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During the 2008 State of the City Address (SOCA) as my first term ended and I was beginning my second term, I said so much has been done and so much more needs to be done with unity and continuity. A year ago, I stood here before you and laid out our administrations performance and accomplishments in my second 3-year term2,114 projects worth P2.2 billion implemented in a 3-year period from 2007-2010the first ever to have recorded in the history of Zamboanga.
It was PERFORMANCE and ACCOMPLISHMENTS that prompted Zamboangueos to give us the overwhelming mandate in the May 2010 elections. It was PERFORMANCE and ACCOMPLISHMENTS that brings us to this same Hall today to observe the timeless tradition of the City Council inviting the City Mayor to its maiden session to deliver the State of the City Report.

Ladies and gentlemen in 2010 we were put to a test and the main issue and question put forth in the last election was continuity or change, continua o cambia and the Zamboangueos reaffirmed their trust and confidence on our programs of government anchored on unity and continuity that started in 1998 with the election of Maam Caling as mayor and myself as congressman. Zamboangueos overwhelmingly chose continuity as they elected the majority of us Team Coloraostarting from your mayor-Celso Lobregat, Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde, Cong. Beng Climaco, Cong. Erbie Fabian and as of now, 11 out of the 16 members of the City Council. Like in 2004 and 2007, the greater majority of our constituents heeded our call to unite and to continue and to stand with us in pursuing our 17-point agenda to make Zamboanga more developed, more peaceful and more progressive. 2010 was indeed an election year as we also had the barangay election on October 25 followed by the election of the sectoral representatives to the City Council. But aside from being an election year, 2010 was also a year of transition. We have a new president that instils hope and change on the national scene and we also saw changes at the Western Mindanao Command, Naval Forces Western Mindanao Command, 3rd Air Division, 530th Air Base Wing, PRO-9, DIPO and even Task Force Zamboanga. And as I look back at my two consecutive terms as mayor of Zamboanga, I can honestly say that so much has been done in my first term, so much more has been done in my second term but the best is still to come! And as the song goes What a journey it has been and the end is not in sight...forward always forward...onward always up, Adelante Zamboanga!
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Prudent and judicious allocation of the citys revenues and resources over the last seven years enabled the city government to hasten delivery of basic services and implement quality and meaningful projects without having to borrow a single centavo from any financial institution.

When I was first elected mayor in 2004, the annual budget was P1.034 billion, for 2010 it increased to P1.079 billion and for 2011, the projected annual budget is P2.110 billionmore than double the 2004 budget. Year 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Annual budget : P 1.034 billion : P 1.073 billion : P 1.175 billion : P 1.302 billion : P 1.652 billion : P 1.708 billion : P 1.907 billion : P 2.110 billion

1.076 Billion increase

With sound fiscal management, the city government reduced the PS component of the budget from 40 to 30 percent, the MOOE from 41 to 36 percent and increased the capital outlay and equipment from 18 to 34 percent. Particulars PS MOOE CO & E 2004 41% 42% 17% 2005 38% 41% 21% 2006 36% 40% 24% 2007 35% 39% 27% 2008 30% 34% 36% 2009 31% 36% 33% 2010 2011 30% 29% 36% 36% 34% 35%

Just like the budget in the 3 years of my second term, for 2011 we will maintain a well balanced mix of PS at 29%, MOOE at 36% and Capital Outlay and Equipment (CO&E) at 35%. In terms of expense classification in 2010, both Social Services and Economic Services had equal allocation of 35% while General Public Services was 30%. For 2011, the highest allocation will be for Social Services at 38%, General Services, 32% and Economic services, 30%.

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Expense Classification General Public Services Economic Services Social Services TOTAL

2009 Amount in Million 554.79 511.20 642.41 1,708.40

2010 Amount in Million 32.5 581.00 29.9 37.6 663.00 663.00 1,907.00

% 30.00 35.00 35.00 100.00

2011 Amount in Million 669 635 806 2,110

% 32.0 30.0 38.0 100.0


The citys revenues continue to climb steadily. 2010 collection 2009 collection Increase % Increase : : : : P1.980 billion P1.788 billion P 192 million 10.7 percent

2010 collections were P1.980 Billion, or 10.7% higher than 2009. P1.511 Billion or 76.32% came from Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA), while P468.8 or 23.68% came from local sources. And to finance our record breaking budget, we also project a record breaking collection of P2.078 billion P567 million of which is projected to come from local revenues and P1.511 billion from IRA. Adelante, Zamboanga!

As mandated by RA 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government Code, the City Assessor submitted the proposed ordinance on new schedule of fair market values. I will talk more about this subject and the passage of Ordinance 2010-159 when I present the accomplishments of the Sangguniang Panlungsod. Thank you to the majority of the members of the Sangguniang Panlungsod who voted for this ordinance and have interest and heart for our young children and the barangays. Congratulations to the City Assessor who was conferred the 2010 Top Performer in Local Assessment Service in Region 9.

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The improvement of barangay disbursement procedure in accordance with auditing and accounting rules and regulations was maintained, as 98% of the barangays submitted their updated monthly reports. The City Accountants Office has consistently adopted steps in upgrading the audit of disbursements and enhancing early preparation of monthly financial reports.


Because of sound fiscal management, 1, 967 City Government employees again received an additional P20, 000 cash gift. This additional cash gift totalled P39 million. And I am sure you noticed in your first pay check of 2011, your salaries have again substantially increased as we were able to implement the second tranche of the Salary Standardization Law as we have sufficient funds and our PS is well below the 45% cap of appropriations. The increase in salaries for 2011 amounts to P52 million. And these huge benefits and salary increases are enjoyed by all including those who voted against our Annual and Supplemental Budgets. Adelante, Zamboanga! In pursuit of the Service Award program, 331 employees who rendered 25 years of continuous service were honoured in fitting rites with a 14-karat ring and a Tribute Book. Based on Ordinance 332, the City has 131 scholars who are enrolled in the various state colleges and university and in voctech courses. Gender and Development (GAD) programs were accelerated and 9,996 participated in the 18 programs, seminars and activities held in 2010.


The City Planning Office performed 9,023 zoning and subdivision related transactions translating to a collection of P7.91 million, which is 12.52% higher than the collections of P7.03 million in 2009. Most transactions were locational clearances and temporary use permits.

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Type of Transaction

No. of Transactions

Locational Clearance/ Temporary Use Permit Land Use Certification CZBAA Appeals/ Special Use Projecs/ Land Use Exceptions Subdivision Projects TOTAL

8,550 51 67 355 9,023

Total Amount Collected (in Pesos) 7,526,191.51 5,100.00 64,000.00 319,838.80 7,915,130.31

Zamboanga City was conferred 3 special awards by the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Policy Center, GTZ and USAID in the 2009 Philippine Cities Competitiveness Ranking Project: Best in Entrepreneurs Award for Most Honest and Transparency in its Dealings, Special Award for Best in Disaster Preparedness and Special Award for Best in Documentation. Of 25 Philippine cities and 183 world economies, Zamboanga was ranked 4th in dealing with construction permits and 6th in the ease of starting a business. The Doing Business Project was a joint undertaking of the AIM Policy Center, International Finance Corporation and the World Bank.

Registration of vital events decreased from 34,445 to 33,955 in 2010. Perhaps due to the population program, certificate of live births decreased from 22,387 in 2009 to 21,953 in 2010. Accomplishment CY-2009 CY-2010 22,387 2,828 2,793 4,414 1,347 98 21,953 2,620 2,692 4,474 1,366 119

CIVIL REGISTRY FUNCTIONS Registration of: 1. Certificate of Live Births 2. Certificate of Marriages 3. Marriage Applications 4. Certificate of Deaths 5. Legal Instruments 6. Court Orders/Decrees Implementation of R.A. 9048: 1. Correction of Clerical Error


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2. Change of First Name Totals

86 34,445

103 33,955

The collection on civil registry for 2010 was P4.2 million, a 13.7% increase from P3.7 million in 2009. A hallmark achievement in Civil Registration in 2010 was the recognition of the City Civil Registrars Office as one of the Top 10 Performing Local Civil Registrars Office (LCRO) 7th Place in the Extra Large LCRO Category nationwide.

In my State of the City Report last year, I talked about PERFORMANCE AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS and outlined the billions worth of projects that were completed from 2007 to 2009 and the ongoing and projects on the pipeline (with the BAC) as of December 31, 2009, numbering 2,114 projects amounting to P2.122 billion. This was surpassed for the 3-year period 2008-2010 with 2,102 projects amounting to P2.614 billion. Mas grande el cantidad y mas mucho beneficio para con el ciudad,

Adelante Zamboanga!
2008 Amount # of in P Projects Million Completed 558 434.39 On-going Sub Total w/ BAC TOTAL Project Status 2009 Amount # of in P Projects Million 492 547.44 2010 Amount # of in P Projects Million 765 874.60 199 400.10 964 1,274.70 88 357.69 1,052 1,632.40 2008-2010 Amount # of in P Projects Million 1,815 1,856.44 199 400.10 2,014 2,256.54 88 357.69 2,102 2,614.23

In 2008, there were 558 completed projects worth P 434.39 Million. In 2009, there were 492 completed projects worth P547.44 Million. In 2010, there were 765 completed projects worth P874.60 Million. For the three years, 1,815 projects were completed, all worth P1.856 Billion. As of Dec 31, 2010 there were 199 on-going projects worth P400 million. Adding this to the above mentioned completed projects, the 2008-2010 figures would be 2,014 projects amounting to P2.256 Billion.

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And with 88 projects worth P357.7 million that are already with the BAC undergoing the bidding process, the total number of completed, on-going and projects in the pipeline as of Dec 31, 2010, number 2,102 amounting to P 2.61 Billion. Kosa klase, kwanto el valor y donde donde este maga proyekto? The 2008-2010 completed and 2010 ongoing projects excluding projects with the BAC are: ROADS concreting, farm to market roads, concrete overlay, reblocking, asphalt overlay- 585 projects amounting to P691 million. The total road length was 171,475 linear meters or 171 kilometers. For the 2010 completed and ongoing projects, these include the P20.3 million continuing Curuan-Lunday concreting project P14.7 million projects for the farm-to-market road at Balintawak, Pamucutan which we inaugurated just last Jan. 18. P12.5 million various La Paz road projects P11.2 million various Sibulao road projects, many leading to the water falls P11.7 million concreting of Boalan-Zambowood road P8.3 million various Sta. Maria road projects P6.4 million Sacol Island FMR projects P5.8 million Sta. Catalina, mostly at the Tanglaw Urban Poor Asso. P5.6 million Tictapul road projects preparation for the Limaong bridge construction FLOOD CONTROL PROJECTS drainage, riprap/ slope and shoreline protection 404 projects amounting to P333.39 million. The total length for flood control projects is 54,593 linear meters or 54 kilometers of flood control projects. These include: The continuation of the slope protection/riprap of the Tumaga River covering Guiwan, Tetuan, Tumaga and Tugbungan worth P17.7 million The P7.8 million slope protection in Divisoria The P5.7 million slope protections in Vitali The P4.2 million slope protection in San Roque The P8.1 million drainage projects in San Jose Gusu The P7.9 million drainage project in Baliwasan The P3.7 million drainage projects in Tumaga BRIDGES include box culvert, spillways, hanging bridges 152 projects amounting to P87.2 million. In the past we used to construct hanging bridges made of wood, now we are constructing hanging bridges made of cement and steel like the Vitali bridge.

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SCHOOL BUILDINGS and education-related projects like school fences, stages, etc. 395 projects amounting to P526.61 million. High priority is given to the school building program as this is part of our social contract with the people of Zamboanga as embodied in our 17-point agenda and is one of the top 10 priorities in the City Development Strategy (CDS). We started going much bigger and much higher with the construction of the: 3-storey 15 classroom building at the Zamboanga City High SchoolWest 3-storey 21 classroom at the Talon-talon Elementary School And soon to be inaugurated 3-storey 21 classroom at the Tugbungan Elementary School

BARANGAY HALLS day care centers, health centers and hospital 116 projects amounting to P114 million. Also part of our development strategy, the building of such infrastructure is geared towards the outward expansion and development of new growth centers which is part of our development strategy in the CDS and our 17-point agenda. Construction of such infrastructure will mean better, more effective and more efficient delivery of basic services. OFFICE BUILDINGS which include police stations, fire stations and jails 17 projects amounting to P 53.75 million. These include: The male and female buildings for Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL) in Culianan The fire station in Recodo The newly-inaugurated Calarian fire station The Culianan Police COMPAC The construction of new City Veterinarians Office in San Roque

DEVELOPMENT OF PARKS AND GARDENS- 25 projects worth P100.42 million. This year saw the completion of the next phase of Paseo del Mar which includes the construction of 4 additional stalls for concessionaires, parking area, expansion of sidewalks and other amenities and the Plaza del Pilar Complex inaugurated by Tourism Secretary Albert Lim in time for the Fiesta. WATER SYSTEM PROJECTS which include water system, artesian and deep wells, water tanks, pipes and irrigation structures 86 projects amounting to P88.13 million.

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COVERED COURTS and other infrastructures like sheds, basketball courts, waiting sheds and pathways 62 projects amounting to P64.64 million. This year saw the completion of the following covered courts: Maasin covered court --P2.42 million Pasobolong covered court --P2.47 million Tigbalabag covered court P 2.38 million Tictapul covered court P 2.64 million Vitali Central School covered courtP2.68 million

At present we have 4 ongoing covered court constructions in Camp Enrile in Malagutay, Mangusu, Pamucutan and Talisayan. SITE DEVELOPMENT AND OTHER STRUCTURES amounting to P197.38 million for 172 projects. While the Mampang Cemetery is 74 percent completed and the Mercedes-Talabaan cemetery 91 percent completed, in 2010 the P35 million site development for the Mercedes Resettlement Area has already been awarded. The expansion and beautification of the sidewalk at R.T. Lim Boulevard by the city government is ongoing.

Inspite of the election ban, the projects completed in 2010 were the highest ever recorded in the history of Zamboanga765 projects worth P874.60 million. And the City Engineers Office has standing orders to prepare plans and estimates for projects totalling P100 million a month. As I ended my first term in 2007 and began my second term in the State of the City Address 2008, I said So much has been done, so much more needs to be done with unity and continuity. Records will show that in my first term, so much really has been done and so much more was done in my second term. But I will tell you, THE BEST IS YET TO COME! like: Completion of slope protection of the whole stretch Tumaga River Completion of Curuan-Lunday road Limaong bridge Completion of public cemeteries 3-storey 27 classroom school building at ZCHS-Main 9 building-public market complex of the Main Market Archive building that will store all our records Rehabilitation/ beautification of Plaza Pershing Multi-purpose exhibit and convention building at Paseo del Mar Natural aquarium at Paseo del Mar Dancing fountain at Paseo del Mar Integrated Bus Terminal

Adelante, Zamboanga!
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Nuestro deseo un ciudad sin enfermedad remains to be our vision which is why health services are being maximized and expanded. Eight (8) new health centers with unique characteristic design have been constructed with the amount P12.2 million. These are in Bolong, Bungiao, Calarian, Canelar, La Paz, Limpapa, Maasin and Taluksangay. Nineteen (19) health facilities were also rehabilitated.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Baluno Busay Cabaluay Calabasa Dulian-Bungiao Lamisahan Camp Susana in La Paz 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Lubigan Lumbangan Landang Gua Lunzuran Mampang Manalipa Sto.Nio 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. Latap Limpapa Victoria Tagasilay Tictabon

The P3.5 million expansion and rehabilitation of the Cristino Paragas Memorial Community Hospital has been completed and now has an emergency room, a waiting area, pharmacy and additional wards paving the way for its upgrading into a secondary level hospital. Aside from the regular health services provided by the City Health Office and the medical assistance which covered more than 1,500 indigents, 52 medical and dental missions were conducted in the barangays including the island villages. An example of this was the medical mission in Busay last September. The dengue outbreak was successfully arrested. With our PHILHEALTH insurance program now benefiting 30,000 indigent families and Zamboanga City already been declared a Universal Coverage Area, we will not rest on our laurels and we will continue to expand our Philhealth program. I will also be remiss if I will not mention that Zamboanga City continues to be a model and haven of good practices in various health campaigns. Last December 1st, Zamboanga was recognized by the UNDP and Local Government Academy as the countrys Most Outstanding City in the Local C.H.A.M.P. or Catalytic HIV and AIDS Mitigation Programme. Our health services were also cited as we were recognized as the: Outstanding City in the implementation of nutrition program Top Performer for Garantisadong Pambata Program Top Performer for Expanded Program on Immunization The citys anti-TB program was highlighted in website of the United Nation

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For 2011, more wellness centers and lying-in clinics will be constructed and or rehabilitated to include Talon-talon, Sta. Catalina, Ayala, Recodo, Baliwasan, Manicahan and Culianan. A lying-in clinic will be constructed in Busay. The lying-in maternity clinic in Vitali will be expanded paving the way for its upgrading into a Basic Emergency Maternal Obstetric and Neonatal Care (BEMONC) Center and the Senior Citizens ward at the ZC Medical Center will be upgraded and modernized. Quality health care will be enhanced with the creation of 15 positions which include: 4 doctors 3 nurses 2 midwives 3 sanitary inspectors

A testimony of our support and implementation of social welfare programs was the recent conferment of the Most Outstanding Local Chief Executive Award on your mayor by the the Association of Local Social Welfare and Development Officers of the Philippines, Inc. last September. This is the third in 3 years elevating Zamboanga to the Hall of Fame. Our firm efforts to serve, aid and protect needy and vulnerable children and adults are being done not because of the awards but because of our commitment and dedication to public service. Our social welfare programs include: Early Childhood and Development 185 Day Care Centers serving 13, 497 pre-school children Children in Conflict with the law Construction of male and female buildings for Children in Conflict with the Law in Culianan Youth Welfare Program Enhancement of 158 youth organizations with 5,535 members 256 out-of-school youths benefited from non-formal education Anti-trafficking of Women and Children 4th conviction Family and Community Welfare Program Creation of 70 Barangay Councils for Protection of Children (BCPC)
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Impoverished communities in Sangali was selected as beneficiaries of the Millennium Development Goal Family-based Action for Children and their Environments in the Slums (MDG-FACES) program 885 poorest of the poor families from Mampang and Arena Blanco were selected recipients of the Conditional Transfer Program or Pantawid Pamilyang Program (4Ps). In 2011, the number will increase to over 22,000 families covering more barangays.

Women Welfare Program Maternal and child care service activities benefited 6,350 participants 240 adult Muslim Women from 10 Muslim-dominated barangays, underwent literacy program dubbed as C E L S O (Community Empowerment through Literacy for Social Opportunities). Elderly Program Construction of Senior Citizens building in Vitali, Culianan and Ayala Persons with Disabilities Program 11 organizations of Persons with Disability were sustained Public Service Employment Program 2,909 students availed the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) with an allocation of P8 million The citys PESO retained the Regional Top Performer category Employment Facilitation Services Three (3) job fairs resulted in the hiring of 1,239 workers both for local and overseas placement. The PESO was cited for the conduct of Most Successful Jobs Fair in 2010 8,402 applicants hired under Infra Projects In 2010, Zamboanga was spared from the occurrence of big scale natural disaster/calamities. However, we experienced the Talisayan Elementary School tragedy. With interventions coming from the city government, City Social Welfare, DEPED, barangay officials, Police, Cong. Beng Climaco and the NGOsthe families of the victims, the distraught teachers and students and the community were not only consoled and comforted but also assisted in coming to terms with the tragedy and moving on with their lives.

The City was not spared from the effects of El Nio and as a result, the agriculture sector suffered decrease in Rice and Corn Production and in Industrial Crop Production with decreases of 1.63%, 2.95% and 32.45% respectively. However the city still had a
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good harvest in Commercial Crops and Vegetable Production with an increase of 23.84% and 8.44%, respectively. Production in MT 2009 32,172.43 19,403.90 15,481.33 90,139.48 15,865.25 2010 31,649.40 18,831.60 16,789.20 111,625.27 10,717.66 % increase/ (decrease) 2009-2010 (1.63) (2.95) 8.45 23.84 (32.45)

Crops Rice Corn Vegetable Commercial Crops Industrial Crops

The Fishery sector grew with Bangus production growing by 1.5% and Prawn production increasing by 27.89%. For 2010, there were P152.58 Million worth of ongoing/completed agri and fisheriesrelated infrastructure and construction of seaweed dryers. Completed/Ongoing P 21.51 million P129.89 million P 1.18 million

Irrigation FMR Seaweeds Dryers

We were able to launch four (4) Barangay Bagsakan Centers in Curuan, Sitio Caragasan, Maasin and San Roque. Also 2 units of 4-wheel drive farm tractors were procured under the DA-GMA Corn Program amounting P5.4 million pesos. Collections on Regulatory Services of Agri-related activities amounted to P3.46 million in 2010.

The City Veterinarian Office just recently transferred to its new building costing P5 million. The building with heritage design and architecture has a floor area of 370 square meters and will boost delivery veterinary services. We remain committed in our advocacy for animal welfare as over 9,500 dogs and cats were vaccinated.


Forest Management Services

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Our citys nursery produced 17,724 seedlings of which 2,161 were planted in Abongabong. Along with this, Arbor Day was highlighted by tree planting and tagging of 19 Century Trees and 7 Heritage Trees. Under the Community Emergency Livelihood Support Outreach (CELSO) program, five hectares of Upland area in Pasonanca were maintained, planted/replanted with 12,246 tree seedlings. In addition 29.5 hectares of mangrove forest in a co-managed area in Talon-Talon-Mampang were planted/replanted with 7,500 propagules. Environmental and Management Services The City Government spearheaded the Multi-stakeholder Forum on Climate Change Adaptation last February 3 drawing close to 8,000 participants. And on March 27, 2010, the city joined the rest of the world in declaring support to Earth Hour 2010, by shutting off power for one hour. Public Service Program The city government fleet of garbage vehicles has been augmented with the purchase of 4 new garbage trucks in 2010. Protected Area Management The City Government as a member of the Protected Area Management Board (PAMB) is undertaking steps to take over the operation of the tourism aspect of the Sta. Cruz Island. PAMB has already approved the draft MOA to be entered into by the Department of Tourism (DOT), Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), the City Government of Zamboanga and the PAMB.

WOW and AWE! Bien bonito y bale gayot el di aton City Hall, Plaza Pershing, Plaza Rizal, Paseo del Mar y Plaza del Pilar! Once again, the General Services Office outdid itself in adorning City Hall last December. Thousands and thousands of Zamboanguenos and visitors flocked to City Hall every night to view the spectacular and magnificent show of lights. Our century-old City Hall was transformed into a lighted western village setting including snow cascading from City Hall. The spirit of Christmas was in the air and the occasion showcased the citys diverse culture. The lights and sounds attracted and were enjoyed peacefully and harmoniously by young and old, rich and poor and people of all faiths and callings. Enhorabuena con el GSO! Adelante, Zamboanga!

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One of the milestones in 2010 was the unveiling of the Plaza del Pilar last October 10. Plaza del Pilar is a 7,000 square meter complex deriving its name and situated in front of the historic Fort Pilar. Its European-inspired architectural design makes it Zamboangas newest architectural gem. 2010 also marked the: Completion and operation of the Phase III of Paseo del Mar with 4 additional establishments and expansion of the open plaza, with two new class AAA comfort stations Full operation of the City Abattoir Revenues derived from economic enterprises markedly increased from P35.37 million in 2009 to P41.35 million in 2010. The main market contributed the bulk of the collection at P18.45 million followed by the city abattoir at P5.8 million and Paseo del Mar at P4.89M. Administrative fine collections reached P2.65 million. In 2011 we will pursue the demolition of the old public market building known as Pings Commercial and the surrounding buildings. In place will rise a P45 million complex with nine (9) new public market buildings. Adelante, Zamboanga! The Mampang and Talabaan cemeteries will be completed this year and we will need its corresponding cemetery ordinances to operationalize said cemeteries.


The Housing Division was able to facilitate the resettlement of 710 families to the different private sites acquired through the Community Association for Socialized Housing projects. 36 families were relocated to the citys resettlement sites. 36 land titles were awarded to fully paid beneficiaries. In 2010 the total collections from the citys resettlement project was P4.7 million, an increase of 46% over last years collection of P3.2 million. And from once being blacklisted to originate Community Mortgage Program (CMP) projects in 2004 because of very poor collections, the City Government of Zamboanga is again number one among local government units as CMP originator because of our very high collection efficiency rating.

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And who says it cant be done? Do what is right and not always what is popular. Pursuant to DILG Memorandum Circular, directing LGUs to clear road right of ways (RROW) from illegal structures, the RROW of Ang Tanglaw ng Tahanan Urban Poor Homeowners Association Sta. Catalina were successfully cleared through the citys anti-squatting committee. The residents are very thankful because of the accessibility, site development and road construction by the city government. This is how the urban poor site looked like before with no roads, only alleys and very poor accessibility which would have prevented fire trucks from entering in case of a fire. This is how the urban poor site looked like during demolition and road construction. And this is how the urban poor site looks like after site development and road construction. Adelante, Zamboanga! City Government has already started development of the former Azcuna Property at barangay Mercedes. The site development will include road construction and drainage of the 15.6 hectare resettlement project which costs approximately P43 million.

Visiting Zamboanga City for the first time last August 18, DEPED Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro praised the efforts of our administration in addressing the challenges of the Citys state of education. I would like to quote his very words which were published in the national governments Official Gazette:
I have only but good praises for the leadership of Mayor Lobregat and the entire Zamboanga City community for putting education on top of their priority.

In 2010, we have completed the construction of 27 school buildings with 177 Classrooms worth P142.6 million.
No. of Bldgs 1 1 1 1 4 Type of Building No. of CL Amount

3-storey 23 classroom school building 3-storey 21 classroom school building 3-storey 15 classroom school building 3-storey 6 classroom school building 2-storey 8 classroom school buildings

23 21 15 6 32

21.2 M 20.5 M 13.5 M 3.0 M 30.7 M

Page 16

10 4 3 1 1

2-storey 6 classroom school buildings 1-storey 3 classroom school buildings 1-storey 2 classroom school buildings 1-storey shop building computer room

60 12 6 1 1

44.7 M 4.8 M 3 .0 M 0.6 M 0.6 M



142.6 M

Included in the newly-constructed school buildings are the 3-storey 15 classroom building at the Zamboanga City High School-West and the 3-storey 21 classrooom building in Talon-talon Elementary School. The 3-storey 23 classroom building in Tugbungan Elementary School scheduled to be inaugurated with Bro. Armin as guest on February 1. We also completed the repair/rehabilitation of 231 Classrooms worth P43.5 million. Nine (9) new buildings with 59 Classrooms worth P49.6 million are undergoing construction and if you notice because of space limitation and high enrolment most of these buildings will be 3-storey buildings.
No. of Bldgs 5 1 2 1 Type of Building No. of CL Amount

3-storey 9 classroom school buildings 2-storey 6 classroom school buildings 1-storey 3 classroom school buildings 1-storey 2 classroom school buildings

45 6 6 2

40.2 M 5.3 M 3.3 M 0.8 M


49.6 M

Also undergoing repair/rehabilitation are 21 Classrooms worth P7.3 million. Last March students from the newly-opened Recodo National High School formally transferred to their P21 million school complex complete with 2 two storey 8 classroom buildings, fence and road network. And for our dear teachers, the P500 monthly allowance you have been receiving has been increased to P700 effective July 2010. For the 4,532 teachers receiving this allowance, this translates to an allocation of P38.068 million per year. Adelante, maga

maestra y maestro de Zamboanga!

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Bro. Armin further said:

Initiatives from the local governments that support the education sector must be replicated. Zamboanga City is one proof that when local government collaborates with the efforts of the national government, the outcome will lead to a more stable society.

Yes! But the best is yet to come for the education sector! On the pipeline is the construction of the P23 million 3-storey 27 classroom building at the Zamboanga City High School-Main. On the drawing board are: the 3-storey 24 classroom building for Tumaga Elementary School the 3-storey 21 classroom building for Tetuan Central School the 3-storey 18 classroom building for Mampang Elementary School among others

The city is not only prioritizing education at the elementary and secondary levels but also at the tertiary level. In place of the old and dilapidated gymnasium at the Zamboanga City State Polytechnic College will rise a modern multi-purpose building costing over P20 million. And within the campus of the Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology will be erected an apartment-type dormitory complex with heritage design. What is the status of education? The primary responsibility of public education is lodged with DEPED which receives the highest budget from the national government. Yet almost 90 percent of that budget goes to the payment of teachers salaries, allowances, benefits and the like. Very little is left for maintenance and operation expenditures and much less for the school building program. At present there are acute shortages of classrooms, school desks, teachers and books nationwide and if we will wait for DEPED, the problem will get worse and we will wait forever. Realizing this shortcoming, our administration has appropriated more than P600 million from 2007 to present for education-related projects and a small fraction of this comes from the Special Education Fund (SEF). And perhaps this is the right time to talk about the Special Education Fund which is derived from the Real Property Tax. For the information of everybody especially those who have opposed the increase in real property tax, the biggest beneficiary of the Real Property Tax is the education of our children in our public schools. Fifty percent (50) % of whatever is collected in real property taxes goes to the SEF. And this special education fund is used by local governments to construct and repair school buildings, pay for the teachers under the Local School Board and for other education-related expenditures. Every year the student population increases and the shortages become more acute. The critics say this is not the right time to increase real property taxes, when is the right time? When there will be more than 100 students per classroom and a teacher is teaching more than a
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hundred students in a class? And more of our students are holding classes under the mango tree? NO sirs! and NO maam! We will not allow the degradation of education under our administration!

The Summer Learn to Play a Sports Program, a month long free training on 26 sports discipline is now on its 15th year. This program draws young boys and girls to sports and makes them better persons and responsible citizens. In 2010, there were 3,855 participants, up from 3,586 in 2009. The Zamboanga delegation in the 2010 Regional Palaro retained the overall championship title for 7th straight year garnering 275 gold, 153 silver and 99 bronze medals. The city gave out cash incentives amounting to P.6Million to medal winners including Patrick Erle Florendo and Eibtizam Nahudan, gold and silver medalists in the 11th ASEAN + Age Group Chess Championship. The City Government has appropriated P11 million for sports participation and development.

The steady increase in visitor arrivalsboth domestic and foreign, bares the competitiveness of Zamboangas tourism sector notwithstanding the setbacks, the misperception and sometimes unfair and unwarranted negative publicity that beset our beloved Zamboanga. 2010 figures show tourist inflow hit a record 349,439. Year 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Tourist Arrivals 91,281 153,478 293,446 297,108 311,115 316,715 321,581 349,439

: : : : : : : :

The four annual events: Dia de Zamboanga, Summer Festival, La Hermosa/Fiesta Pilar and Pascua na Zamboanga drew thousands and thousands of Zamboangueos,
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balikbayans and tourists and visitors to Zamboanga City. The mainstay in our Fiesta Hermosa activities were Cosechas de Zamboanga, Mascota, Regatta, Wow Sardinas, dance sport, Pesca Kita, Chabacano Songfest, Wow Zamboanga (cultural presentation), float parade and street dancing and the highlight were the religious procession and the Pontifical Mass. The Pascua na Zamboanga was magnificent and awesome. It began with the ceremonial switch-on in Plaza Pershing complete with fireworks and the beautiful and magnificent Christmas lights with snow machine in City Hall lured more visitors and tourists to Zamboanga City for the period and the Pascua na Zamboanga ended with a bang with the spectacular fireworks display at the Paseo del Mar. The citys hosting of the National Chabacano Conference last November was a big boost to our Asias Latin City branding. Admitting that Zamboanga remains to be the only Chabacano-speaking city in Asia, Caviteos led by former Prime Minister Cesar Virata and La Salle Dasmarias-Cavite professors are impressed by our language preservation initiatives and want to replicate our efforts. In collaboration with and assisted by the Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Dr. Rolly Santos launched Chabacano de Zamboanga, both a dictionary and a compendium of Chabacano vocabulary and sayings and definitely another laudable effort in the preservation and strengthening of Chabacano. I would like to thank Dr. Rolly Santos for the honor of being mentioned in his book and I quote:
Definitely the moving force behind the increasing use of Chabacano, in both formal and informal situations, was the late Maria Clara Caling Lorenzo Lobregat, former congresswoman and former Zamboanga City mayor, and now her son, Celso Lorenzo Lobregat, also former congressman and present mayor of Zamboanga City.

The production and the release of Prof. Norma Contis new compilation of Chabacano songs in a CD entitled Fiesta na Zamboanga is yet another praiseworthy effort in the preservation and promotion of Chabacano. Thank you, Norma for making me a part of such a laudable effort. And for 2011, your City Government through the Council for Culture, Arts and History headed by the mayor and through the initiative and hard work of Dr. Bert Torres, is in the process of publishing a Chabacano Handbook to be used in the early years of our public schools and even day care centers. Plaza del Pilar, a park, arcade and Zamboangas pasalubong center was inaugurated on October 10 with Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim as Guest of Honor. The four additional stalls and the newly constructed stylish comfort stations opened in time for the Fiesta drew more people to the Paseo del Mar. The Memorandum of Agreement to be signed among the Department of Tourism and the former PTA now TEIZA for the City Government which will formalize the citys takeover of the tourism aspect of the Sta. Cruz Island is being drafted.
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We also intend to develop barangay-based adventure tourism. We have already met with the newly-organized Zamboanga Adventure Tourism Group and the barangay officials to develop and evaluate natural tourist sites such as waterfalls in Merloquet, Sibulao, Nancy Falls in La Paz and Busay Falls in San Roque. I have personally trekked to the waterfalls in Dulian, Upper Bungiao and just last Sunday, I squeezed my way to the cave in Salaan. Rehabilitation and improvement of the historic Plaza Pershing is also scheduled this year. Site development to include pavers, walkway, fences, lights, drainage including the reconstruction/improvement of the stage and the construction of additional hanging gardens will take place this year. The fountain will be replaced with the construction of a lighted and cascading fountain. In Paseo del Mar: 1. The construction of a multi-purpose building/convention center with fullyequipped theatre-type hall, conference room to include an area for fine dining for concessionaires and a huge assembly hall intended to host exhibits, trade fairs and gatherings 2. With assistance and collaboration from the Zamboanga City State College of Marine Sciences and Technology (ZSMST), the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) and the City Agriculturist Office, the development and construction of the natural aquarium that will give every resident and visitor the chance to get up close and personal with a variety of fishes, turtles and other form of marine life, shall be pursued 3. The construction of a first of its kind musically gyrating dancing fountain shall be unveiledahhh, the best is yet to come! And talking about Paseo del Mar, it remains to be the center of attraction and last December 31, it was again a sight to behold as huge chrysanthemum starburst lit up the sky during the second grand fireworks display bidding farewell to the year that was and kicking off the 2011 New Year celebration in Zamboanga City. I want to seize this occasion to publicly thank the following for their voluntary assistance for the spectacular fireworks show Los Contratistas, Filipino Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Amity Club and Friendship Club and others. As I announced during the countdown, this year, the fireworks display will be brighter, more colourful, longer and grander. Happy New Year to one and all!

Our legal department has been satisfactorily addressing legal affairs of the City Government. Last December, the Court dismissed for lack of action a complaint for declaratory relief, annulment of existing ordinances and injunction concerning the operation of cockpits in the city, ended a 3-year legal battle.
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For the record I have officially appointed Atty. Norberto Patriarca as the City Legal Officer. He has been serving as the OIC for many years and the only reason I have not appointed him earlier was because the position of legal officer is a co-terminus position. Yet he has intimated to me that even if I am serving my third term he will proudly serve this administration as City Legal Officer. The Legal Team is also defending the best interest of the city in the case of the Integrated Bus Terminal. And by the way, the same legal team is defending almost all of us in a case filed before the Department of Justice by one of the Council members regarding the passage of the existing Plaza del Pilar Ordinance. I think all of you will agree, the Legal Team deserves a round of applause....


The security challenges besetting the city should be analyzed on the perspective of Zamboangas size, location, population and cultural diversity. Unlike other areas, Zamboanga is a city of diverse cultures and a multi-ethnic society where issues on human needs, religion, education, conflict resolution and many others interact in very complex patterns. Our location may be strategic but at times, the very reason of some of our problems especially in terms of image. We are in the midst of the conflict and conflict-affected areas of Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-tawi No doubt there were unfortunate incidents that happened in Zamboanga but similar incidents have also occurred in other cities in the country and even in the most powerful country United States of America. While there are security challenges such as kidnapping and shooting incidents your authorities continue their efforts in addressing these woes and continue to apply new initiatives and strategies in solving these crimes. Our police, military authorities and your local government unit have achieved successes in enforcing the law in a number of high profile incidences. Vinton So was successfully rescued and his captors arrested in less than 3 days after his kidnapping. After the release of 2 other kidnap victims, police-military operations ensued leading to the neutralization of some of the kidnappers. One of the most wanted persons involved in different shooting incidents was arrested. The police recorded numerous other success stories but oftentimes unnoticed and not well-publicized. DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo has cited the Zamboanga Crisis Management Committee (CMC) under our leadership for the efficient handling of various crisis situations including the August 5 blast incident at the Zamboanga airport. Last October, I was asked to be one of the panelists and share practices during the celebration of the
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20th year anniversary of the Local Government Code dubbed Biyaheng Pinoy: Matapat na Palakad, Biyaheng Maunlad. The city governments support and assistance to the police and Task Force Zambonga for peace and order and public safety is continuous and ever-increasing. In 2010, the city government constructed P10.7 million worth of infrastructures Ayala police station in Ayala; Calarian COMPAC Manicahan COMPAC Mariki Police Outpost Rio Hondo Police Outpost Recodo Fire Station and Calarian Fire Station In 2010, the city government purchased and turned over to the police/ Task Force Zamboanga/ Fire Station: 5 units 4x4 jeep worth P2 million 4 units Honda XRM motorcycles worth P256 T 2 units multicab worth P544T 116 high powered M4s worth P6.9 million 2 units fire truck worth P14 million

54 of these firearms were recently turned over to DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo and PNP Chief Raul Bacalso at the Central Police Station. Referring to our support and assistance given to the police, Chief PNP Atty. Raul Bacalso said:
There are LGUs particularly in Metro Manila that support the police but you know outside of Metro Manila this is different, really the intensity and the degree of support by City Mayor Lobregat is really something, which even mysef is surprised

Our support in terms of gasoline and oil lubricants reached P8.6million while allocation for office supplies, communication lines, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and other property and equipment reached P8.1 million. Allowances for the police, firemen and jail guards were increased from P700 to P1,000 in 2010 and in 2011, for the 1,164 policemen, 218 firemen, 116 jail guards, 52 Aviation Security Command personnel, 17 Patrol 117 personnel or a total of 1,567 police and public safety personnel this allowance amounts to P18.8 million yearly. In the recent turnover of the police COMPAC and the fire station in Calarian, the DILG Secretary thanked the city government it has been giving to the Police and Fire

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department. And indeed, it was a humbling experience when Sec. Robredo, former mayor of Naga city said:
I have been mayor for 19 years in our City and I would like to believe that we did a lot for our police and our fire stations, but I do now realize that it pales to what Zamboanga City did.

Enhorabuena! Con el maga oficiales de barangay quien ya sale elijido durante el eleccion del Octubre kinse. May I ask all barangay officials present to please stand up to be acknowledged. My dear barangay officialselections are over and the people have spoken. It is now time to move on, to unite and to work together with together with your constituents for the progress of your barangay and our beloved city of Zamboanga. The enormous infrastructure projects we pour into the barangays in the form of barangays halls, health centers, covered courts, fire and police stations, water systems, farm to market roads and other infrastructure facilities have transformed many barangays into creative, progressive and vibrant communities and growth centers. In 2010, seven (7) barangay halls with new distinctive design and architecture were constructed in the amount of P26.012 million. 6 barangay halls were rehabilitated at P4.33 million Newly constructed 1. Culianan P3.8M 2. Recodo P3.8M 3. Talon-talon P3.8M 4. La Paz P3.8M 5. Latuan P3.8M 6. Upper Calarian P3.8M 7. Mariki P2.98M Rehabilitated/improved 1. Arena Blanco P .5 M 2. Boalan P .84 M 3. Divisoria P .35 M 4. Licomo P 1.4 M 5. Taguiti P .36 M 6. Tugbungan P .88 M

In 2010, 5 additional covered courts were built in Maasin, Tigbalabag, Tictapul, Vitali Central School and Pasobolong Elementary School. And as part of our program to develop new growth areas and provide more efficient services to the people, in 2011 we shall not only be building more barangay halls and covered courts but we will also start purchasing functional and very much needed 4x4 vehicles for many of the barangays. In 2010, water is already flowing and distributed by the Water District in barangays Salaan and Labuan as funded by both the City Government and the ZCWD.
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In a few days we shall be sitting down with officials of the Water District for an assessment of the P21.6 million city-funded water system for barangays Tolosa, Lansones, Guisao, Cabaluay and Cacao and the P5 million Vitali project. Thank you to the residents of the barangay residents and barangay officials for your continued trust and confidence shown by your overwhelming mandate in the last May 2010 elections. Special mention goes to the barangays where Team Colorao swept all 11 elective positions and muchisimas gracias to Boalan, Culianan, Dulian Upper
Bungiao, Tigbalabag and Tolosa.

In my address during your maiden session last, I underscored team work, shared vision, shared passion, service with sincerity and integrity and placing the citys interest above everything else as the hallmarks of this August Body with the election not only of the majority but also of our very own Vice Mayor Cesar Iturralde. With a productive and supportive vice mayor and the overwhelming majority in the City Council, in less than 45 days after assumption into office the Executive and Legislative branches of government convened to tackle the agenda and program of government and development for the next 3 years. The output of such a meeting was a shared understanding and a road map for the citys progress and development which include the priority projects and programs and the legislative measures that need to be passed by the Council. My congratulations to the members of the City Council for the passage of the following: 1. Resolution 547 affirming the City Development Strategies (CDS) as the citys roadmap for short and long term development and in fact the Executive Legislative Agenda (ELA) 2. Resolution 548 endorsing and re-affirming Asias Latin City as the brand name of Zamboanga City 3. Ordinance 643 Fiscal Year 2011 Annual Budget 4. Ordinance 639 Supplemental Budget No 1-2010 5. Ordinance 645 Supplemental Budget No 2-2010 6. Ordinance 2010-158 Establishing Plaza del Pilar 7. Ordinance 2010-159 Schedule of Fair Market Value for Different Kinds of Lands, Structures and Improvements in the City of Zamboanga 8. Ordinance 356 Creating the Barangay Gender and Development Focal Persons Committee Allow me to commend the majority of the members of the City Council for their firm stand on issues and doing things that at times may not be popular but are right.
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The move to adjust the fair market values and in effect increase real property taxes may not have been a popular move. And serving my third term, as some people were suggesting, I could simply delay the proposed ordinance and leave the burden to the next mayor. But how could I in conscience delay what is due to our young children and the barangays? Knowing fully well that existing land values in the present ordinance are completely out of sync, na chabacano nuay na rumbu. Ya pregunta yo con un realtor si cuanto el valor del tierra donde ele ta queda na Tetuan, ya contesta le P5,000-6,000 per square meter. Sabe ba ustedes el valor del tierra na Tetuan na presente ordinansa? P270 per square meter lang. In Nuez the street where I live, land has been sold and bought at P19,000 per square meter right beside my house yet the value of the land in the existing ordinance is only P607.50 per square meter and in the public hearing the ones opposing did not even know that the land value in our present ordinance are even lower than that of Pagadian.
Pagadian Comml 1st class (C1) per sq.m. Residential 1st class (R1) per sq.m. Industrial 1st class (I1) Per sq. M. Agricultural land Irrigated Riceland per hectare Cornland per hectare P 12,200.00 P 2,300.00 P 2,300.00 Zamboanga P5,692.50 P 810.00 P 720.00 Davao P10,000.00 P 4,000.00 P 10,000.00 Cagayan P16,000.00 P 2,000.00 P 5,680.00

P120,000.00 P 52,000.00

P 25,000.00 P 10,000.00

P 68,000.00 P 34,300.00

P 32,000.00 P 43,300.00

Siguro hinde tamen este amo! Dale kita gracias con este maga consejal que tiene el corazon y interes para na maga jovenes y maga barangay! Toca kita mano para kanila... I would also like to thank the councillors who voted in favour of 2010 Supplemental Budgets No.1 and 2 and the 2011 Annual Budget In place of the authority to enter into contract that the Council has been giving me through resolutions, incorporated in 2010 Supplemental Budget No. 2 (Section 25 Ordinance 643) and 2011 Annual Budget (Section 2 Ordinance 645) is the following: Appropriations in Generic Terms. To authorize the City Mayor to identify and program item/s in this budget (MOOE and Capital Outlay) which are appropriated in generic terms, provided that a list of identified and programmed infrastructure projects appropriated in generic terms for a particular month be submitted to the Sangguniang Panlungsod on or before the 15th day of the succeeding month and to authorize the City
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Mayor to enter into contract for and in behalf of the City Government of Zamboanga for the execution or implementation of programs and projects. Not contented in voting against the budget, one member of the City Council has even been making public accusations that we are not following the law and even has been pestering DBM to issue negative reviews and even asking COA to issue notices of disallowances. In a letter received by the DBM Central Office on January 6, I have sought clarification on this issue. It is the position of the undersigned that there is no further need of authorization from the Sangguniang as the respective sections in the said ordinances already gives the undersigned authority to sign the contracts and implement the programs and projects. On January 7, Hon. Florencio Abad replied: It may be clarified that the review actions of our Regional Office simply emphasized the requirements in above-cited provisions of RA No. 7160 in the execution and implementation of the Annual and Supplemental Budgets of the City Government of Zamboanga. As with every local government unit, the City Government of Zamboanga is responsible for ensuring compliance with these legal requirements in relation to the pronouncement of the Supreme Court in Hon. Gabriel Luis Quisumbing et al., vs. Hon. Gwedolyn F. Garcia et al. Thus, it is incumbent upon the City Government of Zamboanga to show or provide the Sanggunian authorization in instances when the same is required by law. As the City of Zamboanga, like any other LGU is under the DILG, I have referred the matter to the Secretary of the DILG. In my letter to Hon. Jesse Robredo, dated Jan. 7, 2011, I provided Sec. Abads clarification and in said letter to the DILG I wrote and I quote This is an urgent matter involving the issue of additional Sanggunian authorization for the City Mayor to enter into contracts in the implementation of programs and projects contained in the approved annual and supplemental budgets of the City of Zamboanga which will affect not only our city but other local government units as well. In my letter I dwelled on issues and ended by clearly stating our position: Foregoing considered, the undersigned believes that being already authorized, as incorporated in Sec. 2 and Sec. 25 of Ordinance Nos. 645 and 643, respectively, there is no need for further/ additional authority from the Sangguniang Panlungsod to enter into contracts to implement specific projects falling under appropriated items in generic terms in our supplemental and annual budgets. The matter was referred to the Legal Service of the DILG and on Jan. 10 and Atty. Jesus B. Duque IV, Director III opined

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Applying the above-discussion to your case, since Ordinance Nos. 643 and 645 already authorized you to enter into a contract in behalf of the City Government of Zamboanga for the execution or implementation of that Citys programs and projects, we concur with your view that such authority given by the above-mentioned ordinances can already be sufficient legal bases for you to enter a contract for and in behalf of the City of Zamboanga even if there is no prior authorization from the Sanggunian. End of story. Now may I ask the councillors who voted in favour of 2010 Supplemental Budgets Nos. 1 and 2 and 2011 Annual Budget to please stand up so you can be acknowledged and so that the students, the barangays and all of us can thank you for a job well done!

MISSION AND VISION As we look to the future, we have to contend with the present and take stock of what happened in the past. 2010 was a year when we experienced the power crisis which has opened up a can of worms in our electric cooperative. We have asked for the audit and now let us be vigilant on the ongoing investigation. At times, there have been serious infringement on our peace and order, but we cannot stand on the sidelines and simply rely on the police and military to solve the problems on their own. We have seen and felt the effects of global warming and climate change and we cannot simply do nothing. Ladies and gentlemen, Zamboanga City is evolving and heading in the right direction and I am humbled and proud to be part of this transformation. When I became mayor in 2004, some sectors voiced disapproval when we started instituting reforms following the principle of doing things right and doing what is right even though at times it may not be popular. Now, seven years into our term, Zamboanga has moved into an era defined by strong fiscal management, competence, accomplishments and performance and a glowing reputation recognized by many. We have become what we are today because of the many hard things that you and I had gone through. Our administration has been tried and tested. Through difficult days and hours of triumph we have demonstrated our resilience but always maintained our steadfastness and firmness and demonstrated that ours is a leadership that can be trusted. And that is why I am for peace, progress and development not only of Zamboanga but the entire Region 9, Western Mindanao, Mindanao and the entire Philippines for that matter. And I have been asked many times in the recent days on my reaction on the socalled Western Peninsula bloc and as to our non-inclusion. My answer is plain and simple: for as long as it is for the progress, peace and prosperity of Zamboanga, Region 9-Western Mindanao, without any pre-conditions. WHY NOT? BUT DEFINITELY, I WILL NEVER PUT AT STAKE THE INTEREST OF ZAMBOANGA AND THE
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ZAMBOANGUEnOS OVER MY PERSONAL INTEREST. I will not attempt to negotiate nor forego the quest for Zamboanga to be the regional center for any political exigency. Serving my third term will not be a reason for me to slow down in my quest to carry out our vision and our programs for our people and our beloved Zamboanga. We will all the more fast track efforts to accomplish all what we set out to do and more. We will do it with a sense of urgency. Ladies and gentlemen of this August body, with our election, the people have demonstrated continued trust and confidence and have given us a renewed mandate to pursue our Contract of Unity and Continuity. Let us work together and accomplish great things, let us recommit ourselves to a common goal, let us join hands and chart the way forward..for the BEST IS YET TO COME! Wassalam! Que Dios Nos Bendiga! Viva Nuestra Seora La Virgen del Pilar. ADELANTE ZAMBOANGA!

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