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M.Tech. – II Semester Regular Examinations, September, 2008 EMBEDDED AND REAL TIME SYSTEMS (Electronics & Communications) Time: 3hours Answer any FIVE questions All questions carry equal marks --1. 2.a) b) 3. 4.a) b) 5. 6.a) b) 7. 8. What is meant by embedded computing? Discuss formalisms for system design with suitable example. about Max. Marks:60

Explain about Input/out ports and circuits in 8051 Micro controller. Write brief notes on 8051 micro controller external memory. What is meant by Assembly language programming? Discuss in detail the assembly language programming tools and techniques. Explain the jump and call instructions with suitable examples. Explain the principle involved in D/A and A/D conversions. Discuss about message queses, mailboxes, pipes and timer functions in a real time operating system. Discuss about interrupt routines in an RTOS environment. Write brief notes on memory management in RTOS. Discuss in detail the networked embedded systems. Write short notes on the following a) Instruction level parallelism b) Counters and timers in 8051 microcontroller c) Linker/ Locators for embedded software. $$$

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