Code No: 53131/MT M.Tech.

– I Semester Supplementary Examinations, September, 2008 PRECISION ENGINEERING (Design for Manufacturing) Time: 3hours Answer any FIVE questions All questions carry equal marks --1.a) b) c) 2.a) b) c) 3.a) b) c) 4.a) b) c) 5.a)


Max. Marks:60

Distinguish the terms accuracy and precision. Explain the concept of accuracy in a machine tool. Discuss the various errors that occur in form and relative location surfaces with sketches. Discuss the design considerations and tolerance distributions with an example. Explain the following form tolerances. i) Straightness ii) Flatness iii) Circularity iV) Cylindricity Discuss the different datum feature symbols. Discuss the design of freedom in a datum system. Explain the different grouped datum systems with examples. Discuss how to compute the transnational and rotational accuracies. Explain the following terms: i) Process capability ii) Mean iii) Variance iv) Skewness v) Kurtosis Discuss the feature tolerances and geometrical tolerances with examples. Explain the following process capability matrices ii)Cpk iii) Cost aspects i) CP

Explain the attainable tolerance grades and surface finish of the following process. i) Turning ii) Boring iii) Grinding iv) Milling b) Discuss the cumulative effect of tolerances of sure fit law and truncated normal law with an example. Contd....2

Code No: 53131/MT



6.a) b) c) 7.a) b) c) 8.a) b) c)

Explain the operation sequence for a typical shaft type of component Explain the procedure for preparation of process drawing with an example. Explain the tolerance worksheet and central analysis with an example. Explain the nanotechnology and electrochemical atomic bit processing. Explain the system of nanometer accuracy. Explain the mechanism of metal processing in a nanotechnology. Discuss in processing measurement of position of processing point-post process. Explain the on-machine measurement of dimensional features. Describe about the surface-mechanical measuring system.