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This exceptional concept paper on Knowledge Management is a resource for all those active or intend to be active in this high potent technology market as it not only assist to foresee future dynamics of Knowledge Management landscape, a highly competitive enterprise technology marketplace, but also provides ample knowledge to succeed in tapping the opportunities it provide in this competitive business environment. "Knowledge Management - Technology Systems and Applications, Europe", from R4B's Enterprise division, highlights the trends and the factors responsible for the adoption of Knowledge Management as well as global issues impacting it's growth in the underlining market. An exhaustive analyses of opportunities in this high potential enterprise marketplace is covered as well as it makes an effort to map this competitive techno-landscape with Europe centric perspective.

The Enterprise Technology is showing robust growth, as was the case in past when this segment defied the economic downturn, in later part of last century and early part of this century when technology market was melting globally like butter in frying pan, is projected to continue it journey in positive territory of growth curve. Enterprise Technology is a mature industry that has been globally available for some time and this means a lot of competition in the market. Further, with hundreds of suppliers, from start-ups to multibillion dollar companies, the market is highly fragmented with enterprise application software suppliers, several technology suppliers, packaged applications suppliers, and multiple competing approaches. Given the constantly changing business environment, even these solutions need to adapt and evolve on continuous basis. This segment, once again is gearing up for unprecedented growth due to advancement in enterprise and data management technologies, as well as falling profitability and increasing competition for enterprises. These new trends, with emergence of new technologies and players, are changing the industry landscape and creating many new and exciting opportunities in existing as well as unexplored market segments. Standards, interoperability, new business models, alliances and partnerships also need to be considered throughout the technology value chain, to ensure that technology diversity does not result in unwanted market fragmentation. To stay ahead of competition leading players need to over come challenges and find answers to questions faced by them today, while they differentiate their products from others and resolve varied and complex strategic issues faced by their clients. Enterprise technology has seen unprecedented growth due to various factors. However one of the most important reasons behind this spectacular upsurge is advancement and innovation in enterprise applications technology as well as the pace of such advances, including rightfully hyped emerging enterprise technologies like BI, SOA and BPM. With more technology breakthroughs and innovations, visible as well as invisible, destined in near future, global trend looks very positive. This positive growth is likely to be accompanied by dramatic changes in the industry value chain. Observation of trends and directions of these technology segments is vital not just because some of them are growing at rate unheard of so far, but also because future of Enterprise is directly dependent on them. These new advances are changing and will change the Enterprise industry landscape and creating many new and exciting investment opportunities in existing as well as unexplored market segments. Given the complexity of the challenges and exceptional opportunity, all the stake holders need a clear assessment of the enterprise applications technology, and industry’s future. This research provides a complete 360 degree perspective of enterprise applications technologies, associated issues like their impact on overall Enterprise industry or industry sub-section, and not to forget inherent technology evolution and advancements in areas impacting these enterprise technologies. Research examines Knowledge Management in details and provides answers to questions having vital impact of future of this industry. Today’s business decision-makers need deeper understanding of the markets they operate in. Along with thorough insight about the markets and its inherent dynamics they should also be abreast of the latest events in their area of operation as they face unprecedented challenges created by extremely competitive environment. This Concept Paper from R4B provides strong fact-based foundation for solid business strategy. Market information like size, segmentation, and active players along with market intelligence & analysis from an independent third party like R4B, having extensive experience, resources and network to cater to market intelligence requirement of world’s top companies, adds clarity to decision making or can provide validation for key decisions helping organization march towards success.

Given the breadth and complexity of the challenges faced by Enterprises Technology players, vendors and enabling technology suppliers need a clear assessment of the industry’s future, which is provided extensively in this research. The research identifies the top players involved in this high opportunity enterprise technology applications segment, categorize them according to various parameters, and

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evaluate their dominant strategies. Further, the leading Knowledge Management solution providers are profiled and key patterns of success and failure in past are discussed. This research also looks at and enumerates the drivers for, and barriers to, growth of Knowledge Management in present environment and markets. Highlights of this concept paper is detailed overview of the underlying technology, its trends and current directions providing tools that players need to tackle key industry challenges across each link in the technology value chain. This concept paper provides extensive coverage in easy to understand format and comprehensive analysis and strategic discussion. This concept paper provides excellent understanding and has exceptional clarity while elaborating on some of the most complex technology concepts. The paper summarizes all the vital issues and present detailed insight about the technology accompanied by practical examples and examination.

The enterprise applications technology represents one of the biggest opportunities in technology today, extraordinary growth and evolution of enterprise applications like BPM, BI and Web Services, today signals that enterprise applications technology will continue to be disruptive in many existing as well as emerging areas. Enterprise applications technologies like Knowledge Management is a key to such disruption and have unlimited opportunities and growth potential. As the researcher, expert groups, and technology players are speeding up efforts to create new innovations and technologies that allow enterprise users to have access to multiple services, functions and utilities seamlessly at a very affordable price. With growing emphasis on productivity, inter working and efficiency enterprise applications technologies market is becoming big. The growth in this segment depends heavily on new innovations in technology and continuous evolution of business models. There are many questions that need answers, some of these issues this research sheds light on are: What technologies and platforms should be supported and when? Which application or technology will have maximum demand? What features and types of solutions would succeed? How a technology providers position themselves? "Knowledge Management, Technology Systems and Applications", which is a part of the Technology Systems and Applications, Concept Paper Series, provides an exceptionally discussion about Knowledge Management and its application.

This research is targeted towards business visionaries and leaders including those associated with Enterprises Technology Services and Product Companies including Enterprise Application and Middleware Developers, Software and Hardware Vendors as well as intermediaries and third party service providers (both offshore and onshore) like Value Added Service Providers, System Integrators, Applications Service Providers and IT Resource Management companies. This research is also appropriate for: IT Managers, Operators, Regulators, IT firms that are targeting or have intention to target lucrative enterprise technology and applications landscape, any and every organizations that plan to use such offerings and solutions to gain competitive advantage by better customer engagement and/or enhancing overall productivity of their organizations. This research is widely used across the enterprise technology industry especially by those at the top of innovation chain. Further due to extensive coverage in easy to understand format and comprehensive analysis and strategic discussions makes report condensed knowledge booster for other professionals or students interested in enterprise technology. The primary audience for this concept paper consists of managers and executives involved with the highest levels of the strategic planning process, and consultants who help their clients with this task. The user will not only benefit from the hundreds of hours that went into the methodology and its application, but also from its business centric perspective and high quality strategic insights. Being an exceptional research resource on the subject, this concept paper will support high caliber strategic planning professionals, determined to succeed and willing to go an extra mile, in making better business decisions.

Europe The region covers countries including - Albania Belarus Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia, Cyprus (Greek part), the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro.

Preface How to Use This Concept Paper Executive Summary Introduction Overview Enterprise Applications Technology - Industry Snapshot, Trends & Outlook Knowledge Management - Market Trends Knowledge Management Applications Landscape Strategic Drivers and Challenges Future of Applications Technology Knowledge Management Enterprise Opportunity Recommendations Appendix Data and Charts Further Reading

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