer will come when you have stopped thinking about changing your response next time Lucifer may come tonight. Keep saying no. with heart-felt conviction. than we can handle. Since the aspect of Omnipresence that I call Lucifer is such an important aspect of the personality and omnipresent reality of God. somewhere. Lucifer is God’s spiritual quality tester. one more piece. Since we are one with God. just one more piece. just one more bite. Lucifer’s only job is to test the sincerity of our heart intentions. Then. “I have learned my lesson. someday. As long as your heart-intention is true. just one more drink. Lucifer will come when you least suspect it. Lucifer will come again to check you out at least one more time. then just say one thing to yourself. no.a most important aspect of Omnipresence. you have made a date with Lucifer. until your thought train starts moving in the direction you want it to go. and move on. you thought train will begin moving in the direction that you know it should and that you truly want.

HERE AND NOW !!! 108 . Walk the Spiritual Path of Righteousness. it will feel the same as Now. it will feel the same as Here because it will be Here. Lucifer will resist. since God has many things for you to do the more you are able to handle them. Tomorrow will never come. No matter how many times you say “Just one more time”.” Then think the thoughts you want to be the thought-train you want to ride. Say to Lucifer. Regardless of how many times you put off doing what you know you should be doing. “I have no desire to dance with you. Lucifer will come back someday just to make sure your heartintention is still sincere. Lucifer will not waste more time if your heart-intention is pure.slave. it is only in the here and in the now than we can make our choice and live our choice. Remember. as it will always be now – whenever it is and wherever you are. but if your heart intention is pure. Lucifer will have less and less power. However. because it will be Now. When it comes time for you to prove your sincerity of intention.

LETTING GO ACTIVE NON-RESISTANCE Letting go is not an action. Tighten your fist as tight as you can tighten it. It is a decision and then a relaxing into the decision . For your brain to come to a better understanding of what letting go of a person. place or thing really means.a letting go into the decision. You pushed away. Most spirit-humans mistake pushing away to be a necessary part of letting go. then you did not let go. 109 . Do a little experiment. let go of your fist. It is a basic law of the Universe that force creates resistance. Letting go is no effort without any action in order to have no action. For every action. It is simply release. It is the absence of action. there is an equal and opposite reaction. Practice this exercise many times during the day. Did you let go or did you push your fingers open? Did you let go or did you use energy to open your hand ever so slightly? If you used any energy at all. It is the release of any effort whatsoever in the releasing. Rest your arm on a comfortable arm rest on a chair with arms. Now.

If you allow your inner defense system to do its thing in the present situation. I saw another automobile coming straight towards me. Some say in order to break a habit. things and especially habits. without action. Out of the corner of my eye. When you accept life as it unfolds. you have to get another habit going in the place of the habit you want to break. I did not react at all.Within a short amount of time. you are doing something in order to do nothing. this is just replacing one habit or chain for another. This will work. places. The more you practice this. One time I was driving across an intersection. even if it means do nothing. When I noticed it. It won't work. you should be able to let go of the energy needed to hold your fist tight without using any energy to push it away. The hardest thing for a spirit-human to do is to do nothing. All this time. If you attempt to do nothing. your body and the situation resides in the now. Just decide to let go and then let go. it was about 20 feet from plowing directly into my door on my side of the car. I seemed to be on automatic and just continued to drive at the exact same speed. it will show you the best course of action to deal with what is. Truly LET GO. The mind lives in the past and in the future. Amazingly. It was doing at least 40 miles an hour. but discovering the freedom to respond creatively. you become aware of the choices available in this moment. the more your brain will understand the principle and the easier it will be for you to let go of persons. This doesn't mean giving up desires or becoming a victim. in the exact same direction I was traveling when I spotted the car. on my left side. I also noticed 110 . Your awareness. And this has its place in making your life more healthy and enjoyable. I was doing about 25 miles an hour. offering no resistance. However. Just release any and all attachment to any action or result.

There is a road that goes from Hilo. Ups and downs perhaps with twenty feet between the ups and the downs. thirty-forty miles an hour. up and down. just enough for one car in each direction. Within a fraction of a second. It is a road cut into and composed of lave. I found myself driving behind a truck. Only two lanes. Remember. Small hills. We must have been the only two vehicles going in our direction for a couple of miles both behind us and in front of us. I finally decided to pass him by going into the road 111 . If I would have reacted in any way but total acceptance of the situation. both of her headlights would have hit me at the same time. Her face looked like she was very scared. I saw her almost instantly turn her steering wheel so that she drove around the back of my vehicle missing my car by perhaps a foot. with about a fifty-foot cargo bed in the back. there had been no car passing us going in the other direction. The road is also very hilly. One foot off either side of the road was the natural lava looking like it was fresh from a volcanic eruption. she was doing at least 40 miles an hour coming directly straight at my door. directly across on the other side. apply it and then check the other person and see if our course of action was working or if the other person took a course of action that worked contrary to ours. on one side of the island to Kona. I looked straight into her eyes. I drove behind this truck for at least ten minutes becoming very impatient. If we would have both tried to take evasive action. This road is a two lane road straight across at least 10 miles of lava. She appeared to be processing the situation at lightning speed. It was doing about fifteen miles an hour. we would have had a very serious accident. the direction I was going and her awareness of my making no change in either my speed or my course of direction at all. For the last ten minutes. I saw her check out the speed of my car.the face on the other driver. We did not have enough time to take more than one course of action. I probably would not be alive today to share this story with you. Of course. missing me by a foot was as good as missing me by a mile. five or ten feet up and down. Now one of my favorite things to do on this road was to drive fast. Another time I was on the big Island of Hawaii. up and down the rolling pavement. In 20 feet she would have hit my door with the full front of her car. I wanted to get in front of him and continue to enjoy riding the lava road. She looked VERY anxious. waving up and down over most of the course of ten miles of road. we were too close to one another for both of to decide on a course of action.

He would never have been born and I would have missed out on some of the best years of my life as a father. In the first. I immediately realized that i was just ten feet from a very major head-on collision. floored the accelerator and turned my wheel to the left to pass him. I saw. Once I did react. I jerked my wheel to the right to get behind the truck. 112 . I saw. The difficulty in the application of the simplicity is determined by the mental and emotional baggage you bring to the application of the simplicity. Letting go is simple. How you respond to what is will determine what happens next. I checked around him as good as I could and then in one quick motion. All this happened within one second from the time I started to turn my wheel to pass the truck and the time I got back behind the truck. you must first unconditionally accept the situation as it is. the other car missed me by less than a foot. I accepted. the more you will be at the effect of it. I would not have had time to decide of a various courses of action. It is what it is. remember the ups and downs of the road? As soon as my car got into the other lane. In martial arts. Be aware of what is. The more you resist it. In the car with me was the future mother of my currently 11 year old son. another car coming directly to me. You will be glad you did. my reaction was one of no action. I reacted. Well. As soon as I got back into the other lane. deal with what is from a state of acceptance .not a state of emotion. directly in front of me. and the less effectively you will see the best way to deal with it. perhaps ten feet in front of me. You cannot change what is. there was no time to try something different. There was not even time to think of alternative courses of action. Within a fraction of a second. Do the experiment. If I would have thought about what was just about to happen in either of the above scenarios. I lived because of my unconditional acceptance of what was and my instant awareness of my body and defense system telling me the best course of action in the situation. In the second situation my reaction was one of almost instant action. accept what is.reserved for oncoming traffic.

really ask them to with all the powers of persuasion you know – but insist? Not right. I am not talking about taking out the trash. IF WE DO NOT LIKE THE DANCE OUR PARTNER IS DOING. making the bed. WE HAVE FOUR CHOICES DANCE THE WAY OUR PARTNER WANTS ASK OUR PARTNER TO DANCE THE WAY WE WANT EACH COMPROMISE FOR THE RELATIONSHIP OR LEAVE THE DANCE WITH A KISS You would not want your partner to insist that you be anything that you are not – Would you? Therefore how can you insist that your partner be anything they really do not want to be. washing the dishes. or other things that are just part 113 .THE DANCE OF RELATIONSHIP EACH RELATIONSHIP IS A DANCE. going to the department store while he or she looks for some clothes they like while we just sit patiently and wait. or to do anything they really do not want to do? You might really.

then you first ask your partner to get in step with the dance you are dancing. The simple things that we get irritated about sometimes but are really no big thing when we look at the big picture of our total relationship.of the give and take of any relationship – part of the willing compromise we all do for the health and the continuation of the relationship. Your third choice is to make a mutual deal – both of you compromise. playing cards or going to poetry readings that last late into the night and we end up having to eat dinner and go to sleep alone. If you do this. Both 114 . they just have changed from who they were when our dance began and this is who they are now. This does not mean they do not love us. Perhaps what you still enjoy about the dance just does not seem worth losing because of you not liking parts of who your partner has become. I will change there. either or both of us can react to the same future situations differently and actually grow in different directions. Perhaps you have changed and you are the one who is doing a different dance than when your dance of relationship began. It is not always the other person. Tell them why you are unhappy and why you really. Look in the mirror and have a good talk with yourself. They enjoy working at a computer store and you believe they can be the next Bill Gates. However. I am talking about big time things like wanting to date other people. I will do that. This is not selling out. your sense of your true self. going out more often with his or her friends drinking. then your second choice is to decide if you are willing to compromise and change your dance steps to the ones they want to dance. I am talking about when our partner is not living up to the standards of success we believe they can achieve. Sometimes three quarters. You have to decide what you can compromise while still feeling you have not lost your integrity. If they do not want to. If you change here. If your partner is not dancing the same dance of relationship you are. really wish they would get more in step with your desire of the dance. I am talking about when our partner seems to be wasting their life on something they enjoy. All of us change as we go through our experiences of life and sometimes we start on the relationship road with someone who is in step with who we are and what we like. one-half or even one-quarter of a pie is better than no pie at all.

never looking back at what. that he or she will realize the good thing they had with you and want to get together again to dance hand in hand into the beautiful sunset of your life here on Earth. then what is left? What is left is accept that the dance is no longer the dance you want. Get a divorce. you cannot end the dance with the thought in your mind and the hope in your heart that the other person will come to his or her senses. Especially. It is time to turn off the music and end the dance as it is. Ending is ending. If both of you can’t each compromise for the sake of the good in the relationship you both want to continue. you can occasionally look back with love at the beauty of what you had. However. You both might miss the parts of the relationship dance that brought both of you pleasure and comfort and you both decide the compromises are ok.compromise and both get something you want out of the relationship – without ending the relationship. If it has to end. Even if what you had was not really what you thought you had. There are many things you are getting out of the relationship that are worth making a compromise for in order to keep the good parts you want – aren’t there? If you cannot feel ok making a compromise on your own. If your partner does not feel ok making a compromise on his or her own. End the relationship but do it with love and acceptance. Perhaps it only appeared to be what you wanted it to be. end it with a kiss. Ending it is not ending it while expecting it to begin again in a few weeks or months. you still experienced 115 . Perhaps it never was what you thought it was. They move in their own direction. a relationship is full of rewards. However. end it with the acceptance and the compassion you wish the other would end it with you. Especially with a kiss – He or She was special – wasn’t he or she? Release your partner with the same love and acceptance that you would want your partner to release you. What was will never be again. both of you might just decide that a compromise is ok after all. Go through the door of change with the intention of never going back. Who knows. You turn up the music and begin a new dance. After all. after being without each other for a while. Dance your own dance even if you are dancing alone. A dance is still a dance. Move in your own direction.

In Truth. the only dance. Whatever the relationship might be in the future will be what it is at that time. After all. If you think they can. Just the fact that you ended it and walked away will mean getting back together will never be the same. Enjoy your dance with the Universal Self It is the only dance there is. the more you will be yourself with another and the more you will enjoy them being their own authentic self in the relationship dance. There is no soul mate to complete you – it is within you that the completeness must be experienced. The two poles seem to be in opposition. Nothing and no one outside of yourself can complete you. The different dance partners are just different relationships we have with the Universal Self.a lot of beauty and enjoyment thinking what you thought. the only relationship we ultimately have is with God. Think of a magnet with a positive pole and a negative pole. then what happens if their physical body dies before yours does? What happens to your completeness then? Your spiritual completeness is the child born from the intercourse. The bottom line is you must be complete within yourself before you can truly experience another. wasn’t the reason you wanted to dance with them in the first place the pleasure you received in both of you being authentic and not having to be anything you were not? What really turned you on was your belief of the authenticity of your relationship. However. The more complete you are within yourself. since God is Omnipresent. They are not “two”. 116 . Somewhere. Each of them has their purpose in the eternal dance of our spiritual journey as you have your purpose in each of their spiritual journeys. It will be what it is – a new dance with some shared experiences from the past to give the new relationship more soulfulness. Your male aspect and your female aspect are but polarities of the singularity that is the “real” you. the integration. deep in the core of you they are one. of the male and the female of the inner you. stand back far enough that you can see the whole picture and you will see that what appeared to be polar opposites were in actuality just polarities of a singularity called the magnet. Perhaps it will be similar in appearance but it can NEVER be the same.

then the following is unavoidable Truth. Omnipresent means whenever we drink the water which carries the lifeforce of the Earth. WITH EVERY MORSEL OF FOOD ONE TAKES WITH EVERY DRINK OF WATER A DRINKER DRINKS YOU ARE EATING AND DRINKING THE BODY OF GOD 117 . we are drinking the Blood of God.EATING THE BODY AND DRINKING THE BLOOD OF GOD HAVING COMMUNION WITH THE GREAT SPIRIT If we believe that God is Omnipresent. we are eating the Body of God. Omnipresent means there is nothing but God and manifestations of God within God. Omnipresent means there is no place from which God is absent. Omnipresent means whenever we eat any part of Omnipresence.

He or she would know what to do to leave the gutter. This is why we should look at each moment as an opportunity for growth. he or she is there either because of their conscious choice to be there or because he or she has something to learn being in the gutter. Neither will your gutter experience.even if it is right in front of us. We usually get what we look for. for love. we will move on.The Gutter of Life If a person is in the gutter of life. he or she wouldn't be there. There is no gutter in our life without a lesson for us to learn while we are in the gutter. Or. We can search the whole world for beauty.in front of us either physically or mentally – regardless of where we might be. for security. we won't see it . for peace. Once the person in the gutter learns the lessons relevant for him or her in the gutter. but if we do not carry it with us. Embrace the lesson with unconditional love and you will never be the same again. Once we learn the lesson. the only place we can start looking is right in front of us . for respect. We see the beauty that is a blade of grass the more we have beauty within us. Look at each moment of your gutter experience as an opportunity for growth and you will find it. When we want to begin to look for growth. staying in the gutter in order to help others learn what they need to learn to rise out of the gutter. He or she will rise above the gutter experience and move on with their life in other directions. If he or she did not want to be there and if there was not anything for him or her to learn from being in the gutter. or lessons. he or she will do one of two things. 118 . he or she will become a gutter preacher.

we negate the other choice. Over and over again. it is like the computer seeming to do two or more things at the same time. 4. Then it repeats the second choice again. Back or Forward. Up or Down. Our choosing what to do is like the computer. One choice inherently implies that we have two courses of action. The moment we choose one or the other . Then it does the first thing again. We continually do one choice and then the other.TWO OPTIONS OPENESS OR RESISTANCE TO THE INFINITE ENERGY OF OMNIPRESENCE THROUGH US AND AS US When do we have a choice and when do we only 'think" we have a choice? How do we know when and what to accept concerning perceived realities in our lives? How do we know the difference between what we can change and what we cannot change? How do we lower our levels of frustration trying to discover these answers every moment that we are trying to deal with life while we continue to live life and pay our bills? At each moment in the process of living life as spirit-humans . Either the bit is a 0 or the bit is a 1. that we are not aware of the separation of the actions. However. when we think we are doing more than one thing at a time. Our subliminal awareness is capable of giving instructions to our body much faster than our conscious mind can conceive. If there is just one processor in the computer. Left or Right. It looks like the juggler is controlling all the balls at one time. We go back and forth between choices so quickly. what is really happening is that the computer does one thing.juggling 3. We alternate between the two choices so quickly that they seem to be one action. Then it does another thing. Each action that we started has some momentum of its' own to keep it going until we come back to it for a moment before we go back to the other choice. Either the switch is open or it is closed.ONE CHOICE IN LIFE . the 119 . either reading or writing either a 0 or a 1. Another example is of the juggler . so quick that it appears to be doing more than one thing at a time. over and over. either opening or closing a circuit. The next moment we can make another choice. but we can make only one choice at a time. It can do only one thing at a time.we have one choice. 5 or more balls at one time. When we seem to be doing two things at a time.

We can't reverse the tides and flow of living. To acknowledge the dullness might necessitate stepping out of safety occasionally. If the juggler chooses badly. the balls seem to have a harmonious life of their own. Since the present moment is unalterable reality. But the present is what the present is . This determined striving is to be done with the same kind of unconditional perseverance as the unconditional acceptance of WHAT IS. dedicated effort. The juggler can choose only one course of action at one time. We can only attempt to persuade each moment of reality to lean in the direction of what we would like to be experiencing AS the present. At each moment we must try to persuade reality to evolve in the direction of our heart's desire. He or she might not be able to acknowledge the dullness. They try to be secure in the safety of moderation.regardless of how safe you led your life. it is what is. or they never venture out very far on either extreme. Sometimes we have to go to the edge in order to appreciate the safety of the ground behind us and the beauty of the valley below us. This is done by leaning the weight of our intention in the direction we wish our reality to go. We can influence our experiencing of the present only by adding to the present. The more we can juggle the extremes of what seems to be two completely different actions. your body will die . the best way to look at it is to unconditionally accept whatever the reality is. we can only hope to influence the direction of the flow of what we will experience. while. Most people go to one extreme or another and cop out on trying to balance the polarities. you try to persuade the reality to be what you would like it to be. This is adding to the present. The moment we are experiencing at any one moment cannot be changed. 120 . The problem with trying to live a safe life is that sooner or later. We cannot change the present. all the balls come falling down in disorder.juggler can affect the path of only one ball at a time. You cannot take away from the present. unconditionally accept what is. The moment we act in the present. People either go to one extreme or the other and become a fanatic. The present is what it is. You can only do things in the present that will influence the direction the present seems to be going. It does take conscious.period. the present we choose to act upon has passed.including moderation. If the juggler chooses wisely. Just don't fall off the edge. at the seemingly same moment. Everything is moderation . what we add in the present will have influence the direction our life seems to be going. the better the singularity of living we will be aware of experiencing. not changing the present. Of course. while at the seemingly same time.

becomes better and better. using the gas pedal. And here we thought we could do more than one thing at a time. you do the process right. Some juggle steering the car. We get so good at driving that we even daydream occasionally while we are driving. To look at the flat land behind us and assume this means safety in the journey ahead of us is an illusion. Our driving. Until. We relax more and more in the confidence of our juggling or driving ability. Since the present is all we have. but the answer can be difficult to apply in the beginning. We struggle and struggle to turn the steering wheel correctly. Ouch 121 . using the brake.In truth. It is at best as educated guess of what will be. what seemed to be harmonious activity in the present becomes disorganization and chaos. We are always living on the edge of our perception. making a phone call and actually texting someone . one day.all at the seemingly same time. we almost hit something and realize we were just just daydreaming and not paying attention to our juggling. we are all travelers at the edge. we are not really aware that we have mixed daydreaming with driving until. use the break and the gas pedal at the seeming same time as we are attempting to steer the car so we do not run into people or other cars. The answer cannot be expressed too often. we must attempt to influence the flow of what is. The difficulty comes in out resistance to the simplicity of the answer. all of a sudden. It is to appreciate the incredible miracle of your awareness of being aware while at the seemingly same time attempting to persuade each moment of reality to lean in the direction of what we would like to be experiencing AS the present. The ground under our feet might look solid and the next moment we find we have fallen through the illusion of solidity and fallen into a rocky cave below. looking in the mirror at our makeup or our hair. The application of this simplicity is at first difficult. It is like learning to drive a car. in order to get a future present more in line with what we would like to be experiencing. We are always on the edge of the cliff of our awareness. how can we enjoy the process of living while we try to get our hearth's desire without dying of frustration in the process? Simple to answer. However. Since we cannot change the present. Then it progressively becomes easier until one day. or juggling these actions called driving a car.

with desire stemming from our appreciation of the awareness of being aware.. My point is that we should. The choice is to be open or to resist the universal flow of the Energy of God through us and as us. and less and less things will frustrate you the more you are open to the impulse of the Infinite Energy Source showing its desire for your direction. Omnipotent and Omniscient God. The substances that are not efficient conductors of electricity. all knowing. The frustrations you feel will dissipate. The substances that allow for a good flow of electricity put up very little resistance to the flow of electricity and allow the electricity to light up the world.. We are like electrical wires and the Universal Spirit is like the electricity that runs through the wires. What more could you possibly ask for than the incredible fact of your awareness of being aware? Without it. In the giving. Try to do what you think has to be done. all things are possible to you. With it. that is in the flow of your subjective growth. Omnipresence. for a hint of the best direction to choose at any given time. all power and Omniscient. the source of your being. you would have nothing. Omnipotent. Truly give. You have desires of giving to the rest of creation. Omnipresent God is always attempting to flow though all of what we call the physical universe. become more and more open to the flow of this Infinite Intelligence. Some substances conduct electricity more efficiently than others. you will receive. After all. balanced with asking God. the Infinite Intelligence planted the dream in you and it knows the best way for you to get there.We all have one choice at all times.. not negotiate. A hint of what is the relevant thing to do. You have dreams and desires that God has placed in your heart. It is the same choice and the only choice we ever truly have. It is the same choice at each fork in the road of our journey. The source or ground of our being is Omnipresent. all place. The Omnipresent Energy is always attempting to flow through the manifestations of its essence. 122 . No one should expect from the Universe what he or she is not willing to give first. Allow the Infinite Intelligence to show you how to get there. Ask God for direction in manifesting these dreams and desires. more for giving than receiving. or look for. we say have a resistance to the electricity..

the smooth path not the rocky one. Some will feel this direction by an inclination of the body to go in one direction even though the mind is saying take the easy path.Remember. A CHOICE OF JUST TWO OPTIONS. the dry path. You just might find a ledge over the edge that you can safely jump on and take the next step in your universal journey of adventure. Don't intentionally jump off the cliff. Some will feel this direction as one choice being sweeter than another choice. we are always at a fork in the road of our universal journey. One choice sweet. AS US. one choice sour or just plain tasteless. but don't be afraid to look over the edge. Some will feel this direction as one path being warm and the other cool . BEING OPEN TO THE UNIVERSAL INTELLIGENCE THAT IS GOD ATTEMPTING TO FLOW THROUGH US. not the wet one. Some will feel this direction by the feeling that one of the choices is more open. Some will feel this direction by one choice being more colorful than another. AT EACH MOMENT OF LIFE WE HAVE ONE CHOICE. Is your direction. not the steep one. Some will feel this direction as one path alive and the other path dead. Anytime you need direction. Be still and ask. One choice full of color and the other choice shades of gray. The first response you feel. more soulful than the other. 123 .


the business had closed early that day. You started to think since you were out already. Obstacles are not opposing you but are merely firm and gentle “re-routers”. the person did not live there anymore. not on a detour. Then. but sending you in the direction. It is important not to view that which stands in your way as your “enemy”. God just used the thoughts and desires that got you out of the house in order to then use other “detours” to get you where God intended for you to go from the beginning. sending you to the experience you were really supposed to be heading in the first place. Perhaps you were now only a few blocks from a new exhibit at a museum. go check out the new situation. a coffee shop. It could be God sending you. really tried to go somewhere and do something and no matter how determined you were. you decided to look around you for something else to do. what you went there for was not possible that day. a special hardware store for that special screw you really needed to finish the project at home that has been unfinished for so long? Once you then proceeded to go in the new direction. really wanted or needed to go somewhere and do something – then get there and find that the store was out of business. a strong feeling that you really. you get to the baseball stadium that you bought tickets for over three months ago and it unexpectedly started raining. you then proceeded to have a wonderful day. met a wonderful 125 . sending you on a detour that takes you around what could have been your biggest stumbling block. thunder and lightning? Anything and anytime you really. you couldn't do it? For whatever reason. and some distance from your home. How many times in your life did you have an intense desire.OBSTACLES CAN BE YOUR “BEST” FRIENDS. after a few minutes of frustration. sending you to the location. was there any place or anything near you that you would like to see or like to do? Why waste all the energy and intention that got you to the place where you could not do what you thought you were going to do? Perhaps you saw an advertisement left on the closed door of something that looked interesting. really wanted and really. You do not know what is around the corner in front of you – but the Omnipresent Mind of God DOES know. It can often be your best friend.

To this day. All of a sudden I realized that the cigarette had reached the filter and had stopped burning. He must have been a chauffer to some important people in his past. What an obstacle to me he was becoming. No matter the strength or volume of my pleading. He said his driver would most certainly be able to get me to the plane on time after we had a little lunch. I agreed and we had a wonderful lunch and time of sharing. I do not remember if he ever did take the cigarette from his mouth.person. The car was an old London taxi that had been re-finished and made to look like new. He looked like a robot with a covering of human skin. but he acted like he was the only one in the car and either could not speed up or refused to go faster and risk bumping his passenger in the seat. His driver was an old-time chauffeur with a ramrod straight back and a cigarette permanently jutting out at a ninety degree angle from his mouth. The picture in my mind has it permanently jutting out from his mouth with two to three inches of ash firmly attached. because he drove so slow and carefully that I was not aware of any bumps. It was very surreal – like not real. who did not want to feel any of the road on which they were being driven. I was amazed at the cigarette in his mouth. I kept telling him to please speed up. I was not even aware of any turning movement. But the ash was still attached. I had a plane to catch and I could have ran faster than he was driving the car. Then I get in the car and it was like an experience form an old movie. When he made a right or left hand turn. the cigarette just kept dangling from his mouth while the cigarette kept burning and burning. Once I was in England and had not been able to visit a friend during my visit. My flight back to America was in a few hours and I received a phone call from him. 126 . I was utterly entranced by the steadiness and smoothness of his driving. learned a wonderful lesson – or just bought that special screw you needed that you have not been able to find in the other hardware stores you have visited. I then started to realize that because of his incredible chauffeur driving skills that I was very close to getting at the airport late and missing my flight to America. he just kept keeping on doing what he was doing. He drove so carefully that the ash from his cigarette never fell off. I told him I really did not have enough time to meet him for lunch and get to the airport in time to catch my flight. He did not put the ash in the ashtray.

I might have taken a boat to America instead. the tires on one side of the plane disintegrated. If God tried to tell you what you would learn or who the new person was that you were going to meet. I guess you can imagine my sense of wonderment and my sense of relief. Trust God about that. feel an emotion of gratitude. him. another thought. driving ever so carefully. Regardless of our intentions. ever so smoothly and how I had thanked God for that chauffeur. Somehow. you would not understand the relevance or the purpose. As you are thinking and feeling this prayerful gratitude. the obstacle that kept me from catching a plane destined for an accident. I also am sure you can guess that I was ever so thankful for that old-time chauffeur who just would not listed to any attempt I had to move the obstacle. If I had been on that plane. I was living in it. God uses whatever thoughts and whatever desires. As I was standing at the closed boarding gate. I caught the next flight but have never forgotten that day when I met an immoveable obstacle and since I was riding in the car. I get a very vivid picture in my mind of that chauffeur with the ramrod straight back. the plane fell to that side and the landing gear had broken through the bottom of the plane. I heard an announcement that the flight I had just missed had just ran off the runway during its take-off. really wanted go to or experience. I couldn’t even go around it. the stone face with the cigarette jutting ever so perfectly straight from his stone face. Think a thought of gratitude. out of my way to catch my plane. How could God tell you of the store that has the special item you have been searching and searching if you did not even know that the store existed? But you DID understand the thoughts and the emotions that were stimulating your motor of intention to get you where you thought you really.I finally get to the airport and rush to the terminal only to find that I had just missed my flight. Now. 127 . Take a moment when you think you are up against an obstacle in your path. for anything that seems to be “opposing” you now. things in life happen for the glory of God. The immoveable obstacle was definitely my best friend that day. whenever I am frustrated by my lack of ability to move an obstacle in front of me. you will get another feeling. whatever hang-ups we have in order to continually move us in the direction that God wants us to go.

you will treat it as an enemy.gently suggesting you go in another direction. Take this gentle voice and move in the direction it is suggesting. 128 . Open your eyes and look around. Say to it. You will usually find that listening to this gentle voice was the right choice for the right experience for you – right now in your eternal spiritual journey. If you look at an obstacle as an enemy. open your heart and feel what it is telling you and you just might find that “Obstacle” WAS the best friend you ever had. You will be emotionally resisting it. “Hi Friend”.

this too. I will wager that less than ten percent of what you feared ever happened to you. Not necessarily true but most likely it will be just what you imagined. If you imagine that speaking your mind in any given situation will bring the wrath of others down upon you and cause them to do great bodily harm or bring you intense embarrassment to you. Two is by showing us full-color. might happen. The fourth is just an uneasy feeling that something is not right. it might not. Three is by whispers or shouts that we hear in the confines of our mind. How does this friend show us these possibilities? It alerts us of the unwanted possibilities in one of four ways. It does this by showing us what might happen at some point in the future. Regardless of what you have feared in your life. You never really know until you try and you might be surprised at the respect and admiration you receive by being the one with the courage to speak up and tell the truth. Who has not been stopped cold in his or her tracks when fear of what might happen seemed to paralyze you. 3-D movies in our mind. Then again. the image in your mind of your death when you get to the bottom of the falls will probably come true. if you jump off the edge of Niagara Falls. An enemy of our peace and equilibrium. we fear it and do not want to entertain what it has brought us to consider. When the less than ten percent did happen.Fear is a Friend We Call an Enemy Fear. They may or they may not happen. We call it an enemy. It gives us not just one but sometimes many possible outcomes of a situation that we would not want to experience. Of course. It is truly one of our best friends and since we are afraid of what it shows us concerning possibilities. I will wager that less than ten percent of that ten percent 129 . Who has not turned and ran from fear of what might happen even before the situation developed into what we feared? We have a defense system that has as its sole purpose in existence the duty to protect us from harm. Any of the possibilities that it offers us for our consideration are just that – possibilities. One is showing us still pictures in our mind.

you would not be reading this anyway. And when the ten percent that was left DID happen. would you? A good mental exercise is to ask yourself.EVER was as bad as you feared it to be. Who knows when you might get another opportunity to see the paper tiger for what it is – just a possibility – not a certainty. If I am wrong and lose this wager. You will not be as close as you were to walking through your fears and seeing them for the paper tiger that they were. NINETY PERCENT of anything you have ever worried about NEVER HAPPENED. NINETY PERCENT of the time it was NEVER AS BAD AS YOU FEARED IT TO BE. “What might have happened if only I had went forward through the curtain of fear and faced whatever the situation I found on the other side?” In fact. “What is the worst that can happen? And if that happened. then what? And so on and so on. what you called a fear. part of the excitement in living is going through paper tiger after paper tiger and seeing that what you were shown. was just a possibility that was meant to keep you on guard while you continued forward into the unknown of your future. then you will not even be where you were when you ran from them. Remember. then why do you still wonder. then what might happen? And if that happened. you probably are not alive – what you feared DID really kill you. If you did the right thing running away from your fears. Are my percentages too low? Should the ninety percent be even higher? 130 . Worry is just our expectation that all we fear is going to happen. In that case. If you run away from your fears.

Embrace your fear and find out It is not the enemy It is your FRIEND. 131 .Think about it and move excitedly into your glorious future while your automatic defense system is up and running doing its job of advising you in the only way it can by SHOWING you the possibilities.

You might as well hold your candle light as far into the darkness as you can. There is no hole deep enough nor door strong enough to prevent this forward movement. YOUR LIFE 132 . Which direction are you pointing if you turn around? You are pointing forward. The darkness is just what is beyond the ray of light from your flashlight. Since you can only go forward. Even if we turned around. no matter which direction you choose to walk. Embrace the darkness and experience the greatest adventure in the Cosmos. on the edge of our field of sight. It will continue to move forward whether you look or not. Any lack of embrace is just closing your eyes to the forward movement of the Universe. It is always forward. there will still be an edge to our perception. However. Then walk into it with open eyes knowing that it is the way of the Universe. No matter which way you turn. the only way we can ever go is forward into the darkness. The only direction that any accomplishment has come from has been forward. you are ALWAYS walking into the darkness.EVERY HERO HAS A CHOICE To Embrace the Darkness OR To Be Consumed By It The darkness is just what is beyond your immediate field of sight. you might s well embrace the darkness of the unknown. Since we are always on the edge of our perception. even when you think you are going backward. You know where you have been. life does not move backward. The only way is forward. an edge of our field of sight. Forward is the unknown.

This is not to say we shouldn't have tried try to get ourselves out of the snow-covered cornfield. Since we had plenty of gas and our car heater was working.ACTION-WAITING LIVING THE PROCESS OF ETERNAL LIFE One time a friend and I were caught in a snowstorm in farming country in the Midwest and slid off the winding road into a snow-covered cornfield. Very simple. It means that our thoughts stimulated emotions which led to frustrations at not being able to do anything to change our situation. We did not unconditionally accept our seemingly stuck situation while attempting our best to change the situation. We did not take even one moment to sit and pray to feel the direction of our rescue. is the key to evolving in understanding and communication with the transcendent/immanent intelligence of the universe. All our struggles were for nothing but frustration.is. around the bend in the road came a tow truck. We had a very important spiritual lesson to learn on that day. miles and 133 . Nothing we did speeded up our rescue or the arrival of the tow truck. unconditional acceptance of what is has priority because what is . It took us to be stranded in a snow-filled cornfield. with unconditional acceptance of what is. If we would have just sat there and waited in patience a few minutes longer. Learning to subjectively balance the polarities of action/waiting. in all things. we could have relaxed into a prayer-state of receptive inquiry of what we should do in our situation. Right when we gave up all hope of getting it out. Wouldn't it be great to learn to feel when the Infinite Intelligence is telling us to have patience? Of course it would. I mean. really out in the country where houses might be a mile away from each other. but we didn't. Sure we tried and tried to change our situation but remember. and resigned ourselves to our fate of having to walk miles to find help. the worse our situation became. we had no one waiting for us to arrive at any particular place at any particular time. The more we tried to get the car out of the snow-covered cornfield. the first proposition is. the truck with the chain would have come along anyway. An honest to goodness tow truck.

We can only experience an event as a process.the eternal present that is constantly passing while always being present. Since we can live only in the process of the present. We can go through the forest and never see the trees that are part of the process of going through the forest. Life is a process. and be shown the next step in the process of being ourselves .part of the process. Our physical body is an aggregation of individual events in harmony .a process in the eternal present. Truly desire to know the next step the Eternal Process wants of you. or non-step. ask what should be our next thought. our best choice is to embrace and appreciate the present we have first and foremost. without beginning and without end. We can exist a whole lifetime and never live life since we are trying to live an event. 134 . To understand the paradoxical statement of "the eternal present that is constantly passing" means to subjectively integrate the polarity of "the eternal present" with the awareness of the constant change of the manifestation of the universe. We cannot experience an event as an event. It is like the Universe waited until we gave up before it sent the rescue truck. We can live life in the present only . Conscious integration of what seems to be a contradiction involves our understanding that singularity is the essence of what seems to be the polarities of existence. A process is a chain of events infinitely divided. This singularity is the essence of the reality of the NOW. is to be.just relax and just be what you are . An eternal process. and the eternal process will let you know what your next step. ask what should be our next step in the process of life. Relax in the present.miles away from any human life for us to be offered the lesson. We must live in and for the present while balancing this polarity with the polarity of planning and living for the future.even if it means to do nothing . We can experience the future only in our mind as a concept until it actually gets here and is the present.

it is one with you.. What we call the physical Universe is the baby of the intercourse of the Yin and the Yan.. experience and ARE. but it will never let you down. You do know how to respond.. The fruit of the universal intercourse is all the physical manifestations that we see. Even if you don't see the universe holding you in its bosom. swallow the tongue of Infinity as it fills you deeper and 135 . feel.... not abused and not abandoned.. WALK THE COLORFUL NEW ROUTE OF YOUR EVER-EVOLVING SELF-AWARENESS. your fear holds you back.It will be rocky at times. not fall. It is almost like the freedom of the universe and eternity is like a beckoning lover. to mount your white horse and fly through the sky of eternity.It can never leave you. after all.. GAZE INTO THE EMBRACING LIGHT OF YOUR ENLIGHTENMENT. The yin and the yang.. You yearn to be One with God.. promising an infinite union of fulfillment if you but step out over the precipice with the faith that you will be supported. Accept the universe as your lover. God even tells you when you ask about the never-ending current of words in your mind (security blanket of procrastination) that it will be there for you and be there with you. the positive and the negative polarities of the infinite singularity that is the universe are always intercoursing.. it is a dynamic universe.Your fear of the universal and infinite lover that is the intelligent and self-aware cosmos is held in check by your incessant mental dialogue. The manifested universe is this orgasm in eternal expression..and you are one with IT. As long as your steady "current of words in your mind" is babbling away.Taking the Universe as Your Lover The Yearning to be One With God You yearn to be like Prometheus.... Just stop the mental chatter and embrace your Universal Lover. you don't have to KISS THE SKY. Open your mouth like the hungry baby birds awaiting the nourishment of the mother/father bird.. of the positive and the negative polarity of the universe. it is the source and sustenance of your very being.

The third step cannot be taken before the first two.. Without it. enticing you to open your mouth to receive it in a very sexual way.. caress the tongue with your tongue. as much as you can handle and appreciate at a time. you really have no other choice. you are nothing.deeper with awareness of Its wholeness. The baby of our intercourse with God is the essence of Creation.. kiss it. It is your lover. a memory answers you. Then.but only one feminine aspect. you just have to be open and trust the unfolding of the truth within yourself. accept it and be one with it.. Creation is the orgasm of the universe. Why try to keep any part away from IT? The result of our conscious union with Omnipresence is the birth of the New. after you have opened to it and walked with it a while. First. Once you have received it with the total openness of a lover.but only one masculine aspect. After all. Embrace it. it will lead you to your enlightenment. Instead of you hearing a present time voice answering you. Can you handle being the lover of God? Can you handle being the lover of the Universe? Ultimately. the importance of the incessant words you hear. bear your chest. There are many faces of the feminine nature of the universe . open your heart.There are many faces of the masculine nature of the universe . A memory because you really know the truth. then it can lead you through the colorful ways and by-ways of the garden-path it has prepared for you. Nothing before it's time. Ah. your sustainer. as yourself. the totality of your selfness. it IS the totality of your being.Take it as your lover... the Universe beckons you with open mouth.. is very interesting. the words of a distant past. 136 .. The universe is your lover. your everything. with it you are everything. make love to it with the totality of your being. The wholeness of the universe is dependent on this feminine and masculine polarity being one in the true androgyny of the cosmos. your body. open to it.

become ONE with the Universal Self AND experience the ultimate fulfillment. 137 . embrace God.Be open to God.

I'm not really aware of it playing while I am dressing and preparing to leave. Positive songs will uplift you. use them . eating breakfast. 138 . it will become part of you. Negative or "somebody broke my heart" songs can drag you into the depths of sorrow and heartbreak. The important thing is to use them. This way you can listen to them as long as you feel the need or the desire. This is the nature of habits. You can then listen to them in the car. putting on your makeup.without our awareness of our brain recording the negative and unwanted suggestions. driving to work or whenever you want to feed spiritually affirming thoughts into your consciousness. both conscious consciousness and subliminal or unconscious consciousness . home. you need only play the MP3 instead of background music. It can be a great help in our spiritual journey to use affirmations to balance out the negatives. getting dressed. Here are eleven affirmations that you can print out. IPod or any MP3 player. Anytime you need a little uplift in spirits or a release from frustration. but I am aware of an uplift. These affirmations will help to balance the multitude of suggestions you hear throughout the day into a positive. a more peaceful and confident feeling that all is well. Even if you do not have more than five minutes. while you are getting dressed. before you go out into the world. This is also why having background music and not being aware of the words in the music can be a very dangerous past-time. If you wish to have them in MP3 format to play on your computer. is the minimum for the best results. However. If I listen to them while I am getting dressed to go somewhere. If you repeat anything often enough. there are bombardments of negative suggestions being fed into our consciousness.you will benefit.org and I will send you the file. Listen to them while you are shaving. having them play in the background will definitely help you along your journey. just email me at am@amsway. jogging or anywhere you wish to hear them. The MP3 affirmations can be put into repeat mode on your computer or your MP3 player. I believe at least 20 minutes daily. it is optimally useful when you can put all thoughts from your mind and just concentrate on the affirmations.Affirmations Of Inspiration As we go through our daily life. Of course. spiritually filled direction.

All this while I try to persuade what is to evolve into what I would like it to be. bide my time. I try to get the fullest out of what is. Timing. and I shall always be aware of the right moment. It helps put our thoughts back on the positive spiritual track. When the mp3 is not convenient then just repeating the relative and relevant affirmations silently in my mind helps to center my thoughts in the proper perspective of appreciation. The affirmations are: (MP3 . 11.Track 4) 1. the right moment shall come to pass at the right moment. I am aware at all times of all things relevant at the time. 3. I believe God will make a way where there seems to be no way. I am eternally grateful for every opportunity I have to serve God through all of creation. I believe God is always with me and is always waiting for me wherever I am going. Every breath I take. 4. Every step I make. 5. I believe I will always take the right turn of the road. 6. I allow God to direct my communication with other beings. I believe I am always divinely guided. 9. I enrich the world with my continuous flow of constructive and creative ideas. 2. 139 . just for the miracle that it is anything at all.is incredible. Sometimes I am not consciously aware that it has been playing for an hour but this gives my subliminal mind a healthy dose of spirit affirming suggestions.Whatever I am leaving to do becomes more like an adventure after 20 minutes or so of playing the affirmations. 8. while I appreciate what is. Every thought I think . It definitely helps balance out all the negatives we are confronted with day to day. perseverance and patience. 10. 7. I have infinite patience and understanding in my relations with all the children of the Universe.

It is similar to learning musical compositions. In time. 140 . even eating. The more you center your thoughts. Choosing to get in tune with the Universe may just be the key to being aware of being aware as a point of reference in the Universe for eternity (eternal life). keep it up and the accumulated effects will become noticeable. Like exercising. let us remember to LISTEN for what God may by trying to get across to us. After a period of study and practice. Nothing else is needed for the above affirmations to work but affirming them. learning a job. The most important thing to remember about the affirmations is to persist in their use. learning a song. you will become more and more aware of the "feelings" that are the persuasive impulse of God. When we ask God to help us choose righteously. you become aware of subtleties that only an "experienced ear" is sensitive enough to hear and receptive enough to perceive.These affirmations are a form of meditation. the more you will become aware of the feeling that you will come to know as the persuasive impulse of the Infinite Intelligence. the Infinite Intelligence. ground your thoughts in the spirit of the affirmations above. and they will work for the rest of your life.

Appreciation = Happiness

The only way that your life's journey can be fulfilling is to appreciate the process along the way. Appreciate being part of the universal process and at the same time appreciate that you are aware of being part of it. Who or what ever promised you, I or anyone, that we would live even for one minute? Once we have lived for two minutes, what a miracle it is. The way to enjoy the process without losing your ambition is simple but needs plenty of reaffirming. Appreciate the biggest miracle that you can think of - yourself. You are living in the best dream imaginable - the dream of life. Remember the MIRACLE of your eyesight. Spend five minutes a day walking around wherever you are with your eyes closed. Even when you run into something, do not open your eyes; act as if you no longer had the gift of vision. Repeat the following poem while you are walking around with your eyes closed. "They say the sky is a pretty blue; they say the grass is a pretty green. But what is blue and what is green.....to a person who has never seen?" Find your way to the bathroom with your eyes closed. When you really feel how much you are missing your gift of sight, just open your eyes and say a prayer of thankfulness for the incredible gift of sight. Remember the miracle of being able to taste whatever food you really relish. I know people who have lost the gift of taste. They have to eat but can no longer taste ANYTHING. Kind of unimaginable, isn't it? Some are born without feet, arms or legs. Remember Helen Keller? She was born blind, deaf, and unable to speak. Almost unimaginable isn't it? A friend of mine was paralyzed when he was 12 years old. The only thing he could move was his eyes. Even though he was paralyzed, he still could feel if someone touched his skin or if the wind blew across his hair. He just could not move any of his muscles other than his eye muscles. By the time he was 25 years old, he had regained the ability to walk with the aid of two crutches. Have you ever seen someone walk down the street with crutches and jerked from side to side always seeming like he or she was falling except for the two crutches they used to keep their balance? This was him. I asked him one day, "what was the worst thing about being paralyzed for 15 years?" You will never guess what he told me. He said, "The worst thing was having an itch and not being able to scratch it or even being able to tell someone where to scratch my itch". I get an itch myself every time I relate this story.


He couldn't move his muscles but he could feel an itch and he had to bear through the itch until it went away on its own. Talk about torture. Imagine your worst itch and never being able to scratch it - for ten years. Just try to ignore an itch and see how many itches seem to pop up all over your body. I used to complain when I stubbed my toe. Then I started being thankful that I had a toe to stub and eyes to see where I was going so I would not stub my toe again. I had a 95 year-old uncle once that I used to help dress, feed and clean. He told me once that that the older you get, paradise is a good bowel movement. Truly recognize and appreciate all the miracles that you already possess. Appreciate the miracle that you are. Know that your future contribution to the universe is in the musical field, the sports field, the political field, the restaurant and catering field or whatever field is in your heart. Know that everything that exists exists for the contribution it can make to the universal process. When you truly appreciate the miracle that you are and the miracles that you possess that make all dreams possible, then you will see your life's journey for the magnificent adventure that it is. When we see our life as the miraculous journey that it is, then we will desire to contribute to the universal source of our life that we call God through dedicating our life here on planet earth to that contribution. The moment we appreciate the miracle of our personal existence is, at his moment we are turning the key to the door of paradise itself.

APPRECIATION = The key to Happiness APPRECIATION = The key to Paradise


Appreciation and the Fulfillment of your Life Journey

The only way that your life's journey can be fulfilling is to appreciate the process along the way. I know you have heard the old saying, "It is not the destination, but the journey that matters." Appreciate being aware of being part of the eternal journey of the unfolding of the universe. Once we get to a destination, the destination is no longer a destination. Then what do we do? We still for a spell. Sooner or later, we start itching for a new destination. Once we get to the new destination. Perhaps we sit for a spell again. However, it is just a matter of time before we either get very bored or we decide on a new destination. What if we have problems getting to our new destination or what if we just never get there at all? The way to enjoy the journey without losing your ambition is simple but needs plenty of reaffirming. Appreciate the biggest miracle that you can think of - your awareness of being aware - yourself. You are living in the best dream imaginable - the dream of life. Who or what ever promised you, I or anyone, that we would be aware of being aware, even for one minute? Once we have lived for two minutes, miracle upon miracle it is. Shall I remind you of some miracles you take for granted every day? Remember the miracle of your eyesight. Spend five minutes a day walking around wherever you are with your eyes closed. Even when you run into something, do not open your eyes, act as if you no longer had the gift of vision. Remember this poem: "They say the sky is a pretty blue; They say the grass is a pretty green. But what is blue and what is green.....to a person who has never seen?" After you bump into a few objects, open your eyes and praise the Great Spirit for the miracle of sight. Do this a few times a week and your appreciation of the miracle of your eyesight will greatly enhance your appreciation of your journey. Some babies are born without feet, arms or legs. While you are walking around your home experiencing it without the gift of sight, imagine also if you had no legs.

How about the miracle of being able to taste food? I met a man once that had to have brain surgery after an accident and the part they took out was the part responsible for his being aware of the taste of food. I asked him how could he enjoy eating any longer? He said he didn't but he needed to eat to survive. Kind of unimaginable, isn't it? Even a boring meal tastes better than no taste at all. Have you even heard of Helen Keller? Born blind, deaf, and unable to speak. Almost unimaginable isn't it? Believe it or not, she actually wrote books. How did she ever even begin to comprehend what a book it, much less the paper on which it is written? Is it possible to imagine never having experienced any awareness at all? Impossible. To be aware of nothing requires you being aware of something or how else could you be aware of nothing? The absolute emptiness of nothingness is really beyond our comprehension since we need to use awareness to attempt imagining non-awareness. Ah, the miracle of the awareness of being aware. When you truly appreciate the miracle that you are aware of being aware and the other miracles that you possess that make all dreams possible, then you will see your life's journey for the magnificent adventure that it is. When we see our life as the miraculous journey that it is, At this point, our entire life becomes an act of worship, an action rooted in praiseful appreciation of the awareness of being aware. A smile of joy and a sense of adventure will be with us every day of the rest of our lives here on Earth. Truly recognize and appreciate all the miracles that you already are aware of possessing. Know that everything that exists, exists for the contribution it can make to the universal process - even you. When you truly appreciate the miracle that you are and the miracles that you possess that make all dreams possible, then you will see your life's journey for the magnificent adventure that it is. When we see our life as the miraculous journey that it is, and when we desire to contribute to the universal source of our life that we call God through dedicating our life here to that contribution, then we are opening the door of paradise itself.


Fulfillment is the appreciation of the journey Not any specific destination.


What we choose to think about it will determine our experience of it. We were very excited. I was a very bitter person. I feverously tried to revive her by pumping her heart and breathing into her lungs. I knew the moment I touched her that the life was no longer in her body. I looked at two people who were married for 20 years and I felt how could there be a God when I had only two months of married life. pain and bitterness. I spent days. We were married for two months. I felt that God and life cheated me. All of a sudden a major enlightenment swept over and through every cell of my body and every space of my consciousness. what came out of her lungs was dead air. forty or more years of married life. When I compared my two months of married life to people who had twenty. Then one morning I leaned over to kiss her good morning and she was dead. weeks and months walking around seeing the world through anger. I was truly blessed. one day. Everybody had a better life than me. I was cheated. I had a wife. For the next two years. She was 21 years old also. The article was about a young boy and girl who were on their way home from their wedding and they had a car accident. thirty. The new wife was killed in the accident. What we choose 146 . Her husband lived through it.Non-Appreciation + Greed = Bitterness I will start this communication with a little experience from my own life. I was reading the newspaper. Then. When I compared my two months of married life to the young couple on their way home from their wedding in which the wife was killed. I felt robbed. I had a whole two months more than him. I realized why I was bitter for two years. When my Earth-Body was 21 years old. We were even talking about what we were going to do when the baby grew up. She was pregnant. I realized at that moment that REALITY IS WHAT REALITY IS. Of course the baby never lived either. However. about two years after she died.

The choice of comparisons is our choice and our choice alone. The mental and emotional baggage we bring to our encounter with reality will influence our perceptions of heaven and hell. I WANT MORE! This attitude is guaranteed to bring you bitterness. I was bitter because of the simple mathematical equation of unappreciation + greed = bitterness. It is so simple. It just is. What we choose to compare our experience to will determine whether we feel blessed or cursed. We resist it in our greed for what we want life to be or what we want as our experience of life as earth-humans to be. How many never have the experience of tasting an apple? How many never have the experience of their first romantic kiss? How many never know the love of a mother or the love of a father? How many do not have both of their parents alive through the first 20 years of their earthly life? How many never know what the gift of sight is? How many never know the joy of running across a meadow? How many never know the sound of a bird singing in the spring? How many never know the joy of marrying your true love? How many never have the love and the fights of a brother or a sister? How many children never see their tenth birthday? I could go on and on but you know what I mean.as comparisons to what we consider our situation in life to be will determined whether we feel bitter or blessed. How many babies never make it out of the womb alive? I do not mean abortions that the mother chooses. In fact it is so simple that our mind finds it almost impossible to accept and embrace this simplicity. We choose what the ideal is and then compare our perception of our life to the ideal we choose as desirable. more. I wanted more. more. I mean the babies that just never make it to a live delivery. We choose the comparisons. 147 . I did not appreciate what I had experienced for the fullness of the miracle it truly was. Reality is neither good nor bad. I was greedy. Whether we live in heaven or live in hell during our earthly journey will be largely determined by the comparisons we choose for ourselves.

148 . The only key to peace and blessing through an experience of loss of a loved one is first to appreciate the fact that you even had a minute to have had the experience of having the loved one in the first place.Of course it would have been nice for me to have been married for many years. Perhaps 10 years or 20 years would have been nice. For each minute. each week. You want happiness – the mathematical formula for paradise is even simpler than the one for unhappiness. each hour. We would always want more and more and more. Unappreciation + Greed = Bitterness Appreciation = Happiness The choice is yours heaven or hell Right here on Earth. each day. I am truly blessed.say Praise God. The sin of non-appreciation. But would there ever been a good time to say goodbye to my wife? How about before the children started school? How about when the children drove their first car? How about when the children got married? How about when the children gave us our first grandchild? How about when the grandchildren started school for the first time? How about when the grandchildren had their first date? I could go on and on with this also and we would never come up with a good time to die. Appreciate the incredible reality that you had a chance to have experienced anything at all and you will know the key to Paradise. It is natural for us to want more of a special relationship. Appreciate the incredible reality of your awareness of being aware. Thank you God. Simple. Every breath you take is one of breathing the air of paradise. each month and each year that you had the incredible blessing of even had the experience at all . Bitterness is a sin of attitude.

good just for the fact that is exists at all. NOTHING! It doesn't matter what we believed or feared would happen because we won't know it anyway. do not worry. I love you and goodbye. How can we say death is a bad thing – until we experience it ourselves? Since life is good. it was wonderful. The first possibility is that our awareness of being aware goes out like a light-bulb when you pull the plug. The patient tells the doctor that he or she was watching the entire procedure from “above” the operating table. Medical science has advanced to where they can snatch people from death that years ago would have been impossible. with perfect awareness but unable to communicate with the doctors. The hair stood 149 . five minutes. when the body ceases to breathe. My 89 year-old mother returned to me 36 hours after she died to tell me that she felt no pain.Death Is Part Of Life What shall I write about death? Shall I write about the living? Life is for living or we would not be alive. the less sure they are of the exact moment of death. To them. people who were clinically dead and who have revived after a few minutes have told the doctors what the doctors were doing to try to save them while they were “unconscious”. Sometimes someone dies so that another might live and grow. If our awareness of being aware goes on for even a minute after what is called physical death – what person can tell me it ever has to end? The more medical science learns. On the operating table. Her voice “materialized” out of the air in my bedroom around 3 in the morning calling my name. when the blood ceases to flow and the brain waves cease to wave – this is the moment that the death of the body in front of them is certain. and since death is an unavoidable fact of life – how can we say death is bad? Bad for who or whom? Bad for the person who died or bad for those still living? Only one of two things can happen after the experience we call death. Soldiers have told about being aware of being outside their bodies after being wounded and thought dead. an hour – perhaps a week. After our physical body dies how can we be disappointed or fearful of something that we won't be aware of? The second possibility is our awareness of existing with or without what we call a body continues for another minute.

Every molecule of everything that exists is just God in one of God's infinite manifestations. What about all kinds of things we are not aware of that we do not even know we aren't aware. Once we accept the omnipresence of God. re-incarnation. or Infinite Intelligence. An illusion is anything that is not exactly what it appears to be. There have been many different experiences. However. Many people have had similar experiences but have never spoke about the experience because they feared other people would call them crazy. Her physical body was not present but her voice was loud and clear. seeing. this means that death is just another illusion. Jehova. Some who were revived were so happy that they did not to return to their body. It is interesting that in the innermost depths of every human's consciousness there seems to be a voice that says “There Is More”. all very aware of being out of their body and usually very happy about this fact once they adjusted to the new experience. tasting and smelling. only the forms the essence is manifesting through are eternally changing. The essence does not die. all things are God. some of us choose to believe in something that others have told us – heaven. Allah or whatever you wish to name this nameless essence of existence that we see and experience as the universe. explained many different ways but all very similar in essence. shoes. Just to escape thinking about the unknown possibilities of after death experience or after-death non-experience. Some were informed that their mission was not finished and they had to return to their body. Ah. God. Yahweh. nirvana – the dissolving of our self in the to eternal self. our wonderful but limited abilities of sense.up on my arms because the reality of it was unquestionable. walls. or Energy is singular in essence but infinite is its' potential forms or manifestations. Don't forget. A lot of things exist regardless of whether we are aware of their existence or not. Some call it disintegrating but it is just energy changing its physical form. 150 . hell. desk – all are changing as we look at them. All things are changing even as we look at them but we are not aware of the changes as they happen. heating. Look at your dishes. To me. touching. a dog can hear sounds that we cannot. Now is death the end of our awareness of being aware or is there more than what we see before we get there? Most of us would like to think we can exist for eternity if we can keep able to move around and exist with some pleasure in existence.

Our machine does its' job so well that we think we are our machine and not the spirit inside the machine. if we keep looking and are willing to accept the Truth. Truth is. We may seem to be a really small insignificant part of an incomprehensibly large universe. our “body” is made up of billions of smaller “lives” that 151 . Spiritually we are here to grow in our awareness of eternal Truths. we can never be aware of more of the Truth than we can handle. Remember. we are as important to the evolution of the universe as the smallest molecule is to the evolution of our physical body. the part of us that is aware of being aware. What seems to be exceptions are just illusions of perception. Do not be mad at our machine that we call a body. Death does not break this Law of Truth. We can memorize something. God is the Law and God cannot break the Law. then we shall find the Truth and this knowledge will set us free. However. What you sow. All anyone can do is to “tickle” our self-growth. but we usually never get to see the secret prices they are paying or will eventually be paying for breaking the Law of Truth. Nobody can really teach us these truths. This must be or we would have a tendency to selfdestruct very quickly. Physically we are here to evolution of the physical manifestation of God. always has been Truth and always will be Truth. Sometimes the package blinds us to the Truth. Truth is Truth. what is life for? Life is for living. but memorizing is not learning. is here in this life to learn Truth. It just comes in different packages. truth is Law. Our thoughts of what we memorized will tickle our self-growth. even the gurus have to eat food at some point or another or die from lack of interaction with life. We can learn from what we memorized. The efforts needed to for us to learn to survive in the physical universe has hidden these truths from our awareness. However. However. People may seem to get away with breaking the Law of Balance in the Universe. What is Truth? You will know the Truth because nothing can discredit or invalidate the truth. realizing the eternal spiritual truths that we already know but just are not conscious that we already know. It only did its' job and it did its' job very well. Life is also for growing spiritually.What if there is more? If there is. Mis-use the Truth and a price must be paid – no exceptions. The spirit which we truly are. of course. The Law must work Truth. you eventually will reap. whatever the truth might be. Ignorance of the Law is not a valid excuse.

There is only thing in this universe that can upset us.altogether make up our “body. There is an infinite idea in God's mind to forever keep perfecting creation. at the moment of separation. What is pain to one person can be to another person pleasure. the thoughts we have about any happening or any thing can upset us. Static is only an illusion and death is just another part of growth. However. Death does not have to be painful. I was amazed at feeling no pain through all this activity. it seems to remain static or starts to “ungrow”. you are not dead. we only forget consciously. Accept every experience as a growth experience. the Essence of all things doesn't change. If anything in the universe stops growing. we no longer have connection with the body-vehicle that feels pain. when all we have to do is be able to look at any 152 . don't forget that as long as you do feel pain. It is the same happening hooked at from different perspectives and/or locations. Only the ideas. We won't even be aware of having forgotten what we wanted to forget. However. All that energy used in keeping painful memories buried. it will do its' job and will do it beautifully. The energy that is the memory is still within us and energy is being used to keep that energy “buried” from our conscious awareness. It will defend us from even now it is defending us if it knows we cannot consciously handle the awareness. Our thoughts upset up determined by what we think about the person or thing. God. Our body has a defense mechanism that is utterly amazing. What is the difference between a good experience and a bad experience. I woke up 36 years ago and found my wife dead. The judgments we make about the happening determine our pleasure or pain. Our only choice is to accept or resist every experience that life brings us. If her death had been painful. That one thing is IDEA. However. Many years ago I was in a car accident. death seems to painful sometimes. The actual moment of complete separation of the spirit from the body cannot be specified. Dead with a smile on her face. We think we have a choice in life. There are documented cases of painless death. Only god's physical manifestations change in their eternal evolution. Of course. I did not feel any pain until I started to look for the pain. If we do not wish to remember something. she would not have had a smile on her face. All things change but the essence of all things does not change. I was thrown across the back seat so violently that I knocked the door open and was hurled onto the shoulder of the highway.

keep asking why and we will get the answer. the acceptance of that experience which we still hold painful judgments against will set us free from it forever more. “Seek and you shall find” is the Law. will go away and never return. The experience was. It is what it was. However.experience we ever had and have it be alright that the experience happened or did not happen. We cannot change the experience. change our judgments about the experience and accept that it happened and the holding energy will dissipate because the energy that is the memory will not have to be kept from your conscious thoughts any longer. whether physical. either we choose to grow or sooner or later life will jolt us if necessary to try to get us to grow. However. We can build up a tolerance of pain and accept more. Perhaps we will create an idea that brings us pain because we want the stimulation f the pain. Sometimes when a loved one dies. We must be willing to let things pass when it is time to pass. Never return unless we start running the “wow is me” judgment games in our mind again. The Truth seems to hurt. whether mental. We will know when we find and accept the truth with Love. All things come to pass in life. is doing something contra-survival”. Once we truly appreciate the incredible reality that all LIFE truly is. because the pain will dissipate. or something. all of us can sometimes take more pain that than we normally think we could handle. we keep running thoughts in our minds that bring us pain because the feeling of the pain seems to still connect us to the loved one who died. You. but the hurt shall pass as we can accept the truth of what was and accept it to be or not to be. emotional or mental is a warning signal from our defense mechanism saying “Please stop. as why and really want to know the True answer. The memory of the experience is. that it will allow us to experience. A pain. Truth is. Love knows no pain but does know affinity and empathy. Some of us can take less pain than others. Don't say pain is Love. Some of us can take more pain than others. The Dead Sea is dead even though it receives fresh water every day. I can't take much more. However. Our body has like a circuit breaker or ultra modern fuse box controlling the amount of pain. God will not give us an experience we cannot handle. If we ask why we hurt emotionally. it is dead 153 . The things we call good as well and the things we call bad. All things come to pass. However. Even what we perceive life to be. physical or emotional pain.

then we would not be upset unless we choose to be upset for one reason or another. We can either accept it or resist it. Any time anything in life seems to upset us. but whether we are upset or not is determined by the thoughts we choose to entertain concerning the words or the deed. no power in the physical universe can force it to pass. an earthquake will eventually show us that is has been continually transitioning even when we thought it was static. We cannot control each thought we surely can influence the direction our thought will wander. usually our upsetness is from resisting. Until the time is right for something to pass. no power on earth can stop it from passing. Our upsetness is showing us where to look to find the Truth That will Set Us Free. We cannot have an emotion without a thought preceding it. If we are upset from some loved one dying. they have actually showed me what I must think upon to find out the true source of the upsetness which is within me. Stop this transition and there is no more of whatever we stopped. This is understandable but understanding why we are resisting and accepting the reality that is. All is in a continual. We may think that what they said or did was not the right thing to do or say. especially anything from which we get pleasure. but like the shifting of the earth's plates. An emotion is an effect of a train of thoughts. It holds on to life and the life suffocates. and it was not true. to find the answer why and get rid of the upset feeling we only need to look within ourselves. If we believed that what they said was not true. When the time is ready for any manifestation in the physical universe of the consciousness of god to pass. It is the same in reverse. will dissipate the pain. It is still going to pass. Missing a loved one is not the same as resisting their passing and feeling great upsetness of the way of the universe. eternal state of transition. If someone says something that I am upset about.because it does not let the water go out the other end of the Sea. This is Truth. The choice is ours. we would die very quickly because we need to constantly breathe in new air and let out the old air to survive – to continue growth and living. Hitler found this out as did many countless others who thought they could play God with the Universe. We may think we have stopped it. If we were able to hold onto a breath forever. We resist letting go of anything. 154 .

If we must say it meant anything either good or bad.I must let you pass.. even the loved ones false teeth will work. When someone we love dies. I now let you pass. my loved one. but any personal object. The only way out of this pain is through it. really do not want to let them go but you know you have to. pain can be a powerful stimulant. In this case. Take the photo and talk to the person in the photo. We filter things through the images of all our past encounters. One way to help grow through the pain of a loved one passing from this Earth-plane of experience is to take a photo or an object that is associated with the loved one. You are gone from this Earthly part of my existence so I must let you pass and get on with the process of living the life I still have to live. Say “I don't want to let you go my love.. A photo seems best. If we look for growth in all experience. facing the reality of the loss until we can accept it with love and appreciation that we were given a chance to have ever known the loved one at all. If every time we used a fork to eat our food we had to learn to use it as a new experience and not filter it through our past experiences of using a fork. Something seems to be preferred to nothing. I shall get on with the process of living my life and 155 .. So be it. rusty knife. we might as well say it happened for the good of our personal evolution and for the good of the personal evolution of the spirit which we experienced as our loved one – whether it looks that way or not. and romanticize the IS-NESS of reality.. We will use the photo in this example.. we would never finish our dinner. This is natural for our earth-body. we will find it and in time all experiences will be looked at with child-like wonder. It must compare present experience with former experiences.Sometimes pain is just from a game we run in our minds because we are bored. It must filter present experience through former experience or it would not have time to get on with the process of growing and learning. I will never lose my wonderful memory of experiencing life with you. it can feel like a big piece of our body and soul was just cut out of us with a jagged. Any other thoughts will not be conducive to our learning the spiritual good that was the essence of the experience. but I know I have to. Tell your loved one that you really. We have only lost our child-like wonder because of all the experiences we have had since we were 5 or 6 years old and we tend to see more and more things through the memory of previous experience. but I shall lovingly let you pass into whatever your existence is now.

It will hurt for perhaps a little while or perhaps a long while. then we have no business suffering at all. In fact. you will be wracked with almost uncontrollable sobbing and pain. The loved one who died would want to be happy and to go and enjoy living. Thankfulness that I had the opportunity experience what I experienced with my “loved one”. When I found her dead. We had our fights but we usually grew them when we faced them and didn't try to reject or resist the problem that was the source of the fight. It depends on the degree of our resistance. If they want us to suffer. So he or she would want you to be happy – right? Of course. she had one of the nicest smiles that I had ever seen here have. live. I believe my wife loved me with the passion I loved her.” Saying these things to your loved one who has died will hurt at first. I love living in this Earthly-plane of existence. I am still learning from experiencing her and her death. they would want us to go on. If there is anyway they would be aware of our crying and suffering over their death. I am in no hurry to die. If the happening was not necessary in the evolution of myself. my loved one and the universe. It took me two years after my wife died before I could even smile for more than a moment or two.learn how everything works out for the best even if I do not think it is for the best. There was something she had to learn through her experience of death. A special thing she had to learn or else she would not have died a 22 year-old. grow and be happy – if they loved us. their “spiritual-heart” would feel like it was breaking watching us suffer. it wouldn't be happening. However. My memory now of experiencing the spirit of my first wife is now one of beauty and thankfulness. Seeing that smile I knew death did not have to be painful and may even be a wonderful experience. As I write this. 156 . I now do not fear the death process. I presume your loved one loved you with the passion you loved him or her. I just pray I do not have to experience much pain in the process prior to my actual experience of death. Sometimes we are so close to the trees that we cannot see the whole forest. That is. after a minute or two.

they will either leave the gutter or stay in the gutter helping others rise out of the gutter. If there was not something for them to learn in the gutter. We will look upon 157 . They cannot share our intimate experience of the journey. We all know how difficult is to explain our feeling with words. The more we embrace it as an opportunity for growth. As soon as we learn from a problem. they would not be in the gutter. This divine mission might be cleaning toilets or leading the country in which we find ourselves living. Even the arguments were experienced in the physical earth-realm. the more difficult it is to let go. in time. The experience is the vehicle of and for Truth. The experience is a manifestation of Truth. has been learned. We can only assume that our feeling is similar to the other person's feeling. Even the person living in the gutter has a divine mission. The more beautiful our memories. No one can experience our steps with us. we will not see ourselves as having any more problems. We will see all an opportunities for growth. we must walk it alone. We all have a divine mission in this Earth-plane of our existence. We have only two choices. the more we will find the spiritual essence of the experience that will set us free from the suffering. As we keep learning. Regardless of what path we walk looking for the Truth. Once they learn what there is for them to learn. it will never be the same problem again. They can only share journeying with us. death is a final. absolute parting of the physical relationship as we knew it.The pain is within ourselves. Neither of us can feel exactly what the other one is feeling. how can we give them our feeling of our experience? Truth is in all experiences. Unless the other one has had similar experiences to ours. We must experience each step ourselves. They will stay in the gutter until they learn whatever they have to learn what there is for them to learn in the gutter. because we are unwilling to accept the experience as part of living on this Earthly-plane and choosing to learn and grow through it. Alone with God. Truth can be learned from all experiences. They can either resist or accept the working out of their divine mission. Accepting it offers a path to peace. We choose to accept it or to resist it as a growth experience. To resist it guarantees pain. They would be somewhere else. However. Of course we liked the experiences before the loved one's death while we still had them in the physical Earth-realm. Truth is in all things. When what was relevant to be learned. We think we can share our experiences but we can only share experiencing. we will then move onto another phase of our spiritual journey.

That minute. the minute is spent. The vehicles the price comes in are as many as there are possibilities in the universe. We can still learn from the memory but the moment has passed. a loved one that rejects us. whether we like it or not. then let us call it PURE. it is free. we will never want to return to the shell again. There are no exchanges. To stay in the shell will actually kill the chicken. It is our choice. Either decision will bring different results. Breaking out of the shell quickly 158 . Be open to learning or resist learning. The price we will pay in the long run is ulcers. Growth in the earlier stages is like a chicken that breaks out of its' shell Once out of the shell. Once out of the shell. Say we decide not to pay the price of accepting an experience as a growth experience. This is the only choice we have. We may think we are getting by paying a cheaper price. We either pay the price as soon as possible or the price we pay later on will be many times heavier and harder to grow through. We all have just 24 hours a day to spend on life regardless of how rich or how poor we may think we are. Choose to learn immersed in a feeling of all the love you ever dreamed of having. We will pay a price for not learning from our experiences. If we must romanticize the IS-NESS OF REALITY. once surely as we spend it. Once we break out of the shell. this is an illusion. There is a price for every experience in life. or if we put the learning off long enough we might feel we won't have to pay the price.every experience a part of the spiritual learning process and see the beauty of life manifesting as the learning experience. the rewards are infinitely greater than if stayed in the shell. We will pay a price even for not paying a price. Once we spend any minute on anything that is important or not important to us. Bad only because we will have to continue to go through more and more of the same until we learn what there is for us to learn through the experience. However. To stay in the shell is to live a limited life to say the least. ABSOLUTE LOVE – BECAUSE IT IS OF GOD – IT IS GOD. psychosomatic illnesses. It is gone forever. once we see and accept the Truth. Choose to learn or not learn. that moment of our life in this Earth-plane has passed. Things are bad only when we do not learn. There are no refunds. Feel this feeling because it is already true.

You could spend all the money in the universe and not find Truth. Life will keep trying to teach us. If it is. If we do not learn.definitely requires more discipline and desire for growth than staying in the shell. It is perfectly alright. appreciate the fact that you have a chance to do anything at all and you will know the joy and the blessing of your existence. When we grow to the awareness that all happenings are working out for the good of the evolution of the universe – when our consciousness is aware of this fact – when we accept this awareness as the truth that is – then we are truly free. Life does not have to bring that experience to us again. The price builds up so slowly that we don't think any concern even if we are aware enough to notice the price building up. It just has to be alright for us to have or not have anything in the Universe. sooner or later. Sometimes we are the vehicle life uses to get someone else to 159 . Our growth experiences will be relevant to our individual lever of awareness. Our bodies and physical lives are used to better Creation. intentions and desires. sometimes life has other plans for us regardless of what we think. want or desire. regardless of the results of your leaning. Our dreams. regardless of what we would think would better Creation. We think staying in our shell is the safest thing we can do. Either you pay it off as soon as possible or it almost always increases in the amount you eventually have to pay. intentions and desires are what give us a sense of direction in fulfilling our diving mission on whatever plane of existence we find ourselves. If it is not. so be it. It is only an illusion that we can choose what experiences life will bring us. Of course we must try to achieve our dreams. You do not have to give up anything to find truth. In fact. whether we would like it to be or not. all things as we see them considered. Once we learn from an experience. so be it. to learn. Then one day. we either have to pay the price of breaking out of the shell or ending up paying the price of bankruptcy. Lean the weight of your influence in the direction you would like your life to go. Our only choice is to grow. But in the long run that price is like a charge account. We are players on a stage. However.

have dreams. If death is the end of our existence. Perhaps after our experience of death. life might hit you in the head with a ball bat. Like I said. They are directional 160 . If there is any possible chance that this life is part of learning process for eternity. not aware of not being aware. only one of two things can possibility happen after the experience we call death.grow. both our death and the death of others. we had better choose to grow and accept nature to be whatever nature is. However. This is because of the Universal Law of Return. One is NOTHING – Dead – Gone forever into oblivion. then nothing is worth being unhappy while we still live. Get drunk. However. without fail. the infinite body in which we live. move and have our being. Just do not do anything to anybody that you couldn't handle if it was being done to you. the second possibility is there is a continuation of us being aware of individually existing somewhere. it will return. Don't deceive yourself. We cannot ever become the god that is the source and sustainer of our existence. sooner or later. The fist and the ball bat are just vehicles to carry the energy to its destination – someone else's nose or your head. nothing matters anyway to the dead person. We must let them go or live in different levels of misery. The energy we send out will return. There is nothing we can do to bring him or her back to life. Learning is Eternal. We must let the person go. we will pay a price for not learning things in this experience of life prior to our death experience. All of creation is just a vehicle for God to express God. we had better learn all we can. if we look into the experience we will see potentials for our own growth also. this does not necessarily mean that someone will hit you in the nose. We learn through the experience we call death. into nothingness. The essence of what and why we did something will come back. If you hit someone in the nose. If this is the case. But sometime. When what we do to another doesn't come back the exact way we did it. get somebody else. The energy we send out will return to us. but so will not learning cost a price. It does not punish – It educates. use any crutch to get through the rest of your life that helps. intentions and desires. This is the way the universe educates us. Learning will cost a price. Sure. Therefore we will never stop learning. If this happens. God will always be at least one step ahead of us. We will only be alive once so enjoy it as much as you can.

husband. Even a cockroach has its place.finders leading to fulfillment of our divine potential as co-creators in the infinite mind of God. What is more incredible than living life itself? However. Everything has its place. No person can experience our pleasures or our pain for us Not mother. with the appreciation of being aware of being aware. Something else would be happening until something else is relevant. It is doing it's divine mission. What we fear comes upon us. The principles of the Universe are very simple. Anything in the physical universe can be taken out of our awareness without even a moments notice. we will enjoy life because we will not depend on life to anything but existing for our happiness. brother. it will take time. Anything we resist becomes permanent as long as we resist it. To fear anything means there is something to be learned through what we fear. what is happening or what may happen in the future. The only thing that can upset me is my thought about what has happened. our life will be more beautiful than we could imagine – because we will be living life itself. patience and a willingness to experience things we may not want to experience. wife or child. Their profundity is in their simplicity. The more this thankfulness fills us. We can change our life by changing our thoughts. father. it would not be happening. One day or perhaps a thousand days from now. If an experience is not relevant to our growth. The principles of driving an automobile are very simple: Step 161 . It takes many different forms of energy and defecates the energy as a simpler form of energy. To have the building blocks of life. the more we will be able to everything to be or not to be. Happy that we exist in any form or fashion. It is one of God's best energy transformers. life must be broken down into small building blocks. Once this thankfulness for being aware of being aware fills our very being-ness. God and awareness of being aware are all we really have. Learn especially from these unwanted experiences. They hold the greatest potential for self-growth. Never forget that all we really have is God and our awareness. sister. We must be thankful that we have had a chance to experience anything and anywhere.

it will assume the negative way is the way you want and it will help lead you to negative experiences. It is determined by our thoughts. sooner or later we will act in selfdestructive ways. Very simple but not necessarily easy to do. we learned by experience. Then when we say the thought it is recorded again. When we speak.one. Feed pain or lack into your computer brain and it will feed on it and produce more of the same in your life. mentally and emotionally. which is to serve you. We were non-professionals in everything at one time or another in our life. Step five – Now Drive. 162 . or singing about the lack of something you desire in your life such as “I need the love of a natural man” will strongly influence how you view and experience life. What is repeated the most will become the most dominant part of our physical and mental experience. We learn other things the same way. If we program self-destructive thoughts. It can do only the job it was made to do. Most of us could not do anything until we were at least a few weeks old. Every thought is recorded whether we think it is recorded or not. Every painful emotion is recorded in the present moment as you listen to the song. Step two. Our computer-like mind and our machine-like body produce nothing better than what we feed it physically. if someone sticks us with a pin. Painful emotion songs such as “She broke my heart and I don't know how I will live without her”. Listen to songs that sound beautiful but have painful messages can be injurious to our health. Of course. Repeat something often enough and long enough and it will become part of you. Double jeopardy or double beauty. You feed it fifty negative thoughts and only twenty positive thoughts. in spite of our efforts to be constructive. but then it has passed and except for the lingering pain. Step four. Feed it fifty positive thoughts and only 20 negative thoughts and it will strive to lead you towards positive experiences. Step three. Do anything often enough and long enough and it will become part of us. It will become a habit. Even then. What thoughts we choose to entertain will determine how long the mental upsetness stays with us. Keep trying. by trial and error. It lives on the instructions you feed it. Even writing a letter was not easy for us before we even learned how to print at 3. we will be upset the moment it happens. 4 or 5 years of age. the upsetness has passed also. we think the thought before we speak it.

Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God and All Things Will be Added Unto you. get up and press on. It is God's pleasure to give you the Kingdom of Heaven. What matters is your sincere desire for the Kingdom of Heaven and sooner or later – you will receive it. How can it be anything else but good. You will find it has always been in you. We can negate nothing in our life that has already past. We can only change by thinking the thoughts we want to be in our mind and our life. You just have to accept it. You know only what you have experienced. You only sought it outside of yourself. Know that there is More.Through all this. forgive yourself and know that you will do and think the right thing the next opportunity you have.. until you experience them. We can think anything about it we choose – but IT STILL IS. It has never been anywhere else. 163 . But if you keep on keeping on. around you and always with you.. God is singular in Essence. Be open to even greater experience. At first. There is a voice that keeps trying to say to us “There is More. The day will come that it even seems too easy and you will wonder why more spirit-people do not see things the way you do. If we must call the ISNESS OF REALITY anything. you know them not. The price you pay will be only a fraction of the value you will experience. To experience life in and through any of its' infinite manifestations is the most incredible thing I can think of. forgive yourself one more time. However. As many times as you stumble. LET US CALL IT GOOD.. but infinite in It's Divine Manifestations. It is the is-ness of Reality. If and when you think you have failed to do what you know or feel you should do. The Kingdom of God is within the innermost center of your very being. We can change by addition.” Each hears this voice in our own individual way. You have heard of higher levels of awareness. it will seem to just get harder and harder. We are so conditioned by this Earthly-plane of experience that we are afraid to take a chance on letting go in order to get.Just the fact that life exists at all and that you have had a chance to experience it at all.. Death is a part of life. Life. your spiritual reality will not give up trying to inspire us. it will start getting easier and easier. Don't forget it also will sooner or later become a habit. We may not like it but we could not exist on this earthly-plane without it.

Just because we do not like it does not make it bad. A God that is self-aware throughout creation. There is only God and manifestations of God. and then. or want to see the value it offers us spiritually. then we will see a negative situation transform into the good that it always was. The true “self” of us. the spirit that is eternal. there is only good in the universe. regardless of what name you wish to give it. the Universal Spirit or God that contributes to our labeling anything as bad. and becomes part of the building blocks for new expressions of earth life. Some might call this continuation of the awareness of being aware a continuation of our self-consciousness. disintegrates. that becomes their reality. 164 . it is just our inability to see things from the value of the perspective of God – from the point of view of Omnipresence and the Universal Self. If we understand the value of anything that happens. It is our inability to see things from the perspective of the Universal Self. Most of what we call bad is because we are labeling it bad – because we do not like it and either do not see. or expressions of God within God. Good is in the center of every experience that appears to be negative. If we can know that good is all there is. The first proposition is the belief in the Omnipresence of God. then we know the good that it offers. What we see in the mirror and what we call our “human” self dies.Bad Things DO NOT Happen to Good People Good is in the center of every single thing that appears to be negative. The word or concept “bad” is a value judgment based on our limited point of view or our selfish desire of what we prefer to be experiencing. An omnipresent reality means there is no room for anything else. The second proposition is the continuation of our awareness of being aware after the death of our earthly body. The true us does not die. Consciousness of the continuation of the self we are referencing when we say “I”. Not the continuation of what we see in the mirror and what we “think” is us. of course. Most of what we think is “us” is not us at all. Once we accept the first two propositions of AMSWAY. including in a negative situation. But there is no bad in the Universe. Most people do not see the good because they label something as bad. the real “I” is the soul.

Parents. Are you following me? We are not the face we see in the mirror.raped. The spirit that they truly were and are was not killed. then it goes on somewhere. We do not have a spirit within us. Think about it. and in. Our body is what we use to contribute to 165 . if there is anything after our body dies. Remember. girlfriends. means that God was with. that is self-aware through the manifestations of God that we call physical reality. The body is our vehicle of communication. then we are the spirits that go on. What lessons could possibly be worth the death of the child? The lessons have to do with the education of the spirit that was experiencing through the body of the child and education of the spirits who were experiencing through the bodies of the ones left behind on earth. Where do WE go? Do we ride piggyback on our soul? Of course not. nor are we the bones under the flesh. If there is a soul. raped. We are the soul that has a body. How could a compassionate God allow a seemingly innocent child to be tortured and killed? There must be some very important lessons to be learned through the experience – both for the child that experienced the torturous death and the loved ones the child left behind. The body is our vehicle of transportation. We do not have a soul. Only our loved one’s body was killed. A belief in an Omnipresent God. tortured or and killed.There have been a lot of sorrowful and seemingly tragic and senseless experiences spirit-people have had. Perhaps all three in one experience . If there is a soul. then we could not have compassion since we totally live. then our soul would go on and we would not. We are the witness of what we see in the mirror. We are the spirit looking and experiencing through what we call the physical body. then no one has ever been really killed. We must remember that if there is anything for body after our earthly body dies. we must be the soul that continues. children boyfriends. then when the body dies the body disintegrates and literally becomes food for other creatures and becomes one with the earth again to become part of new life forms. nor are we the flesh under the face. each one that was tortured and killed. If we are not the soul that continues. Therefore an Omnipresent God has compassion. We have compassion. tortured AND killed. If an Omnipresent God did not have compassion. We are the soul experiencing through what we call the physical body on what we call Earth. move and have our entire existence within this Omnipresent God.

If I would have closed my eyes and 166 . No. I will give you a few examples of what seemingly innocent spirit-humans are doing to creation that would warrant some VERY painful lessons from a God of compassion. understanding. Spirits just have different levels of awareness. for whatever reason. The spirits in the young children and the spirits in the bodies of their parents are eternal spirits. I watched a seal cub hunt. we must eventually have it done unto us. this mother seal sounded just like that spirit-human mother.the rest of creation. One seal hunt in particular. you really do not know the situation. the mother seal came over to it and looked down at her baby. Some of the trials and some of the errors can be very painful. Many years ago. Hunters were rounding up baby seals with beautiful white fur for the purpose of making coats out of their skin and fur. After it was dead. All of a sudden. I remember watching a baby seal being killed by a hunter. If you have ever seen a mother in the Middle East who just picked up her dead baby who was just killed by a bomb. Our body is what we use to learn to be better contributors to the rest of creation. It is the reason for most of what we call painful lessons. However. Whew. We learn through trial and error. we continued to do what we knew we should not have continued to do. Spirits do not have an age. In order to truly know what we did to someone. that was a long sentence. We put off applying the lesson and doing what we knew we should do until the pain of not applying the lesson was so great that we decided not to continue doing what we knew we should have stopped doing long ago. Which one of us has not had many learning experiences that were painful only because we did not apply the lessons what they were offered to us in less painful ways? God tried to teach us in more gentle ways. and listened to her wails of pain. acceptance and ability to apply universal laws and principles. This would have messed up the potential saleable value of the seal coats. These hunters did not hunt with a gun. re-read it until you get it. the mother seal raised her head as far up to the sky as she could and let out the most heart-wrenching wailing sound that I have ever heard. they killed the baby seals by hitting their heads with a big club until they died. What they can handle as spiritual beings expressing the Glory of Infinite God is determined by what lessons they have learned and apply in their daily living. Until you have tasted both sides of the situation. However. Spirits just have different levels of potential for manifesting the Glory of God based on what they can handle.

sooner or later. I would have sworn to you that it was human – not animal. I had a beautiful toy poodle at the time. If we did not brush our hair. looking up at me begging me to give him some of my snack. if you know what I mean. What heartbreak she must have felt. They were poodles. He had a beautiful curly black coat of hair. Well. would they?” Of course they would have. No one was even going to eat the meat. The pain she was feeling was from a senseless killing of her baby. some sheep dogs. 167 . Afghans. looked back at him and said to him. Greyhounds. The ones who purchase and wear the furs of these baby seals – are they innocent of their deaths and are they innocent of causing the terrible suffering of the baby seal’s mother? One way or another. Maltese. but there was no lack of pain in the wailing painfulness of what I heard her express. How could they do that to him? He was so sweet and so smart – you know just what I mean. don’t you? My poodle was family. Even wearing wool is contributing to the painful and fearful slaughter of millions of sheep yearly. Are the ones who wear these coats innocent of the slaughter of the dogs that went into making their coat? Even the wool industry is not without blood. They actually skinned the baby seal right there on the ice. Terriers. and others. Dalmatians. they will have to learn what they truly did in order to make money or to stroke their vanity. Shih Tzus. The painful emotion the mother seal was expressing was coming from her core of whatever consciousness she possessed. The article I was reading at the time was about a man in Africa who was raising dogs to kill and make coats out of their skin. The wool industry is arm and arm with the slaughterhouse industry. looked back at the article. She cannot think in words like we do. I noticed that he was next to me. He was part of my family. He definitely was my friend. Another example is I was eating a snack once while reading the newspaper.did not know the wailing was coming from the mother seal. This is why what we call shed-less dogs get matted hair if their hair is not washed and brushed regularly. As I was reading the article. She could not understand that her baby died so that some human could look good and keep warm in her dead baby’s skin and fur. Get the picture? I looked at him. “They would not do that to you. The dogs were the type of dogs who do not have fur. What a sight for the mother seal to see. they have hair. our hair would get matted from the little hair that we lose day to day. He was almost like my child. The hair is like ours.

Some even try to eat through their leg bones to escape the chains holding them. They pull back and say they could not watch it. He has been a vegan since he was born. a roast chicken or a lobster. At least I do not give the potato pain and suffering before I start cooking it. I am over 60 now. It was violently struggling to get away. I have been a vegan since my son was born 11 years ago. an X-Box live gamer who is rated 334 in the United States and Canada on at least one of the games he plays. Some religions actually want us to believe they especially kill the animals humanely.average in an International School he attends. they smell the death in the slaughterhouse. They animals waiting their turn for the killing knife or the killing bolt. The fish did not look like it liked it at all. it normally takes four to five minutes for the brain to become irreversibly damaged? The animal is aware while this brain death process is occurring. They are VERY scared. they will go out and have a steak. I have been a vegetarian for over 30 years. Have you ever seen a slaughter house and the slaughtering process? The slaughtering industry will try to tell you that they humanely kill the livestock. Later 168 . He has an A. He is a star basketball player. They are scared.Another example is the slaughtering of the billions of animals each year for food for spirit-humans. Are we turning away from the pain and suffering we are giving to billions of creatures YEARLY because we only have to look at it in a sanitized plastic container in the grocery store. He just gets stomach aches and headaches when he has overdosed on junk food – usually when I am not watching him. slit their throat and allow them to bleed to death. I remember one of them spearing a fish and holding it out of the water at the end of the spear. or the killing shot of electricity hear the other animals right before and during the killing process. What fear are we sowing to these billions of animals YEARLY because of our lust for the taste of their flesh? Do you realize that even if the body goes into shock. They might be in shock and cannot feel the pain any longer but what is going on in their mind? What would be going on in your mind during this few minutes after someone cut your throat? Most people I speak to will not even watch a slaughterhouse video. Have you ever heard a lobster scream when it was put into the boiling water alive to prepare it for the enjoyment of some spirit-human at a table out of sight and out of sound of the killing field? One time I was watching some people spear-fishing. This is killing humanely? Before the animals are killed. However. Are we turning away from the pain and suffering we are causing because of the good aromas of the cooking flesh with the delicious herbs and seasoning we smell coming out of the kitchen? I feel the same way about smelling a potato cooking with garlic and onions. They hang them up by their legs. He hardly ever gets sick.

I do know that if I try to catch one for dinner. I know they do not think in words. However. What about the wars in the name of God? Remember. and the fish looks at me through its’ eyes.that day. Well. Within a few minutes after I entered the store I started feeling very uncomfortable. I got to the store and it actually took me a couple of hours to leave the store. How many billions of fish are killed each year. I do not know how a fish thinks. Fish are not necessary for human health. I remembered earlier in the day the image of the fish struggling to no avail to get off the spear and get back into the water to live. leaves and other things without ever causing pain that God has given me the awareness giving to another feeling creature. I felt all the dead eyes staring at me. that it probably sees and feels what I would see and feel if someone was trying to catch me for a reason I did not know. Sort of like a very fearful burst of energy to get away from injury. A carrot does not have a central nervous system that enables it to feel what we call pain. including flax seeds which give me good sources of what people think they need fish to get – such as the Omega Oils. it tries to swim away as quickly as possible. for the taste of their flesh? Some say they eat the fish for health reasons. I can eat over 450 different fruits. However. one persons freedom fighter is another person’s terrorist. I can still outrun any of my son’s classmates. they do act like they have some intelligence and sense of self awareness. a friend of mine asked me to go to the fish store and pick up some shrimp for her. I would look at them and feel fear and do my best to get away – just like the fish. nuts roots. I am one of the healthiest 60-year old spirit-humans I have ever met. I eat mostly healthy nonanimal foods. They all had eyes. grains. I do not need fish to be healthy. This is just an excuse to not think that a cow feels more of what we feel as pain than a carrot feels. I definitely can do more pushups than most of them. The ones who plan and fight the wars and the ones who go along with their government and do not protest the wars are equally guilty of the pain and suffering caused by the war machines. Look at all the pain and suffering caused by the endless wars in the history of the human species. Again. vegetables. Some say carrots scream when I pull them out of the ground. I looked at all the fish in the fish cases and one thing was unavoidable. seeds. I loved eating shrimp and said I would be happy to go for her. 169 . I do not know what is in the mind of a fish. I do know that if I am attempting to catch the fish.

even the parent who we call a terrorist is not a terrorist – he or she is the child’s father or mother. but as our heart tells us we should submit. Submission to the will of God is what God asks of us. But which one can tell you how you uniquely should do the will of God. “Not your will but God’s will be done”. Which one of those people really knows the will of God for YOU? Which one should you listen to when he or she tells you that you should do unto another what you would not want done unto you? The greatest religions all say we should love our God with all our heart and all our soul. The way we as a species are raping the earth leads me to believe it is only a matter of time before the earth regurgitates us in order to survive. YOU DO UNTO GOD. very careful why you do what you do. What about the starving children around the world? How often do you leave the dinner table so stuffed you feel your stomach will burst? Perhaps you should have eaten a little less and somehow got involved in feeding the starving children. Be sure that the reasons you do what you do are reasons you 170 . if you kill a soldier that has children. Not as other spirit-human tells us we should submit. if you believe in the Omnipresence of God. This child is going to grow up with a hatred of you and dream of getting back at you for taking their parent away from them. Most of the religions that have ever existed have all said.In a war. What about the thousands of children that die daily because of not having fresh water to drink? How much drinking water do you waste in the shower and then do nothing to help these children get some safe water to drink? Remember. What are YOU putting in front of what you know you should be doing for the Glory of God? What about the pain and suffering to mother earth? Cutting down rain forests and taking away the living space of untold numbers of creatures. then what you do to the least of creation. They will grow up and blow up a bus with your children on it and the revenge cycle will continue. What about the things we put in front of our love of God? What about the people we put before God? Perhaps God has to take some of these things and these people from us in order for us to realize that God must be number one in our life. Even humans who mean well have their own agenda and their own opinion of the right way to love and do the will of God. Be very. do you really think the children of the dead soldier will understand why you killed their father? To the child.

I could understand and accept this. A God of compassion knows we might only learn what we did to the animals by experiencing similar situations where we are the one who is scared. I have no right to expect from God what I am not willing to give first.could understand and accept if it was being done unto you. We will only truly know what we did by having it done unto us.any and all of creation that would feel the result of my compassion. if someone wanted to kill me for the lust of the taste of my flesh or the enjoyment of hunting me and killing me. cows. However. A God of compassion accepts us as we are and understands that we will finally see the eternal light of righteousness through lessons that will sometimes burn like the kitchen stove flame burns the child who will not learn the truth of heat until actually touching and feeling the flame. I have no right to expect from God what I am not willing to plant first into the soil of creation. A lot of spirit-humans say that God is punishing people for sins committed. A God of compassion shows us the error of our ways in the only way we will understand and the only way we will truly know what we planted. It is simple. but I definitely would not understand and accept their reasoning. 171 . When we experience it happening to us. frightened and painfully put to death for reasons that we cannot understand. You tell your child to be careful of the hot stove. he or she will not really know what you were warning them about. A God of compassion does not punish. Of course I would defend myself and kill them if necessary to survive. bees. I must give it to humans. even mother earth . but until we eat the fruit. After getting burned. I must give it to others what I wish to receive from others. If someone believed they needed to kill me and eat me in order to survive and be healthy. we really do not know what we planted. We may plant the seed. However. It is a spiritual education. the experience may be wearing different clothes but the essence. A God capable of compassion educates. birds. lions. the core of what was in our heart will be what returns to us to educate us. I would still kill them if necessary. I would not think much of them. then most of the seemingly unjustified spirit-human suffering seems to have a simple purpose. until the child one day burns his or herself on the hot stove or the hot flame coming from the kitchen range. If what you do to the least of all you do unto God. hopefully the child will think twice in the future about the warnings you give them that are based on your experience of getting burned or hurt.

unless something similar happens to us? Remember. and your grandchildren.would you? Do you want your children. you really do not want to experience the same lessons over and over . There are no chance encounters. You really wouldn't want to repeat the same lesson again . brother. is a painful and tortuous one for their body. therefore this Omnipresent God feels all the pain and the suffering that any creatures experience. What is important is that you learn through the death experience what is uniquely there for you to learn. Again. There are no chance relationships. feeling creatures. son. Only the physical vehicle that you are presently using is what dies. I will ask you. How can we learn the suffering we cause other living. the spirit that you are never dies. daughter. There are no chance deaths. move and have our very being within Omnipresent God. breathing. They can only kill your body. There are no chance births. if we do not experience a little of it ourselves? Even your own injury or death has lessons for you to learn. They only kill the body.DO YOU? 172 . No one can ever kill the spirit that you are experiencing as your mother. the manifestations of Omnipresent God. Not if you believe in an Omnipresent. friend or lover. to have to learn the lessons in the same painful way that you seem to need to have the lessons done unto you? Perhaps you should be a better living example of the compassion you want God and the world to give you and to your children. sister. in a spiritual sense. the spirit that was living through the body of the loved one had a lesson to learn through the way he or she died and also had a lesson to learn through the actual death. Even if the death of your loved one. God has all eternity and the entire universe to use to teach you what you need to learn to be the best co-creator you can be. Remember. what that seal mother was feeling watching her seal baby being clubbed to death. No one can ever kill you. Omnipresent means this God is living through all creation. what we feel .How can we really know. All those who were close to the loved one who was injured or killed also had spiritual lessons offered to them through the experience. compassionate God. There can be no other answer if God is an Omnipresent and compassionate God. father. Since we live.God feels.

“What Do I Have to Do to Get Your Attention?” Sometimes a compassionate God has to take away our eyes for us to truly see. When the chain caught him.A compassionate God does not punish. Perhaps you will be born in a society that kills and tortures their citizens and you will look at the rest of the world and wonder why they are not helping you. deaf and could not speak. and do it NOW. You will be educated – if you were not doing it for the reasons you would understand if it was being done unto you. Sometimes a compassionate God has to grab us by our shoulders. you almost have to get directly in front of him. What you do unto the least of all. It just might prolong your present earthly life or the life of a loved one. For him to see you. they fused the bones and saved his life. I met him in his new vehicle – a wheelchair. A different example of how something that happens to us that we really. you do unto God. who was blind. The only difference was this was reality. do what you know you should be doing. The other night I met a 42year old man who six months ago was having a wonderful time on an ATV. He also broke some bones in his neck and back. I told him that in the greatest tragedy. Picture him being caught on the neck by the chain and yanked off his ATV. I asked him would he trade his paralysis if all he had to do was trade 173 . really would not want to happen might just be one of the best things to ever happen to us is something I experienced a couple of days ago. if you are but open to see it. However. He cannot move his neck even an inch in either direction side to side. doesn’t it? Well. an All Terrain Vehicle. This was not funny. a chain across his path he did not see caught him in his throat. He told me that he has not found the treasure yet. They thought he was going to die. I asked him if he ever heard of Helen Keller. over rocks and through creeks. I know you have seen this happen in cartoons. he was having a great time and all of a sudden. shake us and yell in a loud voice. Be very. Perhaps you will be born into a family that has no food and you will look at the humans who have plenty and wonder why they are not sharing some with you. He said yes. Looks like fun. up and down sand dunes – a small four-wheel motorcycle without windows or doors. You know the ones you see on TV that are being used offroad and you see people driving up hills and down hills. there is a great treasure. which one of us is really doing all that we really know we should be doing for the Glory of God? Sometimes a compassionate God has to kick us in the head to get our attention. That would not be a bad as we think since we will have other eyes someday and somewhere in a future body. Until then. A compassionate God educates. very careful why you do what you do. it cut off the blood supply to part of his brain and he had a stroke. We may not like the education. However.

for the handicapped. How many lawyers would dedicate their lives to helping paralyzed people unless they or their children became paralyzed? Perhaps they would send some money to some charities. been killed. been crippled or somehow experienced what we would not want to either experience or have our loved ones experience. If you or your child got deathly sick or died from drinking unsafe water and you can help prevent another child from starving to death or dying from drinking dirty water. it will help you in your journey. Others may help and get paid for it. but I look forward to walking some of his journey with him and getting him to think on these things. they dedicated their lives to helping prevent anyone else from ever having to suffer the pain that they suffer. the life of a lawyer does not leave much time for pursuits other than making money and spending it on rest and relaxation. I am reminded of all the spirit-humans who become fighters for the underprivileged. it will help you in your journey of acceptance. I have not had a chance to speak more with him yet on finding his treasure in his tragedy. I don’t know how to inspire him yet. I can help him find the treasures in his present wheelchair. Perhaps he will decide to bring his legal expertise to the task of help other handicapped individuals live a better life through fighting for their right to live a better life and for protecting their legal rights. other than when I helped him see how fortunate he still is. and if you can help prevent it from happening to some other child. He did not hesitate a second in saying no. but they will not be doing it from the depths of their being. However. fused neck. They will care for the people they are helping but without the salary.places with her. I at least started him on the road to thankfulness again. If you feel the pain of the other. This young 42-year old man is a lawyer. then what that lawyer can accomplish is more than money can purchase. they would get a different job. However. If you can help prevent another child from being paralyzed. A lot of your greatest advocates in helping these sick and crippled people have only joined the cause because of themselves or a loved one either having been raped. polio and all the other seemingly bad things that can and do happen to spirithumans. then he or she will 174 . If your child was raped and killed. If the lawyer has a passion for helping others in similar situations. Most of us do not have a passion for helping others unless we have experienced the pain and suffering they are experiencing. Because of the tragedy. accept and embrace the treasures. some self-help organizations. find. it will help you in your journey of acceptance. for those with cancer. left-sided paralyzed body experience as soon as he is ready to look.

I wonder how he would have felt if he had an accident and ended up in a wheelchair like the lawyer. It will become one of his or her reasons for living. strong and flexible body he had six months ago. 175 . anywhere and you will begin to see the working of God in all that you have and all that you do. for getting out of bed and greeting the day with appreciation that he or she has found a purpose greater than him or her. Truly appreciate that you have had a chance to experience anything. the spirit. and to learn whatever he needs to learn at that time. it will not happen. Hopefully. I wonder if he would have then told me that ending up in a wheelchair was worth the few minutes of pleasure speeding up and down the mountains on the motorcycle with the wind blowing through his hair. to experience whatever he needs to experience.want to be helping from the depths of their being and the money will just help him or her live his or her passion. He said he was having such a great time that it was worth whatever might have happened. his body will die and he will be free of the restrictions of his paralyzed body. Some of our greatest thrills are the experiences that could have killed us but we came through unscathed. All happens for a reason and if there is no reason for it to happen. If we believe in an Omnipresent God. It will be a purpose that will come from the gratitude in his or her heart that he or she has the opportunity to serve others through his or her personal understanding and experience of what they are going through every day of their lives. He. on a motorcycle traveling at high rates of speed up and down the steep hills. Even if he gets more bodily movement through intense physical therapy. I really doubt he would have said it was worth it. The spirit that he is within the body he has now will eventually be set free. I told a friend this story last night and he told me how he was recently in Sedona. then will go wherever he needs to go. even if we not like or understand the purpose. he will never have the healthy. Live your life thanking God for all you have and pray for God to show you how all that you experience has a divine purpose – whether it is to educate you to the error of your ways or offer you an opportunity to glorify God in a way only you can Glorify God Truly appreciate that you are aware of being aware. then all has a purpose. Arizona. You cannot believe in both an Omnipresent God and chance. But someday. he will learn all he possibly can learn from this experience and glorify God through his present situation so that he will not have to ever experience something like this again.

Any loved one you have lost. it was not right.Remember. It is beyond incredible that we have even had a chance to experience ANYTHING. I lived in intense emotional pain. what did I have to complain about? I had the marriage experience and some never even get that. I would look at someone who had 20 years of married life and say I was robbed. the spirit that was truly them did not die and they are not dead. Appreciate the time you had with them and appreciate that you can still remember experiencing them. And do not pity Helen Keller. I was cheated. The spirit that was playing the role of your loved one is eternally learning and still living for the Glory of God. He lived. They were involved in a car accident. Her death taught me the secret of alchemy. Some babies never make it out of the chute. Why me? Why me? Then one day. movement and health back. I have a long time. two years later. We had been married for two months. Truly appreciate that we have had a chance to experience ANYTHING and we will be well on our way to finding the treasure in the midst of tragedy. This will make your life lighter and easier to continue. sooner or later. Remember. it is no longer a tragedy. Since we all eventually die. Once we find the treasure. For two years I lived cursing any and all the Gods I could think of. I woke up when my body was 21 and found my pregnant wife dead in bed next to me. I woke up and read about a young man on his way home with his new wife from his wedding. 176 . He never even got home from his wedding. I had two who months more than he did of experiencing the happiness of being married to one I loved. She even wrote books describing how grateful to God she was for what God had given her. Any loved one that has died and left you with only memories. However. I had two months with my new wife. The secret is the attitude we bring to each and every act. yes I was robbed. but she died. are never born. They do not want you to be sad or to be unhappy that they are no longer with you. This will allow them to continue on their journey wherever it will take them with lightness and happiness. the secret of turning lead into gold. All of a sudden I realized that compared to one who had 20 years of married life. even the paralyzed lawyer I met the other night would not trade places with Helen Keller even if it meant having all his other physical strength. the attitude we bring to each and every experience we have that will determine whether we find a curse or a blessing within the experience. compared to him. For two years after finding her dead.

People just resist seeing the Glory of God working out in each and every thing that happens. 177 . both through you and your loved ones? Will you call it a curse or will you call it a blessing? Whichever you choose to call it.Bad things do not happen to good people. they find their blessing. Which will you choose to look for? Will you call it bad and find more of bad? Or will you pray for the lesson that will lead you to the treasure of seeing the Glory of God working in your life. they find their pain. In their acceptance. In their resistance. you will most surely find it.

This outlet is usually a physical ailment. However. The untrained person can not do a heart transplant. the surgical miracle of transplanting a heart form one body to another body can be accomplished. that person must have a deeper understanding of God and God's laws to apply that ability than the "'average" person has. For example. Therefore a healing takes place. the better he or she can be used by God to perform the miracle of heart transplantation. If the time is right in consciousness for a person to have a spontaneous healing. With the release of this energy block in consciousness the disease is no longer needed as an outlet for the stress. At the moment in consciousness when the person releases the attachment to the cause of the stressful emotion. It is the body's natural state of reality to forever be attempting to heal itself. Sometimes a person is just ready for a healing to take place spontaneously. the better the surgeon understands the mechanics of that part of God's manifestation (the human body). Even a surgeon who performs a heart transplant would be called a miracle worker by the person who received the transplant if the patient didn't know of the science of surgery. A lot of diseases are caused by stresses both conscious and subconscious. The body uses a lot of energy both generating the stress and in keeping the stress under control. such as restoring sight to the blind. The patient would say that the surgeon performed a "miracle". a butterfly flitting past the line of sight of the person might be just the catalyst that releases the healing. He or she has to be "in tune" with the cosmic symphony. However. For a person to be a daily "healer" that brings sight to the blind. are an expression of a person's conscious intimate relationship with God. energy is no longer needed to keep the emotion and stress hidden or in check. It doesn't always succeed but it sure does an incredible job most of the time. 178 . After years of professional preparation to be a "vehicle" for higher levels of God's expression through him or her.Miracles What we call miracles. an occasional healing may take place according to the faith of those affected by it. the underlying emotion will find an outlet somewhere.

miracles in our lives. and will receive. 179 . the more we are open to.What we call miracles are just the universal laws working in ways we do not perceive. The more we are in tune with the universal symphony.

What about people that work. Whether a person can design skyscrapers or doorways will be determined by what he or she can handle in consciousness. As an example. for the status. Same with arranging music. we can eventually hope to someday design a skyscraper that won't come tumbling down on our heads. I have now come to understand this in the 180 . practice. The great thing about being a human is that we can start out able to design doorways. practice.Destiny Every person is born with a destiny of potential. for the weekend. patience and the desire that is great enough to sustain the years of study. Some will eventually build Empire State buildings. unpolished arrangements to the more detailed. People do one of two things while living. for a car or any other possession imaginable. for an apartment. We have choices which have an influence on the life's path that we will find ourselves experiencing. A person's ability to arrange can evolve from very simple. a lot of people are born to be architects. I used to hear a saying. What is your inner desire? Recognition? Fame? Money to do and go where you want? What if you don't get any of these things? Would you still appreciate the miracle that you had a chance to see and smell the flowers along the way? Would you like to know the best way to accomplish all this and still enjoy the process? Then pay heed to the following words and deny their righteousness if you can. for the titles. for the pleasure of doing? They do not consider their work a burden because they are doing what fulfills their inner prompter. These people are performing a service to the universe for what they can get out of it. They either serve or they perform a service. The difference is this: Some people work at a job for security. Their happiness is dependent on getting what they are working for. Some will design doorways. making mistakes and correcting them. masterful arrangements that a full symphony would use in their playing. You notice I said destiny of potential instead of potential destiny. or serve. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all things shall be added unto you". and after years of study. for the prestige.

They will lay gold bricks at your door for you to grace them with your knowledge. the same your present vision of the future must be flexible. Dreams and desires are God's directional signals showing us. if you are really on the right path. vocation. Seek to manifest inner dream. This is certain because only about 10% of humanity are doing what they love. situations change. Have patience. You want respect? You want recognition? You want fame? You want fortune? Then do not turn your back on the world you have been in for all these years. Keep sincerely dedicated and sooner or later one thing is certain. Have patience and know that when you are ready. The rest are doing what they are doing for something other than the pleasure of doing what they are doing. sooner or later. As your vision of the future will change over the years. You may feel you have been on the road of your life's dream for many years. sometimes drastically. Our dreams and desires give us an idea of what we are in potential. The 90% in your field that are there trying to get something out of the field other than the pleasure of serving in that particular field will beg you to tell them what you know. learn all that you can possibly can about it. The important thing is not to compromise learning all you can that will enable you to materialize your dream. Show me a person in the world that knows more than 90% of the people in his or her chosen profession that can't get money. Don't worry about the roof over your head of the food for your stomach. You will know more about your chosen desire. 181 .following way. But what about the people who are working for money? Do they ever have enough? Of course not. job or whatever you want to call it than 90% of the rest of the people. Use your mind to plan your journey but do not insist to God that your road has to go the way that your ego insists it should. what we potentially can express as a contribution to this process that we call life. Just keep your mind's eye focused on the light you have seen for these many years. They won't want to learn what you know the way you learned it because they are not doing what they are doing for love of serving the universe in that particular field. you will see the fulfillment of your dreams. You will sleep and you will eat. each in our own way. When you have more knowledge that the 90% of the people. guess what happens? The 90% will come knocking at your door. Times change. Of course they can. Don't limit your future by insisting on it being a certain way. The beacon far in front of you that has kept you going all these years. you will see the fruit of your efforts.

the more humbleness you must have. We are the carpenter that uses the tool of ego. You have only ideas and dreams. As soon as your ego got out of the away of insisting on choosing the reason that you had arrived at the place your thoughts led you to. How many times have you reluctantly went somewhere and once you got there and did what you did once you got there. We are each an individualized expression of the infinite. You know of your inner potential by dreams and thoughts that give you an idea of your potential destiny.Until then. you cannot even breathe. or once you met someone you met going there. We see our dream through a dark glass. by study. The person with the power and the ones around him or her get burned. Anytime your ego starts to puff up it's chest with pride of accomplishment. much less think. It you try and put 220 volts of electrical current through a wire that can handle only 110 volts. praised God that you went even though you had to be dragged kicking and screaming all along the way to there? 182 . A wire cannot grow in ability to handle larger amounts of current. but you can. expressing as reality. grow in ability to handle bigger currents and bigger forces. How many times have you had a thought you should go to a certain place for a certain event to happen and when you got there you couldn't do what you thought you were to do? Then you decided you would look around and see what you could do since you were there. That's one million volts of electricity flowing through it. application and patience. you then proceeded to learn something or even meet someone and had a wonderful experience. God is all reality. Some wires can handle 1.000. The ego will sometimes destroy us rather than acknowledge it is an illusion. hope that you do not do too much too soon. what happens? It burns up after a minute or two. Without humbleness. remind it that except by the grace of God. people have a tendency to get burned. You have the dreams and the ideas necessary to keep your energies focused in the proper direction. The ego is a tool that thinks it is the carpenter. The ego likes to think that it is God and can do ANYTHING it sets out to do. You can. You as a human can do what the wire cannot do. even if the direction sometimes seems to be going differently from what your ego insisted should be happening. desire. The more current you are capable of handling. it may burn you.000 volts. omnipresent intelligence that is the source of all reality.

In the watching and my reflecting on his circling. Guess which way you should go? Go in the direction you feel is right. And all this because of my addiction to cigarettes and "accidentally" dropping them in the toilet. One will feel open and the other will feel empty. I actually forgot for the hour that I went down to get some cigarettes. I reluctantly got dressed and went down to the corner store to get a pack. you have a choice of two paths. then get out of the way so it can serve you as it was intended. One will feel peaceful and the other one will feel abrasive. There was no luck or accident involved. It knows best what is the next relevant thing for you to do. 183 . What happens if you consciously try to direct each movement necessary to drive your car? Once you learned enough that your driving was on semi-automatic. Give the body a good set of clear instructions. Use your inner light as a directional finder. you actually drove. the body usually does a better job of it. not the feeling you manufactured after thinking about it for a while. I just had to have a cigarette at that moment. How can our conscious mind know all that is relevant for us to do? Leave breathing up to the conscious mind and sooner or later it would forget to breathe. Doesn't it sound a trifle egotistical to think that your conscious thoughts about what is the best thing for you to do even knows the whole picture. On the corner where the store was. especially since I was looking at my cigarettes in the toilet water. Go with dedicated intensity and an open mind as to what you will discover along the way. Go with the first feeling. I watched him going around and around in a circle for about a hour. Well. The spiritual process moved the experience along. One will feel sweet and the other will feel sour. I could not wait until the morning to get more cigarettes. Our conscious mind is for analyzing and instructing.One time when I was very addicted to cigarettes. my insights about life and myself were astounding. When the conscious mind tells the body where it wants to go and then allows the body to get you there. about two in the morning I went to the bathroom and when I flushed the toilet I accidentally dropped my cigarettes in the toilet. It programs the computer that runs the servomechanism that we call our body. At every junction of your journey. One will feel colorful and the other will feel dim. I saw a bum that had mental problems going around in circles constantly. Your inner prompter will always give you a sense of direction.

Seek ye for the joy of doing and you will be rewarded more than you could ever imagine. Just know that the toys are not the reason you are being so blessed in life. recognition. and you will get more from the universe than even you could bargain for. 184 . The people on social security today are the ones we have to thank for laying the telephone llines and building the companies that produce all the nice toys that we enjoy. There is nothing wrong in using these toys along our life's journey. for relaxation? You want fame. means that our happiness is dependent on achieving these things and then we had better work our butt off to try and insure that we keep them. the pen you write with. the material for your teeth. All of us have the urge to serve the universal life force that gave us life. Serve the universe grateful that you have the potential to be a vehicle for expressing one million volts of universal energy through you. for status only. Know that you are a vehicle for God to express through and you will gradually be able to handle the power that will be part and parcel of the success that you desire. even if you get the millions. and that is the only force that can insure us eternal life. Serve them for the pleasure that you get out of serving them and you won't be able to stop them giving you fame. They are like icing on a cake. the speakers you listen to your music through. the telephone and the telephone line you use to speak to someone across a distance of a thousand miles. for houses. you serve enough people through music and they will shower you with all the trinkets that you desire. all this is for your use thanks to the other travelers on this little planet of ours. And we know you can be a good bargainer. As an example. sustains our life. You want money for travel. A song is the most powerful vehicle for moving people emotionally that you can imagine. for recognition only. It is so easy to forget that all that you have is thanks to the labors of your fellow humans. I know that they need your money for their products so that they can get what they need and want.Seeking for money only. the paper you write on. recognition and respect? Learn all that you can that helps you to serve others through the way that you want to contribute. A lot of potentially great people sell out to the trinkets of the material world. Consider them bonuses. respect and money. A song can inspire a person or drag a person to the depths of hell. Seek fulfillment for the selfish ego motive of getting things and you are destined for frustration. Most of what we call modern day reality is dependent on all of us working together for the benefit of all of us. They sell out to illusions of vanity. fortune. The car you drive. humbly.

do not open your eyes. When we see our life as the miraculous journey that it is. and when we desire to contribute to the universal source of our life that we call God through dedicating our life here to that contribution. Kind of unimaginable. You are living in the best dream imaginable .the dream of life. spend five minutes a day walking around wherever you are with your eyes closed. and unable to speak. isn't it? Some are born without feet. They have to eat but can no longer taste ANYTHING. Again unimaginable isn't it? And yet. We are fulfilling our destiny. the MIRACLE of your eyesight. Remember.. They say the grass is a pretty green.to a person who has never seen?" Remember the miracle of being able to taste whatever food you really relish. Appreciate the biggest miracle that you can think of . arms or legs. Know that everything that exists exists for the contribution it can make to the universal process.. It is called "My Religion" Truly recognize and appreciate all the miracles that you already possess. act as if you no longer had the gift of vision.. Remember this poem: "They say the sky is a pretty blue.The way to enjoy the process without losing your ambition is simple but needs plenty of reaffirming. Remember Helen Keller. I know people who have lost the gift of taste. she actually wrote a book. When you truly appreciate the miracle that you are and the miracles that you possess that make all dreams possible..yourself. then you will see your life's journey for the magnificent adventure that it is. Know that your future contribution to the universe is in whatever field you feel in your heart. But what is blue and what is green. Born blind. Even when you run into something. deaf. 185 . then we are turning the key to the door of paradise itself.

Only our thoughts about the mental movie can affect us. but the future can never be NOW until it is NOW . The past cannot affect us. while you try and persuade the reality to be what you would like it to be. The eternal NOW is what is. 186 . We cannot negate the present. The future we project in the NOW is not the NOW. The eternal present.The Present Moment Eternity. We can influence our experiencing of the present. The future can be experienced in the NOW only as a projection in the NOW. You cannot take away from the present. You can only do things in the present that will influence the direction the present goes. The present is what it is. This determined striving is to be done with the same kind of unconditional perseverance as the acceptance of the present moment is unconditionally accepted. We cannot change the present. Now can never be anything other than NOW. We can experience emotions in the NOW concerning the projection of the future we make in the NOW. The unconditional acceptance of the present situation is easy once we appreciate the incredibleness of the awareness of being aware. We can't reverse the tides and flows of existential reality. the best way to look at it is to unconditionally accept whatever the reality is. when the future becomes the present. The present is what it is. the present we choose to act upon has passed. The past can be experienced in the NOW only in memory . The moment we act upon the present. only by adding to the present. The moment we are experiencing cannot be changed. in the present. Since the present moment is unalterable reality. we can only hope to influence the direction of the flow of what we will experience. We can only attempt to persuade each moment of reality to lean in the direction of what we would like to be experiencing AS the present.Then it is NOW and not the future.a picture or mental movie of a past experience. The appreciation of the awareness of being aware is done.Eternity . This is done be leaning the weight of our intention in the direction we wish our reality to go. and can only be done. It has always been NOW and it will always be NOW.

187 . I cannot stress this appreciation enough. The Now.in the present. If you were not aware of being aware. which is all there is. It is forever and ever. Since you are aware of being aware. everything else you experience in the flow of life is like icing on the cake of life. The Eternal NOW. then nothing else would matter. is Eternity.

. Usually our point of view is conditioned and limited by the mental and emotional baggage we bring to our encounter with what IS... I limit Truth.Reality is Truth . It is impossible.. TRUTH IS. whatever is the reality ... It cannot be anything else but what IT IS. The following two words express Truth in the simplest. Until something else IS. IT will be what IS. Is the rain storm good? Is the rain storm bad? It all depends on the point of view. 188 .. but the present moment is ALL THAT IS.. The same rain storm helps one farmer and hurts another.IS THE REALITY. The moment I say Truth is anything. I am. You are. God is.IT IS.IT IS AND THAT IS IT. To say something is good or bad is to have a point of view of what IS.. What we call it is something else. IT IS.. What is Truth? To try to put absolute Truth into words is like trying to put the Pacific Ocean into a bottle. and That is IT.TRUTH IS IT IS Truth. At the next moment the reality may be something else.Reality is not what we THINK it is... It is what it is. then what IS is what IS. least limiting way: IT IS. At any moment in the process of reality. IT IS. Reality is what IS. Life is. When the next moment is experienced as the present.

the Relative is totally within the Absolute. The Macrocosm.Truth is Both Absolute and Relative at the Same Time. Without the smallest. However. there would not be the largest. Absolute from an Omnipresent Point of View and Relative from Our Point of View. the Relative is a point of view. Relatively speaking. We arise from and live within the Absolute. a viewing point of the Absolute within the Absolute. or the whole Universe is but an expression of the Microcosm. There is nothing in the Universe that is not within the smallest. we are the Absolute. the essence. Therefore. 189 .

any second. In truth. any minute. There is and never has been any day.IDOLATRY OF THE HOLIDAY – THE SPECIAL DAY The Disrespect of the Holy Moment The word Holiday means Holy-Day. TODAY is the ONLY Holy-Day TODAY is the Eternal Holy-Day THIS Moment is the only moment That IS Ever was And ever will be. the moment that we are experiencing. any moment more special than the one we are living at the moment – The Holy Moment. We are saying that some other moment is more special than the moment that we are living. we are disrespecting the day we are living. The moment we call any hour. any minute. It is the most special moment in our eternal existence. any hour. any moment more special that the hour. what day is not Holy? What hour is not Holy? What minute is not Holy? What second is not Holy? What moment is not Holy? The moment we say any day is more special than the day we are living. The Holy Now is the only moment that we can experience anything. second. minute. we are committing Idolatry. moment we are experiencing. any second. 190 .

You are committing Idolatry of the “Special Day”. By Saying some other moment is more special – more Holy Than the day and the moment you are experiencing. This moment is Eternity. 191 . DON'T DISRESPECT IT.This moment is when we are ONE with GOD.

all blessed by the Church of Rome? Killing in the name of God for "Special" Land where their "Messiah" walked. What about the "Crusades " of the Muslims? Islam is expansionist and must conquer the whole world to express Allah’s perfect will on this planet.IDOLATRY OF HOLY PLACE Look at all the blood that has been shed because of the idolatrous worship of a particular piece of land that is called " Sacred" because one of a religions revered religious teachers or prophets walked there many years ago in the long distant past. The first "Christian Crusade" began in 1095… 460 years after the first Christian city was overrun by Muslim armies 457 years after Jerusalem was conquered by Muslim armies 453 years after Egypt was taken by Muslim armies 443 after Muslims first plundered Italy 192 . what place or part is not sacred? To say any piece or part of the Earth is more sacred than any other piece or part is idolatry. talked. which is to be built on the same spot on the Temple Mount where the Islamic al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock are situated? Have you ever heard of the Crusades? Remember the Crusades during the period of 1095 until well towards the end of the seventeenth century . died and was resurrected. Since God is Omnipresent. which will mark the Second Coming of Christ. How much blood will be shed someday over the Temple Mount and the Third Temple of the Jews.

All in the name of a special "place" called the "Promised Land" given to them by their God. Killing in the name of God to make all the land of the Earth sacred under the rule of Allah. under the command of Moses and then his successor. Non-Muslims today cannot enter Mecca because they are spiritually unclean and would defile the Sacred Land. During the five prayers daily. the Christians and the Moslems have lost many children to the idolatry of the "Holy Land". enslavement and forced conversions of Christians. and only after centuries of church burnings. To say any place is more holy than some other place is 193 . The Jews. Since God is Omnipresent. all praying Muslims face the Ka’aba or "House of God".427 years after Muslim armies first laid siege to the Christian capital of Constantinople 380 years after Spain was conquered by Muslim armies 363 years after France was first attacked by Muslim armies 249 years after Rome itself was sacked by a Muslim army. conquered and destroyed entire cities on their way to the Promised Land killing every man. By the time the Crusades finally began. what part of any land is not Holy? Since God is Omnipresent. all Muslims face Mecca. Joshua. God is not to be found in one building and not another. there is no place and no image that is more Holy than any other place or image. The Universe is the "House of the Omnipresent God". killings. If in Mecca. The Israelis. Muslim armies had conquered twothirds of the Christian world. woman and child and taking all their possessions for their own.

the blood that has been shed from the Idolatry of “Holy Place”.to say the Omnipresent God is either not at the less than holy place or only a little bit there. Oh. 194 .

Even when the Muslims perform the tawaf or circumambulation around the Ka’aba in Mecca. the number seven is directly linked to the power of the divine and has great symbolic value as an expression of Muslim belief and the miracles of God. the number 7 is a very powerful symbol for Jews. or seven individuals. Whether you are Jewish. The symbols or the icons are never the reality they are only referencing or being used to attempt to communicate the reality to others. If you think having a coin with seven sides or having seven sides to your home will give you more luck than the one that does not have these symbols. Of course. Christian or Muslim. A word or number is never what it is claiming to represent. An allusion made to the number seven in the Qur'an typically includes references to God as the all-powerful creator. they walk around it seven times. you might feel lucky if your home has seven sides and unlucky if it doesn’t. the seven periods of creation. is considered a sacred day. the Sabbath. Christians and Muslims. For example. It is nothing but what we say it is. or seventh day of the week. These references usually concern the seven heavens. and seven is also a key number in Jewish mysticism. it is less than "0". They only symbolize what is being referenced. Thus. seven groups of things. there are the seven days of creation. In and of itself. then you are guilty of idolatry .giving a symbol power that it cannot and does not have within itself to give 195 . and in Christianity seven deadly sins and seven cardinal virtues. numbers and man-made religious works of art are symbols.IDOLATRY OF THE SYMBOL Symbols and icons of any faith. the visible number "7" is not the seven items it is being used to communicate. In Judaism. Words.. In Judaism and Christianity. It has nothing in it of the "7" it is being used to reference. of any religion are man-made objects that refer to a power or an idea. There are approximately twenty-five references made to the number seven in the Qur'an the sacred text of Muslims. such as the Seven Sleepers of Ephesus.

It undoubtedly has a very powerful effect on any Muslim gazing on it. Because of Hitler. They might even kill them.The Christian cross symbolizes the blood of the son of God sacrificed for the sins of humanity. The Star of David symbolizes the Jewish trust in God. I am sure there are some Christians who would treat someone who spit on or defiled the Christian cross very UnChristian. They might even kill them. I have known some Christians who felt they were in for some terribly unlucky times because they lost one of their “special” crosses. I have met some Muslims who felt they were in for some terribly unlucky times if they spilled some liquid and stained this symbol. anti-Semitism. I am sure there are some Jews who would treat someone who spit on or defiled the Star of David is a very painful way. The following “symbol” is Arabic for “Allah”. The symbol called the swastika is derived from the Sanskrit svastika. In Hinduism. I am sure there are some Muslims who would treat someone who spit on or defiled this Arabic symbol very harshly. death and murder. 196 . and in particular a mark made on personsa and things to denote good luck. I sure you would find some who would kiss it for good luck. meaning any lucky or auspicious object. They might even kill them. Buddhism and Jainism the swastika is a sacred symbol. I have met some Jews who felt like they were in for some terribly unlucky times because they lost a Star of David. violence. the swastika became a symbol of hate. Sort of like a lucky charm. For them the Arabic symbol for “Allah” has become a religious work of art.

It is the belief in the power of the symbol. France. meaning hate and death while the counter clockwise swastika has the ancient meaning of life and good-luck. Some spirit-humans will actually believe this and start collecting the swastika they want so as to get more of the power the swastikas “have”.not the icon or the "Holy Water".The swastika. more than 99% of the pilgrims to Our Lady of Lourdes who drank or even bathed in the "Holy Water' went back home without any healing of their ailments whatsoever. the lucky charm or the Holy Person to effect the healing. It is the same with voodoo. Left pointing arms is a good luck symbol. Some even think a clockwise swastika is a Nazi swastika. Right pointing arms is a bad luck symbol.What about those that say these symbols have brought them good luck or even healed them or loved ones of cancer? What about the ones healed in faith Healing revival tents across America? Well. Doctors have given patients sugar pills and told them it was powerful medicine. the mother of Jesus in a visit she made to a little girl in the 1800's in Lourdes. Satan worship and rituals calling 197 . Most of the ones in the wheelchairs went home in the same wheelchairs they arrived that they thought they would not need any longer. to others the symbol of death. Only Omnipresent God exists and there is only one Universal Self or Holy Spirit. or even the lucky rabbit foot they wear around their neck . Same symbol. the Star of David. the little vial of holy water from Our Lady of Lourdes. water blessed by the Mary. the Yin Yang symbol. Sounds like all of this can be explained by the power of belief. It is this Universal Self that is the cause behind every healing . different spirit-humans giving the symbol different meanings – to some the symbol of a good life. The power of belief and Faith has been known to cause chemical changes in the brain and caused the brain to produce hormones and chemical changes in the body that have a healing or a pain-reducing effect on the believer. Guess what? Some of them improved or even had their own healing experience. What about those who swear that the Christian Cross. What about the one who was healed sitting in a sunny yard and watched a butterfly pass their face and the symbolism of the butterfly that used to be a caterpillar started a healing process in their body. The one common denominator seems to be the belief or the faith that the healing is or will be forthcoming.

the icon or the charm . God is the essence of all that is both manifested and un-manifested. the symbol. what comes out of the other end of the cow is very good fertilizer for new life forms to manifest and grow. Lucifer guards the throne of God from any impurities entering by testing the heart-felt sincerity of the spirit-humans who wish to gain access.the specialness. or "Face" of the Universal Spirit. Remember. When one worships the beautiful painted face of the high fashion model. but you can never "see" the essence of the face you see. stained. the mental image. physical form is just the outer expression. which is Latin for Light Bringer for more info. both clean and what we call dirty. God does care if you worship the symbol. Omnipresent God is even the essence of the dirt on our shoes. The symbol is not God. they are seeing only the outer face of your inner reality. lost or “defiled”. What we see as manifested. Spirit-people see your face. Remember. and the deification of these symbols and images is only in the minds of those who have made the symbols into more than they are – just symbols and references. Everywhere you look you are seeing the "Face of God". The defiling. Are they seeing even 1% of what is really you? Of course not. an outer face that is constantly changing and never remaining the same. Suffice it here to say that Lucifer is God's product quality tester and is the aspect of God that tests spirit-humans and makes sure none of them of impure heart can enter the Inner Sanctum of the Holy of Holies. This doesn’t hurt or upset God in the slightest. she is looking out at you thinking how sillly you are to make so much of her "face". the moment the symbol seems to be and have what it only represents or symbolizes.up demons to do the bidding of the spirit-human who wants power over another. Read my missive of Lucifer. Omnipresent God does not care if a symbol referencing the Universal Self is damaged. she will pucker her 198 . “holiness” or even the demon qualities of which it only is supposed to remind us. sacredness. Know that every symbol and every image is just a small part of the infinitely manifested "Face of God". we are committing idolatry. Lucifer laughs at these spirit-people while giving them just enough to have them think that there is a power other than Omnipresent God and the Universal Spirit that each of us is expressing. Only God is God. We are giving to the created image. If you are in a man's body.

someone killing your body could definitely ruin your day. Just do not get hung up in the symbol and give it the power or the praise it does not have nor deserve. It can literally KILL you (or I should say kill your body since you are eternal).painted lips and be in wonderment that she can wield so much power over you by the image she projects or the image you have or her. Lucifer laughs also when you worship any part of the "Face of God". 199 . Still. the Universal Spirit behind all "Faces". even though you are eternal. Be careful to avoid falling into the spiritual trap of the Idolatry of the Symbol. When the male body-builder flexes his enormous muscles and the female and even the male admirers are fantasizing being in bed with him. There is nothing wrong with any symbol if it helps focus you on what is really important. and lose contact with the essence. he laughs at the power these temporary muscles have obver you.

To inhale and never exhale is to die. or paradox. We do this while leaning forward so as to be continually falling and catching oneself. It is like a dance of opposites. or expressed by limited words. Hot and cold are but polarities of a singularity called temperature. seemingly at the same time. A rock is the equalization of the internal forces and the external forces of its' molecular properties. We have to speak of the polarities of truth in order to communicate the singularity of Truth. Truth is like that. the underlying meaning. so that they seem to be a singularity. To live as a human being. All physical reality in the universe is the result of seemingly opposing forces in a balance. we must balance the opposing actions of breathing in and breathing out. just two expressions of the singularity which is Truth. When we walk down the street. The north and south poles of a magnet are polarities of a singularity. God is like this. It is like trying to put infinity into a milk bottle. The opposing actions can be thought of as polarities of a singularity. A paradox is an apparently self-contradictory statement. but the "truth" of walking is when we marry the opposing actions. It won’t fit. An intellectual impossibility. To explain the Truth of how to walk to someone. We balance the extreme of falling with the extreme of standing straight up. Truth is a singularity that can only be discussed using polarities of Truth which are. To exhale and never inhale is to die. God is like that. To breathe is a balance of two opposing actions. Truth cannot be put into. God is all things yet no thing. We have to say Truth is like this. The sun exists because of the balance of the forces attempting to blow it up and the forces pulling it together. or "truths". or singularity of which is revealed only by careful scrutiny. God is a bodiless body. in truth. 200 .The Difficulty in Explaining Truth To attempt to communicate truth we have to speak in paradoxes. we would have to say that they would have to do two opposing actions at the seemingly same time. The singularity is the magnet. we accomplish the Truth called walking by continually balancing two opposing actions.

We cannot encompass or express infinity with finite or limited symbols. the better you understand God. To actively strive to direct our life towards the goal we 201 . then they lose sight of the spiritual essence of which the religion is only an attempt to communicate with symbols. you will never really understand walking until you do the walking yourself by balancing standing up with falling down while leaning slightly forward. The above paragraphs were to show you examples of how understanding "truth" is the result of subjectively integrating polarities. the greater our understanding of the singularity or the "truth". while remaining true to each. God is without limits. Words are not the things they symbolically attempt to communicate. To actively wait on God to show us the way. we limit God. God is like that. This is where organized religion has the tendency to blind itself. the more full our experiencing of life.. Words by their very nature are limited. A religion is a way to view our relationship to and with "Reality". Body. We can speak of God and our relationship to and with God through analogies and metaphors. Most religious fighting and disagreement is all about the symbols used in each religion. The better we can balance our physical nature with our spiritual nature. the better you can integrate the two "opposing" concepts. I can tell you that they are there but you must learn the subjective application yourself. I can tell you how to walk. The religions get hung up in one or another of the polarities of the expression of Truth. The moment we call God anything. However. It uses word. When the followers of the religion start to consider the symbols the "Reality". picture and icon symbols to attempt this communication. Most people cannot handle balancing extremes so they live a safe but limited life. The better you understand the polarities of God. For you to understand God. I can tell you God is all things yet no thing. I can say God is a bodyless body. Words symbolize subjective concepts or material things or actions. God is like this.The better we can handle the two extremes or the two polarities of a singularity. mind and spiritual growth comes when we learn to subjectively balance the polarity of action with no action. the greater your understanding of the singularity that is God. Same with learning spiritual truths and living by them.

desire, while at the seemingly same time waiting on God to show us what to do. Embrace the polarities of the Universe. Dance with the polarities of the Universe. In time you will come to know all the polarities are but expressions of the one Great Singularity called God. There, communicating Truth was not so difficult - was it?


Single Thoughts to Think About

All ideologies are conceptual. It is conceptual thinking Thinking the conceptual world, Not the world that is.


Reality itself, just simply what is. It cannot be reduced to anything. It is self-existing.


Ninety percent of what we ever fear Never happens to us. When the remaining ten percent does happen Ninety percent of the time It is never as bad as what we feared.



We all need to do just one thing to make the world a better place Just make the spot where you are standing A nice place to be next to.


BE The Child You Are, Which IS the Child you were. We are ALL the child we were. The only difference is in how we apply the wisdom gained through MANY years of experience Our Wisdom has come at a very high price. NEVER separate your inner sense of being from the eternal child you truly are. Be the child you are Enjoyed through the wisdom of your years.



The greatest miracle in the universe Is the existence of ANYTHING at all. The second greatest miracle in the universe Is that YOU have had a moment in eternity To have experienced ANYTHING at all. -------

We are either The effect of manipulation Or we manipulate.

Therefore manipulate as you would wish to be manipulated.

Make it a win-win situation For both of you If You Must manipulate at all.



I Think Therefore I Think I am

Just because I Think I am Doesn't Mean I am

I Might Only THINK I am.


The older you get, Paradise Is a good bowel movement


EVERY HERO HAS A CHOICE To Embrace the Darkness


Right Here and Right Now. ------Have you ever had a toothache? Did it hurt a lot? Do you have a toothache now? Do you appreciate the LACK of pain At this very moment? Appreciate the lack of pain and know the secret to Paradise. ------- If God is Omnipresent Then God HEARS through ALL who have ears to hear God SEES through ALL who have eyes to see God TASTES through ALL who taste 207 .OR To Be Consumed By It.

Embrace Death as a friend and perhaps you will see it smile. 208 . ------- Death is part of life. Just do not rush into it. Without Death There would be no one To live life. Regardless of what is in front of you. If Death is necessary to Live Then Death must be good.God FEELS through ALL who feel. What you do to the least of ALL You do unto God. ------- Discipline without freedom Is like a boat WITH a fixed rudder.

If a wall is in front of you.The boat can go in only one direction. ------- 209 . you will hit it.

IS - What we call Good and Bad Are points of view of WHAT IS Just because we do not like WHAT IS Does not make WHAT IS either Good or Bad. ------- 210 . It Just IS WHAT IS.Freedom without discipline Is like a boat WITHOUT a rudder. Freedom and Discipline You cannot have one without the other ------- WHAT IS . You are the slave of the currents and the tides. You might not even get to the wall.

And your train of thoughts will follow ------- 211 .There is no place God is absent. Fill the space between each car With the thoughts You want to think. If there is no place God is absent Then what is there But God and manifestations of God within God? ------- Each thought you think Is like a car in a train of thoughts. Between each car is a space.

Each relationship is a dance. Each of you compromise for the relationship. We have four choices. ------- Anytime you need direction. Ask our partner to dance the way we want. Dance the way our partner wants. OR LEAVE THE DANCE WITH A KISS. Be still and ask 212 . Don't disrespect the value you had received from the dance before the music changed. If moving on is the choice you make Then Bless what you had and move on. The most important is the Kiss. If we do not like the dance Our partner is doing.

The rest will feel heavy. Between each car is a space. Only one direction will feel light.The first response you feel Is your direction ------- Each thought you think Is like a car in a train of thoughts. And your train of thoughts will follow ------- At each moment we have a choice Of at least two directions. 213 . Fill the space between each car With the thoughts You want to think.

Either way.FOLLOW THE LIGHT-PATH. one way or the other The Universal Intelligence will use us for IT'S purpose. ------- At each moment of life We have a choice of just two options. ------- One guiding principle to living is to Be That 214 . Being open to the Universal Intelligent of the Great Spirit flowing through us and as us. OR Resisting the impulse of the Universal Self and Trying to do it our way.

The most important is the Kiss. You cannot expect what You are not willing to give FIRST. Each of you compromise for the relationship. ------- Each relationship is a dance. If we do not like the dance Our partner is doing. 215 . OR LEAVE THE DANCE WITH A KISS. Dance the way our partner wants. Don't disrespect the value you had received from the dance before the music changed. Ask our partner to dance the way we want. We have four choices.Which you wish to receive.

Only when oue intentions are pure Will we be given more spiritual knowledge. We call Lucifer the Devil or we call Lucifer evil.If moving on is the choice you make Then Bless what you had and move on. When we do not like what Lucifer does To help enlighten us. ------- The name Lucifer Is Latin for Bringer of Light. 216 . Lucifer is the Great spirit's tester Of the purity of our intentions. ------- Commitment means moving through a door of change through which you do not intend to return..

The Devil does NOT make you dance. Only one will taste sweet. Be the child you WERE And you WILL BE the child you ARE. ------- At each moment we have a choice Of at least two directions. See each moment with the 217 . The rest will taste sweet-less FOLLOW THE SWEET-PATH. ------- Be the Child you ARE Enjoyed through the Wisdom of your years.Remember. you choose to dance with Lucifer.

This is truly Holy Communion 218 . BE the parent YOU Wish you had. There is no place that the Great Spirit is absent. The Great Spirit is Infinite Mind. You are eating the body And drinking the blood of God.Open-Eyed wonder of the child Seen through the window of Experience. With every morsel of food one takes. With every drink of water a drinker drinks. ------- The Great Spirit is Omnipresence. ------- One Guiding principle To Child-Raising.

Right Here and Right Now ------- BE .DO .With the source and substance of ALL. ------- If you were not aware of existing You would now of NOTHING and NOTHING would matter. Do what you wish to HAVE. Truly appreciate his fact and you will know The secret of the Alchemists And the key to Paradise. The most incredible miracle in the universe is the simple fact that you believe you exist. Then you will find that what you HAVE 219 .HAVE BE what you wish to Do.

This is Who We Are. ------- An Eternal Brain Cell in the Infinite Mind of God Eternally Self-Aware of Itself Being Aware. Forever Shall Be.For Eternity.. ------- 220 . ------- Truly appreciate your Awareness of Being Aware and you will automatically Love God With All Your Heart.is what you are DO-ing and what you are BE-ing. You and Me .

The most incredible miracle in the universe is the simple fact that you believe you exist. I am the witness of what I see in the mirror. Truly appreciate his fact and you will know The secret of the Alchemists And the key to Paradise. ------- I am no more the face I see in the mirror. Nor the bones beneath them. 221 . Right Here and Right Now.If you were not aware of existing You would now of NOTHING and NOTHING would matter. Than the muscles beneath it.

What games we play on ourselves to rationalize doing what we strongly desire to do. and protein powder and colon conditioner beverage to help ease my transition. Perhaps the temptation is good. I drank a lot of juice tonight and found myself having 5 tablespoons of hummus and sticking my finger into the jar of strawberry preserves a few times. I rationalized that the hummus and strawberry preserve is almost liquid – right? Ha-ha. I can't believe he would bring the food knowing I am starting this fast. DAY 2 Will I follow through tomorrow on the water-only fast? DAY 3 Water tastes good. At least the juice was heavily fortified with colon conditioner to help scrub the hummus and preserve out of my body. Ha-ha. I have decided to have a couple of days of my fruit. DAY 4 222 . fruit juice.AM’s First 40-Day Water-Only Fasting Journal DAY 1 – May 21. 1997 185 Pounds Well. A friend came by the house to watch some movies and actually brought vegetarian Mexican food for him and his wife to enjoy during the movies.

I was in his truck waiting for him to come out of a restaurant with food to go for him and his wife to eat at my house while watching the movies. On the way home with the food. This time to watch Babylon 5 and a movie or two on my 60' television with surround sound. This fast is supposed to be longer than 25 days. I took deep inhalations of the molecular emanations of the hot food. During the movie. It smelled delicious. so I don't know. today has been just water and colon conditioner. This is a sign that the body has detoxified most of what it had to deal with. I have never went on a 25 day fast before. so we will see what happens. But on my last 15 day fast. The tongue is one of the body's main organs of toxic elimination during a fast. Wow…. I had one-half tablespoon of the sauce from one of the different foodstuffs he brought. Starting tomorrow – I will be pure in my fast. I also had about onecup of coffee also to see what it would do to my alertness. Well. Coffee has to go starting tomorrow.Temptations. I was actually holding the bag smelling the food. but not worth enough for me to break my fast. it will be missed. was it ever salty). they say it takes about 25 days for your tongue to become clear and pink. My dear friend is coming by the house again tonight. I did notice my tongue starting to clear from the sides in towards the middle. Even if he does. I may be getting rid of the TV in a few days so we want to get as much enjoyment out of it as possible. It was good. I wonder if he will be bringing food again. Once the TV goes. I figure that if I can take a one-half tablespoon taste and not break my 223 . On a prolonged fast. It was nice to have experienced it at least once.Meditated for 40 minutes – felt good. My tongue is beginning to noticeably develop a white velvety coating. I also had a teaspoon of soy sauce (wow. I will not have juice as a crutch. He not only brought food..

It is time to go to sleep again. I must say it was absolutely delicious. I have so much work to do. I can never say that I don't understand what other seekers go through in following 224 . this fasting experience is for spirit. However. DAY 5 I have slept for about 14 hours. My desire for spiritual growth through this fast is pure enough that I will succeed. After all. I actually preferred the way it felt before the ice cream. I just drank a lot of water mixed with colon conditioner. I am told to relax. Except a few minutes ago. one lick led to another and I was like a ravenous animal. I don't really miss it. I refuse to feel guilty since it was my choice to eat the ice cream. meditate and contemplate. Most other people who go through a long fasting experience will have to continue living their daily life interacting with the rest of the world doing work – I shall also. even now some hours later. I ended up eating about 6 heaping tablespoons of various flavors of ice cream. I almost had sex a few minutes ago – but it is not conducive to the fast – it is only an escape and it debilitates your physical and psychic energy during the fast. I did great today. it was not the way to do a fast.fast – then the whole process was a good exercise in the fasting journey. it is liquid. I told myself that I could have just a one-half tablespoon of ice cream.. However. I am going to do a different type of meditation in bed before sleeping. See ya later…. I don't want to get up. The thought of getting up without the prospect of food for energy and oral pleasure is not inspiring. I am not supposed to work. Tomorrow is another day – now is a new beginning. Now my stomach feels funny. Well. so.I'm up. This is good.

I feel very adamant about not wanting any more rationalized taste treats during this fast. Play take-away with anything and you increase the urge to have more and more of it. We will see. My head feels like a headache is coming. Another reason for the strong temptation is just the fact that I expect to not eat for at least 40 days. This is a natural feeling. I think the most tempting attraction eating the ice cream is the fact that after this fast. I will not eat any animal products of any kind. Meditated and did some spiritual reading also. no ice cream and no pizza (with cheese) is hell on earth. To some people. My stomach is arguing. I have done some work today. for at least one year. The thought itself is enough to get almost any one to eat as much of anything possible before the final bite of food. It is about two hours since I backslid into the ice cream.through with a strict water fast. So much for a moments pleasure in fast-breaking. This means no dairy. at night. 225 . DAY 6 I got awoken after less than 6 hours sleep. Deprivation when we have not been used to depriving ourselves takes a lot of desire for growth. My head feels congested. There is still so much to do. I am going to be completely vegan. I belch up a nasty taste. What will this day bring? It is 12 hours later. no ice cream and no pizza.

I took longer to get going today. I have been up for 13 hours doing work. but. I would have got out of bed. and literally kept going all day and through the evening of day 9. It is now after midnight of day 9 and I still have so much energy that I find it hard to believe.I have a very bad headache. I stayed in bed for 16 hours. but I will allow myself this headache pill crutch for the moment. but my mind is very alert – ready to continue work. not in our mouth. Rest is important. I slept for about 6 hours. I did not have the initiative to get up. now it is 5:30 the next morning. I would rather not take any pills. A few good inhalations and a lot of water will do wonders sometimes. Made it through the time pretty good. I have taken some headache pills to help. If I had to go to a client. went to see some clients. It has been building very slowly over the last few hours. I must lay down for a while. Work will still be there later today. It is like the body finds energy that you couldn't even buy for good money when you are not fasting. It seems that the deep inhalations satisfy the brain somewhat in that it seems to think I had some good flavor. It is now the morning of the 8th day. I wonder how I will feel 226 . I followed up the deep inhalations with a lot of water and it seems like I am not deprived of the pleasure of food. My body is aching. most of our taste is through the nose. DAY 8 and 9 (1 AM after midnight of day 9) Well. took a shower in the morning of day 9. It smelled fantastic. DAY 7 Well. After all. I stuck my nose in a mustard jar last night and took about twenty deep inhalations. I say this is day 8 and 9 because after I got up yesterday (day 8) after 6 hours sleep. I stayed up all night. but I had no problem closing the lid without physically tasting any.

They were too full of various dynamics.7 PM I am just getting up from a 16-hour sleep. I cannot put here in this journal. I really should try to sleep. Some of a spiritual nature that gives me knowledge and answers in story form that is needed for my spiritual growth. even after being up for over 31 hours. The purpose of this fast is of such great importance that the purpose will empower me to continue on to whatever I am to experience. I am not really hungry. haven't been since day 5. Food doesn't really interest me very much. because they are subjective. sentence structure. During this sleep I had incredible dreams. I was an integral part of the dream story. of course. I haven't meditated for about 48 hours and I feel bad about this. Dreams are a mirror of the soul that we are. I am sure my body would appreciate it. I really don't even want to go to bed now. because they had to be shown in a story form. but it is not hunger. One. There is a certain feeling in my stomach that I never have when I am eating. Praise God I have the opportunity to sleep like this occasionally.tomorrow. Two. They cannot be told in written. These lessons will be part of what I speak and write about in my spiritual discussions and writings. What can be told are the lessons I distill from the dreams. but I shall get back with it. a story that I was an involved participant. DAY 10 . These. 227 . only relevant to my growth and me. Many things were sometimes happening all around me at one time.

Then I realize it was a dream and feel relieved. I asked myself does this mean that I am now back at day one if I continue the fast. One reason I love to dream during a fast is because I have the opportunity to eat at banquets made for kings. During the dream I find myself in a situation where there is much good food. During this last dream. During this time in my dream. 228 . the rooms I come into are the kitchen or the main preparation area. I am eating whatever I can get my hands on. I feel substance and taste incredible flavors. I even keep reminding myself of the fact that I am fasting. I am full of food. I mean huge – feeding hundreds of people. eventually during the dream. I am confronted with food of incredible sight and smell. At this point during the dream. a huge banquet. I take a sip or a nibble of something. This sip or nibble leads to another sip or nibble. I notice this happening in my dreams only the more I get into long fasts. no matter what room I go into. I rationalize that a sip is no big thing. I am very cognizant of my fasting situation. Eventually.Another part of my dream I can share on paper. a huge wedding ceremony. or am I on day 10 with one day of eating. All the food I am eating is very real. In other words. However. If I leave the main dining area. Bon Appetite. I am fighting with myself about the fact that this constitutes breaking my fast. I was even aware of the amount of days I have been fasting. It is most incredible. All this time I am looking around me to see if anyone is catching me breaking my fast. When I finished stuffing myself. Perhaps I am a huge cafeteria. During this dream I am very aware that I am fasting. I wake up thinking I have broke my fast and might as well continue eating. The spiritual lessons come through my thoughts during my temptation process during the dreams and my reflection upon the dream after I awake.

then these few hours would make a big difference. then at the following 1:00 AM. However. I am not into the second day. This will help to keep a sense of the flow of time in this fast. Now I cannot stay in bed any longer. if I last ate at 3 AM and went to bed for 10 hours. Saw some great educational programs on TV. I have decided to put the time of each of these observations in this journal as I write it. I am going to get up to take a shower and do some computer and paper work. waking up at 1 PM. Therefore I consider the fast to start after I awake after my last meal. fasting is the absence of any food. day one would start at 1 PM and with the sunrise and complete at 1 PM the following day. I consider day 1 to start after I wake up the first time since I last ate. I feel weak. 2:15 AM I am going to bed again. I don't consider eating a big meal and then sleeping for ten hours a fast. Spoke with my mother and a few other people on the telephone. I feel a little weak. I would probably consider the following sunrise to be the beginning of my second day. If I started the fast at 1 PM. On a short fast of say three days. For example. Technically. DAY 11 7:30 AM 170 Pounds 229 .1:00 AM I had a great meditation a few hours ago. I am still into the first day. On a long fast the few hours difference between 1 AM and sunrise does not make much of a difference. My body is now aching from being in bed for almost 24 hours.

I am getting up to go into NYC for some errands. 12 NOON I am going back to bed. 1:00 AM 230 . 8:30 PM I am out of bed. This is part of the detoxifying process. I feel okay. I feel a little weak. Amazingly. 10:30 PM I meditated for an hour then slept for an hour. I haven't had any headaches since a week ago. I am drinking about a gallon of distilled water daily. Perhaps with a shower and some meditation I will get some energy to do some work. I have a couple of slightly painful bumps on the roof of my mouth. It taste delicious. They should go away in a few days.

I was so high from the smells. It was breakfast time. I just returned from the bakery/cafe that my friend owns. I might sleep some more. DAY 12 – 9:00 am Well. The knot in my stomach has subsided some. I feel better than earlier. I walked into the area where the baking was going on and the smells were unbelievable. did a little work. I did not have even a lick of food. I left feeling very empowered. It was an incredible experience. I stayed for about an hour. If I live through this fast. Now. I watched some TV and then got up and ran some errands. Now I am going out to do one more errand. After about 10 minutes in the bakery and retail area I actually felt like I was on a drug. without even paying. I napped on and off through the day. I went into their walk-in refrigerator in the basement and surveyed all the hundreds of things that no one would see if I took a nibble. I shall definitely return there. It is at a bakery/cafe that a friend owns and it will be interesting to be around all that food that I can have as much of without even asking. I felt like I was in paradise. 11:00 AM Well. a very busy time on Sunday so the smells were all around me. 231 . I walked around the front retail area and looked at the 100 different kinds of cakes and cookies. I felt a knot in my stomach for about 5 hours.I watched a little TV. The smells will be interesting. I did not sleep.

meditated for 45 minutes. It is sometimes getting more difficult to go up two flights of stairs.this is what I have to expect. I have to talk with the client. I had enormous energy to do work.9:00 AM I have done enough work. Since I work out of my home . My last 15 day fast. Sometimes. but not all the time. I will now see what work I can accomplish. I have phone calls to make and paperwork to sort through. DAY 14 – 5:30 AM I have done enough work for a while. and hardly ever wanted to go 232 . then decided to go back to sleep.9:30 PM I am going to do some more work and make some important phone calls. I don't understand why I have felt very debilitated the last few days. I expect to be getting a lot of phone calls later today and will be woken up numerous times as usual. I am going to sleep for a while. Thank god I have this opportunity. I might have a big computer job later this week. 4:00 PM I got up around 11:30 AM. DAY 13 . It is a lot better than having to go to an office every day during this long fast. I am going to go to sleep.

My mind is super clear. 3:00 PM I feel a little better. Since I have not had an evacuation for over a week. I don't want to go to sleep. Now . let's see how I feel later.to bed once I woke up. now I feel just like I thought I should feel. well. I have been more productive since I got up than I have almost this entire fast. There must have been a detoxifying process going on the last few days that sapped my energy. I might do the colonic tomorrow. A colonic is like an enema but much more intensive and deeply penetrating into the lower colon. It took about 30-60 minutes longer to really wake up but once I was up. DAY 15 – 6 AM Wow. The body could probably use some rest from all the work I have accomplished this waking period. Oh. Perhaps I need a colonic to clean out my lower bowel.I FEEL GREAT! I suppose I should lie down for a while. I have no problem going up the two flights of stairs as many times as I need to. It really cleans out the toxic material that has not been eliminated during a long fast when the bowels practically shut down since there is no new food to help the old food along. I had a clear mind and kept busy. the toxins must really be building up down there. 233 .

I have to get up tomorrow morning about 7 AM and go into Manhattan for a long day of work. Daily brushing of the teeth. I haven't even had a headache since day five when I had the six heaping tablespoons of ice cream. I am going to brush my mouth. energized and ready to do some work. I REPEAT – I FEEL INCREDIBLE. I am sure it is needed. I am starting to feel alert. In the past fasts. After all. I have had this taste for a few days now. gums. I must get to bed early tonight so as to be as rested and have as much energy as possible tomorrow.I will still do the colonic in a day or two. My mouth has the funniest taste in it. the taste is largely diminished and the toothpaste tastes delicious. the tongue is one of the body's main organs of toxic elimination. Not the usual morning wake-up taste. Must be full of toxins. brushed. As I said before. I felt pounds lighter and my mind seemed clearer. I really just wanted to go back to sleep. When I woke up a little while ago. tongue and roof of your mouth is recommended. got up and washed my face. and now as I am typing this. the coating of the tongue on a fast is a sign of the detoxification process. teeth and tongue and see if it helps. I lay in bed for about 30-30 minutes. after the colonic. However. An icky taste. It just takes a little longer to get the energy 234 . Well. I just brushed and my mouth definitely feels cleaner. 4:30 PM I don't want to get up yet but I must. but not as intense as today.

I still feel good. Below 60 would be considered the beginning of low blood sugar.but it is there and available. I tested a 71. I am sure that most of our learned doctors would tell me that this is almost impossible. I have been very busy. The cotton feeling and funny taste is normal during detoxification. The good brushing was what is needed every day. This is low. I have to get up around 7 AM. I feel fortified and empowered by this result. This means that after 16 days of a waterfast that I don't have low blood sugar levels. I must check it again after I had had a chance to rest. My mouth feels like it has cotton in it again. I am assuming it is because I have done a lot of work.7:30 AM 235 .moving through your body during a prolonged fast . DAY 16 . 12:40 AM I am going to bed now. This is incredible. The taste I had when I woke up is not as pronounced. I just took my blood sugar again and it was only 43. I even just moved some furniture around in the living room about an hour ago. 7:00 PM I just took a blood sugar level test. One that diabetics use to keep track of how much insulin they need. especially since I am still doing work.

I had so much energy lazy night that I couldn't fall asleep until about 3:30 AM. I feel alert. Perhaps I can accomplish a lot again today. Tomorrow is another day. I am going to get up and get back into work. it is now over 15 hours since I got up this morning. DAY 17 – 7 AM Unbelievable . I am not tired. It is great. We will see what the day has in store. Of course. I woke up at 6:30 AM. I know that tomorrow is promised to no one. Now my day begins. This energy level reminds me of the latter part of my last 15-day fast. I probably won't have much trouble falling asleep tonight. 11:00 PM Well. but I shall take it as it comes. I wonder what tomorrow will bring. I think I have done enough for day 17 of the fast. The energy levels that I remember from my last 15 day fast have returned. I am calling it quits for today. I have been working all day having been up for over 14 hours. 9:30 PM Well. Three hours sleep. I feel a little week like I could use some more rest. I have to go into Manhattan and a few other errands. I am going to go to bed and read and relax now. This is very encouraging. There is no telling when my energy level will drop again and I will feel debilitated. I was out running around until around 4 PM and have been doing paperwork and phone calls since then.I fell asleep about 12:30 AM this morning and I have been awake since 6:30 AM. 236 .

the day a lot of people rest almost as much as Sunday. This morning I started to feel very desperate and concerned that I would hurt my body unless I had a colonic VERY SOON. I have had gas and flatulence. After all. but I searched and searched and could not find my colonic equipment. After all. the last few days. The last few days. As I went into meditation this morning.. I should have done the colonic a week ago. 4:30 PM I work up about 11:30 AM. DAY – 19. but I don't want to push it. SUNDAY . This is a sign of something fermenting inside my colon. It was amazing. it is Saturday. I finally did my colonic. I feel good. And this is without eating. I said during the meditation I wanted to be shown where the equipment was located. I have been getting up very early and working for 12 to 15 hours a day. Within five minutes of meditating. I was so excited that I 237 .I feel good – but tired…. but I did not feel as good as I wanted to and so thought that some more sleep would help. I all of a sudden got a flash picture in my mind showing me where it was located. DAY 18 – 4:00 PM I almost got up hours earlier. I was getting very concerned about toxic buildup in my colon.6:30 AM I think I might go lie down for a while.

I feel so much better now.wanted to stop the meditation and see if my vision was right.10 PM I slept for about 11 hours today. It was at least a half-gallon of stuff that should not stay in me during a fast. DAY 21. The way I found the equipment and the way I feel now is inspiring me to continue on this spiritual fast. I feel pretty good. MONDAY . I feel pretty good. TUESDAY . I resisted this impulse and after the meditation was finished I went to the place that I saw it in my vision. I thought I would have to look for the container that it was shown to me to be in. DAY 20. I am going to sleep. there it was right in front of. both psychologically and physically. 238 . as soon as I was halfway down the basement steps. I had looked in the area many times but never saw it I did the colonic and I was amazed and gratified to see all the stuff that came out of me. it is 10:00 PM and I have worked in the home-office for about 7 hours and then went out to do things for another 5 hours.6:30 AM I just got out of bed and have a lot to do today. DAY 22. However. WEDNESDAY . I have been working since then. After my colonic yesterday. I had a very busy day and need the extra rest. I am now going to lie back down and sleep until tomorrow morning.3:30 PM I got up this morning about 8:00 AM and meditated. from about 5:00 AM to about 4:00 PM. I have had a long day.

I want to do some restructuring of my AMSWAY site 12:54 AM Today I had a most beautiful experience. I think I am going to bed. it was more than a vision. SATURDAY . I have been very busy at times and at other times. This attempt to physically focus made the experiential vision vanish. I felt somewhat drained. I found myself floating through space with no spaceship and is seemed like I had no physical body. I wish I could give someone the picture and experience I had so that I would feel that they saw what I saw.12:00 MIDNIGHT It is now midnight. Other than exhausted from over 13 hours of work. I want to get all my business work as caught up as possible so the last two weeks of my fast can be spent entirely in spiritual areas. it seems like I have not entered anything in this journal for three days. I felt my eye muscles start to focus on what I was seeing. I 239 . I feel fine. It was an incredibly real experience. No.11:45 PM Well. I was taking in the breathtaking view of all the stars and planets. I have a lot of more work yet to do. I have been up and working a long time. I was relaxing in bed and contemplating God and other things in my life when all of a sudden I had a vision. Have you ever been to one of the newer outer space movies? You know how outer space looks so crystal clear as if you are floating through space with the stars and planets shining brightly and crystal clear? Well. I have done a lot of work today. DAY 25.

the vision would disappear and my attempts to duplicate it were met with only a cloudy mass of nothing. the second largest computer show in the country. Thank God I have this opportunity to have the time to rest and move around at largely my own discretion.relaxed my focusing attempt and the vision returned. When I would try to focus. so I said yes. this should not surprise me.11:45 PM This is one of my weakest days on the whole fast. Then I couldn't stop myself from trying to focus and the vision went away again. It is at the Jacob Javits Convention here in NYC. I now realize that the last couple of weeks of my fast are going to need more rest than I anticipated. DAY 28. It is only logical that after 26 days on a fast that the body's energy levels are going to be somewhat depleted. DAY 26. TUESDAY .11:30 PM Did some paperwork. Good night. DAY 27. well. Tomorrow is the first day of the PC Expo. However. I am now going to bed. This means that I have to get up tomorrow morning about 7 AM and only get about 5 hours of sleep.11:00 PM 240 . I just received a call from a computer friend of mine. Oh. if I get an early enough start then I won't have to go back the next day. This happened once more. SUNDAY . There are four other geeks that want me to go with them. MONDAY .

WEDNESDAY . I checked out every nook and cranny of the show.11:00 PM DAY 37. However. but I didn't want to do this to them. I know what direction I will be heading in the future. I have had a sort of rough week. I didn't even wait the extra hour until the show closed for the day. up and down row after row of new technology exhibits. I was physically hurting. I have 241 . I find I need to stop for about 20 seconds between levels. If I go up two flights of stairs. They wanted to go out for a drink and eat after the show.3:00 AM Wow. All the while carrying a big shoulder bag to put things I wanted to take with me and a gallon of distilled water for my lunch. THURSDAY . Moments of not feeling well at all. I didn't want to be a party-pooper with my friends. I find it hard to believe that 8 days have gone by and I have not written anything here. my mind is exceptionally sharp and full of clarity. It is one humongous convention center. The PC Expo took over the whole convention center. Then a few hours later having so much energy that I found it almost impossible to go to bed at all. They would have sacrificed and taken me home. The tears are full of joy and gratitude with my new found clarity and empowerment. Some of the best shows are in the middle of the early morning hours. I can't life heavy objects for more than a couple of minutes without really feeling a weakness in my muscles.What a day. It was a great show and there was nothing I didn't see that I could have seen. I have feelings of empowerment inside that bring wells of emotional joy and tears to my face. I walked probably 3 miles through the center. I actually felt better after taking a shower and watched educational television until around 2 or three in the morning on the satellite. DAY 29. All in all. I had another friend pick me up and was I ever glad to get home. I feel tremendous. By 4:15 PM.

I don't want to be premature. I am not making any decisions until my fast is finished and I have more certitude. I want to do whatever it is that the universe wants me to do for whatever purposes it wants to fulfill through me and my life. I can't share this right now. I got up off the couch rapidly and reached high over my head. Now. Usually. This means that I bumped them on the way down. However. I am taking out a bunch of recycling material and a lot of trash for pick-up tomorrow. Even with this clarity. However. Today. I now see that any earlier in my life wouldn't have been the right time. this time is was so quick that I fainted and a few seconds later found myself on the floor with a chair overturned next to me. this is between me and God .had visions of what to do. to lower a ceiling fan's speed. About 8 hours after the faint spell. My chin hurt and my nose hurt. I stayed in bed for most of the day because I really did not feel well. I feel no problems with this. I felt no pain when it happened. when I have this feeling. I had many things to learn to the core of my being that were necessary for me to move forward on my visions. However.THE ALL IN ALL THAT IS ALL. I have been fasting for shorter periods 242 . This causes a rapid draining of some blood in the brain and a lowering of blood pressure in the brain. I all of a sudden felt a urge to sit on the toilet. I have to constantly remember to move slowly and do not raise my arms high above my head rapidly. Tonight I feel great. and I will do my best to insure that it doesn't happen again. It was an incredible evacuation. in a quick manner. I have felt better ever since. This is the first time this has happened. I do feel I need to put it in my journal as a precautionary warning. This long fast has taken me over ten years to finally follow through with. All of I sudden I felt the feeling of light-headedness. I don't want to scare anyone with this story. I recognize it in time to sit down and rest a moment and the light-headedness passed. remember that I haven't had any food for over a month. a quart of rubbery pencil-thin stringy material came out. I almost neglected to tell you something. Tthere was something definitely working itself out of my body and this probably contributed to the faint spell and my periods of not feeling very well over the last few days. Of course. Once it passed.

Anything over 15 days and one cannot work normal. 243 . We will see. More likely than not. I worked an almost full schedule. I am at 145 now. carried it 10 feet into the house. Even on my last 15 day fast. People go back to their old eating habits before their body can gradually adjust to the increase of food intake. Can't get carried away with too much hard labor. then set it on the floor to be safe. DAY 39. the body reaches its next metabolic set-point and tries to keep it at this new level. In the last week. I expect July 4th to be my last day. and not weight loss. I have lost 40 pounds on this fast. I must remember that it has been 37 days since this fast began. I felt no ill effects... One needs to follow the body's signals and pay heed to them. At some point. and then 4-5 days re-introducing food back into my body. I am going to bed. 4:00 AM I feel great and have been working for about 6 hours. It has to be a change in life to maintain the gains. Then they repeat this cycle over and over and eventually return to their original weight. FRIDAY. More food with the same lowered metabolic rate leads to more calories being stored as fat. Since my fast was for cleansing and clarity.for over 15 years and this has never happened before. Remember yesterday. However. they end up in worse shape than they were before the fast. My body and energy reserves are not what they were then or even after 2 weeks on the fast. I wanted to update this journal before the fast ends. This is okay. I have not lost a single pound. 40 days on water only. Good night. This is why diets hardly ever work in the long term. I had a friend come over later who took it the rest of the way to another floor of the house and put it into the window. This will mean 5 days leading into the water-only part of the fast. no problem. I even lifted a window air-conditioner out of the storage shed.

One. I was going to fast for 45 days from the first day I began with the juice.138 POUNDS Well.hasn't happened. I suppose these three things are just different facets of the same thing. DAY 40 . I feel my body is telling me it is time to give it some nourishment. After 40 days. My spiritual web site will have a lot of this information over the next few months. Other than being fairly simple. The second is that I feel very empowered to do what the visions showed me. I have had visions of what I am to do in the immediate future. most of what I thought might happen . Praise THE ALL that I have had this opportunity to have the time and support of my loved ones on this most important spiritual journey. 244 .Good Night SUNDAY. I know when it is my body speaking to me and not the force of habit or the manipulations of my thoughts. However. But fasting for the sake of fasting for a set time as one's primary goal is not a good reason to fast. three very important things did happen. I must listen to my body. I could go for another ten days. And this was the most important accomplishment I set out to achieve. The third is that my clarity of mind is incredibly improved since I began this fast.10:00 PM . it is 40 days since I began this journey.

They are tears of spiritual gratitude. I have smelled many foods during this fast. I am sure some will say just the fact of having anything to eat after 40 days. This is transcending all. It was a spiritual experience. having anything to eat is 245 . The juice glistens like love beads on the brow of THE ALL. Unbelievable praise is surging through my mind body and the essence of what I truly am.. This is between me and THE ALL THAT IS IN ALL AND IS ALL. even had my nose one inch from the steaming food. would be an unbelievable experience. It actually filled me for the moment. And to think I now have the opportunity to follow through on my visions. 36 of them with just water and about six tablespoons of something two other days. Remember. I will only eat 1/2 of the orange right now. It is in my lap on a towel. One because I don't want this incredible emotion to be over and two because of the unbelievable experience I am sure it will be. what an orange. The smell is most incredible. I just cut it in half. I just licked it. I hope I can handle the experience. but for the gift of having even one moment to have experienced the incredibleness of existence at all. I can't believe these feelings.I have an orange and a knife on my lap. I am sure it will take me at least 15 minutes to eat just 1/2 of the orange. and the little fiber. I choose an orange because of the cleansing effect of the citric juice. Well.. I am going to stop writing now. My stomach must be shrunk to the size of a baby's fist by now. the stimulating effect it will have on getting my digestive juices going again. Incredible. It requires more discipline to break a fast properly than it takes to stay on a fast after 4 or 5 days. it actually took me about 25 minutes to eat the 1/2 orange. All I can say is that yes. Wow.. Not for the orange.. I am crying so intensely. I almost cannot bring my self to start eating the orange.

casaba melons (if any of these are available). Fruits have just about all the nutrients you need. but now I know I got the spiritual things I needed. They are probably 90% water and are a good source of fiber. It is a good feeling. I just had the second half of the orange and ate one additional orange. I feel very good. I am going to relax now and allow this new phase to flow. You have to experience it to know it. I am not sure what I will put into it yet. This was much more than just eating an orange. but everything will be fresh and raw. This is enough for today. just to give you an idea of the aftereffects of this journey. even protein. They would be very good for my re-introducing foods back into my body. I went into this for spiritual reasons and I am not disappointed at all.1:00 AM Well. Time will show. I might have my first salad. I might have one later in the evening. 246 . Tomorrow. I would love to have some cashews and pecans. but they have to wait. The following day. DAY 41 . I can actually hear my stomach and the orange getting to know each other again. MONDAY. I shall go to the market and get some nice cantaloupes. it is now three hours since the orange was on my lap. honeydews. However. I will keep updating this journal for another week or so. I will wait a few days before I put concentrated protein into my body.incredible. I shall buy some for future days. Melons are one of the purest foods you can eat. but I must have no more until tomorrow. Tomorrow shall be a fruit-only day. If the avocados are not ripe. I shall have some more oranges and the melons. I did not get some of the things I had wanted. If they have any ripe avocados.

Then I remembered one other Thai dish I used love.. About three hours later I had an incredibly delicious cantaloupe.. The normal mild way it is served to those who want it mild is a reddish-white color. Mine came milky white. TUESDAY. It is fresh vegetables cooked in coconut milk. Now that I have cleaned out the old wine bottle. "do not put new wine into old wine bottles". Well. You should eat at least 50% fruits and raw vegetables and the rest. my body. If you heat vegetables over 105 degrees you destroy a great percentage of the vital nutrients and enzymes in the food. Well. Especially not now after the fast.11:00 PM I had one delicious orange yesterday.There is an old saying. they prepared it especially for me.. if cooked. DAY 42 . I will never eat over-cooked food anymore. I knew it.. I won't be drinking any alcohol anymore. Then I was out doing an errand with a friend and she asked if I would like to try a little Thai food. I knew it: 247 . I told myself I would have a few tablespoons to taste and then take the rest home for perhaps tomorrow. No hot spice at all. I would be a fool to do otherwise after the last 40 days. lightly steamed or lightly cooked. However. I shall put only good nutritional food into it. The next day (today) I was going to start having a fresh green and vegetable salad later in the day after a breakfast of fruit. I might as well eat glue or sawdust and take vitamins to try and make it resemble nutritious. I felt great and was not hungry. It is a very profound saying. The greens were great. Understand that I can't stand spicy hot food. I said okay.. I think I might try a salad to start some greens going down.I knew it.

I shouldn't have done it. They were delicious and I felt fine afterwards. just one more little spoonful. nothing to overly concern myself with. No problem. I started getting an icky case of heartburn (gastric fluid reflux from my stomach up through my esophagal spincter muscle and into my esophagus). One little spoonful at a time. I did a tremendous amount of work. Well. This was not a pleasant feeling. 248 . After all. this would have made it worse. About 6:00 this morning. In fact. So I did a lot of food storage cleaning and organizing for when I will start my new cooking experience of my few thousand vegan recipes. there wasn't really enough left to take home. this was about 9:00 last night. but I felt good. About 3:00 PM this afternoon. I shouldn't have done it. I couldn't lie down. Well. A little knife-like.until now. I was feeling no more discomfort from the reflux for some time. I thought I might as well finish it. just one more. I was stuffed. I had went about 5 weeks with just water and my esophagus was feeling fine . My stomach acid was eating some of my esophagus. is is now almost 11:30 at night and I have not slept any since yesterday. I had to slightly elevate my upper torso so that the reflux would not be encouraged by gravity to spend more time in my esophagus. it seemed that all of a sudden. About 1:00 AM this morning. We took a 20 minute slow walk after dinner to help the digestion. I decided to have a couple of mangoes. I laid there for about an hour and just decided to get up and do some more work. Just about 4 tablespoons left. I tried to lie down. and then I will give it to them to wrap up. About 3 hours later I had a pain in my lower left side. It was delicious. but a reminder that it looked like my pancreas was a little overwhelmed. I shouldn't have done it.

I had a fresh salad and a little tofu. However. but I am a spirit in a material world. The choice to overeat was mine. remind yourself you knew what to do and you choose to do otherwise. I kept a more disciplined eye on what I was eating. It is about three hours later and I feel fine. now I choose to begin again. Then forgive yourself and be thankful that this is a new moment. but I did. I am spirit. The choice to overeat is yours.YOU WILL SUCCEED! 249 . If you do what you say you shouldn't do.. Remember. Be gentle with yourself. and actually started putting the leftovers away before I was finished eating.Tonight about 4 hours later. I am going to go up to the bed and sit upright for a while watching educational satellite programs and slowly unwind. ate slower. Do you struggle and use more discipline? Or do you cease the struggle and do what you know you should not do. talk to yourself and remind yourself of your foolishness in neglecting to just not say "NO" to whatever tempted you. I choose to do it. you can get to Chicago from New York walking all the way . This just shows all of you who have E-Mailed me about fasting over the last year or so that I know your trials and temptations. It is not always the number of times you stumble or get knocked down that matters. Perhaps this story will help you keep a more watchful eye out for the temptations that are sure to come. I have experienced almost everything you either have or will experience. I will succeed".and how I actually did not last past 48 hours before not practicing what I preach.ENOUGH. Sooner or later . the final decision is yours.you just pick yourself up. what matters is after each and every time you take the step in the wrong direction instead of the right direction . Remember one most important thing. . Sometimes the subliminal forces seem to have a will of their own inside you. No inkling of what I was feeling last night. Only. tomorrow is a new day. dust yourself off. Both to put away some of the still tempting food and as a reminder that I had to say . this time. I should have had no problem using the discipline to follow the fast-breaking plan I spoke about.before I had to say I CAN'T HOLD ANY MORE. however. and say "Okay. If you slip.ONE LITTLE STEP AT A TIME. I shouldn't have. perhaps this little story of how we all have similiar temptations . Sometimes the mental manipulations are not as blatant. Sometimes the rationalization is very subtle.

We require some weight that is not muscle. Time for an update and a closing of this journal. Then another painful lesson occurred. I was so joyous of eating again that I neglected to drink enough water. time to eat now".. After finishing the fast.. It takes between four to six weeks for your metabolism to re-adjust to the tremendous amount of food energy it is now receiving after over 5 weeks of having nothing but what it could find and burn on its own. It doesn't end with the moment you say. I am not going to put it back on. "Okay. I 250 . how much.. . The rest is what you eat. I was having a wonderful time. I went to Cape Cod for the July 4 weekend. On July 5th. I lost about 50 pounds on the fast. your body adds a little weight as a survival mechanism for the coming cold weather. Do you realize that 5 to 8 pounds of our weight is fecal matter that we are carrying around with us? This fecal matter and some water weight we will put back on fairly quickly will bring us back up maybe 15 pounds over our last day fasting weight. and how patient you are for your metabolism to adjust to your non-fasting life-style. It still has a few days left. The journey of a forty days fast is still in the process.I will stop in tomorrow and let you know what is happening. When the winter months start getting closer. Speak with you later. Of course this in addition to fat weight.. One can gain about 18-20 pounds a year in muscle weight.-) FOUR MONTHS LATER It is now four months after ending my fast. Just as a side thought. What I put on will be better than what I took off.

251 . I received first hand knowledge of what a lot of elderly people go through with impacted bowels. Third is flexibility and limberness. not fat weight I feel as good or better than I remember feeling when my body was in its twenties. Thirty minutes on a treadmill. The exercise helps this also. I also noticed that I was getting lower bowel pains. I have stabilized at 165 pounds The weight I have put back on is mostly muscle weight. After that impacted bowel experience I kept getting stronger and stronger and feeling better and better. After being a vegetarian for over 17 years. No animal products of any kind. Then I realized that I had developed "impacted bowels" because of the lack of water (liquid) in my diet. I went from up to a gallon of water a day and no food to 8 ounces of water a day and food. and friends sometime say it tastes better than their pizza with the oily. binding cheese. The yoga (stretching) takes care of this. food. First is circulation and cardiovascular problems. I have a vegetable pizza. Eating over 50% of a diet of uncooked and fresh fruits and vegetables takes care of this. Most spirit-people. I won't go into the details here but it was a fantastic learning experience. I find that I really don't miss the pizzas.both part of one process.realized that I had not gone to the bathroom and passed any fecal matter since ending the fast. The treadmill takes care of this. Now I exercise every other day for two hours. fatty. Friends and business associates say I look better than they have seen me look in years. in their later years experience three physical problems that they could have prepared for when they were earth-years younger. Second is digestion and elimination problems . I have gained back 27 pounds. I am a complete vegan now. The pain is REAL. food. 45 minutes with weights and about 45 minutes of yoga (stretching). without cheese. It took me three days to get my bowels back in order.

I look great. diet and health. 252 . I no longer drink coffee and find I don't need nor do I miss it. In short. I may have had two minor ones in the last four months. I will do at least a 7 to 10 day fast after the first of the year. I ate as much as I wanted and found plenty to eat. I hope and pray this journal has helped some of you.I just spent a couple of weeks in Hawaii and had no problem over-eating. I am now going to spend more time building my spiritual web site and I will be putting a lot of information on it concerning fasting. the next long fast will not be recorded in a journal for others to see. I fast one to three days now when I feel like it. It should be between me and God. This journal was an exception for the purpose of helping others along their fasting and spiritual journey. I feel great. I do not drink alcohol any longer. my old habits seem to be a thing of the past. However. I don't really have headaches any more. I will get back to you as soon as I can. please don't hesitate to e-mail me. However. If there is any way I can help you. I am really looking forward to my next long fast in the spring.

within 48 hours my tongue is coated. However. Just remember that most doctors are not schooled much in nutrition or natural herb and fasting programs. I will be honored if you give me your opinions on how I can make it more readable and understandable. it may be wise for you to check out your doctor's opinion. However. I offer you a few thoughts. Dear _______ . exercising and getting plenty of rest is a better way to get into shape. The tongue is one of the organs of toxin elimination from the body. 253 .my tongue is cleared. you should be in okay condition to follow your heart and gain tremendously from a pure water fast. One thought I could repeat over and over . Each person is individual and will have individual experiencing of fasting. This has never varied. I pray it helps you in your journey. Doctors have told me that my tongue coating during a fast means nothing. my experiences should offer you a good general guideline to follow. You will definitely benefit by "cleaning house" before you re-build your body.a fast is not recommended for vanity weight loss. Changing your diet. I highly respect the learned opinion of the medical doctor. I want to be of as much help as possible in making your fasting experience a safe. Just know that I feel a fast is much more than a weight-loss diet and potentially much more rewarding. every time I have fasted over the last 20 years . Within four hours after eating anything . If you have never fasted. based on my own experience of fasting. pleasant and most effective experience. Except for some unknown medical conditions. unless you have some unknown medical condition. However.A Letter On Fasting To A Special Spirit-Person This letter was written around 1997 to a special friend who needed some guidance on fasting and dealing with her relatives who did not approve. you must make your own decision on what to do if your doctor's opinion is different from what your heart is telling you.

The protein powder will give the beverage a smoother taste. It only gives the blended drink more of a malted-milk texture and flavor. Add one tablespoon of the colon conditioner for more bulk. You don't need the protein powder. It is not just for beginning a fast. One pre-fast tendency is to eat an overdose of the foods and drink you think you will miss most on the fast. the softer it will feel when you drink it. A few thoughts on the pre-fast beverage: You can drink as much of the beverage for the two pre-fast days as you like. The most important aspect is to choose one that has as few additives of any kind. you should add fruit and plant fiber to your beverage. It will also make the first few days of a fast even more difficult since your body has to assimilate and eliminate this overdose of food-stuffs. no animal products in it and no sugar. You can drink juice during this pre-fast process.Your immediate future and the rest of your life can and will be affected by your fast and the reasons you go into your fast. Orange juice blended with some pineapple slices is great. I use a colon conditioner called "Colon Cleanse". I believe it is important to begin the fast with a couple of days of a blended fruit and colon conditioning process. Add two to three bananas and a couple of tablespoons of the vegetarian protein powder. This will balance the previous overindulgence and help prepare your body. You can actually drink it every day for the rest of your life. Add about 8 ice cubes (if your blender can handle ice cubes. The fruits and/or juice you add to the blended beverage will give it an enjoyable flavor. I love strawberries so I add about 1/2 pint of them to my beverage. The protein powder I mention can be any brand you like. This type of gluttony is never beneficial to your bodily health. The ice cubes will make the drink more refreshing and the cold of the ice cubes will slow down the bulking of the colon conditioner before you have a chance to drink it. If you do indulge this tendency. It will not leave any additional toxins in your body as you prepare to enter your fast experience. Since the digestive system was not made to drink the highly concentrated fruit-sugar of processed fruit juice. Pineapple is an excellent digestive aid. Any health food store usually carries it. You might have to add more liquid to your drink because it can get pretty thick the longer it sits. One or two tablespoons in a juice beverage will give more bulk in your system. The longer it sits in the glass. Fill the blender 1/2 with apple juice. The one I presently use is vegan. I like protein powders that are vanilla flavored. If 254 . Each one will taste differently. Apple juice is an excellent pre-cleansing fruit.

I use the Tylenol crutch (just as much as I feel I have to). We prefer your stomach to stay asleep for detoxifying. The two day pre-fast fruit diet will definitely make your initial stopping of eating easier and will help lighten your discomfort in the beginning days of the fast. The miserable times are just moments of detoxifying. After many years of all kinds of various foods. It will pass directly to your intestines to be absorbed into your bloodstream. but uncomfortable. Too much too soon will contribute to you feeling worse in a little while rather than better. You might not even have any bad headaches. not in sugar-syrup (either heavy or light syrup is a no-no). If you must have anything. If you eat and break the fast at the miserable times. I can deal with just about any discomfort other than a terrible headache. If you have headaches. an okay thing to have is 50% water and 50% grape juice with some colon conditioner powder. However. take a headache pill if you must. It may be bottled. Don't stop the detoxifying process and the headaches can be looked at as a positive sign that the body is moving right along on its de-toxing journey. It is best to not introduce any chemicals into your body. I sometimes have a few bottles of low-to-no-sodium V-8 juice in my two day pre-fast beverage diet. you will just slow or even defeat the important detoxification process you body is involved in.you use canned pineapple slices. Too much acidic fruit can cause small acid bumps to develop in your mouth. your intestines are like the drainage 255 . pineapple and grapefruit. Just know that if you do. I am not a masochist. Even the headaches that you feel like screaming from the pounding pain will pass. You don't want your blood sugar levels to fluctuate wildly. but when it comes to a headache. it is good and it will pass. but it offers a little variety and is somewhat nutritious. If you must have some added energy later into the fast. I drink it straight. at least the grape-juice will not stop your cleansing process and the colon conditioner will scrub your digestive tract somewhat. make sure the pineapple is canned in its own juices. You have to expect times during the fast when you feel real good and other times when you feel real miserable. Nothing to worry about. It is important to sip the juice beverage. Grape juice mixed with water will not be digested in the stomach. I don't like headaches. This extra water will help your body handle the juice and colon conditioner. Follow this juice-water drink with a glass or two of distilled water. be careful of too much acidic fruit such as oranges.

You have over 20 feet of intestine that has many curves. Your body will not be eating and digesting nutritious foods during the fast. Any energy used in non-detoxifying activity takes away from the vital energy the body is devoting to "cleaning house". Deplete this vital energy through sexual activities and you will lower your energy levels for just getting out of bed in addition to the energy needed for an efficient "house cleaning". When the toxins carried along in your blood are passing through your liver. The degree of discomfort and the frequency of discomfort will be determined by how built-up the toxin and garbage is in your body. A little discipline will go a long way. Your blood stream is one of the carriers of the toxins marked for elimination. A fast is like a "roto-rooter" of your intestinal tract. I could repeat over and over the importance of this concept of vital energy. You can expect to 256 . Just like the accumulations of a house plumbing system.system of a large house. It will be using it's vital energy to both eliminate the toxins and use whatever energy it can get from the internal burning of the toxins for the energy to keep you alive. This vital energy is the energy used by the mothers you have heard of who have lifted an automobile off of their child in an emergency. You will be the only one who will feel the rewards or suffer the penalties. It actually digests the fats and toxic particulate in order to eliminate them from it's house. I can not repeat it often enough.THE MORE YOU CAN HANG THROUGH THESE DISCOMFORTS. At times you might even feel stronger sexual urges than normal. From here it either is released through the sexual activity or it is concentrated and sent through the body where it is most needed. A build up of the body's vital energy concentrates in the genital area. KNOW THIS .you will feel various bodily discomforts. Future fasts will be easier since your body will a less concentration of garbage to have to process. It passes these toxins through your liver for cleaning. your colon and your brain . your kidneys which produce your urine. THE POTENTIAL IS GREATER THAT THE BETTER YOU WILL FEEL IN THE LONG RUN. As you go into the fast. These curves have collected oils. It is important to give your body as much rest as possible. your body shuts down nonimportant bodily processes (like the stomach digestive action) and starts using its vital energy to "clean house". It carries the toxins through the lymphatic and blood system. fats and other particulate matter that is actually sort of glued to your intestine walls. healthy and functioning through the fast. Your tongue. Don't make it any harder for your body to do its job than you have to. your feces and sweat glands are important avenues for the body to eliminate toxins. your kidneys.

Your body is more important then an iron. The more the toxins are diluted in your body with liquid. Your breath will be fresh. Just make sure the water you drink is distilled. The first ten pounds will be mostly liquid. The amount and speed of your weight loss will be determined by your individual metabolism. just drink as much as you need to make the hunger less discomforting. One day you may lose 3 pounds. You don't want to dehydrate. you will become more and more aware of your body and how it speaks to you. The next day 0 pounds. After fasting several times. it is not as pure as distilled water. During the fast. When you are taking water into your body and no food. my tongue didn't clear up completely. Distilled water is recommended for clothes-irons so mineral deposits don't form in the iron and ruin it. It is written that between 21 days and 28 days your tongue will be crystal clear. It is then time to consider breaking the fast unless you feel like continuing it for other reasons.. drink as much distilled water as you want. 257 . Don't force the water..lose between 1 and 2 pounds a day on average. the chemicals and poisons will become too concentrated in your body and can be harmful to your health. Your tongue is a good indicator of the detoxifying process. Don't drink spring water. believe me. If you feel like it. However. Be sure and drink plenty of water. Just know that over an extended fast.treat it accordingly. you might have some spiritual inspirations to consider when you are contemplating breaking your fast. No one is the same. Spring water is not as pure as distilled water. On a fifteen-day fast. You have to learn to listen to your body. After about 15 days.. losing one to two pounds a day is almost a universal experience. some people will begin to notice their tongue starting to clear from the outer edges in towards the center. Tap water has chemicals and poisons which kill harmful bacteria and microbes that might be in the tap water. the less they will impact on your perception as they are being eliminated. Do not drink spring water. By then. The body needs plenty of liquid to help flush the system. my body told me it was time to stop the fast. Do not drink tap water. Drink at least two quarts a day. When it is completely clean is the indicator that your body has cleansed as much as it will on this fast.. even a gallon a day is not too much.

you should notice a definite difference in your general feeling of well being. It is best to be horizontal during the enema so that gravity won't work against the water going deeper into your lower colon. 9. You should give yourself an enema to help dilute the concentration of toxins accumulating in your lower colon and being re-absorbed into your body through the colon walls. 10 and so on are a lot easier to do to than if you start again from day one some day in the future. I wanted to continue the fast. 258 . If you do it properly in a horizontal position and use plenty of water. A good memory of a successful fast makes future fasts easier to get into. an enema is better than nothing. On the other hand. I will be as close as your e-mail to give you encouragement and support each day of your fast. It is good to floss regularly also because of the accumulation between the teeth of toxin residue. However.your skin. A general rule of thumb is wait at least 4 days between enemas. Just don't rush it. I broke it at day 7 because I wanted to have a good memory of my first long fast. once you go for seven days . I had more energy than I had when I went into the fast. A colonic. This is something you have to decide on one day at a time. On the seventh day. Breaking the fast properly will tend to be more difficult than staying on the fast. Resist this with all the discipline you can.day 8. My first long water fast lasted for 7 days. It is good to brush your tongue when you brush your teeth. However. The colon walls are very absorbent. I will be honored to help you through your ongoing decision process of when to break the fast and how to break it properly. The tendency will be to gobble up as much food as you can get your hands and mouth on. A little cool rinse after the hot shower should invigorate you. The value of your fast can be completely destroyed by a lack of discipline at this break-fast time. A good warm to hot shower will help remove the toxin accumulation of body's largest organ of elimination . but a light brushing which will loosen the white accumulation and stimulate the process of detoxification through the tongue. Not a heavy scrubbing. An enema actually does not go very far up the colon.Concerning enemas during the fast. is better. which is a more profound enema.

charlatans. false rabbis. They will be reminded of their lack of discipline in doing the things that they have been telling themselves for years that they were going to do someday. They won't admit this. They don't want you to succeed only because then they have to face their own broken promises to themselves over the years. practically everyone who loves you will resist your decision to fast in one way or another . false religious books that just want to control you and get your life and money. There is an old saying .RESISTANCE FROM YOUR LOVED ONES DURING YOUR FAST Naturally. ridicule. false prophets. Your loved ones do have valid fears in their love for you and not wanting you to do the wrong thing and get sick . your loved ones are sure to make concerned comments on your physical appearance. Do not let this discourage you. Others have read all about the horror stories of gurus. Your greatest in any field of endeavor have been the ones who followed the beat of a different drummer than the rest of the crowd. During your fast. false priests. tricksters. Some of your greatest religious/philosophical/political leaders have both fasted before a battle or major decision. not the heart of another . They don't want you to injure yourself going on a strange journey. It takes great inner strength and desire to follow your heart. The ones who do great things and who experience great growth are the ones who follow their own heart. This resistance will in most cases be for what they think is for your own good. The resistance will be manifested in joking. 259 . A couple of weeks after a long fast will have you looking better than you looked before you began the fast. Others will resist for reasons of your discipline itself. but a hero dies only one".either physically or mentally.no matter how wellmeaning the other heart may be. Your eyes will be brighter. They will think and tell you that you are wasting away to nothing. Your body will look healthier. usually tomorrow.for one reason or another."A coward dies a thousand deaths. One thing I can say to this is people great and small have been fasting for thousands of years. put-downs and sarcasm.

I have had experiences during fasting that were beyond what people call the human consciousness.. But since they have never experienced it. My body is 47 years old and I believe I have not done anything to injure it. If you don't do this discipline."WHAT IF I HAD"? Others will tell you that you would have not gained anything.I want more.or you can fall in with the crowd. People have been experiencing other levels of consciousness for thousands of years. and even more. The more you know your true self. No one can live your pain for you. When I reached 29 years of age. If this was not true. I have no regrets other than I wish I would have changed sooner and changed more over the years than I have. I find it hard to believe how old most of my peers look.A THINKER ONLY THINKS HE OR SHE KNOWS.I believe you want more. you would not have read this communication on fasting. When I was younger.... I believe I look better than most others my age. I have been fasting for the last 20 years.. I understand the temptations of the flesh. I believe you will be wondering for the rest of your life . No one can live your pleasure for you. I understand how easy it is to just go along with the crowd. how can they know? A KNOWER KNOWS . the more full your life can be . And no one can experience whatever might be for you after your body is dead. both physical. mental and emotional. My wife died of a drug overdose when we were both only 21 years of bodily age.. They will be glad to support you if you are doing what they are doing.alone and with those you love. No one can die for you.You can be an inspiration for your loved ones . In fact. I was surprised I was still alive even then. However. I did everything that others did. Were they all lying? Or is there something worth looking into with all your heart and soul? You have to choose for yourself... I feel you want more than what the crowd is willing to discipline themselves to accomplish. I decided I had better change my way of living before it killed me. old age and death is the final destination for every physical body. 260 .

.? I offer you as much support and advice as I have within me to give. 261 .I will help myself..Do you want to be a thinker . In helping you ...or a knower.

I am putting his summary anatomical chart comparing our anatomy with herbivores. Humans lack both the physical characteristics of carnivores and the instinct that drives them to kill animals and devour their raw carcasses. Mills. Prehistoric evidence indicates that humans developed hunting skills relatively recently and that most of our short. It is by Dr. congratulations—you're a normal human herbivore—like it or not. Ask yourself: When you see dead animals on the side of the road. meat was a tiny part of our caloric intake. meat-eating past was spent scavenging and eating almost anything in order to survive.The Natural Human Diet This anatomical comparison between herbivores. it is freely available through the Internet. Milton R. You read it and then you be the judge. carnivores and omnivores that that follows is not mine. Even cooked meat is likely to cause human beings. are you tempted to stop for a snack? Does the sight of a dead bird make you salivate? Do you daydream about killing cows with your bare hands and eating them raw? If you answered "no" to all of these questions. AM 262 . even then. humans are herbivores who are not well suited to eating meat. to suffer from food poisoning. According to biologists and anthropologists who study our anatomy and our evolutionary history. and other ailments. People who pride themselves on being part of the human hunter tradition should take a second look at the story of human evolution. Unlike natural carnivores. However. we are physically and psychologically unable to rip animals limb from limb and eat and digest their raw flesh. Humans were simply not designed to eat meat. It says what it says better than I could say it. but not natural carnivores. carnivores and omnivores at the beginning of his excellent article to help you digest what it says. MD. heart disease.

Facial Muscles CARNIVORE: Reduced to allow wide mouth gape OMNIVORE: Reduced HERBIVORE: Well-developed HUMAN: Well-developed Jaw Type CARNIVORE: Angle not expanded OMNIVORE: Angle not expanded HERBIVORE: Expanded angle HUMAN: Expanded angle Jaw Joint Location CARNIVORE: On same plane as molar teeth OMNIVORE: On same plane as molar teeth HERBIVORE: Above the plane of the molars HUMAN: Above the plane of the molars 263 .

minimal side-to-side motion OMNIVORE: Shearing. good side-to-side. front-to-back Major Jaw Muscles CARNIVORE: Temporalis OMNIVORE: Temporalis HERBIVORE: Masseter and pterygoids HUMAN: Masseter and pterygoids Mouth Opening vs. minimal side-to-side HERBIVORE: No shear. Head Size CARNIVORE: Large OMNIVORE: Large HERBIVORE: Small HUMAN: Small 264 .Jaw Motion CARNIVORE: Shearing. front-to-back HUMAN: No shear. good side-to-side.

flattened and spade shaped HUMAN: Broad. flattened and spade shaped Teeth: Canines CARNIVORE: Long.Teeth: Incisors CARNIVORE: Short and pointed OMNIVORE: Short and pointed HERBIVORE: Broad. jagged and blade shaped OMNIVORE: Sharp blades and/or flattened HERBIVORE: Flattened with cusps vs complex surface HUMAN: Flattened with nodular cusps Chewing 265 . sharp and curved HERBIVORE: Dull and short or long (for defense). sharp and curved OMNIVORE: Long. or none HUMAN: Short and blunted Teeth: Molars CARNIVORE: Sharp.

Teeth: Chewing CARNIVORE: None. swallows food whole OMNIVORE: Swallows food whole and/or simple crushing HERBIVORE: Extensive chewing necessary HUMAN: Extensive chewing necessary Saliva CARNIVORE: No digestive enzymes OMNIVORE: No digestive enzymes HERBIVORE: Carbohydrate digesting enzymes HUMAN: Carbohydrate digesting enzymes Stomach Type CARNIVORE: Simple OMNIVORE: Simple HERBIVORE: Simple or multiple chambers HUMAN: Simple 266 .

Stomach Acidity CARNIVORE: Less than or equal to pH 1 with food in stomach OMNIVORE: Less than or equal to pH 1 with food in stomach HERBIVORE: pH 4 to 5 with food in stomach HUMAN: pH 4 to 5 with food in stomach Stomach Capacity CARNIVORE: 60% to 70% of total volume of digestive tract OMNIVORE: 60% to 70% of total volume of digestive tract HERBIVORE: Less than 30% of total volume of digestive tract HUMAN: 21% to 27% of total volume of digestive tract Length of Small Intestine CARNIVORE: 3 to 6 times body length OMNIVORE: 4 to 6 times body length HERBIVORE: 10 to more than 12 times body length HUMAN: 10 to 11 times body length 267 .

short and smooth HERBIVORE: Long. short and smooth OMNIVORE: Simple. may be sacculated HUMAN: Long.Colon CARNIVORE: Simple. sacculated Liver CARNIVORE: Can detoxify vitamin A OMNIVORE: Can detoxify vitamin A HERBIVORE: Cannot detoxify vitamin A HUMAN: Cannot detoxify vitamin A Kidney CARNIVORE: Extremely concentrated urine OMNIVORE: Extremely concentrated urine HERBIVORE: Moderately concentrated urine HUMAN: Moderately concentrated urine 268 . complex.

However.D. "observation" is not the best technique to use when trying to identify the most "natural" diet for humans. culture. (It is common practice when examining fossils of extinct mammals to examine anatomical features to 269 . Mammals are anatomically and physiologically adapted to procure and consume particular kinds of diets. custom and training are confounding variables when looking at human dietary practices. While most humans are clearly "behavioral" omnivores. Thus. the question still remains as to whether humans are anatomically suited for a diet that includes animal as well as plant foods. M. A better and more objective technique is to look at human anatomy and physiology. This classification is based on the "observation" that humans generally eat a wide variety of plant and animal foods.Nails CARNIVORE: Sharp claws OMNIVORE: Sharp claws HERBIVORE: Flattened nails or blunt hooves HUMAN: Flattened nails "THE COMPARATIVE ANATOMY OF EATING" BY MILTON R. Humans are most often described as "omnivores". MILLS.

killing and dismembering prey. you are petting its temporalis muscles). This confers obvious advantages in developing the forces used in seizing. Facial musculature is reduced since these muscles would hinder a wide gape. herbivores (plant-eaters) and omnivores to see which anatomical and physiological features are associated with each kind of diet. Oral Cavity Carnivores have a wide mouth opening in relation to their head size. The incisors are short. When the jaw of a carnivore closes. When eating. and has very limited side-toside motion. a mammalian carnivore gorges itself rapidly and does not chew its 270 . The canines are greatly elongated and dagger-like for stabbing. The teeth of a carnivore are discretely spaced so as not to trap stringy debris. the cheek teeth come together in a back-to-front fashion giving a smooth cutting motion like the blades on a pair of shears. when a carnivore closes its jaw. The lower jaw of carnivores cannot move forward. the blade-shaped cheek molars slide past each other to give a slicing motion that is very effective for shearing meat off bone. pointed and prong-like and are used for grasping and shredding. In all mammalian carnivores. tearing and killing prey.deduce the animal's probable diet. and play no part in the animal's preparation of food for swallowing. This muscle is so massive in carnivores that it accounts for most of the bulk of the sides of the head (when you pet a dog. Because of the hinge-type joint. This type of joint is extremely stable and acts as the pivot point for the "lever arms" formed by the upper and lower jaws. we can look at mammalian carnivores. The saliva of carnivorous animals does not contain digestive enzymes.) Therefore. The "angle" of the mandible (lower jaw) in carnivores is small. the jaw joint is a simple hinge joint lying in the same plane as the teeth. The primary muscle used for operating the jaw in carnivores is the temporalis muscle. Then we can look at human anatomy and physiology to see in which group we belong. This is because the muscles (masseter and pterygoids) that attach there are of minor importance in these animals. The molars (carnassials) are flattened and triangular with jagged edges such that they function like serrated-edged blades.

Additionally. along with the facial (cheek) musculature and tongue. Canines may be small as in horses. this type of jaw joint allows the upper and lower cheek teeth to come together along the length of the jaw more or less at once when the mouth is closed in order to form grinding platforms. prominent as in hippos. the lower jaw of plant-eating mammals has a pronounced sideways motion when eating. pigs and some primates (these are thought to be used for defense) or absent altogether. the anatomical features consistent with an herbivorous diet represent a more recently derived condition than that of the carnivore.) The angle of the mandible has expanded to provide a broad area of attachment for the well-developed masseter and pterygoid muscles (these are the major muscles of chewing in plant-eating animals). they simply bite off huge chunks of meat and swallow them whole. fleshy lips.food. assist in the chewing of food. The dentition of herbivores is quite varied depending on the kind of vegetation a particular species is adapted to eat. The lips aid in the movement of food into the mouth and. are squared and flattened on top to provide a grinding surface. a relatively small opening into the oral cavity and a thickened. This lateral movement is necessary for the grinding motion of chewing. Since proteolytic (protein-digesting) enzymes cannot be liberated in the mouth due to the danger of autodigestion (damaging the oral cavity). The incisors are broad. Accordingly. According to evolutionary theory. but they do horizontally 271 . the jaw joint has moved to position above the plane of the teeth. in general. In herbivores. The temporalis muscle is small and of minor importance. The molars. (This type of joint is so important to a plant-eating animal. flattened and spade-like. share common structural features. Herbivorous mammals have well-developed facial musculature. Although this type of joint is less stable than the hinge-type joint of the carnivore. that it is believed to have evolved at least 15 different times in various plant-eating mammalian species. muscular tongue. the various kinds of teeth when present. carnivores do not need to mix their food with saliva. The molars cannot vertically slide past one another in a shearing/slicing motion. The masseter and pterygoid muscles hold the mandible in a sling-like arrangement and swing the jaw from side-to-side. it is much more mobile and allows the complex jaw motions needed when chewing plant foods. Although these animals differ in the types and numbers of teeth they posses.

Carnivores are able to keep their gastric pH down around 1-2 even with food present. the ability of the carnivore stomach to secrete hydrochloric acid is exceptional. Since these animals average a kill only about once a week. taking in as much meat as possible at one time which can then be digested later while resting. pushing the food back and forth into the grinding teeth with the tongue and cheek muscles. The surface features of the molars vary depending on the type of plant material the animal eats. This is important because the saliva of plant-eating mammals often contains carbohydrate-digesting enzymes which begin breaking down food molecules while the food is still in the mouth. The stomach volume of a carnivore represents 60-70% of the total capacity of the digestive system. herbivores have 272 . and the upper and lower molars form extended platforms for crushing and grinding. This thorough process is necessary to mechanically disrupt plant cell walls in order to release the digestible intracellular contents and ensure thorough mixing of this material with their saliva. their small intestines (where absorption of food molecules takes place) are short -about three to five or six times the body length. Additionally. Carnivores have a capacious simple (single-chambered) stomach. This is necessary to facilitate protein breakdown and to kill the abundant dangerous bacteria often found in decaying flesh foods.slide across one another to crush and grind. The teeth of herbivorous animals are closely grouped so that the incisors form an efficient cropping/biting mechanism. The "walled-in" oral cavity has a lot of potential space that is realized during eating. Because of the relative difficulty with which various kinds of plant foods are broken down (due to large amounts of indigestible fibers). Because meat is relatively easily digested. a large stomach volume is advantageous because it allows the animals to quickly gorge themselves when eating. Stomach and Small Intestine Striking differences between carnivores and herbivores are seen in these organs. These animals carefully and methodically chew their food.

In herbivorous animals. The muscle is distributed throughout the wall. The colon is short and non-pouched. the large intestine tends to be a highly specialized organ involved in water and electrolyte absorption. Herbivorous animals that eat a diet of relatively soft vegetation do not need a multiple-chambered stomach. pulpy vegetation would be energetically wasteful. the colon has a pouched appearance due to the arrangement of the muscle fibers in the intestinal wall. and a long small intestine. Nutrients and calories would be consumed by the fermenting bacteria and protozoa before reaching the small intestine for absorption. consequently. Although a bacterial population is present in the colon of carnivores. They typically have a simple stomach. The colons of herbivores are usually wider than their small intestine and are relatively long. A multiple-stomach fermentation process in an animal which consumed a diet of soft. It is approximately the same diameter as the small intestine and. The ruminants are the plant-eating animals with the celebrated multiple-chambered stomachs. In some plant-eating mammals. and/or fermentation of fibrous plant materials. giving the colon a smooth cylindrical appearance. as its only purposes are to absorb salt and water. These animals ferment the difficult-to-digest fibrous portions of their diets in their hindguts (colons). They are classified as either "ruminants" (foregut fermenters) or hindgut fermenters. far more elaborate guts than carnivores. Herbivorous animals that consume plants containing a high proportion of cellulose must "ferment" (digest by bacterial enzyme action) their food to obtain the nutrient value. Colon The large intestine (colon) of carnivores is simple and very short. 273 . has a limited capacity to function as a reservoir. vitamin production and absorption.significantly longer and in some cases. its activities are essentially putrefactive. Many of these herbivores increase the sophistication and efficiency of their GI tracts by including carbohydrate-digesting enzymes in their saliva. The small intestine of plant-eating animals tends to be very long (greater than 10 times body length) to allow adequate time and space for absorption of the nutrients.

tubers and berries. are highly selective feeders. What About Omnivores? One would expect an omnivore to show anatomical features which equip it to eat both animal and plant foods. carnivore gut structure is more primitive than herbivorous adaptations. representative of the anatomical omnivores.) Bears cannot digest fibrous vegetation well. however. Raccoon and certain members of the Canine families. Polar bears hibernate during the summer months when seals are unavailable. and therefore. and the angle of the mandible is small corresponding to the limited role the pterygoid and masseter muscles play in operating the jaw. Although they eat some animal foods. Bears have not.Additionally. The temporalis muscle is massive. but the molars have become squared with rounded cusps for crushing and grinding. According to evolutionary theory.) In general. The most prominent adaptation to an herbivorous diet in bears (and other "anatomical" omnivores) is the modification of their dentition. (Interestingly. The small intestine is short ( less than five times body length) like that of the pure carnivores. (This discussion will be limited to bears because they are. large canines and shearing premolars of a carnivore. adopted the flattened. pointed claws of a carnivore. and the colon is simple. (The one exception is the Polar bear which lives in the frozen. Their diet is dominated by primarily succulent lent herbage. bears are primarily herbivorous with 70-80% of their diet comprised of plant foods. Many scientists believe the reason bears hibernate is because their chief food (succulent vegetation) not available in the cold northern winters. smooth and short. an omnivore might be expected to be a carnivore which shows some gastrointestinal tract adaptations to an herbivorous diet. Bears retain the peg-like incisors.) Bears are classified as carnivores but are classic anatomical omnivores. Thus. blunt nails seen in most herbivores and retain the elongated. The jaw joint of bears is in the same plane as the molar teeth. 274 . This is exactly the situation we find in the Bear. in some herbivores the cecum (the first section of the colon) is quite large and serves as the primary or accessory fermentation site. in general. bears exhibit anatomical features consistent with a carnivorous diet. vegetation poor arctic and feeds primarily on seal blubber.

The temporalis muscle is reduced. In the wild. The muscular and agile tongue essential for eating. be selected against. The mandibular joint is flattened by a cartilaginous plate and is located well above the plane of the teeth. it is a much weaker joint than the hinge-style carnivore joint. an animal with a dislocated jaw would either soon starve to death or be eaten by something else and would. Since bears include significant amounts of meat in their diet. The human mandible can move forward to engage the incisors. has adapted to use in speech and other things. A given species cannot adopt the weaker but more mobile and efficient herbivore-style joint until it has committed to an essentially plant-food diet lest it risk jaw dislocation. extinction. kills and eats prey must have the physical equipment which makes predation practical and efficient. Although an herbivore-style jaw joint (above the plane of the teeth) is a far more efficient joint for crushing and grinding vegetation and would potentially allow bears to exploit a wider range of plant foods in their diet. The herbivore-style jaw joint is relatively easily dislocated and would not hold up well under the stresses of subduing struggling prey and/or crushing bones (nor would it allow the wide gape carnivores need). Our teeth are rather large and usually abut against one another. Humans have muscular lips and a small opening into the oral cavity. Human teeth are also similar to those found in other herbivores with the exception of the canines (the canines of some of the apes are elongated and are thought to be used for display and/or defense). and side-toside to crush and grind. bears have a jaw structure. musculature and dentition which enable them to develop and apply the forces necessary to kill and dismember prey even though the majority of their diet is comprised of plant foods. The incisors are flat and spade-like. therefore. they must retain the anatomical features that permit them to capture and kill prey animals.An animal which captures. Hence. 275 . Many of the so-called "muscles of expression" are actually the muscles used in chewing. death and ultimately. The characteristic "square jaw" of adult males reflects the expanded angular process of the mandible and the enlarged masseter/pterygoid muscle group. What About Me? The human gastrointestinal tract features the anatomical modifications consistent with an herbivorous diet.

) The human colon demonstrates the pouched structure peculiar to herbivores. The distensible large intestine is larger in cross-section than the small intestine. and used for crushing. mixing and liquefying ingested foodstuffs and regulating their entry into the small intestine. from comparing the gastrointestinal tract of humans to that of carnivores. Thus. but only moderately acidic. Man's stomach is single-chambered. and is relatively long. blunt and small and function Like incisors. we see that human beings have the gastrointestinal tract structure of a "committed" herbivore. Eating quickly. but are flattened. In conclusion. averaging from 10 to 11 times the body length. attempting to swallow a large amount of food or swallowing fibrous and/or poorly chewed food (meat is the most frequent culprit) often results in choking in humans. The esophagus is narrow and suited to small. with the production and absorption of significant amounts of food energy (volatile short-chain fatty acids) depending upon the fiber content of the diet. The canines are neither serrated nor conical. flattened and nodular. a person presenting with a gastric pH less than 4-5 when there is food in the stomach is cause for concern. The stomach serves as a mixing and storage chamber.useful for peeling. The extent to which the fermentation and absorption of metabolites takes place in the human colon has only recently begun to be investigated. herbivores and omnivores we must conclude that humankind's GI tract is designed for a purely plant-food diet. Humankind does not show the mixed structural features one expects and finds in anatomical omnivores such as bears and raccoons. Human saliva contains the carbohydrate-digesting enzyme. soft balls of thoroughly chewed food.) The stomach volume represents about 2127% of the total volume of the human GI tract. 276 . Man's colon is responsible for water and electrolyte absorption and vitamin production and absorption. grinding and pulping noncoarse foods. This enzyme is responsible for the majority of starch digestion. snipping and biting relatively soft materials. salivary amylase. Human body size is measured from the top of the head to end of the spine and averages between two to three feet in length in normal-sized individuals. (Clinically. The human small intestine is long. The premolars and molars are squarish. (Our small intestine averages 22 to 30 feet in length. There is also extensive bacterial fermentation of fibrous plant materials.

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