Code No: 53224/MT


M.Tech. – II Semester Regular Examinations, September, 2008 COMPUTER AIDED MANUFACTURING (CAD/CAM) Time: 3hours Answer any FIVE questions All questions carry equal marks --1.a) b) 2.a) b) 3.a) b) 4. Define Automation. Discuss the reasons for automating the existing mechanized units. What are the various methods of line balancing? Discuss any one type of line balancing methods in detail. Discuss the applications of NC machines. What are the various NC motion control systems? Discuss them briefly. What is computer aided part programming? How does it help CAD/CAM Integration? What is adaptive control machining system? Discuss its advantages to the manufacturing technology. Write complete APT program to machine the profile the part drawing shown below. Assume suitable machining data and cutting tool. Max. Marks:60


Code No: 53224/MT 5.a) b) 6.a) b) 7.a) b) 8.a) b)


Discuss the principle and advantages of group technology coding. What are the different types of parts classification and coding systems? Explain any one type in brief. Discuss the principle of variant process planning. What are its advantages? Enumerate the differences between Retrieval CAPP and Generative CAPP systems. Discuss the major elements of FMS. What is meant by palletising? Discuss the importance of palletising in FMS stations. Discuss the various inputs to the Material Requirement Planning System. Draw the block diagram of direct digital control system and explain the various components of it.


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