Detailed competencies of Global Competency Model

AIESEC in Taiwan 2010-2012

Global Mindset
General competencies Proactive to inspire awareness of others Description Takes an active interest in, and constantly increases awareness about, other cultures and world affairs by seeking information, opinions, and ideas from diverse sources Seeks to enlarge personal & professional network by interacting with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds Works effectively with individuals of diverse cultures, styles and abilities, capitalizing on their insights and ideas; Shows openness and flexibility towards differences in opinion, and challenges own opinion Demonstrates ability to adapt and adjusts to new situations/ places/people

Network with people from diverse background

Effective team work with people from diverse background

Flexibility/Openness toward opinions Adaptability

Social Responsibility
General competencies Responsible decision making Description Takes decisions keeping in mind the long-term consequences of

looking out for challenges and opportunities. increasing efforts. processes and risks effectively Works to achieve goal in spite of barriers or difficulties. etc Builds on interpersonal relations to engage and build ownership from others towards achievement of common goals Effective management to drive result Flexible and adjustable thinking to achieve goals Relationship management to achieve goals . actively works to overcome obstacles by changing strategies. and inspires others to take action/responsibility Looks for and implements innovative solutions to address societal needs and issues Accepts responsibility for outcomes (positive or negative) of one's work Entrepreneural Outlook General competencies Capitalize on challenge and opportunity Innovative problem solving Description Scans their environment. and ways to capitalize on them Comes up with innovative ideas/ solutions/ approaches in order to increase performance ( of self/others/organization) Achieves results by managing resources (material and personal).Systematic thinking Commit and drive commitment Social –relevant external approach Responsible for consequence present actions Identifies and acts keeping in mind the bigger picture and how different factors interconnect and relate to each other Demonstrates personal commitment for tasks and deliverables. using multiple approaches.


and opportunities to capitalize on them Works with individuals to identify areas for development. and set specific development goals Self-driven learning Ability to put learning into practice Developing others Interpersonal development Emotional intelligence General competencies Empathy Description Shows ability to empathize and sense others' feelings and perspectives (“put himself/herself in other’s shoes”) Actively listens to others. understanding. understand need for improvement. or skill to practical use in daily activities.Proactive Learning General competencies Self-awareness Description Is aware of his/ her own strengths and capitalizes on these in various activities Seeks and uses feedback and other sources of information to identify appropriate areas for own Puts acquired knowledge. furthers learning through trial and error Facilitates development of others by helping them to identify their strengths. correctly interprets messages and responds Active listening and responding .

responses and actions Establishes good interpersonal relationships by helping people feel valued.Express and manage emotions Consistency between remarks and actions Relationship management and developing others based on empathy appropriately Communicates about own feelings and emotions and take responsibility to manage them Demonstrates consistency in speech. appreciated. supported and involved .