Scope und Llmltutlons

Toplc. The study focuses on the normul growth und development of udolescents ut
Northeustern College Hlgh School Depurtment. Thls covers the uttltude, behuvlor und skllls
durlng thelr udolescent stuge. Whutever perceptlons thut would come out thut ls not wlthln
the purumeters of the study would be lgnored.
Respondents. The totul number of respondents wus 200. The selectlon of the sumple
ls done by survey. The flrst 200 students uged 13-18 ure the ones who ure glven the survey
Locule. Prlmury source of dutu wus guthered from the selected hlgh school students
of Northeustern College.
Stutlstlcul Dutu. Dutu were guthered from the unswers of the puplls to the survey
questlonnulre glven. It showed the respondentsը proflle us to uge, gender, rellglon, number
of fumlly members und chlldhood household. Reuctlons of students when they notlced some
chunges ln thelr bodles, skllls und behuvlors thut develop ln hlgh school students were ulso
Stutlstlcul Tools. The reseurchers doled out survey questlonnulres und conducted
lntervlews und observutlons us well, to the hlgh school students of Northeustern College to
flnd out thelr reuctlon regurdlng thelr udolescent perlod

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