Consultancy Proposal

The Reflection of Difficulties

“This paper tries to provide a comprehensive map in order to face with current project as well as clarify distinctive perspectives which could assist STA’s management to understand current situation and consequently making decision regarding their future”

Ali Haj Aghapour 110160094 Ali Reza Hooman 1092200063 Supervisor: Prof.Zainal Ariffin Bin Ahmad


Company in a snap shot
Nowadays, based on official reports, more than hundred thousand Iranian citizens live in Malaysia. Most of them are either students studying in Malaysian universities or young people coming to immigrate to developed counties .On the other hand, according to a mutual agreement, both country’s citizens no need to request for Visa in origin country. Hence, many Iranian families can easily travel to Malaysia to visit their family members temporary/permanently living in Malaysia. And they want to be entertained during their journey. This triangulation of conditions makes a potential segmentation for travel agency. In this regard, Safdari Travel Agency(STA) Bhd. Has been established with one million Ringgit capacity by Mr.Safdari in Malaysia since 2010. This SME firm runs its business with eight full-time employees and twenty part-time ones. They often offer a range of entertainment, see and sight activities, and inner travel reservation in Western-Malaysia. Office address: C7.2 Jln Selaman1, Dataran Palma, Jln Ampang, Ampang Point, 6800 Ampang, Selangor

By considering that authorities asked consultants to make a clear picture about unknown problems. Hence, the aim of this research is providing some insight into related problems which have negative impacts on productivity and efficiency as well as profits from different aspects. To figure out potential problems HRM and Marketing issues will be considered based on consultant’s profession.

Methodology and Research Approach
In order to involve in problem, a combination of both qualitative and quantitative methods will be employed. In detail, to exploring HR problems a range of semi-structured interview and survey will be used. During the interview, consultants will guide employees to freely discuss about their jobs, their communication networks, their expectation, and so on. Secondly, to figure out marketing problem, both participant observation and structured interview with who care and

who can will be designed. During this step, consultants, by following and participating in marketing activities as well as interviewing with who cares and who can do, seek to draw out the current marketing aspects. Finally, in order to familiarize with general business processes, and support/reject results, ground work has been chosen. In order to collecting, by considering that STA Bhd. is included in SMEs, all members of company will be selected to collect data. The outcomes of research will be presents to direct manager in a presentation session.

Time Schedule
This project will be done in six weeks with an integration of actions which assist scholars to figure out current problems. Title Orientation Ground work Structured interview semi-structured Observation Week1 Week2 Week3 Week4 Week5 Week6

Anticipated Result
By considering the role of consultancy in this project i.e. reflection, it is too hard to predict the anticipated result. However, based on initial negotiation with direct manager, these results could be categorized into organizational problems, including organizational conflicts, poor HR capital organizational satisfaction, poor organizational structures, and mismanaging, and marketing chaos consisting of CRM, Marketing mix, relationship marketing, segmentation, and marketing implementation.

By considering that this company is a SME, there is not any consultancy coordinator. Hence, based on activity, direct supervisors of related department will be employed to coordinate and assisted consultancy firm. However, in terms of staffing, this project could be divided into two interior members and outer members. The bellow pie-chart shows this segmentation:

outer, 2 interior, 3

Char1. Types of Staffs


Item. Consultancy fees General costs

Description. Including consultancy fees for 2 consultant transportation, hospitality, tools

Estimation. 3000 RM 1100 RM


Ali Haj Aghapour, finished his BBA. And MBA. with concentration on CRM, Relationship Marketing, Service Marketing, and Analyses of Business processes at SHBU and IAU in Iran. Now, he is studying as a DBA candidate at MMU,Malaysia. Furthermore, he served as a marketing researcher in several successful projects at an outstanding R&D and consulting firm(Behshar Co.) in Cosmetic industry. Also, he worked in several service and production companies as CRM manager, Market Research Supervisor, and sale coordinator. Nowadays, he is focusing on branding in service contexts. Contacts: +60 12 9038697

I was born in Meybod, one of the historical cities in Iran, and after graduating from high school I moved to Isfahan and then Tehran for studying in bachelor and master. My back ground is statistics, and I have experience in both pure and applied in this field. I did some researches in this field journal's papers and International conferences. Before coming to Malaysia to continue my education in DBA, I was lecturer in statistics for 7 years in some Iranian public and private Universities such as Yazd University. Contacts: +60 14 42315904

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