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' The Iew who understand the system , will either be so interested in its proIits, or so dependent on its Iavors that there
will be no opposition Irom that class, while on the other hand, the great body oI people, mentally incapable oI
comprehending the tremendous advantages...will bear its burden without complaint, and perhaps without suspecting that
the system is inimical |Iniurious| to their best interests. ¨ - Rothschild Brothers of London communiqué to New York
1une 25. 1863

Anders 8ehrlna 8relvek launched a oneŴman wave of Lerror ln Csloţ norwavţ blowlna up a aovernmenL
bulldlna and Lhen assaulLlna chlldren aL a plavaroundŦ Whv?
l meanţ look aL hlmţ he looks abouL as well ad[usLed as anvoneţ all preppv and conservaLlve and
norwealanŦ usuallv Lhe klnd of person who'd open up on a bunch of peopleŧ chlldrenŧ have more Lhan
a few screws looseţ smells llke caL plssţ unwashedţ unkempLţ llves ln mommv's basemenL lf noL
Anders 8ehrlna 8relvek defles LhaL sLereoLvpe as well as defvlna anv klnd of senseŦ
Pe wroLe a eŴbook LlLled 2083ţ whlch ls baslcallv a 1300 paae bouL of arandloslLvţ mlsplaced
romanLlclsm abouL Lhe 1emplarsţ a facL fllled anLlŴlmmlaraLlon screedŧ raLher lenaLhv and as
meLhodlcallv wrlLLen as hls aLLackŧ Lhen whv aLLack norwealan chlldren and a aovernmenL bulldlna?
Wouldn'L he have served hls purpose beLLer bv Lurnlna hls weapons onLo a mosque? Cr Lhe leaders of
hls pollLlcal enemlesţ or Lhelr enforcersŴanvone buL chlldren and a aovernmenL bulldlna? l meanţ vou
wanL Lo do someLhlna memorablv svmbollc Lo rallv round vour opposlLlon Lo vour counLrv and culLure
belna swamped bv vour aovernmenL's pollclesŧ vou don'L do lL ln a manner LhaL noL onlv encouraaes
supporL for Lhe lmmlaranLs vou're aaalnsLţ lL raLcheLs up more aovernmenL represslonŦ Pe even braas
abouL whaL he aoL and how he aoL lL so LhaL anv Lrue norwealan paLrloLsŧ or Amerlcan paLrloLs for LhaL
maLLerŧ wlll be proflled all Lhe more aaaresslvelvŦ
Looklna aL hls lacebook paae he ls Lhe ulrecLor aL a aeofarm named afLer hlmself used as a lncome
source and cover Lo acqulre ferLlllzer for exploslvesţ so he's a lnLelllaenL buslnessmanŦ 8relvek ma[ored
ln flnance wlLh a mlnor ln rellalonŦ lacebook llsLs hlm as a ChrlsLlan conservaLlveŦ
Pe had prevlous flrearms experlence as a hunLerŦ norwav ls laraelv ruaaedţ rural and hunLlna ls verv
popular and alLhouah weapons llke Lhe A8 famllv are forbldden a ºhunLlna rlfle" llke Lhe MlnlŴ14 lsn'Lţ
Lhouah vou need a permlL and cerLlflcaLlonŦ lL's admlLLedlv an underraLed rlfleŤ he plcked up 30
maaazlnes for Lhe weapon whlch would explaln Lhe hlah bodv counL of defenseless chlldrenŦ
A pollLlcal conservaLlve buslnessman Lakes several vears Lo prepare Lo blow up a aovernmenL bulldlna
and murder a bunch of defenseless chlldren for hls causeŴwhlch slnks lLŦ no sense aL allŦ
nCW Lhls auv makes sense! 8relvek ls a
freemasonŴwhlch would flL flne wlLh hls
vlews and belna a buslnessmanŦ
l sav 8relvek makes sense now because
Lhe freemasons are Lhe mosL danaerous
LerrorlsL oraanlzaLlon on LarLhŦ Cver Lhe
cenLurles Lhev have seduced and Lurned
Lhe powerfulţ Lhe successfulţ Lhe
connecLed aaalnsL us allŦ
lreemasonrv ls a power culL wlLh occulL
underLones and orlalns LhaL ls exLremelv
hlerarchlalŦ AL Lhe lower levels lL ls a aood
ol' bovs club whose members are vour
local pollLlclansţ pollceţ buslnessmenŦ
1he freemasons are secreLlveŤ Lhelr
meeLlnas are noL publlclzedţ Lhev Lake
oaLhs of secrecv pledalna deaLh for
reveallna Lhelr secreLsŦ
MosL freemasons never proaress bevond
whaL's known as Lhe 8lue Lodaeţ whlch
are Lhose aood ol' bovs who run local and
sLaLe aovernmenLs and own Lhe one or
Lhree local buslnesses allowed Lo Lhrlve
whlle evervone else ls drlven ouL of
Some of course show more promlseţ and
rlse ln Lhe ranks Lo become far more
powerfulŦ 1he aood ol' bovs club on a
naLlonal scaleŦ
Amerlca was founded bv freemasons as Lhe 'new aLlanLls' wrlLLen abouL so propheLlcallv bv Slr lrancls
8aconŦ Cr was lL Lhe planŧ
93ť l8LLMASCnlC nuM8L8 Anu C1PL8 CCCuL1lC ln1L8SLC1lCnS
1he freemasons use a loL of arcane svmboloavŦ 1he enemv ls verv bla on numeroloav because Lhev feel
Lhev derlve power from lLţ whlch mavbe Lhev do lf vou ao Lo wwwŦenLerprlsemlssonŦcom vou'll flnd ouL
nASA conslders everv rockeL launch as a occulLlc rlLual where Lhev don'L launch unless Lhe numbers and
sLars are rlahLŦ l Lake Lhe followlna from 8evelaLlon 911 abouL occulLlc numeroloavť
hapter 2: Introduction to the Illuminati's Numerological Ritual in Staging World Events

The tell-tale signature or Iootprint oI the devil's hiiacking oI our history has not been previously seen by the great many oI us or
pointed out as time and events have passed us by. One oI the principle 'occult' practices oI devil worship is the practice oI using
certain numbers associated with as many aspects oI a ritual event as possible. These numbers are considered the most magical or
powerIul oI numbers:

("11"(or multiples of 11).13.14(2x7).18(3x6).19.21(3x7).27(3x3x3).39.93(666) )

"3" represents (or mocks) the Trinity oI The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. "6" is the number biblically assigned to 'the beast' in
mankind, or the incarnation oI the devil itselI. "7" is the number associated with the Divine presence oI God, The Father. As the
number oI notes on a musical scale, colors oI the rainbow, and days oI the week, the number 7 serves as an undeniable signature
oI Our Father's hand upon creation. There are 7 seals and 7 angels with 7 trumpets in Revelation 6-8. There are 7 characteristics
oI wisdom in James 3:17. Most signiIicantly, it was on the 7th day that Our Father rested aIter creating the heavens and the
Earth. Thus, the number 7 also indicates the end oI a cycle. " 9" represents 3 threes and an upside-down 6. The number 9 was
sacred to Pythagoreans and thus Freemasonry, because it represented the perIect square (9) oI the perIect number (3). Nine
interestingly enough, is also the number oI Satan, in Satanism. " 11" is considered to be the most magical oI numbers: it
represents the 11 horns oI the Iinal beast that arises in biblical prophecy ( Daniel 7:7-8/Revelation 17:12 ), it mocks the Iinal "11"
disciples ( Judas Iscariot had already perished by the time oI the Ascension ), Genesis "11" is the story oI the "Tower oI Babel",
and to astrologers "11" marks the Age oI Aquarius "; the number 11 is the Aquarian number since Aquarius is the 11th sign oI
the zodiac. "13" represents disobedience to The Father, the 12 disciples (including Judas) ¹ Jesus. And 13 is actually the number
oI Iull moons in a 365-day calendar year and is obviously not something the illuminati invented or discovered, yet illuminati
witches do celebrate the number proIusely. So sacred it is to them, that most buildings are not built with a 13th Iloor, except
perhaps where they have their personal oIIices. "18" is the summation oI the number oI the beast, 6¹6¹6, or 3 times 6. " 19"
represents "salvation" in the illuminati's numerology, again due to certain biblical reIerences. "21" is ( "3"x"7" - oIten associated
with events appearing as admissions or good deeds; as iI impersonating God The Father into the event. ), " 27" is 3 times 3 times
3 or 9 times 3. "39"('13'x'3') and "93" is used as a synonym Ior the number oI the beast as 3 9's or 999; it is viewed as the
number oI the beast, iust upside down. Believe it or not, this is what the people who worship black magic believe in and use in
their practice oI devil worship. You can ask others Iamiliar with this, or Iind this inIormation posted in many places across the
hapter 4: The Occult Numerology intentionally used in creating world "history"
So, how is the devil disguising itselI today within today's world events?
Again, as noted above, numerology is oIten used as the Iingerprint oI their dastardly deeds that are perIormed with ritualistic intent.
First, two important dates to recognize:
On " 11"/"18"/1118 the Templars were recognized in the city oI Clermont. 1¹1¹1¹8 ÷ "11". The authors oI Holv Blood Holv Grail provided the
deIinitive evidence that there were "9" original Iounding Templars and they originally banded together in "1111" and taking no new members Ior
" 9" years.
The Satan worshipping Adam Weishaupt Iounded the Illuminati oI Bavaria on May "1st"(5¹1÷"6"), 1776.
To begin with a recent example most oI us in this generation can remember:
A ritual sacriIice to the devil was called Ior in the mid-1990's under then US president Clinton, a descendent oI the Collin's
Iamily illuminati bloodline. His Attorney General, Janet Reno, who on March "11th" 1993 was conIirmed by the United States
Senate and sworn-in the next day, Iollowed the date prescribed by her satanic overlords and ordered the blood sacriIice oI the entire
Davidian church oI WACO Texas in a Iiery maelstrom on April "19th", 1993.
The "19th" was used again in the subsequent Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, which killed even more innocent men, women,
and children in America's heartland. Apparently during these events, 'salvation' oI their devilish system was deemed most
important, by not letting America continue to get progressively prosperous, happy, or Iree.
As stated above, the discovered numbers that our hidden rulers are oIten using within dates oI events themselves are:
("11"(including multiples such as 22. 33. etc).13.14(2x7).18(3x6).19.21(3x7).27(3x3x3).39.93(666) )
On June 2nd, 1997 a iury convicted Timothy McVeigh on " 11" Ielony counts. On June "13th", 1997 the iury condemns McVeigh
to die by lethal iniection. December "11th", 2000 McVeigh asked US District court Judge Richard Matsh to stop his appeals
process and schedule his execution to take place beIore the summer's end (in an apparent hurry to die). January " 11th", 2000
McVeigh lets pass the deadline Ior changing his decision. May " 11th" Attorney General John AshcroIt delays McVeigh's
execution until June "11th", 2001. McVeigh is supposedly executed on June "11th", 2001 at "7" a.m. By the numerics used, this
is now known to obviously have been an illuminati mind control operation Irom the very beginning to the theatrical Iinale.
However, the use oI occult numerology in dates oI global events that have created much Iear or suspense, their starting or Iinale
dates, goes back hundreds oI years.
For brevity, let us iust examine more oI the number-coded timeline oI illuminati intrigue Irom the Iinale oI World War I.
The powers-that-were then decided, out oI Germany ( where the war actually started Irom! ), the best time the declare the oIIicial
end oI World War I was on November 11th, 1918 at 11am or "11"/"11"/18 at "11"am. Here the number "11" is highly celebrated.
"22"(2x11) years later, on February "27th"(3x3x3), 19" 33"(3x11) ( 2/27/33 and 2¹2¹7÷"11" ) Hitler had his secret police burn the
Reichstag building, the German people's congressional building, to the ground into a pile oI smoldering ashes. To the German
people back then, this was quite similar to the attacks oI 9/11 that the whole world witnessed in 2001. Sparing little time the
Austrian born Rothschild grandson Adolph Hitler elevated himselI Irom Chancellor, subsequently declared himselI Fuhrer, and
Iederalized the German states into a "Homeland" national police state prior to his ultimate invasion oI Poland and the beginning
oI World War II in 19"39"(13x3). ( The United States would be drawn into the war on December " 7th" 1941, three months aIter
the groundbreaking ceremonies oI the Pentagon ( unbelievably: shaped as the core oI a satanic pentagram symbol! ) ) Today, a
similar scenario to this is being repeated on a much larger scale.
The Iollowing outlines the biggest oI Iinancial scams that has been built into the United States oI America:
The Congress shall have power coin Monev. regulate the Jalue thereof. and of foreign Coin. and 1the Standard of
Weights and Measures. 1787 - The onstitution of the United States - Section 8
That is precisely what the congress did in 1792. The dollar was Iixed by law at 24.75 grains or 0.05156 troy oz. oI gold. In 1837,
the coinage was reworked and the dollar was deIined at 25.8 grains oI gold "nine-tenths Iine". That gives $20.67 dollars to one
troy oz. oI gold. That was the dollar's "Iixed value" Ior 96 years Irom 1837 to 1933.
On March "6th", 1933 using a wartime statute passed in 1917, Franklin Roosevelt issued a proclamation closing every bank in
the U.S. Ior Iour days. The banks were closed Irom March " 6th" to March "9th". On March "9th", 1933 day one oI "The Hundred
Days", the president called a special session oI the congress. In a Iew hours, with minimal iI any debate, the congress passed the
Gold ConIiscation Act act oI 1933: " to provide relieI in the existing national emergency in banking, and Ior other purposes ".
April " 3rd", 1933 president Roosevelt, acting under the sweeping authority passed to him by congress on March "9th", created
Executive Order 6102 (6¹1¹0¹2÷"9") which invoked his authority to make it unlawful to own or hold gold coins. gold
bullion. or gold certificates. The export of gold for purposes of payment was also outlawed. except under license from the
treasury. ( Absolutely no kidding! Look all this up yourself! )
Amazingly, under the Fed's heavy hand in depressing the American economy ( by continuously constricting the paper money
supply aIter the crash oI 1929 by hundreds oI billions ), the American people *complied* with FDR's executive order and it was
not legal Ior Amercans to own gold again until 1972! The Iollowing year, all the conIiscated gold was taken to Fort Knox under
much propaganda/IanIare. Then, secretly, all that gold started being siphoned right back to the European Central banks. There
hasn't been an audit conducted at Fort Knox since 1957 under Eisenhower! America was robbed oI her gold in plain sight. This is
Following that, in 1935, Rothschild puppet Franklin Delano Roosevelt commissioned the "The Great Seal" to be placed on the
back oI the US paper dollar. This is the illuminati's pyramid symbol. There are " 13" stacks oI bricks on the 'all seeing eye'
pyramid. The oIIicial national seal oI the United States contains "13" arrows, " 13" letters, "13" laurel leaves, " 13" berries, " 13"
stars above the eagle in the Iorm oI a hexagram, "13" stripes on the shield. The " 9" tail Ieathers indicate the "9" additional degrees
oI the York Rite oI Freemasonry. Then the American eagle with 32 Ieathers on one wing and "33" on the other. There are "33"
steps on the side oI the pyramid representing the "33" degrees oI Freemasonry.
Many presidents have been either 32nd degree or 33rd degree Ireemasons. For instance, Franklin D. Roosevelt was a 32nd degree
Ireemason in the Scottish Rite and the 32nd President oI the United States. He was Iollowed by Harry S. Truman, a " 33rd" degree
Ireemason also Irom the Scottish Rite and the " 33rd" President oI the United States. ¦ FDR's depressive era "New Deal" packages
to the People were actually Christmas paper wrapped increased socialist control over the People Ior the principal beneIit oI his
elite masters elsewhere around the world. } We must remember the words oI the inIamous illuminist and communist Franklin D.
Roosevelt who said, ' In politics nothing is by accident; iI it happens, you can be sure we planned it that way. "
Many witches consider the number " 13" as the most powerIul number in witchcraIt, and our nation has the mark oI " 13" put on it
everywhere. The Iirst election in North America was held on Friday the " 13th" so George Washington became
Commander-in-ChieI on a Friday the "13th". Construction also began on the White House in Washington, D.C., on a Friday the
"13th". Our country started with " 13" colonies, and the original Ilag had " 13" stripes and "13" stars in a circle.
The corner-stone oI the Capitol building was laid ( October "13th", 1792 ) by President Washington, who also oIIiciated at the
laying oI the corner-stone oI the north wing oI the Capitol ( September "18th", 1793 ).
See, this devilish conspiracy against America goes back to its creation. That's why the establishment talking heads and so many
others argue that there is *no conspiracy* at work at all, which is the mother oI all the conspiratorial lies. They are all still
working together within the conspiracy, so why would one oI them adamantly admit to there being a conspiracy and risk his
Iortunes or his head? To this end, they each still persist.
There are numerous other such examples. Quite obviously the signature number oI our nation and oI witchcraIt, which existed
long beIore our nation, is "13". According to witchcraIt tradition, nearly halI oI the people who came to North
America ( research indicates near 50° ) on the ship the 'MayIlower¨ were witches Ileeing Irom Scotland.
( Please reIerence: )
The 33rd degree Grand Lodge oI the Scottish Rite oI Freemasonry is located exactly "13" blocks north oI the White House above
an upside down pentagram outlined by the road layout which rests on the White House. ¦ And is it really a coincidence that the
Statue oI Liberty is "22" stories tall? ( or 111`1¨ ) Could it iust be a coincidence that the Statue was built upon an eleven-pointed
Iort? No. }
This is inscribed on the plaque at the base oI the Statue oI Liberty:
" At this site on August 5, 1884, the cornerstone oI the pedestal oI the statue oI Liberty Enlightening the World` was laid with
ceremony by William A. Brodie, Grand master oI masons in the state oI new york. grand lodge members, REPRESENTATIVES
oI the united states and French governments, army and navy oIIicers, members oI Ioreign legations, and distinguished citizens
were present. this plaque is dedicated by the masons oI new york in commemoration oI the 100th anniversary oI that historic
event. " ( Note: 8/5/84 : 8¹5 ÷ " 13" )
Here is iust one more set oI "13" reIerences: DeIense Secretary Donald RumsIeld said the Iollowing on the program 'Face the
Nation' ' Yes, 13 is my Iavorite number; I am the 13th person to hold this oIIice; my Iirst appearance was beIore the 13th
Congressional hearing, and 13 is my Iavorite day oI the month. "
On "September 11th", 1941 the groundbreaking ceremonies oI the Pentagon ( modeled aIter the inside oI a satanic Iive pointed
star symbol ) were held. " The Masons set up shop in D.C. and set up their criminal enterprise there Irom the beginning. They
Iigured they would stick around until the people ran them out. THEY....ARE....STILL....THERE! " - anonymous posting Iound
on a numerology website. ThereIore on the morning oI the 60th anniversary oI the Pentagon, the WTC happened to be destroyed .
Just a coincidence? Hardly.
The occult numerical date signatures during WW II are much too lenthy to be listed here - but you can scroll through through
them in the appendix listings 1938-1945 below.
* Every large Nazi attack or maior atrocity occured on the illuminati's coveted occult numbered dates .
The Allies also principally responded on occult dates.
In Iact, the great bulk oI the battle history oI WW II all occured on the occult numbered dates ; every large operation included. The
most notable series oI Nazi excecutions have occured on occult dates; particularly February "11th"'s (2¹11÷"13"). Please see Ior
yourselI. All the dates and events listed in this text and the indexes oI dates supplied below are accurate.
On June "27th", 1950 The UN started the Korean War.
So, skipping to the next maior world event:
On 10/"22"(11x2)/1962 JFK delivered a speech about the closest nuclear conIrontation ( although staged Ior this Iear inducing
eIIect ) ever to occur between the East and West, The Cuban Missile Crisis; which began on 10/14(2x7)/62, and it was scripted to
last " 13" days, ending on 10/"27"/62. These are the unmistakable Iacts about the little imprisoned island known as 'Earth' in
Later that year, December " 11th", 1962 was a day oI the Iormation in West Germany oI the coalition government oI Christian
Democrats, Christian Socialists, and Free Democrats. 1 month and " 11" days later on January " 22"nd, 1963 - the Elysee treaty
between France and Germany was signed. 1 month later on February "11"th, 1963, CIA Domestic Operations Division was
created. On August 5th ( 8¹5÷" 13" ), 1963 The US, UK, and USSR sign a nuclear test ban treaty. There are all examples oI
obvious devil worshipping illuminati control signature dates .
Exactly 1 year and 1 month aIter the "missile crisis", due to it being sensed by his masters that JFK had ambitions to deIect
against the ruling elite and expose them: abolish the Federal Reserve and IRS, withdraw American troops Irom Vietnam ( and
other 'no-nos' to the elite ), an assassination plot to remove him succeeded on "11"/"22"(2x11)/1963. ( 5 bullets were Iound Irom
diIIerent guns. ) This also occurred in the middle oI the Masonically architected Dealy Plaza which happens to be right on the
"33rd"(3x11) longitudinal parallel.
" The high oIIice oI the President has been used to Ioment a plot to destroy the American's Ireedom and beIore I leave oIIice, I
must inIorm the citizen oI this plight. " - President 1ohn Fitzgerald Kennedy - In a speech made to olumbia University on
Nov. 12. 1963. ten days before his assassination.
LBJ succeeded him ( coincidentally ) as the "36th" president. Immediately troops being Ilown back Irom Vietnam were sent right
back. On July " 27th", 1964 5000 more troops are sent to Vietnam to bring total sent to "21",000 ("7"x"3"000) On August " 7th"
1964 US congress passes GulI oI Tonkin resolution giving broad wartime powers to LBJ. Later the Iollowing month in another
part oI the world, on August "19th", 1964 at the Auschwitz trial in FrankIurt, "66"(6x11) ex-SS personnel receive liIe sentences,
15 others smaller ones.
JFK's ambition Ior America to go to the moon as a ioint US/USSR mission was theatrically presented to the American people
later that decade in the " 7th" month, named "Apollo 11". Negotiations Ior a ioint eIIort were immediately disbanded aIter
Kennedy's assassination. It was more important Ior the illuminati ruling elite that each halI oI the world compete in a "Cold War"
setting rather than cooperate together on ioint space missions. Heck, attempting to go to the moon together might have made the
East and West all Iriends, and that wouldn't help the illuminati remain in power.
At the time oI the launch, the countdown clock was abruptly halted at T-minus "9" hours, and an " 11" hour hold was inserted -
holding the whole world in simultaneous suspense an extra " 11" hours. It was announced the Apollo "11" spacecraIt reached Earth
parking orbit aIter "11" minutes. Apollo " 7" and "13" were the other two notable Apollo missions due to their occult numerical
signiIicance. Coincidence? No, NASA has Iollowed the occult number sequence without much deviation in almost *all* their
mission numbers and launch dates, providing rocket and mission names oI roman demigods, and the biggest oI mission numbers
have mostly been "7", " 9", "11", "13".
About the same time as the Apollo program, the World Trade Center was conceived in the early 1960s by the Downtown-Lower
Manhattan Development Association to revitalize the seedy radio row dominated by electronic stores. Chase Manhattan Bank
chairman David *RockeIeller*, Iounder oI the development association, and his brother, New York governor Nelson RockeIeller,
pushed hard Ior the proiect, insisting it would beneIit the entire city.
On August 5th, 1966 (8¹5÷" 13") groundbreaking ceremonies were held Ior the construction oI two 110 (that is "11" times 10)
story skyscrapers in lower Manhattan. 88,000 (or 8 times " 11" thousand) windows were used in the construction. Each tower was
designed to be Iour hundred and " 11" meters tall.
Skipping ahead about 5 years...
On "September 11th", 1971, the USSR's Nikita Khrushchev died a mysterious death. He became the soviet party leader on
September " 7"th, 1953. He became Premier oI the Soviet Union on March "27"th, 1958. In 1964 he was removed Irom power on
October " 14th"(7x2), 1964 and spent "7" years at his home under house arrest, prior to his death, or apparent 'assassination'
attributed to the timing oI his death. So, the WTC center atrocity also occurred on the 30th anniversary on the death oI the
Iamous Soviet premier!
As should also be noted, the Iuture commander in chieI oI the world's largest military, "George W. Bush" who basically quit the
Air Force Reserves by oIten not showing up (AWOL) to many oI his duties received a Iull honorable discharge on On November
"21st", 1974. ( an illuminati giIt to his CIA daddy little doubt. )
On February "9th" (2¹9÷'11'), 1984 - Yur Andrpov dies -The Soviet General Secretary, under suspicious circumstaces.
The FCC announced nationwide " 911" emergency telephone service on, yep, "September 11th, 1987". Since then, all "3" digit
phone numbers have had an "11" in them.
11/8/88 (11¹8÷'19'), Iormer CIA chieI and vice-president George Bush ( CFR/Tri-lateralist/Freemason ) was implanted as

noLe LhaL mosL masons never aeL bevond Lhe 8lue LodaeŴLhe boLLomţ whlch sulLs Lhem flne so lona as
Lhev can collude wlLh oLhers ln monopollzlna buslnessţ aeLLlna breaks and even breaklna lawsŦ
ScoLLlsh/?ork 8lLe vou'll flnd much hlaher up ln Lhe publlcŤ elecLed offlclalsţ corporaLe offlcersŦ
1he 33
uearee are almosL unlformlv ln poslLlons of areaL power elLher publlc or prlvaLe ln Amerlcaţ buL
Lhe real power ln lreemasonrv ls ln LuropeŦ

A booklet by J. Edward Decker
Pages 14-16
The Energies of Lucifer
"When the Mason learns that the Key to the warrior on the block is the proper application oI the
dynamo oI living power, he has learned the Mystery oI his CraIt. The seething energies oI LUCIFER
are in his hands and beIore he may step onward and upward, he must prove his ability to properly
apply |this| energy" (Lost Keys oI Freemasonry, Manly P. Hall, p. 48)
Yes. Lucifer is God
"That which we must say to the crowd is We worship a God, but it is the God that one adores
without superstition.
"To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren oI
the 32
, 31
, and 30
degrees The Masonic Religion should be, by all oI us initiates oI the high
degrees, maintained in the purity oI the LuciIerian Doctrine.
"II LuciIer were not God, would Adonay (The God oI the Christians) whose deeds prove his cruelty,
perIidy and hatred oI man, barbarism and repulsion Ior science, would Adonay and his priests
calumniate him?
"Yes, LuciIer is God, and unIortunately Adonay is also god. For the eternal law is that there is no
light without shade, no beauty without ugliness, no white without black, Ior the absolute can only
exist as two gods: darkness being necessary Ior light to serve as its Ioil as the pedestal is necessary to
the statue, and the brake to the locomotive.
"Thus, the doctrine oI Satanism is a heresy; and the true and pure philosophical religion is the belieI
in LuciIer, the equal oI Adonay; but LuciIer, God oI Light and God oI Good, is struggling Ior
humanity against Adonay, the God oI Darkness and Evil." (Instructions to the 23 Supreme Councils
oI the World, Albert Pike, Grand Commander, Sovereign PontiII oI Universal Freemasonry, July 14,
1889. Recorded by A.C. De La Rive, La Femme et l'EnIant dans la Franc-Maconnerie Universelle,
Page 588)
Note: The Scottish Rite Journal claims that the above alleged quotes Irom Albert Pike are a hoax. Although
oI a controversial nature I am not aware oI a successIul documented attack against Pike's authorship
oI these quotes. Most opponents cite either Arthur Edward Waite (a Masonic occultist) or the
Catholic Encyclopedia.
Page 20
I Am That I Am
During the ceremonies oI the ritual Ior the Royal Arch degree, the candidate is asked, "Brother
Inspector, what are you?" and he replies, "I AM THAT I AM." Can you imagine that? When Moses
asked God to name HimselI, God said, "I AM THAT I AM" and He said, "Thus shalt thou say unto
the children oI Israel, I AM hath sent Me unto you." (Exodus 3:14)
7 Freemasonry On Trial ÷ Part One

Tell me how a Christian can take to himselI the Biblical name oI the God oI Israel? The God oI the
Christian Iaith said, "Ye are even My witnesses! Is there a God beside Me? Yea, I know not any!
They that make a graven image are ALL oI them vanity; and their delectable things shall not proIit;
and they are their own witnesses; they see not, nor know; that they may be ashamed." (Isaiah 44:8-9)
lrom a freemason pamphleLť
Freemasonry is kindness in the home: honesty inbusiness: courtesy towards others; dependability inwork;
compassion and concern Ior the unIortunate;resistance to evil; help Ior the weak; Iorgiveness Iorthe penitent; love
Ior one another; and, above all,reverence and love Ior God.
Freemasonry is many things, but most oI all it is a WAY OF LIFE.
lL's klnd of hard Lo belleve Lhe oaLh when Lhelr acLlons reveal Lhev pracLlce Lhe opposlLeŦ

Masons look ouL for each oLherŤ ln publlcţ ln prlvaLeţ ln buslness and ln courLŦ An excerpL from
lreemasonrv Cn 1rlalţ paae 23ť
For example, a Masonic deIendant in court may say "I was hoping to get a SQUARE deal, your
honor," with iust a shade oI emphasis on the word, square. He could also say he is "on the LEVEL."
These phrases are part oI normal conversation, but with the right inIlection, the other Mason

The same lines could be used in bargaining Ior a deal on a car, or a home. Going to a iewelry store to
buy gemstones, I would say to the manager, "I hear I can get a square deal here." He (iI he didn't
know me to be a Mason personally) might say, "I see that you are a traveling man."

I would reply, "I am. I travel Irom west to east and Irom east to west again."

He might ask, "Why did you leave the west and travel to the east?"

I would respond, "In search oI that which was lost."
That would do it. He would know I was a Master Mason, and I could usually get my gems Ior his
cost! That may seem harmless in a minor business transaction, but imagine what would happen iI this
was done in a court oI law! And it is being done, every day!
Another phrase (or gesture), which is only to be used in extreme situations, is the Grand Masonic
Hailing Sign oI Distress.

Our Masonic deIendant in court might bury his head in his hands at some point and cry, "Oh Lord,
my God, is there no help Ior the widow's son?" Although this might sound a bit odd to the average
listener, it could be understood as a cry oI anguish. II a Masonic iudge or iuror heard it, they would
be honor bound (by blood oath) to acquit such a person, or at least Iight Ior a hung iury!
The gesture which accompanies this (or it can be given alone, iI necessary) is Ior the person to raise
his arms over his head (almost as in a 'hands up' position) and then lowering them in three stages,
pivoting the Iorearms at the elbow until they are perpendicular to the Iloor, palms down.

Any Mason, seeing that gesture, (or hearing the above words) would be oath-bound to do anything
possible to save the other Mason Irom danger, up to, but not including, the loss oI his own liIe!
More on LhaL oaLh Lo help Lhelr broLhers no maLLer whaLť
Former Mason Ronayne believed that by its absolute stress upon secrecy, keeping oI the oaths, and
the belieI in Masonry as the highest good, in eIIect Masonry taught the Iollowing:

Whenever you see any oI our signs made by a brother Mason, and especially the Grand Hailing sign
oI distress, you must always be sure to obey them, even at the risk oI your own liIe. II you're on a
iury, and the deIendant is a Mason, and makes the Grand Hailing sign, you must obey it; you must
disagree with your brother iurors, iI necessary, but you must be very sure not to bring the Mason
guilty, Ior that would bring disgrace upon our order. It may be periury, to be sure, to do this, but then
you're IulIilling your obligation, and you know iI you "live up to your obligations you'll be Iree Irom
sin".... You must conceal all the crimes oI your brother Mason, except murder and treason, and these
only at your own option, and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be
always sure to shield him. Prevaricate, don't tell the whole truth in this case, keep his secrets. (italics
Perhaps this is why President Ulysses S. Grant once observed, "All secret, oathbound, political
parties are dangerous to any nation." President John Quincy Adams was more severe. AIter an
impartial investigation oI Freemasonry, he concluded in his "Address to the People oI

I saw a code oI Masonic legislation adapted to prostrate every principle oI equal iustice and to
corrupt every sentiment oI virtuous Ieeling in the soul oI him who bound his allegiance to it. I saw
the practice oI common honesty, the kindness oI Christian benevolence, even the abstinence oI
atrocious crimes, limited exclusively by lawless oaths and barbarous penalties, to the social relations
between the Brotherhood and the CraIt. I saw slander organize into a secret, widespread and
aIIiliated agency.. I saw selI-invoked imprecations oI throats cut Irom ear to ear, oI hearts and
vitals torn out and cast oII and hung on spires. I saw wine drunk Irom a human skull with solemn
invocation oI all the sins oI its owner upon the head oI him who drank it.
The Iirst three degrees are kept in the dark:
!nner S Outer Doctrine
How can some Masons believe Masonry is a Christian organization, while others understand its
darker goals? The key to this conIusion lies in the concept oI the "inner" and the "outer" doctrine.
Masonry, like other secret societies, is set up with an "outer" doctrine Ior consumption by the general
public, and an "inner" secretive doctrine known only to an elect Iew.
Pike also explained that Masonry must deceive its member in the Iirst three degrees, the "Blue
The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico oI the Temple. Part oI the symbols are displayed
there to the Initiate, but he is intentionally misled by Ialse interpretations. It is not intended that he
shall understand them; but it is intended that he shall imagine he understands them. Their true
explanation is reserved Ior the Adepts, the Princes oI Masonry.

In reality, there are two reasons Ior Masonic secrecy. First oI all, iI every Mason's wiIe knew the
exact content oI the "blood oaths" to which her husband had sworn, then Masonry would collapse in
a single night. In the wider scope, anti-Masonic investigations, inquisitions, and purges had been
launched whenever the order's secrets have been revealed.
Secondly, secrecy makes members Ieel that they are part oI an elite group. This tends to better weld
them into a unit. Adam Weishaupt, Iather oI the eighteenth-century group, which eventually
consumed European Masonry, the Illuminati, wrote:
For our Order wishes to be secret, and to work in silence; Ior thus it is better secured Irom the
oppression oI the ruling powers, and because this secrecy gives a greater zest to the whole.. The
slightest observation shows that nothing will so much contribute to increase the zeal oI the members
as a secret union.
Ironically, most Masons never know the darkest secrets oI their order because Masonry is
constructed as a secret society within a secret society. The outer doctrine is constructed to have a
mass appeal and to seem relatively harmless to the vast maiority oI members. AIter all, the goal oI
any successIul organization must be to attract good men iI it is to survive. The inner doctrine is only
Ior the highest initiates.
One oI the greatest secrets oI Masonry, and oI all the secret societies, is something called the "Great
Plan," the details oI which are known only to those with access to the inner doctrine. As one Masonic
scholar explained:
Though the whole extent and origin oI the plan was known only to an initiate Iew, members oI the
outer order were subiected to a selective system by which they could attain to numerous degrees and
proportionately receive deeper insight into the work. This in turn spurred them to greater eIIort and
endeavor in their various occupations and stations in liIe, and made them useIul instruments.
This outer doctrine allows the average member to see his organization as little more than a social
Iraternity involved in a Iew charitable works. However, Ior those who are iudged ready, or "worthy"
to accept it, the inner doctrine drops all pretence oI that idealism. As we will see, this inner doctrine
is nothing less than a cancer growing on civilization, unknowingly supported by the huge body oI
mostly innocent, dues-paying members.
The Masonry-LuciIer connection is Iurther strengthened by occultist Mason Manly Hall, who says
that when the Mason learns how to use this occult power, "he has learned the mystery oI his CraIt.
The seething energies oI LuciIer are in his hands and beIore he may step onward and upward, he
must prove his ability to properly apply energy."

lrom Lhe aboveţ freemasonrv ls a power culLŦ lL can also be consldered a pvramld scam aaalnsL Lhose
who honesLlv seek enllahLenmenLŦ 1exe Marrs ln hls book Codex Maalca reveals Lhls LruLhť
Masonic expert Lynn F. Perkins alludes to the gigantic amount oI extracurricular
research and work needed to uncover the greatest secrets oI the Masonic Fraternity.
He writes:

The true wisdom is concealed and hidden, not only Irom those who do not ioin the
Masonic Order but also Irom those who "take" the degrees; and it will remain hidden until each
Mason seeks revelation and Iinds the Truth Ior himselI. There are
no interpretations in the Ritual; they have to be sought elsewhere."23
Pike, echoing Steinmetz, Hall, Perkins and all the other high-level Masonic
authorities, goes so Iar as to mock and disparage lower-level Masons, especially
those who have earned only the Iirst three degrees ("the Blue degrees"). AIter
acknowledging that the lower-level brethren are "intentionally misled," he goes on
to say that it is not intended that the initiate understand the symbols and deepest
secrets oI the Order, but worse, the Masonic Lodge's rituals and lectures are designed
so that the lower-level Masons shall imagine he does understand them! It is only at a
later time, as he has moved up the ladder oI degrees, that the purposely dumbeddown
Mason discovers he's been had, that he's been played Ior a Iool. In other
words, he's been hoodwinked'

So, in eIIect, Masons are lied to, tricked, made Iun oI, and intentionally led astray,
with only a little knowledge added to their brain reservoirs as they advance up the
chain. Meanwhile, the poor, pitiIul souls imagine they are really in on all the superduper
secrets oI the CraIt. Their Masonic superiors play them all Ior suckers.

P.T. Barnum, oI Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus Iame, surely was
right when he exclaimed, "There's a sucker born every minute." To which yours
truly, author oI Codex Magica. might add: "...and a 32nd or 33rd degree Mason is
behind the veil laughing his head oII and rolling in the aisle every time a new sucker
is initiated into the 1st degree oI Freemasonry."

lllusLraLlon from Codex MaalcaŦ l'll be uslna more from LhaL rlchlv lllusLraLed and eve openlna bookŧ

Soţ whaL has Lhls secreLlve broLherhood done? 1hev have shaped hlsLorv
lreemasonrv and SaLanlsm are ln locksLepŦ Amerlca ls a ChrlsLlan naLlon LhaL
was founded bv masonsţ run bv masonsŦ 1helr svmboloav ls evervwhere from
Lhe dollars we use Lo Lhe heavv svmboloav of WashlnaLon uCŦ lreemasons
run abouL everv clLv and Lown ln AmerlcaŦ Anv crlLlclsm of freemasonrv lLself
or how pervaslve Lhelr collecLlve power ls aeLs a condlLloned response from
Amerlcans LhaL whoever Lrles Lo warn Lhem ls a 'consplracv LheorlsL'Ŧ 1hls ls a
slur LhaL has been condlLloned bv Lhe corporaLe medla for decades so as Lo
lmmunlze Lhemselves from crlLlclsm and dlssenLŦ Worseţ Lhls power culL ls
alobalŤ from Lurope Lo Lhe Amerlcas Lo Asla all Lhe wav Lo !apanŦ 1hev are
Lhe bureaucraLsţ Lhe noblllLvţ Lhe leaders of naLlonsţ Lhe cleravţ Lhe aeneralsŧ
" I have heard much oI the neIarious and dangerous plan and doctrines oI the Illuminati. It was not my intention to doubt
the doctrines oI the Illuminati and the principles oI Jacobinism had not spread in the United States. On the contrary no one
is more satisIied oI this Iact than I am. " - George Washington. The Writings of George Washington

?esţ Ceorae WashlnaLon was a hlah ranklna apronŴwearerŦ MosL of Lhe leadershlpŴLhe aeneralsţ Lhe
sLaLesmenŴln boLh Lhe Colonles and CreaL 8rlLaln proper were masonsŦ All of Lhem were fulfllllna
lrancls 8acon's 'new ALlanLls' dream bv foralna lL from
Lhe Amerlcan wllderness ln a clvll war Lhev orchesLraLedŦ
l wrlLe Lhls wlLh a foul LasLe ln mv mouLhţ a slckness ln mv
sLomachŦ 1he blood of ÞaLrloLs and 8edcoaLs mean
noLhlna Lo Lhese peopleŧ alleaedlv peopleŦ
lL was masons who dlrecLed 8rlLlsh aovernmenL pollcles
Lo raLcheL Lhe pressure on Lhe 13 Colonles unLll people
revolLedŦ lL was masonlc lnLrlaue LhaL lald Lhe
foundaLlons of Lhe Amerlcan 8evoluLlonŦ lL was masons
LhaL lnculaLed Lhemselves lnLo Lhe leadershlp poslLlons
amona Lhe reslsLanceŦ
1hev explolLed Lhe Peaellan ulalecLlc Lhev enalneered Lo
break up Lhe Colonlal MlllLlas and sleze Lhelr armsţ whlch
lead Lo LexlnaLon and ConcordŦ
When Cornwallls surrendered hls sword aL ?orkLown he
braaaed Lo Lhe offlcer he surrendered Lo LhaL Lhe 8rlLlsh
Lmplre would work Lo defeaL Lhe verv revoluLlon LhaL
unknown Lo mosL Amerlcans Lhevţ Lhe masonsţ enalneeredŦ
1he masonlc bankers and merchanLmen desLablllzed Lhe unlLed SLaLes Lhrouah depresslon and revolL Lo
sLaae a coup d eLaL and brlna Lhe 1787 conslLuLlon onllneŦ AfLer embaraos lmposed upon 8hode lsland
ln 1790 Lhe freemasons aoL Lhelr 'new aLlanLls'Ŧ 1he sLaLesmenţ Lhe aenerals know Lhlsŧ

Yassar Arafat hoIds hands with CoIin PoweII, the right picture is President Rutherford Hays-aII dispIay the
sign of JahbuIon, or hoId hands with someone making the signaI so as to be united with them.

our GuIag camp commandants. Note that aII four are giving the secret sign of reemasonry, just as did
Communism's founding father, the Mason, KarI Marx.

ScuIptor Auguste BerthoIdi was a member of Paris, rance's Grand Orient Lodge. It was BerthoIdi
(1834-1904) who scuIpted the IIIuminati's monumentaI Statue of Liberty which now graces New
York's harbor. The statue is repIete with Secret Society coded messages and symboIs of a particuIarIy
bIasphemous nature. Yet, the vast majority of Americans adore the Statue of Liberty and naiveIy see
in her onIy virtue and goodness.

The fabuIousIy weaIthy SaIomon RothschiId, founder and overseer of the Vienna, Austriabranch of the
RothschiId cIan. GeneraI WiIIiam Tecumseh Sherman aIso shows his gang sign.
?es LhrouahouL hlsLorv ŧLhe bankersţ Lhe lndusLrlallsLsţ Lhe aeneralsţ presldenLs and monarchsŦ 1hev
have plunaed Lhe naLlons lnLo warsţ murderlna mllllons for proflLţ alorvţ and worseţ Lo advance Lhelr

8ecoanlze Lhls svmbol?

lL ls Lhe double eaaleţ a powerful svmbol LhaL ls
used noL onlv bv Lhe masons Lhemselves buL mosL
Luropean rovalLv as a heraldlc sLandardŦ Accordlna
Lo research bv Mlchael Wvnn of Pollvwood
lnsldersţ Lhe LwoŴheaded blrd represenLs Lhe
mvLhlcal phoenlx ln LranslLlon Lo lLs new
lncarnaLlonŦ 1he eaale was Lhe svmbol of Lhe
8oman Lmplreţ and LhaL svmboloav was
Lransferred Lo much of Lurope and laLer Lhe uSAŦ
lLs orlalns were ln Lhe anclenL Mlddle LasLŦ
lL speaks of Lhose who are aL Lhe unseen Lop of Lhls
power sLrucLure and Lhelr lona ranae plans Lo seL
Lhe naLlons and peoples of LarLh aaalnsL each oLher
Lo creaLe emplresţ sLarL caLasLrophlc wars Lo
desLrov Lhose emplresŴor Lhelr rlvalsŴand Lhen
forae a new emplre from Lhe ashesŦ 8ome was
fracLured ln Lwo afLer ConsLanLlneŤ Lhe easLern half
became 8vzanLlum whlch had LhaL doubleŴheaded
eaaleţ whlle Lhe wesLern half was collapsed and Lhe barbarlans LhaL lnvaded became Lhe lranksŴlaLLer
known as Lhe Polv 8oman Lmplre whlch would lasL unLll napoleon swepL Lhrouah Lurope ln Lhe 19

cenLurvŦ Cerman lnbred rovalLv would lnLermarrv wlLh oLher lnbred bluebloods LhrouahouL Lurope and
more lmporLanLlv ln Lnaland Lo Lake over Lhe LhroneŦ Amerlcaţ whlle noL a monarchvţ was founded bv
freemasonsŤ Ceorae WashlnaLon was one and Lhe eaale ls Lhls counLrv's svmbolŦ
1he 8oman CaLhollc Church of course ls Lhe mosL powerful rellalous oraanlzaLlon on LarLhŦ
1he number 33 ls verv slanlflcanLŤ noL onlv does lL slanlfv 33
dearee freemasonrvţ lL also ls
numeroloalcallv slanlflcanLŦ Ma[or medla wlll use Lhe number whenever Lhev canţ as ln lf Lhere's a
number above 33 Lhev wlll sLaLe ºaL leasL 33ŧ"Ŧ

The Pentagram, a symbol oI war is one oI the two secret
symbols used by the Illuminati, the other being the
· The Inverted Pentagram is an ancient symbol oI
witchcraIt. It is the oIIicial symbol oI the two largest satanic
churches, the Church oI Satan and the Temple oI Set.
· The Pentagram has appeared in magic texts Ior centuries
and may predate the time oI Christ. This same star has been
identiIied in the Bible as the accursed tabernacle oI Molech.
(Acts 7:43; cI. Amos 5:25-27)
· The Pentagram, one oI the most powerIul symbols oI
satanism has been retained by Masonic leaders to represent
the ultimate authority oI the Masonic Lodge and its aIIiliate
· It is the symbol used by the women's order, Order oI the
Eastern Star (OES), to represent the spiritual authority that
these women submit to.

lrom 1he CuLLlna Ldae ls a reporL on Masonlc svmbols of powerť

We will demonstrate that the street design in Government Center in Washington, D.C., has been
cunningly laid out in such a manner that certain LuciIeric symbols are depicted by the streets, cul-de-
sacs and rotaries. This design was created by an Masonic architect in 1791, iust a Iew years aIter
Freemasonry assumed the leadership oI the New World Order, in 1782. Remember, occult leaders in
Europe were told by their Familiar Spirits as early as the 1740's that the new American continent was
to be established as the new "Atlantis", and its destiny was to assume the global leadership oI the
drive to the New World Order. From the beginning, the United States oI America was chosen to lead
the world into this kingdom oI Antichrist, and Washington, D.C. was to be its capital.
You will need to have your maps oI Washington, D.C., opened in Iront oI you as we proceed. As we
proceed through this discussion we will answer the great question oI "Why" these streets have thus
been laid out.
BeIore we begin our discussion oI this Washington, D.C. map, let us lay some important groundwork
which will enable us to better understand the occultic meaning behind what we are about to show
you. This inIormation was given Cutting Edge Ministries by a born-again Christian who was once a
medium level Satanist, Doc Marquee. At the time oI his conversion, Doc was in charge oI several
Satanic covens West and North oI Boston. Doc was a Third
Level Witch and a Master Witch. Shortly beIore Doc was born-again, he was invited to become an
Illuminist, which is a secret society totally committed to the New World Order. Thus, Doc was in a
most powerIul position: he was both a Satanist Master Witch and an Illuminist.
Doc underwent special training in the Illuminist secret society. As part oI his training, he was shown
the occultic nature oI the street design oI the Washington, D.C., Governmental Center. This
inIormation was provided to show Doc several Iactors:
· 1. This design demonstrates the long-term plan which American Illuminists have had upon
America. As we shall see in a Iew moments, this occultic street design was created in 1791
by an architect who was a Freemason.
· 2. This design shows that the Plan Ior a New World Order is deliberately conceived and
considered to be inevitable. Remember our earlier discussion about the importance and
perceived power oI symbols? The occultist Iirmly believes that a symbol or a set oI symbols
possesses inherent power once they are created. ThereIore, occultic doctrine teaches that
these Satanic symbols would act as a powerIul electric-type grid once they were set in place.
This power grid would constantly pulsate with LuciIeric power 24 hours a day, seven days a
week, constantly moving America toward the coveted LuciIeric goal oI the New World
· 3. This design demonstrates the hidden, secret power wielded by the Illuminists in the
United States. LuciIeric Illuminists have their hands on the most powerIul levers oI political,
economic, and military power in this country, and they wield this power without any public
understanding oI what is really going on.
Thus, Doc and other Illuminists were shown this street design with the express purpose oI
demonstrating that they were on the winning side in this drive to the New World Order.
Now, let us examine the street layout oI Washington, D.C., starting with a little bit oI history.
When the architect, Pierre Charles L'EnIante, who was a Freemason, laid out Governmental Center
oI Washington, D.C., in 1791, he planned more than iust streets, roads, and buildings. He planned to
use the layout oI Governmental Center to hide certain occultic magical symbols, which, when they
were instituted, became one large LuciIeric, or occultic, symbol. An occultic magical symbol is
deIined as " image which hides an inner meaning. This meaning is usually cunningly hidden
behind a Iorm..." (Frederick Goodman, Magic Symbols, Brian Trodd Publishing House, Ltd.,
London, 1989, page 6). This deIinition Irom this LuciIeric book is so important, we need to repeat it.
An occultic magical symbol is deIined as " image which hides an inner meaning. This meaning is
usually cunningly hidden behind a Iorm..." As we study this occultic street design oI Washington,
D.C., Governmental Center, you will be seriously tempted to disregard this inIormation. Please do
not, because these symbols are "cunningly hidden" behind a Iorm.
Further, occultists always depend upon the natural human tendency to want to disbelieve unpleasant
or Irightening truth. The Masters oI the Illuminati always had a saying, "Audacity, always Audacity".
OI course, Audacity means something so shocking and so Iar out, it is to be considered impossible.
People naturally Ieel, both in a democracy and a government oI royalty, that their leaders generally
have their best interests at heart. Some leaders may be incompetent and some others may commit
errors, but at least, people take solace in their belieI that most leaders most oI the time, have their
country's best interests at heart. The average citizen oI any country simply cannot conceive that their
leaders may consistently have evil in their hearts toward the very people they are leading. But, as we
have consistently
shown, this is precisely the case. Our leadership has been consistently moving us toward the
LuciIeric New World Order since 1776, always working through Secret Societies, and always
misleading the people as to their true intentions.
This is why our study today is so critical; it demonstrates, beyond a shadow oI a doubt, that our
leadership has knowingly and consistently been pursuing a hidden agenda which, when Iully carried
out, will mean the destruction oI our nation as we know it today and the beginning oI the Biblical
Great Tribulation. Our leaders are currently calling this system the New World Order!
Now back to the symbols embedded within the streets oI Washington, D.C.: These occultic symbols,
once they are hidden, are thought to possess great power. For example, the Snake Basilisk is "said to
have the power to destroy all upon whom it looks" (Ibid, page 7). However, the person who is not an
occultist will have no concept oI the true hidden meaning contained within the symbol. ThereIore,
symbols also serve another purpose: to communicate certain meanings to other occultists while
hiding this meaning Irom all non-occultists.
ThereIore, the symbols which have been interwoven into the design oI Governmental Center,
communicate tremendous power to the occultist while hiding the meaning Irom anyone who is not an
occultist. And, these symbols take on a liIe oI their own, in the mind oI the occultist, possessing great
inherent power to accomplish the plans oI the occultist.
With this as background, let us now begin our study oI Governmental Center, Washington, D.C.
Beginning Irom top leIt to top middle:
· 1. Dupont Circle, Logan Circle, and Scott Circle in the middle, Iorm the top three points oI
the Devil's Goathead oI Mendes, one oI the most important types oI the Five-pointed Devil's
· 2. Washington Circle Iorms the extreme leIt-hand point oI the Goathead.
· 3. Mt. Vernon Square Iorms the extreme right-hand point oI the Goathead.
· 4. The White House Iorms the IiIth and bottom point oI the Goathead.
In occultic/Satanic doctrine, the upper Iour points oI the Goathead represent the Iour elements oI the
world, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. The bottom IiIth point represents the spirit oI LuciIer. In the
photocopy oI the Goathead Pentagram, the IiIth point extends down into the mind oI the goat, who
represents LuciIer. Thus, in this street layout, the IiIth point is the White House, a symbol placement
which represents the intention that the spirit and the mind oI LuciIer will be permanently residing in
the White House.
There is a 666 evident in the most important top three circles oI the Goathead, Dupont Circle, Scott
Circle, and Logan Circle. Each oI these streets has six maior streets coming into them Irom all angles
oI the circle. This type oI encoding is so typical oI the occultist. Do not be deceived into thinking that
this is accidental; everything I am showing you here today was deliberately planned to stamp the
power oI Freemasonry and the symbols oI its plans Ior America indelibly upon Governmental
Center. The combination oI the Devil's Pentagram, the Goathead oI Mendes, and the practical
existence oI the number 666 within the three upper points oI the Pentagram, unmistakably shows that
LuciIer is planned to be the ultimate master oI Governmental Center.
Now look Ior a moment at the circles which comprise the points oI the Pentagram. Washington
Circle, Dupont Circle, Scott Circle, and Logan Circle comprise Iour oI the six points oI the
Pentagram. The only point which is not a circle or a Iorm oI a circle is Mt. Vernon Square. We shall
return to the discussion oI the importance oI the square to the occultist, but let us now concentrate
upon the circle.
It is no secret as to why the Masonic architect chose to use circles as Iour oI the points oI the
Pentagram. As Goodman states in his book, Magic Symbols, "without doubt, the circle is the most
important oI all units in magic symbolism, and in almost every case where it is used, the circle is
intended to denote spirit, or spiritual Iorces". ThereIore, we can know with certainty that these circles
oI this Pentagram were used to denote powerIul spiritual Iorces. And, oI course, these spiritual Iorces
are Irom LuciIer.
But, there is much more symbolism expressed by the circle in occultic thought. The circle has also
been used as a halo above a person's head, denoting that "he or she is in direct communication with
the spiritual world". (Ibid, page 29). The circle has also been utilized to represent the Sun, especially
in spiritual terms, denoting spiritual light. But, the circle also is utilized as a symbol oI the All-Seeing
Eye. Remember the All-Seeing Eye atop the pyramid on our One-Dollar bill? This eye is within a
triangle, but the important Iactor to realize is that the eye is atop a pyramid. OI course, a pyramid is
nothing more than a triangle. Look again at the triangles Iormed by the Goathead Pentagram. Four
out oI Iive triangles oI the Goathead has a circle, representing the All-Seeing Eye atop each triangle.
However, the architect had a problem with the triangle at the Iar right, because he chose the square as
the anchor point; the solution is to place Thomas Circle at one oI the points, thus giving that triangle
an All-Seeing Eye. In Iact, I believe this is the reason why Thomas Circle was placed in the odd
position it was; it is the only circle which was not placed as an anchor oI the Pentagram. Even the
Southern Point oI the Goathead Pentagram, the one which ends at the White House, has a circle at its
top. Notice the Ellipse located iust to the south oI the White House lawn.
Thus, the Freemason architect who drew this pattern intended to show that Governmental Center was
planned to be ruled by Satan. Further, the Goathead Pentagram was placed so the Southernmost
point, the spiritual point, is precisely centered on the White House. Notice that I did not arbitrarily
draw these lines to center on the White House; rather, the White House is the precise point where the
two lines Iormed by Connecticut Avenue Ilowing Irom Dupont Circle, and by Vermont Avenue
Ilowing Irom Logan Circle, intersect. The meaning is all too clear. Occultists planned Ior the White
House to be controlled by LuciIer in accordance with his occultic power and doctrine.
But, there is still more meaning expressed by this Goathead Pentagram. Quickly look again at the
photocopy oI the Devil's Pentagram, as copied Irom Goodman's Magic Symbol book. Protruding
Irom the middle top oI the Pentagram is a lighted candle, which is producing light. This physical
light represents spiritual illumination. II this representation were made on a map, this illuminating
candle would be thought oI as being North. North is a very important direction, because it is the
place oI Governmental control. In I Ching, Ior example, North is the "place one reports to the master
on accomplishments". (New Age Dictionary). This is again a IulIillment oI Scripture. Remember in
Isaiah 14:12-14, where God recalls LuciIer's original sin oI pride and rebellion? LuciIer had every
intention oI taking God's throne by Iorce and establishing his own reign. In verses 13 and 14, LuciIer
vowed, "I will ascend to Heaven; I will exalt my throne above the stars oI God; I will sit upon the
mount oI assembly in the uttermost north..." Did you see that North is apparently the direction in
which God's throne is
situated, and LuciIer planned to take it over. North is the place, occultists believe, where
Governmental authority dwells.
Now look at the Goathead Pentagram again. Scott Circle is precisely located at the middle oI the
Goathead, and 16th Street proceeds directly north. As you look directly north on 16th Street, you will
immediately see the House OI The Temple, which is the North American Headquarters oI
Freemasonry. Even the number 16 is signiIicant to the occultist; it is 4x4 (Remember that the Iour
upper points oI the Goathead Pentagram represent the Four Elements oI which the earth is
constructed). Number 16 literally means "Ielicity", which, according to my Webster's Dictionary,
means blissIul happiness or anything which will produce such a state. Certainly, blissIul happiness is
the stated goal oI any Satanic system. A corollary meaning oI 16 is love.
The number 16 also pops up in an encoded manner. Both Dupont Circle and Logan Circle, which
Iorm the top two most important points oI the Goathead Pentagram, are located on "P" Street. "P" is
the 16th letter oI the English alphabet.
Sixteenth Street emanates north Irom Scott Circle, which is itselI the precise middle oI the Goathead
Pentagram. This street represents the candle oI the photocopy. The illuminating light oI the candle is
represented by the House OI The Temple, which begins on "R" Street. The architect is literally
saying that Freemasonry is the spiritual light oI this Goathead Pentagram; oI course, this Goathead
Pentagram is rooted at the White House. One quick word on "R" Street. The letter "R" is the 18th
letter oI the English alphabet, and 18 is critically important to the occultist because it is 6¹6¹6.
The House OI The Temple is also located 13 city blocks north oI the White House. Count them
yourselI, beginning with the Iirst city block north oI LaIayette Square. OI course, the number 13
represents rebellion against God's authority, and is generally thought oI as Satan's number. It is no
accident the House OI The Temple is located 13 blocks north oI the White House. The meaning
occulticly transmitted is that the control oI the White House would be spiritual and would emanate
Irom the House OI The Temple. Certainly, many American Presidents have been Freemasons. The
most Iamous is George Washington, but the most inIluential was Franklin D. Roosevelt, who did
more to advance the cause oI the New World Order than anyone else in American history.
The critical importance oI this symbolism pointed out above, namely, that the Presidency oI the
United States is to be controlled by Freemasonry, is thoroughly documented by Christian author,
Ralph Epperson, in his book, "The New World Order". On page 171, Epperson quotes testimony
given in March, 1867, beIore the House Judiciary Committee, by General Gordon Granger. General
Granger related a meeting between himselI, President Andrew Johnson, who was a Mason, and
Albert Pike, the most Iamous oI all Masons. General Granger reported his surprise that President
Johnson considered himselI to be subordinate to Albert Pike. This subordination is detailed in the
oath the initiate takes during the Third Degree, called the Master Mason's degree, inside the Blue
Lodge. This oath states, "I do promise...that I will obey me Irom the hand
oI a Brother Master Mason ..." Presidents who are Masons are obligated to take orders Irom their
Master Masons. But why should we be surprised? This is the meaning oI the symbolization contained
by the House OI The Temple being precisely 13 city blocks north oI the White House.
Now, let us quickly examine the importance oI the square to the occultist. We need to understand this
because the Eastern point oI this Goathead Pentagram is a square, not a circle.
The square is comprised oI two (2) vertical lines and two (2) horizontal. According to Goodman in
his book, "Magical Symbols", the vertical line symbolizes spirit. This spiritual Iorce may move either
Irom Heaven to Earth or Irom Earth to Heaven, or even Irom Heaven to Hell. The horizontal line
symbolizes matter and movement Irom west to east. It also describes movement in time, as a
direction in which one is traveling. This point is very critical, because the Freemason is committed to
taking America in the direction oI the New World Order. Since the square combines the vertical and
the horizontal, it becomes a symbol oI the material, physical realm which is enmeshed with spirit and
time. The passage oI time within an occultic spiritual context is what is in view here. In this instance,
the United States oI America is the physical realm which is moving in time toward the desired
direction oI the New World Order.
This square also contains one more piece oI occultic meaning. In this Goathead Pentagram, Mt.
Vernon Square is the Eastern point. In occultic doctrine, East is the direction Irom which a person
receives spiritual knowledge and guidance. This belieI originated in the Pagan worship oI the Sun,
and it is very much alive in Freemasonry today.
Now, let us look at the symbol contained in the lower right hand portion oI your Washington , D.C.,
city street map. This combination oI symbols runs South and East Irom the White House to the
United States Capitol. These are the symbols which clearly stamp Freemasonry upon this city, and
which unmistakably reveal that the brand oI LuciIeric worship which we see in the Goathead
Pentagram is the brand practiced by Freemasonry. Let us look at these Freemasonry symbols.
The three most sacred symbols oI Freemasonry are the Compass, the Square, and the Rule or
straight-edge. Look at the United States capitol, and you will see that it is laid out in the Iorm oI a
circle. This represents the top oI a proIessional compass oI that era, which was circular. Pennsylvania
Avenue, running Irom the Capitol to the White House, represents one leg oI the compass. Maryland
Avenue, running Irom the Capitol to Thomas JeIIerson Memorial, represents the second leg oI the
compass. In this instance, you will have to lay out a ruler and draw a solid line Irom the Capitol to
the JeIIerson Memorial to get the Iull eIIect, because Maryland does not run straight through. It runs
Ior a while and then disappears only to reappear again Iurther toward the Memorial. However, you
can easily see that the general direction runs precisely toward the JeIIerson Memorial. This is the
compass oI Freemasonry.
The Freemason's Square begins at Union Square, with Louisiana Avenue Iorming one arm and
Washington Avenue the other. Again, you will have to draw a line down Louisiana Avenue and
Washington to see the Iully-Iormed square, because Louisiana ends at Pennsylvania and Washington
ends at Maryland. The critical 900 angle oI the square is pictorially missing; however, once you draw
the natural continuation oI Louisiana and Washington beyond their termination points you will see
the 900 square perIectly Iormed.
The Freemason's Rule, or straightedge, is clearly seen iI you draw a straight line south Irom the
White House center to the base oI the Washington Monument and then straight East to the Capitol.
Thus, all three oI the sacred instruments oI Freemasonry are depicted in the layout oI these streets.
As I stated earlier, the deliberate planning oI these Governmental Buildings so that they would be
laid out so as to represent these three sacred tools oI Freemasonry, coupled with the LuciIeric
Goathead Pentagram, clearly tell us that the brand oI LuciIeric control and worship planned Ior this
capitol city was Freemasonry. This clearly shows that the New
World Order Ior which Freemasonry has labored Ior so many years is LuciIeric, their vigorous
protestations to the contrary notwithstanding.
But there is more. Look again at the United States Capitol. At the extreme Eastern side oI the
Capitol, you can see two cul-de-sacs which are irregularly shaped. In Iact, when you draw a bold
black line careIully around these cul-de-sacs, and continue the black line around the Capitol, you get
the appearance oI a Iat bunny's head, with the cul-de-sacs as his ears. This is not accidental, either.
The head and ears oI the bunny attach to the stick Iigures oI the legs oI the compass, which are meant
to be the legs oI the bunny. Further, the Mason's Square Iorm stick-Iigure arms oI the bunny. This
representation is critically important, because ancient Satanists drew Satan in iust this stick Iigure
way, including the Iat bunny head and his ears. This is another way oI representing Satan.
And, iust as the White House Iorms the southern point oI the Goathead Pentagram, so the Capitol
Iorms the head oI Satan. Shockingly, the meaning is also the same. The Southern point oI the
Goathead Pentagram represented the spirit oI Satan reaching into the mind oI the goathead, the
bunny's head represents the same meaning. In other words, both the Executive and the Legislative
Branches oI Government are to be controlled by Satan.
Let us now quickly look at the Washington Monument, which lies directly West oI the Capitol. In
Iact, the Washington Monument lies on a straight line, precisely 900 West oI the Capitol. The
Washington Monument is the most important Presidential monument to the occultist, because it is an
obelisk set inside a circle. What, you are probably saying, is an obelisk? An obelisk is a tall, Iour-
sided stone pillar tapering toward a pyramidal top. The obelisk is critically important to the occultist
because they believe that the spirit oI the ancient Egyptian sun god, Ra, resided in the obelisk. Thus,
the obelisk represents the very presence oI the sun god, whom the Bible calls Satan!!
There are only three maior obelisks in the world today, and two oI them are in the United States.
According to Epperson in his book, "The New World Order", the Iirst maior obelisk was constructed
in St. Peter's square in Rome, and is so placed that every Pope who addresses any crowd in the
square, must Iace the obelisk.
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