BIM Application and Integrated Design

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Time lag occurs between different phases of construction design and lacking of interoperability is two of the major issues which cause the low productivity in design works in traditional design phase. Now we have an effective solution to this problem that is Integrated Design by using BIM tools. We will introduce the Integrated Design and BIM briefly and discuss how the actual effect is like base on our own experience and cases we collected. Moreover we will discuss about the business impacts brought by the Integrated Design.

Keywords: Integrated design, BIM application, Building process,


adopting integrated design approach in order to solve this problem seems to be the best way. BIM makes it possible to integrated design information from project participants of different disciplines which traditional work in different phrases of the building process. however. money and get an efficient building project. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is one of the most important supporting factors for a successful integrated design. Problem The fragmentation problem in the traditional building process is a biggest problem in the building industry. so we could find many problems in traditional building process. It causes of the time lag. Learning Objectives: • Advantages of BIM application for integrated design • The use of BIM in real life and the necessary of BIM in the building industry Approach We used to work as architect and civil engineer. practical methods and affordable tools to perform integrated design in building project developments are still difficult to find. we can see clearly advantages of 2 . Recently. low efficiency or unbeneficial projects. When we start to study BIM in this course.Background Industrial Context Controlling a building process properly is the best way to save time. Why can BIM be used efficiently? What are advantages of BIM application in integrated design within the building process? We will mention more clearly in this study.

we also gain more useful knowledge about BIM application. if HVAC engineer and lighting engineer can involve the design in the early stage of the design phase. lighting engineer has to add more light indoors and HVAC engineer should add more ventilation equipment to adjust the indoor air quality. Especially. For instance. What’s Integrated Design? Problems When we work as an architect and civil engineer in our country. almost projects which we were participated in have some problems especially the fragmentation problem in the traditional design process. if the architecture uses less windows and skylights in the building. focusing on this topic.<Integrated Data and Process Control During BIM Design> links 3 . and later the structural engineer and HVAC engineer join in the process with their own tasks in a framework which is provided by architecture. because the drawbacks of the design related to a certain field can be found 1 Niels Treldal. Some information sources from websites in the internet related is also used to support our topic. Moreover. in the traditional design process architecture starts the conceptual design firstly. it will save the expenditure in ventilation and lighting. In other words. We can know this procedure clearly from the figure1-1 below Figure 1-1 Traditional Design Phase 1 The drawbacks in the Traditional Design Phase are lack of interoperability and the Time Lag exit between different steps.BIM in the building industry. and we will show some case studies to mention more clearly about BIM application for integrated design. Analysis Part I 1. As we know.

contractor suppose that architects should redesign some parts because of component manufacturers can not supply necessary components with the construction. lighting design and so on. architect don’t have to work again to optimize the plan especially when the design is in a late stage. lighting. but also if the structure engineer can take part in the design earlier. it is expected that the decisions during the design phase are made with the knowledge of the implications for the constructability. By obtaining and integrating information from different disciplines. use and maintenance of the building in its life-cycle. when we use BIM application for integrated design. Besides. he will have enough time to optimize the plan and even finish the structure design before the deadline to save the money and increase the productivity. landscape design. It is not just a problem of wasting time to wait. there were some problems during design process such as client changes his mind.<BIM Application for Integrated Design and Engineering in Small-Scale Housing Development: A Pilot Project in The Netherlands> links 2 4 . Structure engineer must wait until architecture submits the framework of design to him. SEBASTIAN . especially. interior design. almost other parts of the construction process will be changed. structure and construction need a new tool to overcome the time lag and lacking interoperability? The answer is Integrated Design. In some actual projects we used to take part in. Solving this problem by integrated design seems to be the best solution. ventilation. It is clearly seen that when the redesign is the specialist or engineer who responses for this early. the time lag is another problem. HVAC. The Literature study of Integrated Design The definition of Integrated Design is a working method to integrate information from all project participants of different disciplines since the design and engineering phase. there are other problems with fire protection. Is there any new tools or techniques for all the participant within the design phase included architecture.【2】 R. money and sometime it causes stress and pressure. This problem will take the time. acoustic.

Typically it uses three-dimensional. Engineers and Contractors grip a new and powerful tool to achieve Integrated Design. dynamic building modeling software to increase 3 4 Niels Treldal. Integrated Design consist two components: the Integrated Design Process (IDP) and the Integrated Design Approach. BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle.<Integrated Data and Process Control During BIM Design> links R. SEBASTIAN . 2. prefab-manufacturer they co-operate and information Also facility manager can devote their suggestions based on his point of view on the life cycle management of the building. all the sub-deign tasks start together at the beginning of the procedure.<BIM Application for Integrated Design and Engineering in Small-Scale Housing Development: A Pilot Project in The Netherlands> links 5 . the contractor and prefab-manufacturer can dedicate their knowledge and experience to the project. We define IDP as “IDP is the entire. The design team can carry on the design work with effective co-operation with the will of customers.]Figure 1-2 Traditional Design Phase 3 We can see that from the Figure 1-2. real-time. The more architecture and contractor. people used to host Charrette (meeting of specialists or experts) periodically or bring all the design plans earlier to make achieve Integrated Design in the age of using 2D CAD systems. Besides the lighting and HVAC case we mention in the previously paragraph. Nowadays as the age of BIM tools is coming.”4 As for the Integrated Design Approach. Architectures. multi‐disciplinary processing of a design task for which a competent design team continuously pursues durability‐oriented targets from the beginning and optimizes them in terms of ensuring quality through the application of modern methods and tools throughout each individual phase. BIM applications for Integrated Design The Literature study of BIM BIM application is the newest trend of the world.

Why BIM tools can support and improve Integrated Design? The character of BIM makes it has a close relationship to the Integrated Design.5 BIM tools dedicate a platform for all the participants of the design team to exchange all the information and data of the building which included dimension. We mentioned it before. timeliness. It is totally different Wikipedia links Janne Salin – Presentation <Steps to Product Modeling> links 7 Wikipedia links 8 Wikipedia links 5 6 6 . IFC format is the most widely used format in BIM applications.productivity in building design and construction. .The design tasks carried on in the BIM application are in 3D dimension. which. seismic study. And the intelligent way to sharing the information (all the participant can obtain the newest information by update the model if something change. structure.BIM tools provide a suitable platform for Integrated Design.BIM tools offer solutions to all the aspects of the design phase e.for example Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) or gbXML7 and CIS/28. Stanford University6 And the achievement of data exchange between different applications and systems by following an international open standard. materials information. pipes layout etc. indoor environment simulation and 4D simulations… . Reasons for this show in the following subjects: . construction etc plus some new things which included sun study. interoperability and flexibility makes BIM become Integrated BIM. the architectural design. The method of exchange information by using IFC format and the multiple usage of the central model make it possible to carry on the design task all in one model.) Sharing. structure.g. is a proper tool to achieve Integrated Design. Figure 1-3 Norwegian Building Research Institute. Olof Granlund. because it is the integration of all information of construction subjects and all of them are stored as IFC format which make all the participants can access this information easily and dedicate their own design without obstacle in information exchange. Besides that BIM tools make it easy to management all the information and work flows because of the highly degree of unity. It is the integration of the information of constructional objects. NBLN University of California.

For the contractor. We are going to discuss something more in the Case study part later. Figure 2-1 Birds’ view of Fengxian Electric Converter Center The Challenge This building is an exclusive construction for certain electric installation. with cost more integral to the design process. BIM tools support engineers to solve the problems which is seems hard to handle in the past and give architectures chances to explore more in the design.- from traditional 2D design phase. It can effectively avoid duplication of design and labor. It can be seen clearly that BIM will help integrated design so efficiently. cost estimates can be justified through design visualization and assumption validation. It is a key point of the biggest HVDC (High Voltage Direct Current) project in 2007. Instead of the contractor simply reacting to the architecture design. these tools enable a much closer collaborative relationship between them. And the ability to show owners and developers in real time. Part II Case 1: Shanghai Fengxian Electrical Converter Center Introduction: This case is a typical one to describe how Integrated Design and BIM applications work together to solve the problems in the conventional design process. The design procedure of this kind of industrial architecture is different from civil architecture. The picture shown below is the a view of this Electrical Converter Center. The difference shown in the 7 . the cost and the constructability impact of design changes puts the builder in a position where conceptual estimate can be quickly produced and lead to negotiated bid. The model can be built in one time and used for multiple usages. BIM technologies enable a fundamental change in the relationship between the owner. architect and contractor.

Architectural design Structural design Installation design Figure 2-2 the design process of civil architecture Installation design Architectural design Structural design Figure 2-3 the design process of industrial architecture The challenge exit in this design task of Electric Converter Center is that. Architectures have to change the layout or diameter of the holes on the wall. blue prints and plans are involved in this case. the design team adopt the Integrated design by using BIM applications Solutions Figure 2-4 The model of Fengxian Electric Converter Center 8 . structural engineers follow architectures to modify their plan passively. all the installations within this site have an enormous volume. if some low class mistakes happen. To conclude the problem.g. and it would be even make the process as slow as hell if the change affects the main component of the structure. the holes for the pipes on the wall. it is that lacking of coordination and cooperation (or interoperability) between different types of design. e. To solve these problems. It is really passive for architectures to design the layout of the interior arrangement and the pipeline. we might discover some empty holes on the walls for rates just because architectures forgot to renew their design plan. In this case. If electric engineers change theirs design of some certain equipment. As we can see numerous of data.below two figures.

avoiding duplication of labor and design is another achievement. If electrical engineers modify some details or key layouts. Just like we mention in the beginning of this article that all the sub design within the design phrase are synchronous.<Integrated Data and Process Control During BIM Design> links 9 . Picture 2-5 Pipelines shown in the Revit MEP Case Conclusion: Besides solving the coordination and cooperation problem which exit in the conventional design phase. Electrical engineers finished the pipeline coordination layout by using Revit MEP and then submitted models to architectures. architecture can get the first hand information by update the model. Architectures can start their design directly in this model.The design team used Revit Architecture、Revit Structure、Revit MEP series software to proceed the design and integrate all the pieces of information together in a platform. It is obviously that all the design of electric installation and architecture done by Revit software is integration. Picture 2-6 Integrated Design Process9 9 Niels Treldal.

10 .Picture 2-7 Electric engineers use Navisworks to implement a 3D roaming in the model Case 2 Super projects which adopt BIM and Integrated Design. several important pavilions in Shanghai Expo 2010 are pioneers of implementing Integrated Design and BIM method. Introduction: In recent years there are a lot of new super projects establish in China because of the blossom economic and the act of government. For example. I have to highlight that most of this monster project adopt wholly or partly Integrated Design and BIM method in the design phase.

Picture 2-1 The Pavilion of Finland in Shanghai Expo 2010 “Kirnu” The Finish pavilion “Kirnu” is a preventative of how Integrated Design Process and BIM method is implemented in this super size project. And it is design by the American architectural firm Gensler . Picture 2-2 The Art Performing Center and the German pavilion and in Shanghai Expo 2010 The Challenge Here is an excellent case: The Shanghai Tower which is built in CBD of Shanghai now is under construction. Telka Structures and Telka Structures Construction Management. 11 . Architectures and contractors use ArchiCAD. It is design by “JKMM Architects” in Helsinki.The completion date is 2014. The German pavilion and the performing art center also embrace the Integrated and BIM methods besides the Finish Pavilion.

architecture should optimize the façade design plan to reduce the affection of wind load. but also it can meet the need of the trend of using abnormity geometrical body in the architectural design.000 Besides the results in other design fields is evident: Its twisting shape facilitates the collection of rain water for the A/C and heating units.10 Case Conclusion: Shanghai Tower is just one of the examples of how Integrated Design and BIM applications work. Structural engineers have to consider the wind load as a significant factor in the structural design. in large projects.000. there is a estimated of saving of $57. Fifty-four wind turbines in the parapet of the building help create electricity. Solution: The design unit Gensler built a model of outer façade by using the Bentely GC parameterize tools. In this case. Moreover. 10 Scott Sheppard. the construction cost will decrease 1200 million dollar as the wind low reduce 5%. According to the data. Its doubleskin facade insulates to reduce energy consumption. and did a series of structural wind tune trial on the premise of aesthetic and functional factors and analysis base on it. Integrated Design by using BIM applications is not only the solution to the design of complicated and super-size buildings. For instance: the height of the whole structure is 632 meters. The footprint of the tower is two-thirds green spaces. Integrated Design Process by using BIM application plays an leading part.Picture 2-3 The Shanghai Tower In the very beginning of the project.<The Shanghai Tower Exhibit at the Gallery at One Market> links 12 . the coordination of the façade design and the structural design and choosing proper plans to match each other is a shinning point in the design phase. According to the computation. Finally Gensler cut the wind loads by 24%.

We can see that Integrated Design by using the BIM applications is one of the effective way to support super-size projects and allow architecture to explore more possibility in architectural design in the future. It is not only a useful tools to change the situation of low productivity in AEC industry. it is another super project and designed in 2D with conventional design phase at first. but also it will probably promote the revolution in this field.Picture 2-4 The 3rd Terminal of Capital Airport in Beijing Just like the 3rd terminal of capital airport in Beijing. And the design team and contractor used BIM tools to fix this problem. Results and Business Impacts 13 . Contractor of the integrated wiring and pipe installing found that it is hard to handle the pipe laying because the abnormity geometrical spatial layout of the building and lacking of interoperability of different type of work and design.

. it helps to save 11 14 .All the participants of the design team can be involved in the constructions process sooner as long as the design process is started.Integrated Design by using the BIM tools enable architectures to explore more in the filed of design. it is a revolutionize tool to AEC industry.. In a word. There are many BIM software providers. such as abnormity geometrical bodies in the architecture and super-size projects.“The simulation can rapidly test sustainability ideas. participants need higher requirements for being able to participate in design process. each software has many available versions and the IFC is still undergoing…are rising questions about the compatibility. see how the air and temperature will work”. when they have to learn how to use BIM tools and so on. vice president for building industry strategy and relations for Autodesk and a part-time instructor at the Yale University School of Architecture in New Haven. This may be difficult for people who were previous 2D users in AutoCAD.. which can’t be done with 2-D drafting. says Phil Bernstein. However.11 . Instead of waiting for the designs and reacting it .It is an effective way to solve the problems exit in the conventional design phase. whether it will stand up or fall down. With BIM.Key Findings Potentials for using BIM in integrated design: . Using BIM for integrated design brings many profits for the building industry. see how it will behave in weather. this requirement is not easy solved nowadays. And some arguments: BIM application for integrated design requires the cooperation between all the participants in construction process much earlier than traditional design. You can measure energy consumption and water consumption. integrated design is performed efficiently in the construction process. Business Impacts With BIM.

This is of course the good way to save money. Jäväjä. Using BIM application for integrated design is seems to be the best solution to develop the efficient building project in the near future.The cost of software and hardware for using BIM application is still very expensive . Practical Tips and Key Lessons: • Saving time. The finance for building project will be solved by a good estimation with the most economical solution. BIM application with its special tools will help to add new price for the estimation efficiently.time for the project development because of reducing conflict problems in almost constructional phrases. we would like to thank you. the contractor and others having good decisions in time without influencing the design process so much. Conclusions Communication is one of major important advantages of BIM. This means BIM Application supports the development not only in architecture design but also in construction technologies obviously. there are some changes of the prices in construction market such as escalation of the material price. It helps connecting all participants within building process. it helps the owner.Many people in the building industry do not want to change their mind for using BIM as the new technology. . Now we develop an 15 .It is quite hard to train BIM users. so the time lag problem is solved efficiently. We. Whereas there are some obstacles to BIM adoption: . Mrs. especially in design process. In case. This course brings us the basis knowledge of product modeling and BIM which is quite brand new for us. saving money. getting strong relationship between project members. BIM also helps to design and develop super-size buildings and complicated buildings. young people in new generation should be confident to use new technologies for the development of the building industry. • Construction participants can work together better when working with BIM Acknowledgements In the end of this thesis. BIM supports integrated design to achieve the interoperability in the building process.

<The Shanghai Tower Exhibit at the Gallery at One Market> [5] Cai Meng.<Integrated Data and Process Control During BIM Design> [2] R. References [1] Niels Treldal. We hope can adopt these new technologies for our professions in the future. Salin for the discussions he hosts and presentations he presents which are really helpful and remarkable.<BIM Application for Integrated Design and Engineering in Small-Scale Housing Development: A Pilot Project in The Netherlands> [3] Janne Salin – Presentation <Steps to Product Modeling> [4] Scott Sheppard. SEBASTIAN .strong intention to learn more about that in the following course. the DNA of Commercial Real Estate> links [8] Wikipedia 16 . FAIA. We hope that we can make more progress in this field when we study in Helsinki.<BIM.<a study on Integrated Design of Industrial architecture > links [6] Don .<Whole Building Design> links [7] Sina. Thanks for your patient to direct us and the splendid lessons again! And we would like to Mr.

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