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annual CatalOgue OF israeli Films 2010-2011

28 ‫פסטיבל הקולנוע ירושלים‬


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annual CatalOgue OF israeli Films annual CatalOgue OF israeli Films annual CatalOgue OF israeli Films

ladies and gentlemen,
The Jerusalem Film Center, housed in the beautiful historical building facing the walls of the Old City, is home to the Israel Film Archive, the largest archive responsible for the preservation of Israeli fiction, documentary, and experimental cinema; the Jerusalem Cinematheque, which offers the best of Israeli and international cinema all year round; and the Jerusalem International Film Festival, the prestigious cinematic event that takes place every summer. The catalogue presents up-to-date information about the feature and documentary films produced in Israel over the past twelve months. The information has been gathered by the staff of the Jerusalem Film Center's resource center and with the cooperation of film funds, producers, and filmmakers throughout Israel. This annual service gives a broad picture of what is happening in Israel in the field of feature and documentary cinema. As you will see for yourself, it displays the fascinating and high-quality array of Israeli cinema in full creative bloom. Yours, lia van leer Founder and President Yigal molad-hayo Acting director

dear FilmmaKers, BuYers, and distriButers,
The Israeli film industry has known an unprecedented burst of creativity in the last decade. The Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts, in association with the Recanati Foundation, has had the privilege of being a part of these wondrous years, supporting a large part of the Israeli full-length feature films, documentaries, TV dramas, student graduation films, and experimental films. Together, the two foundations have been operating the “Cinema Project” since 1988, within the framework of the Rabinovich Foundation and under its management. The project is independently funded and supported by the Cultural Administration at the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sport and the Israeli Council for Cinema. We believe this catalogue is a vital and necessary tool for aiding the distribution of the great variety of Israeli films produced here in the last year. We recommend it to every filmmaker, buyer, distributer, and enthusiast as a means for searching for Israeli films that are relevant to them, and also as a way of getting an overall impression of the dynamic Israeli film industry.

Kind regards, giora einy Director General The Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts

dear Friends,
The Israel Film Center at The JCC in Manhattan is a proud supporter of the Israeli film industry. Both the quality and the quantity of Israeli films produced in recent years require strategic systems and tools to best bring forth Israeli films to the world. The goal of the Israel Film Center and Online Database is to better connect North American industry members and audiences to Israeli cinema and film industry. Through our website (www.IsraelFilmCenter.org) and other tools, we aim to serve the American community as well as Israeli filmmakers, keeping the international film community both updated and at the forefront of the leading cinematic achievements coming out of this region. We salute the Israeli filmmakers and invite industry members and film presenters to visit www.IsraelFilmCenter.org to learn more about films listed in this directory and others.

Yours, isaac Zablocki Israel Film Center & Online Database www.IsraelFilmCenter.org

dear Friends,
The Cultural and Scientific Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is proud to be a partner, for the third year in a row, in the publication of the annual catalogue of Israeli cinema 2010–2011 by the Jerusalem Cinematheque and the Jerusalem International Film Festival. This catalogue of modest dimensions contains all necessary information about the Israeli films in their various genres that were produced during the past year, in addition to vital information about the key elements of the Israeli cinema scene. The catalogue is user-friendly for readers both in Israel and abroad. We at the Foreign Ministry found the two previous catalogues to be efficient and useful tools and very helpful. We expect this current catalogue, which will be sent to Israel’s diplomatic missions abroad, to be no less promising. Entrusted with disseminating Israel’s culture around the world, we consider the catalogue to be a vital tool in our activities to further that goal. We congratulate the Jerusalem Cinematheque for its initiative and for its successful production, and we hope that this important catalogue will grow in content and in scope from year to year, as will its readership. Sincerely, Vered heller Head of the Cinema Section anita mazor & uri amitai Cultural and Scientific Affairs Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Full-length Feature Films Full-length Feature Films Full-length Feature Films

Dir.: Moshe Cohen  Prod.: Yehuda Arad Parsuf  Contact:  Source: Avraham+972-54-788-0987, +972-8-869-4621, thcfestivals@gmail.com  Production status: completed After her husband disappears, Rachel returns to her parents' house and together they try to find him in order to get him to grant her a divorce by Jewish law. Otherwise she will be left an “Aguna,” unable to begin her life anew.


political anarchy reigns, and perverse sexual satisfactions are the norm. Within this chaos, five different characters try to pave their scattered lives.

anOther wOrld
‫עולם אחר‬
(Olam Acher) Dir.: Eitan Reuven  Prod.: Eitan Reuven, Shlomi Aviner  Source: Eitan Reuven  Contact: eitanm@gmail. com, anotherworld2011@gmail.com  Production status: completed  Web Site: www.anotherworldmovie.com The near future. After a biological holocaust, most humans have become murderous, “contaminated” creatures. The film's five protagonists, who are still human, each represent a different worldview and ideology as they try to survive.

Dir.: Assaf Tager  Prod.: Lihu Roter  Source: Tinsatr Creative Pool  Contact: +972-3-518-4361, +972-52-572-0672, kbelz@zahav.net.il  Production status: completed  Web Site: www.andantefilm. com In a post-industrial world, a factory sells the frightened, sleepless masses a dreaming experience. Sarah, the sole surviving dreamer, searches for explanations to her strange nighttime visions.

armand's Kites
‫העפיפונים של ארמנד‬
(Ha-'Afifonim shel Armand) Dir. & Prod.: Moshe Zeevi  Source: Moshe Zeevi Film Productions  Contact: +972 3-612-9992, +972-54-644-8207, zeevimos@015.net.il  Production status: completed A military reserves helicopter pilot who runs an aircraft equipment shop is sent on occasional missions to do targeted killings in the Gaza Strip. He gets caught in an emotional and legal trap.

and On the third daY
(U-va-yom ha-shlishi) Dir: Moshe Ivgy  Prod: Julia Shifter, Avraham Pirchi, Tami Leon, Chilik Michaeli  Source: UCM Films  Contact: UCM +972-3-627-6200, ucoi@netvision.net.il  Production status: completed In a futuristic Israel far beyond identity crises, violence is rampant, social and

‫וביום השלישי‬

BananOt la-erOVisZiOn
‫בננות לאירוויזיון‬
Dir.: Eytan Fox  Prod: Gal Uchovsky,


Full-length Feature Films
Moshe Edery  Source: United King / Abot Reifh Hameiri  Contact: +972-3766-1175, arh@arh.co.il  Production status: pre-production Five girls are flying to represent Israel in the Eurovision competition with a song written for them by their neighbors, a homosexual couple.

Dir.: Sharon Maman  Prod.: Assaf Ehrenreich, Sarit Bracha  Source: Yael Films / Ehrenreich Films  Contact: +972-52-749-7915, Assaf.er@gmail.com  Web Site: www.blockbuster.co.nr Trying to escape his humdrum life, ex-footballer Micky Schwartz embarks with a childhood friend on a scheme to make the first Israeli blockbuster.


BeautiFul ValleY
‫עמק תפארת‬
(Emek Tife'eret) Dir.: Hadar Freidlich  Prod.: Eilon Ratzkovsky, Yochana Kredo, Yossi Uzrad, Guy Jacoel, Gilad Schneider  Source: July August Productions  Contact: +972-3-510-0223, mail@jap.co.il  Production status: completed Privatization of the kibbutz forces 80-year-old Hanna into retirement. She struggles to maintain her “usefulness” and independence.

Prod.: David Mandil  Sc.: Harel Noff Movie Plus Productions   Source:+972-3-516-4373, Contact: +972-50-863-1093, dm@movieplus.info  Production status: pre-production The story of a modest and God-fearing community that preserves its rich culture in folklore, dress, customs, music, and food… and of a local Rocky piecing together his shattered world.

Dir.: Niv Klainer  Prod.: Marek Rozenbaum, Ellie Meirovitz, Itai Tamir, Michael Rozenbaum  Source: Transfax Film Productions  Contact: +972-3-687-1202, sales@transfax.co.il  Production status: completed  Budget: $800,000  Web Site: www.transfax.co.il A father of a mentally impaired child has an affair with his son's illegal foreign caretaker.

BY summer end
(Ad Sof Ha-Kayitz) Dir.: Noa Aharoni  Prod.: Chaim Sharir  Source: Yetzira Ivrit, Ltd.  Contact: +9723-562-0916, +972-54-670-7970, chaim@sharir.name  Production status: post-production  Budget: $600,000  Web Site: www.sharir.name 1978. An end-of-summer coming-ofage tale set in a rural community in Israel, on the backdrop of the imminent peace accords with Egypt.

‫עד סוף הקיץ‬


CannOn FOdder
(Basar Totachim) Dir.: Eitan Gafni  Prod.: Eitan Gafni, Yafit Shalev, Noam Stolman, Adi Azoulay  Production status: pre-production A plague breaks out among the Israeli population. The IDF responds within 24 hours but after a day of bloody combat contact is lost between the central command and the units on the ground…

‫בשר תותחים‬

Central statiOn
‫תחנה מרכזית‬
(Tachana Merkazit) Dir.: Ami Livne  Prod.: Eyal Shiray, Elie Meirovitz  Source: Golden Cinema, Israel; EZ Films, France  Contact: +972-3-695-3220, +972-54-550-2961, amilivne@gmail.com  Production status: post-production  Web Site: www.amilivne.co.il With his tin shack under threat of demolition, Kamel, a young Bedouin security guard, decides to stage a bombing and then prevent it, in order to become a hero and save his village.

Dir.: Amos Gitai  Prod: Michael Tapuach, Amos Gitai, Laurent Truchot  Source: Hamon Productions  Contact: +972-3-621-6800, +972-50-520-1902, hamon@zahav.net.il  Production status: completed Gitai brings to the screen his views on history, war, and memory, combining autobiographical elements with a variety of cinematic styles to get to the core of the question: what is cinema?


ClOse enOugh
‫במרחק נגיעה‬
(Be-Merhak Negi'a) Dir.: Lior Harlev  Prod.: Yochanan Kredo, Eilon Ratzkovsky  Source: July August Productions  Contact: +972-3-510-0223, eilon@jap.co.il  Production status: completed A lonesome young security guard is torn between his belief that the end of human civilization is near and a relationship with an intelligent rebellious young woman with a shady past.

Cats On a Pedal BOat
(Hatulim 'al Sirat Pedalim) Dir: Yuval Mendelson, Nadav Hollander  Prod: Jonathan Bar Ilan  Source: Yuval Mendelson & Nadav Hollander  Contact: jonibarilan@gmail.com, yuvmendelson@ gmail.com, nadav.hollander@gmail.com  Production status: completed  Budget: $130,000 A romantic horror comedy about two teenagers and a cat trying to enjoy a quiet afternoon.

‫חתולים על סירת פדלים‬


‫כנס העתידנים‬


(Kenes ha-Atidanim) Dir.: Ari Folman  Source: Bridgit Folman Film Gang, Opus Films, ECL Belgium, ARP  Contact: +972-3-518-1805, status: arifolman@gmail.com  Production post-production

Full-length Feature Films
Ivan Tich, a space researcher and journalist, is covering the world congress of futurists in Costa Rica. He gradually loses touch with reality and sinks into a strange utopian world, as terrorist acts take place routinely outside of his hotel. 4373, dm@movieplus.info  Production status: post-production Two twenty-something slackers in a Jerusalem neighborhood get mixed up with the local gangster.

danCing araBs
‫ערבים רוקדים‬
(Aravim Rokdim) Dir.: Eran Riklis  Prod.: Chilik Michaeli, Avraham Pirchi, Tami Leon  Source: UCM Films  Contact: +972-3-627-6200, ucoi@netvision.net.il  Production status: pre-production  Budget: $3 million A bright Palestinian-Israeli boy from Tira goes to a Jewish boarding school and passes as a Jewish kid. Based on the novel by Sayed Kashua.

(Hitparkut) Dir.: Nina Menkes  Prod.: Marek Rozenbaum, Itai Tamir, Nina Menkes  Source: Transfax Film Productions  Contact: +972-3-687-1202, merav@transfax.co.il  Production status: completed  Budget: $200,000 With surreal energy and brutal b&w realism, the film follows the moral collapse and first glimmer of redemption of a young, morose Israeli Jew.


daY is YOurs eVen night is YOurs
‫לך יום אף לך לילה‬
(Lakh Yom Af Lakh Layla) Dir. & Prod.: Eyal Zion  Source: Eyal Zion  Contact: +972-52-556-9145, eyalzion@ gmail.com  Production status: completed A baby disappears from the scene of a car accident and ends up at the home of an ultra-Orthodox young woman. A media storm rages outside but doesn't penetrate the ultra-Orthodox world.


(Ve-ele Toldot) Dir.: Eli Kolodner  Prod.: Perah Rubin  Source: Eli Kolodner  Contact: +972-50-598-9479, elikolodner@gmail. com  Production status: completed The story of Tunisian-born Joseph Buchnik, father of 8, who comes to Israel and becomes a revered teacher. In the Yom Kippur War he loses his son and is no longer the same person.

‫ואלה תולדות‬

the dealers
(Ha-Dillerim) Dir.: Oded Davidof  Prod.: David Mandil The Dillers Partnership   Source:+972-50-863-1093, +972-3-516Contact:


(Bein ha-Shmashot) Dir: Alon Zingman  Prod: Assaf Amir  Source: Norma Productions  Contact:

‫בין השמשות‬


+972-3-560-9311, anat@norma.co.il  Production status: completed One accident ties the fates of four protagonists in four separate stories together, over the course of one day.

the FlOOd
(Mabul) Dir.: Guy Nativ  Prod.: Chilik Michaeli, Tami Leon, Avraham Pirchi  Source: UCM Films  Contact: +972-3-627-6200, ucoi@netvision.net.il  Production status: completed On a Moshav near the sea, a family deals with the unexpected return of the oldest, autistic, son, just a week before the Bar Mitzvah of his gifted younger brother.

the exChange
(Ha-Hitchalfut) Dir: Eran Kolirin  Prod: Eilon Ratzkovsky, Yossi Uzrad, Guy Jacoel  Source: July August Productions  Contact: mail@ jap.co.il,, +972-3-510-0223  Production status: in production  Budget: 10 million NIS A man comes home at an odd time of day and for a moment it seems to him like he has walked into the house of a stranger. He observes anew those things that make up his life.

(He'arat Shulayim) Dir.: Joseph Cedar  Prod.: David Mandil Mobi Plus Productions  Source:meorav-y@zahav.net.il,  Contact: +972-3-5164373, +972-50-8631093  Production status: completed Two Talmud professors at the Hebrew University are competing for the prestigious Israel Prize. They happen to be father and son.

‫הערת שוליים‬

Fill the VOid
(Lemaleh et he-Chalal) Dir.: Rama Burshtein  Prod.: Assaf Amir  Source: Norma Productions  Contact: +972 -3-560-9311, anat@norma.co.il  Production status: post-production  Web Site: www.norma.co.il a love story set in the Jewish Hassidic world. Shira must decide between following her heart and fullfulling her duty to her beloved deceased sister.

‫למלא את החלל‬

gei Oni (ValleY OF FOrtitude)
‫גיא אוני‬
(Gei Oni) Dir. & Prod.: Dan Wolman  Source: Dan Wolman Film Productions, Ltd.  Contact: +972-3-574-2683, +972-54-476-5894  Production status: completed A late 19th-century ove story between two young Jewish pioneers struggling to cultivate barren lands in Palestine.


Full-length Feature Films

the gOlden POmegranate
(Rimon Ha-Zahav) Dir.: Dan Turgeman  Prod.: Eviatar Dotan  Source: Gershom Productions, Praxis Productions  Contact: +972-54-5207010, noa1045@gmail.com  Production status: completed  Web Site: www. thegoldenpomegranate.com The life story of Mazal, from her childhood in Yemen to her death in Jerusalem. It is the epic tale of the immigration to Israel of the first pioneers from Yemen.

‫רימון הזהב‬

ha-hi she-ChOZeret ha-BaYta
Dir.: Maya Dreifuss  Prod.: Amir Harel, Ayelet Kit  Source: Lama Productions  Contact: +972-54-470-8295, +972-3-685-0430, amir@lamafilms.com  Production status: pre-production The story of a thirty-year-old late bloomer who goes back to live with her parents and has an affair with a married man.

‫ההיא שחוזרת הבייתה‬

haYuta and Berl
(Hayuta ve-Berl) Dir.: Amir Manor  Prod.: Assaf Amir  Source: Norma Productions  Contact: +972-3-560-9311, +972-52-568-8180, anat@norma.co.il  Production status: post-production An elderly couple has trouble adjusting to the social and economic changes surrounding them. One painful night they decide to put an end to the physical and spiritual suffering.

‫חיותה וברל‬

Dir.: Nikita Feldman  Prod.: Nikita and Rufina Feldman, David Derzi  Source: Nikita Feldman  Contact: +972-54-7896098, n251080@gmail.com  Production status: completed A religious Jerusalemite family receives a strange guest for the Sabbath: Sveta, a Russian young woman undergoing conversion. A downward spiral of violence and tragedy ensues.


the hOlY gathering
‫הקיבוץ הקדוש‬
(Ha-Kibbutz Ha-Kadosh) Dir.: Naamit Mor Haim, Nimrod Shanit  Prod: Naamit Mor Haim, Nimrod Shamir  Source: Zed Films  Contact: +972-3-6243450, +972-3-624-3451, info@zedfilms. com  Production status: post-production  Budget: 455,000 NIS (estimated) On a kibbutz, a utopian dream crumbles and a large group of the third generation seeks answers in religion.

ha-Ben shel elOhim
‫הבן של אלוהים‬
Dir.: Guy Nattiv, Erez Tadmor  Production status: pre-production A hallucinatory journey of a grumpy 78-year-old man and his Hassidic son to Poland in search of lost magic.


the hOuse On the COrner
‫הבית בפינת הרחוב‬
(Ha-Bayit be-Pinat ha-Rechov) Dir.: Marko Carmel  Source: Dvash Productions  Contact: +972-3-5441189, einat@dvash-pr.co.il  Production status: post-production A love story in the 1970s between a married man and his sister-in-law, who has cancer and is married to an Arab.

igOr and the Cranes
‫איגור ומסע העגורים‬
(Igor ve-Masa ha-'Agurim) Dir.: Yevgeny Roman  Prod: Chilik Michaeli, Tami Leon, Avraham Pirchi  Source: UCM  Contact: +972-3627-6200  Production status: postproduction Fourteen-year-old Igor moves from Moscow to Israel with his mother, leaving behind his father, a bird researcher whom he hardly knows. Over the Internet, along with his father, he follows the migration of a flock of cranes.

i, BialiK
‫אני ביאליק‬
(Ani, Biyalik) Dir.: Aviv Talmor  Prod: Tzvika Amotz, Gil Ben Chor  Source: Aviv Talmor  Contact: avivtalmor@yahoo.com

in the FiFth heaVen
(Ba-Raki'a ha-Chamishi) Dir.: Dina Zvi-Riklis  Prod.: Yifat Prestelnik, Leon Edery, Moshe Edery  Source: Yifat Prestelnik Films, Ltd. / United King, Ltd.  contact: +972-3-566-3882, office@yifatfilms.co.il  Production status: completed Summer 1944. Thirteen-year-old Maya is placed in a foster home. The director of the home falls in love with her, reminded of a tortured love affair from his past. Maya falls in love with a member of the underground who is engaged to one of the workers at the home.

‫ברקיע החמישי‬

iF YOu Pull nOrth
‫אם תמשוך צפונה‬
(im timshokh tzafona) Dir: Yael Shavit, Orna Mokady Shavitt  Prod: Yael Shavitt, Orna Mokady Shavitt  Source: Orna Mokady Shavitt  Contact: contact@ifyoupullnorth.co.il  Production Status: completed  webpage: www. ifyoupullnorth.co.il The unfathomable story of Major Rafi Mokady - Who was left wounded in the battle field during the 1967 IsraeliSyrian battle on the Golan Heights, while being confident help is on the way.

intimate grammar
(Ha-dikduk ha-Penimi) Dir.: Nir Bergman  Prod.: Assaf Amir  Source: Norma Productions  Contact: +972-3-560-9311, tammy@norma.co.il  Production status: completed

‫הדקדוק הפנימי‬


Full-length Feature Films
A 10-year-old boy whose body refuses to develop constructs an inner world and tries to awaken his dormant growth gland. Based on the novel by David Grossman.


‫לא רואים עליך‬

(Lo Ro'im Alayikh) Dir.: Michal Aviad  Prod.: Ronen Ben Tal  Source: Michal Aviad  Contact: +972-52-244-0648  Production status: completed Two women discovered that they were raped by the same serial rapist twenty years ago, leading them to confront the trauma, each on her own and both together.

 Source: Transfax Film Production  Contact: +972-3-687-1202 sales@transfax.co.il  Production status: completed  Budget: $2,200,000 Mali's family ownd a garage in Jaffa. Mali has been secretly seeing Tawfik, one of the Arab mechanics. They want to elope to Cyprus, but the morning of their flight everything goes wrong.
Je t'aime i lOVe YOu terminal
‫ז'ה טם איי לאב יו טרמינל‬
Dir. & Prod.: Dani Menkin  Source: Menkin Productions  Contact: +972-52-399-0622  Production status: completed The story of a young Israeli who goes to meet his fiancée in NYC. He misses his connection in Prague and meets a charismatic British young woman who makes him have doubts.

it's neVer tOO late
(Af Pa'am Lo Me'uchar Miday) Dir.: Ido Fluk  Prod.: Gal Greenspan, Ido Fluk  Source: Ido Fluk  Contact: office@greenproductions.co.il  Production status: post-production  budget: 100,000 NIS A man drives his father's old car throughout Israel, north to south, in a quest to follow his childhood memories.

‫אף פעם לא מאוחר מדי‬

Je t'aime mOn amOur
‫ז'טם מון אמור‬
Dir.: Dan Sessler  Prod.: Yoram Kislev  Source: Dan Sessler  Contact: sessler@012.net.il  Production status: completed An unconventional film comprised of 14 monologues spoken by 13 different characters, into their cell phones.


‫כלת הים‬

(Kalat ha-Yam) Dir.: Keren Yedaya  Prod.: Marek Rozenbaum, Jerome Bleitrach, Emmanuel Agneray, Benny Drechset, Karsten Stouter

JOe & Belle
‫ג'ו ובל‬
(Jo ve-Bel) Dir.: Veronica Kedar  Prod.: Amir Fishman  Contact: +972-50-377-3472,


joeandbelle@gmail.com  Production status: completed A black, romantic crime comedy about two girls who develop a love for the homeland and for one another on the Tel Aviv-Sderot axis.

lOnelY Planet
‫פלנטה אחרת‬
(Planeta Acheret) Dir.: Edan Zeira  Prod.: Yoram Kislev, Ami Milstein  Source: Cromagnon  Contact: edan.ze@gmail.com Production status: completed A filming crew goes in search a man who survived the Holocaust living with a pack of wolves in the vast plains of Siberia.

KidnaPPed mOshe iVgY
(Le'an Ne‘elam Moshe Ivgi?) Dir.: Avi Malka  Prod.: Avi Malka, Ilan Moscovitz  Source: Impro Productions  Contact: +972-3-6721289, avi@impro. co.il  Production status: completed  Budget: $600,000 Three complete strangers are brought together by a stray football that falls from the sky, and are pulled into a series of crazy and strange events.

?‫לאן נעלם משה אבגי‬

a man withOut a Cell PhOne
‫איש ללא סלולרי‬
(Ish le-lo Selulari) Dir.: Samah Zoabi  Prod.: Amir Harel, Ayelet Kait  Source: Lama Films  Contact: +972-3-685-0430, ayelet@lamafilms.com  Production status: completed  Web Site: www.lamafilms.com In a Palestinian-Israeli village, the life of a teenager is complicated: no privacy, no higher education, no beer, and hardly any girls. When a cellular antenna is put up in the middle of the village, everything turns into a whirlpool.

(Odem) Dir.: Jonathan Segal  Prod.: Jonathan Segal, Dror Moreh  Source: Obelis Productions  Contact: +972-54-3091900, obelisproduction@gmail.com  Production status: completed A complicated friendship forms between two Palestinian women in London around a heavy secret that is slowly revealed out of shreds of memory.


Dir.: Michal Bat-Adam  Prod.: Michal BatAdam, Moshe Mizrahi  Source: United King Films  Contact: +972-3-690-9800  Production status: completed  In her first acting role, Maya plays a mentally ill girl. Determined to make


Full-length Feature Films
this her breakthrough role, she stays at a psychiatric hospital, and her empathy with the patients creates tension between her and the play's director.

mY australia
(Ostraliya Sheli) Dir.: Ami Drozd  Prod.: Michael Rozenbaum  Transfax Film Production  Contact: +972-3-687-1202, sales@transfax.co.il  Production status: completed 1960s Poland. Two brothers are meant to immigrate to Australia but instead find themselves in Israel, in a completely foreign culture.

‫אוסטרליה שלי‬

the missiOn OF the human resOurCes manager

‫שליחותו של הממונה על משאבי‬ ‫אנוש‬

(Shlihuto shel ha-Memuneh ‘al Mash'abei Enosh) Dir.: Eran Riklis  Prod.: Haim Mecklberg 2-Team Productions, Ltd.   Source:+972-3-687-5111 Production Contact:  status: completed The human resources manager at a Jerusalem bakery is sent to find out about an employee – a foreign worker who was killed in a bombing – and slowly emerges from his emotional stagnation.

mY dearest enemY

Dir. & Prod.: Tzipi Trope  Source: Maya Films, Ltd.  Contact: zt1@nyu.edu., +1 646 246 4239 (New York), +972-52-367-1411  Production status: pre-production The story of a friendship between two women, an Arab and an Israeli.

melting awaY
(Namess ba-Geshem) Dir.: Doron Eran  Prod.: Doron Eran, Leon Edery, Moshe Edery, Bili Ben Boshe Aviv Doco, Ltd. / United  Source: TelContact: +972-54-777-9050, King, Ltd.  watchmandoron@gmail.com  Production status: completed  Web Site: www. doroneran.com Parker Hendriksen, a teenager from suburban Toronto, is been kicked out of his family's house when his homophobic father discovers the son's penchant for cross-dressing.

mY lOVelY sister
‫אחותי היפה‬
(Achoti Ha-Yafa) Dir.: Marco Carmel  Prod.: David Mandil, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery  Source: House Partnership  Contact: +972-3-516-4373, +972-50-863-1093, leelu@movieplus.info  Production status: completed A modern-day Moroccan-Jewish legend about a love triangle between a superstitious wife, her insensitive husband, and the ghost of her sister, who died of sorrow after being banished for falling in love with an Arab man.

‫נמס בגשם‬


new FamilY
‫משפחה חדשה‬
(Mishpacha Chadasha) Dir.: Tali Shalom-Ezer  Prod.: Elad Gaviah  Prod.: Matar Productions, Marker Productions House  Contact: +972-3768-4216, lilach@matarproductions.tv  Production status: pre-production  Budget: 600,000€ (estimated) A normative Israeli family takes in a neglected boy. The heroine of the story makes desperate efforts to save the boy, but it turns out that she is in need of rescuing herself.

An obsessive relationship between Nika and her captor, Ivan, who is holding her to pay off a gambling debt.

‫רסיסי אהבה‬
(Resisey Ahava) Dir.: Nissim Notrika  Prod.: Riki Shelach  Source: Riki Shelach  Contact: +972-3-624-3126, +972-52-250-8133, shel@zahav.net.il  Production status: completed Jerusalem, the 1960s. Sami, a father of four with a gambling problem gets sent to prison. Wealthy unmarried Dina gets him released, but on the condition that he will be hers, much to Sami's wife's chagrin.

night aFter night
‫לילה ועוד לילה‬
(Layla ve-'od Layla) Dir.: Tamar Yarom  Prod.: Marek Rozenbaum  Source: Transfax Film Production  Contact: +972-3-687-1202, marek@transfax.co.il, merav@transfax.co.il  Production status: pre- production 1960s. Mangred, a 45-year-old Holocaust survivor, lives in a Jerusalem hostel. One day a beautiful Yiddish poetess comes to the hostel and Manfred decides to donate half of his savings toward reviving the Yiddish language.

OFF-white lies
‫אורחים לרגע‬
(Orchim le-Rega) Dir: Maya Kenig  Prod: Yoav Roeh, Orit Zamir  Source: Gum Films  Contact: +972-3-620-5194, info@gumfilms.com  Production status: completed The coming-of-age of a rebellious teenage girl and her estranged father, who pose as refugees from the north of Israel during the Second Lebanon War in order to find a place to stay.

Dir.: Arnon Tsadok  Prod.: Doron Eran  Source: Tel Aviv Doco, Ltd.  Contact: +972-54-777-9050, watchmandoron@ gmail.com  Production status: completed  Budget: $750,000  Web Site: www. doroneran.com 

OnCe i was
‫פעם הייתי‬
(Pa‘am Hayiti) Dir.: Avi Nesher  Prod.: Dudi Zilber, Avi Nesher, Avraham Pirchi, Tami Leon, Chilik Michaeli  Source: Metro Communication / UCM / Aratomes  Contact: ucoi@


Full-length Feature Films
netvision.net.il  Production status: completed During the summer of 1968, a teenage boy goes to work for a matchmaker who has survived the Holocaust and both their lives are forever altered. +972-54-5400687, topia@topia-com.com  Production status: completed 1982. Max Stoller, the legendary Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball coach and Holocaust survivor, accepts an invitation to Frankfurt to train the German national team and causes a public and private storm.

Pa'am rishOna lO neChsheVet
‫פעם ראשונה לא נחשבת‬
Dir. & Prod.: Tommy Lang  Source: Tommy Lang  Contact: 972-54-429-6231  Production status: in production Peter, a 60-year-old widower, moves in with Noga, his slightly younger girlfriend. Along with them are Peter's 23-year-old son, Noga's 21-year-old daughter, and her 75-year-old father. Will they manage?

Dir.: Yoav Raz, Doron Raz  Prod.: Shai Iines, Guy Bahar, Amir Gollan  Source: Artza Productions  Contact: +972-77540-1764, info@artza.co.il  Production status: completed A young agoraphobic computer technician is forced to leave his house and enters into a battle of wills with the real-estate agent to save his kingdom.

PeaCe dOmestiC
‫שלום בית‬
(Shlom Bayit) Dir.: Aner Preminger  Prod.: Aner Preminger, Noa Haviv  Source: Aner Preminger  Contact: anerp@zahav.net.il  Production status: post-production  Budget: 2,000,000 NIS An Israeli mother desperate to defend her family during the second intifada, locks them in the house for one long weekend.

(Ha-Shoter) Dir.: Nadav Lapid  Prod.: Itai Tamir  Source: Kineret Films  Contact: +972-52-460-4575, nadav.lapid@gmail.com  Production status: completed A police officer in an anti-terrorism unit lives his life between his friends and his enemies. The birth of his daughter and the encounter with Israel's class war undermines his organized values system.

Dir.: Eran Riklis  Prod.: Moshe Edery, Leon Edery, Michael Sharfstein  Source: Topia Communications / United King, Ltd.  Contact: +972-3-6297222,

(Kavod) Dir.: Haim Bouzaglo  Prod.: Yaniv Hamama, Leon Edery, Moshe Edery, Yoram Millo 


Source: United King Films  Contact: +9723-567-8881, haimbouzaglo@hotmail.com  Production status: completed A bloody battle takes place between two Moroccan-Israeli families over some casinos in Eastern Europe.


(Boker Tov, Adon Fidelman) Dir.: Joseph Madmony  Prod.: Chaim Sharir  Source: Yetzira Ivrit, Ltd.  Contact: +972-3-562-0916, +972-54-6707070, Chaim@sharir.name  Production Status: Completed An irascible old furniture restorer unites with his mysterious young apprentice to save his business from his greedy biological son, who wants to sell it off to real-estate investors.

‫בוקר טוב, אדון פידלמן‬

Michael Sharfstein  Source: Topia Communications (2003), Ltd.  Contact: +972-3-629-7222, +972-54-540-0687, topia@topia-com.com  Production status: post-production 1989. First Intifada. 18-year-old Tomer, an IDF soldier serving in Gaza, is sent to avenge the death of his fellow soldier and comes to some realizations about the political and existential situation.

(Kalevet) Dir.: Navot Papushado, Aharon Kishales Pirchi,  Prod.: Julia Shifter, AvrahamSource: Tami Leon, Chilik Michaeli  UCM Films  Contact: +972-3-627-6200, ucoi@netvision.net.il  Production status: completed The first Israeli horror film. A brother and sister on the trail of a dark secret fall into the hands of a psychopath. The rescue mission includes two cops, four tennis players and a forest ranger.

reVOlutiOn 101
‫המדריך למהפכה‬
(Ha-Madrikh la-Mahapekha) Dir.: Doron Tsabari  Prod.: Ori Inbar  Source: Hakrav Al Haagra  Contact: +972-4-810-3838, +972-54-5961333, Inbar.ori@gmail.com  Budget: $500,000  Production status: completed A mixture of documentary, drama, and animation. The director tries to use the power of the cinematic medium to create social change.

Dir.: Omer Reis  Prod.: Avi Malka  Production status: post-production The stories of three separate characters, each looking for hope amidst the loneliness that surrounds them, are woven into a thriller.


rOCK the CasBa
‫רוק בקסבה‬
(Rock ba-Kasba) Dir.: Yariv Horowitz  Prod.:


Full-length Feature Films

salsa tel-aViV
Dir.: Jorge Weller  Prod: Zvi Spielmann  Source: Israfilm, Ltd  Contact: +972-9950-0474, +972-50-533-9823, israfilm@ netvision.net.il  Production status: completed A political-romantic melodrama involving Vicky, an illegal worker from Argentina, Yoni, an Israeli who tries to help her, and his fiancée, Dafna.

‫סלסה תל אביב‬

slOwer than a heartBeat
‫איטי יותר מלב‬
(Itti Yoter mi-Lev) Dir.: Yoni Zich'holtz  Prod.: Evyatar Dotan, Rami Damari  Source: Praxis Productions, Ltd.  Contact: +972-77-7004120/1  Production status: completed Laila Gutman published a successful novel four years ago but has had writer's block ever since. She fears that maybe she only had it in her to write one book…

sea salt
‫מלח ים‬
(Melach Yam) Dir. & Prod.: Itai Lev  Source: Itai Lev  Contact: +972-54-652-8977, itailev@ netvision.net.il  Production status: completed  Budget: $50,000 A romantic triangle between Danni, an Israeli actress, her boyfriend Lior, and Tamara, her best friend and Lior's ex-girlfriend.

the slut
(Ha-Notenet) Dir: Hagar Ben-Asher  Prod: Marek Rozenbaum, Benny Drechsel, Karsten Stöter  Source: Transfax Film Procutions (Israel), Rohfilm (Germany)  Contact: +972-3-687-1202, contact@rohfilm.de, merav@transfax.co.il  Production status: completed  Web Site: www.rohfilm.de Tamar is a promiscuous mother of two girls. She no longer seeks redemption, until Shai arrives and tries to save her.

simiCO's Big FantasY

(Ha-Fantazia ha-Gedola Shel Simiko ha-Katan) Dir.: Arik Lubetzky  Prod.: Michael Sharfshtein  Source: Topia Comunnications (2003), Ltd.  Contact: +972-3-629-7222, +972-54-540-0687, topia@topia-com.com  Production status: In prodution Thirty-year-old Little Simico works in the local humus joint. He's engaged to a girl who dreams of a big wedding, but Simico's fantasy is to make a big movie.

‫הפנטזיה הגדולה של סימיקו הקטן‬

sraK sraK
Dir. & Prod.: Haim Bouzaglo  Source: Full Moon Productions  Contact: +972-3567-8881, haimbouzaglo@hotmail.com  Production Status: completed 2004. In the period leading up to the Gaza Disengagement, fears of a rightwing assassination attempt on the Prime Minister's life come to a head.

‫סרק סרק‬


still walKing
‫עוד אני הולך‬
(Od Ani Holekh) Dir.: Yaki Yosha  Prod.: Dorit Yosha  Source: Yaki Yosha, Ltd.  Contact: yosha@netvision. net.il  Production status: completed A former commando gets involved in gambling, Not even his safety net of friends and comrades can save him.

their relationship in order to realize their love and replenish their vitality and hope.

this is sOdOm
(Zohi sdom) Dir.: Muli Segev, Adam Sanderson  Prod.: Avi Nesher, Dudi Zilber, Moshe Edery  Source: Artomas Communications, Keshet Broadcasting  Contact: +972-3-6909999  Production status: completed  Web Site: www.mako.co.il/sdom The story of the last week of the infamous city of Sodom, the center of entertainment and corruption in the time of the Bible.

‫זוהי סדום‬

(Edut) Dir.: Shlomi Elkabetz  Prod.: Shlomi Elkabetz, Sandrine Brauer  Source: Shlomi Elkabetz  Contact: +972-54317-4755, shlomi.elkabetz@gmail.com  Production status: completed Inside the head of a soldier, stories he saw, heard, or experienced unravel. A conceptual film that uses documentary and fictional elements to break down the perception of Israeli reality.

‫2 בלילה‬
(Shnayim ba-Layla) Dir. & Prod.: Roei Verner  Source: Firma Productions Communications  Contact: +972-52-888-3332  Production status: completed A sweet film about our everyday life and the endless search for a parking spot in the big city – a spot for the car and for the heart.


Thanator (Hitporerut) Dir.: Tawfiq Abu-Wael  Prod.: Amir Harel, Ayelet Kait  Source: Lama Productions  Contact: amir@lamafilms.com, ayelet@ lamafilms.com, +972-3-685-0430  Web Site: www.lamafilms.com  Production status: completed  A few days before emigrating, Iyad and Nur, a bourgeois Palestinian couple from East Jerusalem, delve into the pain of

)‫תנאת'ור (התפוררות‬

the urBan tale
‫מעשיה אורבנית‬
(Ma'asiya Urbanit) Dir.: Eliav Lilti  Prod.: Shay Werker  Source: Bdalak Productions  Contact: +972-52-277-9578, dadadafilms@gmail. com, shayw@013.net  Production status: post-production  Web Site: www. urbantale.co.il


Full-length Feature Films
A brother and sister go on a quest to find their father who abandoned the family when they were babies. Along the way they meet people who give them a peek into what their future lives may hold for them.

the weePing sPringtime Ballad
‫בלדה לאביב הבוכה‬
(Balada la-Aviv ha-Bocheh) Dir.: Benny Toraty  Prod.: Chaim Sharir, Moshe Edery, Leon Edery  Source: Yetzira Ivrit, Ltd.  Contact: +972-3562-0914, +972-54-670-7970, chaim@ sharir.name  Production status: postproduction  Budget: 1,000,000 NIS  Web Site: www.sharir.name Twenty years after a car accident on the night of the premiere of his ensemble's work, "The Weeping Springtime Ballad," Yosef Tawila, one of three survivors of the crash, is paid a visit by the son of one of the other surviving musicians, now dying of cancer, whose dying request is to hear the piece performed for the first and last time.

the unFOrgettaBles
(Ha-Bilti Nishkachim) Dir.: Matan Gugenheim  Prod.: Rephael Katz, Edouard Mauriat & Farès Ladjimi, Christine Ruppert & Helga Binder  Source: Pimpa Films / Mille et Une Productions  Contact: +49-221-33 00, info@tatfilm.de, pimpa@netvision.net.il  Production status: post-production The passionate love story between Yossi, a former IDF solider, and Dora, a mysterious French photographer visiting Israel, as they both struggle in vain to leave their pasts behind.

‫הבלתי נשכחים‬

we are nOt alOne
‫אנחנו לא לבד‬
(Anachnu Lo Levad) Dir.: Lior Harlev  Prod.: Eilon Ratzkovsky, Yochana Kredo, Yossi Uzrad, Guy Jacoel, Ilan Ben Dov  Source: July August Production, Og Productions  Contact: +972-3-510-0223, mail@jap.co.il  Production status: completed Adi, a lonely young man who works as a security guard in a large mall, firmly believes in an ancient prophecy about the imminent end of human culture. When he meets the rebellious May, things are no longer so clear.

the wanderer
(Ha-Meshotet) Dir.: Avishai Sivan  Prod.: Shai Goldman, Redi Siven, Avishai Sivan, Keren Michael  Source: The Mouth Agape  Contact: +972-50-728-5159, godard197707@gmail. com  Production status: completed  Budget: $120,000  Web Site: www. hameshotet.com Isaac, a young yeshiva student, is an only child to born-again orthodox parents. Trapped in a dysfunctional family and a failing body, Isaac finds refuge in wandering



x Burst

(Hitpartzut X) Dir.: Eitan Zur  Prod.: Yochanan Kredo, Eilon Ratzkovski, Eli Meirovitz, Yossi Uzrad  Source: July August Productions  Contact: +972-3-510-0223, mail@jap.co.il  Production status: completed In a fit of jealousy, a middle-aged professor murders the lover of his younger wife. He gets rid of the evidence, but now he has to witness his wife's longing for her lover, whom she believes has mysteriously disappeared.

X ‫התפרצות‬

ZiOn and his BrOther
(Tsion ve-Echav) Dir.: Eran Merav  Prod: Asaf Amir, Yoav Ro'eh  Source: Norma Productions  Contact: +972-3-560 9311, anat@norma. co.il  Production status: completed  Web Site: www.norma.co.il Fourteen-year-old Zion and his 17-yearold brother, Meir, are haunted by a terrible secret about a horrible accident, raising questions about loyalty and responsibility.

‫ציון ואחיו‬

dOCumentarY Films dOCumentarY Films dOCumentarY Films

(Mekhurim) Dir. & Prod.: Haim Pinkason  Source: Pinkason, Ltd.  Contact: +972- 52-5296264, +972-3-658-7593, haim.pinkason@ gmail.com  Production status: completed An innocent young girl abuses drugs and alcohol until her tragic death.

18-year-old Ameer Abu-Ria, a MuslimArab Israeli citizen, volunteers for the IDF, beginning a journey of civic and self-definition.

aPOCalYPse tOdaY
‫הכנסת: אפוקפליפסה היום‬
(Ha-Knesset: Apokalipsa Ha-Yom) Dir.: Uri Rosenvaks  Prod.: Yehuda Bitton Yehuda Bitton Productions  Source:+972-2-534-5797, +972-52-  Contact: 261-2667, ybitton@netvision.net.il  Production status: completed A behind-the-scenes look at Israel’s Knesset over the course of one year.

Dir. & Prod.: Oshri Hayun, Hila Cohen  Source: Sapir Academic College  Contact: +972-54-216-2890, +972-50-578-7199, oshri83@gmail.com  Production status: completed A special relationship between 96-year-old Aisha and her she-goat, Buba, on the backdrop of her failed relationships with her 11 children.


asCending and desCending
‫עולים ויורדים בו‬
(Olim ve-Yordim Bo) Dir. & Prod.: Yehonatan Indursky  Source: Yehonatan Indursky  Contact: yo@013.net  Production status: completed Five stories from Jerusalem’s Nachlaot neighborhood, centered around Joseph, who left his family behind in search of a spiritual experience.

amOs and tahina
‫עמוס וטחינה‬
(Amos ve-Tchina) Dir.: Alon Weinstock  Source: Alon Weinstock  Contact: +972-54-555-3379  Production status: completed The story of Amos Gottlieb, a shellshocked Yom Kippur War veteran.

ameer gOt his gun
(Bnei Dodim la-Neshek) Dir.: Naomi Levari  Prod: Saar Yogev  Source: Black Sheep Fil mProductions info@  Contact: +972-74-703-9009, status: bsheepfilms.com  Production completed

‫בני דודים לנשק‬

BaYit, aVOda, Chaim – ha-meChaniZem shel ha-matZaV ha-enOshi
Dir. & Prod.: Senyora Bar David  Source: Akedia Productions  Contact: +972-9-745-0299, +972-50-586-0646, akedia@013.net  Production status: completed

‫בית,עבודה, חיים — המכניזם של‬ ‫המצב האנושי‬


dOCumentarY Films
The film explores how women struggle within the cruel economic reality. and Dan Shadur  Contact: +972-35602701, office@heymann-films.com  Production status: in production  Budget: $350,000 The story of the Israeli community in Iran before and during the Islamic revolution of 1979. For one young Israeli family – that of the director – the last days of Tehran are also a private story of a paradise lost and never to return.

Band in the mOdern wOrld
‫להקה בעולם המודרני‬
(Lehaka ba-'Olam ha-Moderni) Dir.: Uri Triest  Prod.: Juval Hering  Source: Uri Triest  Contact: +972-3-5200687, +972-52-520-0687, uritriest@gmail. com  Production status: completed The story of an unknown rock band made up of a brother, his sister, and her husband. They decide to try their luck in the US, but between the economic crisis and the reality of music in the virtual age, no one really notices.

Ben ZiOn netanYahu
(temporary title)
)‫בן ציון נתניהו (שם זמני‬

Beating time
(Lenatzeach et ha-Zman) Dir.: Odette Or  Prod.: Youval Or  Source: Unicorn Content & Media  Contact: +972 3 682-2220, +972-52-393-9343, eilat-t@zahav.net.il  Production status: completed After discovering that he has ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) and only 4 years to live, 29-year-old Avi Kremer decides to do the impossible and find a cure. He believes there’s a reason why he of all people contracted the disease.

‫לנצח את הזמן‬

Dir. & Prod.: Moshe Levinson  Source: Moshe Levinson  Contact: +972-54423-2176, +972-3-605-5955, l.m@orange. net.il  Production status: post-production The life story of the 101-year-old Prof. Ben Zion Netanyahu (father of Benjamin), one of the most important historians in the world, known for his monumental study of the sources of the Spanish Inquisition, and once the right hand man of Zeev Jabotinsky.

BlaCK Bus
(Soreret) Dir.: Anat Tsuria  Prod.: Lynn Roth  Source: Anat Tsuria, Sigal Landesberg  Contact: anatzuria@gmail.com  Production status: completed Sara and Shlomit are two young ultraOrthodox women who are shunned by their own society for violating the numberone rule: never air dirty laundry in public.


BeFOre the reVOlutiOn
‫לפני המהפכה‬
(Lifnei Ha-Mahapecha) Dir.: Barak Heymann  Prod.: Dan Shadur  Source: Heymann Brothers Films, Ltd.


BlaCKs – Kms

smK — ‫שחורים‬ (Shchorim) Dir.: Moran Ifergan  Prod.: Moran Ifergan, Anat Schwartz  Source: The Sam Spiegel Film & TV School  Contact: +972-2-673-1950, festivals@jsfs.co.il  Production status: completed The daily routine of three young Ethiopian-Israeli rappers and their attempt to find a place in Israeli society.

up – tells the story of the struggle of the Mizrahi Jews for social justice and equality in Israel.



BlOOd relatiOn
(Kirvat Dam) Dir.: Noa Ben Hagai  Prod.: Edna & Elinor Kowarski  Source: Eden Productions +972-3-527-3403, +972-50 Contact:info@edenproductions.co.il 488-1176,  Production status: completed A Palestinian refugee and an Israeli officer – the children of two sisters. Now they must meet. Conqueror and conquered, masters of the land and its refugees

‫קרבת דם‬

(Otobus) Dir.: Yasmine Novek  Prod.: Yariv Mozer, Yasmine Novek  Source: Mozer Films, Ltd.  Contact: +972 3-544-0649, info@ mozer-films.com  Production status: completed There are parallel universes in the city of Jerusalem. Aside from Egged – the Israeli national bus system, there is a Palestinian public bus service. Crossing the Jewish part of town, the van carries dreams from a different world.

CaBBage head grOuP
(Chavurat Rosh Kruv) Dir.: Ophir Lobel  Prod.: Yoram Globus  Source: Globus Group  Production status: completed A movie for the entire family with humorous sketches based on the songs of Kobi Oshrat, one of the leading composers of children’s songs in Israel.

‫חבורת ראש כרוב‬

BreaKing a wall
‫שוברת קיר‬
(Shoveret Kir) Dir.: Yitzhak Halotzi  Prod.: Yahaly Gat  Source: Muse Productions  Contact: +972-9-744-5666, +972-50-570-6736, fg_ prod@netvision.net.il  Production status: post-production  Budget: 435,000 NIS The story of Vicki Shiran, who led a theater group for disadvantaged youth in the 1970s, and the youngsters who participated in it – today all grown

Carte BlanChe

‫מסביב לשעון — תיבת פנדורה‬

(Misaviv la-Shaon – Teivat Pandora) Dir.: Alexandre Goetschmann  Prod.: Yael Biron  Source: Yael Biron  Contact: +972-3-732-1304, +972-54-460-5196, yael.biron@gmail.com  Production status: completed


dOCumentarY Films
Dr. Dror Sofer (47) is the only trauma doctor at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital. He is always on call, always prepared to bring patients back among the living.

Chasing the shadOw
(temporary title)

(‫לרדוף אחרי הצל (שם זמני‬

Casit – nOt Just a CaFé
(Kol Anshei Kassit) Dir.: Meir Swissa  Prod.: Doron Eran  Source: Tel Aviv, Ltd.  Contact: +972 -52-803-6619, watchmandoron@gmail. com  Web Site: www.doroneran.com  Production status: completed  Budget: $130,000 Café Casit was the heart of the Tel Aviv Bohemia for three decades, a place where poets, actors, singers, entertainers, and producers, lived and died and became the stuff of legend.

‫כל אנשי כסית‬

(Lirdof Acharei ha-Tzel) Dir.: Mordechai Vardi  Prod.: Noam Demsky  Source: Noam Demsky Productions  Contact: +972-2-993-2217, +972-52-287-0669, demskynoam@gmail. com  Production status: completed The Yeshiva is like another planet, where the students devote themselves entirely to the study of the Torah, where the emotional temperature is close to boiling point, and were the Rabbi-student relations are like a powerful magnetic field.

ChrOniCling a Crisis
‫כרוניקה של משבר‬
(Khronika Shel Mashber) Dir: Amos Kollek  Prod: Michael Tapuach, Talia Kleinhendler  Source: Hamon Productions, Pie Films  Contact: +972-3-621-6800, +972-50-520-1902, hamon@zahav.net.il  Production status: completed  Budget: $200,000 The film recounts 7 years difficult and frustrating years in the life of director Amos Kollek after the failure of his last feature film, Happy End.

the ChOsen trail
(Shvil Be-Eretz Acheret) Dir.: Uri Goldstein  Prod.: Lea Levin  Source: IBA Channel 1  Contact: +97252-800-7476, +972-2-676-6343, levinlea@ gmail.com  Production status: completed The film takes a look at the “Israel Trail”, a 900-km trail that crosses Israel from north to south, and asks: If we could return to the beginning of our lives, would we choose a different path or the same one?

‫שביל בארץ אחרת‬


Cinema Jenin
Dir.: Alex Bakri, Marcus Vetter  Prod.: Philippa Kowarsky  Source: Cinephil  Contact: +972-3-412-6566, ori@cinephil. co.il, alexbakri1@yahoo.com A Fellini-esque documentary that takes place in the West Bank city of Jenin and follows a local initiative to re-open the old and only cinema in the city.

‫סינמה ג’נין‬

The story of a former collaborator and his family who have been stripped of their identity. The film looks at the price children pay for their parents’ choices.

(Beton) Dir.: Yehuda Bitton  Prod.: Nurit Kedar  Source: Nurit Kedar  Contact: +97252-3541542, kedar.nurit@gmail.com  Production status: completed  Budget: $175,000 For the first time, Israeli soldiers and officers who took part in Operation Cast Lead come forward. Their testimonies create a narrative of a war that was largely covered up by the media.

Clearing Out mOm’s hOuse
‫לרוקן את הבית של אמא‬
(Leroken et ha-Bayit Shel Ima) Dir. & Prod.: Tal Haim Yoffe  Source: Tal Haim Yoffe, One Man Films  Contact: +972-3-751-3732, +972-54-818-8853, omfilms@live.com  Production status: completed After the death of their mother, the director and his three sisters have the mission of going through her house, full of hundreds of books, photo albums, and trinkets. What to keep and what to throw away? Then they find a dark family secret in an old envelope.

darKei nOam
‫דרכי נועם‬
Dir. & Prod.: Onil Brosh  Contact: +9723-527-4534, +972-52-267-4041, onil@up-real.co.il  Production status: completed A dramatic document about the stubborn struggle of Noam Tzadok, who was diagnosed with cancer, to return to life.

the COllaBOratOr and his FamilY
(Rechokim) Dir.: Ruthie Shatz, Adi Barash  Prod.: Ruthie Shatz, Adi Barash, Ross Kauffman  Source: Fig Films, Ltd. / Deckert Distribution GmbH  Contact: +972-54312-1355, +49-3412156638, info@figfilms. com  Production status: completed

demOns & madness
(Jan wa-Janun) Dir.: Mamdooh Afdile  Prod.: Amir Harel, Ayelet Kait  Source: Lama Productions  Contact: +972-3-685-0430, +972-3-6869793, amir@lamafilms.com  Production status: completed  Budget: 600,000 NIS

‫ג’אן וג’נון‬


dOCumentarY Films
A secular Arab-Israeli director returns to his religious family to settle a longstanding dispute about demons and ghosts.

Dir.: Abeer Zeibak Haddad  Prod.: Suheil Haddad  Source: Abeer Zeibak Haddad, Ilil Alexander  Contact: +972-50-6382522, suheilh@zahav.net.il, ililalexander@ gmail.com  Production status: completed Doma (dolls in Arabic) is a journey in the footsteps of repressed sexual abuse within Arab society.

direCtOr’s Cut
(Girsat ha-Bamai) Dir. & Prod.: Doron Eran  Source: Tel Aviv Doco, Ltd.  Contact: +972-54-7779050, watchmandoron@gmail.com  Production status: completed The life story of the Israeli cinema tycoon, Menahem Golan.

‫גרסת הבמאי‬

the dreamers
(Ha-Cholmot) Dir.: Efrat Shalom Danon  Prod.: Yifat Prestelnik  Source: Yifat Prestelnik Films, Ltd.  Contact: +972-3-566-3882, office@yifatfilms.co.il  Production status: completed Orthodox filmmakers pursue their cinematic dream under the watchful eye of the rabbinical establishment.

dOlPhin BOY
(Ha-Dolphin) Dir.: Dani Menkin, Yonatan Nir  Prod: Dani Menkin, Yonatan Nir, Judith Menassen Ramon  Source: Menkin Productions  Contact: +972-52-2317317, +972-52-399-0622, niryonatan@ gmail.com  Production status: completed The story of Murad, a boy from an Arab village who undergoes a special dolphin treatment in Eilat to regain his speech after being cruelly beaten by his peers. Filmed over the course of four years.


(Ktzavot) Dir.: Tal Avitan  Prod.: Liz Avitan  Source: Sapir Academic College  Contact: +972-8-689-7679, +972-52-5743215, talavitan7@gmail.com  Production status: completed  Budget: 32,000 NIS The story of a family living in the shadow of the death of the father. Each tries to find something to hold on to. Tal, the filmmaker, uses his camera.



elePhants in the snOw
(Pillim ba-Sheleg) Dir. & Prod.: Aviv Sheyn  Source: Aviv Sheyn  Contact: +972-54-998-4545, aviv. sheyn@mail.huji.ac.il  Production status: completed A subtle observation of a number of Russian immigrants who have lived in the religious settlement of Alon Shvut for the past twenty years.

masked man entered a gay youth club in Tel Aviv and murdered two youngsters.

‫פילים בשלג‬

(Lechudim) Dir.: Amir Har Gil  Prod.: Udi Kalinski, Maamon Matar  Source: Provid  Contact: +972-54-520-8720, +972-9952-4697, amirhar-gil@yakum.co.il  Production status: completed The Israeli-Palestinian conflict seen through the eyes of 6 citizens living in the shadow of the cycle of violence. The silent majority trapped in a historical situation of ongoing crisis.


eleCtriC mind
(Ha-Mo’ach ha-Chashmali) Dir.: Nadav Harel  Prod.: Nadav Harel, Catherine Le Clef  Source: Noprocesse Films  Contact: +972-54-734-5558, cat@ catdocs.com  Website: www.wix.com/ nadavharel/electric-mind  Production status: completed This film follows people suffering from brain disorders, who are undergoing groundbreaking medical treatments involving the electric stimulation of the brain. The film raises significant questions about ethics and technology,.

‫המוח החשמלי‬

eYe leVel

‫בגובה העיניים‬

(Be-Gova ha-'Einayim) Dir. & Prod.: Hila Indursky  Source: Hila Indursky  Contact: +972-50-555-0804, +972-9-950-0855, hila_hasson@walla.co.il  Production status: completed  Budget: 5000 NIS The story of a short-statured 14-year-old girl who wants to be a famous singer and actress.

emPire OF Pride
‫אימפרית הגאווה‬
(Imperiyat Ha-Ga’ava) Dir. & Prod.: Yair Qedar  Contact: +972-54-668-0939, qedary@gmail.com  Production status: post-production  Budget: 200,000 NIS The film documents the LGBT pride events of 2010, almost a year after a

FashiOn Order
‫צו האופנה‬
(Tzav ha-Ofna) Dir.: Yoav Gurfinkel, Moish Goldberg, Naftaly Gliksnerg  Prod.: Naftaly Gliksberg  Source: Glikscom, Ltd.  Contact: +972-3-373-0422, +972-54-5212766, info@glikscom.com  Production status: post-production


dOCumentarY Films
A look at the Israeli wardrobe and the changes it has undergone over the last century since the first pioneers to the present. A cinematic fantasy in five acts, using animation, after-affects, archival footage, original music, and interviews to tell the story of the beloved yet enigmatic Israeli poet Lea Goldberg, four decades after her death.

Father’s right
(Zekhut Avot) Dir. & Prod.: Israel Halpern  Source: Halpern Films  Contact: +972-52230-9090, Halpern.films@gmail.com  Production status: completed The story of four divorced fathers fighting for the right to raise their children, with the help of the first-ever men’s rights organization in Israel.

‫זכות אבות‬

Dir. & Prod.: Shelly Gur-Sherman, Udi Moses  Source: Shelly Gur-Sherman and Udi Moses  Contact: +972-54-7716778, udimoses@gmail.com  Production status: completed In a small house in a Moshav in the Jerusalem hills, lives 54-year-old Libby, poor and alone with her two dogs and cat. In the eighties, she was the first punk singer in Israel, soloist for “Libby and the Flash”. Will she make a comeback?


a Film unFinished
(Shtikat ha-Arkhiyon) Dir: Yael Hersonski  Prod.: Noemi Schory, Itay Ken Tor  Source: Belfilms  Contact: +972-3-624-0780, +972-54-2331611, belfilms@netvision.net.il  Web Site: www.cinephil.co.il/Index.asp?ArticleID=58 5&CategoryID=77&Page=3  Production status: completed A film about an unfinished Nazi propaganda film, this documentary portrays the people behind and in front of the camera in the Warsaw Ghetto.

‫שתיקת הארכיון‬

the Flat
(Ha-Dira) Dir.: Arnon Goldfinger  Prod.: Arnon Goldfinger, Thomas Kufus  Source: Arnon Goldfinger  Contact: +972-3-5220764, +972-52-340-3026, goldfi@post.tau. ac.il  Production status: completed Going through the apartment of his mother, who died at the age of 98, the director finds the traces of a troubling pas among the piles of letters, documents, and pictures the parents brought with them from Germany to Palestine 70 years earlier..

the FiVe hOuses OF lea gOldBerg
‫לאה גולדברג בחמישה בתים‬
(Lea Goldberg be-Chamisha Batim) Dir. & Prod.: Yair Qeder  Source: Qeder films qedery@  Contact: +972-54-668-0939, completed gmail.com  Production status:


Dir.: Ofer Inov  Prod.: Anath Kandell, Ofer Inov  Source: One Light Productions  Contact: +972 528386968, kandell.anath@gmail.com, +972-2-9831371, hedva@go2films.com  Production status: completed  Budget: $120,000 Flutchkes (in Yiddish: flabby arms) follows the multi-disciplinary dance performance “Gila,” which is performed by 70- to 80-year-old women


(Ha-Galatznikim) Dir. & Prod.: Udi Kalinsky  Source: IBA, Channel 1  Contact: +972- 544245-8404, provid@netvision.net.il  Production status: in production For almost ten years the camera documented one of the strangest phenomena in Israeli society, military, and media: IDF army radio, which determines who will be the next generation of journalists and media figures in Israel.


FOrget aBOut it
(Shkach mi-Ze) Dir. & Prod.: Tomer Halfon  Source: Mistigris MP  Contact +972-54-5669128, tomerhalfi@gmail.com  Production status: complete After Max, a successful contractor, goes bankrupt, his daughter Tamar fights to keep him from drowning in despair. Max’s denial and dementia reveal the connection between body and soul.

‫שכח מזה‬

the games theY PlaY
‫משחקי ידידות‬
(Mischakey Yedidut) Dir.: Ram Loevy  Prod.: Ram Loevy, Penelope & Ed Peskowitz  Source: Ram Loevy  Contact: +972-3-672-9732, ramlo@post.tau.ac.il  Production status: completed In the relatively peaceful spring of 2008, Tel Aviv University held an international basketball tournament in which teams from Palestine and Jordan joined the hundreds of students from 14 countries who were invited to take part in the games and tour the country. Jewish and Arab film crews documented what they saw.

Free imPrOVisatiOn
‫אלתור חופשי‬
(Iltur Chofshi) Dir.: Doron Djerasi  Prod.: Shushan Production  Source: Sam Spiegel TV and Film School  Contact: adin214@gmail. com  Production status: completed The film follows the struggle of JeanClaude Jones, an avant-garde musician with MS, to continue to make music despite the adversities of his illness.


dOCumentarY Films

gOd’s messengers (the stOrY OF a Cult)
‫שליחי האל‬
(Shlichei ha-El) Dir.: Itzik Lerner  Prod.: Itzik Lerner, Nir Toib  Source: G.N. Communication  Contact: +972-3-561-4302, gn@gn-com. com  Production status: post-production A documentation of “Gilad’s Farm,” the stronghold of the extremist Hilltop Youth, on the eve of the settlement construction freeze and outpost evacuation.

gYPsY daVY
‫ג’יפסי דייווי‬
Dir.: Rachel Leah Jones  Prod.: Philippe Bellaïche  Source: RLJ Productions  Contact: +972-54-462-8554, pbellaiche@ gmail.com  Production status: completed How does a white boy with Alabama roots transform himself into a Flamenco guitarist in Andalusian boots, and what happens along the way? The film tells the story of guitarist David Serva Jones through his five women and five children.

green YellOw red
(Yarok Tzahov Adom) Dir: David Gavro  Prod.: David Gavro, Yael Shavit  Source: Slassi Productions +972-77-507-7122,  Contact: gavrod@faqil.com +972-54589-5724,  Web Site: http://www.wix.com/Gavrod/SLASSI  Production status: completed  Budget: 500,000 NIS Mogus Birsau lives in southern Israel and wants to create music for the Israeli mainstream. He surrounds himself with a group of young men who write songs expressing the hidden feelings of the Ethiopian immigrant.

‫ירוק צהוב אדום‬

haim heFer, the stOrY Behind the wOrds
(Hen Efshar – Haim Hefer, ha-Sipur Sheme-Achorei ha-Shirim) Dir.: Eitan Oren  Prod.: IBA Channel 1  Source: IBA Channel 1  contact: +9722-644-3485, film-archive@iba.org.ac.il  Production status: completed The stories behind the poems written by Israeli poet Haim Hefer during Israel’s War of Independence.

‫הן אפשר — חיים חפר, הסיפור‬ ‫שמאחורי השירים‬

the hangman
(Ha-Talyan) Dir.& Prod.: Netalie Braun, Avigail Sperber  Source: Pardes  Contact: +972-54422-2578, +972-52-882-6566, avigail73@ gmail.com  Production status: completed The story of Shalom Nagar, the man who hung Adolf Eichmann and became a killer himself, tells the story of Israel from an alternative and surprising point of view.


Dir. & Prod.: Adi Harel  Source: Hamidrasha School of Art  Contact: +972- 9-747-8737, festivals@ beitberl.ac.il  Production status: completed The story of Hany, a 48-year-old Palestinian man, married and father of six, from the village of Biddu, who works and lives during the week at the Jerusalem SPCA compound next to the security fence.

the normal world of kids, and reared to be world champions in chess.

heKdesh mOussaieF
‫הקדש מוסאיוף‬
Dir.: Rabbi Asher Prosper, Malka, Rony Zarf  Prod: Scala Studios  Source: Scala Studios, Ltd., Tel Aviv  Production status: completed The film tells the history of the Bukharim neighborhood in Jerusalem since it was established 130 years ago. Rabbi Shlomo Moussaief, the film’s protagonist, is the most influential figure in the neighborhood and its synagogue.

ha-medina she-BadereKh

Dir. & Prod.: Yoel Sharon  Source: IBA Channel 1  Contact: +972-2-6443485, film-archive@iba.org.il  Production status: completed A wheelchair-bound Yom Kippur veteran goes on a journey throughout Israel and in search of national and personal conscience. Five episodes.

‫המדינה שבדרך — סדרה בעלת‬ ‫חמש פרקים‬

heart OF ChOCOlate
‫לב של שוקולד‬
(Lev Shel Shokolad) Dir.: Eti Peleg, Yaron Shani  Prod.: Eti Peleg  Source: Eti Peleg  Contact: +972-54-460-2082, +972-8-864-0151, shaniyaron@gmail.com  Production status: post-production 60-year-old Eti Peleg, armed with an adventurous spirit and two academic degrees, buys a little camera and goes on a life-changing journey around the world in the footsteps of that mythical substance: chocolate.

Dir.: Yosi Aviram  Prod.: Amir Harel  Source: Lama Productions  Contact: +972-54-470-8295, +972-3-685-0430, amir@lamafilms.com  Production status: completed  Budget: $25,000 The story of chess players Judit, Susan, and Sofi Polgar, three Hungarian sisters who were guinea pigs in their father’s controversial experiment: they were kept home from school, isolated from


dOCumentarY Films

hOla and natan
(Chula et Natan) Dir.: Robby Elmaliah  Prod.: Robby Elmaliah, Avner Faingulernt, Arik Bernstein College  Source: SapirStudies / – School of Film and Television Alma Films  Contact: +972-52-854-4441, e.robby@ gmail.com  Web Site: www.HulaNatan. com  Production status: completed A tragicomic documentary about the attempts of two garage men who live in a poverty-stricken war zone to survive through their fatalistic reality.

‫חולה את נתן‬

The film goes back with Tzila Carmeli, one of the founders of Moshav Nordiya, on a journey to reconstruct her family’s saga from Romania to Ukraine during WWII.

‫השיבה הבייתה‬
(Ha-Shiva ha-Bayta) Dir.: Orna Ben Dor, Noa Maiman  Prod.: Noa Maiman  Source: Creation House N.M., Ltd.  Contact: +972-9-960-6688, info@avchouse.com  Web Site: www. avchouse.com  Production status: completed Oto, Nato, and Germain are going on a unique and emotional journey in a quest for identity. They were born in Israel to foreign workers, and are going back to their supposed “homeland,” where their parents came from.

hOme sweet hOme
(Ha-Chaim Yafim) Dir.: Efim Graboy  Prod.: Tuvi Arbel  Source: Efim Graboy, Tuvi Arbel Contact: +972-52-268-3758  Production status: completed Ten years after they immigrated, Yafim’s father loses his will to live. His mother is the sole breadwinner, and every day is filled with heartbreaking quarrels. Yafim decides to take control over his crumbling family.

‫החיים יפים‬

hOw muCh lOVe
(Kama Ahava) Dir.: Kinneret Hay-Gillor  Prod.: Dan Muggia  Source: Dan Muggia & Kinneret Hay Gillor  Contact: +972-3-695-3871, +972-50-885-2845, kikihay@gmail.com  Production status: completed  Budget: $343,000 Kinneret documents her parents’ intimacy from back in the days when her mother was a dreamy-eyed teenager and her father an aspiring athlete, until the present reality, in which Carmel suffers from muscular dystrophy.

‫כמה אהבה‬

the hOme that wasn’t there
(Ha-Bayit She-Lo Haya Sham) Dir.: Nitzan Carmeli  Prod.: Nitzan and Shuka Carmeli  Source: Nitzan Carmeli  Contact: +972-54-679-9317, +972-9-8820386, shuki.car@gmail.com  Production status: completed  Budget: 30,000 (estimated)

‫הבית שלא היה שם‬


the human turBine
(Ha-Turbina ha-Enoshit) Dir.: Dani Verete  Prod: Yehuda Bitton Yehuda Bitton Productions  Source:+972-52-261-2667, ybitton@ Contact: netvision.net.il:  Production status: completed Jewish academics and Palestinian shepherds in Susya work together to harness the energy of the wind and the sun for a renewable energy project that will supply electricity to the inhabitants who live in tents and caves, and allow the opening of a mechanized dairy that will open up new opportunities for economic independence.

‫הטורבינה האנושית‬

I Shot My Love tells a personal story and follows the triangular relationship between director Tomer Heymann, his German boyfriend, and his mother.

i was there in COlOrs
(Ani Hayiti Sham be-Tzeva) Dir.: Avishai Kfir  Prod: Itzik Rubin  Source: IBA Channel 1  Contact: +9722-644-3485, film-archive@iba.org.il  Production status: completed Fred Monson was an American Jew, Zionist, and photography buff, who took countless color photos in Israel from the 1940s to the 70s. They lay in a basement until the filmmakers came across them…

‫אני הייתי שם בצבע‬

i saw a Bird

)‫ראיתי ציפור (שם זמני‬

(temporary title) (Ra’iti Tzipor) Dir. & Prod.: Ronen Zaretzky, Yael Kipper  Source: Wagtail Productions  Contact: +972-77-201-4231, +972-52-887-0538, kippery@walla.com  Production status: completed A film about the disappearance of nature and wild animals in Israel, seen through the struggle of four individuals. Dir.: Tomer Heymann  Prod: Barak Heymann, Tomer Heymann  Source: Heymann Brothers Films  Contact: +9723-5602701, pnina@heymann-films.com  Production status: completed

i will Be liKe messi
(Choleh 'Al Messi) Dir.: Adi Weiss, Tomer Bar Sade  Prod: Adi Weiss  Source: Sapir College  Contact: +972-50-781-8404, tomerbarsade@gmail.com  Production status: completed Omer's dream is to be the best soccer player in the world. He won't let anything stop him, not even leukemia.

‫חולה על מסי‬

i shOt mY lOVe


dOCumentarY Films

ilana gur – Out OF Frame
‫אילנה גור — מחוץ למסגרת‬
(Ilana Gur – Michutz la-Misgeret) Dir.: Nurit Kedar, Ido Bahat  Prod.: Nurit Kedar  Contact: +972-52-354-1542, kedar.nurit@gmail.com  Production status: completed Controversial artist Ilana Gur sits on the balcony of her remarkable museum in Jaffa and offers us a glimpse into her life.

in third PersOn
(Be-Guf Shelishi) Dir.: Arthur Yakobov, Sharon Atias  Prod.: Yoav Halevy  Source: Master Property: Tmuna Communication Ltd. / Open Doors Films  Contact: +972-4-678-6980, +97250-729-6949, yoav@opendoorsfilms.com  Web Site: www.opendoorsfilms.com  Production status: completed  Budget: $130,000 The personal road trip of Bukharan artist and painter, Arthur Yaakobov, to find out about the family whom he never knew.

‫בגוף שלישי‬

i’m nOt a PhiliPPina
(Ani Lo Filipina) Dir.: Anat Tel  Prod.: Sasha Klein, Anat Tel  Source: Sasha Klein Productions, Ltd.  Contact: tel.anat@gmail.com  Production status: completed Six-year-old Krizel is a blind girl of Philippine origin, born in Israel. She lives with her adoptive mother, Janette, a foreign Philippine worker. She dreams of seeing once again and staying in Israel.

‫אני לא פיליפינה‬

inCessant VisiOns
‫חזיונות בלתי פוסקים‬
(Chezyonot Bilti Poskim) Dir.: Duki Dror  Prod.: Yael Shavit  Source: Zygote films  Contact: +972-54493-4740, +972-052-234-4091, duki.dror@ gmail.com  Production status: completed He made sketches on scraps of paper and sent them to the young cellist who awaited him in Berlin. She saw his genius and within several years helped him turn into the most sought-after architect in Germany. Erich Mendelssohn and his wife had to leave Germany. They wandered between continents, and every place he built, he left his mark.

in neutral waters
(Be-Mayim Neitralim) Dir.: Hilla Shitrit  Prod.: Reuven Hecker  Source: Hilla Shitrit  Contact: +972- 52432-7866, +97254-426-4747, hillalala@ gmail.com  Production status: postproduction  Budget: 200,000 NIS A therapeutic cruise in the North Sea for Israeli reserves soldiers who fought in Lebanon and in the Territories.

‫במים ניטראליים‬


the inheritanCe
(Ha-Yerusha) Dir.: Hiam Abbas  Prod.: Arik Bernstein, Metro Communications  Source: Alma Production  Contact: +972 -3 522-4061, alma@alma-films.com  Production status: in production In a small Muslim village in the north of Israel, an inheritance battle between siblings goes on as the father lies on his deathbed, reminiscing about his unfortunate past with his wife, the late mother.

focuses on the heartbreak and hope of the modern kibbutz as a new generation struggles to ensure its survival.

iraq ‘n’ rOll
Dir.: Gili Gaon  Prod.: Dani Haimovich  Source: Station Films, Ltd.  Contact: +972-3-670-9761, +972-54-397-1492, mrd2001@wala.com  Production status: completed Dudu Tasa, a leading Israeli rock musician, explores his family roots and the story of his grandfather, who was one of the leading musicians in Iraq in the 1930s. The journey will have an effect on his identity, both as a musician and as an Israeli.

interruPted streams
(Zramim Ktu‘im) Dir. & Prod.: Guy Davidi, Alexandre Goetchmann  Source: Guy Davidi & Alexandre Goetchmann and AMC  Contact: +972-54-494-9831, guydvd@ gmail.com  Web Site: sites.google.com/ site/interruptedstreams10/  Production status: completed Along the broken water pipe in the West-Bank village of Bil’in, the people of the village walk on different paths towards an uncertain future.

‫זרמים קטועים‬

i’Ve seen giraFFes in india
(Ra’iti Jirafot Be-Hodu) Dir.: Noam Pinchas  Prod.: Ronen Michaeli  Source: Ronen Michaeli  Contact: ronenmichaeli@gmail.com  Production Status: completed The Giraffes, a wild rock band, set out on a magical musical tour across India to perform for thousands of Israeli backpackers, but the 2008 terror attacks in Mumbai take the journey off-track.

‫ראיתי ג’ירפות בהודו‬

inVenting Our liFe: the KiBButZ exPeriment

Dir.: Toby Appleton Perl A documentary examining the 100-year history of Israel’s kibbutz movement, recreating its glorious past, and chronicling its recent decline. The film


dOCumentarY Films

israel a hOme mOVie
‫כך ראינו‬
(Kakh Ra’inu) Dir.: Eliav Lilti  Prod.: Arik Bernstein  Source: Arik Bernstein  Contact: +972 -3-522-4061, alma@alma-films.com  Production status: in production A three-episode documentary series telling the story of Israel and Palestine from the start of the 20th century up to the late seventies by means of a wide variety of personal home movie footage in any format from before the Age of Video.

Jews nOw
(Yehudim Akhshav) Dir.: Galia Oz  Prod.: Anat Yahalom  Source: IBA Channel 1  Contact: +9722-644-3485, film-archive@iba.org.il  Production status: completed An Israeli mosaic that spreads from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, through the settlement of Kedumim and the Kibbutzim in the north, focusing on fathers and sons and the way in which Judaism is passed from generation to generation, for better or worse.

‫יהודים עכשיו‬

Dir.: Ruth Walk  Prod.: Yariv Mozer, Hila Aviram  Source: Yariv Mozer  Contact: +972-52-270-2000, info@ mozer-films. com  Production status: completed The exclusive life story of Jeannette Ordman, a petite, aristocratic, and powerful woman, who dedicated her life to dance and to her dogs.

the JOurnalists
(Ha-Itona’im) Dir: Idit Avrahami  Prod: Assaf Amir  Source: Norma Productions  Contact: info@norma.co.il  Production status: completed The six-part series explores the shock the printed press in Israel is experiencing these days with the infiltration of television and internet and in the shadow of the fierce war between the Israeli publishers.

(Yirmiyahu) Dir.: Eran Paz  Prod.: Ilan Moskovich  Source: Yermiyahu Production  Contact: +972-77-549-1584, +972-54-451-9171, +972-54-238-1933, eranpaz8@gmail.com  Production status: completed A film about the Shapira neighborhood in southern Tel Aviv and one man who gives hope to the many miserable residents there.


the JOurneYs OF a seCular Jew in Jerusalem

the ladY OF the COurt
‫אשת החצר‬
(Eshet Ha-Chatzer) Dir.: Amnon Binyamin  Prod.: Idan Negev, Yael Feldboy  Source: Idan Regev Productions, Ltd.  Contact: +972-54-2424243, +972-3-649-5593, regev.idan@gmail. com  Production status: completed A rare peek into the life of Rivka Paluch, an ultra-Orthodox woman and political journalist who was an advisor to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and the matchmaker between his government and the ultra-Orthodox parties.

‫מסע של חילונית בירושלים‬

(Masa Shel Chilonit be-Yerushalayim) Dir. & Prod.: Elena Canetti  Contact: +972-54-882-0433, elenacan@gmail.com  Production status: completed Waking up one morning to the emptiness of her life, 45-year-old Elena decides to go on a journey through the religious worlds that inhabit her city, Jerusalem’s streets.

KaFKa’s last stOrY
(Ha-Sippur ha-Acharon shel Kafka) Dir. & Prod.: Sagi Bornstein  Source: Ruth Diskin  Contact: ruth@ruthfilms. com  Production status: completed Franz Kafka’s inheritance ignited a cultural struggle between the heiresses, Israel and Germany. An intercontinental investigative quest for literary treasures, big money, and betrayed testaments.

‫הסיפור האחרון של קפקא‬

land OF genesis
‫ארץ בראשית‬
(Eretz Bereshit) Dir.: Moshe Alpert  Prod.: Moshe Alpert, Haim Mecklberg, Esti Yaakov Meckelberg  Source: Afikim Productions, 2team Productions  Contact: +972-4-675-4628, afikimproductions@gmail.com, +972-50531-2999, +972-50-640-2691, +9723-687-5111, haim.2team@gmail.com  Web Site: www.afikimproductions.com  Production status: completed  Budget: 1,300,000 NIS  The film follows three mammals in their respective geographic habitats, as the seasons change: the wolves of the Golan Heights, the swamp cats of the Sea of Galilee, and the ibexes of the desert.

KVisa meluKhleKhet
Dir.: Yael Sherer  Prod.: David Noy  Source: David Noy  Contact: davidno@ minshar.org.il Two years ago, 27-year-old Yael filed an unprecedented civil suit in Israel, suing damages from her father for sexual abuse. Her siblings responded by disowning her. Her mother is her only family, but the two have never talked openly about matters.

‫כביסה מלוכלכת‬


dOCumentarY Films

langue saCrée, langue Parlée
‫שפה אחת ודברים אחדים‬
(Safa Achat u-Devarim Achadim) Dir.: Nurith Aviv  Prod.: Itay Tamir, Serge Lalou  Source: Layla Productions / Les films d’ici  Contact: nurith.aviv@gmail. com  Production status: completed A journey into the Hebrew language, ancient and modern, through the portraits of ten translators. A mosaic of characters, languages, and cultures. Part three of a trilogy.

from 1967 to the present, from the point of view of the Israeli jurists who established the system and served in it.

liFe in stills
(Ha-Tzalmaniya) Dir.: Tamar Tal  Prod: Barak Heymann Heymann Brothers Films  Source:+972-52-274-2445, barak@ Contact: heymannfilms.com  Production status: completed The story of Miriam Wissenstein and her grandson Ben, who embark on an exciting, funny and touching journey to save the legendary “Photo House.”

the last ChanCe high
‫תיכון ההזדמנות האחרונה‬
(Tichon ha-Hizdamnut ha-Achrona) Dir.: Ben Shani  Prod.: Ruthi Steinberg  Source: Uvda – Keshet TV  Contact: +972-623-9000, +972-561-8035  Production status: completed A documentation of a year at the Branko Weiss High School in Ramle, where students whom the educational system has given up on get another chance to get their high school diplomas and a different future.

liKe the queen OF england
‫כמו מלכת אנגליה‬
(Kemo Malkat Angliya) Dir. & Prod.: Micha Shagrir  Source: Tapuz Comunications  Contact: +972-2673-4587, aweisel@gmail.com, tapuzltd@ netvision.net.il  Production status: completed Layer by layer, the past and present of artist David Bergman unfold into a dramatic story starting in Nazi-occupied Paris, through the Kibbutz, and to the national stage and his private studio.

the law in these Parts
‫שלטון החוק‬
(Shilton ha-Chok) Dir.: Ra’anan Alexandrowicz  Prod.: Liran Atzmor  Source: Liran Atzmor, Ra’anan Alexandrowicz  Contact: +972-52-8003362, +972-54-234-7500, Molir@bezeqint. net  Production status: completed A critical look at the history of the legal system in the Occupied Territories


lO ChaVera
Dir.: Sivan Ben Ari  Prod.: Noemi Schory  Source: Beit Berl College School of Arts  Contact: +972-52-898-7319, susi100sivan@gmaul.com  Production status: completed In high school Sivan admired Lior – a wild punk with a magnetic personality. Seven years later, Lior returns to Sivan’s life, now with a rare disease that has left her paralyzed in most of her body. A film about friendship and about how we deal with emotional and physical disabilities.

‫לא חברה‬

A personal documentary about the search for the Israeli director Moshe Guez – the Israeli Ed Wood – and for the whereabouts of his rarely seen, much censored, debut feature film, The Angel was a Devil.

the lOst lOVe diaries
(Yomanei ha-Ahava ha-Avudim) Dir.: Yasmine Novak  Prod.: Eilon Ratzkovsky, Yossi Uzrad, Guy Jacoel, Noa Lifshitz  Source: July August Productions  Contact: +972-3-510-0223, +972-54-246-1103, noy.orna@gmail.com  Production status: completed Alice and Bernie were young lovers in Holland during WWII. A moment before going into hiding they swore to keep diaries for one another. At the end of the war Alice waited in vain. On the eve of her wedding to another man, she received a package from a mysterious woman with Bernie’s diary in it. 65 years later, her daughter convinces her to open it for the first time.

‫יומני האהבה האבודים‬

(Ga’agua) Dir.: Effi Banai  Prod.: Liat Kamai-Ashed Yehuda Bitton Productions  Source:+972-52-261-2667, ybitton@ Contact: netvision.net.il  Production status: completed The journey of a man into the depths of his past and into the roots of his yearning for a place which was and is no more.


lOOKing FOr mOshe gueZ
(Le’an Ne’elam Moshe Gez) Dir.: Avida Livny  Prod.: Gidi Avivi  Source: Vice Versa Films  Contact: +97250-528-7659, viceversafilms@gmail.com  Production status: post-production  Budget: $250,000

(Motarot) Dir.: David Ofek  Prod.: Elinor and Edna Kowarsky  Source: Eden Productions +972-50-389-8485, +972-50 Contact: elinor@edenproductions.co.il 530-5155,  Production status: completed Warehouses cramped with rotting goods, and donkeys dressed up as zebras – all these take part in the surreal reality of


?‫לאן נעלם משה גז‬


dOCumentarY Films
Israeli’s blockade on Gaza. This is the story of the merchandise itself: kiwis, fresh meat, toys, shoes, notebooks, canned goods—products that have been purchased, stored, expired, spoiled, and ultimately, destroyed. The film follows the preparations for a grandiose production of the Opera “Nabucco” by Verdi at Masada, while searching for answers to questions about the myth of Masada and its meaning for Israeli identity in the 21st century.

ma harag et mOni Fanan
‫מה הרג את מוני פנאן‬
Dir.: Ophira Assayag Exclusive interviews with the family of the late Moni Fanan and the story of the private “bank” he ran and managed to keep a secret for 15 years until his suicide in 2009.

me and gOd
(Elohim va-Ani) Dir.: Nati Adler  Prod.: Chai Kahana  Source: Nati Adler  Contact: +972-50755-6205, sumsumfilms@gmail.com  Production status: completed A new-media documentation dealing with the connection between people and God.

‫אלוהים ואני‬

the marquis OF Bnei BraK
(Hamarkiz mi-Bnei Berak) Dir. & Prod.: David Moran  Source: David Moran  Contact: cinemoran@gmail. com  Web Site: www.cinemoran.com  Production status: complete Micha Frankel is an Israeli translator of French literature, a homosexual who is desperately searching for a partner to spend the autumn of his life with.

‫המרקיז מבני ברק‬

melissa, mOm and me ‫ ואני‬mom ‫מליסה‬

masada sYndrOme
(Tismonet Metzada) Dir.: Ayelet Heler  Prod.: Naftaly Gliksberg  Source: Glikscom, Ltd.  Contact: +972-3-3730422, +972-54-5212766, info@glikscom.com  Production status: post-production

‫תסמונת מצדה‬

(Melisa, Mom va-Ani) Dir.: Limor Pinchasov  Prod.: Limor Pinchasov, Yaron Kaftori  Source: Cicero Productions  Contact: +972-3-5444845, Cicero1@Bezeqint.net  Production status: completed Seven years ago Israeli Yael and American Melissa met in a striptease club in Japan. Yael, a stills photographer, documented their friendship with a home video camera and Melissa exposed her difficult life story. Seven years later Yael decides to bring the story full circle.


memOrial mOVie
(Seret Zikaron) Dir. & Prod.: Yonatan Kanaskevich  Source: Tel Hai Rodman College  Contact: +972-50-781-6366, storyonatan@gmail.com  Production status: completed An attempt to revolutionize cinema direction by collecting materials from an infinite network of security cameras around the world

‫סרט זכרון‬

Hagit, the granddaughter of the late Prof. Yeshayahu Leibovitz, travels across Judea and Samaria monitoring settlement development for Peace Now. This awakens the pain and rage she feels towards the religious community, which she herself hails from.

mind FuCK
(Ziyunei Sekhel) Dir.: Eran Koblik, Ricardo Royshester  Production status: completed All Yacki wanted was to make his on porn movie. A strange wish for a boy from an ultra-Orthodox family who never even watched television or movies.

‫זיוני שכל‬

memOries OF the eiChmann trial
(Zikhronot Mishpat Eichmann) Dir.: David Perlov  Prod.: IBA Television, Channel 1  Source: Yad Vashem Visual Center / IBA Channel 1  Contact: +9722-644-3485, visual.center@yadvashem. org.il , film-archive@iba.org.il  Production status: completed A restoration of the 1979 film by David Perlov, in which he interviews Holocaust survivors and members of the second generation about how the Eichmann trial affected them and transformed Israeli perceptions of the Holocaust and the survivors.

‫זכרונות משפט אייכמן‬

Dir.: Vered Berman  Prod.: Dina Kahanovitz, Edna Nahum  Source: 6 Productions  Contact: didi21@netvision. net.il  Production status: completed  Budget: 417,000 NIS Beautiful Mirall’eh, born with four degenerated limbs, abandoned by her parents at birth, became a success story, against all odds, through willpower and her left foot.

the messiah will alwaYs COme
‫המשיח תמיד יבוא‬
(Ha-mashiach Tamid Yavo) Dir. & Prod.: Lea Klibanoff  Contact: tmwac7@gmail.com  Production status: completed

the mOdels
(Ha-Dugmaniyot) Dir.: Adi Frost  Source: Kastina Productions  Contact: +972+9-9612200  Production status: completed


dOCumentarY Films
A three-part documentary series that shatters the glamorous veneer of the top-model industry and shows what the life of a young aspiring model really looks like.

mr. JOsePh
(Mashtap) Dir. & Prod.: Doron Eran  Source: Tel Aviv Doco, Ltd.  Contact: +972-54777-9050, watchmandoron@gmail.com  Production status: in production  Web Site: www.doroneran.com  Budget: 500,000€ In 1940 Joseph Joanovici entered the office of the Gestapo commander in Paris and offered to provide iron to the German army in exchange for saving his family, thus becoming the biggest Jewish collaborator with the Nazi war machine. He also funded the French underground and saved many Jews. After the war he was tried and sentenced, escaped to Israel, was deported by Ben-Gurion, and died homeless in Paris in 1965.


mOnOlOgues aBOut death
‫אפילוג — מונולוגים על מוות‬
(Epilog – Monologim ‘al Mavet) Dir. & Prod.: Michal Kaphra  Source: Michal Kaphra  Contact: +972-50587-8596, +972-3-525-52716, kmichal@ netvision.net.il  Production status: completed Thirteen influential figures from Israeli society were chosen to give monologues about death. In the last leg of their lives, they talk about aging, about fears, and about death.

mOstar rOund-triP
‫מוסטאר הלוך ושוב‬
(Mostar Halokh va-Shov) Dir. & Prod.: David Fisher  Source: Cinephil Ltd. / Fisher Features, Ltd.  Contact: +972-3-649-3575, +97252-387-9171, irit@fisherfeatures.com, info@cinephil.co.il  Production status: completed During three roundtrips to Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, where his 17-yearold son Yuval is attending an international high school, filmmaker David Fisher watches his son’s relationships unfold: with his father, his Israeli peers, his Israeli-Arab roomate, and his Spanish girlfriend, Neus.

(Shririm) Dir.: Idan Glikzeilig  Prod.: Asaf Mor, Michal Wiets  Source: The Sam Spiegel Film & TV School  Contact: +972-2673-1950, festivals@jsfs.co.il  Web Site: www.jsfs.co.il  Production status: completed A year in the life of a lonely body builder and weight lifter in his pursuit to become a champion. A new kind of hero who knows how to lose and still follows his dream.


mY BrOther, mY herO
‫אח שלי גיבור‬
(Ach Sheli Gibor) Dir.: Lior Agur  Prod: Yahaly Gat  Source: Muse Productions  Contact: +972-9-744-5666, +972-50-570-6736, fg_ prod@netvision.net.il  Production status: post-production  Budget: 370,000 NIS When a missile hit their PUMA in the Second Lebanon War, Uri and Dubi’s lives were changed forever. Long after the war has dropped off the public agenda, the two lead a public struggle to make a change on behalf of their comrades in arms. Their reception by the military establishment is not a warm one.

mY Parents – nitZa and diCK
‫ההורים שלי — ניצה ודיק‬
(Ha-Horim Sheli – Nitza ve-Dick) Dir.: Ohav Flantz  Prod.: Tali Shemesh Shemesh  +972 Source: Tali +972-54-458Contact:tali. 52-273-1175, -8710, shemesh@gmail.com  Production status: completed Ohav Flantz goes for his annual visit to his parents in Australia, where they’ve been living for the past ten years in a beautiful house surrounded by acres of Australian forest. Under the idyllic surface cracks are revealed.

mY name is ahlam
(Kor’im li Ahlam) Dir.: Rima Essa  Prod.: Claudia Levin  Source: Claudius Films, Ltd.  Contact: +972-52-238-5334, Claudia.levin@ claudiusfilms.com  Production status: completed While fighting for her daughter’s right to receive adequate treatment for her leukemia, Palestinian Aisha is no longer afraid to stand up to her husband, to her occupiers, to the authorities and to anyone who is in the way of her daughter’s path to health.

mY Parents – shanti and martin

‫קוראים לי אחלם‬

‫שנטי ומרטין — “פרויקט ההורים‬ ”‫שלי‬

(Shanty ve-Martin – “Proyect Ha-horim Sheli”) Dir.: Jason Danino Holt  Prod.: Tali Shemesh  Source: Tali Shemesh  Contact: +972-52-273-1175, tali. status: shemesh@gmail.com  Production completed An intimate journey of a mother and son in the Sinai Peninsula.

mY Parents – tami and JaCOB
”‫תמי ויעקב — “פרויקט ההורים שלי‬
(Tami ve-Yakov – “Proyect Ha-horim Sheli”) Dir: Nir Horvitz  Prod: Tali Shemesh  Source: Tali Shemesh+972-52-273-1175  Contact: tali. shemesh@gmail.com ,  Production status: completed


dOCumentarY Films
The story of a relationship between a man with advanced Parkinson’s disease and his caregiver wife, as told through the eyes of their son. Dir.: Shlomo Slutzky  Prod: Shlomo Slutzky, Yehuda Bitton  Source: Shlomo Slutzky / IBA Channel 1 / INCAA  Contact: +972-3-544-9965, +972-52249-7419, slutzkys@netvision.net.il  Production status: post-production  Budget: $175,000 Shlomo Slutzky’s trip to Argentina to cover the case of a former Junta General charged with killings during the 70s, surprisingly turns into a quest in the steps of Shlomo’s friends, who were imprisoned, exiled or killed after joining guerrilla forces, and who feel betrayed by Shomo for emigrating to Israel.

nO “Full stOP”

mY sweet CanarY
‫קנרית מתוקה שלי‬
(Kanarit Metuka Sheli) Dir. & Prod.: Roy Sher  Source: Sher Films and Music Productions  Contact: +972-52-6817788, +972-3-546-0297, roysher@walla.com  Web Site: www. mysweetcanary.com  Production status: completed Roza Eskenazi sang the way she lived, with passion, fire, and love. This story is the story of three musicians from Greece, Turkey, and Israel, who embark on an exciting musical journey to tell the story of Greece’s best-loved rebetiko singer.

OediPOs OF naZarath
(Tluyim ba-Avir) Dir. & Prod.: Ramy A. Katz  Source: Ramy A. Katz  Contact: +972-3-5668811, +972-54-598-3095, ramykz@ gmail.com  Production status: postproduction Ricki, who was physically abused by her husband throughout her marriage, faces the dilemma of whether or not to file a complaint and thus to endanger the family unit or to watch her children grow up in fear.

‫תלויים באויר‬

naPhtali st, 23
‫מבצע נפתלי‬
(Mivtza Naftali) Dir.: Oren Reich, Vered Yeruham  Prod.: Amir Harel, Ayelet Kait  Source: Lama films  Contact: +972-3-685-0430, +972-54-470-8295, amir@lamafilms. com, ayelet@lamafilms.com  Web Site: www.lamafilms.com  Production status: completed The tenants of one apartment building in Jerusalem are given a once-in-alifetime opportunity to upgrade their lives. But will they reach an agreement?


One OF his Kind
(Mot Ha-Admor) Dir.: Ron Maiberg  Prod.: Noam Shalev Films  Contact:  Source: Highlightinfo@highlight.co.il +972-3-616-8611,  Web Site: www.highlight.co.il  Production status: completed. The life story of Adam Baruch, one of Israel’s most important journalists, who died two years ago.

‫מות האדמו”ר‬

PariZ BO’eret
‫פריז בוערת‬
Dir.: Itamar Elkalay  Prod.: Claudia Levin  Source: Claudius Films  Contact: +972-52-238-5334, Claudia.levin@ claudiusfilms.com Yeshayahu Beitel was born in Sweden to a Holocaust survivor father and a sickly mother who died when he was 14. At age 27 he decided to become a photographer and his camera brought him to Paris, which led to a strange and intimate documentation of a group of neo-Nazis

One OF seVen
‫אחד משבעה‬
(Echad mi-Shiv'a) Dir. & Prod.: Goel Pinto  Contact: +97254-245-4900, goel.pinto@gmail.com  Production status: completed Emcompassing different and contradictory Israeli cultural identities – ultraOrthodox, Mizrahi, homosexual – the filmmaker sets out through different stations in his life.

a PlaCe OF her Own
(Reut) Dir.: Sigal Emanuel  Prod: Dikla Barkai  Source: Go2Films Distribution  Contact: +972-2-983-1371, hedva@go2films.com  Production status: completed The unbelievable story of Reut, a young woman without a home seeking her place in the world and fighting for her children.


One On One
‫אחד על אחד‬
(Echad ‘al Achad) Dir.: Dori Rivkin  Prod.: Haggai Arad, Elad Peleg  Source: Daroma Productions  Contact: +972-8-672-2090, +972-57-7555805, va.elad@gmail.com  Production status: completed A touching film about a father and son’s journey. The father – Peretz Rivkin, former captain of the deaf basketball team – renounced his dream of being a basketball player to support his family. His son, Dori, a filmmaker, decides to return his father to the basketball court.

Pnina Feiler – a COmmunist nurse

(Pnina Feiler – Achot Komonistit) Dir. & Prod.: Dalia Mevorach, Dani Dothan  Source: Elil Communication  Production status: completed 85-year-old Pnina watches the world she dreamed of collapse all around her. Her kibbutz has abandoned its socialist ideology, her children have left Israel,

‫פנינה פלייר — אחות קומוניסטית‬


dOCumentarY Films
and wars are pushing the ideal of a “brotherhood of nations” further away.

PreCiOus liFe
(Hayim Yekarim) Dir.: Shlomi Eldar  Prod.: Ehud Bleiberg, Yoav Zeevi  Source: Bleiberg Entertainment & Jasmin T.V.  Contact: shlomie@10.tv, +972-3-752-2881, +972-54-544-0050  Web Site: preciouslifemovie.com  Production status: completed An exceptional relationship is formed in an isolation room in the children’s ward of Tel-Hashomer hospital between a young woman from Gaza whose baby son suffers from a genetic disease, an Israeli doctor, and a journalist.

‫חיים יקרים‬

POetrY ltd
(Shira Ba’am) Dir. & Prod.: Dorit Weisman  Contact: +972-2-581-8778, +972-50-871-3205, doritweisman@gmail.com  Production status: completed  Budget:100,000 NIS A movie about a revolution in poetry and five Jerusalem poets for whom poetry is a way of life and a catalyst for social change.

‫שירה בע”מ‬

(November Efes Shmoneh) Dir. & Prod.: Daniel Sivan  Source: OneManShow / Alma Films  Contact: +972-50-852-0811, dsivan@gmail.com  Production status: completed  Budget: 400,000 NIS A bunch of boys, friends since elementary school, are about to go to the army. Once inside, all but one of them are counting the days until their release. One of them graduates from an officers’ course, making his buddies think he’s abandoned them for the army.

80 ‫נובמבר‬

red nOse
(Af Adom) Dir. & Prod.: Eldad Prives  Source: Eldad Prives, Asaf Oren  Contact: +972-52831-5338, eldad.prives@gmail.com  Production status: completed  Budget: 100,000 NIS A Tel Aviv street clown sets out to conquer the sadness in Sderot. The one-time gig turns into a project of over a year, and the clown becomes part of the city’s fabric.

‫אף אדום‬


the sasgOnsKY’s

‫מצאנו מה לעשות עם ההרים‬

(Maztanu Ma La’asot ‘Im ha-Harim) Dir. & Prod.: Yuval Pan  Source: Yuval Pan  Contact: +972-77-211-8855, yuvalpan@gmail.com  Production status: completed In the summer of 2007 an article in a local newspaper reveals that bulldozers are about to raze the last open natural area in the Timna Valley to build a hotel complex. Five citizens join forces and set out on a 4-year quixotic battle against the real estate barons, government bureaucrats, and the Kibbutz establishment.

The incredible story of the Yatza Affair, in which Brigadier General (Res.) Yitzhak Yaacov was charged with severe espionage. The affair reveals the long arm of the “Secret Kingdom” of the Israeli defense system.

the seCret OF Killing BaBY rOse
‫סוד הרצח של הילדה רוז‬
(Sod ha-Retzach shel ha-Yalda Rose) Dir. & Prod.: Nili Tal  Source: Nili Tal  Contact: +972-50-662-3293, ntp@ netvision.net.il  Production status: completed On September 11, 2008, a police diver pulled up a red suitcase from the bottom of the Yarkon River, in Tel Aviv. Inside, were the remains of a toddler named Rose. The film tells the story of the melodrama leading up to the murder of the baby.

sCOre FOr a salmOn’s liFe
‫הפרטיטורה של הדג סלומון‬
(Ha-Partitura shel ha-Dag Salomon) Dir. & Prod.: Ilan Zarfati  Source: Ilan Zarfati  Contact: +972-54-247-5098, ilanzarfati@hotmail.com  Production status: completed Composer André Hajdu, winner of the Israel Prize, is the “bad boy” of Israeli classical music. He swims constantly against the stream.

sharOn amrani: rememBer his name
‫שרון עמרני- זכרו את השם‬
(Sharon Amrani – Zikhru et ha-Shem) Dir.: Yair Raveh  Additional directors: Dover Kosashvili, Joseph Cedar, Nir Bergman  Prod.: Lilach Nagar  Source: Kastina Productions  Contact: +972-9961-2200, +972-52-433-9917, yair.raveh@ gmail.com  Production status: completed This documentary about director and screenwriter Sharon Amrani, who drowned tragically in 2001, incorporates scenes written by Amrani and directed by leading feature filmmakers in Israel.

seCret KingdOm
(Mamlekhet ha-Sod) Dir. & Prod.: Nir Toib  Source: G.N. Communication  Contact: +972-3-5614302, +972-54-453-8022, gn@gn-com. com  Web Site: www.gn-com.com  Production status: completed

‫ממלכת הסוד‬


dOCumentarY Films


(Mishmeret) Dir: Aya Ben Ron  Prod: Oded Kimhi  Source: Aya Ben Ron  Contact: +972-54760-7978, +972-3-529-2427, a_benron@ netvision.net.il  Production status: postproduction  Budget: 75,000 NIS The film documents life in two coma units in the Reut medical center in Tel Aviv, patiently observing the doctors and nurses who come into contact with the comatose patients and the social and ethical codes that govern the place.


A portrait of writer Sarah Shilo. She did not go to university, and instead of narrative she writes in episodes. Fame comes after working for many years as a kindergarten teacher in her northernIsrael town and writing anonymously. What will she do now?

Dir. & Prod.: Yael Leibovitz-Zand  Source: Zandoco  Contact: +972-77-500-8919, +972-50-846-4920, yaelleibo@bezeqint. net  Production status: completed A journey into the against-all-odds story of the Yiddish theater in Israel and its charismatic actors.

shO’qOstaK (what’s YOur stOrY?)

‫שו קוסתאק (תרגום:מה הסיפור‬ )‫שלך‬

Dir.: Jamal Khalaile, Paulina Carbonnier Bahier  Prod:EgbareyaEgbareye  Source: Bahier  jkhalaile@gmail.com , Paulinecarbo@gmail.com +972-54-9219029  Production Status: completed Jamal, a Palestinian citizen of Israel, converses with five young Israelis with different ideological views. While focusing on the issue of fear, the central issue becomes admitting the Other without having to giving up one’s own identity.

six milliOn in twO rOOms
‫ששה מיליון בשני חדרים‬
(Shisha Milyon be-Shnei Chadarim) Dir. & Prod.: Barak and Tomer Heymann  Source: Heymann Brothers Films, Ltd.  Contact: +972-3-5602701, office@ heymann-films.com Production status: in production  Budget: $220,000 Tsi-la Piran, a second generation Israeli daughter of Holocaust survivors, chooses to deal with her personal demons by conducting therapy workshops throughout Germany and Poland with the troubled second generation of the “Other Side.”

shum gamadim lO YaVO’u
‫שום גמדים לא יבואו‬
Dir.: Ruth Walk  Prod.: Yael Perlov  Production status: completed


sixtY and the CitY
(Bat Shishim Mechapeset Ahava) Dir. & Prod.: Nili Tal  Source: Nili Tal Productions  Contact: +972-3-641-0805, +972-50-661-3293, ntp@netvision.net.il  Web Site: www.nilital.com  Production status: completed  Budget: $100,000 At the age of 60, I decided that I need love. I had more than 100 blind dates with men and filmed a few of them. Enjoy my journey.

‫בת שישים מחפשת אהבה‬

A documentary journey to the backstage of the Declaration of the State of Israel. The last living witnesses to the historical moment and the makers of the myth explore what really happened in the 32 minutes of ceremony.

status: single
(Status: Ravak/a) Dir.: Chen Landau  Prod.: Noa Maiman  Source: Added Value – Creation House N.M. LTD  Contact: +972-9-960-6688, info@avchouse.com  Web Site: www. avchouse.com  Production status: completed Four successful singles aged 38+ take us on a personal journey into the reasons behind their status, raising questions of fear and failure, living alone, past traumas, and the relevance of the concept of marriage.

‫סטטוס: רווק/ה‬

shOulder danCing
‫כתפיים רוקדות‬
(Ktefayim Rokdot) Dir.: Ruth Eshel  Prod.: Neve Yosef Community Center  Source: Ruth Eshel  Contact: +972-4-855-0738, reshel@ research.haifa.ac.il; +972-4-822-7499, neveyose@matnasim.org.il  Production status: completed The film tells the story of Ruth Eshel, avant-garde dancer and scholar of artistic dance in Israel, and her journey along with dozens of Ethiopian-Israeli dancers to establish an Ethiopian dance troupe in Israel.

sumna’s letter
(Ha-Mikhtav shel Sumna) Dir. & Prod.: Hadar Kleinman, Timna Goldstein  Source: The House Behind the Sun:  Contact: +972-3-674-1138, +972-50-679-3652, hadarkz@walla.com  Production status: completed Hannah Star was adopted as an infant from Romania to Israel and was sent to a boarding school at age 13. As she approaches age 18 she decides to go on a journey in search of her routes and her biological mother.

‫המכתב של סומנה‬

a state Behind the sCene
‫מדינה ביום אחד‬
(Medina be-Yom Echad) Dir. & Prod.: Avi Weissblei  Source: Rampa  Contact: +972-77-443-0876, +972-54-445-2450, visblay@gmail.com  Production status: completed  www. youtube.com/user/AviWeissblei


dOCumentarY Films

Dir. & Prod.: Ohad Milstein  Source: Ohad Milstein  Contact: +972-54-4614262, omilstein1@gmail.com  Web Site: www.ohadmilstein.com  Production status: completed  Budget: $120,000 A film about the women of the Israeli artistic swimming team on their way to the championship.

tel aViV, tZiYun meah
Dir. & Prod.: Michael Yoseph  Source: Michael Yoseph  Contact: +972-52560-5353, micky@btpro.co.il  Production status: completed A series of 30 short films combing the behind-the-scenes stories of the band, “Tel Aviv Youth” over the course of the year of Tel Aviv-Jaffa’s centenary, with the stories of the places and people who shaped the 100-year-old city.

‫תל אביב, ציון מאה‬

that’s gila, that’s me
(Ze Ani, Ze Gila) Dir. & Prod.: Alon Weinstock  Source: Alon Weinstock Contact: +972-54555-3379, w_alon@netvision.net.il  Production status: completed A fascinating documentary about the life story of Gila Goldstein, born in the 1950s as Avraham Goldstein. From Maccabi Haifa soccer player to Tel Aviv stripper, Gila was one of Israel’s first trans-gender individuals. A Tel Aviv icon and a living legend who is admired by the LGBT community.

‫זה גילה, זה אני‬

thieVes BY law
‫גנבים בחוק‬
(Ganavim ba-Chok) Dir.: Alexander Gentelev  Prod.: Sasha Klein, Maya Zinshtein, Simone Baumann  Source: S.M.S Productions  Contact: +972-50-289-8992, +972 -54-225-6211, maya.zin@gmail.com  Production status: completed For the first time, the godfathers of the Russian underworld tell their story. How did these bullies who inspired the character of the “bad guy” in so many Israeli movies became respected business men?

teaCher irena
‫המורה אירנה‬
(Ha-Morah Irena( Dir: Itamar Chen  Prod.: Naomi Levari, Saar Yogev  Source: JCS Productions +972-3-637-0500, +972-54 Contact: saar-yo@jcsproductions.co.il 550-5255,  Production status: completed The lives of 26 children from Jerusalem’s Katamon neighborhood change when they meet their new teacher, Irena.

Dir. & Prod.: Gal Shani  Source: Gal Shani, Carmiel  Contact annabelle@ kapro.com  Production status: completed The film tells the story of the Holocaust of the Jewish community of Salonika through the story of Alberto Matarasso, a retired Haifa dock worker.



(Karu’a) Dir. & Prod.: Ronit Kertsner  Source: Hedva Goldschmidt, go2films  Contact: hedva@go2films  Production status: completed 12 years after he was ordained as a Polish-Catholic priest, Romuald Waszkinel found out that he was born to Jewish parents, that his name was Jakub Weksler. The film follows his amazing journey from conducting mass in a church in Poland to life as an observant Jew in a religious kibbutz in Israel. Torn between two identities, he is unable to give up either one, and is therefore not accepted by either religion or by the State of Israel.


tO lOVe sOPhia
‫לאהוב את סופיה‬
(Le’ehov et Sofia) Dir. & Prod.: Ohad Itach  World Sales: www.ruthfilms.com  Contact: +97250-759-0060, ohad.itach@gmail.com Production status: completed  Budget: 600,000 NIS  Coming to Israel from Moldova in the 1990s left Sophia unstable and yearning for more. Her well-educated parents are unable to control their only daughter as she rapidly descends from singer in a rock-band to drug addict and prostitute.

(Ma’arbolot) Dir. & Prod.: Kobi Davidian, Roni Livneh  Source: Kobi Davidian, Roni Livneh  Contact: +972-50-756-7867, kobidavidian@yahoo.com, livnehroni@ gmail.com  Production status: postProduction After 26 years of a life sentence for the rape and murder of a Jewish girl in 1982, bedouin Kamal Subhi contacts Ariel Livneh, a retired secret services agent and criminologist, asking him to re-open his file. Ariel dives in, wipes the dust off of old documents, digs through archives, makes notes, locates police officers, and examines every detail, leading him after 3 years to appeal for Kamal’s release.

tO remOVe the Veil
(Lehasir et ha-Re’ala) Dir.: Racheli Schwartz  Prod.: Shelomy Afryat  Source: Topline  Contact: +972-54-488-5078, +972-77-500-5078, rachelischwartz@gmail.com  Production status: post-production  Budget: 320,000 NIS The unbelievable story of Ralia Sfadi, a 38-year-old Druze woman from the village of Mas’ada in the Golan Heights, who decides to go out on a crusade to realize her political and social dream.

‫להסיר את הרעלה‬


dOCumentarY Films

tZiOn neighBOrhOOd
‫נחלת ציון‬
(Nachalat Tzion) Dir. & Prod.: Eli Levy  Source: ELP TV  Contact: +972-50-759-4031, levyeli@ hotmail.com  Web site: www.elptv.co.il  Production status: completed The film reveals the stories, prayers, music, tastes, and rare atmosphere of Jerusalem’s Nahlaot neighborhood, documenting the community that came from Aleppo, Syria to Jerusalem on donkeys bringing with them their prayers of supplication.

out about their exile and imprisonment at t the British in the four years leading up to Israel’s War of Independence.

the uZBeK trilOgY
(Ha-Trilogiya ha-Uzbekit) Dir. & Prod.: Avishai Sivan  Source: Avishai Sivan  Contact: +972-50-6406836, godard197707@gmail.com  Production status: completed Three generations of men of Uzbek origin, a grandfather, father, and grandson, and their respective efforts to integrate into Israeli society.

‫הטרילוגיה האוזבקית‬

under the rug
‫מתחת לשטיח‬
(Mitachat la-Shatiach) Dir.: Aya Somech, Haggi Linkin  Prod.: Yoav Roeh, Aurit Zamir  Source: Gum films  Contact: +972-52-336-5572, info@ gum.com  Production status: completed The story of Maya Linik, whose eldest son died 40 years ago, raises forbidden questions about a mother’s love for her children

ViOlins in wartime
(Kinorot be-Milchama) Dir.: Yael Katzir  Prod.: Dan Katzir  Source: Yael Katzir, New Love Films  Contact: +972-3-642-1648, +972-52-2207949, katziry@hotmail.com  Production status: completed  Budget: 430,000 NIS (estimated) The power of music as a symbol of sanity in a time of war. Amnon Weinsten is a violin-maker who works with his son Avishai. When the Second Lebanon War breaks out in summer 2006, Amnon struggles to keep his international materclasses for young violinist from being cancelled, while also worrying about Avishai, who is drafted into the war.

‫כינורות במלחמה‬

the undergrOund in the tunnel OF time
‫המחתרות במנהרת הזמן‬
(Ha-Machtarot be-Minheret ha-Zman) Dir.: Benny Ori  Prod: Yehuda Bitton  Source: Yehuda Bitton Productions, Ltd.  Contact: +972-52-261-2667, ybitton@ netvision.net.il  Production status: completed The families of former fighters in the Jewish undergrounds go to Africa to find


(Ha-Kanarim) Dir.: Alexander Gentelev  Prod.: Nurit Kedar  Source: Hedva Goldschmidt, Go2 Films  Contact: hedva@go2films.com  Production status: completed The Sisyphean, uncompromising journey of ten-year-old children from Tiberias who play the violin remarkably.


what am i, Farag?
(Ma Ani Faraj?) Dir.: Kobi Farag  Prod.: Noa Maiman  Source: Added Value – Creation House N.M. LTD  Contact: +972-9-960-6688, info@avchouse.com  Web Site: www. avchouse.com  Production status: preproduction A feature documentary about an eldest son who succeeded in turning his first name – Farag – into a word synonymous with photography, and to the name of a whole family.

?’‫מה אני פרג‬

wandering eYes
‫גם כשעיני פקוחות‬
(Gam Keshe-‘Einay Pekuchot) Dir.: Ofir Trainin  Prod.: Shahar Ben-Hur  Source: Clemantina Films  Contact: +972-3-685-1633, clefilms@gmail.com  Production status: completed A soul-searching musical journey centered on Gabriel Belhassan, a musician from the south of Israel, known as the founder of the rock band, “Aljir.”

whO are YOu FOr me?
?‫מי אתה בשבילי‬
(Mi Ata Bishvili?) Dir: Dror Reshef  Prod.: Hedva Goldschmidt  Source: Hedva Goldschmidt, Go2 Films  Contact: dror. reshef@gmail.com , hedva@go2films.com , www.go2films.com  Production status: completed A girl with an intellectual disability leads a quiet everyday life, until by chance she meets a young man. She waits for her parents to return home so she can get their blessing for the new relationship. What she doesn’t understand is that her parents perished in a car accident a few years ago.

war matadOr
(Matador ha-Milchama) Dir.: Avner Faingulernt, Macabit Abramson  Prod.: Avner Faingulernt  Contact: +972-54-675-5272, avnerf@sapir.ac.il  Production status: completed A road trip along the borderline between Israel and Gaza during the Gaza War of winter 2009.

‫מטאדור המלחמה‬


dOCumentarY Films

where is mY stuFF
(Eifo ha-Devarim Sheli) Dir. & Prod.: Zohar Kaniel  Source: Zohar Kaniel  Contact: +972-54-552-2955, zoharkaniel@yahoo.com  Production status:completed  Budget: 300,000 NIS (estimated) The film follows the relationship between the director and his 70-yearold mother, an obsessive collector who goes through a trauma when she has to leave her apartment of 35 years – and her stuff – behind to move into assisted living.

‫איפה הדברים שלי‬

when israel went Out
‫בצאת ישראל‬
(Betzet Yisrael) Dir.: Meni Elias  Prod.: Micha Shagrir  Source: Shiba Productions  Contact: +972- 8-675-0089, +972-52-253-1481, menielias@gmail.com  Production status: completed Over two decades after the operations bringing Ethiopian Jewry to Israel, the Ethiopian-Israeli community remains apart, misunderstood, and not an integral part of Israeli society. Despite this, most in the community see Israel as their home. The time has come for the State of Israel to recognize them.

what maKes leiBi run?
?‫מה מריץ את לייבי‬
(Ma Meritz et Leibi?) Dir.: Menachem Roth  Prod.: Ron Ofer +972-52 Source: Ron Ofer  Contact:Production 380-3981, ron@ronofer.com  status: in production Director Menachem Leibi Roth (35) abandoned ultra-Orthodox life as a young man. Leibi wants to start a family with his girlfriend, but before he can settle down he must come to terms with the sexual abuse he suffered in an ultra-Orthodox boarding school. He plans to present his abuser with the chronicle of his life on film, to confront him with the enormous damage he caused.

Dir.: Jonathan Ben Efrat  Prod.: Nir Nader  Source: Video 48  Contact: +972-3-537-3269  Production status: completed Wisconsin is a dramatic documentary that follows the implementation and implications of the Wisconsin Plan in Israel.


the wOman whO Knew tOO muCh
(Ha-Isha she-Yada’a Yoter Miday) Dir.: Yarin Kimor  Prod.: Dorit Stark  Source: IBA Cannel 1  Contact: +97252-836-2222, +972-52-286-0007  Production status: completed An investigative documentary into the reasons behind the death/murder of Jenny May, who was found hanged on the Tel Aviv beach. A transnational investigation that takes us through Jenny’s connections with the CIA and the Israeli defense services, to intelligence agencies in Africa, Russia, and other places.

wOrld Class Kids
(Shalom Kita Bet) Dir: Netta Loevy  Prod.: Edna & Elinor Kowarsky  Source: Eden Productions  Contact: +972-3-527-3403, +972-50-530-5155, info@edenproductions. co.il  Production status: completed Second graders from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds in a school in the center of Tel Aviv contend with a stormy school year, war, and a nationalistic curriculum.

‫האישה שידעה יותר מדי‬

’‫שלום כיתה ב‬

Dir.: Yalon Gurevich  Prod: Itzhak Rubin  Production status: completed The film tells the life story of Yorek, the 81-year-old Holocaust survivor known as the “wolf boy” from the Warsaw Ghetto, whose heroic youth was immortalized in many stories.

wOmen OF hamas
‫נשות החמאס‬
(Neshot ha-Hamas) Dir.: Suha Arraf  Prod.: Suha Arraf, Philippa Kowarski  Source: Belssan Productions / Cinephil  Contact: +972-3-566-4219, suhaarraf@hotmail.com  Production status: post-production  Budget: 176,013 euro The film follows three Hamas women to try and understand how an Islamist political party, operating in a very conservative society, allows its women to become political, social, and even military leaders.


dOCumentarY Films

YOung Cameri
‫קאמרי הצעיר‬
(Kamera ha-Tzair) Dir. & Prod.: Ella Zaharano  Source: Ella Zaharano  Contact: +972-50-455-4687, ella.210@hotmail.com  Production status: completed  Budget: 60,000 euro Rubinstein, the director, conducts one-on-one meetings with the members of the Young Cameri repertory theater. She asks them to cooperate in exposing intimate details of their lives. Based on these personal stories she writes a play inspired by scenes from Shakespeare’s plays.

the ZilBer & me
‫אני והזילבר‬
(Ani ve-ha-Zilber) Dir: Roei Zilber  Prod: Yoram Ivry, David Noy  Source: Cinemax Productions  Contact: +972-3-731-1267, +972-52-2642787  Production status: completed Roei Zilber has always felt trapped under the “family spell”: emotionally detached and musically obsessive, the estranged son of a rock-star. His father, Ariel Zilber, revolutionized Israeli music with his offbeat melodies and his eccentric behavior. The rift between father and son became more complicated when Ariel decided to become ultra-Orthodox and right wing....


listing OF Film & teleVisiOn industrY BOdies
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‫פסטיבל הקולנוע ירושלים 82‬


‫עיריית‬ ‫ירושלים‬



‫עיריית‬ ‫ירושלים‬

‫עיריית‬ ‫משרד התרבות‬ ‫ירושלים‬ ‫והספורט‬ ‫מינהל התרבות‬

‫משרד התרבות‬ ‫והספורט‬ ‫מינהל התרבות‬

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