INT. COACH / MOTORWAY. MORNING A large empty coach, all dull beige seats and wood veneer, makes its way along a stretch of motorway.


INT. COACH / MOTORWAY. MORNING At the back of the coach we see a lone passenger. His eyes closed, head drooped. Suddenly he raises a hand and rubs the bridge of his nose. It’s no use, Chris, 25, can’t sleep. He pulls up a set of head phones, puts them on, and presses play on his MP3.


INT. COACH. MORNING Long shot from the front of the coach, the driver’s gruff face to the left, empty seats filtering away from camera, Chris’ head peaking above a back seat. We hear the music from his MP3 begin to play. It’s Noel McKoy’s “Brighter Day”, a northern soul track that’s reminiscent of Motown and comparable to the vocal sound of Marvin Gaye.

The track will play over the following opening scenes, the credits fading subtly in and out in white text.
4 EXT. STREET. MORNING We follow from behind as a hooded character walks with intent through Dudlowe: a sprawling new town built in the fifties to house the east end after the Second World War. CUT TO: We reveal Shifty, 25, Pakistani, as he makes his way through those morning streets. He blows on his hands to warm them up. S H I F T Y Suddenly he ducks down and nips through an opening in a fence, making a short cut. 5 INT. TREVOR HOUSE / BATHROOM. MORNING Bird's eye view on Trevor Perry, average looking, thickset, pallid skin, lying beneath the surface of the bath water, holding his nose. SIDE ANGLE ON BATH: TREVOR RISES, NOT GASPING FOR AIR, JUST CALM, UNNATURAL ALMOST. SNOT RUNS FROM HIS NOSTRILS.

2. 6 INT. COACH. MORNING. Chris stares out of the window. The music still playing on his MP3. The coach makes a sharp left turn, the camera just catching a glimpse of the sign: DUDLOWE NEW TOWN. 7 INT. GLEN’S COUNCIL FLAT. MORNING Glen, a severe almost cruel face, empty’s about a kilo of cocaine onto a clean glass table. 8 INT. TREVOR’S HOUSE / KITCHEN. MORNING Jasmine, 25, pretty with out make up, dressed in a white dressing gown, prepares breakfast. 9 EXT. DUDLOWE STREET. MORNING Shifty makes his way across a patch of waste land, jumping over a fence at the end. 10 INT. TREVOR’S HOUSE / KITCHEN. MORNING Suddenly Jasmine lurches toward the sink and vomits. 11 INT. TREVOR'S HOUSE / BEDROOM. EARLY MORNING In an agreeably decorated bedroom Trevor dresses for work. He climbs into his thick checked shirt and jeans, no real enthusiasm - life seems to hold no motivation. 12 INT. COACH. MORNING Chris watches out the window as the coach passes the same strip of waste land Shifty just walked across. 13 GLEN’S COUNCIL FLAT. MORNING Glen splits the cocaine into two piles. 14 INT. TREVOR’S HOUSE / BEDROOM. MORNING Trevor sits on the edge of the bed, staring at the floor. His mind is racing, thinking about the morning ahead of him.

3. 15 INT. TREVOR’S HOUSE / KITCHEN. MORNING Jasmine washes away the sick with a jug of water. 16 EXT. DUDLOWE STREET. MORNING The coach pulls away to reveal Chris, his bag slung over his shoulder. A BEAT. He turns and walks off. 17 TREVOR’S HOUSE / BATHROOM. MORNING Trevor looks at him self in the bathroom mirror, he rubs his face, he seems a little more with it. 18 INT. GLEN’S COUNCIL FLAT. MORNING Glen opens a tub of Glucose and empties a measure into one half of the cocaine. He mixes it carefully. 19 EXT. REZ’S HOUSE / BACK GARDEN. MORNING Shifty opens a back gate and walks towards a house. 20 EXT. DUDLOWE STREET. DAY Chris makes his way through the streets, bag slung over his shoulder. He looks around at the old place. Soaking it in. 21 INT. GLEN’S COUNCIL FLAT. MORNING Glen takes a spoon of cocaine from the unmixed half and mixes it with citric acid. He sucks it up into a syringe. 22 EXT. REZ’S HOUSE . MORNING Shifty quietly opens the back door to the house. 23 INT. GLEN’S COUNCIL FLAT / BEDROOM. MORNING Glen carries the syringe to Loretta, pretty , but with bad facial burns on the side of her face. He injects the cocaine mix into her arm. She lays back on the bed, taking on the rush.

4. 24 EXT. DUDLOWE STREET. MORNING Chris walks along a residential road, in his hand a piece of paper with a scribbled address. He finds the right house. He stands there for a moment then hits stop on his MP3. Our soulful soundtrack comes to an end. He pulls down his head phones, walks to the door and knocks gently. 25 INT. REZ’S HOUSE / KITCHEN. MORNING Shifty stands at the table sorting through letters. He hears the knock and walks to open it. He takes off his jacket, puts it on a hanger and opens the front door to reveal Chris. SHIFTY Fucking hell, man... Shifty can’t help but smile. SHIFTY (CONT’D) You’re early! Shifty. A smile creeps across Chris’ face. SHIFTY Yes, rude boy. CHRIS You alright geezer. SHIFTY I’m sweet... come in, man, come in. Shifty and Chris embrace. CHRIS Good to see you, mate. SHIFTY Good to see you too, geezer. 26 INT. REZ’S HOUSE / BATHROOM. MORNING CLOSE ON: WATER GUSHES FROM A TAP. Chris stands splashing his face from the sink. His bag perched on the cistern. He looks at himself in the mirror. CHRIS

REZ'S HOUSE / KITCHEN. SHIFTY Have you slept? CHRIS Did I fuck.. 27 INT.. CHRIS You got a bird? SHIFTY No. DVD's.. New DVD player. books about business. Break Glass Arse? SHIFTY In case of emergency's. Shifty lays sausages into a pan. neither have I. lots of pristine trainers placed perfectly side by side. you know it. books about film. EARLY MORNING Chris walks into Shifty's bedroom. I just got back from some girls yard. man... a new game console. CHRIS What. SHIFTY You alright son? CHRIS Yeah I just needed to splash my face. freshen up a bit. a perfectly stacked pile of mobile phone bills with the word “PAID” scribed across them. He stands. MORNING Chris walks into the kitchen to see Shifty getting breakfast ready. CD's. REZ’S HOUSE / SHIFTY'S BEDROOM. LCD on the wall. just some fucking booty call. He looks around at the room.5. Shifty turns to face him. featureless Dudlowe New-Town. A picture of Mohammed Ali next to a picture of Allah.. He puts down his bag and pulls on a fresh tee shirt. SHIFTY Mate. staring. no. She fit? What! SHIFTY CHRIS . They both laugh. 28 INT. He approaches the window and looks out at the morning sun resting over a dull.

CHRIS SHIFTY CHRIS . SHIFTY Were you on just one bus? CHRIS Yeah. Shifty covers the sausages with a lid. A BEAT. whatever.. I had to change at Luton. Shifty quickly walks over to the freezer. CHRIS You always loved your titties. just chill out. pulls out tightly.. SHIFTY Fucking random. SHIFTY (CONT’D) I’ve got a few things to do today geezer. He places them in the pockets of his hooded top.. We hear someone moving about upstairs. reaches into the back and pulls out a large bag of sweet corn.. two. SHIFTY You know that! Shifty lays sausages into a sizzling pan. She fit? SHIFTY Yeah. and gradually. LUTON! Yeah. that’s sweet mate. bruv. no. do you mind halal? CHRIS No. Chris watches Shifty closely. you can stay here if you want. She’s got fucking massive Gary’s. SHIFTY (CONT’D) Mate. He rummages about. opens the door. man. Chris laughs.6. but doesn’t say anything. no sorry. one by one. cellophane-wrapped bags of coke and crack.. she’s alright you know.

darling. His stomach churns. TREVOR’S HOUSE / STAIRWELL / KITCHEN. she's split… sort of… with Stefan… I know she did… but she stays at Mike's in the week. circles the kitchen-table smashing a Darth Vader into passing stools. MORNING We follow Trevor from behind as he descends the stairs and walks into a large. CHRIS (CONT’D) (whispers) Does your brother know you keep those there? Shifty shakes his head. CHRIS . CHRIS (CONT’D) (Whispering) You not worried? SHIFTY Mate. Cold sweat smothers his brow.) (CONT’D) Apart from in a pot noodle. A BEAT. stop banging your bowl… Trevor considers the bowl of cereal and fruit juice laid out for him. an eight-year-old boy. WE STAY ON CHRIS’ FACE. SHIFTY (O. Katie a three year old baby girl eats breakfast and Jasmine beats eggs in a bowl whilst talking on the phone. JASMINE (on phone) … she’s living like a drifter babe. SHIFTY (CONT’D) Or you can come with me? Whatever. Shifty walks past Chris and taps reassuringly him on the arm.S.7. he doesn’t eat vegetables. smartly decked kitchen. I'm telling you. Freddie. and then she's back at Stefan's at the weekend… with the kids (to baby) Katie. 29 INT. AS HE TAKES IT IN.

deep breaths . PALMER .8.his breakfast untouched. He turns and walks away from the table. TREVOR Nothing. Trevor soaks it in . He approaches his work van.the front door crashes shut .BUILDER'S MERCHANT" inscribed on the side. I thought so anyway… 30 EXT. I'm not getting caught up in that whole mess (to boy) Freddie. I'm fine. and then she expects me (she drops to a whisper) to fucking cover for her (normal volume) Stefan's my mate for Christ's sake. I'm cooking you some eggs… SLAM . MORNING Silence. JASMINE (CONT’D) (on phone) …Neither knows about the other. DRIVEWAY. sit down and finish your breakfast! This is too much for Trevor. JASMINE (CONT’D) Oh… what… nothing.suddenly his mobile rings .panic subsiding.then without looking up) Babe. JASMINE (CONT’D) (on phone) … and she has a go at me for taking on too much (she laughs . JASMINE Why didn't you say good-bye? TREVOR You were gassing away to Nicola… JASMINE And why didn't you touch your breakfast? . JASMINE What's the matter? Off screen Katie continues to bash her bowl on the tray. He gets in . "T.he's gone .he answers. Trevor's just walked out without touching his breakfast… I don't know.

31 INT. Off Screen Freddie yells. JASMINE I want to start getting stuff ready for next week . CLICK! He breathes in hard. I'll get it down. JASMINE Babe it's fine. JASMINE Where's the grey suitcase? TREVOR What? I can't hear you babe. shocked at Trevor’s temperament. TREVOR’S HOUSE / FRONT ROOM. JASMINE It's all right babe I'll get it. TREVOR I'm not hungry. water gushes on to the discarded eggs. TREVOR . JASMINE What's the matter with you? I'm fine. She runs the tap. TREVOR Jasmine.where's the grey suitcase? TREVOR I'll find it when I get home. TREVOR (Stern) I'LL FIND THE FUCKING THING WHEN I GET HOME. I'll get it when I get home. and watches through the front room window as he drives away. takes a moment to calm down and then starts the engine. MORNING Jasmine drops the phone by her side.9.

. CHRIS My pants cost more than your education.10. Mid 30's. I thought he’d brought home a rent boy again. SHIFTY'S HOUSE / KITCHEN. CHRIS I take it this doesn't happen often. Rez fakes a heart attack. portly. 32 INT. MORNING Shifty's laying out the breakfast. walks in. At that moment. Rez. good to see you. Shifty's brother. REZ (sings) Cold blooded. man? REZ I wondered why I could hear voices. REZ (To Chris) You look like a rent boy. but Rez walks past and grabs a glass of orange juice from the side. CHRIS How you doing Rez. Shifty lays down three plates of breakfast. REZ (PAKISTANI . the return of the white man. SHIFTY Shut up you prick. CHRIS What are you talking about? Points at Chris.SUBTITLED) Motherfucker. He sees Chris. REZ That top cost more than my education. Chris stands and goes to embrace Rez. SHIFTY (PAKISTANI) Soak it in fat boy.

O.. TREVORS’S VAN. 34 INT. where's my camera. Rez stabs away with a tooth pick measuring up Chris. MORNING Trevor does a line of cocaine of the tip of his car key. parked in a residential street. TREVOR’S VAN. agitated. We see that he doesn’t have a huge amount left in his wrap. MORNING. I'm emotional. who reads a magazine. man.. There is an uncomfortable air in the room. REZ (PAKISTANI) Don’t worry I will. fucking laugh it up. REZ You know what. quick. MORNING Shifty's putting away breakfast. Shifty sits down and they begin their food. and sits there. What? REZ Do you think I've put on weight? CHRIS . MORNING Trevor sits at the wheel. Quick. bring me my camera. He dials a number on his mobile but gets the following message (V. REZ’S HOUSE / KITCHEN. Chris and Rez sit at the table. He puts down the phone. REZ'S HOUSE/KITCHEN. All three of them eat in silence. 36 INT. 35 INT.11. waiting. REZ (to Chris) Do you think I've put on weight? Chris looks up.) This number is currently unavailable please try agai. 33 EXT. Chris’ eyes dart occasionally to Rez who pays no attention to anything but the food. SHIFTY Yeah.

work wise? I'm in recruitment. yeah. SHIFTY Four years. CHRIS I dunno. He's lying. CHRIS I do alright. Was it? Yeah. fucking hell? CHRIS Yeah. How much? REZ . Not really. REZ (CONT’D) How long since you've been back? Shifty sits back down and answers for Chris. REZ Is that the last time I saw you. REZ What you doing? CHRIS What. A BEAT. REZ Where you living? CHRIS Manchester. Shifty lets out a sarcastic laugh. REZ (to Shifty) I told you I haven't put on that much weight.12. REZ Good money? Chris abandons his magazine. A BEAT. four years ago I think.

Jokes. not yet. rent or mortgage? CHRIS Fucking hell. four A-levels and no job. A BEAT.. REZ That’s nice. SHIFTY CHRIS REZ . man. REZ Why do you leave without saying goodbye to my brother? Chris is stumped. SHIFTY (CONT’D) (to Chris) What have you got. I'm not.. but Shifty is. Shifty looks down at the floor. tag team. SHIFTY I pay you fucking rent don’t I? Silence. Mortgage. A BEAT. CHRIS (laughs) Enough.. REZ Girlfriend? CHRIS No.. REZ You need to get this Gadha (donkey) some work.13. SHIFTY Yeah. Gay? No… you? REZ I'm asking the questions padre… for your information… no. mature.

Shifty tries to break the ice by talking about a more trivial topic. Chris clocks him with an almost icy stare.. Rachel and Serena.14. why? SHIFTY Leave him alone. you fucking lunged her at Jazzbo Browns? REZ REZ CHRIS . SHIFTY (to Rez) You remember Rachel. I’m like a sponge. An uncomfortable silence.. man. SHIFTY Rez.. REZ I’m only joking. A BEAT. Chris looks back down at his magazine. Oh right. Rez knows he hit a raw nerve.... I’m like a flannel. do you know what I mean. How come your back. REZ I need info. what’s the deal? SHIFTY I invited him to a party. Who? SHIFTY Mate. thinking. man. REZ Who's party? Rachel’s. REZ (CONT’D) But really. Rez pauses. REZ Rachel who? SHIFTY Rachel Price.

37 INT. but he lunged her from about three feet. Shifty and Chris touch fists. REZ WHAT… that’s BULLSHIT. yeah. REZ You boys need to get your facts straight… she fucking lunged me. I feel like it now. They still sit around the table. TREVOR’S VAN. . He throws his phone onto the passenger seat and exits the car.15. MORNING Trevor tries the mobile again but gets the same message. SHIFTY Her ponytail swept the floor. 38 INT. Shifty and Chris crack up laughing. covering his face with his hands. SHIFTY (to Chris) I wouldn't mind if he did it discreetly.. SHIFTY (to Rez) You can come along if you want. REZ’S HOUSE / KITCHEN MORNING. you went in for the kill and she lent away like she was doing the fucking limbo. don’t I.. fucking hell… Suddenly the door bell goes. Shifty mimics Rez's historic lunge. Chris is back in the conversation. CHRIS You couldn't even remember who she was five minutes ago. CHRIS Yeah. REZ (sarcastically) Yeah. Rez starts to laugh at the memory of it.

erm. it’s probably your viagra delivery.16. MORNING TREVOR I was trying to bell you geezer. CHRIS Because of the. TREVOR Alright mate. trying to pretend he’s reading. your phones off. Rez just stares at him. He’s not ready for this question. MORNING Shifty opens the door. I just wanted to see Shifty didn’t I. REZ So come on. Fuck off.. REZ’S HOUSE / KITCHEN.. what’s so special about this one? CHRIS I dunno.. REZ (CONT’D) (to Shifty) Get that. MORNING Rez stares at Chris who’s still reading a magazine. 39 INT. because of the party. 40 INT. REZ’S HOUSE / FRONT DOOR. SHIFTY .. why are you back. REZ There’s been hundreds of parties mate. SHIFTY (suspicious) Trevor. really? Chris looks up at him. Shifty steps out and pulls the door to behind him. REZ’S HOUSE. 41 EXT. Chris looks back at the magazine.

what do you want? Trevor doesn’t say anything. you haven’t... SHIFTY (CONT’D) Trevor.17. MORNING Still watching Chris... I’ve probably put your fucking kids through college. just nods his head. HE’S TAKEN ABACK BY REZ’S COMMENT.. mate? A BEAT. TREVOR Mate you’re a fucking diamond. I dunno why. . as if Shifty should know what he’s talking about. keep your voice down. WE’RE TIGHT ON CHRIS. do you know what I mean? SHIFTY Mate. REZ’S HOUSE / KITCHEN. A BEAT. SHIFTY (CONT’D) Mate. you haven’t paid me for last week yet? Trevor looks a little uncomfortable. Rez speaks.. He get’s up to leave. 42 INT. TREVOR Do me a favour. Shifty closes his eyes taking stock. SHIFTY (CONT’D) Meet me at the top of the road by the telephone box. he still thinks of you as his best mate. SHIFTY Yeah I know. Shifty considers. REZ For some reason. REZ (CONT’D) Why don’t you try acting like one.

REZ What did you say? SHIFTY I’d think about it. Labouring.) REZ SHIFTY REZ SHIFTY . Trevor. reaching the top of the stairs. 44 INT. Rez ascends the stairs.18. geezer wanted to talk to me about a job. 43 INT/EXT. MORNING. REZ’S HOUSE / HALLWAY. SHIFTY (O. shutting the door. I’m sorry. What! REZ Don’t forget.. TREVOR Yes mate. no worries. What job. TREVOR Yeah. REZ’S HOUSE / UPSTAIRS HALLWAY. Rez walks past him to go upstairs. Shifty walks in. Shifty goes to walk off.S. calls down.. Rez. SHIFTY Don’t ever fucking come to my house again. REZ Who was that? SHIFTY Nothing. Shafiq. MORNING Trevor goes to walk away.. man..

MORNING. SHIFTY (PAKISTANI) For fucks sake. 46 INT. MORNING. Shifty stands there. TREVOR’S VAN. What? REZ Mum and dads. REZ’S HOUSE / DOWNSTAIRS HALLWAY. and walks away.19.) (PAKISTANI) Do me a favour. 48 INT. SHIFTY (O. seething.S.S. SHIFTY (O. Shifty looks agitated. SHIFTY (PAKISTANI) I’m going to this fucking party. 45 INT. REZ’S HOUSE / HALLWAY. sits in his van. 47 INT.) (PAKISTANI) You can be there at seven.) . by the telephone box waiting. REZ (PAKISTANI) JUST FUCKING BE THERE. MORNING Trevor. REZ’S HOUSE / UPSTAIRS HALLWAY. REZ (O.S. SHIFTY (PAKISTANI) Nine.) (PAKISTANI) What time.S.. REZ (O. REZ (PAKISTANI) Just do it. MORNING.

SHIFTY .20. There’s silence as they walk. 51 EXT. He taps his finger on the steering wheel. CHRIS We gonna see your mum and dad later? No. TREVOR’S VAN. Waiting. MORNING Shifty and Chris walk for a moment in silence. MORNING Shifty and Chris stand in the hallway putting on their jackets... Silence. I just heard Rez. then they fucking summon me for a fucking job interview. I wasn’t being nosey. SHIFTY Actually.. They head for the garden... 50 INT. CHRIS I just heard. MORNING Trevor sits. 49 INT.. erm. SHIFTY (CONT’D) My dad crosses the road if he sees me in the street. REZ’S HOUSE / HALLWAY. They go to leave when Shifty stops and considers something. Every second an eternity. Chris doesn't want to push the subject any further. Agitated. SHIFTY …Do you know they’ve ignored me for about a year… CHRIS I didn’t know? SHIFTY …my mum puts the phone down when she hears my voice… A BEAT. BACK PASSAGE. it’ll be quicker. the two carry on walking. let’s go out the back way.

21. CHRIS You gonna go? Am I fuck. DAY Jasmine sits on the toilet. DAY Trevor drives slowly past the house to see Rez putting out the rubbish. CUT TO: Holding up the pregnancy test Jasmine see’s it turn to a plus sign. CUT TO: Tight on the screen as Freddie’s computerised car screeches around a corner. Trevor looks away and drives off. CUT TO: Jasmine stares forward. she opens a pregnancy test and urinates onto it. TREVORS' HOUSE. her face fretful. It’s on really loud. For what? SHIFTY They just want me to meet some uphis-arse-paki who'll look at me like some lost fucking cause! A BEAT. She’s pregnant again. CUT TO: Freddie’s car smashes loudly against a barrier. DAY (PART 2) Freddie is on his games console. TREVOR'S HOUSE / UP STAIRS BATHROOM. 54 INT. CUT TO: * * SHIFTY CHRIS . TREVOR'S VAN. 52 INT. Rez turns around and stares at Trevor. 53 INT. BATHROOM (PART 1) / FREDDIE’S BEDROOM. He’s at the controls of a racing game.

her face sours. CUT TO: Freddie laughs as his car smashes into another opponent. DAY Shifty and Chris approach a clapped out. GLEN You getting ready for a fucking uprising. SHIFTY No. you alright bad boy? Dowdy! GLEN You been on the roids mate you’re looking bigger? Shifty’s almost exasperated with Glen already. GLEN What you saying you fucking raghead. 55 EXT. RESIDENTIAL STREET. pulls up her kickers and steams towards Freddie’s room. Sitting. As they loom closer Glen exits the car from the back.22. She was almost hoping she was wrong. SHIFTY . I haven’t. CUT TO: Jasmine's eyes are alive with rage. Echoing through the house. She rubs her finger over it to reveal the residue of a white powder. red four-door VW Golf circa 1986. JASMINE (screaming) TURN THAT FUCKING TV DOWN BEFORE I THROW IT OUT OF THE FUCKING WINDOW! Freddie little face is totally bewildered. CUT TO: She dabs finger with tongue. no. staring. suddenly Jasmine notices something on the tiled surface. CUT TO: The game is loud. the TV bellows out suddenly she stands.

His face is close to Shifty's ear. A BEAT. GLEN (CONT’D) How you doing mate. GLEN Who the fuck is that? SHIFTY Chill out. A BEAT. you alright? CHRIS (warily) Alright. his insipid breath hot. Shifty and Glen knock fists. He takes him in. SHIFTY Yeah. GLEN Don't just bring any fucking Muppet to the party. just a small one. * . SHIFTY Give it a fucking rest geezer. do you know what I mean. Glen looks over at Chris. GLEN We better be careful. A BEAT. seems like there’s a Tally-barn in town. at least let me know first. SHIFTY (calm) Yeah. give me a fucking heads up. GLEN You know I'm only fucking about you prick. Glen grabs Shifty and pulls him to one side.23. he's an old mate of mine. SHIFTY (CONT’D) (collected) Alright mate.

SHIFTY Alright Lenny? LENNY Alright mate. GLEN I dunno. a frail man. * * SHIFTY . Seated in the driver's seat sits Lenny.. LORETTA Alright Shifty.24. I’ve got. A BEAT. GLEN Anyway. What? GLEN Magnus wants you to call him tonight? SHIFTY What? Magnus never wants me to call him. His denim jacket giving him the only dignity from looking like a walking corpse. Glen shrugs. erm. I’ve got a message for you. Shifty watches Glen. Seated next to him is Loretta. Shifty leans through the window and in one swift move takes a package from Lenny.. She’s pulling out a crack pipe itching to take a hit. As Shifty walks to the car he discreetly backhands a roll of money to Glen. SHIFTY Where's the gear? GLEN Lenny's got it. A BEAT. SHIFTY You alright Loretta. mate. slipping it into his jacket. and drops a pile of cash into his lap. eyes sunken. hair thinning.

now and again.. Shifty walks back over. He kneels down and begins to pray. GLEN Yeah.. (MORE) SHIFTY CHRIS . Chris looks furious. I know where I fucking know you from. Come! GLEN Right you done? (Shifty nods) Good. Glen carries on staring at him. a few years ago? GLEN You'd fucking hope so. Chris stays silent. I dunno… GLEN I do. I know you from somewhere. staring at Chris.. GLEN (CONT’D) D’you used to knock out pills? CHRIS (dismissive) Yeah. she's dead you cunt. RESIDENTIAL STREET. DAY Rez lays down a prayer mat. you used to go out with Serena Ellis? CHRIS Yeah. REZ’S HOUSE / FRONT ROOM.. GLEN I fucking. Chris can feel Glen's eyes on him. yeah. 56 INT. DAY Glen stands smoking. Suddenly Glen speaks. Glen laughs at his own joke. 57 EXT.25. I swear I know you from somewhere? A BEAT.

having found the keys. GLEN (CONT'D) (he takes a final drag on his fag) Don't go blowing up any fucking tube trains. GLEN What are we waiting for? LENNY Give me a fucking break I'm rushing my tits off… Lenny attempts to start the car. frog-hopping the VW down the road. DAY Viewing the action from the dashboard we see Glen enter the rear door. puffing away on a crack pipe. 58 INT. SHIFTY What’s the matter. what did he say? . They drive off. LENNY’S CAR. Chris throws Shifty a look and storms off. starts the car simultaneously tooting the horn and igniting the window wipers. ROW OF GARAGES.26. Glen walks back to the car. LENNY (CONT’D) Where's the keys babe? LORETTA Let's just go Lenny. passes it to Lenny. SHIFTY Mate. are you alright? CHRIS Yeah. GLEN Yeah. Shifty follows after him. Lenny. it’s a good job we're not making a fucking scene. I'm freaking out. 59 EXT. DAY Chris and Shifty turn a corner into a row of garages. Chris stands there for a moment his fists clenched. Loretta. I’m fine.

I’m alright. BOB No. another gentleman. sitting at a desk. BUILDING SITE. in a suit and hard-hat stands before the desk. please. TREVOR Bob just hear me out.27. it’s cool. BOB No. TREVOR Bob please I’ve paid out on all the materials.. TREVOR Bob. TREVOR YOU OWE ME MY FUCKING MONEY.. portly. Bob! Bob comes around from his side of the desk. TREVOR .. just. CHRIS Geezer don’t worry about. no. no.don’t worry about it. no. BOB Get out of my office. TREVOR You owe me money. Trevor. BOB I owe you fuck all. and I’ll tell ‘em why you got kicked off the fucking job. no.. 60 EXT/INT. BOB You should have thought about that before you started bringing drugs onto my site. no. I’ve lost money. no. We follow him into see Bob Moran. DAY Trevor makes his way across muddy terrain to a porta-cabin and let’s himself in. Bob spots Trevor. no. BOB Tell it to the police.

SHIFTY Yeah. A BEAT. Bob ignores him. CHRIS I used to fancy her big time when we were kids. Trevor. Bob. to the hand. HILL TOP. SHIFTY TREVOR (CONT’D) TREVOR . Shifty hands Chris a rolled spliff.28. Bob stays quiet. A BEAT. Shifty doesn’t say anything. and puts out his hand. Trevor stands behind them. DAY Shifty and Chris sit atop of a hill looking out across a skate park . 61 EXT. BOB Thank’s for coming today Trevor. Trevor looks at him. doesn’t want to push Chris. Bob turns and walks out the porta-cabin. Trevor’s face is awash with emotion. approaches a workman and starts talking to him. BOB Fuck off. CHRIS Was that Loretta Martin in that motor? Yeah. it looks like he wants to cry but he holds it together. Bob! Bob turns to him. we’ll definitely be in touch. Trevor follows. Trevor stands for a moment then turns and walks away. Bob turns away and carries on talking. I remember. Bob’s hand hangs there.The camera observing them from behind. TREVOR (CONT’D) Bob I need this money.

He looks in the gap... I think.. DAY Rez carries a bundle of dirty clothes to the washing machine and clumsily throws them in. and sees something. He pulls out the powder tray but it comes out completely from the machine. Shifty's phone starts ringing. DAY Trevor gets the answering machine. CHRIS What happened to her face? A BEAT. injected her with some fucking cocktail. REZ'S HOUSE / KITCHEN. Rez gets down on his knees and tries again.. she passed out.... SHIFTY Apparently. 63 INT. I think. CHRIS Jesus Christ! Chris looks back out over the estate.. She was so out of it... to no avail.... she loves a wrong’un though don’t she? SHIFTY Loves a wrong’un.. He looks at the screen it reads Trevor P MOB..the paramedics had to peel her off. he passed out first... I dunno. SHIFTY (CONT’D) . 62 INT. TREVOR’S VAN. but apparently she was lying up against a radiator... REZ .29..... FUCK! He tries to wedge it back in but it doesn't want to go. He smashes out at his dashboard.. she didn’t even know it was on. A BEAT. the fucking thing came on full whack. smack. Glen. CHRIS She fucking. A BEAT.. He hits reject.

PARK. The sounds of scrubbing and movement echo out. see-through. cleanses. just outside the connecting bathroom. Shifty grabs the handles and starts running parallel to Chris. SHIFTY . TREVOR’S HOUSE / KITCHEN / BATHROOM. watertight bag brimming with wraps of cocaine and crack. suddenly they both lift off the ground. Suddenly Chris notices something. DAY Shifty and Chris approach an extreme sports park ride that helps build upper strength.30. DAY Shifty and Chris just sit. are stacked a variety of toiletry goods. She's purging her haven. grab the other end. washing away the sin that has tainted her sanctum. HILL TOP. loving it. CHRIS (CONT’D) FUCKING HELL! SHIFTY SHIIIIIIIIT! They’re both cracking up laughing. CHRIS (CONT’D) Mate. DAY On Jasmine's kitchen floor. slowly Rez pulls out a large. 65 EXT. 66 INT. Rez sits back against the machine just staring at it. scrubs. He sticks his fingers in and starts rooting around. her dressing gown grubby and soaked. He has something. CHRIS What does it fucking do? Chris grabs the handles and starts moving with it. CHRIS What’s that? What? Chris points. and cleans the emptied bathroom like a woman possessed. 64 EXT. Jasmine. CHRIS That fucking thing. At either end of a raised beam are two handles.

Then they stand for a second waiting. DAY Shifty and Chris stand before a racing green door upon which a small ceramic emblem of a cat nestles under the number eight. C’mon Val. SHIFTY * . CHRIS Mate.. DAY. SHIFTY Fucking cat lovers. fucking red snapper. Shifty knocks again. A fairly respectable but featureless tenement block looms.. WE CUT TO A LONG SHOT. or goose liver. Shifty knocks on the door.... CHRIS I can't stand people who feed their cat's. because they say the fucking things fussy. 68 INT. He stares at the emblem of the cat. do you know what I mean… Shifty laughs. it’s cool.it’s a fucking cat. OVER FREDDIE’S SHOULDER TO SEE HIM WATCHING HER. A BEAT.. SHIFTY Wait until you see this… CHRIS Starve the fucking thing for a week and it’ll eat a condom.. SHIFTY (CONT’D) Sorry about this geez.. VALERIE’S BLOCK COUNCIL FLATS.31. A BEAT. CHRIS (CONT’D) . SHIFTY I didn’t wanna drag you around all day. VALERIE’S BLOCK COUNCIL FLATS/CORRIDOR. A BEAT. Silence. 67 EXT.

A BEAT. A BEAT. When? SHIFTY I dunno. SHIFTY Valerie. this is Chris. VALERIE’S FLAT / HALLWAY. Valerie looks towards Chris. At 5'5" with long arms book-ended by bony hands and a sculptured face. echoing down the clinical looking hallway. she smacks of an ageing Goth and is clearly an old hippie. is considerably smaller. he's erm. Hi. So it’s cool. He sees a shadow approaching. VALERIE I was in all day. It was probably about two in the afternoon. we grew up together. Shifty bends down and looks through the letterbox. We go way back. A moment of uncomfortable silence. We open into the front room and Valerie's revealed for the first time. Valerie. her brain starched by LSD. Sleeping cats inhabit the surroundings like stationed guards. SHIFTY You must have been asleep. he's an old friend of mine. who leads the way. VALERIE VALERIE * . SHIFTY I called yesterday but you were out. 69 INT. He stands back up.32. A BEAT. CHRIS How you doing? He offers a hand that she takes politely. Yeah. The latch snaps. you know. He’s cool. DAY We follow Shifty through a corridor deprived of light and colour.

no I was awake. A BEAT. CUT TO: Chris sits in a sunken armchair. A BEAT. * SHIFTY . He looks slightly shocked to see this. VALERIE Did you say two o’clock. He moves his foot and touches it but it slides along the floor. Sleeping felines. He looks closely at a sleeping cat near his chair. VALERIE I was out on the balcony at two thirty. ready to take on the world. It dawns on Chris that all the cats in the room are stuffed. DAY Chris looks about at the bits and bobs that litter her front room. VALERIE No. He picks up a framed photo of her daughter. VALERIE (CONT’D) But I was in here at two.33. Loretta. SHIFTY Yeah. 70 INT. that’ll be sweet. SHIFTY I dunno then. Yeah. fresh faced. A BEAT. not moving just solid. as if frozen. A BEAT. VALERIE (CONT’D) I’ll make us some tea. Chintzy ornaments of cats. in better days. before the scars. SHIFTY It may have been. VALERIE Are you sure it wasn’t two thirty. I didn’t sleep. VALERIE’S FRONT ROOM. and looks around the room.

Shifty. one of her cat ornaments falls from the shelf because of the vibrating bass. A fresh pot of tea stands next to an empty can of soft drink. They carry on making the tea. darling. * * . Shifty walks over to Valerie and starts helping her make the tea. It's so heavy it makes the shelves of chintzy cat ornaments rattle. not seen her for a long time really. Valerie walks over. SHIFTY How you been. clearly distressed by the music. She sits back down. 71 INT. DAY Valerie prepares the tea whilst Shifty leans against the counter top. alright.. He almost can’t believe what he’s seeing. Chris sits back in the chair.. the deep hum of a drum and bass track starts thumping through the wall. VALERIE Yeah. suddenly from next door. VALERIE'S FRONT ROOM. 72 INT. He places a hand on her arm. picks up the china tabby.. I’m alright. SHIFTY She visited you yet? VALERIE No. DAY The drum and bass track continues to thud through the wall.34. not for a long time. SHIFTY She’ll come back one day. Chris watches with intent. Shifty pulls out two rocks of crack and places them before Val. good. He seems to know where stuff is in this kitchen. VALERIE Good. VALERIE'S KITCHEN. I’m alright babe. Then carefully she fashions the can into a smoking utensil. and places it carefully back on the side. you alright? SHIFTY Yeah. Silence as Valerie prepares the tea. At that moment. She opens the cellophane and places down a small yellowy lump..

OTIS’ FLAT / FRONTROOM.. a spliff held in his two hands. A wiry looking 18 year old.. Shifty stares him out. Chris looks slightly unsettled by what he’s seen. She gestures with her hand offering Chris some. Shifty peers into one of the bedrooms leading off from the hallway a mattress with no sheets. Shifty reaches through the letterbox and manages to unhook the latch.. 73A INT. SHIFTY Look Val we're gonna have to do one… THE CAMERA PANS TO VAL. DAY Shifty shuts the door to Valerie's behind him. absorbed by the films images. Shifty carries on down the hallway. the drum 'n' bass booming out. give me a minute. just staring. SHIFTY Geezer.. The door swings slowly open. They go to walk off when suddenly Shifty stops dead in his tracks. I’m fine. sits on the sofa rolling a spliff.. and then shouts to Chris who has carried on walking. We're introduced to a dark hallway. and turns it off. no. * * . a small grimace etched across her lips. We're tight on the can as Valerie lifts the paraphernalia to her mouth and takes a hit.SHE LOOKS ANAESTHETIZED . magazines and CD's litter the floor. 73 EXT. CHRIS No. DAY Shifty enters. to reveal a grotty front room. OUTSIDE VALERIE’S FLAT. the sound turned down.35. totally flummoxed. he slowly pushes it open. The CAMERA follows. rolls into the front room. clothes. The young kid sits there. On the TV a violent movie scene plays out. He pauses for a while. The thudding bass echoes out as they exit the flat. CLOSE ON SHIFTY.thanks though. A chavvy-looking bird sits to his left. Shifty. Reaching a door. Otis. Chris turns to see Shifty pulling up the sleeve on his jacket.BACK TO SHIFTY… Shifty nods at Chris for them both to leave. cool as a cucumber. straight up to the stereo.

I’m sure it is man. SHIFTY Where do you get your weed from? OTIS It aint..36. Shifty smiles. Shifty looks about at the room... it aint mine. DAY Chris stands waiting. 75 INT. SHIFTY No. Glen Dowdy innit. my mate left it. he looks uncomfortable.. SHIFTY Alright mate? Alright. VALERIE’S BLOCK COUNCIL FLATS / CORRIDOR.. you don't. OTIS OTIS * . OTIS I get it from this geezer. DAY OTIS No his names Glen. SHIFTY Where d'you get your fucking weed from rude boy? A BEAT. my erm. A BEAT. 74 EXT. his names Glen innit? OTIS’ GIRLFRIEND Yeah.. he’ll sort you out. he left it here… I could phone him if you want. I think so. OTIS’ FLAT / FRONTROOM. SHIFTY What’s your name? Otis.

VALERIE’S BLOCK COUNCIL FLATS. and I’ll shove em up your birds arse. just one single complaint. He looks saddened by the girl. His presence adds menace to the situation.. 77 INT. Yeah? A BEAT. He lets the words sink in. OTIS Yeah. SHIFTY (CONT’D) At half the price.37. DAY Chris watches a young mum below. SHIFTY From now on you get your weed from me. The girl looks a little shocked. A BEAT. yeah.. pregnant. SHIFTY (CONT’D) (with threat) YEAH? At that moment Otis and his girlfriend look up to see Chris standing in the doorway. and with another baby in a pram. I’ll take your stereo. OTIS’ FLAT / FRONTROOM. Otis looks at his girlfriend. A BEAT. SHIFTY (CONT’D) Do you understand me? SHIFTY (CONT’D) . DAY SHIFTY I’m gonna sell you your weed half price. utterly confused. and back to Shifty. and your gonna keep this noise down. SHIFTY Because if I hear one word of complaint from next door. she can’t be more than 16. alright. 76 EXT. He turns and walks into the flat. I’ll come back here and I’ll take your TV.

38. Shifty’s phone vibrates. Shifty picks up a biro from the floor and writes a number on Otis’ wall. Otis nods. man. CHRIS That was all a bit fucking surreal. CHRIS (almost disdain) You don’t miss a fucking trick. yeah. A BEAT. CLOSE ON: THE SCREEN OF THE PHONE READS: TREVOR P MOB. SHIFTY Call me if you need any more weed. Shifty stares Otis out. Shifty laughs as they carry on descending. SHIFTY You know it. DAY Shifty and Chris make their way down the winding stairs of the tenement block. CHRIS (CONT’D) How old is she? . 78 INT. I’m sorry. SHIFTY (CONT’D) DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME? OTIS Yeah. SHIFTY What d’you mean? CHRIS I can't believe you just sold crack to Miss Marple and struck a deal with Blazing Squad. Chris follows behind. I would have turned it down. I didn’t know I had it on loud. Silence. VALERIE’S BLOCK COUNCIL FLATS / STAIRWELL. Shifty hits the reject button. He walks into the hallway. past Chris. I’m sorry. Otis looks away. it’s cool.

SHIFTY (CONT’D) She's been doing drugs longer than we've been alive. CHRIS When do you think? A BEAT. About 70. A BEAT.three. d’you reckon. A BEAT. CHRIS (CONT’D) Do you get involved? No. A BEAT.39. SHIFTY I dunno. A BEAT. A BEAT. They still descend the stairs. Have you? Fuck that. three and a half years ago. SHIFTY (CONT’D) Why when d’you stop knocking out pills.. CHRIS SHIFTY (CONT’D) SHIFTY SHIFTY .. CHRIS Yeah. about. CHRIS (CONT’D) When did you start knocking out? SHIFTY Knocking out what? CHRIS (lowers his voice) Crack.

SHIFTY (Asian accent) I have to charge you wholesale. TREVOR’S HOUSE / KITCHEN. I got family in Pakistan. DAY Trevor is parked up in his van. man.40. unsure if he’s joking. JASMINE Where’s the credit card? What for? JASMINE I want to book a hire car. they need ticket for plane travel. She presses it to her ear. He answers. TREVOR We’ll get taxis. TREVOR’S HOUSE / TREVOR’S VAN. TREVOR TREVOR . SHIFTY Do you wanna try it? Chris looks at him. 79 INT... 81 INT. They both laugh. TREVOR’S VAN. CHRIS Only if I get a fucking discount. you know. We see his phone vibrating on the dash board. DAY Her tone is cold distant. just staring out. DAY Jasmine is at the kitchen table with Freddie and Katie who are doing potato painting. TREVOR We don’t need one. Jasmine is dialing her mobile. Jasmine. KITCHEN. JASMINE How are we gonna get about with two kids. 80 INT.

TREVOR’S HOUSE / KITCHEN. we’re not getting a hire car. TREVOR What do you mean? JASMINE Don’t ruin this holiday for me. JASMINE Well what should I do about the car? TREVOR Babe.. then carries on painting with the kids. DAY Jasmine sits there for a moment. TREVOR . Bob’s calling me.. Trevor goes quiet. JASMINE Where are you? TREVOR Where do you think. JASMINE It doesn’t sound like it.41... CLICK! He puts down the phone. I’m on site. JASMINE Don’t ruin this for me... her mind elsewhere. we’ll talk about it later. JASMINE It’ll be cheaper to get a hire car. JASMINE (CONT’D) Are you still there? Yeah. 82 INT. TREVOR Jasmine. I’ve gotta go. Trevor. slightly distracted.. I’ll call you. TREVOR Babe.. A BEAT. look I’ve got to go.

see what they’ve got to say? SHIFTY I thought you worked in recruitment. SHIFTY (CONT’D) Mate. CHRIS You should go man. SHIFTY (CONT’D) I thought it’d be a surprise. DAY Shifty and Chris walk in silence. SHIFTY CHRIS SHIFTY . SHIFTY No. COUNCIL ESTATE. A BEAT. CHRIS Who else is gonna be there? SHIFTY I dunno. Chris looks about at the buildings. are you gonna go and see your mum and dad first? Shifty looks at him. A BEAT. his eyes searching across the domain that he once knew so well.42. 83 EXT. I don’t know many of them. A BEAT. it’s gonna be fine. CHRIS Did you tell Rachel? What? About me. Chris looks a little uncomfortable. No. lot of her new mates. I didn’t. CHRIS So what’s the plan. A BEAT.

. CHRIS It might not be.. man. SHIFTY I’ll be stuck in some fucking warehouse. A BEAT.. looking after twenty Bengalis.. mate... Turkish. but you won’t be sweating bullets everytime the door bell goes. CHRIS Yeah. SHIFTY I’ve got a sweet little earner. What? SHIFTY When do you become a fucking family liaison? CHRIS What are you talking about you nutter. small. that shit’ll put you down for life. mate. . Suddenly from around the corner we see someone come sprinting past.. I know exactly who they want me to meet. This aint college.. knocking out dodgy Fruit of the Looms. he carries a large black holdall. you’re in deep bruv. it might be some sweet little earner. Malik? Malik. stops dead in his tracks and spins round. SHIFTY (CONT’D) CHRIS . in the city somewhere.43..... SHIFTY Only if you get caught. CHRIS (CONT’D) You’re not knocking out weed anymore.... man. I was just saying? A BEAT. do you know what I mean..

SHIFTY What's going on? MALIK Long story.44. Craig Whittle. this is an old mate of mine. Chris. go on. He doesn't. the guy who’s seeing Desmond Dodge's sister. MALIK Someone's gotta be. Craig. man why you running? MALIK Fucking hell. geezer (Looks at Chris) you alright mate? CHRIS How you doing? SHIFTY Malik. SHIFTY . SHIFTY Where are you going. Chris laughs. MALIK Yeah. small Craig. MALIK Yeah you fucking do. D'you remember I told you he had that job at the pinnacles. yeah. SHIFTY What. the. erm. MALIK (OUT OF BREATH) Fucking hell Shifty… you alright bruv… I didn't even notice you. do you remember I was telling you about Craig? No. storage warehouse. SHIFTY Yeah.

The siren blares out. CHRIS Hold up. forklift went inside yeah. I nipped in.. I'll do you a proper deal. they leave all these crates sitting on the fucking road. something to do with the angle of the gates or something.. This fucking. . no.. I dunno mate. Chris is fast but Shifty's like a whippet. with this first load. Craig tells me every Friday.. turn and sprint. started whacking in the gear. cos they can’t get in.. they fucking. so I. hold up. all this top fucking electrical gear. BACK STREETS. you’ll have to ask Craig. MALIK (CONT’D) Cheers mate… yeah every Friday [lights his fag] they make this fucking drop off.. MALIK Anyway.S. SHIFTY What. but because the lorry can't reverse into the courtyard. Chris and Shifty. only turns out they've got another forklift. are you on your way there now? MALIK What. no.. no. CLOSE ON: SHIFTY AND CHRIS’ FACES DROP.. a delivery gets made. fucking. MALIK (O... on the fucking dot.Why are you running? MALIK Cunt caught me right in the middle a loading up. sort you right out? At that precise moment a plain clothes police car comes heading toward them. caught between a rock and a hard place...45. 84 EXT.) (CONT’D) Are you sure you don't want anything. Shifty offers him a cigarette.. suddenly Shifty overtakes. DAY Chris runs. I drummed the place ten minutes ago blood..

however. DAY. I’m telling you. SHIFTY This is bollocks. 88 EXT. * MALIK SHIFTY .46. DAY Shifty and Chris come swerving around the corner on the crappest kids' bikes you've ever seen. he vaults. and Chris' bike is pink with a fairy flag whipping off the back. The drop on the other side is far deeper than expected. Random graffiti tarnishes the walls behind them. Follow me. Chris follows. Shifty sits in an underpass. they hit the floor hard. ALLEYWAY. DAY Malik's legging it down an alleyway. 87 EXT. DAY Shifty and Chris sprint. CYCLE TRACK. leaning on his knees. Chris is stood up. their bikes lent against the wall. Shifty swerves down a side lane. landing knee deep in a shitty garden pond. SIDE STREET. Fuck. the police close behind. Chris follows. Chris’ face looks a little more serious. 85 EXT. Shifty's knees are near his chin. Shifty vaults a brick wall. 86 EXT. Shifty starts cracking up laughing. this is no way to live. It's not perfect but it's better than running. Suddenly they see something that grabs their attention. breathing hard. he throws the bag over a wall and goes over after it. GROSVENOR ROAD CUT THRU. CHRIS Mate. Chris sits down next to Shifty. THE CAMERA RIDES PARALLEL WITH THEM AS THEY HURTLE ALONG THE CYCLE TRACK. He doesn’t find this all quite as funny as Shifty.

47. CHRIS (CONT’D) I’m serious, mate, you need to get away from this shit, come and live with me for a bit. Shifty looks at Chris, and reaches into his pocket pulling out a pack of fags. CHRIS (CONT’D) I’m serious, mate... Why not? Shifty doesn’t say anything. CHRIS (CONT’D) You’d love Manchester, man, it’s full of fitness. Shifty stays quiet, and smokes. They sit their for a moment. SHIFTY I can’t just fuck off. CHRIS Yeah, you can. Shifty looks at Chris. SHIFTY Yeah, but I wouldn’t mate... I don’t want to... I’m perfectly fucking happy where I am... 89 INT. GLEN’S COUNCIL FLAT. DAY Glen sits perched on the end of the bed, his top off. Loretta lays on her side, behind him. GLEN Magnus, Magnus... He gets up and walks about. GLEN (CONT’D) ... is that better?...it’s Glen... you alright... can you hear me?... yeah I’m good mate, I’m good... No, you...no mate... no I, erm, I put the word about...you know...what we were chatting about... and I, erm, I think I’ve got a pretty good idea what’s going on... well, erm... I’ve heard this off a few people... a lot of ‘em have said the same thing... it’s, erm, it’s Shifty innit... Shifty... yeah, yeah definitely... (MORE) *

48. GLEN (CONT’D) I mean I could have told you that in the first place, mate...who else is it gonna be... Cos I tell you one thing, I aint fucking cutting up the gear, Lenny aint fucking cutting it up is he, look at the state him... I mean mate, they’re all on the make... he’s a fucking Paki ain’t he... he’d sell his sister for a set of rims, do you know what I mean... Yeah I did, I had a word with him... told him what I’d heard... yeah. Little prick told me to go fuck myself, said he’ll call you himself... the geezers getting out of control Magnus, something needs to be done...alright mate...alright, I’ll speak to you later...cheers mate...CLICK! He stands there for moment, thinking. He walks over to Loretta and pulls back the sheets. He leans over and starts kissing her all over, she tries to ignore him, but he’s licking her ear, grinding his crotch into her arse. LORETTA Glen, I’m not in the mood. He doesn’t listen, and pulls down her knickers. 90 EXT. GROSVENOR ROAD CUT THRU. DAY There’s a silence between the two of them. Shifty looks as if he’s mulling something over in his head. SHIFTY If Manchester’s so full of gal, how come you haven’t got a bird yet? CHRIS I’ve been on nuff dates. Some of them fucking lovely. A BEAT. CHRIS (CONT’D) I just haven’t been able to get my head around it since Serena. A BEAT. SHIFTY Mate, that was four years ago. *


49. 91 INT. TREVOR'S VAN. DAY Trevor's makes his way through the lifeless avenues of Dudlowe, a repetitive New-York house tune plays out - Trevor does a line of coke off the tip of a credit card. 92 EXT. GROSVENOR ROAD CUT THRU. DAY In the distance we can hear the faint resonance of traffic and far-away cries from a children's playground.… CHRIS Did you go to the funeral? Shifty soaks in the question. SHIFTY Yeah of course I did. CHRIS Did anyone say anything? SHIFTY About what? CHRIS I dunno, about me? A BEAT. Yeah. A BEAT. SHIFTY (CONT’D) People were saying a lot of shit about both of us. Like what? SHIFTY Just... fucking...just rumors, mate, bullshit. CHRIS Did you get drilled by the old bill? SHIFTY Everyone did. CHRIS What did people say when I left? CHRIS SHIFTY *

50. SHIFTY I don’t know mate. Whatever they were saying about you they were saying about me. There’s an uncomfortable silence between them. CHRIS I’m gonna get fucking lick-shot tonight. SHIFTY You fucking know that... back to mine... bit of munch... couple of Uri Geller’s... CHRIS You getting changed? SHIFTY Yeah, of course I am CHRIS Let’s get a bottle of whisky. Fuck that. Why? SHIFTY You always kick off. CHRIS No I don’t. SHIFTY Mate, last time you drank a bottle of whisky you pissed on my leg. Bollocks! Chris is laughing. In a club. What! A BEAT. SHIFTY In front of the bouncer. CHRIS SHIFTY CHRIS CHRIS SHIFTY

51. He places down the can to take a hit when suddenly he knocks it. 94 EXT. DAY We see Trevor walk back to the van. FUCK. 93 INT.. oh fuck. DAY Trevor's driving. STREET. He's at it. Chris cracks up. SHIFTY I gotta do one last drop off and we can chill out. Shifty leads the way through the gate.. no. oh fucking hell. in his hand he has a can of beer. TREVOR’S VAN. he’s furious and kicks the side of the van. He phones another number. TREVOR . DAY Trevor gets out. no.. no. CHRIS Oh yeah. 95 EXT. spilling beer all over the cocaine. full of desperation..fuck. Getting in. fingering it into his gums and teeth. 96 EXT. DAY We see Shifty and Chris approach a house. I remember. TREVOR”S VAN. TREVOR (CONT’D) Fuck. he settles down and begins to unwrap his gram of coke on the passenger seat. TREVOR’S VAN. His fingers dabbing at the clammy remnants... TREVOR No.

35. no. get him to call me straight away… 97 INT. They all sit around on low comfy chairs. DAY We’re at Blair Wyards. fuck it. DAY Malik walks. make it three. He looks at the screen: TREVOR P MOB.. SHIFTY What’s work saying? BLAIR Fuck all really. 98 EXT. rifles through his cellophane bag and pulls out three grams of coke. head down. He ignores it.52.. it's Trevor… yeah I'm alright mate… yeah. . 99 INT. STREET. Marks. Yeah.. SHIFTY (to Chris) Blair works at St. SHIFTY How many do you want? BLAIR Just two. TREVOR (ON PHONE) Ken. DAY Shifty's phone goes off on vibrate. BLAIR’S HOUSE / FRONT ROOM. carrying the bag of stolen gear. not for about a week… Look I can't get hold of Shifty… I know. BLAIR’S HOUSE / FRONT ROOM. make it three. SHIFTY How about four! BLAIR Do me a favour. Jesus Christ. His room is full of twelve inch vinyl and cool framed posters.. I know he's a nightmare… you haven't got any various have ya… what you're dry as well… I know… I know but I can't get hold of him… alright mate… look if you see him yeah. it’s Friday. Blair smokes on a stacked spliff.

why? When? MALIK (suspicious) This morning. CHRIS What really? Blair nods.Malik almost defecates his jeans . Blair laughs. why what's the matter.Trevor winds down the window. TREVOR You seen Shifty? MALIK (wary) Earlier. MALIK (exasperated) Fucking hell Trevor. what's going on? TREVOR CHRIS BLAIR CHRIS (CONT’D) CHRIS . what do you do? SHIFTY He’s head caretaker. Yeah. What? BLAIR I’m not. Mental. yeah. Oh right. Chris’ laugh is met by silence. I’m head of English. STREET. CHRIS I used to go there.53. 100 EXT. my hearts beating like a techno track. DAY Trevor's van pulls up behind Malik tooting his horn .

mate. BLAIR I was reading the other day that it’s a good time to be in the drugs trade. 101 INT.. DAY BLAIR How’s business? SHIFTY Yeah it’s good.. MALIK I don't think Shifty's gonna want to see me at the moment though Trev. government's raging war on terror. Blair and Chris laugh. my bird's Trev… TREVOR Don't worry about it. no one gives a fuck about drugs anymore. thriving. erm. .. thinking. erm. CHRIS So he’s fucked either way.. BLAIR WYARD’S HOUSE / FRONT ROOM. we'll only be about ten minutes. wankers. SHIFTY Yeah but I’m a Muslim drug dealer.54.. A BEAT... Shifty sits back in his chair. you know where he hangs out. SHIFTY Ha Dee fucking Ha. Trevor steps out... I'm on my way to.. TREVOR Get in the FUCKING car Malik. MALIK I. TREVOR Get in and show me where to find him.

Chris passes the spliff to Blair who takes a deep drag. DAY Blair sniffs up a line of coke and offers some to Shifty and Chris who decline. He looks at the lines of coke lined up on Blair’s table. man. BLAIR’S HOUSE / FRONT ROOM. He looks back at the clock. CHRIS I tell you what? What? CHRIS I could fucking smash one of your mum’s curry’s. He thinks for a moment. The mellow tunes plays out. Chris is watching Shifty. looking anxious. offering directions. Shifty sits back and looks at the clock on the wall. eyes searching Malik in the back of the car. Trevor almost fanatical. Shifty looks at Chris straight in the eyes. 102 INT. SHIFTY SHIFTY . It reads 18:45. The house tune thumping out. CHRIS We could still make it.55. TREVOR'S VAN. TREVOR’S VAN. 104 INT. A BEAT. 18:46. CHRIS (CONT’D) Do you think she would have made food? Always. Malik in the back. Shifty looks at Chris. DAY Trevor scours the streets. A BEAT. DAY They're driving. 103 INT.

STREET. it's Shifty Yeah. 108 INT. REZ Just get here. DAY Shifty and Chris walk. * REZ (O. it reads: Shafiq Mobile. 105 INT. SHIFTY’S PARENTS HOUSE / HALLWAY. DAY Rez stands in the hallway of his parents house.) Where are you? REZ Mum and dads. SHIFTY’S PARENTS HOUSE.) Of course it is. He stands there for a while. Rez looks at his phone. SHIFTY (O. I was just asking. then walks into the kitchen to join his parents and their guest. SHIFTY (O.) Rez. DAY Rez puts down the phone.S.S. TREVOR'S VAN. thinking.S. DAY Silence as Trevor and Malik drive. making their way beneath the underpass.S.) REZ . Then answers. SHIFTY Alright mate. 107 INT. 106 EXT. SHIFTY You alright mate… you sound a bit down? I’m fine.56. SHIFTY Is that still job thing still on? REZ (O. Suddenly Trevor notices Shifty and Chris walking down a grass verge. we can see Shifty's parents in the kitchen chatting to an elderly gentleman in a suit. He looks at it for a while. Why wouldn’t it be.

you’ve been blanking me all day. DAY Shifty and Chris walk through the tunnel. SHIFTY There’s nothing left Trev. Shifty recognises the guy. Shifty takes a step back. call me in an hour and I‘ll sort you out. TREVOR (Turning nasty) Don't fucking bullshit me Shifty. You alright? Trevor assesses Chris. mate. TREVOR You won’t answer your phone mate. TREVOR I need to get hold of some gear. I've been trying to get hold of you. walks directly towards Shifty. appearing from the gloom. that’s why I haven’t answered? Trevor's face drops. from the far end we see the shadow of a heavyset man approaching. SHIFTY (under his breath) Oh shit! Trevor. SHIFTY Mate. SHIFTY Mate. UNDERPASS. I’ll call you later. He brings the van to a halt at the side of the street. I’m in a rush. TREVOR Where you been geezer. leaving Malik sitting in the back passenger seat slightly non-plussed. He stops about a foot away from Shifty. Too close for comfort. 109 EXT. SHIFTY I’ve been busy. . He exits the van.57. Shifty and Chris walk unfazed.

TREVOR JUST EMPTY YOUR FUCKING POCKETS. SHIFTY Take it easy rude boy. TREVOR Don't tell me what to fucking do you Paki. think about what you’re doing. SHIFTY Trevor. don't try and mug me off. do you know what I mean? Trevor's in Shifty's face. you need to calm down. CHRIS Mate. his hefty hand gripped around his neck. Just chill out. He pushes Shifty hard. Trevor edges the knife harder into Shifty’s neck. just leave me alone. I just don’t like being mugged off. I know you're carrying. TREVOR (CONT’D) Why do you lie to me you prick. Chris. Slowly Shifty surrenders the large bag of coke and a cellophane bag of crack with about two grand in cash. Trevor. TREVOR Empty your pockets! EMPTY YOUR FUCKING POCKETS. SHIFTY I’ve had a long fucking day. * . CHRIS Mate what are you doing? SHIFTY Just leave it. Suddenly he brings a Stanley knife up to his temple. Chris steps up.58. man. TREVOR Fuck off. TREVOR I am fucking chilled out. leave it out! Trevor's on Shifty and has him pinned up against the wall. why do you tell me you weren't fucking carrying. Trevor.

Trevor's eyes are bulging. the geezer had a fucking knife at your throat.. 111 EXT. his knife nestling at the tip of Shifty's Adams apple.. Chris and Shifty turn and sprint as fast as possible. Trevor falls to his knees scrambling for the drugs. DAY Jasmine is in the front room ironing. CUT TO: 110 INT. Trevor lowers his knife. man. Their lungs on fire as they grab for air.. CHRIS Mate. Shifty looks down at his top and realises he’s bleeding. TREVOR Empty your fucking other pockets!. CHRIS Mate. SHIFTY Get off me. face crimson with rage. They fall into a messy clinch. She presses one of Trevor’s shirts perfectly. CHRIS Mate. Oh shit.. TREVOR (CONT’D) And the inside pockets you prick… NOW! At that moment. swinging him around and pushinhg his palm into Trevor’s face. Shifty takes heed and grabs him. She keeps and eye on the kids who are still painting.NOW! Shifty does what Trevor says. but their now facing the opposite way. but Shifty swats away his hand. NOW. SHIFTY It’s a bit fucking late now. In front of her she has two suit cases laid out perfectly.59. OLD SPORTS CENTRE. I’m only trying to help. DAY Shifty and Chris come to rest behind a gathering of bushes.. SHIFTY * * * * * * * * . are you alright? Chris reaches to help him. TREVOR’S HOUSE / FRONTROOM.

this shit hole. SHIFTY Why. cos I’m speaking the truth. everyone fucking asking me what’s going on. Oh no you can’t talk about that.60. A BEAT. let’s fucking talk about that. the broken nose I got when some meathead slagged you off. let me tell you about the fights I had sticking up for you. run off and leave me to sort out the mess.. Shifty. Talking about the past. every one saying shit about you. CHRIS Mate. SHIFTY Yeah exactly mate.. (MORE) . why.. SHIFTY (CONT’D) Let’s fucking talk about it. Fuck you. Let’s talk about how you left two weeks after she died without saying goodbye to me. I’m just not used to being fucking mugged in tunnels. It’s not part of my daily routine? SHIFTY I’m surprised you didn’t do a fucking runner? CHRIS What are you talking about? SHIFTY I’m surprised you didn’t fucking. you mustn’t talk about Serena. I’m sorry.. CHRIS Fuck you.. mate. Help might have been fucking nice. bad mouthing you.. do you know what I mean? CHRIS What was I supposed to do? SHIFTY You’re supposed to fucking help me. talking about Serena. man. CHRIS I left because of one fucking reason. man. fucking do something.

go on how much do you fucking earn. smartest kid in the class.. TREVOR JESUS MALIK… what are you doing? MALIK I thought you wanted me to wait.. It’s got me earning four thousand a week.. wiping the blood from his nose with the sleeve of his shirt and breathing heavily.. CHRIS You don’t know what the fuck I’ve been through. He's counting the money..61. where has this place got you. SHIFTY How would I you prick I haven’t seen you for four years. looking in the bag of drugs . you probably don’t even earn two grand a fucking month you prick. Nice life.. selling crack cocaine to OAP’s. four fucking a levels and you’re getting chased by the police. CHRIS (CONT'D) this fucking cess pit that you love so much. it's a nervous display. Trevor starts to laugh. He's a bundle of nervous energy. DAY Trevor gets back in the van.Cuba? Trevor spins round in his seat. VOICE (off screen) Who d'you fucking rob .PAY DIRT. TREVOR'S VAN. getting mugged. Fuck you! SHIFTY No FUCK YOU! Shifty turns and steams off leaving Chris seething. * CHRIS * . 112 INT... almost relief. where has it fucking got you.How much do you earn in your little cubicle up in Manchester... man. SHIFTY I’ll tell you where it’s fucking got me mate.

MALIK (CONT’D) Sort me out with some out that (he nods to the coke). REZ’S HOUSE / SHIFTY’S BEDROOM. NIGHT Shifty walks down the path and opens the front door. (MORE) * SHIFTY * * * * * . Ahmed. chill out. SHIFTY'S PARENT HOUSE / KITCHEN. so he eats the remainder. he tries to ring Shifty but gets no answer. WHAT! I’m not in on anything with Glen. Rez's face shows frustration. blocked by clotted blood. 117 INT. NIGHT Shifty's on the phone.... TREVOR’S VAN.. A BEAT. places a huge pile on the end of a credit card and tries to snort the lot in one go. 116 EXT/INT. Ahmed some tea. 114 INT. TREVOR What's it worth? Malik considers. His broken nose proves difficult.. fucking. SHIFTY'S PARENTS HOUSE. 113 INT. yeah. DUSK In a respectable dining room sit Shifty's parents and Mr. Shifty's mum pours Mr. come on. Their silence is awkward as they sit waiting for Shifty.. 115 INT. calling out.. REZ'S HOUSE. REZ… The house is empty... puts his hand in the bag and pulls out a camcorder he nicked earlier with a bunch of tapes. NIGHT Rez sits on a stool drinking a cup of tea. SHIFTY … Why… that's not true… Magnus… Magnus it wasn't.. I'm... DUSK Trevor takes out a wrap.62. man… Yeah. man… I know but… I know… what the fuck was I supposed to do… you know I don't… Magnus.

a crowbar. 119 EXT. He’s anxious. drinking.. just staring at the house. I do know who it was… yeah. NIGHT Shifty's mum shuts the door as Mr.. She turns back into the hallway and suddenly begins to cry. One of them opens the boot and they throw in baseball bats. He watches as people arrive. She doesn’t look at Trevor.. upset. he doesn’t want to do this on his own. I. CLICK! FUUUCK!!! Shifty's punching his bedroom door yelling out. I didn't kno… I will. masking tape.. HOUSE PARTY. SHIFTY'S PARENTS HOUSE.. TREVOR'S FRONT ROOM. guilty. SHIFTY (CONT’D) FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! 118 INT. not knowing what to do. his nose swollen.when. 120 EXT... NIGHT Trevor unlocks the door and walks into the house.63. face sullen. Rez holds back. Ahmed leaves. TREVOR What are you doing babe? JAMES What does it look like. TREVOR We’ve got another three days yet? * * . she’s too angry with him... Trevor Palmer… you don't know him… yeah… you don't know him… but I… yeah… I will.. I will. look man. NIGHT Chris sits on a wall the other side of the road. 121 INT. He looks about. a carrier bag full of beer. NIGHT Five heavy looking bastards walk out of a house and towards a serious looking black range rover. LONDON STREET. We follow as he walks toward the front room where we see suit cases placed over the floor as Jasmine busies herself packing. Shifty's dad walks in and holds her tight. what... He sits. the music pumping from within. Why you even use that prick. SHIFTY (CONT'D) whatever your problem is with him that’s nothing to do with me.

and into the kitchen where she takes wet washing from the machine.64. still not looking him. JASMINE (CONT’D) . Silence. What? TREVOR TREVOR JASMINE . they’re in bed? TREVOR What’s wrong with you? Nothing. JASMINE When did you start using again? What? JASMINE When did you start using cocaine again? TREVOR What are you talking about? JASMINE I’m not going through this again Trevor. TREVOR What are you going on about? JASMINE Is that why the card failed.. what’s the matter? She walks back past him to the front room.three including you... Jasmine walks past him. don’t fucking lie to me. TREVOR Babe. JASMINE I’ve got two kids to pack for. TREVOR Where are they? JASMINE Where do you think they are....

She turns to look at him. JASMINE What did I fucking say. the motorway lights flashing past. JASMINE I swore to you Trevor... TREVOR’S FRONT ROOM.what the fuck happened to your face. heavy music playing out. I’ll walk out of that door with my kids and never look back. cos coked off you’re just off you’re fucking tits.. 123 INT. NIGHT The five heavies sit in the car. I said as god is my witness. JASMINE No Trevor only you walk into scaffolding.65. JASMINE What did I say to you Trevor. Jasmine... RANGE ROVER / MOTORWAY. 122 INT. TREVOR TREVOR * * * * * * . NIGHT TREVOR Babe people walk into scaffolding all the time. JASMINE What did I say? Babe. Trevor drops his head.. I said to you. TREVOR I’m not off my tits babe. JASMINE I tried to book a car and the card failed? TREVOR I told you not book it.

because to me that's even more repulsive. for once in your life take control of the FUCKING situation. JASMINE (CONT’D) WE'RE YOUR FAMILY. I want you to be a man for Christ's sake. He pulls out the powder tray. pathetic. JASMINE (CONT’D) You promised me you'd stopped.. Jasmine walks away from him. 124A INT. You swore on our nine-month old baby daughter's life that you wouldn't touch that… that shit anymore. I want you to be a fucking man about this. BATHROOM. man. NIGHT We jump cut as Shifty cleans his cut. at the washing machine. he's digging about inside. frantic. hitting. puts on a fresh tee shirt. freshens his face in the sink. he gets a torch. REZ'S HOUSE. he's trying to peer in. why didn’t you phone mum and dad? Rez walks into the kitchen. You swore on your baby daughter's life that you were clean. 124 INT. nothing there. REZ’S HOUSE KITCHEN / NIGHT Shifty is then down in the kitchen.66. Trevor. Trevor’s just left there. He just stands there limp. absorbing her blows. REZ Where the fuck have you been. * * * * . I’m sorry. SHIFTY Rez.. Trevors starts crying. Trevor. JASMINE (CONT’D) No. alone. don't you cry. don't you dare fucking cry. YOU SHOULD BE FUCKING LOOKING AFTER US YOU WEAK USELESS PRICK. REZ (OS) Where the FUCK have you been? Shifty's head darts. They stare at each other for a moment. She's at him. screaming.

I took you under my roof. Rez pulling at shifty’s face. SHIFTY I ran out of juice.. REZ * * . get out. I need that bag. the house that I pray in. Rez.. Shifty stands just rubbing his face with his hands muttering under his breath. REZ I looked after you Shifty.. where is it? REZ Where is it? Where the fuck is it. Rez. man. Rez looks at the open tray on the washing machine. SHIFTY Rez.. let you live in my house.. Rez pushes Shifty again hard.67. SHIFTY Rez. Rez is up and at REZ Get out of my fucking house... Rez. Shifty grabs Rez but Rez punches him around the face.. Shifty him.. Shifty look him in the eye. Rez storms off upstairs. REZ Why didn’t you use a pay phone? Shifty doesn’t answer. SHIFTY Rez. SHIFTY I need it Rez. You bring drugs into my fucking house. Rez. and this. if you don’t give it to me I’m a dead man. manages to wrangle himself free... He pushes Shifty hard in the chest.. hitting him. SHIFTY Rez. they fall to the floor in a messy clinch. Get out. this is how you repay me.

He can hear Rez rustling about upstairs. REZ! Rez flushes the chain. fuck. fuck.. One of them rotates a knife in his hand. Shifty starts ascending the stairs. NIGHT Shifty’s enters the bathroom to see Rez emptying the drugs into the toilet. thinking. 125 INT. SHIFTY (CONT’D) Fuck. SHIFTY SHIFTY REZ SHIFTY * * * * * . fuck. SHIFTY (CONT’D) What the fuck have you done. then heads off with conviction. He stands there for a moment breathing hard. Shifty backs away down the steps. NIGHT The motorway lights flicker through the glass. fuck. Rez. REZ. REZ’S HOUSE. REZ Get the FUCK out of my house.68. illuminating the guys faces. RANGE ROVER / MOTORWAY. 126 EXT. Rez is pushing Shifty again. 124B INT. Shifty pushes Rez aside and reaches into the toilet but it’s too late. NIGHT Shifty exits his brothers house. fuck. NO! Fuck you. REZ’S HOUSE. BATHROOM.. what the FUCK have you done? REZ Get the FUCK out.

They stand there for a moment. A BEAT. still in a bit of a state.. I’m not gonna do this party. 129 EXT. her eyes reddened from tears. SHIFTY (CONT’D) Look man. HOUSE PARTY. A voice calls out. straightens himself up. he downs his beer. NIGHT Chris sits on the wall. and walks towards the house. CHRIS! Chris turns to see Shifty approaching.69. You alright. He walks past her back into the house and kisses her cheek she flinches slightly. Chris looks down. NIGHT Jasmine. CHRIS You alright? SHIFTY Yeah. sits sorting stuff out in the front room. 128 EXT. TREVOR I brought it for you. SHIFTY (O. She picks up the carrier bag that Trevor brought home with him and looks inside. SHIFTY (CONT’D) I’ve got too much shit to deal with. She stands there for a second soaking it in. NIGHT Trevor sits at the garden table smoking a fag.. she pulls out the camera and tapes. Chris nods. JASMINE What’s this? Trevor looks up. I’m alright.) .S. 127 INT. Neither one saying anything. Jasmine walks outside. TREVOR’S GARDEN. TREVOR’S FRONT ROOM.

The door is shabby. Shifty nods with acceptance. SHIFTY (CONT’D) You don’t have to come with me. CHRIS I thought you were used to it.70. I thought you were gonna leave me cold. * . CHRIS (CONT’D) As if I’m not gonna come with you nutter. black bin liners decorate the floor. He exits and we follow him into the front room where Jasmine sits with the Camcorder. man. He carefully opens the door to make sure Jasmine's not nearby. Shifty shakes is head. NIGHT Shifty and Chris approach a rundown council flat. SHIFTY (CONT’D) Now you start throwing punches. Shifty knocks. Shifty looks at Chris. is Glen there? She watches them for a moment then shuts the door. NIGHT Quietly Trevor sniffs up a corner of coke. It’s up to you? CHRIS Yeah. but Chris smiles. COUNCIL ESTATE / HALLWAY. Jasmine peers into the Lens. SHIFTY Loretta. SHIFTY There’s only so much one man can take. They walk off. Chris throws Shifty a light punch. I’ll probably just grab my stuff from yours then. 130 INT. They stand for a moment when suddenly the door creaks open to reveal Loretta peaking through. 131 INT. They stand for a moment when Glen opens the door. She aims it at Trevor and presses record. TREVOR’S / BATHROOM. cool. SHIFTY Fucking hell.

SHIFTY (CONT’D) Can we do it inside. CHRIS You alright Loretta. She smiles at him. 132 INT. Lenny looks slowly up. Chris perches himself on the edge of a dusty old armchair. He looks at Loretta. SHIFTY Alright mate. LORETTA You alright Chris. Shifty. He looks at Lenny. He smiles nervously. Glen opens the door. what are you fucking doing here? LENNY GLEN GLEN . Glen just looks at him. What? SHIFTY I need to talk to you about something. Alright. SHIFTY (CONT’D) (to chris) Mate. Glen stops shifty and points for him to go into the bedroom. CHRIS Alright mate. GLEN’S COUNCIL FLAT / BEDROOM. NIGHT GLEN What’s going on. I’ll only be a minute. They both walk into the flat.71. Chris walks into the front room where he sees Lenny and Loretta playing Connect 4.

Shifty pulls out his phone. . here. SHIFTY Something happened today. SHIFTY Yeah well he went mental. SHIFTY Who told you that? GLEN Magnus did. told him what happened.. all of his money. bullshit.. GLEN Dunno mate. so I phoned Magnus. Glen stays quiet. I dunno.... tell him it’s all bollocks.... GLEN What Losing all his gear? A BEAT. SHIFTY Perhaps you should phone him up now...... he was saying all sorts of. Shifty waits for a reaction. you’re guess is as good as mine.. mixing the coke.72. Shifty pauses thinking. SHIFTY And what did he say? GLEN That you’ve lost all his gear.. SHIFTY (CONT’D) Why would he be saying that. GLEN You can tell him yourself.. Glen just looks at Shifty. in front of me.. something. who’s been talking to him? A BEAT. something serious. saying some other shit about me cutting it up. talked to him about it..

. Shifty holds the phone to Glen’s face.73... NIGHT GLEN I know that you bowl around this town like it’s your fucking manor. telling me what you’re gonna do to Magnus. Shifty stays quiet. GLEN’S COUNCIL FLAT / FRONTROOM.. call him up. Glen knocks down Shifty’s arm. SHIFTY What the FUCK are you going about.... giving it the large. GLEN I don’t know what the fuck you do Shifty? 133 INT. .. telling me how you’re gonna take him down.. with your smooth fucking Paki chat.. SHIFTY What are you talking about you prick? GLEN Mugging off Magnus.. 134 INT. GLEN (CONT’D) . GLEN’S COUNCIL FLAT / BEDROOM. saying that he’s getting weak. seething. NIGHT Chris watches Loretta and Glen play connect 4. GLEN And then you come to my house and you threaten me... tell him that I don’t cut up the coke.Shooting off your fucking mouth. Shifty stares at Glen. losing all his gear... SHIFTY Go on mate.

You’re just jealous cos you didn’t think of it first. There’s a knock at the door. You’re not that fucking smart. 135 INT. NIGHT Lenny and Loretta. Shifty goes to walk out with Chris. SHIFTY Fuck off Glen.74. GLEN’S COUNCIL FLAT / BEDROOM. can we go? SHIFTY Don’t worry about it. SHIFTY I didn’t think of it. then answers it. Chris looks totally uneasy. GLEN Fuck you. NIGHT SHIFTY You’ve been chopping up the fucking gear all along. cutting out Magnus. I’m fucking leaving. GLEN Who told you that? Fuck you. GLEN After what happened. CHRIS Mate. Glen looks a little shocked by Shifty’s revelation. GLEN’S COUNCIL FLAT / FRONTROOM. Selling half of it to the fucking Turks. the situation is making him uncomfortable. cos I’m not that fucking stupid. Shifty hesitates. 136 INT. are chasing the dragon from a piece of tin foil. Shifty and Chris carry on walking out. GLEN It’s about time you both fucked off. Glen follows them into the corridor. having ditched the connect 4. SHIFTY * . A BEAT. you cunt.

CHRIS WHAT DID I FUCKING DO? GLEN Don’t start shouting mate. Shifty comes in and pulls him away. You’re a fucking dead man Shifty. fucked. just leave it the geezers a wanker. GLEN (CONT’D) You broke my fucking nose. holding his face. with out hesitation Chris grabs Glen by his tee shirt and slams his forehead into Glens nose. GLEN (CONT’D) No wonder you left mate. Glen goes down on his knees..75. Glen doubles over. you’re all ready a fucking dead. Chris is kicking him. you gonna kill me like you did Serena. Chris smashes his fist into the back of Glens head. What? GLEN Couldn’t show your face after what you did. 137 INT/EXT RANGE ROVER. GLEN Get the fuck out of my house. FUCK YOU? GLEN Or what. MOTORWAY.. NIGHT The black Ranger Rover soars along the motorway. CHRIS What the fuck did I do? SHIFTY Mate. Suddenly. you’re fucked... CHRIS CHRIS * * . man. laying in a few boots himself. Glen stands up. blood spurting out... CHRIS What did I do exactly.. It breaks in a clean crack..

trudging through the ankle length grass. They carry on walking. NIGHT Through the front windscreen we see a sign indicating a turnoff for Dudlowe New town. NIGHT Chris and Shifty make their way through the town. 138 EXT. NIGHT The Range Rover creeps along the streets of Dudlowe. leave now. Shifty reaches into the bushes and starts rummaging around. RANGE ROVER. making the exit just in time. before the front window. lights off. A BEAT. RANGE ROVER. Shifty and Chris sit on dining chairs. dictating the pace. 142 EXT. get the fuck out of this shithole.76. He unwraps one bin liner to reveal another which has been tied with elastic. 140 EXT. SHIFTY'S HOUSE / FRONT ROOM NIGHT Silhouetted by the night sky. go to Manchester. man. NIGHT Shifty and Chris cross a field. together.. tonight. DUDLOWE STREETS. FIELD.. 139 INT. CHRIS Where are we going? To mine. I’m not leaving. SHIFTY Chris I can’t. He undoes another black bin liner until finally he’s left with just a leather sports bag. He pulls out a black bin liner containing something heavy. waiting. They reach a hedge. The jeep veers. Shifty’s walking fast. Silence. I’m not leaving my brother. SHIFTY . 141 INT. side by side. CHRIS We should just go. I’m telling you.

SHIFTY'S HOUSE / FRONT ROOM. and points upstairs to his bother. CHRIS Yeah but she didn’t did she. A BEAT. CHRIS (CONT’D) Fucking hell. CHRIS (CONT’D) Jesus Christ man what the fuck are you doing? Shifty gestures for him to be quiet. this is bullshit. Sit down. SHIFTY We were all pretty fucked Chris. SHIFTY Chris if it wasn’t you. NIGHT CHRIS Does everyone think it was me? SHIFTY If they did you’d be in prison mate? A BEAT.77. SHIFTY .38 six shot revolver and a hand full of bullets. A BEAT. A BEAT. A BEAT. SHIFTY (CONT’D) Running off didn’t help. 143 INT. Chris stands up. CHRIS She told me she’d done pills before. man. He pulls out a . CHRIS I can’t even remember giving it to her. she would have got it from someone else mate. Shifty leans forward and opens the leather sports bag. He starts loading the gun.

. CHRIS We got fucking mugged. They’re both starting to laugh. CHRIS Wish I’d slept last night. STREET. He’s feeling the pain. NIGHT They sit there. A moment of silence. CHRIS (CONT’D) I’m fucked. Chris laughs. CHRIS Do you think they’ll come. Shifty reaches in the bag and hands him a knuckle duster. CHRIS Glad you’re fucking sorted.78. NIGHT The Range Rover pulls into a turning.. SHIFTY . CHRIS (CONT’D) Got any coke? I’m out. Chris sits down. just waiting. A BEAT. man. 144 EXT. SHIFTY Don’t know. SHIFTY (CONT’D) Chris sit down. Chris’ laughter increases. SHIFTY (CONT’D) We’ve been chased by the police. 145 INT.. Silence. Chris looks at it. Shifty nods.. REZ’S HOUSE / FRONTROOM.

bats. guns at the ready. going for the gun in his jacket. Shifty motions for them to quieten down in case they wake Rez. CHRIS Fuck the party. they're dead to the world. NIGHT Shifty and Chris are silhouetted against the night sky. 150 EXT. STREET. 148 EXT. nothing there.. SHIFTY'S FRONT ROOM. They’re both cracking up.. one eye open. struggling. . NIGHT The five heavies get out of the jeep. Pulling on balaclava’s. NIGHT The five heavies approach the house. He looks around. STREET. 149 INT. 152 EXT.. I never wanted to go anyway.79. head drooping. NIGHT The Range Rover turns off it’s lights. SHIFTY And my brother flushed my gear down the toilet. knives. but he's too tired. STREET. Both their heads are drooped. 147 INT. 146 EXT. SHIFTY (CONT’D) Party was blinding though weren’t it? They’re both laughing. Shifty's trying to stay awake. NIGHT Chris is falling asleep.. NIGHT Shifty jolts as if he's heard something. 151 INT. STREET. NIGHT The Range Rover creeps along with its lights off. The guys just sit there waiting. SHIFTY'S HOUSE / FRONT ROOM. SHIFTY'S HOUSE / FRONT ROOM.

REZ’S HOUSE / FRONT ROOM. jeans. He looks up and down the street. JUMP CUT TO: 159 INT. 154 EXT. One of them kicks the front door with an almighty crash. Shifty looks at both. He goes to walk back in the house when suddenly his eye catches something on the floor. nothing. a Polaroid falls to the floor. He reaches down and picks up a large jiffy envelope that’s been left leaning against the bin cupboard. fast. 155 INT. tee shirts. 160 INT. 153 INT. MORNING Shifty steps out the front door to look about. Scribed across the front is: SHIFTY 157 INT. MORNING Shifty’s packing.80. REZ scribed across the front. MORNING Shifty rips open the Jiffy envelope. Shifty places an envelope on the table. NIGHT The five heavies assemble outside the door. REZ’S HOUSE / SHIFTY’S BEDROOM. REZ'S HOUSE / FRONT ROOM. STREET. JUMP CUT TO: 158 INT. . REZ’S HOUSE / SHIFTY’S BEDROOM. It’s a nice day. socks. NIGHT A shadow streaks across the front window but Shifty and Chris are asleep. REZ’S HOUSE / KITCHEN MORNING. REZ’S HOUSE / SHIFTY’S BEDROOM. Loading stuff into a sports bag. His face displays concern. MORNING Shifty pulls out a large bundle of money that he’s been saving. REZ’S HOUSE. 156 EXT. face down. He pulls out a Camcorder. Shifty awakes with a jolt to see broad day light streaming in through the windows of the house.

CHRIS Give me your phone. looking out the window. Shifty takes it and sits back. RIVER SIDE.81. JUMP CUT TO: 162 EXT.PAST Shifty stands. The bus pulls up. JUMP CUT TO: 163 EXT. COACH STOP. It plays softly over the following scenes. MORNING . 161 INT. and the Polaroid. REZ’S HOUSE / FRONT ROOM. What? CHRIS Give me your phone? He takes Shifty’s phone and chucks into the river. No one. Shifty stands at the river side. Chris beyond.38 revolver. COACH. MORNING Shifty walks into see Chris sitting up on the sofa. Chris settles back. He throws Chris’ bag at him. Shifty reaches into his jacket and pulls out the . staring at the camcorder in his hand.PRESENT Loretta awakes from a drug inflicted sleep and sits up. He throws it into the river. 165 INT. The track we heard at the beginning of the film begins to play: Noel McKoy’s “Brighter Day”. MORNING The bus pulls away. and offers Shifty one of his head phones to share. At Shifty’s bag slung over his shoulder. She looks around. M0RNING Shifty and Chris sit in silence. MORNING. He looks at his bag. watching. GLEN’S COUNCIL FLAT / FRONT ROOM. REZ’S HOUSE / SHIFTY’S BEDROOM. face down on the floor. SHIFTY . MORNING . 166 INT. 164 INT.

CLOSE ON SCREEN: IT SHOWS AN OPEN LINE TO MAGNUS’ MOBILE GLEN Who told you that? Fuck you. SHIFTY . 170 INT. GLEN’S COUNCIL FLAT / BEDROOM. You’re not that fucking smart.PAST Shifty turns over the Polaroid. 168 INT. MORNING . GLEN’S COUNCIL FLAT. REZ’S HOUSE / SHIFTY’S BEDROOM. RANGE ROVER. 167 INT. MORNING .82.PRESENT Loretta walks towards the bedroom. she reaches for the handle.MAGNUS WE PRESUME LISTENING TO THE CONVERSATION. 171 INT.PAST Shifty leans down to pick up the Polaroid. 172 INT.PAST CLOSE ON: PHONE HELD TO A MANS EAR . GLEN’S COUNCIL FLAT / HALLWAY.PRESENT Loretta opens the door to reveal Glen taped to a chair and beaten to death. GLEN Fuck you. But from a lower angle to see Shifty holding his mobile phone by his side. NIGHT . MORNING . REZ’S HOUSE / SHIFTY’S BEDROOM. SHIFTY I didn’t think of it. you cunt. NIGHT . cos I’m not that fucking stupid. You’re just jealous cos you didn’t think of it.PAST We see the same scene from the night before. 169 INT. MORNING .

She's fighting back clawing at them. REZ’S HOUSE / SHIFTY’S BEDROOM. MORNING . A man grabs Jasmine by the hair and drags her to the middle of the room. dropping the camera on its side yet still giving a viewpoint on events. THE MUSIC ON THE SOUND TRACK BEGINS TO GET LOUDER. Jasmine's crying. she attempts to fight back. He goes down like a lead weight. NIGHT .83.PAST Shifty turns over the Polaroid to see a picture of Glen. The banging becomes a crash as something gives way. REZ’S HOUSE / SHIFTY’S BEDROOM. 173 INT. A child cries out from upstairs. Someone has grabbed the camera and angles it on Trevor's bloodied features. feisty as ever. 174 INT. Jasmine screams. This is bedlam. Trevor's face is pressed against the cold lino flooring. fear washing over her. do me a favour.PAST Shifty opens the LCD on the Camcorder and presses play and begins to watch. TREVOR Babe. TREVOR (CONT’D) What the fuc… Trevor's up on his feet. Congealed blood envelopes his eyes and nose cavities. taped to the chair and beaten to death. MORNING . Three men are on Trevor. Suddenly someone rushes in from the left and lays a vicious right hook to Trevor's head. 175 INT.PAST CAMCORDER: Jasmine peers into the lens. TREVOR’S HOUSE / FRONT ROOM. . There is a colossal banging sound. he's receiving a serious beating. VOICE (OS) Tell that fucking slag to stop crying… NOW!! Two hooded men drag Jasmine off to another room. JASMINE TREVOR WHAT IS IT? PHONE THE POLICE! Three heavyset men in balaclava’s charge into the front room. She then turns the camera and follows Trevor who plants himself on the other settee. he looks uneasy.

GLEN’S COUNCIL FLAT. Trevor's eyes flicker open. squeezing his cheeks so he looks sadly comic. He and Chris seated next to one another. VOICE (OS) (CONT’D) Look into the FUCKING lens!!! Trevor complies. MORNING . VOICE (OS) (CONT’D) SAY YOU'RE FUCKING SORRY!!! The voice echoes out. 177 INT.PRESENT Rez’ opens the envelope on the side and pulls out a mass of money left for him by Shifty. REZ’S HOUSE / KITCHEN MORNING . Dudlowe passing him by as he exits the town. A hand moves into shot and grabs hold of his face. The hand slaps him hard and grabs his face again.84. CUT TO BLACK. Trevor begins to weep . VOICE (OS) (CONT’D) Say you're sorry. He nestles back into his chair and closes his eyes.a painful sight. ROLL CREDITS. Shoulder to shoulder. The music rises.PRESENT Shifty sits looking out the window. 178 INT. 176 INT. VOICE (OS) (CONT’D) Look into the lens… Trevor fails to comply. COACH. MORNING Loretta puts on her jacket and walks out of the flat. .

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