Radio Personality Supports Dekalb County Police Ticket Strike

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COLLEGE PARK-Dekalb County Police Officers have stated they are bringing back their annual ticket strike and the recent edition of the Atlanta Community Affair (ACA) says it should be permanent this time. The county lost five million dollars in 2010 and could possibly lose more. County police, according to the unofficial departmental blog, report that if they have to take cuts and hits, so can the county commissioners and CEO. “What is really amazing to me is that Dekalb County government officials are more upset about lost revenue than traffic safety, which proves all along that traffic tickets only exist for financial gain,” Dominique Huff, CEO and Founder of the Tenth Amendment Media Group said. “Dekalb County has one of the highest crime rates in the metro area and the Board of Commissioners and CEO is more concerned about having officers rob citizens at gunpoint during traffic stops. “ Huff is also the host of ACA. The Dekalb Officers Speak blog has been an eye opener for what’s happening behind the scenes in Tucker (home of the Dekalb Police Headquarters). On the edition of ACA, Huff calls for the elimination of county police departments and wants to see the Sheriff handle those duties. “Metro Atlanta has 20 counties and seven of them have county police departments. Every one of these county police departments has some sort of political budgetary issue,” he explained. “If we were to abolish these departments and even some of these small cities and let the Sheriff handle it, then we would have more accountability and responsibility. It’s unfortunate that police officers are being pimped out by elected officials for revenue.” The Sheriff is a constitutional position and all 159 of Georgia’s counties have one. The Sheriff is hired and fired by the voters while the police chief is a bureaucrat for the elected officials.

It is also highlighted on this edition that while traffic citations went down, motor vehicle accidents went down as well. Huff calls on Dekalb County residents to support this ticket strike and to call the elected officials in Dekalb for theft by taking and theft by deception. “Everytime a ticket is written, that is less money for the economy and more back into the government to waste on vote buying projects and frivolous expenditures,” he added. “Traffic safety is important but revenue generation should not take first priority.” State Senator Mitch Seabaugh (R-Sharpsburg) introduced legislation during the 2010 General Assembly that would have prohibited local police from enforcing speed limits on the interstates. Unfortunately, this legislation was killed thanks to the Georgia Municipal Association and several money hungry local governments who make their budgets from such funds. “If this bill would have passed, it would have eliminated some of the abuse on Dekalb residents and visitors. I also want to know where the so-called civil rights leaders on this issue are,” he said. “Civil Rights is quick to call marches, rallies, summits, exhibits and whatnot for irrelevant matters but legitimate matters, they are silent. This is no surprise to me.” Huff urges listeners to lobby Seabaugh to reintroduce this legislation and tell their local officials to vote for it next session. Dekalb County Residents and visitors need to tune in to this edition of ACA. The show airs every Wednesday at 8/7central on the Exceptional Radio Network ( The show is available ON DEMAND 24/7. “If the county keeps this foolishness up, then the next strike that needs to happen is an economic boycott of the entire county,” Huff concluded. #### The Atlanta Community Affair is a syndicated radio program of Home Rule News that focuses on Metro Atlanta’s social, political and economic issues. The show features hard hitting commentary and analysis on local legislation. ACA not only discusses the issues but provides solutions and calls to action.

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