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The project of counseling namasia plum vinegar koashiung

Namasia is a place where you can

overlook the mountains,bathed in the
woods,and enjoy the coolness of the
river and the breeze.People there to
be always chant a beautiful melodythe story of plum. Its a story filled
with warm,encouragement and
fulfillment. Please join us, and enjoy
the unique place-Namasia.



The gift from the Mother NatureNamasia vinegar

The paradise in the mountain-Namasia

Living in harmony with the nature

The precious gift from the nature

The King of Healthy Living-Plum Vinegar

One town one product-Namasia plum

How to build up and promote the brand

How to promote the special product

Build the logo confidence

How to expand our business

Step by step to make this product well


The gift from the Mother

Nature Namasia vinegar
Namasia is located in Nan hang where it has never been explored before. The villagers
are very friendly and always host the visitors with the best. This place is virgin with
its own natural beauty. From March to May every year. You will always find the plumsharvesting everywhere and for this reason, its also known as the hometown of plums in
With its breathtaking forest views, delicious plums and friendly natives make Namasia
become a wonderland for all the visitors, and you will not be able to find its rivals.
Its never been discovered before till 3years ago, through the helps of The ministry of
economic affairs counsels, we gather all the experts from different fields and have them
work together to turn plum into a highly valued products. From doing so, we hope to
develop and improve the current poor economic condition.
Nowadays, the plum product has its own standard S.O.P procedure and also builds
up the brand. We have accomplished the training courses for the locals and helped them
establish the logo design. We hope to connect with other networks to work together to
bring them into the next new stage in the near future.
Although it was seedy damaged by typhoon-Molake, Namasia is still standing and will
not be beaten! With the plum vinegar we look forwards to giving Namasia a new future
and let the visitors to come to enjoy the nature healthy taste of plum vicar.

Robert Lai, Ph,D

Director General of the SMEA Ministry of Economic Affairs

Among the aboriginal villages in Taiwan, we are most familiar with

Danayigu and Wutai. Sandi men is famous for the efforts on protecting its
enviornment. And the latter is famous for its delicate artistic workshop.
But there is one more secret wonderland existing between Ping dung and
Kaoshiuing county-Namasia.
Namasia used to be named Mayajim. It was used to be the settlement of
Jou tribe. Nowadays, the most population here is Bunung tribe , Jou tribe ,
and Pai wan tribe is the last. It is situated between Chia-I , Koashiung and
Ping dung country and surrounded by Yusahan national park and Marlin
national area. Because of the location, The traffic to reach there is very
difficult and that is the main reason why it is still left unexplored by tourists.

The paradise in the mountain-Namasia

The blue sky, surrounded by green mountains with the river flowing
through the valley help to reserve the original environment Nanzih siian
River and make it a perfect spot to stay. Besides,the beautiful plum flowers
make it even more welcoming!But most of the fruits are for the personal use
or sold to the small vendors,and it does not bring the farmers huge profits.
For this reason,many farmers cut the plum trees down and grow other higheconomical value crops.

The best way to improve the economic in Namasia is to develop the tourism.

Living in harmony with the nature

Generally speaking, when we develop a hotspot, we need some key factors

such as beautiful scenery, historical architectures, local products and culture.
Namasia is famous for its breathtaking natural view such as Rainbow Waterfall and
multi aboriginal cultures. With this, we can attract those who are into cultural and
historical events. Combine these advantages with local B&Bs ,we have the basic
needs of tourism. It would make it more attractive if we can offer the eco culture trip
to the potential visitors.
Secondly, the plum vinegar is also another plus point for Namasia. Because of
rich supplies of plums in Namasia, we can use this advantage to develop the local
tourism like farming resorts and cuisines. When the visitors come to stay, they
will be experiencing a totally different style of recreation resorts. While they are
admiring the natural beauty, they will also try to make their own plum-vinegar by
picking their own plums. Moreover, they will be enjoying the plum cuisine as well.
All those above are helping to promote the local business and make Namasia stand
out for the rest.
It will reach the goal of boosting the Namasia economics if we can focus on how
to develop and sell the plum products. And also we need to improve the connect
road networks to make it easier to visit. These are the main concerns for the

The precious gift from the nature


Every April and May is the harvest time for plum especially in Namasia, you will
be amazed to see the plum-picky everywhere.
Plum are considered healthy food in Japan. In the past, the plums in Taiwan used
to be exported into Japan. But this situation has been changed for the past eight
years! Because Chinese plums has taken over Taiwan plums and resulted in making
the plum price falls dramatically. As a result, there are less and less plum farming
and cause the beautiful series disappear slowy.
The most important matter to improve Namasia is how to make plums into highlyvalue economical crops. The best way to do is to increase its additional value by
making it into vinegar. Because of awareness of healthy eating habits. Vinegar
drinking is getting more and more popular. Why not combine the healthy plumdrinking habits with B&B together to attract more touristsWhen they visit, they can
also learn the whole vinegar and process of plum-picking, plum-vinegar makingBy
doing so, it helps make Namasia a real hometown of plum-vinegarWe can achieve
this with the professional helps from Namasia, and create its own unique logo from
the rich aboriginal culture. We believe that it will really stand out from other similar
products and be unique for Namasia.



The King of Healthy Living-Plum Vinegar

The History of Plum-vinegar:

According to Compendium of Material Medic, plum is a kinder treatment for
diarrhea thirstiness and some other disease due to its mild taste and helps the body
The importance of plum has been neglected until the eighth century it was
exported to Japan. Since then the daily life of a typical Japanese has always come
with plum-eating. Plums have occupied a huge part of healthy food-eating for them.
And plum-drinking will be the next key to open this potential market. The plums will
be in it best quality during tomb sweeping
day. They are very nutritional and good for
human beings. But this precious treasure
can only be harvested once a year due to
climate and temperature matters.


The healthy method-plum vinegar:

Plums-vinegar is the best healthy product
and will be ever better when it grows in
organic environments. And it is also the best
way to preserve the nutrients is to make it
plum vinegar. It is a excellent product which
provides the health for modern living.







One town one product-Namasia plum


Nnmasia has two advantages beautiful mountain view and multi-aboriginal

cultures. We can use these advantages to promote the local business and when
there are visitors, they can also get some souvenirs home such as plum vinegar.
Here are some aspects:
1. To give plums a new meaning by introducing the procedure of plum vinegar
We can ask the vinegar-making experst to share their experience and help the
locals or company to make plum-vinegar. To make it be the authentic product of
2. Combine the vinegar with aboriginal culture:
When we promote Namasia, it is not only for the the taste but also the artistic
value. We can achieve it by adding traditional artistic matter into the bottle-design.
The reason for doing it is to make it recognizable and help to build its own unique
3. Start with plum-vinegar to develop the local tourism:
Firstly,we can have a few selling spots in the town to make the visitors be
familiar with Namasia plum vinegar. Secondly,we combine the trip of plum-picking
with the local festivals to help the tourism bloom! So the visitors can enjoy their time
in Namasia and also learn about the local culture.
4. The future of Plum-vinegar of Namasia is to go into OTOP:
Establishing its own brand, to becomes the township characteristic fine
commodity, so the consumers are ensured with excellent quality plum vinegar every
time they make purchase, and plans to promote the overseas, not only national
brand, but on behalf of Taiwan's commemorative characteristic commodity.



How to build up and promote the brand

he Namasia plum vinegar is a new product. S o to make it successful, it needs to

fauns on its marketing strategy of Namasia. Therefore, we have come up with a 3
year stages:
The first stage-Build Namasia a hometown of plum vinegar:
In this stage we focus on discovering the local specialties and encourage them
to build their confidence. There will be a training class for the local business to help
them build their own business.
The second stage-. Design the network:
In this stage we focus on how to create a logo which can symbolize the
Namasia plum vinegar. To accomplish this, we will have to create other networks on
the basis of our own network and also co-operate with other major networks.
The third stage- Combine with sales platform:
In this stage.,we will have to connect the market platform such as joining the
internet to let the public know the best plum vinegar is in Namasia . We can also
promote it through the related business such as organic shops and supermarket.To
make this brand be well known!
With all above we also offer individual help to sole sellers to help them to start
their own business.

How to promote the special product

We gather all the professional from different fields in this project including plum
expert Wu sheng and southern Taiwan university. We provide the training courses
including the logo design for the first year, Plum vinegar making for the Second year
and finally the standard procedure course for the third year.
Not only we offer these courses but we also help to build the confidence of local
business. They need to be aware of the product quality control and be able to sell
their products confidently. And for those who are interested in staring their own
business we can provide them with lots of opportunities. That is what we have been
doing for the past 3 year. By doing this the local business can be blooming and
improving their professional abilities.
During these periods we held many events to improve Namasia plum vinegar.
These events helped the business owner to learn how to success in their business
and made the business stronger.



Build the logo confidence

This project has combined 6 major business owners together since it started
3year ago such as Sun tribe workshopThe Sea Clay Modeling Labor
WorkshopNi-Ling Valley B&B Gusung Minsu husung WorkshopBanigai
B&Band Danyun Organic Farm Shop. They are all skilled with their
ownprofessional fields. We are proud to say this project has achieved its goal of
attracting visitor and boosting the local economics. We also offer Namasia to build
their own local product ID systems. It consists of the logo of S.O.P ,the mountain
view and river picture to indicate its natural clean environment. Most importantly
,the snake tattoo symbolizes the spirit of aboriginal spirit.
All those above not only help to build consumers confident and also give a totally
new opportunity of selling plum-vinegar. It make the customers more aware of the
origins of this product which comes from a place where the nature is the farmer
to indicate its organic and the strict procedure of making plum-vinegar. And it is
indeed an unique product!




How to expand our business

The main purpose of promoting this plum vinegar business is to establish the
brand awareness to make it competitive and to delicate the product. This one town
product project is on the basis of helping the local business to connect with other
major business networks such as restaurant and art craft workshops.
Danyun Organic Farm Shop is located in Holy Mt. Zion. It is a spot where you
can overlook the NanZin. The owner has been spending 20 years on developing its
own natural products.
Aboriginal art shop Sun Tribe workshop is base on
the Bunung tribe sun spirit. Artist Gan a lan deeply
believed in the traditional aboriginal value-The worship
of sun and hope to make it well-known to others.
Thats also the main idea of her creative artworks.
When entering Banigai B&B you will be amazed by
its original ideas about harmony living styles with the
nature. Everything you find and eat is organic and also
really tasty. Thanks to the owners we can really enjoy a
wonder food journey!


Dannung Organic Farm Shop Namasias Wonderland

The Keeper of Traditional Aboriginal Culture Sun Tribe Workshop

Lin Ming Shians orgasmic farm shop situated in the valley of Nanzih siian River Wetland
.What inspires him to study the organic farming is the plum! He feels everything should
have its own best value and the plum makes him think be a key point to change the current
poor economic situations in Namasia.


Sun tribe workshop is one of the best examples of preserving the aboriginal art
craft culture .It helps to improve the local economic and even more it bring the youth
to go back learn the experiences. Although it faces the challenges from Mainland
Chinese, it still persist in hand making instated of machine. To expand this, we
design the unique logo for it and make it recognizable because we want every
visitor to deeply feel the core of aboriginal artwork. No matter where the visitors
come from, they will know it is a symbolic Namasia product as soon as they see it.

Enjoy Organic Life- Banigai B&B



Banigai B&B is a place where you can see the organic ideas everywhere.
Its focus on combining the bu nung tribe culture and jou tribe culture together
with its own natural view. Banigai B&B has the advantages of beautiful river
view and aboriginal culture. We emphasize on the aboriginal cuisine, and
hope to bring the visitor a different aspect of aboriginal cuisine! We also
sell their plum products by designing Madame a-Li plum vinegar logo and it
brings huge profits to Banigai B&B.



Step by step to make this product well




August 8th is a day which will never be forgotten. It was a day when we were
supposed to celebrate with festival spirits but unfortunately, the typhoon- Molake
caused very severe damage to South Taiwan,the roads were destroyed and caused
lots of casualties.
Even so, Small and Medium Enterprise Administration Ministry of Economic
Affairs still insisted on helping local business. Fortunately, typhoon- Molake has not
the equipments so we are able to work together on our goals.
October 2009,We held a selling event in Shih Kong Mitsukoshi Taipei to help
Namasia to promote its plum vinegar! And hopefully ,it will raise the public attention
on Namasia and help it to rebuild by buying the plum vinegar.
The Namasia Plum Vinegar is a hope to all other remote areas with similar
conditions. It is a result of all the people work together. It persists on following
the conventional plum vinegar-making methods and although it was damaged by
typhoon, it still stands .That is also the reason why Small and Medium Enterprise
Administration Ministry of Economic Affairs tries to achieve !



Namasia a reborn phoenix

It takes time and opportunity to success. Namasia

has been ignored by the public for a long time but this
disadvantage also can be turned into the advantage. For 3
years, the village mayor Husung totally has been supporting
the development of Namasia and as a result, it has found its
own roots and is still growing!
The typhoon-Molake damaged Namasia but it never
d e s t r o y e d t h e l o c a l s c o n f i d e n c e . I t o n l y m a k e s p e o p l e
work together to accomplish the goal no matter how badly
damaged it caused!
Namasia has been reformed and this beautiful phoenix
is ready to spread its wings to make the visitors admire the
dramatic changes of Namasia!!




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