Dear XXXXX, The other day I read an article written by Global TV’s legislative reporter, Keith Baldrey.

He was commenting on a previous column where he gave our new Premier Christy Clark ten policy suggestions. Baldrey wrote: “It’s interesting to note that all 10 of my suggestions could probably be found in an NDP campaign platform… and Clark has adopted most of them to some degree, demonstrating there is indeed a new sheriff in town who is substantially different than the previous one.”
-Keith Baldrey, North Shore News - June 3rd, 2011

Here we have one of the top reporters in the province congratulating Christy Clark for moving to the left and stealing NDP policies. While the media may think this is “smart” or “good politics” I think it is very dangerous for our province. Like you, I’ve noticed over the past few years the BC Liberals drifting to the left, and have grown increasingly concerned. There’s the carbon tax, granting native bands vetos over resource development, the raising of the minimum wage without consultation, and last month, to top it all off, Christy Clark is now promising to raise corporate tax rates. It’s getting hard to tell the difference between the Christy Clark Liberals and the NDP anymore. So this spring, I decided to do something about it. After nearly 18 years as a Reform then Conservative Member of Parliament, I ran for the leadership of the new BC Conservatives. I believe BC needs a principled, common sense, conservative alternative to the Liberals and the NDP. For the past few months, I’ve been driving around the province in my pickup, listening to people who want change in Victoria. I have visited over twenty communities from Smithers to Surrey, from Campbell River to Kamloops, and from Port Hardy to Penticton, and everywhere I went I heard the same thing: Conservative-minded people are fed up with the lack of choice in provincial politics. Perhaps Ted Murphy of the Delta Optimist summed it up best, when he wrote: “Only the most diehard of Liberal supporters would say they're pleased by the government's actions in recent times, leaving a big slice of the right-leaning electorate with a choice: Do they hold their nose and vote Liberal or do they go in another direction, namely to Cummins and the Conservatives? Is it right for the Liberals to get a free ride because voters fear the alternative more? Shouldn't they be held to account for their actions?”
- Ted Murphy, Delta Optimist - June 3 , 2011

And how do the Liberals respond? The only argument they’ve got is that the new BC Conservatives will split the vote, and let the NDP win. Isn’t it telling the Liberals can’t point to anything in their ten years in government as a reason to vote for them? No willingness to stand by their record of accomplishments, no legacy of achievement, no pride in their record as reason enough to support their cause. Instead, all they’ve got is the fact they aren’t the NDP. The reality is the new BC Conservatives are drawing votes from common sense people around the province, not all of whom voted Liberal last time. Many were so disgusted with the Liberals they voted NDP. In fact, 20% of people – 150,000 in total - voted for Stephen Harper’s federal Conservatives in 2008, and then voted for the provincial NDP in the 2009 BC election. And the polls show we are on the right track. In May, a poll conducted by the respected Mustel Group had the BC Conservatives at 18%. Private polling shows similar results. We are quickly gaining support and plan to run candidates in every riding in the next election, because our party is built on the principle that you have to listen to the people you propose to govern. This is in stark contrast to the Liberals and the NDP, who are so out of touch with the people, who owe so much to special interests, as they continue to fund their campaigns with money from big corporations and big unions. This is why, on the very first day of my leadership campaign, I announced a new BC Conservative government would ban corporate and union donations to provincial parties. If a party cannot raise money from the voters, then it shouldn’t be in business of representing them in Victoria. As we’ve seen, a party that isn’t in touch with the voters is prone to making policy decisions that do more harm than good, that benefit only a few to the detriment of the many. One of those policies is the Carbon Tax. The Carbon Tax makes everything we buy more expensive: food, clothes, electronics, and most of all, transportation. It was supposed to be revenue neutral, but we are all paying more. The Carbon Tax is a tax on everything, and most ridiculous of all, according to the government’s own figures, it is not even reducing the amount of carbon emitted in BC. The Liberals force hospitals and schools buy carbon credits - $25 million a year taken out front-line emergency rooms and classrooms. The Liberals continue to brag how BC is the only place in North America that has a carbon tax. I wonder why? A new BC Conservative government will scrap the Carbon Tax, and the carbon bureaucracy that goes with it. That’s another example of how we will do politics differently. Think about this. If you believe that:

      

the carbon tax should be scrapped jacking up the minimum wage kills jobs recent treaties signed with natives are discriminatory and unfair to keep our economy strong and create jobs corporate tax rates should be going down, not up We should take the special interest big money out of politics BC should governed for the benefit of all British Columbians, not just the downtown elite We should hire more police and prosecutors to keep our streets safe

Then the only party that shares your beliefs is the new BC Conservatives. Now you have a real choice. But in order for us to get that message out in the coming months, I need your help today. We’re doing the necessary work to build our team, craft better policy for our province, and ensure we’re ready for the next election, whenever it may occur. However, we do not have the advantage of the Liberals and NDP, with special interests and lobbyists writing big cheques. We raise our money in smaller amounts from individuals like you. So I’m asking you: please consider donating to the new BC Conservatives to bring common sense and conservative ideas back to Victoria.      A donation of $65 will pay for brochures to be printed and mailed to 260 homes. A donation of $110 will pay for a radio ad to be played three times on Vancouver Island. A donation of $215 will pay for a community hall to hold a public meeting. A donation of $530 will pay for a telephone town hall where I can connect directly to 1,000 voters at once. A donation of $765 will pay for a flight so I can travel to Fort St. John to meet voters.

A donation form and return envelope is included with this letter. Very generous tax credits are granted for provincial political donations, and are explained on the back of the donation form. Help me build a fresh, principled alternative for BC. We need a different voice, with new ideas. I know you want to see common sense ideas becoming law in Victoria. You can help make it happen. Please donate today. Thank you for your support. Sincerely,

John Cummins Leader of the new BC Conservatives

P.S. If you believe the carbon tax is bad policy – the BC Conservatives are the only party that agrees with you. P.P.S. – If you believe that cracking down on crime should be a priority for the provincial government – the BC Conservatives are the only party that agrees with you.

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