Ivan Coste Manière

Professor of Marketing i.coste@skema.edu Tel: +33(0) 493 953 000

Dedicated Faculty SKEMA BS (CERAM Business School) since 2006. Affiliated Professor since 2000. Director, Marketing Department SKEMA Business School, MSc Luxury & Fashion Management

Summary :
Participating or Supporting qualification:

Dr. Ivan Coste Manière is a participating professor of supply chain management and Director of the MSc program in Luxury & Fashion Management. He is a member of several professional associations and syndicates.

Dr. Ivan Coste Manière holds an Engineering diploma from Ecole Centrale Marseille and a PhD from Université Aix Marseille III. He holds also a DEA and a CES in Chemistry.
Academic experience:

Dr. Ivan Coste Manière has 20 years of experience in academic administrations. He has been teaching marketing, communication, advertising and luxury goods management in various Business Schools (EDHEC, CERAM? Espeme, Ipag, Idrac). He has been creating the MSc in Luxury and Fashion Management at SKEMA (Sophia Antipolis campus) and is currently Associate Dean in charge of the Marketing Departement. He has also been teaching on the PhD programme (chemistry) of the University de Marseille (Saint Jérôme & Luminy campuses) . He regularly lectures on the MBA programme of the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (New Delhi & Kolkata) and of the Jaypee Institute of Information Technology and Business School (Noida) in India.
Professional experience:

Dr. Ivan Coste Manière was formerly a Research and Development Engineer with Hoffman Laroche and Sanofi (1983-1995). He has also been creating and lounching several companies dealing with advertising, communication, cosmetics, luxury goods and healthcare.
Maintenance of Qualification:

Dr. Ivan Coste Manière is currently founder and partner of Dexsil Labs in Belgium. He is mainly in charge of R&D and Marketing and sales. He has been involved within the five last years within many sports events, being appointed as Special Advisor to the Chairman of the regional Olympic Comitee.

Updated on 20 September 2010

E.E.C.D Thesis in Engineering (C. running and development of enterprises. Creation.: Visiting Distinguished Professor Jaypee Institute of Information Technology and Business School (Noida / India) 2010 . Indian Institute of Foreign Trade New Delhi/ Kolkata (India) 2009 .M. 2004-2006 : IUT Cannes .A.S. International Marketing.R. SKEMA Business School 1994-2006 : EDHEC & Espeme NICE . Marketing and Strategy. Entrepreneurship 2004-2006 : IDRAC Nice Strategic marketing. Advertising.Nationality French Education 1987 : Ph.N.S. SKEMA Business School 1998 . UA 109) Chemical Engineering E.: Scientific Director of MSc Luxury & Fashion Management 2009 . postgraduate degree in Organic Chemistry (Université Aix Marseille III) C. (now called ENSPICAM.S.: Associate Dean for Marketing. in Chemical Engineering (Université Aix Marseille III) 1984 : 1984 : 1984 : Academic appointments 2007.: Professor of Marketing. 2 Updated on 20 September 2010 .2009: Visiting Distinguished Professor. Centrale Marseille) D.

.T.M.MBA .I.Honorary Administrator.P. Administrator (since 1996). International Luxury Brand Management (MSc) .MBA.President A. Communication and Advertising (MSc) .Special Advisor of the President of the Olympic Comitee (since 2008).English. …) Dr.P / International Association of Friends of the International Perfumery Museum (1992 .A.English. / Association of Perfumery Engineers and Technicians (since 1992). India (since 2009) Membership of academic associations/networks . . Ivan Coste Manière is Director of the Marketing Departement and of the MSc in Luxury & Fashion Management at SKEMA Business School. IIFT New Delhi (since 2007) . service.Awarded Qualified Personn by the Prime Minister of the French Republic . Jaypee Institute of Information Technology and Business School . Visiting Visiting Lecturer in Marketing. committees. .Section Member (Economies Régionales et Aménagement du Territoire) of the Economic and Social Council (Palais d'Iena) of the French Republic (1993).French Other responsibilities at SKEMA Business School (administration.1995). 3 Updated on 20 September 2010 .Université de la Méditerranée. Society of French Perfumers (since 1993).I.I. Branding and Luxury or Hospitality Management: . .Courses taught at SKEMA Business School Advertising strategies (M2) . Licence Professionnelle Chimie Fine (since 1990) .English Luxury Brand Management (M2) – English TQG (L3) – French Integrated Communication in Fashion and Luxury (MSc) – English Media & Société (L3) .President of A.Special Assistent: Plan de Grasse (1989-1995) .

NICE (since 1992).1994 : Research Engineer for SANOFI INDUSTRIES – GRASSE In charge of research in organic synthesis relating to food flavoring and perfumes. Presented the award of ICHINOMYIA / JAPAN (1992).1985 : Hoffman Laroche Switzerland : Center of Pharmaceutical Researches: Synthesis of products antibiotics and development of catalysts 4 Updated on 20 September 2010 . silver (2006).President of the Regional Federation for Track and Field (2007) . and a star of Merit in 1996. FRENCH RIVIERA TRACK & FIELD ASSOCIATION . C.Administrator. Treasurer (since 1995). 1983 . from the Ministery of Research and Education (2006). Awarded a bronze medal from the Ministery of Youth and Sports in 1990. 1987 . of AJACCIO / FRANCE (1993) Awarded the ‘Paul Harris Fellow’ Medal by the International Rotary Club (1995). CLUB de GRASSE (Promotion of Commercial Trade between Southern Europe and the Pacific Basin .. Oversaw the industrial development of the procedures perfected within my laboratory Research Engineer cum Member of club MEMBRANES of the National Corporation ELF AQUITAINE. Chevalier des Palmes Académiques . .M (International Centre for Musical Research). Profit Center Management. SBI (Group VIAG / SKW and Sanofi-Aventis). Research-Development-Manufacture & Scale Up operations).I.Member of the Board.since 1989).President of Celebrities for Sports and Charities (SAS Prince Albert Monaco) (2005) Awarded the Bronze Medal of Youth and Sport (1991). a silver one 2006.Member of Directors· Committee. This has been deemed a « National Centre « by the Ministry of Culture. .R. of KOBE / JAPAN (1993). Professional experience 1994 – 1995: Administrator of Laboratory Pilots (Extrapolation Procedures. of INGOLSTADT/ GERMANY (1989).

5 Updated on 20 September 2010 . France SENTAROMATIQUE (perfume composition). Jonas and Coste-Manière. with Pr. Peru. . Marketing Management. Special focus areas: Organisation of Events & Advertising. Intellectual contribution 1 Discipline based scholarship 1. Russia. France and Switzerland Research interests Advertising strategies.Consulting activities 1996 . 1.6 Chapters in scholarly books 2010. Uganda. David. jewellery 1989 : SCENT (advertising. Ukrainia. pour qui ? » 2010. Ukraine. Hoffmann. Communication. Cote d’Ivoire. Expansion Management Review. XX. Nigeria). Ravi Shanker under press. Eymé. Luxury services. International Luxury Brand Management. engineering). in “Services Marketing”. Le Rotarien Nov 2006 : « Le luxe. Regions: Egypt. France 1993 : COSMOS : watches design. Septembre 2010. Belgium 1994 : BUSINESS NETWORK (data processing). n° 138. Cote d’Ivoire. 1997-1999 : Consultant for ‘KATO International’. pourquoi. Ivan Coste Manière. « Comment augmenter le ROI de votre budget communication par l’affiliation et le Search Marketing ». Experience abroad : Has been involved in the creation of the following companies:1996 : FRANCE PRODUCT (in Tanzania) & CANAL AFRICA (Video media.now : ADT Consultant in Communications. Belgium & DexSil Labs (pharmacy). Event Marketing. 1995 : FEELINGS (Media).Dr.1 Articles in discipline based journals (peer-reviewed) 2006. p. Ivan.

India. 2010. Ivan and Inui. Mars-Avril 2010. 08/2010. 2. Anupryia Kaur. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade 2009. Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. 18-19. 2010. 08/2008. National Marketing Symposium. Major Influences on teen consumer socialization and their outcomes 07/2010 2 Contribution to practice 2.1 Articles in professional or trade journals or magazines 2010.2 Presentations at trade meetings 2008. Jonas. Indian Institute of Technolgy. Coste-Manière. Green India and the IT Industry. under press 3.5 Other Languages French. Maki. ITC The Sonar. 08/2009. English. Waknaghat. New Delhi. p. German 6 Updated on 20 September 2010 . Vibrant luxury and the optimization of ROMI. Hoffmann. n° 2. 3 Learning and pedagogical research 3.1. Jaypee University of Information Technology. « Le marché chinois en pleine explosion ». National Marketing Symposium. Incredible India : The shift to Gen X and Y in the indain Hospitality. Expression Cosmétique.1 Case studies Dassault ‘s Falcon F7X.9 Other PhD supervision. Ministery of Tourism. Kolkata.

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