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For Immediate Release July 28, 2011

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Actions by Derby Officers Lawful, Proper and Reasonable
Derby, Kansas – An investigation ordered by Derby Police Chief Robert Lee about an April 27 incident at Derby High School involving a student and two School Resource Officers (SROs) concluded that actions taken by the police officers were lawful, proper and reasonable. After receiving the report earlier this week, City Manager Kathy Sexton directed implementation of several managerial initiatives in the police department. Chief Lee ordered a complete internal-affairs investigation because of allegations made in news media following the incident. Neither the student nor the family filed a complaint or requested an investigation. Deputy Police Chief Dan Hammon and a lieutenant performed the Professional Standards Investigation. In the City’s attempt to maintain community trust, the investigation was then thoroughly reviewed by the Professional Standards Bureau of the Wichita Police Department, which concurred with the findings of the investigation. While prior reports by news media characterized the incident as simply about a violation of the school’s “sagging pants” policy, the investigation revealed that the student’s multiple uses of “the nword” voiced loudly toward a racially diverse gathering of nearby students and, according to one witness, directed at the students, and his physical attempts to obstruct the SROs in performance of their duties escalated the situation to a law enforcement matter. Derby Police detectives presented a case to the District Attorney’s Office, which filed charges in juvenile court. Any questions about those charges should be referred to the District Attorney. Injuries sustained by the student were unintended and a direct result of his decision to resist the SRO’s efforts to restrain him using techniques taught by the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center. The level of force used was reasonable and necessary to overcome the resistance offered by the student.
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Derby’s vision is to be a community where dreams take root and thrive.

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SROs are members of the City of Derby Police Department stationed at Derby High School and Derby Middle School under an annual agreement between the City and Derby Public Schools. According to the agreement, the purpose of the SRO program is to maintain a peaceful campus environment; take appropriate action regarding on-campus or school-related criminal activity; and provide alcohol, drug, and other education and counseling. Chief Lee and City Manager Sexton agree that the program could benefit from the following managerial initiatives: Equipping each SRO with a body camera to be activated when an SRO witnesses or becomes involved in an event that can be reasonably expected to result in disciplinary action or legal proceedings. The purpose is to capture on video the nuances of the event rather than having to rely solely on witness accounts. Enhancing communication between police and school administrators, including increased periodic meetings and additional surveys to gauge the effectiveness of the SRO program. Routinely rotating SROs between the schools and routinely rotating police officers in and out of the SRO program. More clearly defining the duties of SROs in the annual agreement with the school district to ensure clarity of expectations.


“The City of Derby is proud of our SRO program and will make every effort to further enhance it,” said Sexton. “We value our long-standing partnership with Derby Public Schools to provide a safe, drug-free environment where productive teaching and learning occur.” The City of Derby extends its appreciation to the Wichita Police Department for its assistance in reviewing this investigation. If you have questions or desire an on-camera interview, contact Kathy Sexton, Derby City Manager, at 788-3132.

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Derby’s vision is to be a community where dreams take root and thrive.

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