Code No: 7A105/MT M.Tech.

– I Semester Supplementary Examinations, September, 2008 PROCESS ENGINEERING PRINCIPLES (Biotechnology) Time: 3hours Max. Marks:60


1.a) b) 2.

Answer any FIVE questions All questions carry equal marks --Explain the terms: Unit operations and unit processes in the context of a chemical or biochemical industry. State various unit operations and processes in the production of ethanol from sugar cane or any other Biotechnology process. State the SI units dimensions and significance of the following in a Bio-process (i)Viscosity (ii) Power (iii) Nusselt number (iv) Normality (v) Temperature gradient. Explain Rayleigh’s method for dimensional analysis. Derive friction factor coefficient for flow of fluids through circular pipes using Rayleigh’s method. With the help of figures explain the operation of fluidized beds and fluid dynamic characteristics (APVS velocity, EVS velocity) of fluidized beds. Choosing appropriate examples, explain the following terms : a) Over all heat transfer coefficient for heat transfer from hot fluid to cold fluid through a thick pipe wall. b) The LMTD. What is Fick’s law of diffusion? Explain in detail the diffusion in gases, liquids and solids. Write similarities with heat transfer. It is desired to pump water from a well which is 10 m below the ground level to an over head tank at a height of 30 m from the pump level (the pump is 3 m below ground level) at a flow rate of 30 liters/minute. Find the horse power required. Assume pipe function is negligible. Explain different modes of heat transfer, with examples. Distinguish between natural and forced connections. &_&_&_&




6. 7.

8.a) b)

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