• Final Report 2005 •



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A Program of Youth Service America, with the Global Youth Action Network
Prepared by: Luis A. Davila Ortega, Benjamin Quinto, Silvia Golombek, PhD GYSD International Coordination Team

v.3d. August 04, 2005

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COUNTRIES PARTICIPATING IN GYSD 2005 Albania Algeria Angola Argentina Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Bangladesh Belarus Benin Bhutan Bolivia Bosnia & Herz. Brazil Bulgaria Burundi Cameroon Canada Cent. Afri. Rep. Chad China Colombia Congo, DR Costa Rica Côte d'Ivoire Croatia Czech Rep. Dominican Rep Ecuador Egypt El Salvador Eritrea Ethiopia France Gabon Gambia, The Georgia Germany Ghana Grenada Guatemala Guinea Guyana Haiti Hong Kong India Indonesia Iran Israel Italy Japan Kazakhstan Kenya Kyrgyzstan Lebanon Liberia Macedonia Malawi Malaysia Mauritius Mexico Moldova, Rep. Mongolia Morocco Namibia Nepal Nicaragua Niger Nigeria Pakistan Palestin.Territ. Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Portugal Romania Russian Fed. Rwanda Saint Lucia Senegal Seychelles St. Kitts & Nevis Sierra Leone Slovenia Somalia South Africa South Korea Sri Lanka Swaziland Sweden Taiwan Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Togo Tonga Tunisia Turkmenistan Uganda Ukraine United Kingdom United States Uruguay Uzbekistan Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe




6th Annual Global Youth Service Day Mobilizes Millions of Young Volunteers!
In its sixth year, millions of young volunteers helped to mark the Global Youth Service Day celebrations, held in over 100 countries around the world. Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) is an annual event held on a designated weekend every April which celebrates the year-round contributions young people make to their communities and world through voluntary service. GYSD helps to focus the world’s attention on the valuable skills and ideas youth have for the welfare of their communities and the development of their societies. GYSD was launched in 2000, and has been celebrated to date in over 150 countries. This year GYSD received almost 95 million media hits. GYSD grew out of the successful experience of National Youth Service Day, held annually for the past 17 years in the United States, which mobilizes about 3 million young people in service projects each April. National Youth Service Day and its global format are the inspiration of Youth Service America (YSA), a resource center that partners with thousands of organizations working to increase the quality and quantity of opportunities for young people to serve locally, nationally, and globally. GYSD is organized and managed by YSA and the Global Youth Action Network (GYAN), together with a consortium of international organizations and over 100 national coordinating committees. More than 1,000,000 young volunteers were mobilized across 100 countries this year, on top of the millions that participate in the traditional National Youth Service Day in the United States. Notable partnerships this year included Service For Peace, whose chapters and affiliates mobilized in a dozen countries. General Motors continued its partnership with Grupo Tayrona in Colombia, by supporting youth volunteerism programs. The Inter-American Development Bank supported “PaSo Joven” in Argentina, Bolivia and the Dominican Republic, in developing regionally-targeted materials for young people in the Americas. And the US State Department’s Global Connection Program, which manages global student exchange programs, engaged their partners in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and other countries in the Middle East and South Asia.

The goals of Global Youth Service Day are to: • BUILD the capacity of an international network of organizations that promotes youth participation, service, and learning; • EDUCATE the public, the media, and policy-makers about the year-round contributions of young people as community leaders around the world; • MOBILIZE youth and adults to meet the needs of their communities through volunteering; and • LEARN and share effective practices in youth service, youth voice, and civic engagement in the world today

Highlights of activities from Global Youth Service Day 2005: [see Country Highlights for a complete list] • In Russia, the Russian Development Volunteer Center, Constructive Approach and Sozidanie Foundation together mobilized over 587,000 volunteers in 4,800 projects in 42 regions. • Under the patronage of President Jacques Chirac, youth organizations across France organized events in four main regions throughout the country. • With the support of President Lula, UNDP, UNV and Natal Voluntarios involved over 30,000 volunteers in 145 cities across Brazil in advocating for the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). • In Taiwan, the National Youth Commission, Service For Peace, PlanetKIDS Club, Taipei Da-Li Elementary School and Tzu Chi Buddhist Association engaged 17,000 volunteers in over 1,000 service projects.

We are very grateful for the generous support provided by GM, DisneyHand and the Inter-American Development Bank who contribute through funding or expertise to this initiative. We also wish to acknowledge the support of the United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs which manages student exchange programs around the world and encourage the participation of youth in Global Youth Service Day.





II. International Coordination
The Coordination Team: • Luis A. Davila Ortega: NLA Coordination • Silvia Golombek, PhD: Project Oversight • Ibrahima Diouf: NLA Support • Benjamin Quinto: Management • Sarah Kielsmeier-Jones: Communications • Adam Jacobson: Intern • Alia Mahmoud: Intern • Logan Wallace: Intern The International Coordinating Committee (ICC): The ICC is a consortium of organizations working to promote, organize and support GYSD. ICC members have extensive international presence and offer their experience and connections to broaden the impact of the celebrations. The ICC supports GYSD through dissemination and promotion of materials in various contexts; offering their expertise in a variety of fields related to international youth service; and by guiding and evaluating the development of the international event. Twenty ICC members promoted Global Youth Service Day throughout their networks in 2005. Every ICC member highlighted GYSD 2005 on their existing website or through other electronic communications, and distributed GYSD materials to their partners. Nearly all ICC members related GYSD resources in their printed or electronic newsletters and provided information about GYSD via booths, workshops, presentations or communication materials. For example, the National Youth Leadership Council posted the GYSD logo and DisneyHand Minnie grants in their e-newsletter on on their homepage. They also highlighted GYSD at the National Service-Learning Conference’s International Networking Event and round table sessions. Many ICC members also integrated GYSD activities throughout their organizations. The Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) required that all students receiving grants organize a GYSD project, while Nacel Open Door adopted “World Read,” an organizationwide, ongoing literacy project, to be expanded upon each subsequent celebration. Similar initiatives were launched by organizations like IFES and Youth Employment Summit, which integrate GYSD into their affiliates’ annual programs Service For Peace utilized its extensive international network to promote 70 projects in 20 countries with over 5,000 participants, thus receiving extensive media attention. As the National Lead Agency in Japan, Mongolia and South Korea, Service For Peace awarded 35 mini-grants, for a total of $13,950, to support service projects around the world. The Inter-American Development Bank’s financial support to PasoJoven in Argentina, Bolivia, and Dominican Republic was also key in developing and disseminating regional organizing materials in Spanish. Numerous ICC members planned projects that extend GYSD into yearround initiatives. People to People International is working on integrating GYSD into all of their student chapters, and connecting their largest travel program—the Student Ambassador program (30,000 people)—with a yearly Global Youth Service Day project starting in 2006. Service For Peace will begin GYSD efforts in the Dominican Republic this August, culminating in a nation-wide program in April 2006. They also will be sponsoring “The Volunteer Culture Festival” in Tokyo Dec 1-5, as a follow up from GYSD’05. ICC members also offer other expertise, resources and contributions to support GYSD. Some ICC members, like the National Youth Leadership Council, offer toolkits and training materials on service-learning and HIV/AIDS-resources applicable to GYSD. Other members offer their services in web site development, like TakingITGlobal, who currently host and maintain the www.gysd.net web site. Meanwhile, Innovations in Civic Participation (ICP) offers its expertise in national and community service policy development. The ICC is a strong advocate for the development of Global Youth Service Day and we are currently working to expand its membership in order to help us take the GYSD celebrations to a new level.

2005 INTERNATIONAL COORDINATION COMMITTEE • American Councils for International Education ACTR/ACCELS • Centro Boliviano de Filantropia • Center for Cultural Interchange • Council on International Education Exchange • Global Youth Action Network • International Education and Resource Network (IEARN-USA) • IFES • Innovations in Civic Participation • Inter-American Development Bank • International Youth Foundation • Nacel Open Door • National Youth Leadership Council • People to People International • Project Harmony Azerbaijan • Service For Peace • TakingITGlobal.org • Unite For Sight • Youth for Understanding • Youth Employment Summit • Youth Service America Previous ICC Members include: • 4-H International • Casa Alianza/Covenant House Latin America • Earth Restoration Corps • Free the Children • Generation Rising • Global Environment Facility • Habitat for Humanity International • Hague Appeal for Peace Youth Programme • Hope Worldwide • International Association for Volunteer Effort • International Labour Organization • Lions Club International • Jane Goodall Institute - Roots & Shoots • OAS Young Americas Business Trust • Organizacion IberoAmericana de la Juventud • Partners of the Americas • Peace Child International • Peace Corps • Points of Light Foundation • United Nations Programme on Youth • Worldview International Foundation • UNESCO Youth Focal Point - Arab States • UNICEF • UNDP • UNEP • UN Information Service • United Nations Population Fund • United Nations Volunteers • United Nations Youth Unit • United Way International • World Assembly of Youth • World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts • World Bank • World YWCA • YMCA International


III. National Coordination
In each country, GYSD is coordinated by National Lead Agencies (NLAs). As a general rule, a single agency or organization is designated as NLA. In this capacity, the organization provides a focal point for the distribution of GYSD-related information and news to other organizations and young people throughout each country. NLAs are responsible for recruiting other youth organizations onto a National Coordinating Committee (NCC) that helps coordinate activities in one or more locations on GYSD. The NCC shares the workload and responsibility of the National Lead Agency, and help to achieve broader community impact. Qualifying criteria for National Lead Agencies include scope and national outreach capacity, strong relationships with other youth-serving organizations in their country, ability to engage multi-sector partnerships, and a commitment to carry out the effective coordination of GYSD. NLAs are sent supporting materials, including GYSD Planning Toolkits, brochures and posters with service-learning activities. They are also added to the GYSDNews list-server to be kept up-to-date on GYSD-related progress, activities and updates. National Lead Agencies may include a wide range of youth-led or youth-serving organizations, and may represent university student associations, communitybased and volunteer organizations, faith-based groups, local government agencies, national youth councils, national chapters of international agencies or national government offices.


IV. Long term Impact
Global Youth Service Day strives to be much more than a three day event: it seeks to be an opportunity to launch long term initiatives, sustainable collaborations, and programs that address community problems through the year-round engagement of youth in service and decision-making. Most of the organizations involved in GYSD 2005 are seeing long term impact in the continuation and expansion of their GYSD projects. Here are a few examples: • Project Harmony’s volunteers in Azerbaijan, for example, are continuing charity auctions for a local orphanage on a regular basis after GYSD, and organizations in Israel, India, Moldova, Slovakia, South Korea, and many others are now planning to continue their activities year-round. The organizations taking part in GYSD projects have also helped establish continuing programs independent of themselves. In Nigeria, some secondary schools will be incorporating conflict resolution seminars into their curriculums, thanks to the work of Ikwerii Youth Development International. In other countries, the organizations’ GYSD projects have inspired others to follow their example. Tara Educare Academy’s project in India (setting up a free school for children) is now being replicated around the area, with the opening of other free schools. In South Africa as well, several churches have shown interest in starting Scout groups after seeing the South African Scout Association Mpumalanga’s GYSD projects. In Tajikistan, Student Action Committee chapters are opening in many schools as a result of the participation of Relief International Schools – Online in GYSD. Some GYSD projects have yielded results that will empower the youth of the country and encourage youth voice, such as the Multimedia Youth Association in Macedonia, whose activities have made the local officials take initiatives and suggestions by youth more seriously. This is the case in Ghana also, where Friends of the Disadvantaged, Elderly and Children (FRIDEC) is overseeing a program of dialogue between the youth of the SSNIT flats (a residential area) and the Ministry of Health. Many organizations involved in GYSD came away from the experience with new connections to other organizations and agencies, which could make their activities in the future more fruitful. Adele Reproductive Health Centre in Cameroon, for example, developed connections not only with GYSD organizers in France, but also with local hospitals, training institutes, and nursery and primary schools. In addition, many of the GYSD projects helped different groups in the country establish partnerships and relationships which will lead to better understanding and cooperation between those groups. In Kazakhstan, Special Child’s activities created a connection between local students and disabled children. In Tanzania, YEN Tanzania helped local NGOs connect, and in Armenia, Habitat for Humanity Armenia helped deepen the relationship between local youth groups and the children of Habitat for Humanity families. • The outcomes of some initiatives will be evident in the longer term. For instance, a home building project organized by Jeunesse en Reconstruction du Monde en Destruction (Youth in Reconstruction of the World in Destruction), led to a smoother reconciliation process in Burundi. And then there are the projects that inspired those involved to reach for more in the future, such as Service For Peace’s activities in Cote d’Ivoire, where volunteers committed increase their participation through national level projects for next year’s GYSD. Also, in Uganda, the Campus Youth Alliance called for the establishment of a network of volunteer organizations, and in the Czech Republic volunteers committed to joining programs that would allow them to volunteer more often.


GYSD 2005 has laid the groundwork for the continuation of projects, the launching of new ventures, and the introduction of more positive perspectives and attitudes regarding youth participation through service. The program is also showing evidence of its potential to convene different actors and sectors through innovative collaborations. A number of projects addressed the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) which reflects youth’s potential in addressing many of the world’s most pressing challenges. At the United Nations Millennium Summit in 2000, 189 Heads of State and Governments pledged to work together to make a better world for all by 2015. On behalf of their people, they signed the Millennium Declaration which promises to free men, women and children from the dehumanizing conditions of extreme poverty and make the right to development a reality for everyone. Eight Millennium Development Goals were adopted, committing rich and poor countries to work together in a global partnership to eradicate extreme poverty by 2015. Each Goal has been designed so that it is easy to understand, easy to implement and easy to measure. The MDGs are to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger Achieve Universal Primary Education Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women Reduce Child Mortality Improve Maternal Health Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other diseases Ensure Environmental Sustainability Develop a Global Partnership for Development



Government Support
Government Involvement Supports Youth Actions for GYSD 2005

If Global Youth Service Day is to serve as a strategy to engage youth as active agents of community change, it is critical that government agencies and public officials in each country recognize young people's contributions. We are excited to report that the attention received by GYSD efforts from local and national governments around the world is growing; below are some examples of public officials’ involvement: At the highest government level, President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in Brazil continues to be a supporter of Natal Voluntarios’ GYSD activities, kick-starting the events with his now traditional Call to Service. The events in Georgia, France, Malawi and in Bosnia and Herzegovina also received attention from their respective presidents, while Service For Peace’s project in South Korea drew the attention of First Lady Kwon Yang-sook. Many projects benefited greatly from the integral support and involvement of local officials as well. This was certainly the case in Burundi, where Youth Action for Development’s efforts were aided by the Mayor of Bujumbura, who donated cleaning supplies, and the Environment Minister, who not only helped in training project organizers and providing refreshments for participants, but also acted as chairman of the events, working with the National Committee. Also in Kazakhstan, for Contact Club’s GYSD project, Akim Marat Uderbayev (equivalent of a Mayor) gave a speech at the awards ceremony, and cheered on participants throughout the entire event. Irina Leonidovna Kim, First Assistant to the Akim, helped organize the activities with Contact Club’s Executive Board and Advisors, and Roza Zhunisova, Chief of Small Business Affairs Department, who helped with media coverage and acted as liaison between the local government, the park owners, and Contact Club. The Mayor of Bobeica (Moldova) was present at a two-day cleanup of the village; the local government sponsored the project by providing both drivers and gas for the tractors used, and the Regional Ministry of Ecology donated 700 trees to be planted. In Mongolia, Service For Peace coorganized its project with the Municipal Offices of

the downtown districts of Sukhbaatar and Chingeltei, and the Sukhbaatar District Governor issued an official letter inviting all organizations in the district to support GYSD. Public officials spoke to participants at many GYSD events. At Volta Star Family Fun Club events in Ghana, the District Director of Education in Kpando inspired the students to become teachers, and Mr. Paus Adawuty, District Chief Executive, spoke about making good education and career choices. In Israel, Bet Shemesh Mayor Daniel Vaknin spoke to the Service For Peace participants, stressing the importance of volunteering and expressing his faith in the younger generation. For South African Scout Association Mpumalanga’s GYSD projects, representatives of both the Department of Health and the Department of Education addressed and congratulated the volunteers at all venues of activity. In Bolivia, a new national volunteer law was created with the support of the CEBOFIL. When unable to attend GYSD events, some public officials found other ways to show support, such as issuing public statements or providing funding. For People to People International Lagos’ GYSD project in Nigeria, the Chairman and the Mushin Local Government issued a proclamation in support of GYSD and the President of the Nigeria Labour Congress sent a letter of support. In Kenya, the City Council contributed $1,000 to the Youth Centre’s project, and in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, the Municipality of Hebron donated all the paint which Schools Online used for cleaning and painting in the towns of Hebron and Albireh. The trend toward increasing attention of policymakers towards GYSD is encouraging. It indicates a growing awareness about the current and potential impact of youth service and sets the stage for stronger collaborations between governments and youth-oriented NGOs. Such partnerships can lead to more sustainable solutions to community problems and the engagement of young people as resources for change.


VI. Media Coverage
Media coverage of Global Youth Service Day and all youth involvement is key to creating public awareness about the positive role of youth in their communities. More than 80 organizations worldwide received international, national, or local media coverage for their GYSD projects this year. Some highlights of media coverage for the 2005 Global Youth Service Day celebrations include: • In Slovenia, the Slovene Philanthropy, Association for Promotion of Voluntary Work received coverage on Slovene public radio as well as 10 local commercial radio stations (including 2 radio talk shows) and on Slovene radio in Italy (for the Slovene minority). Slovene public television as well as 2 private TV stations covered the events (including features on 4 TV talk shows), along with 2 national newspapers, 3 regional newspapers (including a weekly paper), and a Catholic weekly newspaper. The American Councils for International Education in Uzbekistan’s work for GYSD received attention from a variety of media outlets as well. A nationwide youth television network covered the events, as well as articles in a popular magazine for expatriates with readers in all Central Asian republics. Interviews with project leaders were featured in seven regional newspapers, extended coverage and interviews were presented on 2 state television stations, and postings on several websites detailed GYSD, including the website of the US Embassy in Tashkent, and the American Councils for International Education. Altogether, GYSD events appeared on 7 television programs, 2 magazines, at least 4 websites, and 14 newspaper articles across Uzbekistan. In the Russian Federation, Russian Development Volunteer Center and “Constructive Approach” Foundation’s widespread GYSD activities were featured extensively in the country’s media. More than 100 newspapers (including 30 publications in the Samara area and 58 publications in Tatarstan) covered the events, as did more than 40 television channels, and 11 websites. There were also 15 radio reports detailing the activities. In Brazil, Natal Voluntarios’ immense celebration of GYSD was covered by very important and diverse media outlets across the country, including TV stations (Globo, SBT and MTV), hundreds of radio stations, and both national and local newspapers. Project Harmony - Armenia publicized its activities by preparing and submitting a press release detailing GYSD, which was featured in several of the country’s leading domestic news outlets. Several of the news outlets covering GYSD reach expatriated Armenians in nearly 80 countries around the world. More than 5 national magazines (including an online magazine on the subject of volunteering) and several daily national newspapers covered GYSD in Romania. The events were also detailed on national and local radio and television stations. And in the Palestinian Territory, 3 local radio stations, Palestinian television station, Hebron TV, and 3 newspapers covered Schools Online’s GYSD project.

With the media coverage of young people’s service and civic engagement activities, more people around the world can see youth for what they really are: an asset rather than a liability to society, people willing to step forward and help improve their communities. GYSD and NYSD had a combined number of almost 610 million media hits.


VII. Country Highlights
Please note: Country names reflect those provided by National Lead Agencies.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

80 Albanian Ecological Club – Int’l Friends of Nature Alona Elitari
Rr. Todi Shkurti P.13 Tirana Tel: +355-69-234-1003 Fax: +355-4-373-148 eco-club@san.com.al

With the support of a DisneyHand Minnie Grant, eighty students of Adem Sheme primary and junior high school in Saranda, Albania, will participate in a service-learning project to focus on the arts and education, organized by student government. The children will research their local heritage and produce artwork (in any format, jewelry, pottery, etc.) that copies a particular piece found during their research. The children's work will be exhibited along with photographs and information about the original inspiration and will compete. The best eight reproductions will be given prizes.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

600 Algerian Volunteers for Peace and Cultural Exchanges, Inc. Zouaoui Mostari
B 89 Cite Madina Mounaoura Sidi Bel Abbes, 22000 Tel: +213-48-565756 Fax: +213-48-557997 kcalgerie@yahoo.fr

The Association des Volontaires Algeriens pour la Paix et L’echange Culturel mobilized 600 volunteers for GYSD 2005 in Algeria. They organized a project called « Stop Sida » or « Stop AIDS » which intended to go beyond the work done in the past to combat the epidemic and support the development of new programs to address the deficiencies of ongoing initiatives. The proactive approach would assess and identify the problems and with the help of experts, other associations and logisitical and technical assistance, develop new resources. A new branch of Association Volontaires Algeriens called Sidaction was created to monitor these new projects. All of the volunteers benefited enormously from the experience. The organization carried out these projects with no significant funding and did not attract any media attention, however they hope to do a better job of this in 2006. These projects plan to help hundreds of AIDS victims in the future whose needs are not being adequately addressed in the country and continue to solicit more volunteers to help ensure that the programs are successful.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

72 Shirley Ann Sullivan Educational Foundation – Angola Rhonda Staudt
C/O German Embassy Luanda, Tel: +244-2-32-76-31 Fax: +244-2-33-47-73 sasef@hotmail.com http://www.sasef.org/

The Shirley Ann Sullivan Educational Foundation worked to institute successful GYSD activities in a country recently plagued by the Marburg virus and still recovering from war. The Foundation played a game created by Netaid called, “The Real Life Game Angolan Children Can’t Play” with 72 young children of an average age of 12. The children archived their feelings as they went through the process of what challenges children in Angola face when trying to attend school and attain their dreams of obtaining a job to take care of their families. Although the measurable results cannot be calculated at present, the Shirley Ann Sullivan Educational Foundation witnessed children understanding the challenges their peers face in extreme poverty situations. It is hoped that measurable results will be in development education, something that can only be seen in the future with these students. The Luanda International School system wrapped up the activities with a project of “A Day In the Life of a Child in Angola”. Due to the outbreak of the Marburg virus the event had to be held inside the school compound with no outside contact with local Angolan school children. “Radio Nacional” and YES Angola also participated in the project.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

5,000 Argentinian Center for Int’l Cooperation and Development (CACID) Gustavo Smith
Sucre 1607 PB 'B' Buenos Aires City C1428DVA Tel: +54 -11-4784-5438 Fax: +54 -11- 4784-5438 dacevedo@cacid.org.ar http://www.cacid.org.ar/

CACID in partnership with the Ministry of Education and IDB’s Paso Joven program led the GYSD celebrations in Argentina. Hundreds of young volunteers working as school tutors, and volunteers in civil society organizations, came together in a national campaign to share proposals and experiences regarding youth volunteerism. Young volunteers were also able to create educational materials, which were distributed in hospitals, children homes, and foundations working with disadvantaged children. In communities across the country, representatives of the Paso Joven program, also held volunteer activities such as beautification campaigns, street clean-ups, visits to children and elderly homes, among others. CACID was able to publish a book evaluating GYSD’s impact in Argentina, in the past five years. As part of the long term results, CACID continues to work with National Directorate for Youth (DINAJU) and the Ministry of Education, in developing a youth service policy for Argentina.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

4,800 Project Harmony Naira Karmirshalyan
45 Sevastopolyan Yerevan, Tel: +374-1-260686 Fax: +374-1-227458 nairak@projectharmony.am http://www.projectharmony.am/

GYSD celebrations in Armenia were led by Project Harmony (Armenia) and the American Councils for International Education (Armenia), involving 4,800 volunteers and 300 schools from 11 regions across the country. The celebrations were co-organized by the Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs, Habitat for Humanity (with the support of a DisneyHand Minnie Grant), Peace Corps volunteers, Red Cross International, and local municipalities. Some of the activities included planting of 1000 trees, visits to disabled children’s homes, concerts, community clean-ups, and workshops attended by state officials focusing on youth development. The celebrations were covered by media outlets such as Lori TV, Vanatiour weekly, Arminfo, Armenpress and Arka, which distributes news to Armenians living in almost 80 countries around the world. Some of the long term results included the creation of a partnership with other GYSD NLAs for future exchanges, as part of the World Tour de France, organized by AFEV, the lead GYSD organizer in France.

CO-National Lead Agency: American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS Elizabeth Winship
18/2 Baghramyan St. #2 Yerevan, 375019 Tel: +374-1-561410 Fax: +374-1-561498 ewinship@americancouncils.am http://www.americancouncils.am/


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

200 United Nations Youth & Student Assn. of Austria Irene Stoeckl
Johannesgasse 2/2/32 Vienna, A-1010 Tel: +43-1-512-8521 Fax: +43-1-512-8521 austria@afa.at http://afa.at/

The GYSD 2005 celebrations in Austria were led by the United Nations Youth and Student Association of Austria, involving over 50 volunteers in a panel discussion that started the nation-wide “Stop Child Trafficking Campaign,” by panelists from a range of international organizations and local authorities. The discussion educated many people, particularly in Vienna, about the problem of child trafficking and corresponding international, regional, and national mechanisms to prevent it. A number of media outlets helped to raise awareness by covering the panel discussion including various Austrian daily newspapers, local radio stations and national and local TV stations. MTV and R.E.M were present for the discussion, and the Association’s website received over 5,000 hits out of interest to GYSD 2005. The most important long term result of the panel was the heightened awareness among Austrians about the very serious problem of human trafficking around the world. The Youth and Student Association established itself as a knowledgeable and authoritative leadership force in the country and created relationships for future successful campaigns.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

800 Project Harmony Vusal Khanlarov
183 Suleyman Rahimov st Baku, 370014 Tel: +99-412-479181 Fax: +99-412-479181 vusal@projectharmony.az http://www.projectharmony.az/

As the GYSD National Lead Agency in Azerbaijan, Project Harmony conducted youth volunteer activities in four regions of the country, mobilizing almost 200 motivated students, ECA alumni, ACE teacher exchange program participants and members of the Azerbaijan Connections and Exchange network. GYSD included a Fire Precaution training of trainers, involving local fire department employees; a volunteerism poster festival; a charity auction; clothes and toy drives in Baku, engaging students and local orphanages; and a Cooking Day organized by students and teachers in Quba, Sumqayit and Lenkaran, delivering meals to local senior shelters. Students in Quba also organized an art exhibition showcasing the benefits of volunteerism. The activities were showcased in the Project Harmony website, which was accessed by over 10,000 visitors. Alumni of the Future Leaders Exchange program, administered by American Councils, mobilized 600 university and high school students, NGOs representatives, ex-pats, and local people through a charity ball and auction and theatrical performance to support children and teens from the Down Syndrome Association. Their goal was to promote public awareness of kids with Down Syndrome and integrate kids with disabilities into Azeri society.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

1,200 National Federation Of Youth Organisations In Bangladesh (NFYOB) Dulal Biswas
2/7, Sir Syed Road, Mohammadpur Dhaka, 1207 Tel: +88-02-9111660 Fax: +88-02-8122010 nfyob@bijoy.net http://nfyob-bd.netfirms.com/

Led by the National Federation of Youth Organizations in Bangladesh, the National Coordinating Committee organized activities including a youth fair, project exhibitions, cultural festivals, debates, workshops, leadership trainings, concerts, tree planting drives and clean-up projects. Relief International-Schools Online (RI-SOL), an international NGO involved in education and youth activities in Bangladesh partnered with Peace Corps Bangladesh to coordinate a series of activities promoting community service by young people. RISOL educators developed a syllabus for its schools in Gazipur, Tongi, and Comilla, and for service-learning activities organized by Peace Corps volunteers throughout the country. The lessons highlighted ways in which young people can make a difference in their community by performing volunteer services. Students and local youth identified needs in their community, and executed projects tailored to meeting them. Local government elected representatives were invited to participate in the activities and discuss the year-round contributions of young people as community leaders.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

22 American Center for Education and Research Kevin Reiling
F. Skorina ave., 169, office 512 (south wing) Minsk, Belarus 220114 Tel: ++375-17-218-1264 reiling@amcenter.by http://www.amcenter.by/cgi-bin/showe.cgi

More than 20 Belarusian alumni of the Future Leaders Exchange program, administered by American Councils, helped fight illiteracy and promote volunteerism through the “Save the Libraries” Global Youth Service Day project this April. With the help of local schools and university partners, as well as friends and families, they collected and donated 200 books to libraries in Minsk and the villages of Dzerzinsk, Zhodino, and Novosely.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY: Enfants Solidaires d'Afrique et du Monde (ESAM) Bouraima Bello
08 BP 0049 Cotonou, Littoral 229 Tel: +229-30-52-37 Fax: +229-31-38-77 esam@firstnet.bj

Capacity building activites were planned for GYSD 2005 in Benin. Final Report not available at the time of printing


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

500 National Women Association Dechen Wangmo
Phajoding Primary School Phuentsholing, Chukha Tel: +975-5-252902 Fax: +975-5-254070 dwangmo_drukyul2002@hotmail.com

The Phuentsholing Women Association/YES Bhutan Network was successful in mobilizing over 500 young people in Bhutan by holding three projects. These projects took place in one of the districts in Phuentsholing and included a cleaning campaign, unemployment awareness and a job fair. There is a lack of community awareness on sanitation and its needs especially at the grassroots levels. With the help of local youth and women’s groups, a cleaning and awareness campaign was organized. These included various activities such as uses of waste management tools provided by the municipality, condoms distribution and HIV/AIDS programs and building the drainage system. All these events were covered by media outlets such as the national and local newspapers and local TV channels. The events were sponsored by Phuentsholing Women Association, the local business community, and funds were raised by young people. The long term results of the activities included establishing collaborations with new partners in other countries, leading to international exchanges and creation of training sessions in youth volunteer management.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

10,000 Centro Boliviano de Filantropia (CEBOFIL) Fabiola Castedo
Comercial El Chuubi Santa Cruz Tel: +591-3-330-0356 Fax: +591-3-333-4488 info@cebofil.org http://www.cebofil.org/

Supported by IADB Youth, Paso Joven Bolivia and the Youth Volunteer in the Americas program, CEBOFIL was able to mobilize over 10,000 young volunteers, 30 youth organizations, municipal public officials, universities and schools across Bolivia. The activities were kick-started on April 7th, with service learning projects in 25 educational centers. Activities also included workshops on issues related to service learning strategies and volunteer management. Other activities included award ceremonies in La Paz and Santa Cruz, as well as 30 activities organized by youth-led organizations involving 3,000 children and adolescents, focusing on sexual and reproductive health, the environment and capacity building for volunteer organizations. The celebrations ended with simultaneous activities in Santa Cruz and La Paz, celebrating year-round volunteer activities through artistic and cultural displays. The activities were covered by media outlets such as newspapers (El Deber and El Nuevo Día); radio stations (Radio Latina, Radio Caliente and Radio Fama); and TV stations (Channel 5 - ATB, Channel 7, Gigavision and Antena Uno). The celebrations’ sponsors included Coca-Cola, Paso Joven, Grupo RIBEPAR, Editorial La Hoguera, Natura, Helados Pato Roca, Rotarac Equipetrol and Zoológico Municipal. Some of the long term results from this year’s celebrations include the creation of a new National Volunteer Service law; the inclusion of youth in the upcoming Constituent Assembly, general youth engagement in civic and democracy initiatives; creation of a GYSD Latin American guide in collaboration with IADB, Paso Joven and NLAs in Argentina and the Dominican Republic; and the creation of a partnership with other GYSD NLAs for future exchanges, as part of the World Tour de France, organized by AFEV, the lead GYSD organizer in France.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

3,000 OSMIJEH, Association for Psychosocial Help and Development of Voluntary Work Vahida Huzejrovic
Naselje Lamele BB Gracanica, Tuzla Canton 75320 Tel: +387-35-702-860 Fax: +387-35-787-281 osmijeh@bih.net.ba

OSMIJEH led the GYSD celebrations in Bosnia, mobilizing over 3,000 volunteers across the country. With the help of numerous NGOs and 47 schools, and the support of the Bosnian President, they were able to organize ecological projects, workshops, visits to hospitals and children’s homes, and concerts. At a national conference with over 120 youth volunteers, best practices in youth volunteerism were presented and discussed, including a presentation by two young volunteers who had been part of the World Tour de France. The celebrations were covered by Radio OSMIJEH, Radio Grazanica Daily paper AVAZ Canton TV.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

30,000 Natal Voluntarios Monica MacDowell
Avenida Rodrigues Alves 871 Natal, RN 59020-200 Tel: +55-84-211-1527 Fax: +55-84-211-5624

With the now traditional nation-wide call to service, President Lula kick-started the GYSD celebrations in Brazil, which involved over 30,000 volunteers in 145 cities, in 25 states across the country. This year the celebrations had a common theme; engaging young people in achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). This strategy included activities ranging from peer-education initiatives, environmental projects, sexual and reproductive health workshops, cultural and sport activities, food and clothing drives, and construction of community centers, among others. In the north of the country, the local Secretary of Youth organized a cultural exchange between urban youth and young members of the aboriginal Krahô tribe. In the south of the country, young people led mass transportation safety campaigns and non-formal education activities in public squares. In the northeast, young people organized massive clean ups, and exchanges of violent toys for books. In the southeast, young girls organized a social inclusion project for young inmates, and Scout groups organized massive food distribution activities among street children. The celebrations were covered by diverse and extensive media outlets including TV stations (Globo, SBT and MTV), hundreds of radio stations and national and local newspapers. The organizers were able to create a partnership with McCann Erickson, a public relations firm, to create an awareness raising campaign as part of the celebrations, which included a website (http/www.diaglobal.org.br), which had over 15,000 visitors during April 2005. The celebrations were also promoted by celebrities such as actor Paulo Altran, one of the most recognizable media figures in Brazil. Some of the long term impact includes an increase in partnerships with state agencies, from 1 in 2004 to 7 in 2005; a strategic partnership with the Scout Union of Brazil; ongoing partnerships with NLAs in Argentina and France; inclusion of service-learning curriculum in schools in the state of Rio Grande do Norte in partnership with the local Secretary of Education; and the creation of a university center for volunteerism at Universidad Federal do Rio Grande do Norte.




Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

100 Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) Gabrovo Antoaneta Yankabakova
P.O. Box 235 Gabrovo, 5300 Tel: +359-66-29032 Fax: +359-66-23419 tony@mbox.eda.bg

GYSD celebrations in Bulgaria included a cultural heritage workshop in the city of Plovdiv. It was organized by Association National Forum API, with the cooperation of the People to People International- Plovdiv. This workshop brought together participants from several secondary schools, and young people directly involved in cultural projects and activities. With the help of teachers, participants were able to discuss different methodologies for playing interactive cultural heritage games. The workshop was able to raise awareness among young people on the concept of being European, by using innovative technologies, and promoting a more inclusive understanding of citizenship, cultural heritage and migration across Europe.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

20,300 Youth in Reconstruction of the World in Destruction (YRWD) Prosper Ndabishuriye
B.P. 6144 Bujumbura, Tel: +257-920-609 Fax: +257-222-955 ndapros@yahoo.fr http://www.netministries.org/ministries/cm02806/

GYSD celebrations in Burundi were part of an initiative to help victims of the war rebuild their homes and promote peace among Burundian communities. With the support of SHINE Ministry and EEAC Bujumbura, JRMD/YRWD was able to build 9 homes for 9 families (totaling 60 people) who are victims of war, in 3 days at Carama, where they are in the long term process of building 800 homes. JRMD/YRWD also conducted an open space conference for peace and reconciliation, with a turnout of 430 participants. Youth Action for Development (YAD) carried out multiple projects that involved 11,708 participants between ages 7 and 45 around the country. Their activities included a tree planting project, collection of plastic litter and street clean ups in bare areas in Gatumba, Maramvya, Mubimbi and Isare zones. The Ministry of Environment participated by giving beverages to participants towards the end of the activity and by providing training for 48 GYSD leaders in conjunction with YES Burundi. The Bujumbura mayor was also present and donated cleaning equipment to the project. They held public music and theatre performances put on by Moses Fund Kazibwe and 5 associations from YES Burundi respectively. YAD also gave books to students present from 7 primary and secondary schools around the country. The Environment Minister was the chairman of the day together with the National Committee in Burundi. Media outlets such as Culture Radio, African Public Radio, and Radio Isanganiro covered the festivities in 3 different languages and the YAD website was accessed by some 8,000 people between January and April out of interest in GYSD. Some of the long term results from GYSD 2005 in Burundi included a closer relationship between government officials, leaders of international NGOs and youth organizations dedicated to sustainable change, and the recognition of youth as effective community leaders capable of initiating and executing major projects for the betterment of their society.

Co-Lead Agency: Youth Actions for Development Bizimina Vincent
Bwiza, 1 avenue Bujumbura, 6106 Tel: +257-990-784 Fax: +257-232-807 yadinfo@yahoo.fr



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

16,911 Adele Reproductive Health Centre Gwewasang Martin
P.O.Box 9450 Douala, Tel: +237-765-1615 Fax: adele_healthcentre@yahoo.fr

GYSD in Cameroon was led by Association Mieux Vivre (AMV), CATIBA, and Adele Reproductive Health Center. AMV mobilized 14,755 people in a successful cleaning campaign in school yards and hospitals, as well as road renovation. Mayors and general managers of some companies in Douala and Yaoundé were present and Hysacam provided materials (wheelbarrows, shovels etc), while SABC offered refreshments to the workers. The project was covered extensively by such media outlets as TV stations (Crtv and Canal 2), radio stations (Equinoxe Radio, La Bonne Nouvelle, Yemba, RTM Radio, Radio les lauréates and Nostalgie Radio). CATIBA participated by hosting multiple educational training sessions that involved 1,156 people between the ages of 10 and 40 in many different fields. Over 25 youth groups along with local schools organized 4 training projects ranging from education in nutrition and HIV/AIDS to language training and art classes. The Minister of Social Affairs came to support the event along with the general director of SOAPCAM and the president of the traditional College of Dschang. Major donors included SOAPCAM, the parents’ association of students at CATIBA, and Women’s Partnership of World Africa. ARHC projects included the distribution of Essentials of Contraceptive Technology handbooks (French & English), free health lectures in training institutions, training on voluntary and confidential counseling on HIV/AIDS and the treatment of drinking wells investment. Many elected officials came to support the health care initiative including, The Mayor of Bamusso Meh Polycarp, Dr Ngum, District Medical Officer Tiko, Mr Samuel Ndla, Human Right Douala, the team of Medical Doctors in South West Province, Mrs Roslyn Suite, Jhuccp.: Johns Hopkins University provided 420 copies of essentials of contraceptive technology handbooks and 420 wall charts on family planning. Together with the NCC, ARHC established the Volunteer Youth Leadership Forum, with youth representing more than 30 groups and schools. Some of the long term results of GYSD 2005 in Cameroon include a new committee devoted to the fight against HIV/AIDS, the creation of a partnership between CATIBA and other associations and sponsors throughout the country, the identification of new zones and partners by ARHC, who will continue to benefit from GYSD activities. Some of these activities will include, provincial and district hospitals, private training institutions, some nursery and primary schools and a youth policy group will be put in place to mobilize other young people in their local areas so that they can actively engage in sex education for young people in Cameroon.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

10,000 Volunteer Canada Rita Devlin
330 Gilmour Street Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0R8 Tel: +1-800-670-0401 Fax: +613-231-6725 gysd@volunteer.ca http://www.gysd.ca

Volunteer Canada's energetic team of callers spent weeks on the telephone, phoning schools in every province to promote GYSD and to encourage youth-led volunteer events. Two thousand Canadian schools, from British Columbia to Newfoundland, were contacted over a three-month period, 3,500 GYSD promotional kits were distributed to schools, and an additional 10,000 GYSD informational postcards were sent out to schools and youthinvolving organizations in Canada. More than 300 confirmed events were registered on the GYSD website. These events included such activities as a garage sale that raised more than $800 for three local charities, volunteering in school libraries three days each week, youth volunteers from the youth organization Katimavik visited clients at Community Living, students volunteered as Academic Tutors and Anti-Harassment Healthy Relationships mentors, and a bake sale, with proceeds going to the Youth Centre. Volunteer Canada also developed GYSD Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for radio, two in English and two in French and launched a GYSD website which received over 2000 hits between March and the end of April. The major sponsor for the GYSD initiatives in Canada was Old Navy. The GYSD 2005 events were a great success in Canada and mobilized a large and motivated young population that took huge strides towards becoming a positive force for change all around the country. People nationwide were motivated by the efforts of the young volunteers and changed their perception of youth to more respected community leaders.


Central African Republic

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

3,000 Federation Nationale des Organisations de Jeunesse Desire Dole
FNOJ BP 2227 Bangui, BP 2227 Tel: +236-61-18-66 Fax: +236-61-35-61 ojdsac@yahoo.fr

GYSD 2005 saw the success of many projects in Central African Republic organized by the Fédération Nationale des Organisations de Jeunesse and the Organisation des Jeunes pour le Développement. These projects involved some 3000 participants, and included: clean-ups, door-to-door awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS, reparation of water canals and damaged roads, and multiple conferences/debates on topics like, the Culture of Peace, volunteering, ICT opportunities and drug abuse. 2000 participants were served sandwiches from the 1250 bread donations received from different bakeries, and 800 young people participated in the conferences. The launch of GYSD 2005 was opened by the official representative of the first lady of the Central African Republic, Solange Ndakala, and many other elected officials were present such as, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Desire Kolingba, the National Coordinator of the Fédération Nationale des Organisations de Jeunesse, Desire Dole, the representative of the President of the Delegation of the city of Bangui, over thirty heads of different academic institutions, district mayors, and members of international institutions. The activities were funded by sponsors SOCATEL, BICA, HUSACA, LEAL, the Ministry of Water, Forests, Hunting, Tourism and the Environment, and the participating bakeries. The activities of GYSD were covered by such media outlets as Central African Radio, Central African television and two private radio stations. There were many positive long term results that emerged from GYSD in the Central African Republic including: influence on public policy related to youth (legislation, and meetings with government officials), collaboration with new future partners in different countries, collaboration with other international youth agencies, creation of new initiatives for continuing youth service throughout the year (i.e. create a new program for the continuation of projects started on GYSD and develop education sessions for the promotion of voluntary participation), and promote a positive perception of youth through multiple modes (i.e. magazine articles that highlight the contribution of youth, quotations from members of the community and officials about the involvement of youth in development and youth in positions of decision making). Most importantly the Fédération Nationale des Organisations de Jeunesse developed an annual plan of action financially supported and approved by the government (over 7,000 Euros), that plans to meet with member organizations twice a month, use radio and television to raise awareness about and encourage youth volunteerism and organize periodic job management and educational workshops for young people.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

200 Association Jeunesse Anti-Clivage Section Adam Abakar Kayaye
BP 11 Mao Kanem Tchad Mao Tel: +235-23-5732 Fax: +235-50-3002 ajackanem@yahoo.fr http://www.tchad.org/

The Association Jeunesse Anti Clivage (AJAC) engaged young volunteers in multiple projects as part of the GYSD 2005 in the city of Mao, with the hopes of emphasizing the role that youth must play in development. The activities included a panel discussion, a film showing, and a series of games and competitions. The panel discussion entitled “La volontariat de la jeunesse dans les processus de developpement” or “Youth volunteers in the process of development,” was led by M. Bopan Dépalbé and the youth had the opportunity to actively participate. The film entitled “Scénario de Sahel” treated the topic of the AIDS pandemic and ways to prevent it. After the film there was a demonstration about contraceptives and the distribution of contraceptives to many youth volunteers. The games were focused around important topics such as AIDS, education of girls and violence in schools and the winners received prizes. The Mayor of the Commune of Mao was present for the activities and all those who participated were enthusiastic and AJAC pledged to enlarge their service efforts in other towns in the region of Kanem in the years to come.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

70 Youth Volunteers' Association Zhu Danqing
Beijing Tel: +13-58-160-8730 Fax: zdq0@yahoo.com.cn

With the help of UNICEF the Youth Volunteers Association involved more than 70 participants in a fund raising project on GYSD 2005 in China. By selling UNICEF cards and gifts they raised 10055 yuan for UNICEF who contributed it all to children in poor areas of China. Along with UNICEF mainly Chinese women, local media and school managers provided the project with significant support. Although all participants spared no effort to convey the meaning of GYSD and UNICEF to those interested, the Youth Volunteers recognized that GYSD will never completely develop without the support of the government, and that is their ultimate goal for the future. They hope that China will one day be an active force for GYSD.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

18,000 Corporacion Grupo Tayrona Juan Diego Valenzuela
Transversal 55 No. 112 - 33 Bogota, Cundinamarca 10612 Tel: +57-1-296-5815 Fax: +57-1-296-5816 grupotayrona@hotmail.com http://www.grupotayrona.org/

GYSD 2005 in Colombia was led by Grupo Tayrona with the support of the National Coordinating Committee, including the Colombian National Planning Committee, a government body coordinating 11,000 territorial councils; public officials, volunteer organizations, youth groups, universities and schools. Over 70 activities were carried out by 18,000 volunteers, such as health campaigns in poor neighborhoods, activities promoting the conservation of cultural heritage and sustainable development, clean-up events, cultural performances, book collections, trainings on information and communication technologies (ICTs), and activities with disabled children. Furthermore, GYSD organizers were able to carry out the 2nd Annual Youth Volunteer Work Fair, involving 40 volunteer organizations, 4 Ministries, the Mayor of Bogota, schools and universities. This event was tied to the Forum for a Fair Colombia, with national experts and youth organizations such as the YMCA, the Youth Observatory, YES Colombia, YWCA, the Colombian Volunteer Association, Young Catholic Groups, Red Cross, among other organizations. The celebrations ended with an award ceremony, including UN representatives, IAVE officials and General Motors representatives. As part of the long term strategies, the GYSD organizers agreed to produce 8 radio shows on youth volunteerism, with the support of government agencies, civil society and multilateral organizations, and youth volunteers. It is estimated that these shows will reach 15,000 people, including 10,000 youth. The GYSD organizers in Colombia are also expecting to distribute a publication on youth volunteerism in Colombia, which includes a national directory of volunteer organizations and personal stories from youth volunteers. Finally, Grupo Tayrona plans to train youth volunteers through a series of capacity-building workshops focusing on volunteerism, citizenship and ICTs.


Congo, Democratic Republic of

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

35,000 Development and Relief Ginger Group (DEREGG) Joel Bayubasire
17 Av, Kindu, Ibanda Bukavu, South-Kivu 7140 Kigali Tel: +250-840-5478 Fax: deregginfo@yahoo.fr

Forum des Jeunes pour le Developpment (FOJEDEV) played an extraordinary leading role in the events of GYSD by mobilizing over 35,000 people in its projects. They organized and televised an educational conference that emphasized youth self-empowerment and leadership that reached over 10, 000 viewers. More than 50 young people participated in visiting destitute patients at the “Roi-Badouin” Hospital in Kinshasa and donated needed materials such as 50 bags of sugar, 1000 bars of soap, 50 boxes of milk, second-hand clothing and other pharmaceutical products. These two projects were sponsored by Kairos Telecom, Eglise la Gloire de L’Eternel, Boutique GAIUS, Christian Seka and Michael Ntoto, and were covered by two different television stations. FOJEDEV continued their service involving over 25,000 people, in activities such as, the creation of an establishment for youth development, creation of a not-for-profit organization, the formation of a group to promote awareness about youth and their nationalism, and the participation of young Congolese in an international conference against racism and discrimination. They carried out this initiative with the help of donations made by group members and with the support of one elected official, Senator Wamba dia Wamba. Consultation Collective Nationale des Ong de Jeunesse du Congo (CONAJECO) also engaged in many activities involving more than 150 leaders of youth organizations from Kinshasa, such as, raising awareness concerning the voluntary participation of youth in their communities, educating the leaders about the management/organization of volunteers, a forestation project and food banks. The activities of CONAJECO were funded by such sponsors as ONG OPURR and the Commune of Ngaliema (city of Kinshasa). There were elected officials present including the principal Defense and Security Advisor to the Vice President, Mr. Thomas Wetshi Tambwe, a lawyer with the court of Appeals in Kinshasa and the Advisor to the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mrs. Marie Jeanne Luhaka, and Mr. Jean Baptiste Kiaku Mayamba, the Magistrate of the Commune of Ngaliema. The events of GYSD 2005 in D.R. Congo were covered by the radio on Radio Naitonale (RTNC) and on Television Nationale (RTNC) and Canal Congo Television (CCTV). Some of the long term results of GYSD in Congo were the initiation of a mini-project titled “Appui des renforcements des activites du volontariat des jeunes au Congo-Kinshasa” (Support for strengthening the activities of youth volunteers in Congo-Kinshasa), which aims to generate more initiatives to continue youth service throughout the year. Through this project it is hoped to organize a series of short-term and long term events on the national level that will raise awareness and educate youth organizations on leadership and how to implement mini-projects in their communities. Important contacts were initiated between CONAJECO and Mr. Victor Amougou who is in charge of United Nations Volunteers in Congo-Kinshasa which may lead to strategic partnerships.

Co-Lead Agency: Solidarite Pour La Jeunesse Kibosi Nyamuhunda
83, av. Kimbangu Burundi, Uvira, Sud-Kivu Tel: +243-977-48053 Fax: +257-21-2485 sjasbl_ong@yahoo.fr

Costa Rica

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

1,500 Fundacion Laberinto Rodrigo Hernandez
San Pedro Montes de Oca San José, 300-1009 Tel: +506-225-1351 Fax: +506-225-1351 flaberinto@costarricense.cr

With over 20 activities around the country, and the participation of over 1,500 youth volunteers, Fundacion Laberinto led the GYSD celebrations in Costa Rica. Twenty high schools in San Jose, and youth organizations in several provinces, carried out Volunteer Campaigns, collecting 10 tons of garbage, planting 200 trees, organizing artistic exhibitions, setting up a recreational camp for disadvantaged youth, and carrying out workshops on sustainable development. The GYSD organizers were also able to organize a National Forum on Youth Exchange, where several youth leaders were able to share their point of views on the issues of public policies affecting young people.


Côte d'Ivoire

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

16 AIESEC Cote D'Ivoire Detchio Akobe
08 BP Abijdan 5 Anijdan, Cocody 225 Tel: +748-5248 Fax: +225-203-89073 aieseciv@yahoo.org http://www.aiesec.org/

GYSD celebrations in the Ivory Coast were led by Service For Peace and the Interfaith Youth Peace Council. The council involved 16 people including 12 principal youth leaders of the three main faiths (Catholic, Protestant, and Islam). A workshop was organized for the leaders of these Religious Youth Organizations (RYOs) in order to: initiate a dialogue to find the best ways to communicate and work together, help the organizations realize and take responsibility to educate young people about problems common to all faiths and discuss model RYO responses to future conflicts. Educational support came from local Jesuit educators and the Service For Peace International HQ provided funding. The Director of the Human Rights and Dignity Institute Cote D’Ivoire was present as well as members of the Jesuit Community. The activity was covered by Private Islamic TV and translated into French and English. All of the participants were receptive and happy to attend such an activity and promised that for next year’s GYSD they will be more active to make something big happen on the national level. It is hoped that these workshops planted the seed for a peaceful relationship between the RYOs that will evolve to educate youth and prevent conflict.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

400 Croatian Youth Network Tomislav Tomisevic
Ilica 35 Zagreb Tel: +385-1-483-3809 Fax: +385-1-483-3635

GYSD celebrations in Croatia were led by the Croatian Youth Network. With the support of 19 youth organizations, they carried out simultaneous events around the country including concerts, rallies, fairs displaying the work of youth organizations, public debates, trainings and workshops, blood donations, environmental clean-ups, cultural performances, sport events, among other activities. As part of the long term effects, GYSD activities have helped mobilize youth organizations to come together in the creation of a national youth platform, which will act as an umbrella organization for all youth organizations in Croatia.

Czech Republic

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

15 Mezinarodni asociace pro pomoc a pratelstvi Alena Disha
Zerotinova 42 Praha 3 Czech Republic 130 00 Tel: +420 608 215 170 Fax: +420 283 853 299 http://irff-cz.og

On GYSD 2005, the organization Mezinarodni Asociace Pro Pomoc a Pratelstvi in cooperation with its partner organization Dobrovolnicke Centrum Kladno (DCK) organized a day of volunteer training workshops mainly targeted to regional high school students and other youth interested in volunteering. Fifteen new people decided to become regular volunteers, 12 of which decided to join volunteer programs of DCK and Mezinarodini. The workshops explained the activities of youth organizations in the Czech Republic, and emphasized the importance of volunteer work. They also included interactive games, presentations and team work exercises. From funds donated by the Volunteer Centre Kladno and Service For Peace, 3 new projects were initiated by new volunteers, and others participated in the local “Spring of Service” program. DCK also sent volunteers to a home for elderly people, an orphanage and a hospital. The official representatives of these receiving organizations were present at the workshops as well as the director of the Volunteer Centre Kladno. The main long term result of GYSD 2005 in the Czech Republic is the establishment of relationships with new partners, and the continuing collaborations between organizations to encourage more youth volunteerism and spear-head new service projects and workshops.


Dominican Republic

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

4,000 Alianza ONG-Sirve Quisqueya Victor Almonte
Caonabo No. 22 Santo Domingo, Tel: +809-221-9192 Fax: +809-221-0004 addys@codetel.net.do

GYSD celebrations in the Dominican Republic were led by Alianza ONG/Sirve Quisqueya, mobilizing over 4,000 young volunteers. The celebrations started with the 3rd National Youth Service Fair, which focused on the exchange of information, resources, and experiences on youth service and service-learning among youth volunteers. The Fair participants included representatives from the InterAmerican Develoment Bank (IDB), United Nations Development Program (UNDP), and state officials. The Fair hosted an exhibition of 33 organizations, and capacity-building workshops. The following days were filled with simultaneous activities, involving youth volunteers such as clean-ups, visits to children and elderly homes, small donations, planting of trees, among other activities. This year’s activites were supported by the IDB’s Paso Joven program, UNDP, United Nations Volunteers (UNV), Mayor’s Office, Orange and ITABO. The celebrations were covered by newspapers such as El Caribe, Diario Hoy and Diario Libre; and TV stations such as channels 11, 13, 27, 9, 2 and 4.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY: Gobernación de Guayas Miriam Rojas
Malecon y Aguirre Guayas, Guayaquil 593-4 Tel: +593-4-2322616 Fax: +593-4-2534261 miriam_rojas@indes.org

Organizers in Ecuador planned a one-day academic event, focusing on volunteer work. It was part of a series of conferences on social development. Final Report not available at the time of printing


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

100 Arab Office for Youth and Environment Emad Adly Adly
Zahraa El Maadi st. Cairo, 202 Tel: +202-516-1519 Fax: +202-516-2961 aoye@link.net

iEARN Egypt's BRIDGE program in partnership with People to People International invited young people to volunteer their talents to help give 45 children from the Resala Orphanage a day of fun and games. The day was made possible by corporate sponsor McDonald's; and also included the participation of the Modern Education School in Katamya, Cairo and Abbas El Akkad Experimental Language School. During their BRIDGE Physical Exchange Program, US students had the honor of joining their Egyptian peers, of the Hosni Mubarak School in Alexandria, in a tree planting ceremony in the name of hope for understanding and peace. The event was covered by such media outlets as Nile News TV & Orbit Network. Some of the long term effects include a closer relationship among the children of Cairo, a new motivation towards youth service activities and a happier experience for the children.


El Salvador

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

200 Comite de Emergencias Medicas de Nejapa Saul Alexander Torres
Av. Norberto Moran No.12 San Salvador, Tel: +503-503-2929 Fax: +503-201-0112 comiteemergenciasnejapa@yahoo.com

GYSD celebrations in El Salvador concentrated on offering recreational opportunities for youth, as an alternative to getting involved with gangs. The organizers offered activities such as swimming, martial arts, soccer, workshops on sculpting, carpentry and painting, as well as first aid courses. Furthermore, with the support of the City of Granada, Spain, the organizers were able to provide educational scholarships to 13 disadvantaged youth. As a long term result, the organizers secured a partnership with the Mayor of Nejapa, and currently planning the creation of a Youth Center to serve the needs of young people in the surrounding communities.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

20,000 National Union of Eritrean Youth & Students Rahel Weldeab
Keskese St. 173 #27 Asmara, Tel: +291-1-12-5772 Fax: +291-1-12-5981 nueyspub@eol.com.er http://www.eriyouth.org/

The GYSD celebrations in Eritrea were led by the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students (NUEYS), which mobilized over 20,000 young people aged 14-35. The goals for GYSD Eritrea were to highlight the accomplishments of young people, address the problem of environment conservation and learn more about the role of youth in community welfare and development through volunteering. To accomplish these goals, their projects included providing care for elderly people, care for the disabled, tree planting, terracing, environmental cleaning and sensitization in HIV/AIDS and STDs. These projects were extremely successful because they were conducted in the six administrative zones in Eritrea. These events were covered by media outlets including the national television (EriTV) and were supported by the mayors of each administrative zone. The funding for these events came from each of the respective NUEYS Zonal Office. The long term results of these events were that through media coverage and community awareness campaigns, the society was given a clear picture as to the positive role youth play in their communities and it encouraged youth to continue given services to their community voluntarily. Even though GYSD only happens once a year, NUEYS continues to carry out activities promoting youth volunteerism and participation through year-round activities.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY: Ethiopian Medical Students' Association Berhanu Gebremichael
P.O. Box 9302 Addis Ababa Tel: +251-9-451653 Fax: betgir2@yahoo.com http://www.emsa-ethiopia.org/main.html

Organizers planned capacity building workshops focusing on volunteerism and health care. Final Report not available at the time of printing



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

8,000 A.F.E.V. (Association de la Fondation Etudiante pour la Ville) Benoit Marquaille
26 bis, rue Chateau Landon Paris, 75010 Tel: +33-140-36-0101 Fax: +33-140-36-7589 pole.national@afev.org http://www.afev.org/

Under the patronage of President Jacques Chirac, youth organizations across France organized events in four main regions with regional institutions, local communities and businesses. In each region activities focused on solidarity and youth engagement. The events aimed to be inclusive, festive and to positively impact the media. The organizers hosted forums, debates and social events to celebrate youth service. The celebrations ended with a World Tour de France, which included participants from 40 countries around the world, providing a platform for exchanges among different GYSD organizers. As part of the communications strategy for GYSD 2005 in France, thousands of posters, fliers, organizational guides and a website were created. As part of the long term effects of GYSD in France, greater partnerships were developed with state institutions, and financial partners such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of European Affairs, UNESCO, FNAC, and BNP-Paribas.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

170 Nouvelle Afrique Felix Nemi Gwodog
BP:4105 Libreville, 241 Tel: +241-091976 Fax: felix.nemi@caramail.com

Over 170 youth participated in GYSD 2005 in Gabon, organized by Jeunes Volontaires Francophones (JVF) jointly with the First Youth Forum on Cultural and Linguistic Diversity. With the support of a few sponsors including, CNFL, Ministry PME-PMI, Direction Nationale de la Francophonie and Omar Bongo University, JVF Gabon trained young high school students in computer and internet skills. Moreover, the organizations’ staff organized a workshop on web site development. There were many officials present at the event such as, the Vice-President of the University of Libreville, the Director of CNFL, Richard Aubry, the Minister of Education, J.R. Pendy-Bouyiki and artist Annie-Flore Batchiellilys. The activities were covered by such media outlets as television stations la RTG1, TV+ and TéléAfrica, while JVF received some 2,622 hits on their website. With the goal of taking actions that improve the conditions of youth JVF hopes to associate and collaborate with other partners so that youth may improve their conditions. As part of the long term results, JVF aims to use GYSD 2005 as the jumping point to create collaboration with agencies working in other countries to benefit from each other and to integrate community projects into education systems at the level of ICTs. ICT training for young people will involve: media projects, e-centers in high schools in rural areas, support for youth-led small private enterprises, support for literacy, and counseling for youth infected by HIV/AIDS.

Gambia, The

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY: Lend a Hand Society Lamin Kamara
P.O. Box 2914 Kanfing, KMC Tel: +220-390-550 Fax: lamincam@hotmail.com http://members.tripod.com/lahsgm/

Plans for GYSD 2005 in Gambia incluided a national conference on hunger, coorganized with the National Youth Association for Food Security (NaYAFS). Final Report not available at the time of printing



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

1,200 Development and Reform Fund under the President of Georgia Marina Purtseladze
12 Chanturia St. Tbilisi, 108 Tel: +995-32 99 6723 Fax: +995-32 99 75 82 mpurtseladze@drf.org.ge http://www.drf.org.ge/

The Development and Reform Fund (DRF) under the patronage of the President of the Republic, conducted many activities as part of the GYSD celebrations in Georgia. It involved over 1200 people in their projects including, visits to two orphanages in Kojory and Tskneti where over 200 pupils received free caps and t-shirts provided by Coca-Cola, and another 250 were provided with a free dinner from the restaurant Nikala. Throughout the country many squares and sport halls were inaugurated, 300 new trees were planted and cleaning projects were undertaken in almost every region. Sponsored humanitarian events, concerts and performances were held in Tbilisi and other big cities. Money collected from auctions was distributed among youth and elderly homes. The President of Georgia and representatives of Parliament and Ministries were present in solidarity with the efforts of the DRF. The activities generated hundreds of hits on the Fund’s website and were covered by such media outlets as T.V. channels Rustavi 2 and the Public Channel and certain Radio Channels. The Charity Humanitarian Center Abkhazeti also made significant contributions on GYSD in Georgia with activities including clothing drives and culture and sport activities for local orphans. 200 orphans from the Poti Orphanage participated in these activities and received clothing and toy donations. 40 youth club members participated in the organization and implementation of the project including sports competitions, a chalk mural, a carnival and a youth concert. 10,000 Poti residents read about the event in the local newspaper, the Martali Tribuna. The Head of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport in Poti, Tariel Zarandia, was present and advertised the event at the Culture House of Poti, while Luiza Jolokhava, the Orphanage Coordinator of the Poti Ministry of Education, asked local media to cover the event. Charity Humanitarian Center Abkhazeti (CHCA) and the Shota Rustaveli University of Theatre and Cinema were the major sponsors for the event. Several alumni of U.S. exchange programs and members of the Youth Civic Leadership Club of Gori, organized the “Children Helping Children” project in the Shida Kartli Region. With the support of a DisneyHand Minnie Grant, they mobilized local youth into service for the less privileged children in their region through school donation drives, and then traveled to Katsi to deliver necessary items and spend the day with the orphan children. Some of the long term results of GYSD 2005 in Georgia include the formation of new youth organizations after meetings with public officials and a new Peace Corps chapter in Tbilisi. DRF established new relationships with New-Art representatives to conduct new events together, and community centers were established at local agencies with young representatives who are actively involved as decision makers in their communities. The CHCA Poti Orphanage Sport and Culture Carnival raised awareness of the plight of youth in orphanages and youth volunteerism and artistic talent through local media coverage in the Republic of Georgia, and established networking connections with local government and education ministry and youth clubs.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY: Institut Juleiqua Robert Hostings
Talstr. 116 North-Rhine Westfalia, 40217 Tel: +49-21-131-13041 Fax: gysd@juleiqua.de http://www.juleiqua.de/

Institut Juleiqua planned volunteer activities among young people in the North-Rhine, including workshops and exhibitions. Final Report not available at the time of printing



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

2,000 Foundation For International Human Development and Environmental Studies Jesse Amesimeku
Behind Kpogas Furniture Works Odorkor Accra-North, Greater - Accra Tel: +233-24-667132 Fax: +233-21-662210 fihdes@mail.com

GYSD 2005 celebrations in Ghana mobilized over 2,000 volunteers all over the country. These projects included activities ranging from extensive cleaning campaigns, sponsored walks, concerts, carnivals and photo exhibitions to educational films, lectures, panels and workshops covering topics like environment, health/sanitation, teen pregnancy and STDs, gender equality, career planning, public awareness and volunteerism. In general, youth volunteers were motivated to be positive influences in their communities, champion the cause of volunteerism and learn to take control of their futures to improve their country and educate others on how to continue these efforts. The activities were attended by such prominent officials as Ms Pamela Ayimey, Senior Nursing Officer from Ho Municipal Hospital, the National Youth Coordinator of Lion Clubs in Ghana, Ghana National Association of Teachers and police service, famous personality Lion Willie Sam and various Regional Ministers. Sponsors who made these projects possible included DisneyHand, Children Better Way, Lions Clubs in Ghana, Turom World, Coca Cola Ghana Limited and the Ghana Police. The celebrations were covered extensively by such media outlets as the Daily Graphic newspaper, the Junior Graphic (national newspaper with widest circulation), Ghana News Agency (government news agency that serves radio/TV news stations with news information) Internet news (Ghana Today), Enquiries, Children Graphic and Heritage, People and Places. All of the organizations generated positive long term results from GYSD 2005 in Ghana. They initiated important dialogue between the youth/children and elected officials, trained youth to become agents of positive change in their communities, formed various new youth clubs to continue the efforts started on GYSD, planned youth forums for the future and all established important collaboration with new partners locally and abroad.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

700 Department of Youth Development Fredel Halley
Prime Minister Office, Ministerial Complex St. Georges Tel: +473-440-2255 ext 3123 Fax: +473-440-4116 youthdivision@gov.gd

GYSD 2005 activities in Grenada were spearheaded by the Department of Youth Development and involved over 700 volunteers between the ages of 11 and 35. 73 youth organizations registered for this year's events and eleven schools, five churches and 37 youth groups planned and implemented 52 service projects between April 15 and 17. About 1000 food items/hampers were distributed to the poor and needy, while more than 10 houses were built for persons who lost their homes as a result of Hurricane Ivan. These included vulnerable persons such as single mothers, senior citizens and disabled persons. During Hurricane Ivan, the island’s fauna was immensely damaged so, more than 2000 trees were replanted over the weekend. More than 20 people from different groups were trained for the activities. There were certain elected officials present for the festivities including, Hon. Roland Bolah, the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Claris Modeste-Curwen, the Minister of Communications, Hon. Adrian Mitchell, the Minister of Sports and Sen. Emmalin Pierre, the Minister of State responsible for Youth Development. The events were also covered by various newspapers, radio and TV stations. As part of the long term results, most groups pledged to continue their projects through-out the year. The Department of Youth Development was praised for initiating the event in Grenada and the young people for taking advantage of the opportunity to participate in positive activity. GYSD 2005 provided young people the initiative and the tools they need to continue volunteering in their communities in the future.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

300 Centro de Desarrollo Humano de Guatemala Gustavo Castellanos
5a. calle 2-80, zona 1 Guatemala, 1001 Tel: +502-2232-7411 Fax: +502-2232-7411 humano@intelnet.net.gt

GYSD 2005 was led by the Volunteer Program at the University of San Carlos. It included a health campaign, focusing on poor communities without access to basic health services, both in urban and rural areas, and a capacity-building campaign focusing on peace and human rights initiatives. The free health services included donation of medical supplies to over 150 people. As part of the peace and human rights initiatives, volunteers organized Cooperative Games, strengthening community ties. Furthermore, the organizers held workshops on self-steem and leadership, as well as preventive and reproductive health. Sociology students developed a workshop on community action, and the creation of community-based organizations. The medical supplies were donated by Alaska Medical Missions.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

500 Association des Jeunes Humanistes de Guinée Amara Conté
030 BP 928 Conakry, Tel: +224-113-31256 Fax: + info_ajhg@yahoo.com

Refugees Humanitarian and Social Organization for Africa is an organization of refugees for refugees. They used GYSD 2005 as a way to help those who have little means to help themselves and to expose their efforts to the world. They provided people with needed food and other kinds of human assistance and placed an emphasis on providing basic information to educate and raise awareness in refugee camps. This valiant effort of a group, who has little themselves, could spread a positive initiative of helping one another in refugee camps around the country.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY: GuyberNet Trevor L. Benn
17F Garnett Street Georgetown, Tel: +592-223-8251 Fax: +592-226-2804 trevorbenn@yahoo.com

GuyberNet planned to hold workshops, panel discussions, inner city clean ups, and a school debating competition. Final Report not available at the time of printing



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

5,000 Action Integree pour le developpement (AIDHAITI) Jean Julme Alexandre
38, Rue Caonabo delmas 24 Delmas, HT:6120 Tel: +509-224-1536 Fax: aidhaiti@yahoo.fr

Over 5000 people benefited from the projects organized and executed by Action Integrée pour le Developpement (AID-HAITI) during GYSD 2005 in Haiti. The projects included the cleaning of 3 public schools, discussion panels on the need for government decentralization, and the creation of 16 different workshops that educated over 400 young people on the integral roles of youth in community development. The director of INFODEV and the directors of the public schools mentioned were all present for the activities. The youth volunteers financed all of the projects themselves and Mr. Jean Julme Alexandre, Executive Director of AID-HAITI spoke on a local radio show about the importance of GYSD in Haiti. In the long run, the events of GYSD 2005 sparked a culture of volunteerism among Haitian youth who committed to increase their efforts in 2006. The school renovations provided a clean learning environment for thousands of students and encouraged them to do the same service for others in the future.

Hong Kong

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

7,500 The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Jacqueline Wong
G/F, Tsui Shek House, Ping Shek Estate Kwung Tong, N.A. Tel: +852-2527-2448 Fax: +852-2528-2105 hq@hkfyg.org.hk http://www.hkfyg.org.hk

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups has mobilized 6,800 young people between the age of 6 and 35 years old to get involved in GYSD during April 2005. 29 service units from the Federation and 106 organizations/schools have carried out over 200 volunteer services for 2,000 families in April. To promote GYSD, the Federation named April as “Volunteer Service Month”. Young volunteers were given chances to serve the underprivileged by cooperating with elderly and children with learning disabilities. The participation of young volunteers has demonstrated the ability of youths in bridging and serving different parties and needy. In addition, a newspaper supplement was published on April 15 and a GYSD commissioning ceremony was held on April 16 at an open area of Hong Kong Park. Paul K.W. Tang, JP, Director of Social Welfare was the officiating guest of the ceremony. The event included a ceremony and a variety of young volunteer performances. Before the ceremony, over 1,000 volunteers gave souvenirs to 40,000 members of the public in 20 different districts to spread the message “Unite together to give care to others”. The International Social Service Hong Kong Branch engaged student volunteers from N.T. Heung Yee Kuk Tai Po District Secondary school on GYSD 2005 with the support of a DisneyHand Minnie Grant in a service project entitled “Community Health Care Service for the Elderly 2005” that affected almost 200 elderly. The students received health care training, stressing skills to measure blood pressure, heart-rate, and glucose levels. The volunteers also actively designed interesting and creative game booths so as to help convey messages to the elderly participants on the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyle. ISSHK organized a Health-Care Talk entitled “Life is beautiful—Aging” led by Ms. Catherine Tam that actively involved 30 elderly, a Tai Chi performance was presented by a group of students, as well as a video show with relevant health care topics for the elderly.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

21,000 Community Development Centre Ameen Charles
Post Box No. 17 B.C.Rai Gupta Ki Chaal Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh, 481 001 Tel: +91-7632-248585 Fax: cdcindia@rediffmail.com

GYSD 2005 in India was organized and implemented by organizations all over the country including: the Community Development Centre (CDC), Bill Clinton Center for AIDS Research and Education, Osmania Medical Students for Service and Development, Jyotirmayee Mahila Samiti, In Pharm (Young Pharmacists Group of India), Tara Educare Academy, iEARN, and the Eastern Nagaland Social Service Society. These organizations mobilized over 21,000 volunteers through their projects that benefited thousands of people nation-wide. These projects included activities ranging from cleaning and environmental projects (water/ecological conservation, tree planting, solid waste management, resource mapping), extensive health awareness projects and workshops including an HIV/AIDS awareness campaign and the wide distribution of educational pamphlets, youth debates and essay competitions, and free education opportunities for underprivileged youth. Tare Educare Academy is a completely free educational facility that provides schooling for over 30 young people who don’t have the means to pay for a formal education. Bill Clinton Center for AIDS Research and Education held an awareness raising event with the presence of Honorable Chief Guest, film celebrity Mr. Vishnu Vardhan Babu, and over 2,000 attendees, emphasizing the importance of taking preventive measures and of providing moral support for HIV positive people. Twenty iEARN BRIDGE students from Balshikshan Mandir English Medium School, Maharashtra collected books for underpriviliged students in the area. Other activities included cleaning around a local lake, conducting a hospital waste survey, and accompany senior citizens to health check-ups administered by the Red Cross. There were quite a few elected officials present in solidarity with the activities of these organizations such as, local members of Parliament, members of the Legislative Assembly, the President of In Pharm, Suryadevara Pratap, the Minister for Social Welfare, Sri Redya Naik Dharmsoth, Andhra Pradesh India, Dr. B. Madhava Reddy, the Principal of G. Pulla Reddy college of Pharmacy Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh India, Mr. Raoof, the Joint Secretary of InPharm, Mr.Yalamanchili Kaliprasad, Project Manager, Nile LtD, Miss.Yalamanchili Harshitha (DisneyHand Award Winner) St Anns School, Secunderabad, Mueen Ahmedh K.K, Secretary, In Pharm, tribal leaders, village elders and other government officials. The events of GYSD 2005 India were covered by such diverse media outlets as, multiple local newspapers (Nangalnd Post, Hindustan Times and others), TV channels, internet current events and In Pharma magazines. The major sponsors for the activities were Smile Foundation India, DisneyHand, St Anns School, In Pharm Association, Nile Ltd, Hyderabad, CDC, NAVJIVAN, SMS, GVM, UV, SAHEJNA, ASHA NIVAS and local communities through fundraising. Some of the long term results of GYSD 2005 in India include the generation of initiatives to continue year-round youth service, the identification of child abuse as an issue for the group of 43 NGOs who came together this year, to work in the incorporation of service-learning into educational systems or community-based projects and the Pharm Association is planning to conduct series of service programs throughout the year and to conduct GYSD programs every year. Also, after seeing the Tare Educare Academy project more and more similar projects are being created in the area and there are many free schools now operating, so that in the future, lack of money will no longer be a barrier to receiving a proper education.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

40 ChildFund (Christian Children's Fund) Jessica Lenz
Banda Aceh cpmanager@childfundindonesia.org

ChildFund planned a 3 day Youth Empowerment and Leadership workshop with 40 youth in and around the Aceh province who are internally displaced persons from after the tsunami and also other youth affected by the conflict here in the region and the earthquake. This three day workshop began on April 14th and continued until April 16th. The young people were engaged in youth-friendly activities to learn about challenges youth face after an emergency, leadership, team building, communication, and action planning.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY: Rahpooyane Saba Institute for Volunteering Development Yasser Salimi Namim
No.520-Mehr Alley-4th St Tehran Tel: +98-21-8081053 Fax: +98-21-8813371 yassersaliminamin@yahoo.com

GYSD organizers planned clean up activities in Tehran. Final Report not available at the time of printing


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

385 Service For Peace Israel Baruch Shalev
Bet Shemesh, Israel Tel: 972-523-802227 shalevbaruch@yahoo.com

In the City of Bet Shemesh, Service For Peace mobilized 350 youth between the ages of 11 and 18, 15 retired people from a senior Citizens Club, and 20 public figures, including the Mayor and the local media in activities for GYSD 2005 in Israel. They participated in a tree planting project where they planted over 100 new trees and created a small botanic garden, a cleaning project and an art project where they painted 3 large dumpsters in the community. As mentioned the Mayor was present along with the Police Commander, community police, Magen David Adom (Israeli official emergency relief services), a member of the Red Cross, representatives of municipalities and NGOs, and school managers. The long term aim is to involve the whole community from kindergarten through university students, and senior citizens in service and volunteering. A follow up meeting was held with officials from the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Social Affairs to plan on an expanded program for GYSD 2006.There is an initiative to continue year-round service in Bet Shemesh involving youth of all ages together with senior citizens and develop training sessions in youth volunteer management.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

500 UNISER Soc. Coop Daniela Farinelli
Via Bruni, 38 Forli, FC I-47100 Tel: +39-0543-551311 Fax: +39 0543-414326 evs@uniser.net http://www.uniser.net

GYSD celebrations in Italy were led by UNISER. This year’s activities aimed to give visibility to volunteerism and civic participation, by launching a photo contest entitled GYSD 2005 - Il Volontariato in un Click. The contest was divided into 2 categories: Printed and Digital photos with the aim to involve as many people as possible, sensitize the whole community on the importance of volunteering, spread the word on the GYSD celebrations, give voice to those who are already engaged in voluntary service activities, and inspire those who are not involved already. The contest was open to everybody without any restriction both in Italy and abroad. The digital contest will be open until December the 31st 2005, the most voted photo will become the symbol of the Italian celebrations of the GYSD 2006 in Italy and will be used to promote the event. The website http://www.gysd.it which is a fundamental part of the project is being visited by people from all over the world and will be soon updated with the photos participating to the contest. Peacewords Foundation and the Scuola Capponi were also able to organize GYSD activities with the support of a DisneyHand Minnie Grant.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

410 Service For Peace Koji Matsuda
8-19-201 Sakuragaoka-cho Tokyo, 150-0031 Tel: +81-3-5784-6723 Fax: +81-3-5784-6724 info@sfpjapan.org http://www.sfpjapan.org

Service For Peace and IAVE created a national committee of GYSD and mobilized 410 volunteers from 24 organizations and college clubs in 21 cities on GYSD 2005 in Japan. They participated in projects such as; extensive cleaning campaigns, including a 24 hour clean up marathon of 16 districts in Nagoya, a symposium and exhibition of youth volunteerism, a Global Youth Service Forum by foreign students and Japanese students and mentoring and experiential learning for elementary school children by college students in Osaka, Hiroshima, Yokohama and Matsue. All of the participating organizations collaborated in creating a website of GYSD to display their activities and to continue to network, using GYSD as a starting point. The activities were covered extensively by a few media outlets including, NHK Nagoya (National Television), Chyubu Cable TV, and newspapers the Chyunichi journal, the Mainichi Shinbun and the Nagoya Times. There were elected officials present for many of the GYSD activities who also served as sponsors, including Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya City, Association of volunteers and welfare in Aichi, the Nagoya volunteer Center, EXPO 2005 and Nagoya City Hall. Aichi Shyukutoku University was also a sponsor and students organized a symposium and exhibition of youth volunteerism. The most important long term result was that the events of GYSD 2005 changed the perception of youth in Japan and encouraged people to get involved especially due to the media coverage. Service For Peace and IAVE plan to continue to promote GYSD and continue to make new partnerships through their website in order to gain a wider participation in next year’s festivities.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

1,000 UNV Kazakhstan Nikolay Slabzhanin
67, Tole bi str., Almaty, 480091 Tel: +8-327-2-582643 Fax: +8-327-2-582645 nikolay.slabzhanin@undp.org http://www.un.kz/script_site.php?id=45

Many organizations took part in GYSD 2005 activities in Kazakhstan, including Public Foundation Help, Contact Club, Kazakh Secondary School in Association with Peace Corps, Special Child, IFES and students from the West Kazakhstan State University in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Together they mobilized hundreds of volunteers in many projects including presentations/lectures on HIV/AIDS, informational brochures, a poster creation contest, a music/dance performance, a big brother project for disabled children, the remodeling of a local museum for veterans, environment clean up and the renovation of multiple local city parks. The projects reached out and improved the lives of thousands of people in many communities. There were many officials present for the celebration including, Kostanai Oblast of the Department of Education, Marat Uderbayev, Akim (equivalent to a mayor), Irina Leonidovna Kim, First Assistant to the Akim, Roza Zhunisova, the Chief of Small Business Affairs department, local town Mayors and respected military figures. The major sponsors for the various organizations are: the Public Foundation Help, DisneyHand, Public Foundation Crossroads, the US Peace Corps, Reproductive Health Center, IREX/IATP, Young Media, Department of Youth Affairs, IFES - Democracy@Large, American Councils Alumni Association, Petro Kazakhstan, Vita water company, Dance Groups and the Local Fun Center. Many media outlets covered the events such as, Kyzylorda Oblast TV Station, Kazakhstan NTK TV station, and newspapers, Kostanai News, Youth Newspaper – Crossroads, and Kyzylorda Times. Some of the long term results include praise, recognition and greater support for youth from local governments, strengthened relationships among different youth organizations in Kazakhstan, and media exposure that will draw more attention to youth efforts in volunteer service. A newfound relationship was created between GYSD organizers and Peace Corps, generating greater awareness in the local community about the importance of mobilizing youth to implement service projects in their community. Further projects are already planned and GYSD is now a major event on the calendar in many communities.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

13,200 Kenya Youth Foundation Thomas Omondi
P.O.Box 1894-00200 Nairobi, 00100 Tel: +254-020-550278 Fax: +254-2-4441809 kyf73@hotmail.com

GYSD 2005 celebrations in Kenya were organized and implemented by the Kenya Youth Foundation, the Tabaka Artisans Centre, Salvage Youth Potential Development, URAFIKI (IRFF)-KENYA, and the Youth Centre Kenya. Through the multiple service projects of these organizations, over 13,200 young volunteers were mobilized around the country, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. These projects included activities ranging from cleaning campaigns in hospitals, schools and the environment, tree planting, visitation to a children’s center, and food distribution, to youth forums in conjunction with NACADA, and interactive educational workshops on nutrition, FGM, disease (HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria), drug abuse, and the integral role that youth can play as volunteers in their community to achieve the Millenum Development Goals (MDGs). The events were attended by many officials such as, the Administrative Police Training College, local government administrations, the Locational Development Committee, the District Development Committee, the NGO Coordination Board, the National AIDS Coordination Board, the Street Families Rehabilitation Trust, the City Council, Social Services, NACADA Officials, Gender, Environment and Sustainable Development (GESD) the Children’s Department, provincial administrators, Area Counselors, MP, Church leaders, the Education Officer of the Ministry of Education in Kenya, representatives from the Ministry of Home Affairs, community elders, and other community based organizations. The major sponsors for the GYSD events include, The City Council, SYPD, Kenya Youth Foundation, NACADA, Kibera Community Youth Program, unga group, ktn tv, and local communities. The celebration was covered by such media outlets as KTN Media Group, Nation Radio aired and Public address Media. In the long term, the organizations hope to enhance the spirit of volunteerism they developed on GYSD 2005. Many have made new strategic partnerships to ensure that their goals are met in the future. The Commissioner of Scouts in Kenya was very impressed by the commitment of GYSD and has pledged future Scout involvement in service projects, while the Ministry of Local Government through the Senior Children’s officer has also pledged partnership. In general, the public greatly appreciated the efforts of the volunteers and the youth were actively engaged in their communities during GYSD 2005 and pledged to step up their participation in the future.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

700 American Councils for International Education Tynystanova Mary Shea
d. 98 Bishkek Kyrgyzstan 720000 Tel: +996-312-66-48-38 Fax: accels@elcat.kg

On April 15-17, FLEX alumni, together with other youth organizations such as Lady Shirin (with the support of a DisneyHand Minnie Grant), clubs, environmental NGOs, Peace Corps volunteers, and local authorities, contributed their time and effort to the “Youth for a Clean and Healthy Environment” project. The alumni divided into groups and traveled to various towns and villages throughout Kyrgyzstan, where they cleaned up city streets. The event attracted much attention, and the alumni encouraged people to be attentive to the environment and not litter. Over 700 volunteers participated in this event.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

6,400 Association for Volunteer Services Dr. Patricia Nabti
P.O. Box 136104 Beirut, 2039-4232 Tel: +961-1-797247 Fax: +961-1-797247 avs@avs.org.lb

The Association for Volunteer Services, the National Lead Agency for GYSD in Lebanon for the fifth consecutive year, coordinated GYSD Lebanon as a main pillar of its programs to promote, facilitate, and improve volunteering and community service throughout the country. The primary funders of the program were AVS and its grantor, the European Union. Also Lebanese actress Mirielle Panosian, artist Bassam Dachache and Dr. Badreddine, mayor of Nabatiyyi, participated and encouraged youth through their visitations and support. Over 6400 youth volunteers participated in 84 projects. Some projects were held in their own communities and neighborhoods, while some youth groups crossed significant geographical, religious, and social barriers in doing their projects. One example of the latter was when a Muslim Scout group from a predominantly Muslim part of Lebanon went to a predominantly Christian part at least an hour north and cleaned the area around a church. Other GYSD projects in Lebanon included taking care of orphans, children with special needs and in hospitals; planting campaigns; beautification; cleaning of playgrounds and public gardens; visiting of elderly homes, entertaining the elderly, and offering them hospitality services. Other projects included awareness campaigns and workshops. Lebanon also celebrated Global Youth Service Days by sending six youth to France (four Lebanese and two Palestinians) to participate in the World Tour de France, a program bringing one hundred youth from 40 countries around the world together to share ideas on how best to promote youth volunteering. AVS held a GYSD recognition ceremony on May 14. Four special performances during GYSD were reenacted at the ceremony. There was an exhibition of project posters prepared by the youth groups. All of the 84 GSYD service projects were given certificates of recognition and appreciation. Awards were given to the ten best projects as well as to the celebrities and press that supported GYSD.




Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

20,000 IAVE Liberia Alphonso Kroma
P.O. Box 3183 Monrovia, 3183 Tel: +231-227602 Fax: +231-227838 mscorneh68@yahoo.com

The International Association Volunteer Effort in Liberia hosted projects that consisted of Human Rights Campaigns, a Stop Violence Campaign, football games, local community clean-ups and HIV/AIDS Awareness. There were an estimated 20,000 volunteers that participated in activities in four counties. Amongst the many projects there were a number of highlights. In conjunction with sexual health awareness over 20,000 condoms were distributed. Also about 10,000 youth participated in games headed by Youth United for Sustainable Development (YUSUD) in Bomi County. The Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Good Governance Commission Chairperson were present at different activities while letters from the Youth Representative and from the Business Communities were received. A press conference was held to highlight the projects and there were other media reports released in the Vanguard Newspaper and over the radio on Veritas, ELBC, DC 101 and crystal stations. The organization also established long term goals for youth in Liberia. A major goal is to help establish a child development agency and to receive legislation supporting this through the national legislature of Liberia. It also hopes to establish computer training programs for former child (both male and female) soldiers to learn how to utilize computers and the internet. Another major goal is to encourage the government to have a youth representative in the House of Representatives. The Precision Do Foundation of Liberia also sponsored an event that focused on youth in peace and conflict education. GYSD celebrated diversity and the possibility of unity amongst citizens in the country. The message for the celebration was "Peaceful Co-Existence a recipe for nation building". A live talk show about the GYSD celebration was featured on the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) Radio Station. The work of this project influenced people's negative perception regarding youth within the years of conflict. Together with other youth groups, Precision-Do Foundation agreed to continue this project in other communities in and around Monrovia until National Elections in October 14, 2005.

Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

500 Internacionalna Mreza za Obrazovanie i Resursi Mimoza AnastovskaJankulovska
Milton Manaki 17 Bitola, 7000 Tel: +389-47252524 Fax: +389-47252524 jankmj@mt.net.mk http://www.imor.org.mk/

GYSD events in Macedonia provided a multitude of arts, environmental, and educational based projects that greatly impacted local communities. The Multimedia Youth Association and Peace Corps Macedonia with support by the DisneyHand Minnie Grant program sponsored "Youth in Vinica Promote Community Service through Public Art" beautification project which created a mural with 12 paintings in a local park in the municipality of Vinica. Over a four day period, 30 youth, 3 artists, and 5 senior citizens painted pictures depicting the solar system. This was preceded by preliminary short educative program of astronomy and the solar system, including painting techniques practice. This mural project sparked widespread interest. 350 students from the capital city as well as 2000 onlookers came to watch the young artists work. Town officials and other authorities were impressed by the mural. GYSD was the first occasion for the youth to meet the new Mayor of Vinica. This meeting also encouraged youth to share their ideas and initiatives for future projects in the city. It was also the first opportunity for youth in the community to design and implement a community service project. The mural has had a major impact on the community and it allowed city officials to think about more beautification projects. The event was also covered by the media through the local television station TVV and Dnevnik Newspaper. The Pijanec Glas organization brought together over 200 youth to participate in a poetry education focusing on the importance of literacy and learning. The event was sponsored by the Soros NGO Support Center and the Granit Construction Company. There were 500 booklets printed for the purposes of distribution to the participants, important figures in the community as well as future donors and contacts. The local television station attended the poetry reading and it was played on the panorama of city events throughout the week.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

600 Young Advocates for the Advancement of ICTrelated Development Kenneth Harry Msiska
C/O P.O BOX 658 Mzuzu, Northern Region Tel: +265-08501622 Fax: +265-1334999 kennethmsiska@yahoo.com

The Young Advocates for the Advancement of ICT-related Development (Y.A.A.ICT-D) spearheaded the GYSD 2005 events, as the NLA in Malawi by involving hundreds of youth volunteers in 8 different projects. The activities marking the celebrations, included self-help projects, street cleaning exercises, fundraising, workshops on volunteerism, and the role of youth in the information society. Many influential individuals sponsored and participated in various activities including, His Excellency Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika, President of the Republic of Malawi, Honorable Ken Lipenga, M.P. Minister of Information Communications and Tourism, Professor David Rubadiri, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Malawi, Professor Jeff Kamwanja, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Malawi, Miss Janet Kayuni, the Chairperson, National Youth Council of Malawi, Mr. Alex Mseka, Executive Director, National Youth Council of Malawi, Mr. Evans Namanja, Director General, Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority, Mr. Yusuf Alide, Principal, Malawi Polytechnic, and Mr. Dereck Lakudzala, Senior Partner, BUMAS International. The other major sponsors for the projects were NICO Technologies, CELTEL Malawi, and The Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL). It must be noted that the day has not been fully accepted by the majority of young people in Malawi, but it is hoped that the situation is going to change for the better in the coming years, especially in 2006 when planning will begin further in advance so that more young people are able to participate. It is also hoped that in the future the perception of youth will continue to change for the better as youth service activities gain momentum.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY: YES (Malaysia), YouthBande Shireen Fernandes
No 2, Lorong Endah Kuala Lumpur Sentul Pasar 51000 Tel: +6012-227-8525 Fax: shireengirl@yahoo.com

GYSD organizers planned workshops related to youth employment and sustainable livelihoods. Final Report not available at the time of printing


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY: Internet Society Chapter of Mauritius Dewandranath Kissoondoyal
Units 209-214 Informatics Parks La Tour Koenig, Pointe Aux Sables Tel: +230 2346999 Fax: +230 2346888 info@isoc-mu.org

The Internet Society Chapter of Mauritius planned to train young people in information technology as part of the GYSD celebrations. Final Report not available at time of printing.




Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

32,000 Programa Jovenes Jovenes de DIF Nuevo Leon Juan Antonio Contreras Melin
Av. Morones Prieto No. 600 ote. Col. Independencia Monterrey, Nuevo Leon 64720 Tel: +(52) 81-2020-8400 Fax: +(52) 81-2020-8465 dif_integracion@starmedia.com http://www.nl.gob.mx/

In Mexico, the GYSD celebrations were spearheaded by DIF NL, with the support of several youth organizations including GYAN Mexico, mobilizing over 32,000 youth volunteers. Activities included workshops in Mexico City, the beautification of 15 public parks, planting of 500 trees, a massive concert celebrating youth volunteerism, visits to children homes, recycling campaigns, and a youth volunteer congress, among others. As part of the long term results, the GYSD organizers were able to establish linkages with 28 youth organizations across the country, and designed a network strategy for volunteer activities. Youth organizations also decided to organize ecological campaigns in their communities in the upcoming months.

Moldova, Republic of

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

800 Center for Assistance and Information of Young Economists Eugeniu Graur
32 Dostoievschi Balti, md-3112 Tel: +37325962210 Fax: +37323122579 geugenius@yahoo.com

During the GYSD celebrations in the Republic of Moldova almost 800 volunteers participated in several projects in local communities. Organizations that planned activities included Service For Peace Moldova and the Parent and Teacher Association of Cioburciu. The activities took place in several local communities and were geared towards environmental sustainability. The projects encompassed cleaning up campaigns, the planting of 1000 trees and 30 rose bushes and training school children about environmental awareness. With the help of a DisneyHand Minnie Grant, Moldova organizers were able to print materials to teach young people about environmental problems specifically facing Moldova, and ways to prevent them. In another community, young people learned about sustainability by organizing a play for their peers. The coordinator of this project was interviewed on national radio. The celebrations hosted city officials, and representatives of the Ministry of Ecology, which donated 700 trees and sponsored some of the activities. As a result of GYSD, a tri-annual clean-up has been established in one local community. In another community, the Mayor’s office has committed to ensure that garbage is collected in a sustainable way as a result of the GYSD clean-up campaign. Twelve alumni of the Future Leaders Exchange program, administered by American Councils, participated in a training of trainers event on democracy building. Active alumni in Moldova now plan to organize similar trainings on democracy issues for young people in the regions of Balti, Soroca, Ungheni, Cahul, and Comrat.




Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

2,370 Service For PeaceMongolia Ochirbat Erdenebulgan
Suite #106 Building #14 Ulaanbaatar, Khan-Uul District 210648 Tel: +97699269396 Fax: +97611345649 mn_bulgaa@yahoo.com http://www.sfpmongolia.mn/

GYSD 2005 Mongolia celebrations were led by Service For Peace Mongolia. A total of 2370 volunteers and about 100 organizations participated in the celebrations, including governmental, local businesses, service organizations and high schools. The project entailed cleaning up 177,826 sq. meters of field, and as a result 187.5 cubic meters of trash were loaded and thrown away. More than 500 herder families who were in under dire circumstances due to a harsh winter received in-kind donations that volunteers had collected and distributed to them with the support of the Capitals Education Authority. At the opening ceremony of GYSD, a representative from the governor of Sukhbaatar District gave the opening speech, and three government officials were present. The Governor’s office and the Department of City Planning also provided logistical and technical support to the activities. Coca Cola donated 500 bottles of Coca Cola and plastic bags for collecting trash were donated as well. The activities were covered in four newspapers, three radio stations and three television stations. The long term results include study workshops for volunteers and two high schools are looking to incorporate a service learning program into the curriculum.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY: Peace Corps/Morocco M'hamed El Kadi
2 Rue Abou Marouane Essaadi Agdal, Rabat 10100 Tel: +21237686980 Fax: +21237683799 melkadi@ma.peacecorps.gov

GYSD organizers planned clean up activities and capacity building workshops. Final Report not available at the time of printing


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY: National Youth Council of Namibia Samuel Aochamub
P.O. Box 60956 Windhoek, 9000 Tel: +264-61-248218 Fax: +264-61-248322 info@youthcouncil-namibia.org

The National Youth Council of Namibia planned a series of activities to coincide with the General Assembly which was to take place in the spring of 2005. Final Repot not available at the time of printing




Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

400 Youth Initiative Rajendra Mulmi
GPO 8973, NPC 430 Kathmandu Tel: +977-1-4488 300 Fax: +977-1-4488 300 info@youthinitiative.org.np http://www.youthinitiative.org.np/

Service For Peace Nepal in cooperation with Youth Volunteer Association for Himalayan Children (YVAHC Nepal) organized 2005 Global Youth Service Day at Udayakharkha Secondary School on 15th April 2005 with about 400 participants. The celebrations were funded by YVAHC Nepal, Service For Peace Nepal and Nepal Medical College. The celebrations were managed by the volunteers of Service For Peace and 3 parallel programs were executed. Free Health Check service was provided by a group of medical doctors and as a result approximately 300 villagers and school children received health check service with free medicine. In addition, volunteers were mobilized to clean up a school area, and paint the class rooms of the school. A total 400 people participated in the celebrations. The projects were highlighted in Himalaya Times Daily. At the opening ceremony, the Headmaster of Udaykharkha Secondary School, the President of Service For Peace Nepal and Mr. Ek Nath Dhakal, President of YVAHC Nepal all gave speeches. The Hon. Ram Hari Joshy, the former Minister of Education inaugurated the service day by lighting a lamp. In order to continue the project, the coordinators have approached local NGOs to expand and further the results of GYSD.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

300 Coordinadora, Desarrollo de la Juventud de Chinandega Dowglas Guevara
3o piso alcaldia de Chinandega Chinandega, 505 Tel: +505-625-2955/341-221 Fax: +505-341-2211 jovenes@yahoo.com

Even though the celebrations were limited by political instability, GYSD organizers in Nicaragua were able to mobilize hundreds of youth volunteers on April 16-18. Activities included a donation drive, visits to elderly and disabled homes and a volunteer project focusing on sustainable development, which will benefit poor communities in Chinandega. Youth volunteers also visited rural areas, promoting community development projects including youth participation.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

3,150 Association Nigerienne des Scouts de L'Environment (ANSEN) Fatimah Djibrilla
BP 2013, Communate Urbaine de Niamey 1808 Tel: +227-75-4963 Fax: +227-73-2784 djibrilla_a@yahoo.com

As the NLA of Niger, Association Nigerienne Scouts de l’Environnement, in partnership with the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Education, the Nation Youth Service Commission, First City Hall, media agencies and other NGOs, organized the events of GYSD 2005. Together they mobilized 3,150 youth volunteers in activities such as, land restoration, school cleaning/sanitation, educational sessions on desertification and HIV/AIDS, a 150 km walk to protest desertification, and other projects that aimed to raise awareness on HIV/AIDS. The activities were a success and had great long term results, including, new agricultural land, cleaner learning facilities for thousands of students, and heightened awareness about GYSD and youth volunteerism that motivated a renewed commitment to making a sustainable difference in Niger.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

5,000 Agenda for Community Development (AFCODE) Olaitan Ibiyemi
Suite 19, Ibukun Oluwa Plaza, Taju Bello B/Stop Iju-Ishaga, Lagos 234 Tel: +234-8037216246 Fax: afcode@yahoo.com

In Nigeria over 5,000 youth volunteers between the age of 15 and 35 were mobilized in the different states during GYSD 2005. Twenty schools and fifteen youth groups and ten faithbased organizations planned and implemented 25 service projects between April 14 and May 10. Organizations that took part included Agenda for Community Development (AFCODE) People to People International Lagos, Unite For Sight Nigeria, RealFriends Nigeria, Humanpath, Amigo Youth Forum Okoko Item, Ikwerii Youth Development international, Itungwa Youth Association, Inri Widows Foundation Ability for Disabled. During GYSD, a BTC Seminar was organized for over 2,500 young people. Other activities throughout the different states included mural paintings, clean-up activities, donations to orphanages, field-trips to rural areas, and in Engu state an annual charity week was launched. Amigo Youth Forum was able to adapt GYSD materials to their youth empowerement activities. GYSD celebrations in Nigeria were supported by various sponsors such as LinkPoint International Resources Ltd, LYDIN Limited and SURAM International. In most cases the state and local governments contributed as well. In Engu state the celebrations were attended by the Commisioner for Youths and Sports of Enugu State, His Royal Highness Chief Lawrence Aroh, His Royal Highness Chief Christian Eze and other chiefs and royals. Also, the President of the Nigerian Labour Congress sent a letter of support for the GYSD celebrations. The respective GYSD projects were covered by various local and national media such as Guardian Newspaper MiTV, NTA 10, Galaxy TV, Turning Point Newspaper (COMET)and MiTV and NTA10, the EuroAfricaCentral Magazine and Youth Nigeria Magazine.

Co-Lead Agency: People To People International - Lagos Rahman Mogaj
3, Salako Street Lagos 23401 Tel: +234 (1) 8136921, ptplagos@yahoo.com http://www.ptplng.org/


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

1,000 Youth Alliance For Human Rights Rana Bilal Ahmad
1, Main Road, shamnagar, chouburji Lahore Cantt, Punjab, Punjab 54000 Tel: +92-303-6414136 Fax: +92-42-6652321 yafhr@hotmail.com

For GYSD 2005 in Pakistan the Citizen Committee for Human Welfare (CCHW) organized a plantation campaign and planted 2,000 saplings at Dabaroo Mountain. The organization also raised awareness in the community regarding plantation, distributed printed materials about GYSD, and organized a conference of youth who were informed about the importance of the plantation and were urged to contribute towards tree plantation in the mountainous Dir area. The speakers urged the youth to shun unhealthy and negative activities and putting in their energy into making the country prosperous. The CCHW Chairman was present and organized the information session with advocate Shahid Abbas. It is hoped that in the future youth will be more motivated to help the environment and stay away from bad influences in their daily lives. Furthermore, iEARN Pakistan organized BRIDGE students for a sixweek project as part of iEARN's Youth and Volunteering and Community Service Program. The Cardinal School was responsible for organizing and coordinating 200 youths from nine different schools who volunteered for GYSD projects. Other schools joined GYSD including The Cardinal School Lahore Junior and Senior Campuses, SOS School, City District Government Mochi Gate School and Alif Laila Book Bus Society. Each participating school gave a presentation on their service activity to students. Activities included a visit to a children's hospital and cleaning up debris and garbage for the environment. The program culminated in a recognition ceremony held on April 18th. iEARN Pakistan gave participating schools and youth shields commending them on their community service for GYSD.


Palestinan Territory

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

448 Relief InternationalSchools Online Basia Urban
Ziadeh Commercial Center Ramallah, West Bank, Tel: +972-59-278-472 Fax: alexis@schoolsonline.org

In the Palestinian Territories, Relief International - Schools Online engaged 448 youth between the age 14 and 16 from five schools to participate in GYSD. Twelve projects were implemented between the 15th and the 30th of April 2005. The projects entailed clean-up activities, planting trees, and visiting organizations that take care of children and people with special needs. As a result of the projects, 90 Cedar trees and a large number of flowers were planted all over the cities of Ramallah, Bethlehem and Hebron. In addition, many walls were cleaned up and painted. The Mayors of Hebron and Albireh were supportive of the projects and the municipality of Hebron donated all the paints needed for the cleaning and painting of the towns. Television station Voice of Palestine and the local Hebron TV station” Hebron TV” covered the GYSD projects and interviewed the students who were involved. In addition, three newspapers “Alquds”, “Alayam”, and “Alhaya Aljadidah” covered the GYSD activities. In the summer, RI-SOL plans to expand similar projects to additional schools to keep youth engaged.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

200 Fundacuna/PROMESA Dacil Acevedo Riquelme
Panama City, 5 Tel: +507-265-4401 Fax: +507-223-4957 dacil1@cableonda.net

GYSD celebrations in Panama were led by Fundacuna/Promesa, with the support of the Lions Club of Panama. The celebrations were kick-started by an event hosted by the First Lady of Panama, and the Ministry of Youth, including 200 participants working on youth volunteerism across the country. As part of the celebrations, there was a presentation of the publication Volunteer Service in Panama: Tools for Innovations in Youth Volunteer Service Policy, which evaluates the impact of GYSD in Panama. Further activities targeted disadvantaged youth, such as workshops, recreational and sport activities, visits to hospitals, among others. As part of the long term effects, a national program for volunteerism was launched by the Ministry of Youth, working transversally in all areas of volunteerism, focusing on intergenerational linkages.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

300 ProJOVEN (ForYOUTH) Maureen Herman
Sicilia 468 c/14 de Mayo Tel: +595-21-452-210, Fax: projoven@att.net http://www.projoven.org/

This year, Paraguay celebrated Earth Day and GYSD together with an event held at the Botanical Gardens in Asuncion. For the past several years, groups of Peace Corps Volunteers have come together to organize one-day Earth Day events for youth from around the country. For the first time this year, the Red Ribereña de Jóvenes, a network of youth organizations in Asuncion, took charge. In addition, network members invited the support of the municipality, the non-profit organization ProJOVEN, which forms part of the Red Ribereña network, and Urban Youth PCVs working with the different youth groups. In total, 110 young people participated in a day of workshops focusing on trees and preventing deforestation. Gabriela Ratti of the World Wildlife Fund spoke about their campaign to save the Atlantic Rainforest in Alto Parana. Volunteers from Guyra Paraguay, the local face of Birdlife International, spoke about deforestation and its effects on birds. Liz Zenker, the Information and Communication Technology Volunteer Coordinator from Peace Corps also prepared an interactive presentation of a children’s story about deforestation. In addition, participants learned about tree identification, planting and caring for trees, and composting. At the end of the day, each youth group received twelve native baby trees to be planted in their neighborhoods. Maureen Herman, the Executive Director of ProJOVEN, addressed the youth about the meaning and importance of Volunteer Service for young people and its impact on community growth. The personal benefits of volunteer service were also discussed, and many participants expressed interest in becoming more active as volunteers in their communities. Organization of Earth Day took place during many meetings of representatives of the six member organizations of the Network. During the opening ceremony, their work as volunteers in their communities, as well as the work of the youth volunteers who facilitated the workshops, was recognized.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

1,000 Brigada De Voluntarios Bolivarianos Del Peru Juan Galiano
Jr. Lucanas No. 332 - A Lima, Peru Peru Tel: +511-328-5143 Fax: +511-328-5143 juanbvbp@viabcp.com

In Peru, GYSD 2005 was led by the Brigada de Voluntarios Bolivarianos del Perú, and support of Red NAVAR, mobilizing over a thousand young volunteers. The celebrations included a Volunteer Day at children homes, musical festivals, art displays, clean ups and capacity building workshops. Red NAVAR organized a conference to share experiences among volunteer organizations, which included workshops on profesionalizing civil society and the exchange of best practices.The organizers were able to create linkages with GYSD organizers in Bolivia and Uruguay, and included service-learning curriculum in schools in Lima


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

7,000 Tinig Kabataan (Voice Of The Youth Network) Pocholo Gonzales
64 N. Perez St., Pansol, Quezon City, 1108 Tel: +63-917-9602413 Fax: +-7.36684e+006 votymedia@gmail.com

In the Philippines Voice of the Youth Network organized a Clean Up Drive for Hinulugang Taktak Waterfalls in Antipolo City. Four hundred kilos of garbage was removed from the upstream section of the waterfalls. VOTY Network also organized the Career Avenue Conference and Expo held at the Philippine International Convention Center Pasay City in cooperation with Next Step Events Planner. A thousand young people attended the event, at which the premier and renowned motivational speakers of the country spoke. The Next Step Events Planner also produced and sponsored the premier youth event of the year, Youth Power 2005 Conference and Expo Held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City where VOTY members and volunteers participated in a two-day youth empowerment seminar. 7000 young people participated in Youth Power. The media covered Career Avenue on by GMA 7 TV and RPN 9 TV covered Clean Up Hinulugang Taktak. Manila Bulletin News Broadsheet covered for youth power. Senator Manny Villar, Senator Richard Gordon and the National youth Commission Commissioner Marc Castrodes spoke at the events. Also, Service For Peace Philippines organized Health Care Through Teaching Proper Hygiene and Circumcision for the Aeta people, indigenous people of the Phillipines. Volunteers educated other young people on personal hygiene. In addition 400 pieces of bread and 80 toothbrushes were distributed. Doctors of the University of Perpetual Help, Delta System were present at the event and Officer-in-Charge (OIC) of National Commission for Indigenous People (NCIP) for the Province of Pampanga Lydia Sunggud expressed her support for the activities.

In Portugal GYSD activities were led by Fundacao da Juventude, in partnership with other NGOs such as the Red Cross, and centered around the importance of volunteerism and civic-learning. They included workshops, and artistic events, which allowed young people to express their feelings about getting engaged in their community.

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

100 Fundação da Juventude Paula Cardoso
Rua das Flores, 69 4050-265 Tel: +351-22-339-35-41 Fax: +351-22-339-35-44 pcardoso@fjuventude.pt http://www.fjuventude.pt/



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

1,400 Leaders Romania Iona Dragan
Str. Popa Tatu nr. 3 Apt.8 Bucharest, Sector 1 Tel: +40-1-310-0249 Fax: +40-1-310-0249 leaders@pcnet.ro http://www.leaders.ro/

The LEADERS Romania Foundation, in partnership with the National Coordinating Committee (AIESEC, ASER, ELSA Bucharest, SiSC, VIP Romania and the Octavian Goga Secondary School), engaged youth volunteers in over 12 districts around the country. Some of their projects included trainings on project management and presentation skills for volunteers, workshops, teambuilding sessions, conference, panels, outdoor activities (teambuilding, cycling contest), awards session, launching publications about volunteers, launching of The Info Youth Center, local Information sessions on solving problems that are encountered by Youth NGOs, debates concerning youth problems, and brochures were distributed all over the country to increase the awareness of civil society, academic and business sector of volunteering activities. LEADERS Romania has also launched a portal (www.leaders.ro/portal) to offer a framework for GYSD participants, organizers and NGOs in Romania to communicate and share experiences and knowledge. There were dozens of elected officials present for the events in all of the cities. Some of the most prominent include, Mr. Neculai Ontanu, the Mayor of the 2nd District of Bucharest, The Mayor of the Baia Mare town, Mrs. Monica Anita, MKT specialist, TNT, Mrs. Oana Balescu, Marketing & PR Manager, CARIERE, AIESEC Romania, ASER, ELSA Bucharest, VIP Romania and many representatives from othe organizations involved. Some of the sponsors include DisneyHand, Town Hall of the 2nd District of Bucharest, Connex, TNT, GoPrint, Stihl, Trafigura, RDS, The National Institute of Administration, CEPECOM, Quadrant Amroq Beverages S.A. (Pepsi), Amaltea, Tip Top and many, many more. The events were covered by over 12 magazines and newspapers, 6 TV stations, 4 radio stations and 3 different websites, and were translated into Romanian, English and Hungarian. The newly created website received 6,538 hits in April alone, out of interest in GYSD 2005. The organizers are also seeking to develop best practices in other educational systems and generate initiatives to continue year-round youth service activities.

Russian Federation

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

587,000 Russian Volunteer Development Center of IAVE (MCH/VC) Galina Bodrenkova
Koroleva str, 9-5-89 Moscow, 129515 Tel: +7 (095) 292-9127 Fax: +7 (095) 292-5312 gbodrenkova@yandex.ru

The Russian National Lead Agencies, Russian Development Volunteer Center and Constructive Approach and Sozidanie Foundation, mobilized over half a million volunteers (75% youth) in some 4,800 projects in 42 regions across the country, benefiting a total of 800,000 people. GYSD in Russia was included in the framework of Spring Volunteer Week, and the “Russia’s Volunteer Sector for the MDGs” initiative. The projects included activities ranging from charitable concerts, performances, sports events, awards ceremonies, press conferences and competitions to exhibitions, volunteer fairs, round tables, seminars, street actions, medicine, clothes, food and toy drives and blood donations. For example, in the Kemerovo area, 130 thousand young volunteers from 77 schools aged 16 to 20, were able to participate actively in such activities. There were many notable officials present such as a representative of the President of Russia, the deputy Minister on affairs of youth of Republic Tatarstan, the Governor of Tver area, a state official from the Volgograd area, the Minister of Labor and social development of the Samara area, as well as mayors of cities and heads of Administration. More than 200 organizations and enterprises served as sponsors for GYSD 2005 such as, the Lawyer Bureau, Gorodisskiy and partners, RIA News, oil companies RUSAL and RITEK, as well as more than 800 individual businessmen. The events carried out by the GYSD organizers were covered extensively by various media outlets including, more than 100 newspapers (including 30 publications in the Samara area, 58 publications in Tatarstan, 20 publications about participation of socially active schools), 15 radio announcements, more than 40 T.V. channels prepared pieces on GYSD, and over 10 websites carried information on the activities. Long term results include new collaborations with participating agencies in other countries, such as TakingItGlobal in Canada, AFEV in France, and the American Councils for International Education.

Co-Lead Agency: Sozidanie Elena Zakharova
Perunovskiy pereulok 4/10-18 Moscow, 103030 Tel: +7(095) 2912004 Fax: +7(095) 2912004 sozidanie@co.ru http://www.fondsozidanie.ru/



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

25 Rwanda Active Youth in Technology Abdul Byukusenge
P.O. Box 4130 KIGALI Tel: +250 08512700 Fax: +250 502494 onabdul@gmail.com http://www.ibyiwacu.co.rw/

GYSD 2005 organizers in Rwanda mobilized 25 young people to work on environmental issues and to discuss the future goals of development for their country. One hundred trees were planted and led to a discussion on the importance of the environment in Rwanda. They also held a forum to discuss where the state of Rwanda’s development stood and made goals for the future including actions that can be taken to help this process. Rwanda Active Youth in Technology participated as well as the Nibyiza Group. Rwanda Islamic Media covered the event.

Saint Lucia

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

150 Department of Youth and Sports Marcia Dolor
Olympia House Castnes Tel: +758-4546283 Fax: +758-454628 cyenstlucia@lycos.com

For GYSD 2005 in St. Lucia, the Caribbean Youth Environment Network mobilized 150 youth volunteers between the ages of 14 and 16 in 3 projects including mural painting, cleaning, and a musical approach to environmental awareness. Close to 1000 people benefited from the service projects. The Ministry of the Environment and The Ministry of Education were present and the events were sponsored by the Garden of Rose, AF Valmont, and Paint Plus. In the long term, the murals will always serve as a reminder to the students the environment is important and keeping it clean must be a priority. The participating schools and organizations plan to continue spreading their service activities throughout the country.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

4,000 Association des Jeunes Pour le Developpement Ahmadou Kane
Parcelles Assaines Unite 10 No. 143 Dakar Tel: +221-877-8798 Fax: +221-893-7049 ajdpasteef@hotmail.com

Soccer4life Christian Sports Ministry and Association des Jeunes pour le Développement (AJD) mobilized close to 4,000 youth volunteers in Senegal. The projects included a sports outreach program for street children, the distribution of 1,600 food items to the poor, a tree planting campaign, educational workshops on HIV/AIDS and the dangers of smoking tobacco. The activities reached thousands and heightened the awareness of many communities. There were no official sponsors for the events, although small donations were made by the Ministry of Health, local schools, churches and individuals. Some activities were covered by local radio stations and local administrative officials were present along with church leaders, parents and the Minister of Youth and Sports. GYSD had quite a long term impact including the launch of a new organization called Chantier Internationale to unite youth committed to service, from all different countries and nationalities, and organize cultural exchanges. This will allow the continuation of the activities of GYSD on a larger scale. The volunteers all felt a sense of satisfaction and a new motivation based on their successful service activities, and pledged to continue to make a difference in the future.


Saint Kitts and Nevis

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

30 Peace Corps/St. Kitts and Nevis Princess Bethea
Department of Youth Tel: +869 465-2521 aghanley@hotmail.com

The US Peace Corps mobilized 30 volunteers to hold a two-day Can Food/Non-perishable food donation drive to benefit the local Salvation Army. The Salvation Army services the Federation of Saint Kitts & Nevis. Nearly 200 donated food items, financial donations, and clothes were taken to the local Salvation Army. The volunteers collected food and monetary donations as well. The activities were covered by media outlets such the Sun News, WINN FM, ZIZ Radio and Television Coverage, VON Radio. The elected officials present were Minister Sam Condor (Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Education, Youth, Community Development, and Social and Gender Affairs). The sponsors included the Ministry of Education, Youth, Community and Social Development; Peace Corps St. Kitts & Nevis, & Carib Crafts & Graphics, Inc. and residents of the Bird Rock community. Students saw the positive outcome of their volunteer efforts and felt a sense of accomplishment and also requested to do more service projects in the future and with other organizations.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

300 WildLife Clubs of Seychelles, Nirmal Shah
Centre for Environment and Education, Mahe Tel: +248 601100 Fax: +248 601102 wildlife@email.sc

WildLife Clubs of Seychelles involved 300 volunteers in 10 projects for GYSD 2005 in Seychelles. The projects included, removing solid waste from school yards and community areas, the establishment of medicinal plant gardens, removal of invasive alien species on islands, field trips to national parks and reserves, training workshops for young Club leaders, contribution to the WildLife Clubs magazine, rally for wildlife in the capital city, variety shows, nature activities at the Roche Caiman Reserve, a recycling workshop and the launch of Stream Teams. The major sponsors for these events were Nature Seychelles, Public Utilities Corporation, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Environment, and the Environment Trust Fund. The media covered the events in 5 TV news items, 7 radio items and 7 newspaper articles, and elected officials were present including the Minister of Environment, the Minister of Education and the Chairman of LUNGOS (national umbrella organization of NGOs). Some of the long term results of GYSD 2005 in Seychelles include heightened awareness about youth volunteerism, a new unity among youth volunteers, and exposure for the valiant efforts of young and effective volunteers.



Sierra Leone

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

3,000 Independent Youth Forum John Paul Bai
1 Richard Street Freetown Tel: +232-22-241-781 Fax: +232-22-224-439 john.iyf@hotvoice.com

The Independent Youth Forum (IYF) in Sierra Leone mobilized over 3,000 volunteers from dozens of youth organizations throughout the country in 13 major service projects. The projects included extensive cleaning campaigns, gardening, awareness raising, symposia, workshops, conferences, masquerades, awards ceremonies, trainings, panel discussions on the environment decentralization process, and sport activities. In the Western Area, in collaboration with the National Committee of 25 Organizations, IYF chose the theme ‘Youth, Local Administration and Volunteerism: necessary ingredient for the development of Sierra Leone’. A one-day workshop was organized inviting ten secondary schools to discuss the decentralization process, volunteerism, participation and the Millennium Development Goals. Many elected officials were present for the GYSD events, including VSO Country Director, Madam Theresa Mellon, Decentralization Coordinator, Mr. Emanuel A.R Gaima, Student Partnerships Worldwide, Mr. Sebastian Barraud, Makeni and Town Council Chairman, Mr. Musa Mansaray. Major country sponsors included VSO Country Office, Makeni Town Council, Decentralization Secretariat, Ministry of Youth and Sports and UNDP capacity Building project. Media outlets covered the activities including, The Sierra Leone Broadcasting Services-99.9, Radio UNAMSIL, 98.1 FM., and Community Radio –Kissy. GYSD events in Sierra Leone were a great success and had important long term results, such as new partnerships between IYF, VSO and CARE International, and increased long term support from The Ministry of Youth and Sports. A youth policy was formulated and is awaiting Parliament ratification, and IYF has initiated a new Forum for Youth Service Agencies (FYSA) to mainstream development programs and observe and help encourage positive inputs of youth organizations.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

1,500 Slovene Philanthropy Association for Promotion of Voluntary Work Franci Zlatar
Resljeva 30 1000 Tel: +386-1-430-1288 Fax: +386-1-430-1298 info@sf-zdruzenje.si

Over 1500 youth volunteers between the ages of 15 and 25 were mobilized in Slovenia during GYSD 2005. Slovene Philanthropy and 69 NGOs, public institutions and schools planned and carried out 27 events related to youth voluntary service between April 14 and 20. Among these organizations was the National Slovene Youth Council, which planned and carried out the closing ceremony, named Naj Prostovoljec. 200 young volunteers from all over the country attended 13 different workshops on different cross-cultural issues, as well as a cycling tour, photo exhibitions, roundtable in 12 cities, and some dance and musical performances. There were many elected officials who participated in the week long festivities such as the State Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Minister for Science and Sports, Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana, and Inacio Bintchende, a celebrity and the president of African Society in Slovenia. The list of sponsors includes 10 Radio stations that broadcasted free advertisements, , IMAGO, Fini Oglasi, Najdi.si (a web searcher), Mercator, the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Slovenia, and Jubljanske Tranice. The events were covered by extensive and diverse media outlets including radio stations (RTV Slovenija, Radio Koper/Capodistria, and Radio Trst a Slovene radio station in Trieste, Italy); TV stations (RTV Slovenija, Televizija Novo mesto and Kanal Murska Sobota); 2 national newspapers, 2 regional newspapers, and 1 web searcher. The festival was a huge success and brought great recognition to the efforts of youth volunteers through the extensive media coverage. The number of participating organizations was the largest in the history of GYSD in Slovenia, and Slovene Philanthropy only anticipates a greater participation in the years to come.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

2,000 Somali Youth Council Osman M. Moallim
P.O.Box 1283 Mogadishu, 2525 Tel: +252-1-215639/221540 Fax: +252-1-219631 osmanmoallim@yahoo.com

The Somali Youth Council organized successful activities focusing on the prevention of female genital mutilation, conflict prevention, and HIV/AIDS awareness. All the events took place throughout the country with the support of civil society organizations and companies such as Global Money Transfare, Nation Link Company, COGWO, Hormud Telecom, Telecom Somalia, IIDA, Capital FM, and CRD. Major support was also received from media outlets such as FM radio (Benadir and Shabelle stations), and via newspaper coverage (Sanca, Panaroma, Codka Xuriyada, Xog ogaal and Ayamaha). Many young people were involved in a variety of actions and service projects such as a bicycle marathon through Mogadishu, a play raising awareness on all the three themes, and a football match in Mogadishu. Furthermore, Friday religious lectures were given in all mosques of Merca city where the preachers focused on the three addressed themes. Also a number of forums discussed the main themes in Mogadishu, Merca, and Baidaba. Although all the events were quite successful, the security situation did not allow the youth to demonstrate fully their potential and participation in the commemoration.

South Africa

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

200 South African Scout Association Mpumalanga Nikki Clark
P.O. Box 425 White River 1240 Tel: + 27 13 751 2410 sasa_mpumalanga@intekom.co.za

GYSD 2005 in South Africa was led by Scouting Mpumalanga with the support and funding of DisneyHand. About 120 Scouts and their Scout groups from 1st Sandzile, 1st Revival, 1st Tenteleni, and 1st Emtfuntini Scout groups took part in the activities, involving their churches and respective schools as well. Each of these Cub packs planted vegetable gardens which will support AIDS orphans, old age pensioners, families with HIV/AIDS and will also supplement the school soupkitchens. The Scouts invited close to 300 orphans from local orphanages and thousands of children from their local schools to take part in the GYSD celebrations. 70 of the orphans received tinned food, soap and clothing which was collected by the Scouts and donated to an orphanage. Their events included a musical performance by the drum majorettes, poetry reading, dancing by young traditional Zulu dancers a performance by a teenage drama group about rape and teen pregnancy, a candle lighting ceremony for the victims of AIDS, games and guest speakers. The Scouts invited many special guests to the celebrations such as, Mrs. Mnisi from the Themba Hospital and Mrs. Nelly Nkosi from the Department of Health who both taught everyone ways to eat healthy and stay healthy, Mr. H.R. Rana from the Department of Education, Mrs. MtShali from the Home Based Care project, and Principal Mrs. B.R. Mavuso, as well as representatives from local churches. The most important long term results of GYSD 2005 in South Africa were the renewed promises of the Scouts to continue their service to others throughout the years and the unity created between orphans, school children and the Scouts to support each other and continue improving their country.



South Korea

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

5,820 Korea Youth Volunteer Center Jinwon Lee
#906, 142, Woomyeon-DongKu Seocho, Seoul 137-715 Korea, Republic of (South) Tel: 82-2-578-4104 Fax: 82-2-2188-8889 tommy@youthvol.net http://www.youthvol.net

The GYSD celebrations in South Korea were organized by the Korea Youth Volunteer Center and National Association of Youth Volunteer Centers, and were able to mobilize 5,820 people including 188 Koreans and 5,632 Sri Lankans. The project consisted on dispatching Korea Youth Volunteer Groups to tsunami affected areas in Sri-Lanka from May 7 to May 16, 2005. The 176 Dispatch Group Members from Korea did restoration activities in the tsunami region which included art classes, music classes, and sports activities for local youths. They also collected various items for donations, including clothes, sports equipment and stationary, among others. Some of these were directly delivered to tsunami affected schools and refugee camps and the others were delivered through the regional Sri Lankan National Youth Services Council (NYSC). These activities were covered by media outlets such as the Kookje Daily News and Busanilbo (Korea) and Matara City and Daily Matara Newspaper (Sri Lanka) as well as TV stations including the Korea Broadcasting System. Sponsors for these events included the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Sri Lankan Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, and Sri Lankan NYSC. Some of the positive outcomes of these activities include a chance for youth to diversify and interact with others. It also provided Korean youngsters with the opportunity to learn how to contribute to the global community and to develop global leadership among young people.

Sri Lanka

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

50,000 Sri Lanka-United Nations Friendship Organisation Deshapriya Wijetunge
658/83,Mahawila Gardens, Colombo 9, 9 Tel: +94 11 2688606 Fax: +94 11 2692960 unfriends@sltnet.lk http://www.sunfo.8m.com/

SUNFO (Sri Lanka-United Nations Friendship Organization) mobilized over 50,000 young people in Sri Lanka. Their activities ranged from cleaning community libraries, preparing traditional sports festivals, musical and cultural competitions, hospital services, tree planting campaigns, special programs for tsunami victims, religious schooling at multiple denominations, community education and working with prison youth. Community radio stations covered the events and the closing ceremony was shown on Independent Television Network. Government Agents, Divisional secretaries, health officials, educational department officials, city mayors and other officials participated in the day. The in-kind value of these services is estimated at US $120,000.

Co-Lead Agency: Dambadeniya Development Foundation Sunil Rodrigo
306,Negombo Road,NArammala, North Western, Tel: +9.43722e+010 Fax: +9.43722e+010 ddfit@sltnet.lk



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

190 Youth Employment Summit - Swaziland Samkeliso Simelane
P.O.Box 869 Manzini m200 Tel: +268 6135444 Fax: yes_swaziland@yahoo.com

For GYSD 2005, the Swaziland Youth Employment Summit mobilized 190 youth volunteers in projects such as visits to orphanages, vulnerable children homes and old age homes to assess their needs and donate gifts including clothing and toys. A group ploughed land in the south and others held a talk show where they spoke about the important role youth can play in development. Some chief organizers from other regions attended the screening. The main objective of GYSD 2005 in Swaziland was to promote youth service activities in the media to make society aware that young people are working for community development. To celebrate the success of the projects YES Swaziland had a celebration and a dance. Some of the long term effects include improved lives of those in need and a new commitment to youth service and to raise awareness about youth and development in the future.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

500 ECPAT Sweden Sandra Atler
Nybrokajen 7, 3 TR Stockholm, 11148 Tel: +46-8-611-9934 Fax: +46-8-611-3499 sandra@ecpatsweden.org

ECPAT Sweden through ECPAT International has launched a global campaign: the MakeIT-Safe Campaign, which makes information technology (IT) safe for children and young people everywhere. The goal is to get the IT industry and governments to take responsibility for making online and interactive technologies safe for young people. The Make-IT-SAFE campaign unites children’s groups in 67 countries led by ECPAT International and Children’s Charities Coalition for Internet Safety. GYSD 2005 in Sweden marked the official launch of the Make-IT-SAFE campaign, which was held on the 18th of April. The youth group is committed to adding a global dimension to the campaign through a peer-learning approach, demonstrating young people’s ability to make a difference. Members were shown how to sign on to the global petition and spread the petition to their connections and the members are now integrating the Make-IT-SAFE campaign into their activities of safety online. The youth group committed to encouraging all youth that they meet in their outreach work, to sign up, inform about the campaign and discuss the global dimensions of the problems. ECPAT Sweden sent out a press release on the particular day regarding the campaign and work, and two youth representatives wrote three articles (the article also highlighted GYSD) that were sent to some major Swedish youth websites as well as youth magazines. The information was also spread to the 20 member organizations of ECPAT Sweden so they could send the information on to their members. The efforts of EPCAT Sweden will affect innumerable people in the future with safer IT. They plan to continue working on the theme “Safety Online” during all of 2005 and encourage all young people around the world to sign the petition and find out more facts in their own community about how young people are being exploited via Internet.




Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

17,000 National Youth Commission, Taiwan Chih-Chung Cho
F14, No 5,Hsu-Chow Rd, 13th Floor Taipei, 100 Tel: +886-2-2356-6243 Fax: +886-2-2356-6287 chocc@nyc.gov.tw

GYSD 2005 projects in Taiwan were implemented by the National Youth Commission, with the support of Service For Peace Taiwan, PlanetKIDS Club, Taipei Da-Li Elementary School and Tzu Chi Buddhist Association. The projects mobilized over 17,000 youth volunteers in over 1,000 service projects including community cleaning campaigns, reading to children, a musical performance, 2 press conferences celebrating youth volunteerism, a visit to the Recycling Storage House of the Tzu Chi Buddhist Foundation to help with recycling, film screenings and fund raising projects for tsunami relief. Representatives from the Tzu Chi Association were present to educate the children on recycling procedures and accept the donation for Tsunami relief. The National Youth Commission Minister Cherng Li-chiun and Olympic gold medalist and spokesperson for young volunteers Chen Shih-hsin, were present at the press conferences. Many of the events were covered by local radio and TV stations as well as newspapers. The National Youth Commission’s website received over 3,000 hits related to GYSD events. As part of the long term effects, the National Youth Commission plans to recruit 1,000 teams in the upcoming summer to participate in community volunteering, international volunteering, and volunteer reading service activities. Taiwan proved to be a powerful force in youth service during GYSD 2005 and all the participants showed their commitment to continue such projects in the future.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

828 American Councils for International Education Nadejda Tretyakova
105 Rudaki, apt. 13-14 Dushanbe, 734041 Tel: +(992 372) 21-17 95 Fax: +(992 372) 21-2103 aciedir@actr-tj.org

Under the auspices of Relief International Schools-Online, 828 Tajikistanis from ages 15-17 years participated in a multitude of different projects ranging from beautifying the cities, working in school with students, preserving historical monuments and assisting senior and blind citizens. There was also a series of seminars about GYSD and a Students Action Committee to discuss issues in the region. Volunteers wrote articles for the newspapers and short television programs about GYSD to publicize the event. All of these events led to several results, including cleaning of 100 km of streets, parks and fields, visits and care of 80 senior citizens and the distribution of 50 kg of food. A hundred books and toys were distributed, 300 different trees were planted and 100 community members participate in GYSD seminars. The “Meal Serve for Elderly People” project was carried out by alumni of the Future Leaders Exchange program, administered by American Councils, in Khorog, Dushanbe, Khujand, and Kurgan-Tube. Together with other volunteers they prepared and served the national dish of “plov,” salads, and beverages to 300 elderly people in above mentioned cities.



Total Volunteers:

YMCA Kindondoni Martin Kipili P.O. Box 767 Dar es Salaam Tanzania, United Republic of Phone +255-744-461138 Fax: +255-22-2112752/4 mkipili@hotmail.com

LEAD AGENCY: YMCA Kinondoni Branch, YEN Tanzania, SCSCY, Messa English Medium Nursery and Primary School and Church of God, mobilized over 2000 people around Tanzania ranging in age from 15-35. Activities benefited the Muhimbili National Hospital and Amana hospital, Orphaned children Of Yatima Trust. There were also events to work with street children, train participants to be community HIV/AIDS educators, as well as a community forum to discuss issues like ethics, HIV/AIDS, and domestic life. These events were covered by a several different news sources around the country including National Television), Radio Tanzania Dar Es Salaam, Msema Kweli News Paper, Radio Free Africa and Star TV. Many groups made these events possible such as the Harabri Corporation Limited, TVT, RTD and YMCA Kinondoni Branch, Pentecost Churches Union in Tanzania, Geita District Council, Sengerema District Council, Kahama District Council and MOPE (Movement of Poverty Eradication). During the events, 110 liters of blood were collected to save about 150 lives. Also, 120 individuals were trained in HIV/AIDS education. The orphanage received 2150kg of food along with cartons of soap, books, pens, toilet paper and 260 pieces of clothing. The television and radio programs reached a combined over 5,000,000 people across the country. There is also a better link between NGOs across the country that will continue into the future.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

225 Service For Peace Thailand Waraporn Pattanasakchai
Tel: +66-1920-8759 Fax: sfp_thailand@hotmail.com

On GYSD 2005 in Thailand, Service For Peace involved more than 225 youth volunteers from 11 different participating groups/schools in extensive cleaning campaigns in Takuapa Town, Bangmoung and Prutiew temporary shelters. The events were kick-started by Mrs. Sangkom Netsopa from Service For Peace who spoke about the meaning of GYSD and the importance of youth volunteerism and an opening speech by Ms. Sriwarin Lohakun, the Vice President of Thakuapa Municipality. Mr. Pratyachai Aunsaeng, the Vice Commander of the Border Police Company 425 was also present. The closing speech was delivered by Mr.Wicha Saebsaard the Principal of Tessaban Bansrithakuawpa School. The Muang Takuapa Administration, The Border Patrol Police Company 425, and the Takuapa Hospital all provided logistical support to ensure the success of the sanitation projects. Takuapa Radio announced the commencement of GYSD and covered the results as well. All of the participants were very enthusiastic and the example of the youth encouraged adults to get involved as well. All the young volunteers pledged to continue their efforts throughout the upcoming years.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

50 Volontaires en Action pour le Developpement (VAD) Togo Honore Kossi Sietso
481 Av Francois Mitterrand Lome, 4615 Tel: +228-222-54-38 vadtogo@hotmail.com

The Union pour la Vue chapter in Togo mobilized 50 young volunteers in training over 200 people in educational workshops. The topics of the workshops included the struggle against violence, eye/optical health and blindness, youth volunteerism and the fight to stop AIDS in the country.




Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

300 American Councils for International Education Mary Shea
Gorogly st. 48a Ashgabat, Turkmenistan 744000 Tel: +993-12-35-42-27 accels@online.tm

FLEX alumni and Peace Corps Volunteers in Ashgabat performed the play “Beauty and the Beast” twice for audiences totaling 300 at the Turkish Cultural Center in Ashgabat. They raised $200 from ticket sales, which will be donated to the Ashgabat Retirement House. In Turkmenbashy, alumni first informed students from local schools and members of the youth group of the Red Cross about GYSD and then invited them to join in the environmental project “Clean Up Day.” With support from a Global Youth Service Day FLEX Alumni Grant and EACOR Environmental Services Middle East Ltd company, 35 people planted trees and flowers, and cleaned up the sea-side parks and other public places. Minara Ismailova’04 and Alina Penjiyeva provided the leading help during the project. They increased community awareness about the existence of environmental problems regarding the coast of the Caspian Sea, as well as Turkmenbashy City. They continued GYSD efforts on April 19, when alumni and Peace Corps volunteers visited a local orphanage to present the donations they had collected. Fifty children received gifts of art supplies to encourage their creative expression.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY: AJMEC Mounir Bkchari
Sousse, 4003 Tel: +216222640199 Fax: mahabensalem@yahoo.fr

Organizers planned to carry out volunteer activities such as clean ups, planting of trees, as well as workshops on the value of youth volunteerism. Final Report not available at the time of printing


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

700 Tonga National Youth Congress Anitelu Toe
c/o Community Development and Training Center P.O.Box 161 Nuku alofa Tonga Tel: 24-122 Fax: 24-105

Tonga National Youth Congress collaborated with eight local youth groups to plant 1,000 trees in celebration of Global Youth Service Day. The event brought 700 young people together to plant trees in eight villages. On April 15th, the Minister of Forestry Honorable Peauafi Haukinima planted a tree to kick off the two day event. Acting Director of US Peace Corps, Mr Nicholas Metes Rev. 'Aisake Kolo'ofa'I and chief of Kolomotu’s Mr Siaosi Sikuea also participated. The event was sponsored by the Tongan Ministry of Agriculture, US Peace Corps and Tonga National Volunteer Service. The event was covered by TV Tonga, Taimi o Tonga newspaper, Talaki newspaper and Chronicle newspaper and was able to bring together and encourage collaboration between Tonga youth groups. The 1,000 trees that were planted are helping the greater goal the Tonga National Tour Congress has set to plant 50,000 trees. The event also promoted youth involvement in issues such as HIV/AIDS, health, environment and women's rights.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

3,000 Campus Youth Alliance Peter Lukwiya Phillips
P.O. Box 1410 Mbarara, Western, 2560485 Tel: +256-77-897646 Fax: +256-48-520782 lukwiya@yahoo.co.uk

GYSD celebrations in Uganda were led by Campus Youth Alliance, mobilizing over 3,000 young volunteers between the ages 19-30 from schools, universities and other youth organizations. The outcomes of the events included the renovation of 13 homes, 20 bales of used clothes distributed, 23 sets of sanitary goods distributed, 48 trees planted and 20 homes of HIV/AIDS victims visited. These projects were sponsored by Coca Cola, Nile Breweries Company, and MTN Telecommunications. The media reported on events via television and FM radio stations like Radio West and Kabale th hits. On Apri 13 l, The Chairman of the local Government of Mbarara District presided over the closing ceremony, which started with a street march. Other officials that participated include a regional youth member of Parliament and the Chairman of the Youth Council. GYSD has taken deep root in Uganda among the youth especially and has called for an establishment of networks of collaboration among active partners in community service projects. Also in Uganda, the Tinadon Orphanage Care Foundation initiated the “Kind Giving Project” which raised funds to help provide essential commodities for disadvantaged people in IDP camps and for people living with HIV/AIDS. These commodities included 30 boxes of washing soap, 5 sacks of salt, 4 bags of sugar, and 10 cans of cooking oil. Two FM radio stations aired stories on the projects and district officials, religious leaders, and members of the NGO forum supported the projects. Support was provided by local businesses, the Lira Municipal council, andcommunity members. The organization felt that its efforts could have been more successful if they were provided with technology resources. Tinadon Orphanage Care Foundation looks forward to GYSD 2006 and they are getting stronger because of volunteerism and commitment to community development and peace.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

800 All-Ukrainian Youth Organization (Democratic Transformation of Ukraine) Oleksandr Hontaruk
63-b Velyka Vasylkivska Str., floor #3 Kyiv, 3150 Tel: +380-44-255-25-31 Fax: +380-44-255-25-31 demperu@yahoo.com

The International Relief Friendship Foundation mobilized, planned, and implemented a variety of projects that included public clean-ups, contests, theatre performances, and social training programs. Hundreds of volunteers participated in activities where 22 sacks of garbage were collected, theatre performances were held at orphanages, and psychological training for children from problem families were conducted. The Students’ Club of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, Volunteers of IRFF and SFP and other youth groups worked on the “Youth Changes the World” program. The materials of the project were covered online at www.bo.net.ua and www.utop.org.ua, and in the Family Times newspaper. The Ukrainian Association of Non-governmental organizations proclaimed the Ukrainian Contest of the school and student projects as Service For Peace projects that comply with the UN decade of culture of peace. All these projects were made possible by the Women’s Federation for World Peace (Japan), Ukrainian Association of NGOs, Ukrainian society for the protection of birds, MicrocosmicGroup, Unisystem, and private donations. Elected officials such as Obolon region state administration, Kyiv Kharkiv and Kyiv orphans administration, the Ministry of family affairs, Federation of the football in Ukraine, and the Vice-major of Nikopol were also present. The events received publicity online, over the radio (Nashe and Era stations), and on television (NTV and UT-1 stations).


United Kingdom

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

20 Service For Peace Chaim Hack
Log Cabin 259 Northfield Avenue Ealing London , W5 4UA Tel: +44 7838356846 Fax: +44 7913902117 uk@serviceforpeace.org http://www.serviceforpeace.org/

Service For Peace, The Place, and Acton Saturday Venture Club sponsored a project that worked with disabled children on service learning and sports. The event impacted the local community by presenting the need to further work with disabled individuals in their area. 12 learning disabled youth and over 20 volunteers from ages 12- 40 participated in sports events. They played multiple games including football, pool, darts, field hockey, connect four, table tennis, and basketball. The teams were divided between boys and girls, at the end of the day it was a draw and they celebrated two birthdays. The group used athleticism to mobilize and involve people in community issues.

United States

Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

3,000,000 Youth Service America Karen Larson-Daniel
1101 15th Street, NW Suite 200 Washington, DC 20005 Tel: +202-296-2992 Fax: +202-296-4030 klarson@ysa.org

Millions of young people across the country participated in tens of thousands of service and service-learning projects on National Youth Service Day 2005, the U.S. celebration of Global Youth Service Day. Projects focused on the environment, literacy, health, violence, and many other issues. National Youth Service Day (NYSD) is coordinated by Youth Service America, in partnership with the National Youth Leadership Council (NYLC) and PARADE Magazine. Youth Service America (YSA) works with 115 National Partners, who promote the event through their networks of thousands of local chapters and affiliates; 50 Local and State Lead Agencies that plan large-scale, highly visible events; and thousands of local partners. State Farm Companies Foundation is the Presenting Sponsor of NYSD. 19 year-old Tanvir Vahora and her peers from the University of Texas (UT) taught elementary students from Austin Peace Academy, a Muslim elementary school, about healthy living. Together, they created and distributed healthy-eating recipe books that they donated to two public schools in their area. Students from Phoenix Military Academy in Chicago, Illinois designed a financial literacy curriculum, geared toward teaching young children about finance. After conducting an assessment of what students already knew and wanted to know more about, they designed a curriculum to cover topics such as evaluating bank services and setting up accounts, making wise saving decisions, and using software designed for managing an allowance. They also designed a community web page of information resources. The students presented their findings to their elected officials and asked them to create programs for youth that advance their science, math and technical skills. The National Youth Service Day media campaign generated over 379 million media impressions from 1,416 television and newspaper stories (up from 320 million media impressions in 2003 and 329 million in 2004), highlighting the positive role youth play as community assets and leaders during NYSD and year-round. YSA tracked the participation of 650 government officials (up from the 254 officials tracked in 2003 and 508 in 2004). The United States Senate passed by unanimous consent Resolution 105, th introduced by 44 original co-sponsors, declaring April 15 as National Youth Service Day. President Bush sent a letter of support to NYSD participants. YSA provided 418 youth, teachers, and organizations with grants to support NYSD projects and continued service (compared to 200 grants in 2003 and 230 grants in 2004). Ten National Partners offered their own grants, resulting in an additional 350 grants. Two new projects were launched in NYSD: Finance Lessons, a pilot initiative created by State Farm Companies Foundation and Youth Service America, created service-learning grants for financial management education projects, targeted especially to women and girls. The Global Youth Leadership and Service (GYLS) program is a new collaboration between YSA and the U.S. State Department to provide exchange students, coordinators, and alumni with resources and support services in the field of service-learning, youth participation, and civic engagement.




Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY: Asociacion Cristiana de Jovenes en Uruguay Enrique Cal
Soriano 1610 Montevideo, Montevideo Tel: +598 2 410 1078 Fax: dmsj@acj-ymca.org http://www.acj-ymca.org/

The YMCA of Uruguay planned to carry out different volunteer activities in Montevideo. Final Report not available at the time of printing


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

18,170 American Councils for International Education: ACTR/ACCELS (Uzbekistan) Nathan Truitt
68 Konstitutsiya Street Tashkent, 700031 Tel: +998 71 152 12 81 Fax: +998 71 120 7003 nathan@flex.bcc.com.uz

The School Connectivity for Uzbekistan program, the Intellectual Youth Centre, alumni of American Councils Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX) , and the American Councils for International Education in Uzbekistan mobilized over18,170 youth and community members to celebrate volunteerism and take action on GYSD 2005. Through the multitude of activities ranging from neighborhood clean-ups, tree and flower plantings, trainings for unemployed and disabled community members, roundtables with local officials, recycling campaigns, career planning seminars and educational campaigns on subjects such as human trafficking, computer trainings, an art exhibition, charity concerts, visits to local orphanages, family homes and elderly homes, contests and other fund raising activities, participants educated the public around the country about the role of youth as leaders and established networks to promote youth participation in service and learning. The charitable and fund raising events, including concerts and an art exhibition, allowed the volunteers to raise funds for future service projects and to combat children’s cancer. There were elected officials present for the festivities including, members of local government, Sevara Nazarkhan, Uzbek recording star, and heads of local city halls and educational departments gave their permission and administrative support to every project. There was extensive and diverse media coverage of GYSD events in Uzbekistan including in seven television programs, two magazines, at least four websites, and 14 newspaper articles across the nation. The list of sponsors for the events was immense, however the major ones include, Public Affairs Section of U.S. Embassy, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, British Airways, UNICEF, Texaco, Korean Embassy, Namangan City Hall, NGO Civic Society Development Office, Sarkor Internet, the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, and funds raised by the organization itself. The most significant long term results are the heightened awareness among communities throughout the country about the importance of volunteerism, the image of youth as positive leaders, and the closer relationship created among organizations and schools committed to future service.



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

900 Federación de Instituciones Privadas de Atención al Niño, al Joven y a la Familia Celeste Moreno
Av. Andres Bello. Edificio Las Fundaciones. Piso 7. Oficina 71-A, Caracas, 1050 Tel: +212-578-3612 Fax: +212-578-0948 fipan-voluntariado@cantv.net

GYSD celebrations were led by FIPAN, mobilizing hundreds of youth volunteers. Some of the activities included a project called “Have Fun with the Animals,” which focused on educating children on the value of respecting animal rights; a donation campaign to raise funds for non-formal education activities throughout the year and workshops focusing on civic participation.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY: Youthlink Vietnam Tinh Tran
#202,55A Le Thanh Tong Halong, Quangninh, 84 Tel: +84 33 620066 Fax: +84 33 620077 ani640@hn.vnn.vn

The GYSD organizers planned activities to mobilize students around clean ups and technology workshops. Final Report not available at time of printing

Co-Lead Agency: Vietnam National University Student Organisation
3/336. Lang street, Dong Da Ha Noi, 84 Tel: +84 0913671219 tranphuongngan@yahoo.com



Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

400 AMIDEAST-Yemen Frank Underhill
162 Miswat St. Aden Tel: +967-2-232-345 Fax: aden@amideast.org http://www.amideast.org/offices/y emen/programs_services/

Yemen Youth General Union mobilized hundreds of youth volunteers between the ages 12-35, from over 15 schools and universities. Their activities included educational workshops, an art show, a presentation about the role of youth in the nation and the dangers of terrorism, traditional folklore, songs were sung and souvenirs were handed out. 250 people were fed, 50 sick people were visited and 60 women were trained in family health. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Minister of Health, the Minister of Youth and Sport, a member of Parliament, and the Governor of Taiz were present for the celebrations. The major sponsors besides the Youth General Union were the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Youth and Sport. The events were covered by such media outlets as Yemen TV, Youth Radio and multiple local newspapers. The events of GYSD brought the efforts of youth to the attention of the local government and established them as a powerful force for change in their community.


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY: Network of African Youths Against Corruption-Zambia Isaac Mwanza
Antelope Drive Lusaka 10101 Tel: +2.60958e+010 Fax: +260 1 214 192 info@nayacafrica.org http://www.nayacafrica.org/

The GYSD organizers planned to carry out a conference on corruption and young people’s role in preventing it. Final Report not available at the time of printing


Total Volunteers: LEAD AGENCY:

300 Victoria Falls Environmental Action Society Edith January
Box CT502 Chinotimba Victoria Falls eafrica.vicfalls@utande.co.zw

Environment Africa in conjunction with the Victoria Falls Environmental Action Society worked hand-in-hand in preparation for the GYSD celebrations in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The celebrations started with 260 youths participating in an awareness raising march, and with a clean-up activity at the Old People’s Home. After completion of work, the Victoria Falls Municipality Housing Director gave a speech on behalf of the Executive Mayor of Victoria Falls. Other activities included other clean up activities, and visits to the Victoria Falls Referral Hospital. Local authorities highlighted that they were not aware that in Vic Falls young people were able to stand up and be positive about their future and their environment.


VII. Political Leaders & Government Support

Habitat For Humanity International Board of Director, Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs, local authorities Bangladesh: Local state officials Bolivia: Ministry of Youth and Children; Erick Titze, UNV, Municipality of Santa Cruz Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mayor of Gracanica Brazil: President of Brazil, Ministry of Education, UNDP, UNV, local authorities Burundi: Ministry of Environment, Mayor of Bujumbura, local authorities Cameroon: Ministry of Social Affairs, Mayor of Bamusso, Local authorities Central African Republic: First Lady of the Republic, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Economic Planning, local authorities China: UNICEF officials Colombia: Ministry of Environment, National Planning Director, General Motors representatives, IAVE board member Democratic Republic of Congo: Vice-President of Republic, Ministry of Reconciliation, Ministry of Youth and Sports Ivory Coast: Director of Human Rights and Dignity Institute Dominican Republic: Ministry of Sports, IADB, UNDP, UNV, Office of the Attorney General, National Housing Institute, local authorities El Salvador: Local authorities Eritrea: Local authorities France: President of France, Ministry of Youth and Education, Ministry of European Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UNESCO, Gabon: Ministry of Sports Georgia: President of Georgia, Parliament and Ministry of Youth and Sports Ghana: Ministry of Health, police officials, local authorities Grenada: Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Sports, Ministry of Youth Development Guatemala: Local authorities Haiti: Director of Public Schools Hong Kong: Local authorities India: Ministry of Social Welfare, members of Parliament, local authorities Israel: Mayor of Bet Shemesh, Police Commander Japan: Local authorities Kazakhstan: Department of Education, local authorities Kenya: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Home Affairs, National AIDS Coordination Board, local authorities, police officers, Children Department, church officials Lebanon: Mayor of Nabatiyyi, Mirielle Panosian - Actress Liberia: Ministry of Youth and Sports, Good Governance Commission, local authorities Macedonia: Mayor of Vinica, Mayor of Gostivar, local authorities Malawi: President of Malawi, Ministry of Information Communications and Tourism, University of Malawi Mexico: Governor of Nuevo Leon, Mayor of Apodaca, Mayor of San Nicolas Moldova: Mayor of Bobeica, Mayor of Cioburciu, Mayor of Topala Governor of Sukhbaatar District Mongolia: Nepal: Former Minister of Education Nicaragua: Vice-Mayor of Chinandega Nigeria: Nigeria Labor Congress, Mushin local government, Board of Internal Revenue, Abia State Governor, State Officials – Enugu State, tribal leaders Pakistan: District Planning Officer, local authorities Palestine: Mayor of Hebron and Mayor ALbireh Panama: First Lady of Panama, Ministry of Youth Peru: President of Congress, Mayor of Lima, Archbishop of Lima, Mayor of Villa Maria, local authorities, National University La Molina, National Youth Council (CONAJU) Philippines: National Commission for Indigenous People, Senator Manny Villar, Senator Richard Gordon, Senator Jinggoy Estrada, National Youth Commission Portugal: Red Cross officials, National Youth Institute, local authorities Romania: Mayor of Bucharest, local authorities Russian Federation: Vasilij Lanovoi – Famous Actor, Representative of Presidency of Russian Federation, Representative of Bashkortostan, Ministry of Youth Affairs of Republic Tatarstan, Governor of Tver, Representative of Presidency of Republic of Mordovia, Representative of Rights of the Child in the Volgograd area, Minister of Labor and Social Development in Samara, local officials from around Russia. South Korea: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, National Youth Commission Sri Lanka: Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs, National Youth Services Council



Saint Kitts and Nevis: Deputy Prime Minister, Ministry of Education and Youth, Ministry of Community Development, and Ministry of Social and Gender Affairs Saint Lucia: Ministry of the Environment, and Ministry of Education Senegal: Local authorities Seychelles: Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Education, and LUNGOS (National Umbrella Organization of NGOs) Slovenia: Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Sports, Deputy Mayor of Ljubljana, Boattjan Kljun TV host and journalist, African Society in Slovenia South Africa: Desmond Tutu, Municipality of Durban, Department of Health, Department of Education Taiwan: Ministry of Youth, National Youth Commission Representative, Olympic gold medalists Tajikistan: local authorities, school administrators Thailand: Takuapa Municipality Uganda: Chairman of the District local Government of Mbarara, Regional Youth Member of Parliament, Chairman of Youth Council Ukraine: Obolon State Representative, Ministry of Family Affairs, Vice-Major of Nikopol Uzbekistan: Local authorities Yemen: Ministry of Foreign Relations, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Youth and Sports

VIII. Country Celebration Sponsors
Disney Disney Phuentsholing Women Association, local business community PaSo Joven – IDB, Grupo RIBEPAR, Editorial La Hoguera, Natura, Coca-Cola, Helados Pato Roca, Rotarac Equipetrol, Municipal Zoo Brazil: McCann Erickson, Lobo Filmes, Voicez, Correios do Brasil, Infraero, Rede Globo, SBT, MTV Bulgaria: People to People Chapter Plovdiv Burundi: Ministry of Environment, Bujumbra Mayor, community donations, SHINE Ministry and EEAC Bujumbura Cameroon: Johns Hopkins University, Hysacam, SABC, SOAPCAM Central African Republic: SOCATEL, Banque International pour le Centrafrique (BICA), Ministry of Environment, Huilerie Savonnerie Centrafricaine (HUSACA), Etablissement LEAL Boulangeries, DAMECA, ENERCA, SOGECA, UNDP. China: UNICEF Colombia: General Motors, Universidad Javeriana, National Planning Committee Democratic Republic of Congo: Church Eternal Glory, Boutique GAIUS, KAIROS TELECOM, Pastor Michael Ntoto Costa Rica: Soluciones Reales de Software, ASM Risk Consultors, Bayer, Big Cola Ivory Coast: Service For Peace Headquarters Croatia: CARE International BH/C Czech Republic: Volunteer Center Kladno, Service For Peace Dominican Republic: UNDP, PasoJoven – IDB, ORANGE, ITABO, Ministry of Sports (SEDEFIR), Super Farmacia Rachell Egypt: McDonald’s El Salvador: Municipality of Nejapa France: FNAC, BNP-Paribas, UIMM Gabon: National Department for Francophone Culture, University Omar Bongo Georgia: Disney, Restaurant Nikala LTD, Coca-Cola, Shota Rustaveli University of Theatre and Cinema, Charity Humanitarian Center Abkhazeti (CHCA) Ghana: Disney, FRIDEC, Coca-Cola, Turom World, Lions Club, Police Department Guatemala: Laboratorios Menarini and Bonin, Canadian Center for International Studies and Cooperation Hong Kong: ExxonMobil Hong Kong Limited, Disney, Legislative Council India: Disney, CDC, NAVJIVAN, SMS, GVM, UV, SAHEJNA, ASHA NIVAS Italy: Disney Japan: Aichi Shyukutoku University, City of Nagoya Kazakhstan: Disney, Public Foundation Help, Public Foundation Crossroads, US Peace Corps, Reproductive Health Center, IREX/IATP, Young Media, and Department of Youth Affairs, IFES Democracy@Large American Councils Alumni Association, Petro Kazakhstan Vita Water Company Kenya: NACADA, Kibera Community Youth Programme Korea: Disney Kyrgyzstan Disney Lebanon: European Union Albania: Armenia: Bhutan: Bolivia:


Telimile Brothers Corp., Zorzor District Women Care Inc., Sheriff Brothers shipping Inc., UNV Disney, Color making company – Hest, Municipality of Vinica, Granit, Construction Company, Soros NGO Support Center, Pianec Glas, Municipality / Public Enterprise, NGO Youth Forum (Mladinski Sovet) Malawi: Office of the President, Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA), NICO Technologies, BUMAS International, CELTEL Malawi, the Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) Mexico: Pepsi, Nuevo Leon Limpio, Comparte Vida A.C., Instituto de la Juventud de Nuevo Leon, DIF Nuevo Leon Moldova: Disney, Municipality of Topala Mongolia: Coca-Cola, OB Plastic, BOBS Bakery Nepal: YVHC Nepal, Nepal Medical College, Service For Peace Headquarters Nicaragua: Almacen Mundo Elegante, Centro de Diversiones el Gorrioncito, National Police, Red Cross, ProFamilia Nigeria: Board of Internal Revenue, LYDIN Limited, SURAM International, Promasidor Nigeria Ltd, Unilever Nigeria Ltd, ASTOR PARK, LinkPoint International Resources Ltd., Citizens Bank, Ministry of Education Pakistan: iEARN Palestine: Municipality of Hebron Panama: Ministry of Youth, Lions’ Club Peru: Lions’ Club, UNALM Philippines: Asian Educational Cultural Foundation, Nextstep Events planner, Ang Tipolo Lodge Number 334, UP Consumers Cooperative, VJ Graphics, Good Life Now Corporation Portugal: Delta Cafos, Dan Cake, Jornal de Noticias, Ponto Comum, Parceiros Graficos, Lda., Futebol Clube do Porto Romania: Disney, Vad, Feleac and Cluj Archiepiscopacy, Club 30 Plus, S.C. Prodvinalco SA, S.C. CocaCola, HBC Baia Mare Russia: Over 200 businesses and 800 individuals, including: Gorodisskiy and Partners, LLP, RIA, RUSAL, RITEKA, St. Petersburg government, SMARTS, Line-Schedule Printing House, Barnaul Food Company Saint Kitts and Nevis: Ministry of Education, Youth, Community and Social Development; Peace Corps St. Kitts & Nevis, & Carib Crafts & Graphics, Inc., residents of the Bird Rock community Saint Lucia: The Garden of Rose, AF Valmont, Paint Plus Seychelles: Nature Seychelles, Public Utilities Corporation, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environment, Environment Trust Fund Slovenia: IMAGO, Fini Oglasi, Najdi.si, Mercator, Ljubljanske Tranice, Ministry of Defence Somalia: Global Money Transfare, Nation Link Company, COGWO, Hormud Telecom, Telcom Somalia, IIDA, Capital FM, CRD South Africa: Disney, Parents and Community of Kanyamazane, SPAR - White River South Korea: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Youth Commission Sri Lanka: Eagle Insurance, Lordstar group, American Water Taiwan: National Youth Commission Tanzania: TVT, RTD, Movement for Poverty Eradication (MOPE), Pentecostal Church Thailand: Rotary, National Assembly, Honda Tonga: Ministry of Agriculture, US Peace Corps, Tonga National Volunteer Service Uganda: Coca-Cola, Nile Breweries, MTN Communications, Lira Municipal Council Ukraine: Women’s Federation for World Peace (Japan), Ukrainian Association of NGOs, Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds, MicrocosmicGroup, Unisystem United Kingdom: Service For Peace, Chaim Hack, Mandeep Uzbekistan: Public Affairs Section of U.S. Embassy, American Councils for International Education, Youth Theatre of Uzbekistan, Narhoz Academic Lyceum Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, British Airways, International Research and Exchange Board (IREX), Price Waterhouse Coopers, Stomaservice Dental Services, UNICEF, Namangan Academic Lyceum, Dedeman Hotel, Ragu Entertainment Group, Inter Saraton Travel Agency, Texaco, Korean Embassy, Sarkor Internet, Hotel Intercontinental, Caravan Group, Hotel Tashkent Yemen: Yemen General Youth Union, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Youth and Sport Zimbabwe: Shearwater Adventures, Ilala Lodge, Wild Horizons, Jays Spar, Silver Ranch Steakhouse, In-daBelly Restaurant, Zimsun group, Safari Par Excellence, Vic Falls Safari Lodge, Downings Bakery, CAAZ Pirates, Vic Falls Wheelchair Warriors, Red Cross, Victoria Falls Municipality, Old People, Victoria Falls Hospital, CCAP, Community Life Centre, Church of Christ, Methodist, United Methodist, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Brethren, Sabbath Day Adventist

Liberia: Macedonia:


Join us in celebrating

Global Youth Service Day 2006!

YOUTH SERVICE AMERICA 1101 15th Street NW, Suite 200 Washington, DC 20005 (USA) 1-202-296-2992 tel 1-202-296-4030 fax info@ysa.org www.ysa.org

GLOBAL YOUTH ACTION NETWORK 211 East 43rd Street, Suite 905 New York, NY 10017 (USA) tel 1-212-661-6111 fax 1-212-661-1933 gyan@youthlink.org www.youthlink.org


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