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Experienced grievance 1.

All Companies: For production plant working in shift duties, most often I have faced the problem of manpower sleeping on duty in night shifts. This is i rritating to me to wake them up.(Interpersonal skills, lack of attitude) 2. CFCL: Some people were not taking job seriously. Those all people have been working there in plant since last eight to ten years and the supervisory st aff is comparatively new due to turnover of manpower in managerial cadre more ra pidly. As I have joined organization just a year back, some them were not taking me seriously as I was new to that unit and have not faced practical problems of that plant in my past experience. But they were misusing this in all activities stating that the way I am showing is not possible and to address the same I hav e to stand at the place of work to get the job done. (Interpersonal skills, lack of attitude) 3. RPG: The group issue we were facing was of salary difference between ope rator and management cadre staff.(Company Policy) 4. CFCL: One group issue was related to GHI policy. The premium in previous year was paid by employee but as company changed its policy provider the amount of premium to be paid got increased by certain amount. It was not big issue amo ng employees but still was an issue of concern. (Company Policy) 5. All Companies: The issue related to shift schedule adjustment during hol idays. During these days all people were asking for leaves but as the plant was continuous and was to continue operation during holidays also, people kept fight ing during this period for leave sanction and overtime issues. (Interpersonal sk ills, lack of attitude) 6. RPG: The issue of authority of security for checking employee staff was the major concern. The company adopted something that the management staff will not be checked by security on entry and exit to company but field staff or non m anagerial staff have to undergo security check while entry and exit to plant. Th is was opposed by field staff .(Company Policy) 7. CFCL: The behaviour of subordinates was sometimes unacceptable. They wer e rigid to work in certain manner only and were not ready to change there workin g style. (Interpersonal skills, lack of attitude) 8. CFCL: Overtime duty issue. People were used to stay in overtime against pre planned leave by person. Field staff was used to generate overtime by takin g leave in cycles when there would be shortage of manpower. In the days of extra manpower they attend duties without failing, (Interpersonal skills, lack of att itude) 9. CFCL: One issue I observed was for field operator. He caught damaging fi lters which were required to be cleaned very often for smooth flow of fluid. He was making hole in it so that it get bypassed and he did not have to open it aga in for cleaning. He was terminated from duty immediately.(Interpersonal skills, lack of attitude) 10. CFCL: One employee caught taking HDPE bags from company to home for some personal use in shift bus. This was without information to plant manager. (Inte rpersonal skills, lack of attitude) 11. RPG: Issue related to canteen food was not dissolved by management even the complains were given to top management .(Company Policy) 12. CFCL: The timings of shuttle bus service from colony to nearest city wer e unsuitable for people working in shift duties. The management was told to dela y bus departure times by half an hour of shift ending time so that shift people may board the shuttle bus with their families easily. Previously all shift bus a s shuttle bus were leaving together from company.(Company Policy) 13. CFCL: The issues related to gate entry to colony for domestic help was r ising more often. The security people were given instruction to not allow entry to anyone without identity proof and this created lot of problem for families re siding in colony. .(Company Policy) 14. CFCL: The issue of water supply for gardening in colony. During summer s eason company restricted use of drinking water in gardening. It was good initiat ive by company but making it rule with immediate effect raise some issues. It s hould have been addressed in phased manner and with some notice to colony reside

nts.(Company Policy) 15. Torrent: I have faced issue about favouritism of boss for certain people who pass on information about shift activity before me. Being shift in charge, I was supposed to brief my boss but few subordinates were there who were used t o call my boss directly to brief him about the activities of shift. So in normal it does not make difference but for some good works they took credit of the job and for any problem they passed time and information in formatted manner to bos s which I had to clarify later on. (Interpersonal skills, lack of attitude) 16. Wockhardt: there was major issue of attitude of work force. The company had retained work force since last many years and had converted all contract sta ff to confirm staff. This has raised ego among all workers and they started to b elieve self importance too high. The attitude of workers was to work for fixed j ob only. They will not do any other activity apart from their assigned operation though were sitting idle and plant has problem in other section. (Interpersonal skills, lack of attitude) 17. Wockhardt: The workers were taking too much time by sitting in canteen f or more than permitted time. (Interpersonal skills, lack of attitude) 18. Unimark: The problem of conflict between contract worker at work place s upplied by two different contractors. (Interpersonal skills, lack of attitude) 19. Torrent: I was having conflict with my manager many times over the issue of job responsibility of operators. Operators were not doing their job as per m y guidance and were taking direct orders from my boss. I was against it. (Interp ersonal skills, lack of attitude) 20. CFCL: Due to internal competition and linked KRAs of all team members in our plant we had to face certain regular issues for data compilation and report ing. In our KRA system if any one fellow does not complete his data than we all have to miss our target because all of we were having data generation KRAs which were inter related. This was developed by management to increase team spirit am ong all but during initial phase this was creating issues rather than team spiri t. (Interpersonal skills, lack of attitude)

In any company we do not have worked with Union in organizations. So we do not h ave any experience of grievances related to union. In all above grievances we have to use different technique to resolve it. The su ggested techniques in all the above cases are more likely to match established p ractices. For all above mentioned companies the grievance procedure is well established. But from all above issues we can say that most of the issues are related to inte rpersonal skills only. For reputed companies, company policy and practices are g enerally well established and there are very few chances of issues related to po licies. Most of the time, company will follow established and adopted practices only which are easy to predict and quite transparent. These practices do not gen erate chances to have grievances but generally it is seen that whenever there wi ll be any critical decision or policy change, the grievances may arise. Most of this company may have problem of personal grievances and that too largely depen ds on the work culture and environment of the company. In all above cases, intensity or seriousness of grievance is different. For com pany policy related grievances, it is always preferable to redress it through ap pointed committee by top management. The first thing in this case is that the co mpany should first explain its logic behind changing any existing practice. Like in case above company changes policy about gate entry for domestic help, then t he logic of company was to tighten security to avoid any risk following to some information passed on by administration. Initially this was opposed by colony re sidents but as soon company declared the purpose it was adopted and smoothly est ablished. Same case was for increasing GHI premium for getting better services a

nd more coverage of insurance. All this is matter of transparency and informatio n sharing. If company do this, there will be least chances of grievances. One case is about security check for non management staff. If company believes i n equal status to all and is equally caring for all then this should not be ther e. Now this policy was not in scope of any individual and as the problem also wa s related to whole staff, it was raised in open forum and was immediately resolv ed in open house meeting itself. So this shows that the issues mostly related wi th all the staff, open house is better forum to resolve it. There are most of the issues were related to interpersonal skills and attitude o f an individuals. This kind of problems can be simply solved at department level with counselling by plant manager only. If the people can develop understandin g then it is very much easy to resolve such issues. To deal with issues like man power sleeping inside plant during night shift, we started arranging for technic al presentation by individuals in night shift time as we were having least work load in night. It was incorporated in individuals KRA also so the people remaine d focused to complete KRA and they themselves started studying and presenting to pics in night shift. This was a great shift in attitude. So the rewards, reorganization and challenging job can be used to motivate peopl e. If they will remain motivated or focused on job, there will not be any chance s for grievances. For resolving issues of interpersonal relations, management did not preferred to come in-between so that being working in same department and for serving the s ame purpose of completing given jobs or KRA targets, they have to work together sooner or later. The company was having very strong discipline rules so people w ill not having issues up to much extents but minor issues could be resolved thro ugh proper work distribution and providing training for developing interpersonal skills. In all above cases, there are cases of damaging company property. in such cases, company has well defined grievance handling procedure as per which the fellow was asked the explanation in return about the act and then the matter was taken up to senior management. In this kind of situation, company has very clear view of terminating services with immediate effect but company always goes through le gal way. They set up enquiry committee which tries to find the root cause of the act of employee. Actions will be taken on that person but again it was to make sure that in future such situation may not get repeated with any other person. L ike said in the case of problem of operation and increased work load, the operat or got annoyed and he damaged the filter. He was terminated from duty for damag ing company property but with immediate effect company changed all design of fil ters to remove stated problems. This was to ensure that the other people do not face same situation in future. In such cases company follows hard HRM tools to discourage people following this way. This was accepted to all employees as well. If we analyse overall issues, than we can derive once single term that there is problem of accessibility to individuals and lack of transparency. As much we kee p informed people about policies and other issues that much the level of grievan ces will come down. Also more involvement of people in various tasks will give them the sense of ownership and will help in developing relationships. In above issues once issue is relation of operator with manager. In such issues, profess ional approach should be adopted and proper communication channel should be used . If this would have been at place then there may not be such issues. It will al so help in developing good relationship and better work culture. In disturbed wo rk culture no one can perform batter. We are in favour of adopting soft HRM tools as far the company does not have to compromise with its values and property. Using soft HRM we can resolve issues w ith mutual consent which will be beneficial for long term for company and its pe ople.