Magical Nature

Holiday mini-camp for Explorers Ages 5-8
December 27th - 29th from 9 am-12 pm
A Magical Experience is Waiting for You!
Animals often seem to possess magical powers because of their ability to fly, disappear, make silk, lift huge weights, and mimic other animals or even man-made structures. This year our Winter Camp will focus on the tricky, ingenious, and inventive creatures that make watching nature magical. Along the way we’ll also learn some simple magic tricks to spice up any holiday season!

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Day 1
December 27

Day 2
December 28

Day 3
December 29

Disappearing Acts!
Animals use camouflage, burrows, darkness, and even other animals to disappear from predators. Discovers nature’s best disappearing acts, like the famous walking stick insect, and even learn how to make small objects disappear magically of course!

Mysterious Potions
Silk, venom, and natural glues are just a few of nature’s mysterious

Slight of Hand
Sometimes your best bet in nature is to act like something else - a bit of trickery. Sometimes moths act birds, spiders act like ants, and some humans once pretended to be wolves! Learn about the fascinating tricksters of the animal world and try your hand at slightof-hand tricks yourself!


Explore the world of animal chemistry and do a few safe, household chemistry experiments!

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Magical Nature: Winter Class Registration Sheet
INFORMATION Parent(s) name:______________________________ | ______________________________________ 1st student name:_____________________________ 1st student birthday (mm/dd/yyyy):___________ 2nd student name:____________________________ 2nd student birthday (mm/dd/yyyy):__________ Address:_________________________________________ City__________________ Zip__________ Home Phone:_____________________________ Cell Phone:_________________________________ Email: _____________________________________________________________________________ Alternate Emergency Contact: Name____________________________Phone___________________________________________ Email:_____________________________________________________________________________ Does your student have food or animal allergies (Y/N)? If so, please list_________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________ REGISTRATION Class Name ! Class 1: Disappearing Acts Dec. 27 ! Class 2: Mysterious Potions Dec. 28 ! Class 3: Slight of Hand Dec. 29 from 9 AM -12 PM from 9 AM -12 PM from 9 AM -12 PM Cost $5 per student $5 per student $5 per student $15 per student Total:____________ To complete registration, please send this registration sheet and a check endorsed to KPC to the following address: Katy Prairie Conservancy Attn: Morgan Blackburn 3015 Richmond Ave., Suite 230 Houston, TX 77098

! All 3 Classes | Dec. 27-29, 2011 from 9 AM to 12 PM

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