A Proud Rabbit and the Turtle


In a small forest on the outskirts of the village, there was a boastful rabbit. He likes to taunt other animals that are weaker. Other animals such as turtles, snails, ants, and other small animals nobody likes arrogant in rabbits. One day, the Rabbit run by arrogantly seeking to called her a weak opponent. Incidentally he met with the turtles. Rabbit : "Hey, the turtle, the slow, you do not walk .. run away, let me quickly," Rabbit said, smiling sarcastically to the Turtles. Turtles : "Let the Rabbit, it's my way slowly. The point I arrived safely to the place of destination, rather than quickly will fall and get hurt,"answered the Tortoise calmly. Rabbit : "Hey, a turtle, what if we race to run. If you can win I'll give any presents you wish for," said Rabbit with a laugh. In his heart he said, "How could he be able to beat me." Turtles : "Well, rabbit, how could I compete with you racing, you can run and jump quickly, while I go step by step while carrying my heavy, "said the tortoise. Rabbit : "I can not, you can not refuse this challenge. Anyway, tomorrow morning I'm waiting for you under a banyan tree. I will contact Mr. Wolf to be a referee," Rabbit force.

Narrator: Turtles can only be silent stare. In his heart said Turtles : No way I could beat Rabbit? " Narrator: The next day Rabbit was waiting with pride under the banyan tree. Mr. Wolf also has come to be a referee. After the turtles come, said the wolf pack
Mrs. Wolf : "The rules are like this, you start from the line on that side, which under the mango tree. You can see that?" Rabbit and Turtles : "Can ... can ...," Mrs. Wolf : "Now anyone who can come first under this banyan tree, that's what won," said Mr. Wolf again. "Okay we start the game ready, ... one .... two ... three ... go!"

Narrator: Rabbits jump immediately preceded the turtles, which began to walk slowly, because he could not leave his house.
Rabbit : "Let's get turtles, run, run ..... hahahaha!" "I'll wait here yes ...," she said, mock turtles.

turtle foot has touched the finish line and Mrs." said the rabbit. How shocked he was when he saw the turtle had almost reached the finish. do not like to taunt again. okay. A few more steps he will reach the finish. Rabbit : Yes. Turtles : Yeah. But it was too late. huh?" said the tortoise. Narrator : They were friends and since then the rabbit is not be arrogant anymore MORAL VALUE: Do not be a proud because of pride that will make us despised by others Name of group : Anisa Apriyanti Ahmad Taufik Sudirman Sulaeman . Wolf has decided that the winner is the turtle. Turtles: "Well."said the shy rabbit. When the Rabbit's wake. yes. Forgive me. from now on I will not be arrogant again. now we are friends huh? "said the tortoise. Hard he ran and jumped to catch turtles. The wind then exhale slowly and cool. The Rabbit Arrogant silent as if not believing that he could fall asleep. who won Rabbit?" Rabbit : "Well. Turtles : "Now I just ask one of you. will not be mocked again. quietly he passed the rabbit fast asleep. it turns out you win turtle. and do not be naughty. you do not be arrogant again. and soon Rabbit fell asleep ! Slowly but surely moving turtle hard. we are friends. Rabbit : "Yeah turtles. making the Rabbit became drowsy.Narrator: Rabbit sitting around singing.

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