Code No: 64251/MT


M.Tech. – II Semester Regular Examinations, September, 2008

Time: 3hours Answer any FIVE questions All questions carry equal marks --1.a) b) 2.a) b) 3.

Max. Marks:60

Give a brief discription of workstation clusters. Explain, some broadcast operations and their time complexity. Discuss, divide-and-conquer method with example. Write about partitioning strategies. Develop a pipeline solution to compute sin θ according to sin θ =θ −

θ3 θ5 θ7 θ9
3! + 5! + 7! + 9!

A series of values are input θ 0 ,θ1 ,θ 2 ,θ 3 ........ 4.a) With the aid of sketches, explain the butterfly barrier. b) How the deadlock will eliminate in a pair of processes transmission. 5.a) Explain the ring termination algorithm. b) What are the two single source shartest-path algorithms and explain any one 6.a) b) 7. 8.a) b) Write a algorithm for matrix multiplication. Explain about merge sort. Discuss, in detail, about numerical integration. Explain about Fox’s algorithm Explain MPI-COMM-SPLIT. ^^^

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