KOLOSSEUM 20XI RULES (These rules override the e-Brochure rules in case there is a conflict



TABLE OF CONTENTS NIRMAAN (B-Plan Contest) ___________________________________________________ 3 SHRESTH (Best Manager) _____________________________________________________ 4 PANDAVAS (Multi-game event)________________________________________________ 4 JIGYASA (B-Quiz)____________________________________________________________ 5 MAHA NIVESHAK (Stock Trading) ______________________________________________ 5 MANTHAN (Product Promotion) _______________________________________________ 6 VIGYAPAN (Ad Film) ________________________________________________________ 7 GADGETGIRI.6 ______________________________________________________________ 8 Need for Speed .Most Wanted ____________________________________________________ 9 SAAZ (Solo Singing) ________________________________________________________ 11 MUDRA (Group Dance) _____________________________________________________ 11 LAAVANYA (Fashion Show) __________________________________________________ 11 KAMPANN (Rock Band) _____________________________________________________ 12 2|P ag e .COM (Gadget of Future) ___________________________________________ 8 MANCH (LAN Gaming) _______________________________________________________ 8 Counter Strike v1.

Solid business plans of innovative. There will be a Winner and a Runners Up. Submission of the Executive Summary: The competition will begin by sending an Executive Summary to kolosseum@ksom. 3. 3|P ag e .in clearly explaining the business idea and its market opportunity. Registering for the Event: To participate in the event you have to send only one team consisting maximum of 4 members. 2. The teams have to send their Executive Summary clearly mentioning   Name of the College Name (s) of the Participants Last Date of Receiving B-Plan Summaries: 26th January 2011.NIRMAAN (B-Plan Contest) 1. The winning teams need to convince the jury of their passion for the project and their ability to sell their idea and carry it through. The event will take place on 29th January 2011.ac. The Teams are required to give a presentation (duration is 20 mins) on the plan being submitted by them in front of the Jury Members. An underlying feature would be the innovativeness of the idea and its wider acceptability. Business Plan Presentation Round (The Final Event): All teams registered have to come with at least two copies for their final business plan (a report) along with their presentation slides. scalable. It may include a brief on the proposed management and project cost. and impactful projects will be rewarded. A Panel of Judges will evaluate the Executive Summary and select the top business ideas based on well defined criteria to advance to the final round to be announced during Kolosseum. The presentation will be followed by questions from a Panel of Judges.

6. Participation Rules Single participant from each college. 2.SHRESTH (Best Manager) The game consists of 6 parts: 1. 3. Two teams will be eliminated after each round. Prioritization Problem Identification Innovation Skills Resource Allocation Decision Making Time Management Evaluation Rules All parts carry 10 points. however the weightage for each part is different. Game duration Max 2 hours PANDAVAS (Multi-game event)         Pandavas is a multi-round. Four rounds will be there. Exactly 5 participants per team 10 teams will be selected from the preliminary round (through a short quiz) in case total teams exceed 10. 4. All the teams need to carry a laptop. Rest of the details would be communicated during the rounds. 4|P ag e . 5. Final round will have four teams. multi-level and multi-day event Game will last for three days.

The whole game will be governed by a board of members 5|P ag e . quizzing minds from across the country. All registrations will be on-the-spot. so that they can excel at all parameters of the game. 3. The prelims will be on a written format. 4. SENSEX. marketing. You needn’t worry though! You will not be asked to move mountains! And moreover. BSE 200. the B-Quiz is open to all interested. your creative inclination. So get ready to showcase power of your brain and brawn. JIGYASA (B-Quiz) 1. Your aptitude for HR. 2. and financial skills. physical endurance is also a core part of the games here. 5. MAHA NIVESHAK (Stock Trading) MAHA NIVESHAK is a real-time simulated investment game based on the Indian Stock Exchange. sell (short) and short sell any stock constituting the index.Additional details about Pandavas The teams should consist of people with various skill sets. Though mental abilities are integral to any management fest. The games test your managerial. This game allows the investors to buy (long).000. Each of the investment teams will have an initial virtual cash of Rs. The investments will be made through the brokerage firm which will be assigned by the organizers of the event. Decision of the Quiz Master and Organizers will be final and binding. The game will be played for a day (Friday. A team should consist of exactly 2 members. you will utterly enjoy these games. 28th January). NIFTY JUNIOR and NIFTY It gives a real time experience of online trading and tests the various strategies of investing in the stock market. Participants can come to the campus and register at the registration desk or online by sending us the filled up registration form. The brokerage firms will charge a commission proportionate to the investment service they render to the investors. Jigyasa. and your quizzing acumen will also be at stake.20.00.

NIFTY JUNIOR and NIFTY   Each Investment Team should consist of 2 members. Rules  The decisions taken by the Regulatory Board is final and binding.  The amount of investment in a stock cannot exceed more than 20% of the initial funding.20%)  The teams are allowed to have a maximum of 50 transactions per day (buying and selling of a security will be counted as 2 transactions).  Commission rates charged by the brokers should be within the given permissible limit: Short Sale (0. 20.00. BSE 200.Prepare taglines for the given product (s) Round 2. but you are expected to cover your positions by the end of the day’s trading period or else it will be covered at the last closing price of the day. MANTHAN (Product Promotion) Rules:    Exactly two participants per team Maximum of one team per institution Every round is an elimination round Round 1.of “KIIT SECURITY EXCHANGE COMMISION” (which will act as the regulatory body replicating SEBI) At the end of the game. Round 3.Present the complete promotional plan of the product portfolio (Equipments/means would be supplied) 6|P ag e .30%) and Buy/Sell (0. Initial virtual cash of Rs. The stocks for trading should be constituted of the following index SENSEX. “The Best Investment Team” would be awarded based on closing Net Worth. Stationeries would be supplied.000 will be given to each investment team.    All the interested teams will have to complete their registration by 26th of January. Short Selling is allowed.Prepare promotional work on chart papers.

stale stuff we have already seen on TV. 2011. It can be humorous.  Any significant resemblance to any existing form of print/visual advertisement will lead to disqualification. Mention the Name of Your College & Participants.mp4. but meant for general public viewing. You are welcome to design a logo and tagline for the company if you want.  The shops promise to repair everything from cycles to mopeds to motorcycles. The ad should have a clear customer segment in mind and the value should be communicated effectively  The advertisement should be completely original. shocking. funny. professionally and with minimum cost.wmv format to kolosseum@ksom. 11:00 am. creative.ac. Anything but mundane. Size should be less than 20 MB. crazy.  The time duration of the video should not be more than 90 seconds. a sector which is completely un-organized now. quickly.in before 29th January.VIGYAPAN (Ad Film)  This is an “Offsite Event”.   Remember. Theme of the Advertisement:  The company calls itself “Chalti Rahe”.  Send your AD Film in . 7|P ag e . the Ad film needs to go beyond just creating an animated punch line.avi or . The contestants don’t have to travel anywhere. . and innovative.  The company aims to create a chain of roadside two-wheeler repair shops across India.

     8|P ag e . Post 3 rounds. The contestants have to submit their design and describe briefly the technical underpinnings. No use of Terrorists D3/AU-1 Rifle and Counter Terrorists Kreig 550 Commando Rifle. within the first 3 rounds.6     A team should have exactly 5 members. If there is odd number of teams proceeding to the next round. The contestants don’t have to travel anywhere. bug nading. there will be a restart of complete match. “de_nuke”. “de_inferno”. including a title slide. Bug planting. the team filling up for making the round even will be from losers bracket.GADGETGIRI. If there is any problem in connection due to unforeseen circumstances. Doing so can disqualify the team.ac. In case of 2 teams having same lowest losing ratio. A sketch/diagrammatic representation of the Gadget is necessary. Entries are to be sent to kolosseum@ksom. An entry should be a PowerPoint Slideshow of not more than 7 slides.COM (Gadget of Future)       This is an “Offsite Event”. The competition is all about creating the “Gadget of the future” The gadget has to be innovative. Any contestant suspected of plagiarism will be disqualified. usage. bug smoking. target customers and any other relevant details of their product before 28th January 2011. Maps include – “de_dust 2”. The team to be selected depends upon the lowest losing ratio among the losing teams. bug flashing is not allowed. there will be $5000 cash to each teams and a restart of round.    MANCH (LAN Gaming) Counter Strike v1. Use of these can lead to round forfeiture to opposite team. Players can bring and use their own Gaming Peripherals. original with a clear customer segment in mind The gadget should have a Price and the price needs to be justified by the team from market and production perspective.in Plagiarism shall not be tolerated. “de_train”. No sledging on opposite team members is permissible. there will be a lottery among the two teams.

The server master will be recording game progress. This can be very disadvantageous for the team shouting. by players. doing this can lead to disqualification from the tournament. Tracks will be decided by lottery. and by referee. then the team that does not follow this decision will be subjected to disqualification. it is known that players shout/sledge during matches. Final WCG rules): Each Team plays 11 rounds as Terrorists and 11 rounds as Counter-Terrorists. Protests can only be filed by the team leader (e. straight round win is 6-0. the overtime will be repeated until a winner is declared. If a re-match is decided by the head referee. Such an offense may result in a warning or loss of all remaining TR rounds at the sole discretion of the board of referees. Team Leader. Silent C4 installation is considered bug play. NOTE: Knowing the gravity of matches.e. In case of another tie. i. Boosting (stepping on top of own team player) is allowed in play. Any intentional refusal to connect to the match server can result in a default loss for that team with the decision to be made at the sole discretion of the referee. In the case of intentional disconnection. then switch. Host will be decided by lottery. No-tk Punish. No sledging to the server master. But players are expected to play quietly since the opponents can also hear them.000. a player that represents the team). The team winning first 4 rounds will be declared the winner. the referee may decide to end the match with the offending team losing by forfeit. Each team will play 3 rounds as Terrorist and 3 rounds as Counter-Terrorist.              If there is a match tie. Round Time: 1 minute 45 seconds. Binding Duck to scroll wheel is not allowed. Freeze time – 15 secs. Installing C4 at a location where a boost is required is allowed. Need for Speed . Player. Overtime consists of 6 rounds with starting money of $10. he/she can express his/her protest to a referee before the completion of a match. Friendly fire is on. C4 must be installed at a viewable location. If referee decides that external conditions (Press. C4 timer – 35 secs. Winning 12 rounds gives match win. then the match will have overtime. etc) give unfair advantage to a player. If a player does not agree to any rules.Most Wanted     Individual Event. Tracks include: 9|P ag e .g. General Game Setting Rounds: 22 Rounds (Except final round format. the team may be given a warning or lose by default at the referee’s sole discretion. fade to black is on. Spectator.

Disconnection. JUNKMAN Parts are allowed. trainers or scripts are allowed. if unintentional or by technical problems arise can lead to restart of race. game mode.  Game settings: Laps (Only for Circuits) – 3 N20 – On Collision Detection – Off Performance Matching – Off Minimum (players per play off) – 4  Game format: Tracks Selection: Lottery (3 sprints. All cars are allowed. Semi-finals & final will have 2 players per match format. rest are eliminated. any misbehavior with the referee can lead to ‘disqualification’ from the tournament. Players – 4 per match till semi-finals. if detected can lead to disqualification from the race. 10 | P a g e . No cheats. Diamond. Intentional disconnection if supported by referee can lead to forfeiture of the race. Hillcrest Boundary. Switchback. Omega/Industries. State/Warrent. 2 circuits per playoff at random) Race win – first person crossing the finish line. any help being given or taken. (Game format is subject to change and will be notified before starting of tournaments. Waterfront. Tuning the cars is allowed. No external help is allowed during matches. Match win – First person to win 3 races (from both types). Camden/Dunwich. Forest Green. Hastings.)           Players are not allowed to bring their own Saved files.Campus Interchange. Highway 201. Lyons/State. Country Club.Bay Bridge/Seaside. 1 Proceeds to next round. All decision by Game Referee is final and binding to all players. Seaside/Interchange. clubhouse/Lennox.Circuits . Camden/Ironwood. and Clubhouse. Breaking of Pursuit Breakers by Players in races is allowed. and NFS World Loop. Type – All matches are knockout in nature. Camden/route 55. Sprints .

SAAZ (Solo Singing)      Individual event with just one round. Musical instrument support would not be given by the organizers. (Note: No fire & glass items can be used as props) LAAVANYA (Fashion Show) RULES:     Each college can have only one team with maximum 15 members There will be three rounds i. No props would be provided by the organizers. Seeing the number of participation there would be audition & then theme would be given to dance or else the first round would be considered as final round. Western. The participants can wear anything in accordance with the themes. Judge's decision to be considered as final.get yourself filmed and present as a motion picture. Maximum 2 participants can participate from each college. It opens with western round and ethnic round. However. NOTE: AGE OF EMPIRES IS WITHDRAWN due to some unavoidable circumstances. Ethnic. Participants can get their Karaoke tracks. Players can bring and use their own Gaming Peripherals.e. MUDRA (Group Dance)     Group formation: Minimum 2 & Maximum 10 Groups have to bring their own tracks. We are really sorry for the cancellation. Anybody wants to use props can bring their own props. 11 | P a g e . both in mp3 (in pen drive) and WAV audio (normal CD audio track) format. For the theme-based round. the theme is “Cinematic”. Theme-based. a participant can get his/her equipment and sing along while playing.

    The teams have to choose a movie as a theme and they have to dress and style as different characters from that particular movie. Programmed music will not be allowed to be played on stage. Creativity. 1 high hat) 12 | P a g e . Judges’ decision will be final. ON STAGE (Will be provided by Organizers)   Adequate monitors including side fills. Beauty. Travelling expenses will not be borne by the organizers. 1 floor tom. Aura.  1 basic drum kit (2 toms. 2 symbolscrash & a ride. Organizers will not be responsible for failure of any bands’ personal instruments. Bands can get their own equipments and gadgets as per their requirements. Poise and Confidence are what we would be looking at. 1 base drum. Each round would take atleast15-20 minutes for respective teams. single base pedal. 1 lead vocal microphone and 2 side vocal microphones. Needless to say Grace. The teams should get their tracks for the various themes. KAMPANN (Rock Band) RULES        Each band will be given a time slot of 40 minutes which is inclusive of the sound balancing. Bands are requested to give a list of their choice of songs for the “Judges’ choice”.

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